In an interview with CNN, Paul Krugman states that he wants Ben Bernanke’s job as President of the Federal Reserve, stating that
It would be better to appoint me. It would help drive down the dollar, and it would help drive up inflation expectations.

Try for a moment to imagine Krugman replacing Bernanke- Dumping money from helicopters never sounded so much like austerity.

Since Krugman thinks money printing is such a laughing matter, we might as well bring back our favorite economic parody on QE by Clarke and Dawe:

  1. Keynesian money printing will not work because the problem is insolvency not liquidity.  The Fed is only jawboning about not wanting inflation.  Of course they want inflation to devalue the debt.  They just want to try the impossible and control it in zero interest rate environment. 

    Keynesian theory is in essence a pyramid scheme.  Their biggest problem is demographic with a sagging birthrate in Western countries since the 1970’s.  Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, an ebbing tide lowers all boats.  In the debt based fiat system that we have now, if you contract the supply of money and credit you’re risking collapse.  Why do you think we have open borders?  We need more people to keep the scheme going.

  2. Paul @ 1:28: “No, the one…the one thing is, as long as somebody else does the actual work of running the place, cause you don’t want me doing that.”  

    EXACTLY! STAY AWAY PAUL! The Fed is doing enough damage. Just sit and pontificate your stupid ideas so we can admire your ineptitude from afar.

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