Willie dollar deathA global clash of nations is underway in full gear.   The time is finally right. The urgency is acute.
The banking system insolvency is widespread. The illiquidity has reached the surface. The geopolitical chessboard has busy movements of many pieces, even with a delayed check in Ukraine after a devious capture of the Cyprus castle but not the Syrian knight. The Saudi support via OPEC for the Petro-Dollar has fallen out of view, dragging its pummeled chin on the desert sands. The Eastern superpowers are marching arm in arm, ready to challenge the West. It seems the Western leaders, in particular the robot sock puppets of the Untied States, see the end of the USDollar. They appear to wish to lay blame on Russia for the death of the dollar.
The global rejection began with the Iran sanction workarounds, where India bought Iran’s oil & gas, but paid with Turkish gold, delivered to Tehran banks. The global rejection will achieve escape velocity with the acceptance of Russian Rubles for its energy products. The global rejection will achieve additional escape velocity with the acceptance of Chinese Yuan payments for Saudi crude oil (then all OPEC oil).
Coming is the launch of both the gold-backed Russian Ruble and the gold-backed Chinese Yuan. The global rejection will be final, and the funeral will be announced. 


By Jim WillieGoldenJackass.com

A global clash of nations is underway in full gear. The storm is picking up speed, power, intensity, and damaging force. Many are the swirls of the current situation. A hodgepodge of topics have been caught and trapped, best to discharge on paper, the effect like a wondrous enema. The banker lies grow thicker, as they are unable to so easily deceive anymore. The potential currency fix appears more imminent, as the solution seen as an assault on American interests (military angle).

Any nation getting off the US Wagon Train is a rogue nation, the theme having become tired and ineffective. The fatal errors committed by the US economists and banker elite have finally resulted in clear signs of systemic failure. The psychological warfare is like a gigantic fog, as people’s defenses are being challenged, even those based in fantasy and convenience. The world is undergoing change, the nightmare continues, while the Paradigm Shift moves into the fast lane by expedience. Entire swaths of wealth are being waterlogged, tainted, and ruined.

The USDollar has been stuck in the corner for three years, finally pushed into the corner crack, sure to fall below the matt, where below lies a spittoon. The Hat Trick Letter informs and warns the public, converts the disheartened and confused among us, edifies clients, and provides forecasts like signposts to guide in the increasing fascist darkness. At the same time, it seems to drive families crazy, since when attempting to admonish and caution, the efforts are often seen as uncomfortable overturning of the temple tables (business and mental). So be it. Forewarned is forearmed, but many prefer their delusions and homes built upon false assumptions. The Jackass prefers reality accountable to the flow of events and verified facts, where actions can be taken in defense of livelihood and even life savings. The clash of worlds must be reported and properly understood.



Newly appointed USFed Chair Janet Yellen has wasted no time in her stream of lies. The crime syndicate headquarters talks of  tapering the bond monetization volume. As preface, be sure to know that unsterilized bond purchases, introduction of newly printed money without drainage in similar volume steps, has been considered the ultimate heretical practice for decades by the Economist Schools. It is called the greatest monetary sin, but now is blessed as a solution, perhaps no longer temporary. The Yellen Fed talks repeatedly about poor economic conditions, about weak bank structures, about punky labor markets, but also about improving something or other, while it speaks lies in great strokes. The financial circles applaud, while the business community languishes. They talk of reductions in the QE volumes, but they use back doors and proxies, hardly out of view. Yellen moved to the U6 jobless rate index, shoving the deceptive Clinton U3 jobless rate in the toilet. The USFed now has employed the Belgian bank as the new Caribbean offshore site. Its USTreasury Bond holdings are moving toward the $200 billion level. Recall this little turd on the economic table has no surplus and barely has an economy at all outside the finance sector. It operates as a parliament center and commission home office for pedafiles. The other deceptive tools used by the Yellen Fed are the same as those used by the Bernanke Fed, the powerful interest rate swap derivative. It produces leveraged phony demand without buyers, thus creates bond rallies out of thin air. Several banker murders were done to conceal the London Whale losses, estimated over $100 billion in the derivatives market. The story remains suppressed.


The Weimar machinery is working overtime and 24/7 to cover the USTBonds that no nation wants, except for Belgium and Japan, which was almost overlooked. The Asian lackey continues to buy USTBonds out of duty, under Yakuza threat (from Langley masters), in order to prevent an unwanted rise in the Japanese Yen exchange rate. They have lost their trade surplus during the industrial rise of China. Maintaining the Yen currency suppression via USTBond purchase will have to go the monetization route, a destructive path that worries many competent responsible financial firms in Tokyo. So the Yellen Fed is a liar institution, just like the Bernanke Fed. Do not expect Benjamin to be knighted, since he was just a store clerk to inaugurate QE bond purchases, a mere caretaker like President Gerald Ford. Poor Benjamin is busy collecting $200k speaker fees, where his message actually contradicts the policy he directed at the USFed itself for six years.


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The time is finally right. The urgency is acute. The banking system insolvency is widespread. The illiquidity has reached the surface. The geopolitical chessboard has busy movements of many pieces, even with a delayed check in Ukraine after a devious capture of the Cyprus castle but not the Syrian knight. The Saudi support via OPEC for the Petro-Dollar has fallen out of view, dragging its pummeled chin on the desert sands. The Eastern superpowers are marching arm in arm, ready to challenge the West. It seems the Western leaders, in particular the robot sock puppets of the Untied States, see the end of the USDollar. They appear to wish to lay blame on Russia for the death of the dollar. The global rejection is well along, which began with the introduction of QE, then QE2, then Operation Twist. But the global rejection took flight after Taper Talk failed in its trial balloon, and achieved supersonic speed with the recognition of QE to Infinity was implicitly endorsed.

The global rejection saw the prototype built in the hangar with the Iran sanction workarounds, where India bought Iran’s oil & gas, but paid with Turkish gold, delivered to Tehran banks. The global rejection will achieve escape velocity with the acceptance of Russian Rubles for its energy products. The global rejection will achieve additional escape velocity with the acceptance of Chinese Yuan payments for Saudi crude oil (then all OPEC oil).


Coming is the launch of both the gold-backed Russian Ruble and the gold-backed Chinese Yuan. The global rejection will be final, and the funeral will be announced. They will enter the financial airspace first, followed by others. When the USMilitary defense of the USDollar is recognized as blatant, dishonorable, toothless, and ineffective, the other gold-backed currencies will follow. The isolated paper tiger was revealed in Syria. The toothless rampaging tiger will be revealed in Ukraine. The Kiev Govt is almost ready to collapse already. The Jackass originally expected the collapse to occur in six to nine months, but it looks more like three to four months.


The Russians and Chinese might put the first daggers in the USDollar heart, but numerous death blows will come from other parties. The water will be judged safe to enter. Expect the Saudis and fellow Arabs to launch a gold-backed Dinar currency. Expect the Germans and fellow Europeans (not from the Catholic South where socialism, absent industry, and slack work ethics prevail) to launch a gold-backed Nordic Euro. Expect the Latin Americans to rally behind Panama, the new Switzerland of the Americas. Several nations are reported onboard the launch of the gold-backed Panama Balboa. It will be supported by gold and copper, possibly crude oil. It will be the resource currency of the bunch. Watch closely Norway, which might launch a gold-backed Norwegian Krone, supported indirectly by crude oil. They can easily convert oil to gold, since crude is black gold. Watch certain groups of resource-rich African nations. They are extremely large in land mass and they are loaded with resources (energy) and minerals (metals). They could launch a few gold-backed currencies and declare independence from Western colonialists.


The USDollar might split soon, from external pressures and internal pressures. Foreign nations will no longer permit the QE bond monetization and currency debasement. The old version could remain but as the International Dollar, which will retain value. The new version might split in launch as the Scheiss Dollar, which will be deeply devaluated in steps. The Scheiss Dollar is the US ticket to the Third World, complete with imported price inflation, diverse product supply shortage, and widespread violence like at supermarkets for food, service stations for gasoline & diesel, and ATM machines for cash. The USDollar will not continue in its present form. Its central bank responsibility will split also, with China taking more control of the Intl Dollar, and the USDept Treasury taking control of the Scheiss Dollar launch and ensuing decisions. See their JPMorgan HQ acquisition as hint for critical changes. The Untied States Govt has a horrible task of financing its debt, which strongly resembles Third World type. It cannot without hyper monetary inflation, a temporary stopgap.

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The fatal errors in US banking and economic policy could fill a book. It might be a future Jackass publication. Hats off to Gonzalo Lira for his book “A Secret History of the American Crash” which is a docu-drama work in the year 2020 set in Los Angeles. It provides a real life look on the streets and offices at where the broken Untied States is heading, based upon systemic failure, economic ruin, and society impact. The economic errors have been enormous, steady, and unending. One must wonder if sabotage has been the higher order directive. The US nation used to be admired, well run at the corporate level, expert at the finance ministry, competent at the central bank. But so much went wrong. The Jackass has chronicled much of the erroneous pathways and the fatal national errors that have led to systemic failure, national insolvency, and ultimately debt default. It is a broken nation which has succumbed to a hidden fascist attack with full plunder. The Fascist Business Model is not properly recognized either, despite its integral role. The Jackass has harped on the concept for other eight years on a regular and frequent basis, pointing out the merger of state with big corporations (led by banks), pointing out the permitted financial fraud and banker welfare, even General Motors welfare, pointing out the economic effect, pointing out the war levers used to guarantee supply, and pointing out the systemic failure it has caused. Not 10% of Americans comprehend what fascism is, but 30% of the nation would qualify easily to serve as Nazi Youth Group leaders, possibly without realization of the group functions. Witness the honor guards and flag ceremonies at sporting events, including an occasional fighter jet flyover. This is not healthy, but rather a slippery path to a dark place. The bigger question is whether the US nation will recognize the Third World when it approaches with all its nasty trappings.


The fatal errors are many. They cannot be fully detailed. The seminal original sin was breaking off the Gold Standard by Nixon. In my book, the move was probably the second half of the arrangement to have Kennedy removed, followed by a clever deft move to install Kissinger. He created the Petro-Dollar mechanisms, by pushing for a quadruple in the crude oil price, then instituting the Petro Surplus Recycle plan, having the Saudis run OPEC, forcing nations to accumulate USTreasurys in their banking system. The Petro-Dollar defacto standard replaced the formal Gold Standard. The kicker benefit was that Arab nations and Iran were able to fill their coffers, buy fancy yachts, build casinos in the desert, erect oversized palaces to stroke their egos, arrange $million allowances for royal kids, and kick back profits to the USMilitary industrial complex, the monster to be fed. The Petro-Dollar has permitted the USEconomy to live off a credit card, without direct consequence to abused debt. The Petro-Dollar has permitted the USMilitary to seek out and conquer, to effect the hearts & minds, and to plunder. The creditor nations of the world realize their role as the victims who finance the field operations and covert operations. That all changed with the narcotics industry born in the Cambodia Triangle, advanced in the Kosovo depot, and accelerated in the Afghan poppy fields. The USGovt security agencies have had independent income for over three decades. Witness the first Langley coup of a foreign state in Ukraine. The untold story is the conflict between the USMilitary and the Langley Mercenaries. Look later to find the Odessa Ltd split, just like in the 1950 birth for the old Nazi Germany war machine enterprise.


Many are the errors. The US corporate titans responded to both environmental strictures and labor union demands, by relocating many operations in the Pacific Rim. The US domestic income source was displaced. The Americans sought to rely upon asset bubbles for income. They spent home equity on consumerism objectives, but in fairness often for necessities. The Greenspan Fed contributed significantly to the wrecked state. They moved away from valid monetary policy whereby money supply increase was to match economic growth. Instead, following the Rubin directive, the Mr Magoo cutout ordered the monetary aggregate to follow the Consumer Price Inflation index in the most egregious central bank error in modern history to that date. The falsified CPI enabled unchecked increases in money released within the system. Debt growth also exploded to create a USEconomy that resembled a cross between a hedge fund and a Ponzi scheme. The Irrational Exuberance speech was his disclaimer, a weak statement easily seen through by the Jackass and many others.


The promoted strategy of easy money being stimulus is patently false. The low interest rates actually act like a wet blanket, reducing income to savers, but keeping interest payments down. Unfortunately twice as much volume exists in accounts due interest income payouts, versus loan portfolios due interest from monthly service payments. To the contrary, easy money is a debt bomb and capital acid. The climax error was likely more a grand betrayal, granting China the Most Favored Nation status. The purpose stayed hidden for many years, to lease their gold by Wall Street firms. The result has been a loss of US legitimate income, during a period of profound capital investment in China by Western firms. The Western Govts idiotically complained about Chinese trade surpluses, when two thirds of their surpluses came from subsidiaries of Western firms with heavy blessed foreign direct investment. The result has been debt writedowns that take capital equipment and other fixed assets into the mothballs, while hyper inflation has killed capital directly. The result is systemic failure for the US nation, which can no longer finance its debt.


The mindset of the nation has been that to promote recovery, the people must be given money to put in their pockets for spending purposes. Wrong again, since what the people need is jobs, removal of heavy corporate taxation, and clearing of malodorous federal regulatory obstacles. The US nation has lost its way on what capitalism is. It embraces socialism, with all its ravages. It endorses austerity, which is nothing more than poison pills. It permits war machine aggression as foreign policy for both infrastructure alteration and currency defense. The nation can rebound if the capital structures are renovated and permitted to grow from seed, namely capital formation. This has become a foreign concept in the nation once considered the cradle of capitalism. The former communist nations have become the capitalism adopters, while the former capitalist nation leader has adopted national socialism (aka nazi). The Untied States will undergo re-industrialization again, but by the Chinese carpet baggers. They are loaded with $1.3 trillion in USTreasury Bonds.

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Look at the new businesses that have been hatched in the last decade, as they litter the Wall Street landscape. They are truly pathetic. See NetFlix and FaceBook and Groupon and LinkeIn, even Twitter and Monster. The list is long and unimpressive. These are disk drive racks and elaborate living room couches and kitchen boxes. These are not corporations with deep capital investment and useful products flowing, intellectual capital exploited, value added from talented work forces, and enduring contributions to both economy and society. Look at the new national initiatives. There was the Green Revolution sponsored by Obama, but it proved to be a sham. See Solyndra and its fraudulent loans, the favorite personal Obama portfolio investment. There should have been a freight firm IPO to reward Obama ventures on gun running to Mexico. It could have become a good movement, for solar, for wind, for waves. Instead a fraudulent field, just like the mortgage weeded field. The new national initiative is the shale oil and fracking gas strategy, which is both short-lived and destructive. The shale oil revolution is a fleeting flash in the pan, requiring a Ponzi growth in new wells to compensate for extremely rapid wellhead depletion. The fracking gas movement punctures the natural tables, and thus contaminates the water supply, catering to the Halliburton monopoly on fracking chemicals. Not even witnessing evidence of tens of thousands of water pools on fire can stop this administration, hellbent on destruction.


Even the Obama Care national health insurance plan has hidden malignant tumor-like motives. See the slush funds to cronies, where money vanished. See the triple cost versus touted by officials. See the required financial statements that enable tracking other assets wished to remain in shadows. See the eventual ID chip implanted on the upper left arm. Feel the part-time nightmare response to the labor market. The disasters of the Obama Admin will be the stuff of history books. What Bush Jr Admin did to wreck the USEconomy from aggressive war costs, the Obama Admin complemented with wreckage of the USEconomy from internal caustic seeds.



The US nation is filled with households that cover the spectrum. Many are very unhappy about the current path taken by the nation. Many are suddenly insecure with the popular inflation hedge in the home equity having vanished. Many are suddenly insecure also from the poor labor market, and the plethora of substandard jobs. Gone are the engineering jobs and foremen posts that used to pay well, or even bond issuer posts. They are replaced by fast food marts, cashier posts, retail sales, customer service, freight movers, secretaries, night watchmen, janitors, and cleaning staff. The nation has a new disease uncovered in many households, if the scattered reports from Hat Trick Letter clients reflects the masses. The Jackass refers to it as Arrogant Ignorance, which separates the ordinary bright educated masses from the Intellectuals. Take an intelligent person, remove the scientific method of working with verifiable evidence, add on assumptions embedded in defiance, sprinkle with some righteous indignation, add some old fashioned anger and insult, and you arrive at Arrogant Ignorance. This disease is rampant, and divides families. The Contempt Before Investigation, with harsh dismissal of actively thinking people, is a horrendous mental rotten apple all too often seen on the table. Both factors are ripe in the Jackass own original family, although the new adopted Latina families are far more open minded and promising. Let it be known that my father, although not in agreement with many perceptions and beliefs, has supported the newsletter, in particular with 2004 seed capital to accompany the intellectual sweat equity and shoestring needs. If professional workers used these weak mental methods in the work place, the would fail on a widespread basis, lose and look bad. The national condition is not being examined rationally, but rather emotionally and against weird psychological frameworks built in flimsy defense.


In the last three years, a few colleagues and the Jackass have investigated reasons why people do not investigate or show interest in the decayed financial structures and depleted economy. We examine why they choose to remain uninformed and in the dark. This is a new intriguing aspect of human psychology to me, and as fascinating as disturbing. Here are some conclusions after a couple of years. a) We conclude that some people have over-arching belief systems for their lives that are sacrosanct and not challenged. b) We conclude that some people are so frightened by certain threats, that they wish to ignore them. c) We conclude that some people wish to believe the leaders, laws, and system protect them, another sacred belief. d) We conclude that some people are successful in their work, and deeply invested in the current system, that they do not wish to alter the system in which they succeed. These justifications and phenomena are not comprehensive or exhaustive. They are a work in progress, which go together with the Stockholm Syndrome and the Warsaw Effect. These two address the emotional integration between victim and assailant, and the denial of threat while trapped within walls. However, integrate the four described items and something more perverse emerges. What appears is defense mechanisms for a failed nation and delusional defeated masses. Too many people have succumbed to the pressures, and remain hidden in their little anal caves.



The hope lies in Gold & Silver, if they can find any available supply, that is. The household and business savings hoard available to convert to precious metals is no longer ample, another challenge. The suppressed price has wrecked the market. The supply chain has been interrupted, with numerous mining firms putting marginal projects on hold or suspended them indefinitely. The Chinese are acquiring the mine capacity, and even courting the global mining firms, to take supply from the COMEX. The precious metal bars and coins remain the salvation for the masses. They should be accumulated despite all obstacles by the USGovt and protestations by unschooled irrational spouses. The downtrodden masses have hope. Their hope lies in a return to the Gold Standard, with a legitimate New Dollar currency. The nation must pay for its economic sins and financial frauds and warmongering deeds first. It will be a painful process, probably with an isolation which could resemble a quarantine, during a period of frightening chaos.


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The Return to the Gold Standard will be a rocky process, complete with tremendous disruptions. The nations of the world must recapitalize their central banks as well as their entire banking systems. They will convert USTreasury Bonds to Gold & Silver bullion. They will then move to convert UKGilts, EuroBonds, PIGS sovereign bonds, JapGovtBonds, and other toxic paper into Gold Bullion. The bullion banks must restore the allocated gold accounts they pillaged. The USFed and Bank of England must restore the allocated gold accounts they rehypothecated (borrowed, stole). The birth of the Eurasian Trade Zone is on the verge, and the US & UK fraud kings are not to be invited. The BRICS Bank will soon emerge with a key role to convert toxic sovereign bonds into Gold Bullion for the Emerging Market nations. The parade of gold-backed and resource-backed currencies will provide a procession of legitimacy and honor. The US & UK will be outside looking in, a punishment for acting at the Axis of Fascism in the last few decades, not just the last several years. The 911 event was just a coming out party, their Patriot Act an actual Gestapo Manifesto declaration. The true defense is to acquire Gold & Silver and gild the doors from the jackboots.



From subscribers and readers:

At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


“Not only have I seen many of the things you talk about in the public arena come to pass, but I have seen many of the things you say repeated three months later by the other analysts. Congratulations!”

(MannyM in England)

“Your Hat Trick Letters reports are like the food I like to eat, nutrient dense, high fibre, many rich single and combined flavours, unadulterated, very colourful, (especially your turn of phrase, unique), tidbits from all over the world. I always look forward to them too, a very satisfying feed/read, with original connections between ingredients and forward culinary thinking leading to new dishes from heretofore un-imagined recipes that are obvious from hindsight and take some time to chew and digest.”

(Nick from Australia)

“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

(Charles in New Mexico)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at  www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]


    • I’m beginning to notice a pattern here at this blog. As soon as Jim Willie   article is posted, the FIRST comment here  is  a Bash from a Troll.

    •  @username123
      Look in the archives here.  His March 10 article forecasts an 80% decline in the value of the dollar.  He’s all over the target with his predictions.  Now he’s talking about the dollar’s funeral.  I’m certainly not bashing the guy.  What’s your problem anyway?  

    • @andrew-james Jim Willie is a “big picture” guy. You’re right in that his price targets are schizophrenic, but that’s not why I listen to him; I listen for macroeconomic analysis and geopolitical trends, and even then, I don’t take it too seriously. Hard for me to trust a source like The Voice, whose name I don’t know and who provides ZERO documentation to support his claims.
      After people like World Bank “whistleblower” Karen Hudes being paraded around the alternative media, spouting disinformation about secret Hawaiian gold and silver Kennedy certificates with a similar lack of credible documentation or sourcing, my skeptic hat is permanently affixed to my brow.
      The scarier thing to me is that when people like Hudes get caught in such monumental lies, sites like SilverDoctors don’t have enough integrity to let their readers know that the person they THOUGHT was a legitimate whistleblower is now running around telling people that coneheaded aliens in the Vatican own America’s gold.


    • @CerebralIndustrialComplex
      “The scarier thing to me is that when people like Hudes get caught in such monumental lies, sites like SilverDoctors don’t have enough integrity to let their readers know that the person they THOUGHT was a legitimate whistleblower is now running around telling people that coneheaded aliens in the Vatican own America’s gold.”
      On the other hand, regardless of SD’s actions or lack thereof, it is incumbent upon each of us to not blindly believe everything we see and hear on this or any other web site without thoroughly vetting that info.  A good B$ filter is a very handy thing to have.  We all need one and it should be used often.

    • @CerebralIndustrialComplex
      “But is it too much to ask for critical thinking from readers as well as journalistic integrity and accountability from website administrators?”
      Well, perhaps the evidence at hand answers that for each of us.

    • @SD (all)
      The new version might split in launch as the Scheiss Dollar, which will be deeply devaluated in steps. 
      Scheiss is German for $h!T
      40% will be the initial hit

  1. ‘Dollar’, ‘ruble’, ‘yuan’ … it’s all the same crap to me, but not apparently, to Mr. Willie.

    So, I say … ‘Meet the ‘New Boss’, same as the ‘Old Boss’.

    I have to ask … does he want us ‘fooled again’?

    Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.


    • Willie is a trends forecaster, not an ideologue. Whether or not you believe him and his “sources,” the fact remains that Golden Jackass is attempting to paint a picture of what TPTB are up to; not advocating a global monetary power shift, simply informing readers what he thinks is going to happen. It may be the same s*** on a different day to you and me, but it has TREMENDOUS implications to the “global economy,” whatever the hell that means.
      …and I love gold and silver, but I hope you’re not advocating some kind of bimetallic standard. Metals monopolization and “sound” monetary standards are what got us here in the first place. The 20 years leading up to the creation of the Fed should make that much abundantly clear to the amateur historian.

    • CerebralIndustrialComplex … ““sound” monetary standards are what got us here in the first place. The 20 years leading up to the creation of the Fed should make that much abundantly clear to the amateur historian”
      True. amateur historians relying on political pablum, do come away from their casual glance at the monetary question with that impression. They’re supposed to. That’s the intent of governments and bankers, after all. They have the Plantation Scrip to ‘buy’ a ‘correct version’ into newspapers and textbooks. That’s the purpose of paper credit … to exercise more influence than naturally justifiable capacity allows.

      Sorry to dash your hope, but the solid, enduring metallic monetary scheme is precisely what I do advocate. Contrary to ‘official accounts’, the late 1800s to early 1900s was financially chaotic, rather because of ‘wildcat’ printing of … paper banknotes … not coinage of genuine money solely of honest weight and measure. A large part of America’s compulsion to re-write it’s Articles of Confederation was the financial mayhem being caused at the time by the goofball notion of State Scrip printing. The sincerely penetrating historian finds that most financial calamity over this past thousand years has been because of paper imitation for money, ever since the Chinese nearly destroyed their three thousand year-old civilization with their delusional invention of it.

  2. At the very heart of our past Gold Standard, an individual could enter any bank, demand, and receive gold for currency. This transaction was paramount. Without this option, there is no gold standard. Only another corrupt promise, few if any will believe in. Imagine the distribution of gold to take place for this promise to become reality. It may well happen, and I hope it does, but the path will be rocky and strewn with thieves, bilkers, and carpetbaggers.   Personally, I think it`s a near impossibility. Even if the U.S. has sufficient gold, which is highly unlikely,the Armed Forces will be needed to distribute the gold. Counterfits will emerge, it will be a very tough transision. Bridging culture, Wall Street, corrupt politicians, the list goes on and on.
    As for Jim Willie, any 1st year law student could discredit any word from his lips. I`m sure he means well, but the sales pitch to sign up for his news letter leaves me feeling unclean. Perhaps it should be sold in grocery stores by the National Enquirer.

    • Silver Dollar … “an individual could enter any bank, demand, and receive gold for currency.”
      Gold and silver certificates themselves are boondoggles by the Merchant Sector to suppress the rational value of the metals. If coin had no fiat numerical substitute ‘value’ designators on them, the natural consequence would be that the metal-weight of coin would rise over time to equate with the volume of goods-at-market (money in that case, being merely another good trending toward global equilibration within the ‘Grand Matrix’).

      So, you see, no matter how much or little gold and silver exist, if their inter-relational value ratios were free to mesh with supply-demand variables of other things … no ‘elastic money supply’ is logically defensible! It’s a classical government induced problem-solution contrivance from its first inception. I allow that it might have been innocently conceived, but in the passage of time, given the experience necessary for depreciation and clipping to offset that natural appreciation in money value … the Jury’s Unanimous Verdict is in … guilty as charged!

    • @PatFields
      “Gold and silver certificates themselves are boondoggles by the Merchant Sector to suppress the rational value of the metals.”
      Yet, the man on the street cared not.  All he cared about was that it was HIS choice to hold paper, which IS convenient, or gold coin.  That HE could decide which was paramount.  Gold certificates and gold coins were inter-convertible at any time… until the day came when they were not.  It was this convertibility between paper and gold that gave the citizens of this country considerable power over the spending habits of the government.  When times were good, people tended to hold gold certificates for convenience.  When times were bad, however, they wanted GOLD coins… and because the certificates were convertible to gold ON DEMAND, they could do so.  Them doing so meant that the citizens held more gold and the government less.  Since gold was money at that time, the government could not easily spend that which they did not have.  It is difficult to see where this was not superior to what exists today in terms of the citizens reining in the spending of a profligate government.  Oh, that’s right… we can’t!

  3. stop whining bitches. until you can write something better than him, I will keep reading his stuff for for free. He and most of us are all looking from outside in. He might stood higher than a lot of us. Is he right? was he right? who knows. But one thing for sure. It is getting closer. Undoubtedly.

  4. Here’s the irony of the day.   Greece just issued about $3 billion in new debt.  It was 8 times oversubscribed at 4.95% 
    USTs go out at 2.70% with an typical oversubscription of 2 to 1.
    Given the disparity of rates,  does this mean that Greece is twice as bankrupt as the US?
    Or is the US half as bankrupt as Greece? 

    • why it is so hard to understand? I don’t get it.
      someone want to keep the game going longer. When you can’t bail them out directly.  buy their debt is the way. who knows what are the back doo deals. It is all about illusion.

    • Yes, mliu is right.
      The bond market is full of distortions due to widespread debt monetization. Therefore, if you follow the interest rates you get a distorted picture. I started ignoring rates in the eurozone a LOOOONG time ago. It’s laughable to think that’s the price the “market” is setting. The achilles heel is the currency market, not the bond market. Focus on the dollar, not interest rates. When the currencies crash, every other manipulated market begins to make sense again.
      Government policy all to perpetuate a deteriorating facade…

  5. Im amazed at the stupidity of some of these comments. I think Dr Willie talks way above their heads and it frustrates the poor tiny minds. I agree, they just need to stack. At least they understand that.

    • Im a little put off by your calling commenters here stupid. Jim Willie takes great pains to make sure he doesn’t talk above anyones head. When you want somebody`s money you best not talk above anyones head. And he wants our money, pure and simple. There isn`t a confussing syllable in his whole article. I understand completely.
      I do find it ironic that a poster points out the stupidity of others while using a picture of Joe Biden to portray themselves

    • I do find it ironic that a poster points out the stupidity of others while using a picture of Joe Biden to portray themselves;
       @Silver Dollar  I thought the exact same thing.

    • it is amazing when someone has notning intelligent to say they can always use personal attacks hey ranger . maybe you could post something longer than a one line answer so we can get all the true answers to the gold ,silver prolbems

    • @Silver Dollar
      “I understand completely.”
      Indeed.  Most of us here do.  Which is not to say that we always agree with his conclusions.  I find Willie’s comments interesting but there are times when he sails around the bend and completely out of sight.  I suppose that many of us do at times but since we do not publish those events, none are the wiser.  😉

    • Well, its one of the forums where alot of peanut brains patron.
      Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother posting. Clearly Jim has a track record and although he is somewhat verbose, he’s context and points are often outright pin sharp. Only peanut brain ignore at their peril.
      Lets see, these people are complaining that he’s only commenting over and over about the dollar demise. Well, for the brain dead the USD is at the core of the issue and its demise is nothing short of THE EVENT of our modern times. Especially for Americans as their nation is broke and robbed by the powers at be.
      They all make these catchy and witty comments, but at the end of the day, its just children being childish instead of objectively and analytical. EYES WIDE SHUT is the preferred phrase.
      I know why I keep coming back! There are those that are intelligent, open and analytical. A speck is enough, as change only requires a seed.

  6. Some of you sissies are exactly what Willie is talking about.  Go ahead and cling to your erroneous belief systems as Jamie Dimon struts around in Wall Street crying that he had a couple of “trying years”.  Go ahead and tell yourselves it is all “just fine” as the feds surround the ranchers house in Nevada and steal his cattle and taser people who say a thing about it.  Go ahead and enjoy your little drive to the grocery store and watch out for the cops hidden behind every F’n tree just waiting to radar you.  Go ahead and walk down a city street at night and try not to get killed. Dude is trying to tell you something important and all you can do is mouth off.  Go salute your F’n flag like you have been trained to do.  Don’t think for yourselves, let the media and controllers to it for you.  You f’n imbecils….pride of America for sure.

    • @Snake – You accurately described what I would call “American arrogance.” My boss, who is relatively wealthy in paper terms, but has zero allocation to precious metals recently told me that “if the dollar fails nothing else is going to matter because the whole world will go to shit.” There is a lot of truth in that statement however he is missing one crucial fact. If the dollar fails (and it most likely will) the winners will be the ones holding real money. Those with their head in the clouds that continue to live in the normalcy bias and ignore all of the glaring warning signs in front of them will be hurting badly. I have pretty much stopped warning my friends because they think I am a doom and gloomer. I’m just being honest about how I see the world unfolding and if that makes me a doomer then so be it. 

    • Snake … “Don’t think for yourselves, let …”
      Jim Willie ‘think’ for us? Or any other ‘expert’?

      Those folks have, in many cases, well conceived and organized opinions, and that’s fine. That’s why we read their articles or listen to their interviews. Nonetheless, the bulk of their conclusions have a common underlying premise, which is that paper or digital simulations will be perpetuated in any event. Mr. Willie, for instance, says it all the time. That’s a precept which some of us view as stupid and futile on its face.

      Whether wholly fiat ‘backed by faith and credit’, or ‘gold-backed’ or ‘oil-backed’ or ‘land-backed’ (all of which have their miserable historic examples), substitutes for metallic money which 5,000 years of financial and economic experience have proven as ideal, are utterly illusory. These confabulations destroy accurate Price Discovery for both goods and the pretended money itself.

      Don’t ‘talk down’ to us for refusal to genuflect before the ‘all-seeing’ Mr. Willie (or any other infectious agent of ‘Expertosis’), pal. Take your idol worship under control or … take it elsewhere.

    • @Snake
      I have been on this message board for a Helluva lot longer than a Newbie like you and others. I can recount that last year and I mean last year Jim Willie stated the collapse of The Comex was Imminent. You haven’t been posting here long enough to sort through the Bull Shit.
      If you take all the articles that are posted here as The Gospel, then you are foolish. What you are going to read here from the well known Gold and Silver Gurus that used to post articles here (whereabouts not on this board any longer) is that all that they do is sit on the side of your bed and tell You how good it’s going to be. I know you and other Newbies will pick up on that issue.
      I would loosen up and use some common sense Snake.
      Best Regards

    • there’s no correlation with how long you have been patronizing a forum and ability to see where markets are going.
      At the same time (snake) you don’t need to get all heated and person to get a point across. Put your money where your mouth is. I have and that is all that matters. Other peoples views are others. At the end of the day, when the time arrives we will know who is swimming without clothes when the tide recedes.
      Personally, Jim has been making good calls. If you followed him during 2007 and made the right moves, you would already be swimming in a sea of your own liquidity, contrary to what people have been posting here.
      FYI – His Comex call has been correct. There are no physical deliveries except to the banks and even then its chump change. Everyone else is settled via the small print. (FIAT)

  7. <<Expect the Germans and fellow Europeans (not from the Catholic South where socialism, absent industry, and slack work ethics prevail) to launch a gold-backed Nordic Euro.>>
    Why is Jim so anti-Catholic?  He is some time subtle like above.  Some time he’s blatant like on one of his interviews with Turd.  Turd had to cut him off before he got off to tangent.
    Does he really think that out of work folks in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy lack motivation to work?  That is beyond wrong for him to write like that.  People in Greece are injecting themselves with HIV tainted blood so they can get health care.  That’s desperation.  Don’t tell me that a hungry person isn’t motivated to work.

    • How about they are likely the most evil institution ever to set foot on this planet?
      Millions of saints massacred for not bowing down to their false doctrine in the most horrific ways.  
      They are also the richest institution- their money stolen by lies, false doctrine, and deception.  
      Read/listen and be terrified at pure evil.  
      1. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! The whole system is antichrist by defying the commandments of Christ! 
      2. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! The whole system is antichrist by defying the commandments of Scripture! 
      3. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the fulfillment of every word Daniel spoke against it (Daniel 7:1-27)! 
      4. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the fulfillment of every word Paul spoke against it (II Thess 2:1-12)! 
      5. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the perfect fulfillment of devilish doctrine Paul foretold (I Tim 4:1-3). 
      6. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the final excess of the antichrists active in John’s day (I John 2:18-19)! 
      7. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the diabolical beast that John developed from Daniel (Rev 13:1-18). 
      8. Is Catholicism Christian? Never! It is the Great Whore of the Roman brothel John described (Rev 17:1-18). 
      I can literally send you massive information on this subject, but here are a few other resources if you are really curious why he is so anti-catholic:
      Go here and search catholic church:
      Also a site by an ex priest:

    • @Celia
      It`s clear you spent a lot of time and effort researching this subject. The question is why? peiple like Jim Willie have an agenda, blind followers scare me. If Mr Willie pulls out a new pair of Nikes, and some Koolaid, head for the door, quickly, don`t even look for your purse.
      Please don`t answer my question, I only asked it so you may reflect on your inability to detect bull shit from truth.

  8. The dollar has already survived past its expiration date.  It’s a zombie currency.  We’re stuck with it for awhile.  Good to see such unity amongst the bloggers today.  We are coming together like the fingers on a fist, like the sticks of a fascia, like corn kernels in a turd actually.

  9. Where is your almighty “SDR’s”  Special Drawing Rights?  This is what US Congress is trying not to approve.  SRD’s are made up back in 2010 IMF release bill.  Right now, G20 is meeting up in Washinton DC with the IMF trying to hammer out a plan to get smaller countries into the game.  Ever heard of the “Chicago Plan Revisted?”  But pleeeaaaassee follow your Silver and Gold, ok?

  10. @Silverdollar-
    The man asked a question and I answered it.  I don’t know a lot about silver, so I come here to learn, but I do know a lot about the catholic church.  Coming from a long line of irish catholics and being free of that system, I do outreach to catholics who are deceived.  That info is cut and pasted from my desk top=time to compile=20 seconds.  Maybe it will help someone who is lost.  

    • I too was an Irish Catholic, who was educated in a catholic school, and asked tough questions from a very early age. And by 6th grade was asked to leave, and intense therapy was suggested. I opted out, went to public school, and just to prove to everyone how absolutly sane I was, joined the Marine Corps in  1969.  After 17 monthes in a combat zone, I can tell you without doubt, the Marine Corps has stood by me. Through prostesis, hearing aids, counseling, they are STILL TO THIS DAY CONCERENED ABOUT ME. Jim Willie is not concerned about you, neither are the former catholics you council.
      My advise to you, which I`m sure won`t help, but it did help me. “Deal with your deamons (only you can), pull your panties up, and move the fuck on”.
      So you see, catholics dealing with the past deeds of the catholic Church, must do it on their own, a big fat check helps, but dosen`t cure it. Nothing ever does. It`s up to you to deal with it.
      Dwell on the good in your life, past present and future.  Don`t trust anyone outside your inner circle, and don`t expect anyone to trust you.
      We voice opinions here. I`ve learned tons from posters here. I hope a few have learned from me as well. Don`t put blind faith in anything you read, here or anywhere else. Gather information, think about it, and form your own opinion.

    • Celia
      You are no more, or less deceived than the Catholics, these beliefs you hold to are  doctrines of carnal man, and therefore the god you worship is an idol of your own  heart/mind, perceived by your perception that which is outside of your self. This self with a mind of duality having five husbands/senses and even a sixth which is not its own John 4:16-18 is the beast within we must flee from
      We as natural carnal beasts or sons of perdition are the anti-Christ, and must turn from our five husbands {own reasoning} and return to our first love by keeping the first commandment Genesis 2:17 “thou shall not eat” this narrative is woven without seam from cover  to cover throughout  the scriptures and starts in the garden of a gendering/dividing  or the Women/female separated from Adam/male
      Jesus did not eat from the tree being the same as He did not eat of His own reasoning and therefore His Spirit ruled over His soul and thus He was ONE with our Father  
      We have all eaten and eat from the tree of knowledge which is the same as drinking from the cup of fornication, { this being the order of things} it is earthly Jerusalem GOD calls us out of as it is this earthly Jerusalem which is Mystery Babylon the great fornicating whore and all the worldly religions its harlot daughters

  11. And the US is going to War with Russia with no money. No dollar=No money=No War- My guess the US/NATO is going to War with Russia to build up the dollar, not reduce its value. Sure the dollar is dead but when? Doesn’t make sense for the Fed to kill the dollar now as that would mean no dollars for the US to fight a war with Russia. A dead dollar would mean gold and silver would skyrocket, something the Rword Fed parasites don’t want to happen. Good news Russia and China are stamping gold coins. It would be much better news if Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa would stamp silver coins exchangeable in to their currencies as Mexico Price advocates. India imported 26% of the world’s silver production last year, 220M ounces. If Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa imported silver like India silver and gold would explode, as it should. That’s how to screw the Rword Fed parasites, BRICS to stamp so many silver coins the price of silver rockets up.

  12. @good and evil
    According to your premise, everyone is deceived, hence we should remain silent and not call out false teachers that teach false doctrine.   
    I am not a false religious institution deceiving the masses.  
    Your words sound like a student of mysticism, in which I cannot abide. 
    Keep it simple and keep to the Word.
     Hopefully, you agree the devil would prefer people to remain quite about what the Word says so he can keep them in captivity and bondage. 

    • Celia
      We have all eaten and eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil this being the very same as we have all drank from the cup of fornication, this  pictorial language simply means we eat of our own reasoning perceived by our five senses that which is outside of self, and thus is a duality of mind, however this being the order of things we as spiritual beings have bean scattered into this realm of duality being it a gendering pictured by the woman coming out of the man,  our soul being ruled over by our carnal mind of duality brings about an expected end which is the desolation of self/judgement, this process brings us to where we turn back to our first love and embrace the spirit within ourselves and where our spirit now rules over our soul which is to have the mind of Christ, which is the same as keeping ones eye single or to enter into His rest by ceasing our own labours
      Jesus did nothing of Himself and are we not to follow Him ? 
      To say  GOD is not in complete control of His creation is to rob GOD of His glory, a glory He does not share with another ! 

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