And…it’s gone!

As we have documented in depth throughout the day (here and here), the cartel instigated a waterfall decline in silver this morning co-inciding with the 8:30am EST NFP release, dropping silver to $34.15.
Kitco has just decided to erase the evidence, as they have just removed the entire manipulative takedown from their charts. 

There’s no manipulation in silver! See? Show me on the chart any manipulative price action!

Fortunately, SD captured the data this morning on more than one platform.

Full evidence of raid and subsequent chart fudging below:

This morning’s raid just after it occurred:


And on NetDania:


And poof: like that, all evidence of the NFP raid is simply digitally erased!

See? What silver manipulation?

Well played Blythe.

  1. Kitco is in Quebec, which is Canada’s most corrupt province. It’s basically run by organized crime, in league with the provincial and local governments. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kitco was a crime front for money laundering as well. It’s just come to light that the entire construction industry in Quebec is a front and has been awarded 100’s of millions in tax payer dollars over the years to do nothing, which is why all of thier bridges are now falling down…

    • Phoenix You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. The US and Canada is far more corrupted than Quebec. At least in Quebec they make it public while in the US they keep it secret forever. Your hateful comment is shameful and only proves your blatant ignorance.

    • Having lived in Canada all my life, I do know what I’m talking about. I also said “most corrupt” not only corrupt… instead of bashing my post you could have backed up your points against mine… have you ever driven in Quebec? I believe you have. Have you seen the miles of construction zones with no one ever working in them? have been on a bridge that has colapsed that was just “inspected”? If your point is that because these crimes have become public that its okay, you may want to watch who you call ignorant. Quebec is an area of Canada where regular laws don’t apply. What are the language police? just another term for thought police. Why in the rest of Canada I can work in either English or French, but if I work in English in Quebec I get punished? I’m guessing you may live in Quebec since you pulled it out of Canada in your comment. This could be why you are so defensive… in the end, this is my opinion, yours is different, and that is your right just as much as it is mine. The last time I checked we were all still Canadian and benefitting from the charter of rights and freedoms.

    • @Phoenix and @balz Not everyone is benefiting the full potential of the charter of rights and freedoms. The bill 78 in Quebec is against that charter and it is still passed by Jean Charest. Now, other people says that we are now safe from corruption because Pauline Marois but I don’t think that’s true because she still didn’t do anything. She said that she’s going to pass a bill that will stop the rise of tuition fees and that made all the “Red Square” protestors happy. When she said that, that made me laugh because most of the protestors and Marois don’t know the reason why there is inflation and I knew that she won’t be a good prime minister. Quebec is a bad economy since there aren’t any big and new constructions coming like it was back in the 1960’s. The situation is so bad that Montreal’s subway cars are 46 years old and they are still in used! They are so old that they are the oldest still in service most reliable transportation system in North America! So, I also think that Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada and I don’t see a bright future for Quebec until the prime minister talks about gold and silver’s fundamentals.

      (PS: Quebec is so corrupted that the government wants you to pay its taxes on illegal drugs! Look at the video below to see what I meant!)

    • It hasn’t gone back according to my current view of the chart – still fudged. I looked at as Ordinary Joe suggested below and it is still there.  Suggest we all start looking at the Semmo site as well.

    • I still don’t see it. still shows it missing and the kick silver chart is frozen at $35.04 0n my screen. Dania shows it. Kitco has a history of painting the tape when compared to Dania. They constantly print lower prices when Dania shows live spot to be trading higher. They are crooks. I’m removing them from my computer. 

    • Actually the semmo chart is really good as you can place your cursor over the chart and get precise information for any coordinate on the chart for 5 minute intervals. At 12:30:00 on 5th October for instance silver opened at 34.895, which was also the high for this interval, and the low was 34.386 and the close (I guess this means at 12:34:59) was 34.711.

  2. I just called those scumbags now and the guy on the phone told me they had “some problems with the pricing information that was coming in and they corrected it about 2 hours later”
    The guy on the phone was stumbling on his words. I guess he didnt know what to bullsh!t as I was interrogating him and was making it up as he went along.
    But dont worry, they took the appropriate action and “corrected” their price chart! 😉

  3. I started to follow Kitco because of my local dealer using it to determine spot price.   I was using before then.  I just checked and Semmo is correct, but Kitco is not.  Guess I will just have to stop going to the Kitco site for my information.  
    As stated previously, we should be catching the dip anytime data is released, especially if the price continues to climb.  Can save a few bucks that way.

    • If that isn’t THE best ad for having a PC-based DVR that neither cable nor satellite companies can control, I don’t know what would be.

  4. Doc, here you go….  I happened to have my browser window open going into the close.  You know, it might be time to organize a boycott of Kitco.  Those folks are not friends to the average precious metals investor.  Kitco has a conflict of interest with their pool accounts.  I’ve seem them pull chart data stunts like this on at least five other occasions over the years – as if the bone heads think people will not notice!  I also would go as far as to say it’s fishy that Doug Casey has a deep relationship with Kitco and that he happens to claim precious metals manipulation doesn’t happen.  

    • @Flying-Wombat -that’s not a bad idea.  We actually are planning on launching a charting platform on SD hopefully coinciding with the release of’s online bullion platform…perhaps we should time up a boycott of kitco’s charts when SD readers can access gold and silver charts here at SD!  🙂


    • @Flying-Wombat Kitco’s folks are also against precious metals buyers who are less than 18 years old. I went at their business place for the first time to buy a silver Philharmonic and they asked me for a Kitco account. I was thinking about why would a business ask its customers for an account but then I said myself that it doesn’t matter that much. Then, I saw that the rooms are locked with strong glasses and a camera. I also saw a poster saying that you should bring an ID so that the government can see what you’ve purchased for your security which gave me a bad feeling about this place. When I gave them my formula to create an account with them, they told me that I need to be 18 years or older. I asked them if they could sell the coin without an account but they declined. I had my chance! I could’ve bought a silver philharmonic for 31$ at that time!

    • “perhaps we should time up a boycott of kitco’s charts when SD readers can access gold and silver charts here at SD!  ”

      Hurrah! for that, Doc.  Can you arrange the timing on that to occur at exactly 0830 Eastern time?  Somehow, that number seems appropriate!  😉

  5. It’s OK guys and gals because the money manipulators will ultimately be erased themselves, call it instant karma or whatever you like but I am a firm believer that….”As ye sow, so shall ye reap…..”, these thieves are already feeling the pain from their misdeeds in one manner or another I am certain, and will continue to do so, there’s no gettin’ around it.

  6. This is all but part of the grand managed retreat by the Cartel:
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    –Abraham Lincoln (American US President)

    • ““You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.””

      Yes but when Lincoln said that the schools actually TAUGHT their students to think, not merely regurgitate useless info, leftist political BS, or how to put a prophylactic device onto a cucumber.  My, what progress we have made!


    WAY TO GO DOC!!! DOC & BIX are my 2 FAVORITES!!!

    Here’s the email (copy and paste)


    50M Ounces of Paper (Electronic) Silver Dumped at 8:30am





    Bix Weir via 

    4:44 PM (1 hour ago)


    to me


    The Silver Doctor’s have a great chart posted that clearly shows how desperate JP Morgan and friends are. At 8:30am they dumped 10,000 silver contracts or 50M ounces of COMEX silver on the market.
    Here’s the article:
    Kitco Erases Evidence of Cartel Silver Raid

    In the old days silver would have dropped 5-10% on this kind of raid but not anymore. There are VERY strong hands that lay in wait!

    And yes…Kitco is part of the criminal cabal at a certain level having to do with their fractional reserve “Pooled Accounts”.
    The battles are RAGING!
    Bix Weir

  8. ANOTHER REASON to never buy from Kitco:

    They would certainly turn over PM Purchasing records to the IRS/Feds for seizure or confiscatory taxation…

    They also charged my son (a US MARINE) $80 for an order that did not process properly. He would have done the
    order but the bank wire did not work, so the hit is debit card for the charge. Dirty Thieving ba$tards 

    OOPS: HE INFORMS ME that it was APMEX, not Kitco…
    But they still suck!

    • Don’t forget that Kitco is from Canada so I don’t know how a Canadian company is going to turn over PM purchasing records to American mafias such as IRS and Feds. Although, PM purchasing records are given to the Canadian government for our “security purposes”. I went there once and there were locked rooms with strong glasses, multiple cameras and posters saying that you should bring in your IDs so that the government will know that you have bought some PMs for security purposes.

    • @Sumkid… “Don’t forget that Kitco is from Canada so I don’t know how a Canadian company is going to turn over PM purchasing records to American mafias such as IRS and Feds.”

      Did you miss out on the part last year where the US IRS ordered a Swiss bank to turn over their American client’s account records… and they did?  Years ago, that would have been unthinkable!  Had it occurred then, ALL of the bank’s customers would have withdrawn their money and fled.  These days, there is nowhere else to go and the Feds know it.  🙁

    • @Ed_B If the event happened before November 2011, then yeah I did miss out. At November 2011, I saw a related video on YouTube talking about why everyone should buy physical gold and silver. My reaction at first was “Why do I even need that? What’s the point of this?” and then after watching multiple videos, I learned about inflation and the loss of purchasing power. Then, I told myself “Wow! That is so true! What was I doing during all these years holding pieces of paper?” and went to a local coin shop to buy a silver Maple Leaf for 40$ which was 2$ over spot. At that time, I only bought one because I still didn’t trust and know the gold and silver’s fundamentals by a 100%. Afterward, silver still went down and I told myself that if silver went to 40$ per ounce, then why wouldn’t it hit that price again. During the price drops, I continued to buy silver until all my savings in dollars were gone and at that time, silver was at 27$ per ounce. Now today, I made some profits in terms of dollars by buying physical gold and silver at different prices. I now have a 100% trust into gold and silver and every time I receive some fiat currencies, I exchange them for physical gold, silver, copper pennies, nickel nickels and junk silver.

    • @Sumkid… “If the event happened before November 2011, then yeah I did miss out.”

      Not a problem, Kid.  Many of us have only recently been awakened to all this info.  I began to awaken in early fall of 2010 and made my 1st silver buy in January 2011.  Since then, my stack has grown substantially.  As an older person, I can well remember what things cost back in the late 1950s and 1960s.  Back then, the US dollar was very strong and we had silver in our coins.  That was why a gallon of gas cost a quarter, sometimes less.  Today, gas is near $4 a gallon in fiat currency but that same 90% silver quarter is now worth over $6, so still buys a gallon of gas and even returns some change.

      “At November 2011, I saw a related video on YouTube talking about why everyone should buy physical gold and silver.”

      Yes, the YouTube videos are great.  I have watched a number of them.  I especially like the ones that are set up like documentaries, like The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Money Masters, The Ascent of Money, and others.

      Another great piece of info is the written text of a speech given by Congressman Howard Buffet on why gold money in the hands of citizens is essential for personal liberty.  You can find this here:

      ” I now have a 100% trust into gold and silver and every time I receive some fiat currencies, I exchange them for physical gold, silver, copper pennies, nickel nickels and junk silver.”

      While I have great appreciation for the value of gold and silver as money, I hesitate to go “all in” with any single financial instrument, no matter how much I like it.  I am always conscious of the fact that it is possible for me to make mistakes.  Because of this, I allocate a certain percentage of my assets to silver.  Haven’t bought any gold yet but have been considering it for a while now.  Silver just seems so much better in terms of potential returns on my money but I do like the portability of gold.  Currently, I am about 8% in physical silver with another 1.5% or so in the SIVR physical silver ETF.  I would like to raise the physical silver allocation to around 20% and am doing that via buying the price dips as they occur.

    • @Ed_B Well then, if that’s the case, then I’m glad that I’m not the only one that woke up recently. It sucks that you didn’t have any opportunity to hoard the silver coins when you were a kid. I’m hoarding the copper pennies because the Canadian government removed the penny from circulation.

    • @Sumkid… Nope, you’re not.  There are many of us who are coming awake, thanks in large part to the great people who run this and a number of other web sites that put out the truth of our situation while the so-called “main stream media” fiddles around with things that are of no importance whatsoever.

      Actually, I had a lot of opportunity to hoard silver coins back then but I just had no interest in it.  Back then, silver coins were normal, not anything special.  It wasn’t until they took the silver out of coins that a few people began to understand how valuable the older coins would become.  Being younger than a teenager at the time, such things were not important to me.  Yes, I do know better now but this was 50+ years ago.  You know what they say about that:  too soon old, too late smart!  :-/

      Quite a few people seem to be hoarding pennies.  In the US, it is the pre-1982 pennies that are copper and not copper-washed zinc.
      I think that it is wise to stack metals of all kinds but especially the precious metals, such as silver and gold.  For me, stacking copper is not practical from the cost, weight, and storage space needed angles. 

    • @Ed_B Oh that sucks! I’m sure that you would also be hoarding all the silver coins back in the 60’s if you had the Internet like today. It’s all thanks to the Internet that I was able to know about all these information! 🙂

    • Oh, yeah!  The Internet is HUGE.  Young people today have always had the Internet in their lives, so often do not understand what a powerful info resource it really is.  When I first started using the Internet, I had a 300 baud modem, a land-line connection, and an Apple ][ computer with no hard drive, an amber screen, and a whopping 48k of ram.  The Internet was ALL text back then, no graphics, no mouse, and if you did not have a decent understanding of the UNIX OS and its many 2-letter commands, you were SOL.  There were a lot of very well educated people on then, mostly professors, scientists, and engineers.  These people did not suffer fools lightly and had no compunction about telling them what idiots they were and why.  Because of this, the Internet was not a kids playground but a professional experience for people doing serious professional work.  It is likely that history will show that the Internet was every bit as powerful a social change apparatus as was the Gutenberg printing press.

  9. Except for KitcoMetals, I abandoned the site years ago. GoldSeek may not feature a cool three-day running chart, but I have more faith in the site’s integrity and roster of commentators. Now, I can’t even trust KitcoMetal’s charts? If they’d fenegle the silver chart, what DON’T they monkey around with? ‘Facts’ and ‘figures’ in their ‘analysis’?

  10. I won’t go near the Kitco site. I started to use the forums, but every time you dare mention manipulation or the cartel, you are attacked and belittled. I found it odd that something that is common knowledge is denied so vehemently – so I figured if the forums are crooked, the whole package is dirty.

    • “I found it odd that something that is common knowledge is denied so vehemently…”

      This is all too often the best defense that the desperate can muster.

  11. I just sent this message to;

    Problem with the data

    As of today I am done with your website. You conveniently removing the blatant manipulation of todays silver price by adjusting your silver chart proves you are willing to mislead the public of the truth that took place today concerning the price of silver. 

    I encourage you of you to do the same. Kitco needs to realize what they did is not acceptable. 

    • @the-kid Look at the designs of the coins and compare the small details to another one that is real. You can find the image of a real one by searching on Google. If you have a scale, then scale it and it should be around 31.2g if your silver pieces are in troy ounces.
      Don’t worry that much about fake silver because it cost way too much to make a fake. Even if there is one, there are a lot of obvious signs that it is fake which means that it is easier to spot them.

  12. I regret buying silver from kitco  b/c it may be fake . I’ve also noticed in the last few years that  the silver chart always freezes in the event of a price spike , up or down  so the last few years I’ve used silverseek . I’ve also noticed their commentary is full of bearish sentiment. Something isn’t quite right with them. I just hope they didn’t sell me fake silver.

    • You don’t have to worry about fakes because there are only very little chances that your silvers are fake since it cost a lot to make fakes to there aren’t enough profit generated from it like gold and even if there are, they are very easy to spot with a scale. A troy ounce of silver should weigh at about 31.2 grams.

  13. Im shocked by what Kitco has done…it is unthinkable ! I saw that action on Kitco that morning with my own eyes. I have trusted Kitco for many years.
    I dont trust them anymore. 
    I like the idea of the Doc offering the real time silver spot pricing.

  14. @Underground:  you said “They would certainly turn over PM Purchasing records to the IRS/Feds for seizure or confiscatory taxation…”
    First off, thank your son for his service from me and I hope he’s doing well.
    Your statement above got me thinking about purchases from bullion dealers in general.  I’ve got an account with Provident Metals and love their service.  But now I wonder if it’s better to order PMs without establishing an account with them (or anyone else) due to IRS and Fed confiscation.  I’m going to ask them how far back they keep purchase records whether on account or not.
    It sounds paranoid, but given the track record of the US Gov’t we have to preserve whatever wealth we have.

    • @rvnmedic6869 I beleive you should always remove as much of a paper trail as you can from all your PM ( and any other prep ) purchases. If as some believe the “fall” will be run by those in power, then the people that got ready for it will be the first on the lists… Try to buy what you can in cash without a name, and split your buying to as many dealers as you can…

    • @rvnmedic6869 I think that it’s better if you don’t trails about your PM purchases because maybe one day, the government’s securities are going to knock at your door and they’ll search your house to find PMs so that they can pay off the US national debt. So, you don’t want to take the risk by letting your trails of PM purchases. Buy your PMs from local coin shops with cashes.

    • “he also informed me that it was APMEX, not Kitco, so I guess they suck too, just not as hard LOL ”

      IMHO, APMEX does not “suck”.  Their prices for various services are clearly posted on their web site.  It isn’t their fault that a more expensive mode of payment was selected.  I have bought from them multiple times and have had good results each time.  Same for Provident and SilverTowne.  Have not bought from GoldMart but might give them a try at some point.

  15. ….one thing I omitted from my earlier post was that to GUARANTEE success in investing (as it pertains to PMs) do EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what BUFFET and SOROS “say” their doing.  History shows that they get the masses overheated about some half-wit sector or specialty then they buy gold or silver by the trainloads.  Oh yeah, Buffet “hates” metals.  Just look at his track record.  These two pricks go to the bank based on their deceit of the average Joe.

    If anyone is STUPID enough to do as they say (buying the market) they deserve to be sheared like the sheep they are!  

    • Yeah, that type misleads the masses to steal their money! 

      I do not follow anything (that I do not check out for myself) 
      in ANY area of my life… so they can KISS IT!!! Buffay & Sorrows 

    • Yeah I sure did and it’s funny! 😀
      Look at those comments that they’ve made!
      “Silver Doctors are liars. They are that Cartel themselves.”
      …and the other one!
      “I was about to say the exact same thing.

      The real cartel are the pumpers like GATA, Sprott , Sinclair, Silverdoctors, yadayada the list goes on and on. Everyone has a vested interest. Why do you care that silver is “suppressed/manipulated”. Could it be that you own silver? You think when the above listed speak it is for the greater good of man? The only reason they care so much is because they are heavily invested in the PMs.”
      The only person who is heavily “invested” in the PMs is Kitco itself and they are talking about it on their own websites! What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • I agree ED_B, but it does serve to show the mentality in that forum and why one should avoid it like the plague. It’s also interesting to see who gets banned and who doesn’t in the Kitco forum. People who speak of the Cartel are usually first to get the hammer.

  16. “The poster actual says the Doc is a liar.”

    So, what IS the Doc’s position on libel?  Sue ’em, Doc.  Take’em to the cleaners and invest the money in silver and your web site.  😀

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