John ButlerIn part 1 of this supurb interview with Lars Schall, London based investment manager and author John Butler discussed how the dollar reserve equilibrium is breaking down as the world moves away from the US dollar as reserve currency, and towards gold and the yuan.
In this MUST WATCH 2nd installment, Butler discusses the ongoing collapse of the paper gold market; the prospect of trading nations refusing paper money in exchange for their exports; what a gold bubble would look like, and why the euro won’t survive in its current form.
Butler points out that all major earthquakes are preceded by a pattern of smaller earthquakes:
2008 was a fore-shock! It wasn’t the real earthquakeThe real earthquake is when paper currencies are repudiated internationally!  When China, Russia, etc simply refuse to accept paper money for exports.  That’s the big earthquake! The real financial earthquake is yet to come!
When this happens there simply won’t be enough gold in the world to go around at current prices.  It will force the price up in a hyperbolic spike as gold becomes de-facto remonetized.”
One of the best discussions on gold you will ever see is below:

90 Sale 2-Recovered


Trivium 5 oz 2

  1. First, thanks to Canadian Dirtlump for fixing the picture  of my former stack.  Of course this was my stack before the flooding in Bangkok and I lost it all in the boating accident.  Second, I was asked about the Fiat in the picture.  I could have spent it all on PMs or keep it in the safe to make sure that I did not have a weak hand and be forced to sell my PMs at a loss or for need to pay bills.  I am a stacker, so I don’t plan on selling my stack for fiat.  Also, it was mentioned that the picture was not taken in Thailand, because of the APMEX bags of 90% and the customs rules of Thailand.  LMAO, if you have ever come through Thailand customs at the airport, you would know that it is very difficult to be caught bringing anything through the airport.  They never check.  I had much more problems bringing it through Dubai.  Now, if it ever comes time to sell.  I may have problems.  There was a mention about my Gold Eagles and having too many of them compared to .9999 gold.  I made it a habit to diversify and have both .9999 silver and .999 and 90% as well as 22kt and .9999 gold.  What’s missing in the picture was the last order from Provident that was full of Canadian Maple Leafs, both silver and gold and copper, lost in the same boating accident.  And of course the famous Zombucks silver, lol.

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