dollar-macleodIs the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Currency Status About to Come to a Sudden and DRAMATIC END??


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  1. Well Jim’s latest rant begs the question; if Harvey Organ is reporting physical gold in tons that are Standing for Delivery at the Paper Prices….What is the true price.?

    Are the reported COMEX sale just fiction?

    Or are the Hearsay sales of between  $2100-$2500 /oz what Jim’s talking the  fiction?


    • @Ranger

      Sure it will.  We’re only a few manipulations away from there now.  Just a little butt-bump and it will be there.  Maybe in 1st week in Jan.?  Unless, of course, something major screws the pooch, and it would not be wise to bet money against that!  😉

    • “Dow and gold will go 1:1.  At what level all depends on the amount of Fed “stimulus”.”

      And what would be the UglyDog take on all this insofar as the level goes?  $10k?

    • @Ed_B …yeah, agreed, and $10k may even be conservative as we all know another round(s) of 2008-style QE is coming.  That coupled with corp tax cuts(which will boost earnings and therefore share price) will send the DOW to 30,000.  In 1929 the market crash the DOW lost 75% of it’s value.  That would mean a current day post crash DOW of 10,000.  As gold:Dow has always gone 1:1 in those situations I think $10,000 is where we’re going to land.

  2. The Dollar will not be the world reserve currency as the Beast Nations will go to the Mark of the Beast System .

    Its all happening as the Bible said it would. Next three things will be(maybe not in this order) WW3 / 6th Trumpet  Rev 9:13-21

    7 year Covenant Dan 9:27, forming Palestinian State from land taken in 1967 /Judea will be given except Jerusalem.  UN Resolutions in last few days getting very close.  Jerusalem is still the fly in the ointment.

    Ten horned kingdom will rise out of Europe / modern Holy Roman Empire Dan 7:7-8

    Then you have This Article Headline “Protestant Leaders Declare Reunification of Churches Under the Holy See”    The leader of this church will be the false prophet.

    Then you have June 1 , 2016 Gotthard train tunnel opening Ceremony/ Welcoming of the Antichrist.

    Yes this currency confiscation around the world is Pre Mark of the Beast System / Ultimate Tyranny.

    Its all happening step by step exactly to the letter as the Bible warned it would, So that the evil and deception of this time would not blind side Gods Children for those who know the prophecies. Most will not understand and will follow the false prophet and antichrist.

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