jim willieIn this MUST LISTEN interview with TruNews, Jim Willie explains why the Federal Reserve’s policy of zero interest rates and indefinite quantitative easing will eventually result in the dollar being cut off from world trade, a major power shift to the East, and mass social unrest in the United States.

The Golden Jackass’ thoughts on the coming shock of global dollar rejection and the end of the petro-dollar are below:


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    • Yes, I tuned out once I heard Jesus was returning. If he does return, I hope he topples the tables of the money changers. I went back in to give it more time to leave the church and found my error. Don’t get me wrong, I am somewhat of a Christian in my lifestyle but do not believe the end times are nigh, at least not the bible version of the end times, not yet anyway. One additional point, those who do believe in the rapture are considered potential terrorists by Big “Brother”. One could be removed from their lives simply for having faith. Let’s get back to rodeo clowns…….

    • You don’t believe the end times are nigh, not the Bible version, not yet.
      My question: Is it a matter of you not BELIEVING they’re nigh, or not WANTING them to be nigh because you have too many earthly desires and pleasures you still want to experience?
      My experience with Christians who don’t believe the rapture is nigh or who dismiss it is that their #1 desire is not Jesus, He’s sort of a dashboard good luck charm that gets to tag along their lives while they live their lives the way they want to live it.

    • II Peter 3:3-4:
       “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

  1. China is in trouble with their own real estate bubble.  We have all heard that.  But hearing it does not do it justice.  You have to see it.  Link is to recent 60 Minutes segment on the empty cities in China. Miles and miles of entire cities with freeways, apartment buildings, shopping malls, warehouse districts, parks, move in ready and all empty.  When China’s real estate bubble pops it’s going to make the real estate bubble in the U.S. look like child’s play.
    It’s about 13 minutes.

  2. It’s something of a relief to hear Mr. Willie slowly coming round to the recognition that not only the American banknote is headed off the cliff, but the entire fetid confabulation. It would be nicer still if the wanton criminal complicity of ALL governments and banks makes its way into his comprehension … Russians and Chinese included.

    • @gunner57   I do the same.  I have a robust physical stash of both gold and silver.  But, I also own SLW and other PM stocks.  I think of it in terms of buckets.  I have my physical stash bucket.  My investment portfolio(stocks, etc) bucket.  My real estate bucket.  My cash bucket.  And my business bucket.  I don’t put everything in one bucket because who really knows how or when this will all shake out.  My physical stash allows me to sleep at night.  I think PM stocks will see their day and I expect the leverage will allow for big gains like 10 baggers maybe 100 baggers.  Plan is to ride that elevator up and get out before the system crashes.  I could sell my business, but I don’t want to do that just yet as I want to preserve my revenue stream.  My cash bucket has two compartments.  I still have regular bank accounts, however I have spread them out and keep them all under the FDIC limits.  I also have physical cash stashed, because if and when the global financial system locks up I still want to be able to help my employees by being able to meet a payroll with cash and also personally have enough cash in hand to cover family expenses for several months as the ATM’s will be sidelined I expect.

    • I second that, RGR.  I worked for a fellow for many years who was a very sharp business man.  But he was a Christian and a fellow human being first.  It is possible to make a lot of money and not be a bad person.  You wouldn’t know it from the MSM or Hollywood, though.  Anyway, GREAT job, UD… VERY well done, indeed.  Two thumbs up!  🙂

    • Dag, this MUST be true! 
      TPTB has more wealth than they could ever reasonably (or UNreasonably) Ever Use, so WHY? 
      It is pure, unbridled GREED, knowing no earthly bounds… makes NO SENSE! Unless… unlimited 
      money leads to more POWER, but power = money = power but as Voltaire said, Power Corrupts, 
      and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely! The more power they get, the more they WANT!
      Kinda totally fugged up, IMO 

    • Yes, it is… but any number of us have something that none of these ass-clowns will ever have.  We have enough.  
      Additionally, a lot of us share what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves.  
      Having their billions would not ever compensate us for their loss of humanity.  I truly pity these poor bastards.

    • Once you have a certain amount of money, more money no longer satisfies the scum luciferians. The only thing that satisfies them is power and control over other people. They are tirelessly working for a new Dark Ages with themselves as the feudal lords and those who survive their depopulation agenda as the serfs. It has been tried thoughout recorded history. Their achilles heel in addition to their greed is who will be in charge after they are successful. The German Illuminati want to run the show and they will be fighting with the American Illuminati. And The Chinese or Russians might want to run the show. They are all like the pigs on Animal Farm and that might be their achilles heel also.

  3. Ghost towns built in china are for migration ports  after the paradigm shift occurs.  many people will die but some will live but houses will have been  destroyed.  paradigm shift is Biblical in nature

    Awesome show, awesome in detail and my hat is off to them.

    Yet it sounded hesitant Jim did not speak on Gold accumilation vs currencies? There is not enough gold to back all cuerrencies without other commodity backing.

    September is my month the engine will be starting. Evaluation of debt, credit (resources’domestic’) will be considered. Bet my bottom dollar on that.

    • There’s plenty of gold and silver to cover currencies… Just not at their current valuations! …Also there’s the currency recall option, along with debt collapse and forgiveness that is followed by new currencies that are backed by precious metals.
      Example: Did you know there is only one oz of silver on earth for every fourteen people? What do you think the value of silver should be then? Well,youde have to break it up then wouldn’t you? In ancient Rome, one denarius was payment for 12 hours of hard labor. A denarius contained 1/10 oz of silver. Much like a Mercury dime. Picture that! …….(pauses to sink in) …You’ve…..been living in a dream Neo.”

      Lastly, currency cannot be backed by commodities be ause commodities expire, they rot, they are destroyed by famine or flood. Gold and Silver are dngle atom elements, they cannot be created nor destroyed….only lost, or passed on. This is why they are money! A famine would destroy your people AND your currency if a draught or flood wiped out crops/herds. At least with PMs you could pur base crops from around the world while sowing seed for a new harvest.

  4. Pat I would not be surprised that Willie has read your posts.  He links Silver Doctors to his site as a reference point. This means he reads or at least scans this site  as well as Steve DeAngelo.
    They are close associates.
    Doc and Jim hit it off well too. 
    Jim has a mathematical mind that culls and sifts massive amounts of data, runs it through the statistical models that provide a solid reference point to his opinions and backs it will the findings of others. 

    • AGXIIK … “Jim has a mathematical mind”

      Committed proponents of Monetarist Econometrics SHARE that proclivity, which is a double-edged sword they both adroitly wield. On the one hand, it provides an unparalled tool for ‘cutting through the Gordian Knot” of complex systems, yet paradoxically ‘justifies’ weaving such knots from sheer numerical constructions … like a virtual ‘money’, which Mr. Willie seems inclined to suffer … thusly.

      I put to serious consideration that other factors, only tangentially amenable to mathematical analysis; such as Title at Law as In Equity, or elemental underipnnings of Economic Independence equally spread throughout social strata, are matters of most profound effect as well. These subjects require as much intellect, but are rather approached from completely separate vectors where that ‘sword’ is of no avail whatever.

      By positioning of math on so high a pedestal in presumption of its capacity to encompass ALL reality comprising economics, preclusion of a concurrent view of the very ground underlying so grand a column is the result. If one”s true goal is to achieve the best conceivable economic environment to nurture most generally gratifying AND rewarding social order, then one must embrace an holistic assessment of which math is only a single tool in its construction, however great its importance in its own right.

    • @Strawberry 5
      A while back, it was calculated that Gold would have to be $57,000/oz to cover ALL DERIVATIVES as well. 
      All figured in Dollars, of course, since it is the WRC (world reserve currency)
      Welcome to SD! Gold Apple FOR YOU! 

  5. here’s my take on derivatives.
    BITE ME.
    I got gold and silver
    If some stupid f*** is left holding the derivatives bag, then they deserve what they get.
    Live by derivs
      die by derivs.
    I got gold and silver so GOFO.

    But I need it in a nice way. Derivatives will keep a person warm at night. So will a rattle snake

    • “You can’t eat silver or gold…”
      SIGH… no, and you can’t eat dirt either… or any of about a million other useful things.

    • Citizen
      ‘Citizen’? Of what exactly? That word is uniquely defined under PRIVATE International Law as a ‘member of a municipality’. So, which would that be?

      Ahhh … when was the last time you ate a table … or a shirt … or can you tell us what you experienced as you ‘passed’ that iPhone you had for dinner? A plot of ground is essentially no different than any other object contributing to the production and delivery of goods supporting life and its quality. It’s a matrix of interconnections, all the components of which are functionally necessary to the integrity of the whole.

      Other readers, susceptible to your ‘logic’, might benefit from a reading of … http://mises.org/daily/4983 … to absorb a little balance on the notion.

  6. Correct on that Pat.  Math is great and a worthwhile adjunct to the legal matters of which you speak.  A balanced approach is needed, taking into account the mathematic matters.  But Willie has a PhD in statistics, a skill which he wields to exclusion of other important matters. He’s also on a tear to provide his positions with his calculations.  People tend to get in the way of those calculative assumptions and people’s actions must be taken into account.
    He has a real hard on for the US and hopes we rotate to third world status.  It’s a schwing-fraudian viewpoint,  too boot. 
    That jealousy woven into the hopes that bad things happen to other people so as to prove a mathematical  point.  A made up term but I don’t know how to spell sangfroid.   Or something like that. 
    His intellectual abilities aid and abett a massive ego,  a commonplace quality of highly intelligent people   I think he’s been hurt and disappointed badly by others in the past.  We all have those scars but his are worn on the outside.  These are just guesses andI   mean the man no ill will
    I use the data provided by Willie as part of my data sifting. He helps connect some dots in my analyses.  And get a view of the nastier side of the street.

  7. RGR 
    Those ghost cities? 
    That’s Woo Chee Keynesian Fong at his Peking Potempkinism best.  
    Built it and they will come. Until then, ghost cities will substitute for real economic development in a controlled crony communist corporatism paradigm.
    If the 50,000,000 Japanese from Toyko north are Fukushima’ed, there will be plenty of housing units to fill.

    • “If the 50,000,000 Japanese from Toyko north are Fukushima’ed, there will be plenty of housing units to fill.”
      WW-II ended 68 years ago and the Chinese are STILL pissed at the Japanese.  No way in hell would they allow ANY of them into their country.  They do not have a shortage of people.  Their attitude will be like the black guy watching the helo burn in one of the Die Hard flicks and on hearing, “Should we call the fire department?”, answers, “Nah, let ’em cook”.

  8. The BRICs will launch their coop currency before the American 2014 election cycle…
    The “Dear Leader” will become a footnote in history by then… NO ONE takes him seriously.
    And the NWO will collapse under it’s own greed and tyranny.
    In GOD we TRUST

    • The 2014 election cycle seems to have already started, if you listen at all to the talking heads.  So, why hasn’t our “Dear Leader” become a footnote?  Couldn’t be soon enough!

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