gold eagleIn this excellent interview with GoldMoney’s Félix Moreno, ShadowStat’s John Williams explains how inflation measures are faring since the 2008 crisis, why the money supply hasn’t exploded, and how the banking system was saved.
John expands his analysis to the wider US economy before Felix questions him about his view on gold.  His long-term prognosis is stability for the metal as a store of wealth, instability for the currency and frightening inflation levels, and while the metal has been sold off in a panic over the past few months, the final safe haven flight will be to gold when the Western financial system collapses.
John Williams’ full interview is below:

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  1. I also called for a smash over the July 4 holiday, when low trader volume allows the PM market to easily be manipulated.
    A good jobs report – does anybouy in America reading this, actually believe that jobs are becoming easier to find?

    • The jobs report was terrible. More full time jobs gone replaced with shitty paying part time work.
      The only thing gold and silver are saying right now is that a total financial disaster and meltdown is dead ahead.

  2. I like John Williams he cuts through the crap.

    It makes me laugh that no one in the mainstream media does a critical analysis of the jobs numbers. ZH is the only place that puts things into perspective. The European papers I have been reading today hail the better than expected numbers as something great, scratch the surface and they are mostly low paid part time roles. The BS is staggering.

    • “It makes me laugh that no one in the mainstream media does a critical analysis of the jobs numbers.”
      Why would they?  The media has been bought and paid for.  They make a lot of money and have no wish to bite the hand that strokes and feeds them.  No doubt they receive a weekly hot-sheet of items specifically NOT to cover or to ridicule if they come up from other sources.  This is why so many people are turning away from the MSM and looking for real info on the Internet.  When the company line differs increasingly from an individual’s reality, pretty soon they stop paying any attention to those presenting the company line.  A good example is the inflation number that the BLS puts out in the US. The Fed accepts this number as gospel and passes it on to everyone with whom they have any contact.  Pretty soon, almost everyone is parroting this nonsense.  But, what do our own eyes tell us when we buy groceries or fuel?  They tell us that inflation is nowhere near 2% and is a lot closer to 10%. 

  3. @Bay_of_Pigs I stand corrected…sort of.
    When skimming the headlines, the jobs report was made to sound good – and Wall St. certainly liked it.  But here on Main St., I concur with you 100% the fact that low-wage, no-benefit part-time jobs suck and do not at all bode well for society.
    I feel for the decent, honest, responsible folks who are trying to provide for their family on a combination of part-time jobs, and doubly so for those who are unable to find a job at all.

    • Mammoth, I thought you were being sarcastic on the jobs front. LOL.
      Always appreciate your comments brother. We all know how the market is juiced by these phony NFP numbers.

    • As earnings erode even more with only part time jobs/hours slashed to avoid Obamacare the sheeple are going to start to wake up. The government can’t keep up the flow of cash to them at the current rate without going bankrupt (well it is bankrupt already but you know what I mean). People have less to spend the economy erodes further, tax revenues go down, vicious cycle that won’t end well.

    • News Flash!  Some Obama Care provisions have been delayed until January 2015.  Makes me wonder what part of the US Constitution supports arbitrarily putting a passed and signed law “on hold” for 18 months.  Not complaining about less than full implementation, just trying to understand the hows and whys of the delay.  Yes, it is all about politics and the 2014 mid-term elections, but… is this legal?

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