In the latest Keiser report, Max Keiser urges “Sami don’t pay,” challenges the anti-anti-fragile Nassim Taleb to a black swan event and coins a new phrase, ‘insectual,’ to describe the increasing insect like behavior of humans online and in markets. Keiser and Stacy Herbert also discuss GATA getting attention in Austria where the central bank is haplessly looking for its alleged gold. In bragging about how much they’ve earned from gold leasing, in fact, the Austrian central bank has inadvertently exposed a big gold lie.


  1. Shame on any gold/silver bug who has been lurking and has lost sight. The whole aspect of most of the world’s gold being encumbered multiple times is something that should give anyone the courage of their convictions to get long, stay long, and get even longer PMs on every major price decline as we’ve seen in 2012. Silver has it’s own dynamic fundamentals that are even more bullish than gold’s best wet dream ( at ~$30 especially.)

    Buying and accumulating silver will be like buying and accumulating tech stocks in the 1990s. The sky is the limit. It’s now1996 and Alan Greenspan is warning about irrational exuberance (LOLOLOL). yeah for people who prefer treasuries to REAL MONEY. Oh how everyone wishes they could buy silver at $26 again. You can buy almost 4 ozs with 100 Toliet notes @$26 but only 3 ozs currently. Later, $100 will not buy 1 oz .999 fine.

    I have basically tenfolded my wealth with PMs. Accumulating a lot of silver in the teens (2006-2008) doubling down at $10, buying over 100,000 shares AG when it was $2, and a lot of other great trades. Mining equities have never been cheaper. Good companies will put current prices to shame. Stick w bullion in hand if you are conservative and buy good producers, world class developers, and hot exploration plays at prices that have never been cheAper relative to spot. $3000-4000 Au and $100-200 Ag will cure all the woes of the world. Accumulate the real MONEY of the next paradigm. Gas prices where I live just shot up 45c in ONE DAY despite crude only fetching<$90 (now.).

    I am going with Alf Fields' call for $4000+ gold on the C wave of this bull market. Then A correction of over $1000 US Ponzi bath tissue. And that won't be the end of the bull. THEN we go parabolic. 2015.

    All the bankers are already perfectly positioned with ginormous stacks of gold and tons of Ag too. Never assume that just because the banksters are short they ARE NOT ALSO LONG!!!! And I assure you, they may be short w/ other people's $, they are in fact long their PERSONAL fortunes.

    • Yes I did the same.   My $600 Billion doubled to $1200 Billion.   I’m feeling pretty damned pleased with myself as well.   Tell me Slrizgold is that your small yacht next to mine in the “billionaires” dock in Antibes?   If so you must pop over for drinks.

    • We also had AG, (FR in Canada), though we had the ”B” warrants. Keith N. is my hero. What an exectutor. What ag miners are you currently looking at? We are loaded on US Silver and Gold.

    • Hey GBS, I really did tenfold my net worth since 2005, but I’m a young person and it’s probably not enough to impress most people. And I did accumulate that AG, but that was my parents’ money at work under my tutelage. Only holding about 10k shares AG now anyways. Sorry if I sounded like a pompous arrogant jerk, i get that way after some Kentucky bourbon. I’m not much of a drinker anymore. BTW, what do your initials stand for? Gaylord Ball Sucker? Jus’ kiddin’. Lol

    • dont apologize slvr, GBS was the one being a jerk.
      he is being a jealous hater, and/or possibly doubting that your timing on your calls could be that good.

    • Silver preserves value while fiat currencies do not. For example in 1964, I could buy a gallon of gas for 0.25$ which means with a pre-1964 American quarter’s face value. Today, I can still buy a gallon of gas for 0.25$ with a pre-1964 American quarter thanks to its silver content.

  2. In the second half of this segment I became quite disturbed as the guest (who seemed to have Max Kaiser’s utmost support and admiration) ‘progressively’ revealed himself to be an unabashed Collectivist.

    Now, while I think it’s great that his little partnership is promoting increased exposure of corruption among the cadre of monopoly industrialists and their nefarious interconnections with bankers and governments of equal turpitude, I want to point out that the utopian ‘social services’ they aim to preserve are, themselves in fact a mere variation of theft and plunder from the productive segment of society.

    To further expand on Mr. Kaiser’s analogy, we ought not accept the false ‘choice’ between one or another of the devil’s two faces, but reject BOTH. Government orchestrated Mercantilism (one step beyond Feudalism) or government orchestrated Collectivism (outright Feudalism re-packaged in ‘modern’ vernacular) IS NOT A CHOICE! IT’S A TRICK

    ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’, as it was originally meant, is to step beyond these past social orders into that of Liberty. What’s come to be properly defined as ‘Capitalism’, is a thoroughly clean departure from Mercantilism’s society of ‘right to possess without Titled ownership’, or Feudalism’s ‘wholly centralized Titles, loaned for fee’. That severence is a social order of Private Property and Individual Determinism grounded in Natural Right of Individual Sovereignty. To which I very seriously urge readers to recognize … exists nowhere on planet Earth today!

    While Max Kaiser is delightfully entertaining in his adroit juggling of myriad libertarian ‘white ball’ allusions and incomparable financial acumen, we can’t allow his extravaganza of intellectual performance to pawn off ‘black balls’ of intractable indentured penury, merely of another seeming appearance. It’s idiotic to abide a new evil to simply replace the one we revile today. No change is best masqueraded in the cloke of ‘change’.

    “We have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning unlawful method, concealment and veiling of the truth. The basic role is to exploit the conflicting interests of the capitalist States.” –V. Lenin


  3. I’m confused the yesmen are doing the same things as the Corporations, like, hacking the Corporations e-mails, isn’t that invading privacy? Tit for Tat. Why should the Public support films on other peoples thoughts? I’m still all confused. Lol

  4. Marchas45 – You are correct.  Researching the “Yes Men”, at their heart their philosophy is a modern redux of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” meme.  They do have some very legitimate points, but their bottom line is a very old philosophy that has failed.

  5. “…but their bottom line is a very old philosophy that has failed.”

    Indeed it has but those multiple failures never seem to discourage the true believers in this drek.  I guess that they simply have not been hit in the face by the brick of reality enough times.  Pity. 

  6. Nations gold has been leased out to the 1% and China never to be seen again. As mentioned the 1% are sitting pretty, let things collapse they won’t care. Most probably have private armies surrounding whatever bunker they have decided to retreat to.

    • Isolated?  You want isolated?  How about McMurdo Sound?  Yes, it IS a bit nippy there but, man, is it ever isolated!

      As to resupply, go fishing.  😉

  7. In my opinion, more central banks holding physical gold in their gold reserves are lying about their gold because maybe they are short in physical gold or that they don’t have them. They probably have tungsten plated with gold in their reserves instead.

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