In the latest Hayman Capital Management newsletter, Kyle Bass states that quantitative easing will not lead to prosperity and will result  in leading the American sheep to slaughter, exposes the fallacy of the European bank bailouts, and states that the Western debt crisis is likely to lead to all-out war.

How convenient for our bankster friends!  Blame the Western financial collapse on WWIII, when in reality, it is the collapse of the Keynesian fraudulent Western fiat system that will likely instigate WWIII.

Hayman’s full MUST READ latest below:




Bass begins by dismantling the MSM/central bank belief that counterfeiting fiat will stimulate the economy:

The fallacy of the belief that countries that print their own currency are immune to sovereign crisis will be disproven in the coming months and years. Those that treat this belief as axiomatic will most likely be the biggest losers. A handful of investors and asset managers have recently discussed an emerging school of thought, which postulates that countries, as the sole manufacturer of their currency, can never become insolvent, and in this sense, governments are not dependent on credit markets to remain fiscally operational. It is precisely this line of thinking which will ultimately lead the sheep to slaughter.


Bass takes the ongoing global debt/fiat currency crisis to it’s logical conclusion, and states that when all is said and done, ware is likely inevitable:

 Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.


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Kyle Bass

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but are we talking about more of the same war we have been fighting for the last 10 years at a cost of about $2.5 trillion plus (OR) a new war that we know nothing about but will cost twice this amount. 
    Our military men and women are being ground down to dust by 10 years of relentless conflict while we are bedazzled by pictures of destruction in foreign lands. We, the people, are getting tired of this, seeing through the skein of lies as to why we must march off to another glorius battlefield. 
    Central governments have  two skills;  debasing currency and starting wars.  Oceania fights Eurasia, Eastasia fights Oceania.  War begets large profits for the military industrial complex and fat political warchests.  To borrow a phrase from the above 31 page post, our ‘relaxed fatalism’ with war, currency debasement and impoverishment of the masses speaks volumes about the nature of our puppet master political classes and other elites who’se strings are really being pulled by the true elites who won’t be satisfied until every penny of the middle class (those who can’t afford to buy a Congressman) is scooped into their pockets (Hat tip to John Mauldin for that phrase)
    $29 trillion in subprime mortgage reparations paid by Ben Bernanke to his foreign overlords is collateral damage inflicted on we, the people for our support of these monstrosities of perpatual war and perpetual FIAT printing to infinity. IMO we asked for this because we wanted to fight the wars while having our comfortable lifestyles financed by personal, corporate, bank and government debt
    The endless cycles of bankrupt central banks buying the bonds of bankrupt  banks who continue to buy the bonds of bankrupt central governments is a daisy chain that must stop before every penny of our depleted wealth is gone forever into the vaults of the Old World Castles ruled by men with centuries old pedigrees. We know their names.
    The time to stand athwart the road to debt perdition is on us. We must raise our hands and say STOP!
    This site carries this clarion call with education and the means to kill these beasts in their caves.

    • Great post! And one of the things we can do o fight back is quit consuming the imported chinese crap. With black friday coming and hordes already camped out for the latest piece of junk they will throw out in a year it really highlights what is wrong with this country. We can no longer be the world consumer, it is time to cut back and save by buying solid assets, land, PM’s etc.

    • These wars that the USA declared are not worth it because they are not bringing in more revenues than the costs. Plus, they are unconstitutional but sadly, the majority of the people ignores their Constitution. It is mathematically certain that the USA will collapse soon and I think the sheeple deserves to suffer from it because they won’t listen to our advices.

  2. A couple hundred years ago all punk little dictators had were cannon balls to toss at each other.  Now they have nuclear weapons.  That’s going to hurt.  Projected casualty count for WW3 is 2.3 billion lives.  It’s all very prophetic.

  3. We can hang separately or hang together.  In any case, we will continue to stack silver, store food, water, guns, ammo and essential items.  There is little else we can do.  Those in power see us as pawns, I believe, and will exhaust all efforts to keep us in that category.  Soon we will see how well we have prepared.

  4. The problem with these sorts of studies, as I view the economy, is that their premise lay in an a priori assumption that a banknote is an equivalent to a dollar. Thus, declarations like “It took the United States 193 years (1789-1981) to aggregate $1 trillion of government debt” can be made. This is self-delusion. A dollar is a weight of silver … NOT a mere ‘Exchange Facilitation Instrument’. This assumption allows for consistant … book keeping … but completely ignores the transmutation from real money (which is entirely subject to real world forces), to imaginary ‘money’ of sheer numbers. This is what we colloquially refer to ‘mark to make-believe’!

    Starting in 1913, interest was charged on imaginary ‘money’ through which was accomplished … collection of REAL money! THAT’S what caused the Great Depression and gold confiscation incidents. Interest depletes circulation and if it’s targeted to deplete gold, a REAL deflation of money stock occurs, hidden by the re-flation in FALSE ‘money’. If the banks were only receiving banknote interest, while borrowers withheld their gold, they balked at ‘robbing themselves’, so they refused to re-flate trade with banknotes until they could again force resumption of collecting gold on interest service. Government saw that gold tax revenue was certain to decline in that scenario, it too balked at ‘robbing itself’ and unloaded banknote remittances for gold as well … by decree!

    To make an ‘apples to apples’ REAL assessment of the ‘national debt’ adjusting banknotes to their residual physical form, the present 16 trillion banknote debt is actually 96 billion (in combined copper, silver and gold money) as based on the banknote’s TRUE value of six REAL 1789-1912 hundreths of a real dollar. That isn’t insurmountable … IF … no interest accrues on the float of money in circulation and savings! The ONLY WAY to realize that environment is to replace all banknotes with metallic money and liberate individuals to engage in untrammeled Free Markets again. The vast bulk of industrial credit conveyance could be re-assigned to a resurected Discount Real Bill mechanism again so what unavoidable Loan activity remains, doesn’t harmfully deplete circulation.

    • Sadly, we won’t be replacing our fiat notes and coins with physical gold and silver worth with their intrinsic values because the elites want to create unlimited amounts of currencies to control us with their fiat paper. People don’t even listen to their Constitution that requires intrinsic values!

  5. Quantitative Easing is going to destroy a lot of people in the USA because it will create more dollars out of nothing which will destroy their savings by taking away the purchasing power of people holding the US dollar. This will create high annual inflation rates, then hyperinflation and finally, the collapse of the American currency.

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