While it was likely a fat finger of the data entry variety by an employee of the bankrupt Kitco.com, silver’s 24 hour live chart reveals a massive $1.50 spike from $32 to $33.50 just prior to midnight eastern. 

Unfortunately for Blythe and her monkeys, the spike failed to trigger a single liquidation algo on physical silver holdings.
With the October FOMC statement due later Wednesday, perhaps a late night caption contest is in order?



  1. Have not felt more certain about the manipulation of silver. Can’t quite put all my capital into phyzz, as I’m only college-age and need cash flows, but their preoccupation with messing with Ag makes it even more obvious how this thing is going to explode like a beachball breaching the surface after being shoved feet beneath the water. 

  2. This crap happens so often at KITCO that Canadian regulators would be fully justified investigating the situation. 
    Hello?  Regulators?  Anyone there?  Oh, sorry…  didn’t mean to interrupt your porn viewing.  SEC regulators share the best stuff with their industry counterparts.

    • lol FW

      If I may add: The job of regulators in a modern sense is to ensure that free markets don’t spoil the fun of the Robbers’ Den. They are nothing short of thieves, deceivers, rapists and murderers themselves. I sure as hell hope righteous anger builds up to the point where they get dragged out into the streets…

  3. This happened to CMGI stock about ten years ago, shot up to as I recall, TRIPLE it’s actual price for about a minute or two while I was watching and I couldn’t believe my eyes, hit the sell button just before it corrected and made $5000 on a day trade. $2000 in… $7000 out in an hour or two. Can’t remember the exact date or exact amounts, only that I gleaned a $5000 bill. There was quite a stink over the “ERROR” but it was decided all who sold would get to keep their money. I was in stock heaven that day. These days, no more paper trading for me though, too risky in this environment.

    • You made 5000$ in a minute? Wow! At that time, you could’ve bought about 10 ounces of gold at 500$ per ounce with premiums! You’re lucky that you were able to redeem your stock very fast! 😀

  4. This is the real price of silver plus 100$. 😀 But hey, look on the bight side! You can still buy silver cheaper. Silver didn’t reach 27$ per ounce and it is stable at 32$ so right now, it’s a good moment to buy some.

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