bank collapseIn this MUST LISTEN extended interview, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie warns “the plug has been pulled”, the long anticipated Great Reset Has Now Begun…


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  1. If you look at Willie’s predictions over the years you will see that he has a dismal track record. He fraudulently asserts that he has some accurate past forecasts, but these assertions are suspect and weak when you do some Googling on the issue. He will never admit to his numerous past failures.

    • The guy is totally nuts. Even his own family wants nothing to do with him, his own words. Now the dollar will not die nor will the stock market collapse. As the world economy slows and Europe and South America economies crumble, world capital flows have no place to safely park huge amounts of funds but the US. Money was flowing into the London real estate market but it is being pulled out because of a new tax. All those funds are now pushing NYC real estate prices at all time highs. These funds will push the dollar higher and eventually flow into the US equity markets. Where else are you going to park large amounts of funds? In European or South American banks? I don’t think so. As far s silver is concerned, all commodities are in a deflationary cycle and will continue for years to come all caused by the world wide economic slow down. As industrial uses for silver make up 70% of demand, that demand is rapidly declining. Record “coin” sales is not enough to change the overall trend which is down. Of course the promoters of silver cry “manipulation” when the hype of $100, $200 or even $1000oz prices never materializes. Sad how many people fell for this. By the way the Saudi prince was caught with a form of amphetamine not heroine. Not that it matters in the scheme of things but it shows how he is constantly wrong. He has his few believers brainwashed or they really don’t do enough research into his statements. Most of the info he spouts is simply made up and the few things correct really comes from other sources but he makes it sound as if it came from his “inside sources”. Total nonsense but it is great entertainment. Just don’t buy into any of it!

    • “By the way the Saudi prince was caught with a form of amphetamine not heroine.”

      He was caught with a brave woman?  What the heck?  😉


    • @jj:


      Your take on silver is either ignorant or disingenuous.  Silver is not a true commodity; it is money just as much as gold.  Per the USGS, the planet will run out of accessible silver within 10 years.  Mining CAPEX has fallen off a cliff.  70% of all silver comes from the mining of copper, lead and zinc.  So drastically declining production from these sources.  All of grandma’s silver was turned in years ago; the yearly declining numbers for scrap silver show this.  There haven’t been  mega discoveries in silver for over a decade.   Industrial demand for silver may decline, but there still will be demand.  For all of silver’s strategically critical uses (1000s of applications), there are no other elements that are acceptable substitutes.  Even if both industrial and investment demand are moderate going forward, there will be an enormous supply deficit.  In my lifetime, silver may become more valuable than gold.


  2. What is going to happen is that the major stock indexes will see dramatic rebounds in the next few weeks. All that’s happening is engineered volatility is being injected into the system, and the very wealthy will get even richer. Tonight, both Asian stock exchanges are witnessing rebounds and the Dow will as well.  Everything is a trick….

    • “Everything is a trick….”

      Indeed it is… until it is not.  But I would not bet on a rapid rebound.  This is a very thin market now with only about 15-20 very profitable companies holding up the vast majority.  Except for these few stocks, the others are well into bear market territory with low to mid 20s in terms of their 1-year equity value losses.  Most anything in the oil patch, of course, is seeing 40-50% losses, which is not a bear market but a savage bear market that is approaching depression era losses.


  3. Jim Willie presents many kernels of truth but you have to find them amongst the rambling rhetoric and the digressions upon digressions. Of course he has an imperfect track record as do most analysts because the process of finding the truth in today’s manipulated and controlled markets is not easy unless you have acces to the inner sanctum of decision makers and their psychopathic mindset. Willie is ‘off the wall’ but that is an attribute and asset in understanding the modus operandi of the controlling elite. He can be frustrating to listen to but there are undoubtedly pearls of wisdom in what he says, if you can endure the long and winding presentation style.

    • I enjoyed this one.

      Cut to the chase then listen to the interview while also listening to this

      well… thats what I did.

      More efficient enjoyable use of time.

      For me.






    • “the long and winding presentation style” is part of the fun in my view. No single person knows the future. That would be the view of a true believer or a “moron” in Jim Willie terminology. Can’t afford that.

    • The problem is he continues to make interviews that are 1 to 2 hours in length and then repeats 90% of what he stated in the previous interview again and again.   What could be laid out in a 15 to 20 minute sound bite takes him 1 or 2 hours.  I quit listening to him years ago because of this.

      The other problem I have with all of these type of forecasters is with their high level insiders or voice feeding them information.  If this was “really” true they would of known back in 2011 that gold and silver was going to be slaughtered then monkey hammered and would have warned their subscribers and viewers to be careful making any large purchases of the metals but instead wait for impending price corrections.  Instead we heard nothing but the opposite with panic buying rants all the way down which means they are clueless.

  4. Who is worse: Jim Willie or Lindsey Williams? Both sell doom and gloom for a fee so it’s a tough call. What we do know for sure is that both have been horribly wrong for so long now it isn’t even funny. Yet they both still have paying subscribers. Go figure.

  5. Got to love the Willey!   He always gets to the final simple point of       1 + 1 = 2    He just gets there through a long complex web of equations and Einstein type analysis.  I enjoy it!  Remember,  the Establishment wants “perception to equal reality”.  This is far from the truth –  “perception is reputation”  or what the establishment wants you to believe.

    • “perception is reputation”


      Perception is a measurement/judgement one holds to … it is ones own reasoning gathered by  flesh as in  our five senses … likened to having  five husbands which are summed as a husband  which is not our own …


      All perceptions which enter in from without are dual/divided and therefore of gain, they being a mixture of what is and what is not … truth and lie … good and evil … two fruits of a tree which murders  the Truth ( in one picture a serpent on a pole )


      Jesus did not eat of his own reasoning and so his perception of Truth/self was forever changing by remaining the same ….


      Perception is everything





    • Perception is everything”

      Sure… until reality intervenes and shows that our perception is quite capable of being completely wrong.  Reality, however, is never wrong.  It is what it is and that it is all that it is.  😉


  6. If I might offer a suggestion.  Willie does have a pretty good handle on the world economic situation.  He makes a very large income from his subscriptions and can devote most, if not all his time, to his research  I would not want to do that and yet I spend 5 hours a day in research.  It’s a daunting task and not for the faint hearted.  The information and data is there for anyone to study and it is NOT OPTIMISTIC or BENIGN.  That’s the simple truth of it.

    The amount of of data that needs careful study and review is nearly insurmountable. I know that I can only get the basics, the tip of the iceberg, but even that cursory review of the dozens of flash points and hot spots on the globe tells me we have 20-30 areas, either in the zone of war or zone of finance, that could prove itself as the ultimate tipping point

    Admittedly, Willie does not need to talk for 2 hours.  20 minutes of sound bites with out the editorialization would do the trick. But he has to build his subscriber base, replenishing those who cancel with new subscribers. That’s business and he does it well.  But the messengers like Willie, with intel and intelligence sufficient to wade through petabytes of data and find the kernel of information that allows anyone including you, me or Willie to draw a conclusion, is worth listening to once in a while; maybe one time for every 5   2 hour monologues

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  8. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen sent a letter to Senate leadership last week, saying that she opposes the bill. If signed into law, she said, it would be “a grave mistake, detrimental to the economy and the American people.”

    Critics have also dismissed Paul’s proposal as a political stunt. The Kentucky senator is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, but is currently polling in single digits and may be excluded from the next debate.

  9. For every pearl of wisdom Willie delivers, there is seemingly more and more hysterical claims ( Michelle Obama is a man ) and outright factual errors ( A Saudi prince was caught with captagon, not heroin ).

    If he would stay on the reservation for an interview he’d be much better served. I like many here, don’t normally get many “revalations” from Willie, more “validations.” His work, just like the seemingly endless “silver to the moon” articles, when properly written, serve to help WAKE UP NEW PEOPLE. From that standpoint, they should be rooted in lucid human thought, not bases on the dark side of the moon and thousand dollar silver before you make your next bowel movement.

  10. Little Willie should give up talking about oil.

    While Ghawar field production is starting to water out it still has decades of production left. Most of the water produced  is due from “coning” (a production problem in which gas cap gas or bottomwater infiltrates the perforation zone in the near-wellbore area and reduces oil production) leaving large amounts of producible oil that just require new wells to be drilled avoiding these areas.

    As for western Saudi oil field, I have to laugh at his “so-called experts”, as western Saudi Arabia is basically composed of a granitic highland with little chance of production as there are no source beds from which oil can be derived. The Red Sea off Egypt does have a few small gas fields, but these are of an  inconsequential size and only will be found in the Red Sea rifts.

    As normal, the Wee Willie has again proved himself to be an unreliable source of data with a fool’s insight. I did get a good laugh at his expense  though….

  11. @Canadian Dirtlump   Coming from a family that’s strongly inclined to stray off the reservation, literally and figuratively,  that makes Willie even more fun to hear.  Crazy can be very educational as well as entertaining.  that’s why listening in to 1 of 5 (or less) or so podcast is best

    To do otherwise leads to madness and a trip to the dark side, accompanied by background sounds of chickens and scooters.  Cheers

  12. To Good and Evil – Perception is everything

    I will challenge you on this statement.  Perception is reputation.  Character is reality or who you really are.  Perception could be what you are.  Until you meet a person – forming an opinion based on what other people say or how the truth is interpreted by other people is just that – reputation – even the teaching of Jesus through the bible are reputation – the gospel according to Luke or according to Paul etc.  It is STRANGE that there is no Gospel according to JESUS.  I cannot know a man till I meet him.


    • Our character does not define us for it is a perception we have of self and no more so does a persons reputation define them seeing it is another’s  perception of their character, understanding that to one something may be seen as clean/good and to another seen as unclean/evil and therefor is not perception a measurement one meets  or put another way is not ones perceived reality a perception of what truth is to them but to another can be seen as  confusion ?


      Its paramount to understand that everything in the natural is subject to cause and effect and therefor is it not ones circumstances which effect  ones character ? do we not inherit the mannerisms and a good deal of the  perceptions of our parents ? does not our appearance  effect the perceptions of other of us etc


      Did not Jesus tell us not to judge according to appearances ?


      Who we really are is hid from us at this time because it serves His purpose, understanding we are not our soul ( whos language is measurement/judgement )  but spirit and therefor the Life of her …


      The gospel of Jesus Christ …This  is the Revelation of Jesus Christ which GOD gave to him to show his servants what must soon come to pass. He made it known by sending His angel to His servant John, Rev 1:1

      Of note their is not one prophecy in the scriptures which Jesus did not fulfill, understanding that Jesus is the pattern Son and the book of Revelation is just as much about you and me and everyone else as is the rest of the scriptures as they  speak of the proses happening within us which has everything to do with our perception of self ……….


      ps: Jesus never debated the truth and so neither do I, but if you want for me to expand on something you need only ask, understanding the truths the scriptures speak of are becoming  a singular ever expanding cohesive narrative to me ….





  13. Seems like a lot of trolling when it comes to Willie. Someone on the defensive?

    Plain fact is I’ve seen Obama twice now slip-up and call Michele Michael…

    Amazing what a good corset and a course of hormone treatment can do.

  14. I laugh at the negativity towards these speakers. They know more than I do, about things of which, I know not.

    Had it not been for sites like this and, speakers such as Willie: I would have no Silver, and no hope for my children and,  children’s children.

    Now I have Silver.. Now I have hope…


    The Hare’s last leap was just too late, for the tortoise had beaten him to the winning post. Poor hare! Tired and in disgrace, he slumped down beside the tortoise who was silently smiling at him.
    “Slowly does it every time!” he said.

    • @silverscam
      I laugh at the negativity towards these speakers. They know more than I do, about things of which, I know not.
      Had it not been for sites like this and, speakers such as Willie: I would have no Silver, and no hope for my children and,  children’s children.
      Now I have Silver.. Now I have hope…
      The Hare’s last leap was just too late, for the tortoise had beaten him to the winning post. Poor hare! Tired and in disgrace, he slumped down beside the tortoise who was silently smiling at him.“Slowly does it every time!” he said.

      What the hell does any of what you said have to do with, HOW WRONG THIS CLOWN HAS BEEN???????

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