Jon Stewart blasted the MSM tonight for ignoring Presidential candidate Ron Paul.  Only Stewart can reduce a Ron Paul supporter to tears of laughter when the topic is the marginalization of the Republican Presidential candidate by the MSM.

Stewart played numerous clips where Bachmann, Romney, and Perry were described as the “top tier.” “You’re not forgetting anyone?” Stewart asked, referring to Ron Paul.
Stewart then plays a clip with an analyst telling viewers not to forget about Rick Santorum– to which Stewart responds: “he lost to the guy who lost so bad he dropped out of the race!”– and Jon Huntsman, who got 69 votes. “If all of Jon Huntsman’s supporters met at the Ames, Iowa Quiznos, the fire marshal would say, ‘yeah, that’s fine, there are some more tables open in the back.’”
Stewart finishes off with a clip of a CNN anchor requesting a reporter leave out the Ron Paul reporting if they found any juicy Sarah Palin stuff– with Stewart saying “I mean, f*ck that guy, right?

The full clip is included below, Stewart’s Ron Paul rant begins at 4:45 into the clip.

  1. Yes the corporate elite are running scared of Ron Paul trying to keep the sheeple dumbed down to not bother voting for :that guy" by not mentioning him at all.. It's pretty pathetic really..Could they make the mainstream media seem anymore obviously bought and paid for? Cmon I thought these elites were supose to be smart? LOL..


  2. Are we shure that Jon Stewart's performance, admirable performance that is, isn't a part of a new emerging trend. Of course Ron Paul has been deliberately ignored, sidelined, marginalized, minimalized, and ridiculed for years, (not weeks). This has been perpetrated by both sides of the political and media spectrum. But do you see any changing trends? I do. He does in fact get more air time than he used to, and it is increasing. The trend line is positive. Even Sean Hannity and various other controlled blathering bobble heads have been more polite lately.

    There are other interesting signs too. The Libertarian Jon Stossel has his own show now, and is getting a lot more air time than he used to. And a particular two hour special of his on excessive government keeps getting played repeatedly in various time slots on Fox. This is conditioning and preparation folks. Then there is Judge Napolitano. Now that's a wonderfully tough nosed constitutionalist libertarian judge, thank god. There is a clip somewhere out there with Ron Paul saying he would love to have Judge Napolitano as his VP. It would either be that, or the Judge would end up on the Supreme Court.

    There will be continued ignoring, sidelining, marginalizing, minimalizing, and ridiculing of Ron Paul, and his supporters, at diminishing rates. There will also be increasingly damaged media reputations and careers. If you don't believe that, then please explain the accelerating loss of viewership. Print media of course has long been toast.

    Even if out of pure survival instinct, though I believe it is much more than that, the message seems to be coming down from on high to pay more attention to Ron Paul, and his principles. It seems to be measured, but the trend line seems sufficient to lead to the Oval Office.

    Did I say survival instinct? Hmm, interesting choice of words considering the predicament our civilization is in. I'm happy to see lots of folk here, and elsewhere, with that instinct.

    I was Libertarian 25 years ago. I felt very lonely then. But times are a changin'.

    And Doc…. Clickity click click click. 😉


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