In the latest Keiser Report, Max talks to journalist, author and filmmaker, Greg Palast of, about Goldman Sachs and John Paulson and about Obama intervening in the case of vulture capitalist Paul Singer versus Argentina only in order to help out Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan.

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  1. BofA Sued by U.S. Over Mortgage Securities
    Justice Department Alleges Bank Understated Risks in 2008 Sale

    The Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday against Bank of America Corp.,BAC -1.08% alleging the company defrauded investors by understating the risks associated with $850 million worth of mortgage-backed securities in 2008.
    The lawsuit, filed in federal court in North Carolina, had been expected since the company acknowledged in a filing last week that the department intended to file civil charges.
    In a statement, Attorney General Eric Holder called the suit “the latest step forward in the Justice Department’s ongoing efforts to hold accountable those who engage in fraudulent or irresponsible conduct.”

  2. Mr. Keiser’s zany antics can often be delightfully funny or bitingly wry and at other times, when he ‘crosses the line’, dreadfully tedious. His schtick is typically best practiced in a ‘stand up’ venue, but without the guiding feedback of a live audience (a task that defaults to poor Ms. Herbert alone), the ‘fine line’ is frequently strayed over … this segment falling into that latter category.

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