collapse“There is no way that this giant bubble that we are in at the moment is going to end well….”

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    • As soon as the majority of people prefer truth over lies…as soon as people prefer giving more than taking…you know, it will happen about that time…about the same time it hits zero degrees in hell.

      What crash?

  1. One of the questions that I pose to the guy on the street that doesn’t think there’s a problem anywhere is “which do you prefer plate loaded or shot loaded circus dumbbells?” the predominant answer being “I don’t know enough about them to comment.”  I set the question up so they couldn’t possibly get it wrong.  I asked them their preference.  They didn’t have enough of a spine to just spout one or the other.  “Do you even lift?”  That’s another one.

    If S. Korea uses the dollar as the pillar of their banking system then those guys are just giving the FED enough rope to hang themselves.  If the dollar goes bust watch them bust open their piggy banks in response.  You just don’t know man. I’m sure they’ll take a hit.  Life will go on in S. Korea.

    So China doesn’t want the dollar anymore they want payment in  their own currency or gold trade notes. The worthless crap that they manufacture isn’t worth payment in Gold. You took all our jobs scum bags.  Let’s see what you can get.

    • IMO, nobody “took” our jobs.  They were given away by idiot grifter politicians and bureaucrats who made so many GD laws, rules, and regulations that businesses could not survive in this environment… and then, they got all pi$$y because companies were choosing to survive AND prosper elsewhere, where it IS possible and even encouraged.


    • @Ed_B

      Not forgetting they also could count on the “self extinction species”  the US consumer who loved all of the cheap Chinese stuff over the home-made expensive job producing stuff.

      Most people in Germany buy expensive German cars rather than cheaper imports….. why is that?

    • @GBS


      “Not forgetting they also could count on the “self extinction species”  the US consumer who loved all of the cheap Chinese stuff over the home-made expensive job producing stuff.”

      Yep.  There used to be a little paragraph that someone wrote up about this.  It follows a typical American, Bob, through his day.  Bob is surrounded by imported goods in everything he does and everywhere he goes.  At the end of the day, Bob’s job is “outsourced” and he has NO idea why that happened.

      In the US, we have so many laws, rules, and regs that we have become a VERY job unfriendly place.  Jobs are like money in that both tend to go where they are best treated.  Note that “job” does not equal “employee”.  That’s a whole different issue that some seem to conflate.  By getting rid of a lot of unnecessary employer requirements, jobs can become cheaper to fund, which makes it more attractive to keep a company’s jobs here in the US.  They want to do that anyway but when it simply becomes too expensive to hire people, they stop doing that here and hire them where it is cheaper and easier.

      Having been in a work environment where hiring and firing decisions were made, I know that firing or laying someone off is one of the most difficult and gut-wrenching decisions any exec can make.  I’ve seen this give people ulcers and heart problems from the stress it induces.  Employers know that more than the employee is affected by a decision to cut back the workforce.  For my company it was always a last resort kind of thing that only happened during recessions or when there was gross negligence on the part of the employee that endangered other employees and the workplace facilities.  Stealing from the company was also grounds for termination.  Fortunately, that did not come up very often.  Added to this, I have worked with many people in different companies and most of them agree with the above.  In reality, there are very few bosses out there who treat people poorly.  People who do that tend to get weeded out prior to becoming the boss.  Not always, of course.  There will be exceptions.  But they tend to be few.

      “Most people in Germany buy expensive German cars rather than cheaper imports….. why is that?”
      It’s hard to say.  Maybe the German people are used to finely crafted cars that are mechanically precise and robust?  Such machines tend to last for a long time and it is typical in Germany that “the family car” really IS part of the family for many years.  They do not typically buy a new car every 3-5 years there.  Every 15-20 years would be more typical, if not longer.  I don’t know about import tariffs but do know that Japanese cars never made the inroads in Europe that they have here in the US.

  2. Dr Willie sees the major usage of the credit default swaps as holding up the world economy which is failing by using massive leverage to guarantee the value of the us treasury bond value in the face of the world’s,loss of confidence in it due to the massive loss of valuation of that dollar due to the massively declining real value of US economic might and loss of true value of US currency.  So,he sees the big leak in the dike as people no longer accepting the credit worthiness of the treasury note in the world.  This argument, in my view, is accurate.  We see it everywhere from people refusing our treasuries to losing control of the gold silver,markets via premiums paid by Asians for gold/silver vs in the west to the desperate attempt of fed to raise interest rates to prop up the value of the dollar.  Willie is also accurate in his view that the Trump administration is gearing up to devalue the dollar because it is the only possible response to the loss of credibility of,the dollar before the world massively does no longer accept it.  The prediction of a scheiss dollar inUS sounds right on what Trump is likely to do.  This is,all very lucid nalysis.  The major disagreement I have with this analysis is his faith that we are seeing pro growth forces as on the scene to replace the failing forces.  I see a much longer period of decay. I do not see Trump as pro growth to newarly the same extent as he does nor do I see China moving in with the Eurasian trade zone as quickly as he does.Yes those elements are,there but the void left by the immanent collapse of,Western civilization will not be filled by a Eurasian civilization for a very long time.

  3. For a guy with a PhD , in statistics, Jim is way off with his “two thousand Hanjin ships at sea” when they declared bankruptcy. Less than 100 according to Hanjin. Then again, if you are using Benjamin Fulford as a  source, anything goes!

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