RBS’ NatWest, whose banking ‘glitch’ (which began only days after RBS’ downgrade) is now nearing 3 weeks with officials now stating accounts will not be functioning until the end of July!
It appears that either NatWest’s IT problems have gone viral, or else Sberbank has also been impacted by margin calls/ liquidity concerns, as the largest Russian bank has halted credit and debit card transactions due to an ‘IT glitch’.

Interfax reports:

RUSSIA-SBERBANK-CARDS-MALFUNCTION MOSCOW. July 6. (Interfax) – Sberbank of Russia (RTS: SBER) has suspended credit and debit card operations due to a technical malfunction, the bank told Interfax. “All cards are not being serviced,” it said.

Something tells us that Irish and Russian physical gold and silver holders are not experiencing ‘IT glitches’ evaporating their holdings.

  1. Does anyone suspect that the forthcoming bank ‘holiday’ will be called an “IT glitch”?

    The popular conception is to see the bread lines on the streets. But today, those breadlines are in cyber space, not on main st. 45 million on food stamps and no lines at my baker.
    Is the “IT glitch” and prequel or replacement to “bank holiday” ?
  2. I agree with you Interfax  No sweat on the brow of the Russian Gold holder.  He looks out the window with his stacks in his hands at the people lining up at the closed ATM.  The Gold keeps him warm at night.

    Why 99% of people believe in the banks until the banksters empty out their accounts and they have nothing left.  I still cant believe people can be so stupid to keep their money in the bank.  You wait and see, the Euro bank runs will happen in US… There will not be enough time for hyperinflation to eat away peoples savings… The banksters will ensure there will be no savings left to be eaten, it will all be stolen first.

  3. Wait until we see a cyber glitch in the JPM handling of the SNAP and EBT cards   All the folks who rely on these cards for food will get more than a little cranky.  And that could happen.  Over on Bix’s site he ahs the list of the banks who were and are part of the LIBOR rate scandal.  Interestingly enough about half are TBTF US Banks.  Ooops, a little more information than you want to know.

    These IT glitches will be the excuse for shutting down the grid, internet, phones and utilities  We are all completely connected digitally and that is the Achilles Heel of any supply chain.  If that  goes down it will get dark, cold and miserable in very short order.

  4. This is really spooky.    Is this just a cover story for any bank that has liquidity issues (because they are insolvent)???   Or, is this setting the stage as an explanation why the entire banking system needs to be shutdown for a holiday?  

    Something is definitely cooking.    

  5. It’s either part of thier “plan”, or it’s not.  Nothing much you can do either way, other than stack away and prepare for yourself and your loved ones as best you can.  I think AG is right, when it DOES break, it’s going to get ugly.  Might just be time when I see a “glitch” hit one of the big banks here to take the wife and kids up to the lake house for a bit, since I can work from there just as easily and it’s a fair bit farther out from the nearest major metro area. 🙂


    Ya know… for that nice “time away” she’s wanted for a while.  😀



  6. AGXIIK    Said:

    These IT glitches will be the excuse for shutting
    down the grid, internet, phones and utilities  We are all completely
    connected digitally and that is the Achilles Heel of any supply chain. 
    If that  goes down it will get dark, cold and miserable in very short

    We are just guessing…  But I don’t think they will pull the plug on the internet UNTIL they are worried about keeping control of the population.   We have already seen with the Arab Spring the use of everything from FaceBook, Twitter and text messages being used to organize civil unrest protests.

    Congress has passed legislation empowering (and enabling) the shutdown of the internet for ‘National Security’ reasons.   The difference is I think they learned their lesson with the SWIFT system.   They won’t shut down the internet until they need to do it to keep power and control.

    When things start to rip apart here, and they feel their power threatened, they will blow the circuit breakers on the internet.

  7. In the event the internet goes down there is a way to keep track of things and communicate: ham radio.

    Seldom overlooked in survival plans are Ham Radios.  Radio Shack sells basic units (about $100 or less) that monitor the basic ham bands although a lic and more expensive units are needed to communicate.  Radio Hams organizations are private ones and located in almost every community, ready to assist in emergency situations. Hams can link to other hams in other parts of the world.  These will be much harder to shut down than the internet.

    So even just listening might reveal a wealth of info of goings on – world news, local emerg medical locations, food distributions, etc.

  8. The Banksters will close the banks without warning and I can see the internet going down but not the Radio or TV service as the Elite need their voices heard when the shit hits the fan so that they can air their Propaganda and Control. O! Thee Poor Sheepie We Steal While You Sleepie. LMAO

  9. Zinc  you make a good point about SD being taken down. There is no doubt that sites like this and related sites that call a spade a spade and we are no talking about shovels  will get undue scrutity by the beast that talks like a man, dresses like a rugby referee and has the docile temperment of a rabid Gestapo Nazi SS Herman Goerring clone with an itchy rash (goes by the nickname Chaz) will rein down its distemper on the Average Joe and Jane like the wrath of Hades.

     Ham radios, alternative connections (maybe something one of the more tech literate found on this site) can help with a back door means to stay in touch.  This FBI internet malware thing that is supposed to happen Monday (maybe a false flag) makes me suspicious as do the many things that the DHS is gearing up for. One thing you can be absolutely assured of is if a government has a bureau designed to do something that involved power over the people they will most certainly use it just as the military itches to use their latest weapons systems.IMO

  10. Yep AG & Zinc;

    I said that a little while ago they will start targeting a blackouts of news. This way most people will not notice. I was freaking last weekend because I could not find curent news on all this, everything was 4-5 days old. I also think the curent news we can find is already old news. lol
    AG; has already said when we hear of a run on banks in the US it’s to late the money is gone.
  11. I think durentu hit the nail on the head. A proverbial bank holiday and none of the sheep will be the wiser for a while. Just when and uprising looks apparent, the “glitch” will be miraculously fixed, until the next one.

    Ham radio’s are excellent Livermore. I have been intending to get one and now have the excuse to do so. Ham radio for outside communication, field phone for the local communication. I’ll probably need an extended antenna where I live to get an effective signal for the Ham. Although it won’t matter when SHTF, currently you need license to operate and HAM as well as some hand held radios.

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