• Wow that’s a lot of gold! I imagine building a house with all these pure gold bars lol! I wonder if these gold bars are actually tungsten plated with gold.
      Here’s the original video:

  1. Did anyone else recoil when Lauren played that idiotic clip of Eichengreen and turn to Butler saying (in an impish tone) ‘So, what do you have to say about THAT?’ … like she anticipated Butler would slink into befuddled insignificance? No, instead he calmly devastaded the old propagandist’s pontification … completely.

    Ms. Lyster, get a clue …the banknote scheme is imploding onto EVERYONE.  The overwhelming majority of your guests tout a ‘gold standard’ feint for still more banknote plunder of humanity’s Labor, but your subliminal Pavlovian ‘bell’ has lost its clapper.

  2. SilverSlicker I wonder how old that video is with all the gold in the vault? If you can’t trust a Fiat Currency How can you Trust a Gold Backed Currency? It’s all about Honesty and there isn’t much of that around. lol

    • You heard the reporter say “The first impression when you see the gold is that it’s not real…”. Could be a pile of tungsten. I do not imagine that if “A”, they never release any actual gold but only bar numbers, and “B”, they do not allow hole drilling in the bars I’m sure so who the heck knows? Nice to look at though…. No tungsten in my silver coins….that’s for sure! You are right though, truth is the key but if the money were tied to a tangible commodity, fake or not, it requires limits on the currency, that is until they increase the supply of tungsten in the vaults. It would be a step in the right direction.

  3. The BRICS countries could say the want gold for their products. If the importing nations don’t wan’t to give it to them so what? No imports from the BRICS. The empoting countries domestic industries won’t have to compete with those imports. The BRICS need exports to sustain their industrial base and growth. Grow or die so the saying goes. They may well have to barter for something other than gold if they want to export to foreign markets.

  4. It looks like this week, we are talking a lot about gold instead of silver. Also, it is a coincident that we are talking about gold more recently just after when I’m more into gold. Silver is the antidote and the booster of your wealth!

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