endMany gold and silver investors have been waiting and preparing for the Great Financial Collapse along with a revaluation of gold and silver ever since 2007. 
You might not have to wait much longer…


In this Exclusive SD Interview, Jim Willie warns the Final END GAME has now begun…

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With the Global Financial System in Turmoil, SD Welcomed Back Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie For An EXCLUSIVE Interview Dissecting the END GAME:

  • Willie Warns: The Western Banking System Is BREAKING!  Big Banks Have Begun LOADING UP On Gold!
  • We’re Going to Get Our Victory – By the End of 2017, Gold and Silver Will Be Pushing Towards $10,000 $300-$400/oz! 
  • US Has Capitulated on Gold Standard US To Be Recipient of LEASED Chinese Gold to Participate in New Gold Backed Currency!
  • China Has Foreclosed On the Federal Reserve & 56 Other Central Banks!
  • We’ve Run Out of Time! THIS IS IT! We’re Now In THE END GAME!

Full 60 Minutes of MUST LISTEN Jim Willie Warning The END GAME Is Underway!

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    • Might be sooner, $2500-$5000 is a safer bet when we get a full financial global reset. Soft disclosure has already begun through various TV shows, full disclosure of various items will begin shortly. Have no fear. Gold/silver will be part of the new financial system. The cabal is trying to hold on ughh their days of ruling this world through fear and slavery is over. Your all to be praised for buying these metals to try and protect yourselves and loved ones!

    • @ 4 oz…do you have some inside intel or is this just your gut?  IMO, this would be the next leg to discourage those who might be interested in pm’s.

      Here’s the bottom line folks…All the easy/real value of the earth is gone.  The earth has been hammered mercilessly for her treasures over the last 80 years.  So much so that we have burned the energy for the next few centuries.  Most of it in the last 40.  Complete and total bs and for what?

      Most of us have an idea and are doing the best that we can to prepare for it.


  1. The numbers for gold and silver will not be that high till the NWO has there full of gold and silver. Then there will be a free market, unfortunately there will be very little pms left.

    Has anyone done any research of the powers that be that controll the pm mines?

    If I owned the pm mines, I would stop production to create a high demand if I was part of the NWO and had my basket full of gold and silver.

    Keep stacking till you can ( available supply) and always be packing

    • yah. ok.

      the price of PMs SHOULD have risen much higher already. oh wait, they DID move much higher already until they were hammered back down a few years back. there was a desperate need to keep the canary on life support lest the people see that the global economy is toxic.

      you are 100% correct that many of these predictions have been wrong. but you blindly (or conveniently) fail to take into consideration the REASON WHY they have been wrong. the fundamentals are all there and the end result is a mathematical certainty – the only unknown is how much longer they can keep this manipulation going. there are many indicators which show it is reaching the end, and that is what their articles are based on, and not in trying to con the public. amazing how the situation is twisted around completely! (whistleblowers become the villains and are ruthlessly attacked… sound familiar?)

      try blaming the perpetrators of the fraud instead of the people trying their best to expose and predict when the fraud will come to an end.

    • Only the dimmest of bulbs.  There is no reason to even attempt to refute these con artists anymore.  Nobody could do that any better than themselves.  It’s not even amusing any more it’s just sad.  The regular posters here should be pitied not mocked.  The gurus and salesman should be reviled.  But in the meantime let the madness continue.  Sd is like a window into an insane asylum.  The doc is just trying to skim pennies out of the pockets of the mentally unstable.

  2. With silver mined 8:1 that would put silver at $800 an oz.  What else are the peeps going to invest in besides pm’s?  Beanie Babies or more funny fiat money?  Gold and silver will soon be unobtainable for the average person.  If you don’t have it now your screwed forever…

    • @AC_Doctor
      Please let your post be the VERY LAST EVER mention to suppose/presume/declare the mined ratio and PRICE to be in a logical 1:1 relationship. Or ANY relationship.
      We see that in ACTUAL REALITY, gold is silver 60x as expensive to mine as primary objective than silver. looks at SRS Rocco’s research. Compare the complete brack even costs of both metals from top primary miners.
      To extract 1 ounce of gold from typical “economical” ore is 60x as expensive than silver from similar ore bodies mined for silver. Why? Gold comes from deep vertical shafts, men with picks. Silver comes from surface open pit mines, hauled around with 100+ ton trucks. The latter is MUCH more accessible. Making it CHEAP.

      Additionally, if 2 minerals are equallly present in an ore body, let’s say metal A and B, booth 1 ounce per ton. A could be for instance 3x as expensive to isolate 80% of, than the same for B. B might come in big clumps of .999 fine deposits, while A is mostly of sand-like particle size, chemically bonded with other deposits, making it harder (more expensive) to isolate. Refining metals is a very complex, alchemy-like science.

      Another point. Isn’t the gold to silver mined ratio supposed to drop more if (when) base metal mines gets closed due to the next economic collapse?

      If silver goes to $400 in the short term, miners will easily get 20x their investment. If it happens, it will not be a long term situation, I think. It may be as  hard (and important) to hit that high as in 1980. So more important still than 2011.

    • XC is not mostly correct. To assume that Gold is largely produced from mines with deep shafts and picks is untrue. In Australia much gold is produced from large open cut mines followed by an intense sifting and refining process. Conversely, much silver is found in deep mines where other metals are being sought, eg Gold, copper etc. It cannot therefore be extrapolated that there is a 60oo% extraction cost differential between the two metals. It is rather the respective rarity of the metals that dictates the spread.

  3. Pure delusion.  The U.S. dollar is going to be King in the future defaltionary environment.  Don’t believe these moronic storybook tales about Gold and Silver.  Yes I think gold and silver will appreciate in time once the dollar collapses, but that isn’t going to happen in the near term.   Anyone saying anything different doesn’t understand global macroeconomics.

  4. Ok, I gotta make a comment on this one.  Jim Willie is making a rediculous call on gold and silver’s price.  I suspect that Jim is getting ready to retire.  He wants to try and pull in as many suckers as possible to increase his revenue’s.  It wouldn’t matter if he is wrong as long as he gets the subscription dough in his hand right?  Then he retires, has more time for his AA meetings and he can relax with his nasty looking girlfriend who only hang out with him cause he pays her rent and buys food for the girls many bastard children.  Gold and silver are going to go up.  But, no one, including Jim Willie knows how much, or when.  Get a life Jim.  I would listen to his video if I thought there was something new or original to hear from him.  And, most of us would be happy to see 1500 dollar gold in the future.  Not the pie in the sky numbers that loco Jimmy spews out of his mouth.  Rediculous.  I have lost my respect for Jim Willie.  Only an arrogant man would pretend to know the future concerning gold prices.

    • Kinda looks like Jim Willie doesn’t plan on being around in 2 years, that why he provides a LATE 2017 prediction.  Nobody knows when and nobody knows how much.  It’s fine with me if they just reset gold to  $90,000 an ounce and silver at $3000 an ounce and then dismantle the Federal Reserve, just for starters.

    • Jim is my beacon of light in an ocean of fog.  I think the gold and silver prices will go up sooner (I”m siding with Bo Polny on this one), but Jim is spot on most of the time with his 90% correct forecast accuracy rate!

    • Agree with you 100% Pollkeeper.

      Willie and his “end game” narrative has become a little stale to put it mildly at least for myself.

      Used to enjoy listening to Ole Jimmy in the past but the ether has  worn off.

      Generally speaking he continues to expound the same ole same ole:”we are in the end game..things are ready to blow any day…Silver and gold soon to be revalued many multiples higher etc etc.

      He continues to tell the audience what they so desperately want to hear namely that their on the side of history and that the faithful will all be rewarded in the near  future with much higher metal prices.

      I am afraid ole Jimmy has become just another modern day  Chicken Little.

      Come to think of it Boo Boo Baloney and the Willie they would make a great standup comedic team.A modern day version of Abbott and Costello.






    • First ya need to read the fine print at the bottom of this page.




      Then focus on the word “entertainment” 


      dont take a lot of this stuff seriously &  do your own due diligence 

    • Education?  And  It’s not even entertaining.  I guess it educates people about how low others are willing to stoop to earn a buck.  I’m sure at somepoint these men were decent human beings.  They just let things get away from them.  Now they are gurus and shysters.  This site is a cautionary tale about what can happen to people who choose the wrong path and stubbornly refuse to reevaluate and change course.

  5. If the dollar is partly covered (25%) again as in 1971 gold will rise to $ 10,000. Than a lot of goldstocks will become 1000 Baggers. The biggest opportunity of all times !

    • Dear Sylvie,

      Would you like to see the evidence? Here is some you can take to the bank!!!

      Australia’s biggest Bank Commonwealth Bank purchased 5% of Australiast biggest Goldminer Newcrest Mining.(I think we are NO3 biggest gold producers in world)

      CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) used their finance arm Colonial mutual fund to buy in at $8-30 a share (just after shareholders ditched the stock and started a class action)

      The Newcrest mining gold shares now trade at about $14 or $15

      The other large also 5% owners of Newcrest was Blackrock Investments…  do your research on them Directors links etc…

      You will probably join them and buy the stock whilst its still as cheap as chips—Hint….look at their asset Lihir..


    • The banking system is not sustainable(it never was) That doesn’t mean willie isn’t a con man.  I know that’s hard for you to compute.  Go play checkers.

  6. Although these reports are helpful, we are missing some of the major pieces of the puzzle which I don’t think Willie has together.  He sees China and the Eurasian conglomerate as the inheritor of global leadership without facing the major caveats in their bridging the gap from emerging economies to centrist economies which is going to take fifty to one hundred years to build out not shazam its done as Willie claims.  He keeps talking about the breakup of the major banking entities because of their futile attempts at extending the dollars hegemony with credit default swaps which are now coming apart with just some mystical ‘they are going to fail’ statements with no real appreciation of the depth of social /political/personal disaster that is happening as a result of that collapse.  Further, we see that idea of gold silver expansion but his numbers for how long its going to take and how these metals will rise and why is just out of the air guesses with no foundation.  My point is that we have a painter who is giving us helpful views of the broad brush strokes of what is going on but the major details are not under consideration, and the depth of the decay that has brought this end game into reality is glossed over and I don’t think much appreciated.  Its like this process he talks about is not just a game of checkers between east and west but the culmination of a long standing decay process as Western Civilization’s over reach has played out and where the Eastern nations have come out of dormancy and are beginning a new civilization based upon different principles than the Western Civilization has used and will succeed over time but the overlap between the two is over simplified and the way the two are interacting with each other not well understood.  For example, the method of thought of the Chinese in building their civilization is not understood at all , he sees it through the eyes of someone who has not understood and cannot understand Chinese culture and civilization.  Similarly, we see nothing of the decay of the western mindset that is controlling the western governments and how they are misperceiving their actual situation and how their efforts to support their dying civilization are making their situation worse not better. He talks about massive fraud by the banks..but we don’t get why this is occurring or how they are really operating, just a broad brushed the banks are broken…and they are hiding it from the public as long as they can…no they are doing much more than that..but we don’t see it as it actually is just a gross ‘they are criminals’  .  It is more true that they are thinking like ‘machines’  not taking into account the people whose lives their actions affect..

    • To put it in fewer words. The retiring President of The World Bank put out a tube video a few yrs back where he said a transfer of wealth from West to East was to occur which was one of the most monumental transfers in human history. A financial levelling of the living standards playing field.

      It is OBVIOUSLY all coming to pass. The evidence is all around you.Any person must be blind not to see it, so if they trip over its because the have not visited Spec-Savers for an ocular checkup.

  7. Whether Willie has been consistently right for 5 years or missed calls of significant magnitude, I give him his due for being out there with his opinions, calling several major events such as NIRP and its effects, the deep troubles with many large banks, troubles in the ME, Saudi Arabia’s falling fortunes and the systemic problems facing the entire world.  It is impossible to take into acount everything but Willie does give it a good try.  He’s certainly not shy in voicing his opinions, based party in statistics, editorialization and good old tub thumping.  I like his style to a certain degree because he continually stir the pot, gets people to think and keeps us on our toes.

    Like a good professor, he gets us thinking.  Like a good professor, he narrowness of thinking is defined by his expertise and field of study.  Those always limit people.

    • Of course you give him his due.  But I don’t give you yours so it’s irrelevant to the rational/logical thinking crowd(of which I’m one of the few representatives at this site).

    When I am reading the comments of this site I get a feeling that PM bugs can’t wait until the prices on gold and silver go up. I feel frustration in the comments. Thing to remind, it is not gold or silver that goes up in price, it’s the value of your currency that will go down. At that point it will make you happy looking at skyrocketing numbers, But……….you wouldn’t want to exchange your PM’s for these numbers. The higher the numbers will go, the more reluctant you are going to be exchanging your PM’s. So what is this urgency and frustration in your comments that sh$t didn’t hit the fan yet? When it does, regardless of how much you prepared and how much PM’s you have, you will wish it never happened. So just sit and relax. You did what you should have done. The dollar is going to be trashed, it is obvious. Millions of idiots are going to suffer, it’ll be a pay back day because over the years they laughed at you and made fun of you, calling you tin hats, conspiracy nuts. Why would you care? You don’t need to prove anything to a bunch of idiots. In fact we are in this sh$t because of these idiots, who make up the majority on the planet. They save debt denominated coupons in their bank account and they think they get richer. You can’t explain to these people that Fluoride and Chlorine are more active chemical elements and this is why they are put in the drinking water  to deprive these idiots of iodine. And they don’t understand that the lack of iodine messes up their hormone system and reduces or slows down their mental ability even further. This is why they are cretins (French ward for idiots).
    This is why you guys should relax, sit down, have a cigar with a shot of good moonshine and just watch the dorks losing their pants, preferably from a remote place on a hill.

    • This assumes gold is currently priced via actual supply and demand fundamentals.  To the extent that gold shorting creates an artificial equilibrium, the opportunity will exist for (real) profits to be realized beyond nominal changes in the reference currency once an equilibrium based on actual supply and demand is restored.  Suppression by means of derivatives works until it doesn’t…and then a snapback occurs that creates real value for those who bought at values based on an equilibrium established at distorted levels of supply.

      To the extent that one believes that gold (and silver) are freely traded sans manipulation, the above point is of course, moot.  (See Kyle Bass clip below re: price adjustments to manage unexpected redemptions of unallocated gold.)


    • Damn bro I’m not sure how you found this site.  That was a cogent well put together post.  You must be lost.  This isn’t the place for you.

    • Haha.  My programmer is on some next level sht.  The saddest post in this thread is from this site’s moderator.  He once came off as reasonable to me.  Off to the doc tomorrow  (for the first time in years) to get my head checked…  It’s always humbling to find out you were so wrong about something.  I hope to be more discerning in the future.

    • Scmidt you need to get in tough with your inner troll, and get yourself banned.  Rabid dogs have more profound opinions that you.  For example I predicted silver peaking then collapsing while you just lurked for a month

  9. Gold is a classic economic tool to be used in a deflationary environment. It’s revaluation provides liquidity. This will be activated long before we spiral down.  Bet China will do the revaluation this time.

  10. It’s funny how the Fed consistently back tracks, (fails in its forecasts), and the big banks likewise, usually forecasting against each other, and these guys have all the inside information, and yet the world is up in arms about Jim Willie.

    There will come a time when everyone will say:

    “Oh of course, I followed the great Jim Willie”

    The world is changing radically. Right under your noses.




  11. Willie is Bo Polny on steroids! How much do you think Willie pays for that 60-minutes of babble? Certainly there are ‘better’ guests to put on your podcast! Rants about not shaving and blah blah blah! Sure picked a helluva to have insomnia….

  12. Our Grandparent’s gold is sitting in Fort Knox. Maybe it’s time to


    If We the People are going to surve we are going to have to take back OUR MONEY, and reject the Fiat Debt Note system of the FED Banksters

  13. More old stuff moved to the top of the list.   This is getting really old trying to figure out if something is really new or not.   Of course this problem is only at Silver Doctor’s…  So maybe the answer is to use other sites that aren’t trying to scam their readers.



    • Posted to YouTube Feb 25th…

      This is just over the top… and it borders on abuse of loyal readers.

      An apology is in order.

  14. He is right.  The financial system broke with the creation of CDS and lawlessness.  It’s just been on life support with printing money since then.  They got away with it because people are simply too stupid to figure this out.  Maybe when ‘The Big Short’ comes out on the movie channel?  As far as I’m concerned the west deserves this.  A small percentage of us will be OK.

  15. Yes folks, it’s the FINAL end game, until there is a FINAL FINAL end game, but lets not forget the FINAL FINAL FINAL end game also.

    Willie is a delusional fantasist.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying all along.  Maybe if I greased my hair back and put on an expensive suit it would be received better…

    • @Scmidt uh:  You have said exactly nothing “all along.”  Indeed you troll people to guess what you are thinking, as if even a rat screaming from the furthest corner of oblivion could muster the energy to care

    • All you do is troll people here.  Ironic.  Apparently I didn’t dumb it down enough for you.  It might not even be possible to do so.

  16. The closer Jim gets to certain persons and movements, the more vicious the trollage.  I must therefore conclude he has “hit a nerve”.

    Harry Schultz may have been overly pessimistic in 2007; the big club may in fact have ‘lost it’.  The light of day is burning up the empire of lies >:-]

    I’m thinking salted slugs…..


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