imagesIn this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert for their 400th episode discuss Obeelzebub and Jamie Demon as the inevitable outcome of collateral faking, zombie banking and paper printing. They also discuss Russia’s central bank buying gold while David Cameron is telling porkies about UK national debt. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury about silver suppression and the bond-pocalypse.



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  1. Keep your eyes on the 10 US Treasury rate   It’s rate is at 2% for two days in a row, up almost 20 BPS since the start of thsi week. I’m not sure what will break first.  10 yr UST going up and breaking the back of the IR Swap/derivatives or the start of a nasty bond bubble breaking.  Maybe both nearly at the same time.  But if the top 10 TBTF banks have $210 trillion in derivatives and $7.8 trillion in capital, 70% of the total equity of all banks, it won’t take much to break the bank.  These are recent figures but may have changed in the last month or so.  The derivative to capital ratio is still 27 to 1 so a 3% loss on derivatives would just about wipe out these banks.  There isn’t enough TARP money in the world to paper over those holes.

  2. I don’t believe that the 16 to 1 G/S ratio is valid any longer. Right now mines are producing at a 9 to 1 ratio. You can mine deeper for Au but not Ag. If the price and ratios do rise it would be a short lived change and then a dramatic fall off as Ag ores are exhausted. Ag is only found close the the surface in the earths crust as well. To deep mine for Ag would also raise the price of mining it, which is already skyrocketing, to get at extremely poor quality ores. So that is not a true solution either. Ag is inelastic to the extreme. If indrustry wants it in the near future they will have to come to us, and it won’t be cheap!

  3. Globally, paper currency is Legal Tender required for payment of Taxes, accepted in payment of debt, and used to pay for real assets.

    These paper currencies are loaned into existence. That is, created out of thin air as loan issuance. Other than currency loaned out at interest, no other currency exists. So, when John Q. Public borrows some of this currency he must at the end of the loan term, pay back all the amount borrowed plus interest. But the extra currency to pay the interest does not exist, since all currency in existence must be borrowed at interest.  

    This means the currency needed to pay the interest does not exist. At this point only two options exist:

    1.) Default on the loan. Assets used as collateral for the loan are lawfully seized by the creditor.


    2.) Borrow more currency to pay the interest, and incur more debt for which currency does not yet exist to pay the interest, and so on forever which results in continuous growth of debt at interest. This is a system of compound interest and exponential growth of debt. Exponential growth of anything in a finite environment cannot continue forever. When resource limits prevent additional growth then the debt cannot be paid. At this point, assets used as collateral for the loan are lawfully seized by the creditor.

    Either way the end result is the same.

    Money as debt is a system designed to harvest, eventually, the assets of all who participate. 
    Just law can not enforce this unjust system.

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