In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert behold the Sacred Dow, worshipped by economists and analysts around the world and to which whole economies and jobs have been sacrificed to keep it rising. They compare the Japanese bond market to Fukushima. Markets have become so distorted by manipulation, they argue that like godzilla, one day the market will go where it needs to go and it will smash down buildings and economies with it. In the second half, Max talks to John Butler of Amphora about confusing price signals caused by market manipulating central bankers and the misallocation of capital this encourages. They also talk about Japan’s economy, Krugman’s bond allegations and Mrs. Watanabe’s gold shopping spree.

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    • Yeah, that is kind of a 1-2 punch for boneheads.  I like the info that Max has but can’t stand the hysterical presentation he uses.  If you have the truth on your side, what need is there for hysterics?

    • Posted this before I heard the news about what they did to bitcoin today. One down. The scientists that don’t believe in GW are not on the payroll of the gov or have been silenced by the Gore crowd. The science is not there if you actually take the time and do the research.

    • @pbppbp Yikes if you believe what the “scientists” feed you.  Its snowing in North Central Usa in mid to late may…. wheres the global warming? Its not sporadic, its everywhere or nowhere…. now a short lived global temp increase that will inevitably lead to an ice age, that is the stuff real science is made of.  What happens when all the glaciers melt? Does all that cold water warm the oceans, unfortunately it slows them and cools them. Ice age is next.

    • Max is great, he continually nails it.
      John Butler was an excellent guest.
      @Ed_B: He can be hysterical, but we need different styles to continue to wake people up to the truth.
      Take Max, Bix Weir, Jim Willie, Eric Sprott, Harvey Organ, James Turk, Mike Maloney, Andy Macguire, David Morgan, etc
      All on the same side, but almost polls apart in their delivery.

    • “Yikes, 97% of scientists believe in global warming. It’s not a debate outside of politics.”
      Utter nonsense.  There is NO evidence whatever that 97% of scientists believe in GW.  As a scientist myself, I can tell you that there is a great deal of debate among scientists about GW.  Most of the ones that I know are not on the take seeking grant money to do useless research.  Those who are will drink whatever flavor of kool-aid that is put in front of them.  If you are interested in reading some info that is scientifically valid, check out this web site:
      The section on their petition project is especially illuminating, as it is signed by nearly 31,500 scientists who have not drunk the GW kool-aid, who have studied the data that supposedly supports GW, and have rejected the GW thesis in its entirety.
      The BBC did an anti-GW documentary TV production that disputed all of the GW claims and offered considerable support for those disclaimers.  Even the fellow who coined the term “global warming” expressed doubt in it as a scientifically valid hypothesis.  See the following for more info:

  1. Good Show. But it is easier than all that. All you gotta do is take a bunch of money that you have (you got some?) anyway, take a whole bunch of money (paper to digital) and place it in the window (of opportunity?) and since you got burned by the comex and were too lazy to get physical (kidz would steal it) or actually invest it in a small business (lazy ame-rican/banana republic workers wouldn’t show up cause thay have a job bouncing at a bar) or buy futures in agriculture (we get all our food from China, right?) …now where was I? Oh yeah, msn/abc/cbs/nbc/cramer says the markets are up because Productivity is up and Buyers for the Goods are sparkin’ the Baltic Dry Index with their hard earned dollars…wait a minute…this does not compute…this does not compute…this does not compute…would you like to play a game Dave?

    • None of that BS computes.  The market level we have now is 100% due to Fed distortion of the markets with $85B a month in free money.  As soon as the Fed starts to reduce this largesse, we will see a lower market; perhaps a MUCH lower market.  The current market levitation of share prices does NOT reflect improving economic conditions.

  2. It is naive to not take into account the possibility that metal markets are rigged.  I agree with that.  It’s probably detrimental to your long term financial health not to take that possibility into account.  

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