On today’s Keiser report, Max & Stacy bring a bankster rat onto set to discuss the civil suit against JP Morgan’s mortgage fraud. We revisit episode 97 of the Keiser Report on which journalist Teri Buhl had first warned you about the residential mortgage back security fraud issue on JP Morgan’s balance sheet – thanks to their purchase of Bear Stearns. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dr. Michael Hudson, author of The Bubble and Beyond: Fictitious Capital, Debt Deflation and Global Crisis, about Timothy Geithner’s role in facilitating the takeover of the banking system by the Wall Street mafia and about the oligarchic counter revolution against democracy in Europe.

  1. As Mr Hudson was talking about the ‘Mafia’ financial racket and ‘Euro-cratic Pro Consuls’, I kept thinking that the whole mess can be entirely side-stepped by abandoning the fraudulent banknote scheme and privately re-adopting metallic money … keeping it out of the banking system altogether with local ‘metals exchanges’. Moreover, the trade scheme would need to be wholly divorced from government jurisdiction as well … meaning NOTHING quoted in ‘dollars’ or ‘cents’, but grains and ounces of metals … EXCLUSIVELY.

    • That’s exacty what I am thinking   PM Local Banks /Buying whatever for Phyzz metals,selling/holding phyzz Metals all over like the other fiat Banks ..maybe Eric Sprott,James Turk ,Mike Maloney or any Big PM Players could do this..

  2. Remember silverdagger the Hunt brothers? Multi-billionaires who bought silver and the FED bankrupted them. This uprising must come from WE THE PEOPLE! The elites fear no billionaire or group of billionaires. But when a mob of 2 million are gathered in the streets of New York crying out for their heads, then the FED will be scared and change can occur. 

  3. The FED must go
    The Bankers must go
    The Political System must go
    The Elite must be brought to Justice and then destroyed – LITERALLY!
    They have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the masses and we are fools for letting this go on
    Rise up people before they take it all
    It is only a matter of time before sites like these will be outlawed and the internet itself will be nothing more than regurgitated BS force fed to us by our Masters and obviously betters – since we have the answers and see the crime but wait for the very criminals committing these atrocities to POLICE themselves
    It would be funny if it wasn’t true and I for one am sick of it all

  4. The best punishment for JP Morgan for all the bad stuffs it did is to shut it down and arrest all the people who are running that bank. Then, use all its capital to pay off the US national debt. Unfortunately, this won’t happen because the government helps the banks and the big corporations.

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