FutureMoneyTrends has released a MUST WATCH one on one interview with Shadow Stats’ John Williams discussing the Obama administration’s blatant manipulation of the unemployment numbers, and the coming hyperinflationary economic collapse.

Williams states that hyperinflation is just around the corner, and that “The President and Congress you have now is the one that will see hyperinflation, we will not have another election to fix this.

Full interview below:

Part 2

  1. The fact that we have nearly 10% inflation at the grassroots is bad enough since no one I can think of is front running inflation.  The inflation effect tipping point was reached 2-3 years ago when all classes of income starting moving backwards; all classes of manadates and entitles have been unadjusted for 3 years, slamming those on fixed income.  Social Security was on hold for 2 years with a very modest 1.7% increase in 2013. 
    The real inflation will be even more impactful since 95-98% of the US population is losing ground and is doing so rapidly with nothing in  sight to counter this fast erosion of the basic ability to keep with or secure essential housing, food, utilities and personal services. 
    The inflationary effect of the $3,000 in additional taxes  in 2013  will affect 100% of all tax payers.  The reimplementation of the payroll tax and the first 4 of the new Obamacare taxes coupled with the near automatic passthrough of new corporate taxes to the people in the street (all business taxes as passed to the consumer) is likely to impact people far more dramatically than the steady drip drip of the last 4 years. 
    I can’t figure, for the life of me, anything that will cost less in 2013. 
    Those people on fixed income, including employees whose bosses can’t give raises without facing business bankruptcy, are going to be hit hard.  Obamacare is also forcing employers to reduce staff hours to part time, less than 30 hours a week, to avoid the fiscal cliff of the new health care mandates.  It’s either that or lay off large numbers of employees. 
    Forced reductions in hourly paid work is the same as inflation.  The smaller paycheck has to stretch just a far but with no corresponding reduction in costs of good.

    • As one of the fixed income disabled I am still managing to prepare. Basic food supplies etc have been added to every shopping trip. Weapons bought, ammo  bought, small stack of silver. Enough to get me through I do not know but it is better than 99% of the sheeple who will look for government to feed them.

    • The American people will be suffering more than the Canadian people due to inflation because the US dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar and because the minimum wage in the USA is 7.25$ per hour while in Canada, it is on average about 9.50$ per ounce.

  2. @ AGXIIk One thing that will cost less will be the price of homes but who will be able to afford them? The Government will, then rent them back to you. Control is coming and coming fast. Keep Stacking Everything You Can

  3. Marchas 45 Right on  There was a first rate post  from Doc early last year that outlined the real world drop in  real estatae prices in a hyperinflationary environment.  The cost of a mortgage would skyrocket with interest rates in triple digits.  Prime was 21% in early 1980’s and that affected prices.  The cost of buying a home and its ROI would necessarily force the home price down by as much at 90% for a person to buy or buy to rent out a home. In some countries the home prices dropped from $1,000,000 to $90,000 because of the unaffordability factor   Hyperinflation is a temporary thing so those who bought the homes and stockpiled them made a killing when the prices rebounded after inflation subsided.

    • “Hyperinflation is a temporary thing so those who bought the homes and stockpiled them made a killing when the prices rebounded after inflation subsided.”

      Those who invest in homes during a hyper-inflationary event are praying that they can remain solvent until the hyperinflation is over.  The insatiable appetite of government for tax money is well known and can easily ruin the idea of investing in highly taxed real estate.  If one can do it successfully, though, it can result in BIG profits.  But the trick is, how long will this particular temporary thing last.  Many people have been bankrupted by an intransigent market that was able to gyrate wildly in price for a longer period than they could stay solvent.  If anything, the coming hyperinflation is likely to be worse and last longer than any of us can possibly imagine.  It is just so far outside any prior experience that we cannot relate to it or gauge its effects beforehand.  Bottom line… STACK PMs, now!


  4. The first signs of the beginning of hyperinflation will be when the 500$ bill and the 1000$ bill are reintroduced. Also, I’ve heard somewhere that the annual inflation rate should be at 50% or higher so that it could be considered as hyperinflation.

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