A final End Game has begun.  The current stage is the global rejection of the USDollar, the once respected revered and resilient currency which has in recent years fallen on its own Third World sword. QE is a Third World monetary policy, plainly stated. What remains is the loss of the most prestigious of the nation’s calling card, the USD as global reserve currency.
The reaction of global USDollar rejection in response to Quantitative Easing, otherwise known as hyper monetary inflation, will go down in US history, even world history, as the greatest self-inflicted gunshot wound the head and chest in two thousand years.


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By Jim WillieGolden Jackass.com

bankster Assassinations

It is very difficult to find a foreign policy deployed by the United States Govt that has been successful in recent years. In fact, almost all aggressive foreign policy initiatives have resulted in profound losses either in financial strategic position or in alliances with previous staid allied nations. They have almost uniformly backfired, while bravado has mixed with stupidity, while arrogance has blended with futility.

The USGovt without giving it thought, appears to be acting in reckless manner toward losing its entire set of advantages from a century. The nation has become hollowed out industrially by outsourcing, defrauded in housing mortgages, undermined in banks by derivatives, contaminated in USTreasury Bonds by the wildly applauded QE bond purchase wreckage, tarnished by exported terrorism, tainted by prevalent espionage, and shamed by reliance upon war to defend the USDollar. The US is fast becoming recognized as a rogue nations, but worse, as a nation with stupid leadership.

The more aggressive the leadership led by the Manchurian sock puppet plus stage entourage and legion of legislators bound by bank donations, the more rapid the failures, the more rapid the development of USD workarounds, the more rapid the frayed lines to allies, the more rapid the isolation of a once great nation, the more rapid the systemic failure. Witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model, which almost no other analyst seems to emphasize or notice. The effect of fascism upon the financial platforms and economic structure has been profoundly negative.

Like all fascist regimes, the attacks are directed to enemies first in direct thefts, then to allies in frauds recognized later, finally to the citizens in hidden pilferage and lost rights. The result is always the same, except for the rhyme of its ruin. The implosion is as loud as the escape flights for leaders, along with their protected off-shore accounts.



The reaction of global USDollar rejection in response to Quantitative Easing, otherwise known as hyper monetary inflation, will go down in US history, even world history, as the greatest self-inflicted gunshot wound the head and chest in two thousand years.

Yet the clowns residing at the high priest post, along with the minions of genuflecting obsequious squires, call it stimulus. They see bond support and stock lifts, but little else. Even corporations have chosen stock buybacks over business investment, following the Pied Piper at the USFed. The nation is rotting completely. The QE has stimulated global economic collapse with the USFed pulling the plug on the global monetary fiat toilet paper system known as the FOREX currencies. The USDollar will be relegated to the dustbin. It is rising and rising, soon to vanish due to active avoidance followed by universal rejection. The USTreasury Bond market will be reduced to a gigantic circle jerk with high priests cheering the festivities as high frequency algorithm trading has given way to the USFed playing the music and moving the chairs, even holding the hands of the players. Musical chairs is fast becoming Russian Roulette. The banker elite has shot the nation in the head, but few have noticed.


A final End Game has begun. The current stage is the global rejection of the USDollar, the once respected revered and resilient currency which has in recent years fallen on its own Third World sword. QE is a Third World monetary policy, plainly stated. What remains is the loss of the most prestigious of the nation’s calling card, the USD as global reserve currency.

By coercion, threats, and brute force, the USD remains accepted as pristine asset in the banking systems, but not for long. Its widespread usage in Indirect Exchange, the practice of dumping USTBonds in asset purchases, signals a much broader divestiture in the future whereby major nations of the world disgorge their bonds sitting in bank reserve systems. They are fast turning toxic. Their toxicity is being reinforced by the QE official monetary policy, the Final Solution for managing debts and war on a credit line. QE is a poison gas to capital itself. For a generation, economics courses taught that hyper monetary inflation is a scourge, a grand wrecking ball, but when the United States deploys it, somehow it is positive stimulus. Rubbish! Witness Pox Americana, with celebrated inflation, with labor outsourcing, with consumer driven economy, with permitted banker fraud, and with endless war.


The toxic backfire has hit Emerging Market nations squarely. The rising USD exchange rate has inflicted enormous sudden hardship on many developing nations. While the moron at the USDept Treasury post Jacob Lew pounds his proud chest on the supposed strength of the USDollar being good for the nation, the opposite is true both for the United States and foreign nations. The high USD valuation stands as a guillotine for the nation. The USEconomy loses attractiveness for its stock market shares, for its property (both residential and commercial), and for its business output for export destinations. Is Lew that stupid? No, just corrupt intellectually. The pain extends to emerging market nations, whose debt burden has suddenly risen by 20% or more. Another advantage, Jacob the Buffoon? Since 2009, the world has taken advantage of the ultra-low rates to rack up cheap debt. It was a trap, and the trap has closed. Expect some rather big stories very soon on defaulted debt. Expect some big bank failures, not just from Greek Govt debt, or other Southern European government debt to follow, but from Emerging Market debt default. They are reeling.


The USGovt cannot finance its annual deficits. So like any Third World nation, it prints money to cover the debt. The USD must be defended by war. But the actions prompt redoubled efforts to escape the USD clutches. So like any Two-Bit Fascist nation, it wages war on all parties choosing to eschew the currency with public disdain. Refer to both avoidance for trade purposes and diversification for bank reserve purposes. Few US citizens (none solicited by the Jackass so far) have shown the slightest awareness that when the USTreasurys are no longer desired in foreign banking systems, that what follows is their rejection as payment for US imports. They tend to make zero connection between the foreign bank reserves system, using the global reserve currency, and the payment system for trade settlement. In fact, almost no US citizens contacted comprehend what it means for the USD to be used as global reserve. They think only in terms of a home base currency, which happens to appear in foreign shops often. When foreign suppliers refuse the USTBonds, then comes the requirement for the USGovt to launch a new currency which will be accepted in trade payment, but only after some devaluations most assuredly to come in a painful sequence. Only then will the shock hit home, to be sure with propaganda and blame laid with Russia, China, and Arabs. My guess is that the majority of US sheeple will swallow the propaganda whole, like legions of dimwits. A small portion will lay blame at the bankers and politicians, correctly so.



The failed policies inflicted upon enemy states have grown in a long list. None are successful, all dismal failures, each implemented with hostility, bravado, and unveiled arrogance. No analysis seems to take place on a failed policy, when the next failed policy is put into place. The nation is a true exception, replete with corruption, war proclivity, and amateurish policy. Whenever the Jackass observes sanctions or a war, the immediate reaction is to search for the next significant loss in strategic position on the geopolitical stage. As preface, in the wake of the Lehman killjob to save Goldman Sachs in September 2008, the US bank leaders, even corporate leaders, were given the cold shoulder at best and formally shunned at worst. The news handed down by the Voice was that US leaders in both government and corporate posts were not given return phone calls by European counterpart leaders. The concept in my mind was born of isolation, which would grow in huge horrible horrendous ways in a rapidly growing pace. With each stumble, with each new recognized bond fraud, with each new imposed failed sanctions, with each new waged war, with each new broken treaty, the United States would be further isolated in the community of nations. It can be safely stated that anything the Washington crew touches turns to shit, and any ally approached turns to the East, all in time. Given the recent track record of failures, it is hard to dismiss claims that the US national leadership is attempting to scuttle the nation in order to cause a systemic failure. A certain lust for totalitarian rule wafts through the Beltway, and has been for a few years. The Rubin Doctrine has run out of time, as no more time can be bought. All systems are breaking in the open. The road has narrowed. The can has turned nuclear. The kicked can has crumbled.



The most glaring pointed failure has been the sanctions directed against Iran. From the start, almost no claims of nuclear weapons program stood the test of scrutiny or time. Following the Iraq War initiative, the lesson was learned easily. When Iran, like its Arab neighbor, began to trade in oil & gas for non-USD payment, it was painted as rogue nation. Next came the lies and fabrications to support the silly claims. For years, Teheran did not possess either the missile delivery technology or the sufficient refinery capacity for building any nuclear weapon. The entire story was discarded by the Jackass on its face, especially since the little puppeteer nation on the southeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea repeated the shrill cries so often in their controlled press networks. Iran reacted by fostering good relations with both Russia and China. The former supplied advanced Sunburn and Onyx missiles, while the latter completed massive energy project deals.


The USGovt backed off. A strange detente is growing between Iran and the Saudis, even the other Gulf Emirates. They have refused to play the US-Izzy war game. Then came the quintessential loss, as Iran constructed the Oil for Gold payment method. Iran sold oil to India, which purchased gold from Turkey, which sent the gold to private banks in Iran, which then swapped the gold with their central bank for cash. The Gold Trade Payment system was born, the prototype to be imitated the world over. The clever Persians found a huge loophole in the USGovt sanctions, and drove a truck through it, loaded with gold bullion bought in Ankara with Delhi cash and bound for Teheran. The USGovt sanctions against Iran have been a colossal failure. The Washington clowns forgot that big Teheran banks communicate with their central bank, much like Wall Street does with the USFed. Sometimes the cousin of aggression is stupidity.



The war following the coup d’etat in Kiev by the Fascists has been a dismal failure on its face. The entire capture of Kiev was led in clandestine manner by both Langley mercenaries and Soros mercenaries, aided in no small way by Masswipewad operatives from the Southeast corner of the Mediterranean. However, it has had many motives, listed as harangue or indictment, blessed by EU Commissioners. 1) Create a scorched earth buffer for massive criminal activity (drug trafficking, money laundering, white women trafficking, human organ trafficking, Nigerian cash fraud). Separately is the natural gas pilferage from siphoning. 2) Break any marriage between Europe and Russia. The Eurasian Trade Zone will happen, with or without a war in the decrepit nation. 3) Interrupt the Gazprom pipelines. The alternate route has already been done through Turkey. 4) Introduce Monsanto seeds for the grand European bread basket. The resistance to GMO foods is far more strident outside the industrial nations. 5) Raid Kiev gold. They bought at most a couple months time. 6) Pilfer IMF aid. No more IMF aid packages will be approved, especially since attached to war policy in unprecendented shameful manner. Surely more. The ultimate extreme outcome in backlash from the Ukraine War, which has been lost, is the eventual break-up of the European Union and the collapse of the common Euro currency region. It is coming like night follows day. The high pressure tactics used by the USGovt, combined with bribery and lush contracts, will be recognized and publicized, then used against the US. The belligerence displayed by the USGovt, including smashed truces in direct blatant manner, are being recognized. The United States will earn isolation as a rogue nation.


The result of the failed war will be an economic breakdown in Ukraine, shortage of almost everything including food (but not weapons or ammunition), hyper inflation on prices, plenty of cadavers for the underground human organ trafficking, culminating in a new equally bad regime laden with yet more corruption. The Hryvnia currency is imploding right now, a sign of the national failure. However, the bigger loss will be Europe’s major nations all turning their backs on the United States, the warmongering secretive bellicose player, the magnificent rogue nation on the block. Even the direct US-UK role with ISIS supervision is being unmasked. The US will suffer grotesque isolation, then quarantine, finally liquidation as it must manage in a world without friends or allies, unless one counts UK and Izzriel. The US will be down to the core axis of fascism for allies, which aint saying much.



The Europeans are the unwilling partners in the sanctions. It is like the EU member nation leadership crew made the sanctions agreement call with the US master bellicosia, even while knowing full well they were to sit on spiked chairs, certain to be impailed. The immediate reaction was for the Kremlin to abandon the USDollar, then convert Petro-Dollars into Rubles and Gold bullion. The propaganda was laughable (although swallowed almost whole), that the Kremlin was selling gold to buffet their Ruble, draining their reserves. The truth is more like dumping the USTreasury Bonds to fortify the Ruble, while converting Oil sales proceeds into more Gold reserves. The other major effect was to encourage far more teamwork between Moscow and Beijing, a marriage of trade and finance whose nuptials are written on newly fashioned capitalist scrolls. Only the truly stupid in the US morass call Russia and China communist, when the US has turned vibrant rabid fascist.


The rapid development on non-USD platforms is both impressive and profound, many linking Beijing to Moscow. The backfire of the Russian food ban on EU farm products will eventually bankrupt numerous large agricultural businesses in Southern Europe. Red ink flows as fast as unsold farm output rots. Resentment of leaders for following the unelected EU Commissars has grown loud and shrill. Expect China to buy up the struggling farm businesses, then to divert one third of the farm output to China, amidst hue and cry. Pitchforks might be soon seen at government office steps. Already the French have dumped livestock manure on Paris official office steps. Russia has forged new deals with South American food suppliers. China is enjoying the lower oil price, not being a producer. Watch even the large US energy firms sidestep the sanctions eventually, or simply trample the sanctions in bold steps.

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More backfire can be spotted from Syria. The locals recently shot down a British aircraft that was supplying the ISIS guerrillas. Lies in the Western press will cover up the event. The Iran Gas pipeline will eventually happen, and link to the Med Sea. The war is exposing how Langley, MI6, and the Saudis are behind ISIS, in planning, in supplies, in recruits, in organization, and in funds. The fabricated falsified videos of beheadings are being recognized as fake, the tell-tale signal being no blood squirts. Danger lurks, since the USMilitary under Pentagon aegis has taken up arms against Langley mercenaries. Endless war and constant chaos is the name of their game for the US War Machine. Propaganda is endless on the network news. Nothing will stop either the Iran gas routes to link up with Russian Gazprom or the naval port in Tartus remaining in Russian hands.


By now, it is quite clear that the Cyprus bank bail-ins had multiple motives. The alienated bank clients have moved out. The national government has no more attention span for the EU Commission or their haughty rule, as the rapid of Cyprus is complete. The hidden motives were to block Russian bank operations, the window to the West for which was the many Russian banks located on Cyprus. The other big hidden motives were to obstruct the Russian conversion of USTBonds into Gold bullion through the Cyprus bank window. The leaders of Cyprus have begun to pitch manure in the EU & US faces, as they are turning East with a fresh Russian naval base deal. In fact, the progress made by the Kremlin in Turkey was critical. The Turkish contingent in Cyprus offers leverage to win the copper island for Russia. Once again, the West raped a nation, and it turned East in the aftermath. Chalk up yet another key Russian Military gain. Russia will capture Ukraine, Turkey, and Cyprus. Then China will capture the entire Southern European sector known as PIGS, with their farm output. The US-UK-EU will lose all of Eastern Europe. The United States will be further isolated.



In 2014, again without much fanfare, both Russia and China paid official visits to Havana. The Kremlin forgave a chunk of the old Soviet debt, then inked a deal to expand a commercial base near the Mariel Port outside the capital. It will include an expanded marine base and expanded air base. The initial plan will focus on commerce, like a small free trade zone. Expect the plan to focus later on a new Russian Naval Base centered on Mariel, to be consummated when Cuba slips on its first debt obligation. Perhaps the military base usage is part of a hidden clause in the debt forgiveness pact. A naval base will be within view of the US shores. Both Russia & China are adding substantial direct investment in Cuba, a small strategic island nation of 11 million population. The national poverty might be addressed from the development. The leverage will be enormous, for both local benefit and a Russian Military base. The Washington clown show arrived last month, made their pitch for contracts, and were shown the door. They were called hypocrites behind their backs. The US will be cut out, most deservedly. Numerous Russian and Chinese firms will be active in the coming months, in a highly visible manner. They will hire Cuban workers, and enable trickle down. And not even mentioned was the Russian energy firm invasion into Mexico, which opened up PEMEX to foreign contractors. Not one single US energy firm contract has been spotted. The USGovt is far more pre-occupied with Mexican narcotics, and gun running to supply the drug lords. See Operation Fast & Furious a couple years back. The Chinese own major Mexican ports, just like in the United States and Canada.



The Jackass has been dubious of the Nicaraguan Canal, to be funded by $49 billion in Chinese investment. Hardly hidden are marine bases on each coast, and an airport on Pacific coast next to San Juan del Sur (a lovely partially developed coastal area). The jump from marine base to naval base, and from airport to air base, can be very quick indeed. The harbored skepticism on its completion and smooth operation comes from many extensions. Already the local resistance is considerable, for both environmental and homeland displacement. A few other critical concerns will show themselves over time, like timber wealth and dredge risks, not to mention the large Chinese contractor has exactly zero experience. The cut to the Sandinistas will be considerable. The hushed tones are wondering if the Managua regime will use the project as a retirement sendoff in jubilacion. Expect again, like in Cuba, for the marine bases to eventually feature Chinese Naval vessels and for half the airbase to eventually be run by the Chinese for supply purposes, maybe even laborers. It is hard to imagine much tourism fostered by the new airport, but it is possible. Foreign property investment would bolster the local economy, which sorely needs the infusions. The encirclement of North America by the Russian Military in Cuba and Chinese Military in Nicaragua will soon be concluded as fait acompli, a massive strategic blunder by the USGovt. With attention in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and Yemen, the Beltway Bellicose Bozos overlooked their own backyard.



The USDollar is soon to fade into oblivion. Its rise signals its demise. The hidden dismantle of the Petro-Dollar mechanism has been full of intrigue. The Gold Standard will return, but through the trade window. The solution to the untreated Global Financial Crisis is the gold route. The Eurasian Trade Zone will be built upon the gold route, and see a revival of the Silk Road with accompanying Maritime Routes. The nascent trade zone will soon include Germany and whatever nation follows its prudent lead. The movement cannot be stopped, not even by war. In fact, the Ukraine War will eventually catalyze the Eurasian Trade Zone, with European entries harboring disgust. The safe haven is not the USDollar, but rather Gold & Silver, otherwise defined as money. Banks find refuge in bullion bars, while individuals find refuge in bars & coins. Foreign nations will find refuge by banning the USDollar in trade settlement and banking reserve systems.


The crisis is better described as the Global Monetary War. The entire world will soon be in opposition to the USDollar. The majority of nations wish to establish trade and monetary system upon gold. The rogue nation will be the United States, in more backfires from its failed foreign policy. The United States will succeed in isolating 85% to 90% of the community of nations, and thus win isolation for itself. The US faces deep risk of falling into the Third World, as such endemic characteristics grow. As the Jackass forecasted, 2015 has begun with a sequence of rocky events, as unstable factors appear in nasty sequence. The USDollar will die a horrible death, and Gold will return to its rightful throne. The US must find a new currency to use if it expects to guarantee import supply and to avoid unspeakable shortages. The West Coast dock strikes and shipping impasse have demonstrated the supply chain vulnerability. The return of Gold to its primacy is coming It is long overdue. The USD will be chucked into the dustbin. It is toxic.



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(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


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    • Just based on everything posted here in the last 18 months (as well as numerous other sites), my best guess is anywhere between August 2015 and not at all.  The financial system is so corrupt, so widespread corrupt, that this charade could continue for many more years.   Well, as long as the bankers and the cartel are able to continue living their lives in the manner in which they have become accustom.   We all know that our Fed and the world’s finances are all a bunch of lies and coverup, and it’s to bad that the dishonest PTB obviously have the power to control and undermine any and all financial adversities.  We would have thought by now it would have caught up with them…but it hasn’t.  It may all come down one day, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    • Petard: A small bomb used to blow up gates and walls when breaching fortifications. Typically, a small conical or rectangular metal object containing 2-3 kg(5 or 6 lbs) of gunpowder, with a slow match as a fuse.

      Etymology: Petard comes from middle French pe’ter….to break wind.

      The usage fits either way when describing these diabolical decision-making dummies.

  1. Finally at least Dr. Willie has summed up and connected the Dots! Been waiting for some smart brain to do so for a long, long time! I praise Dr. Willie in his super bright intelligence. Thank You!

  2. The US dollar will be toast tossed into the dustbin of history.  The public has borne the brunt of the effects of money printing. Meanwhile the bankers the brokers of finance have made out quite well. So  I don’t understand the use of the metaphor then how this self inflicted gunshot wound has harmed that class of people the bankers.  It will be interesting to watch where they scurry off to after the horrible death of the dollar.

  3. When Doc Willie has the willies, even being off the beaten path and 100% certainty of a bug location offered through one of his subscribers, it does make one step back and check 6.   Arising at 5.30, first duty is turn on computer and check to see if internet is operational and world has not exploded.  Nothing  that bad yet but I fully expect to do same some time in near future and find world is Tango Uniform.

  4. @silversnout  I hate to agree with me too.  I’ve been wrong so many times it’s painful to think about it.   But with 90 minutes of Willie Podcast, his Feb Hat trick letter and this latest essay,  Willie must be getting data overload trying to process all the events we see.  It was about 7-8 months ago he was quoted as saying there were 15-20 things that were looming large in his mind that could break the system

    I am speculating that by end of March Greece will be TU on bank deposits and any coins in the sofa to pay the March tranche of ECB extortion.  Something tells me capital controls are being implement and the  Greek state pensions funds are being invaded to make ends meet. This whole situation reminds me of Cyprus, UKR, the Hungarian and Spainish pension thefts on a grand scale.

    We are on this side of the pond and maybe a little more protected.  Ed_B made the comment many months ago that Europe will go first and once that event starts, we will not be far behind.  The ‘When’ of it is what I am trying to get a handle on.

    • @AGXIIK


      Yes, Europe and Japan are in a tight race to see which can collapse first.  In looking closely at Japan, there are so many signs of them being a dead-end country with no real future that it is some scary stuff.  Europe has spent itself into oblivion and did not do as the US did in strengthening the banks and other financial corps.  Not that the US is any better than Japan or Europe in the spending more than we produce category but we probably have managed it slightly better.  Whether or not that matters a bit when the end comes remains to be seen.  All of the Western countries and Japan will be like dominoes competing with each other so see which will fall first and hardest.


      One thing that will give the US a hand as the end time approaches is that we are still seen as the go-to place of refuge during hard times, both physically and financially.  Lots of money is flowing into the US right now and it is coming from many places around the world.  Negative interest rates in Europe are making even US Treasury paper look good… and that’s not easy!  I’m thinking that these folks may have jumped out of the fire and into the frying pan on this.  While this may be a little better for them in the short term, in the end they are still cooked.


  5. Dear Jim,

    I noticed you said “The USDollar is soon to fade into oblivion. Its rise signals its demise. The hidden dismantle of the Petro-Dollar mechanism has been full of intrigue. The Gold Standard will return“. The petro-dollar as I understand it is a system where oil buyers buy US Treasury Bills to be ready to pay for their oil imports. Since the price of oil has been crushed I expect the amount of demand for US treasury bills has also been crushed. So the effect of nations buying less US treasuries ought to be with us now. What puzzles me is if the effect is as it seems to be now how would a reserve currency dethroning be different such as you suggest a fade into oblivion?

  6. Iran constructed the Oil for Gold payment method. Iran sold oil to India, which purchased gold from Turkey, which sent the gold to private banks in Iran, which then swapped the gold with their central bank for cash. The Gold Trade Payment system was born, the prototype to be imitated the world over. The clever Persians found a huge loophole in the USGovt sanctions, and drove a truck through it, loaded with gold bullion bought in Ankara with Delhi cash and bound for Teheran.///

    the ‘loophole‘ which our clever carpet merchants ‘found’ was one left apurpose in the original sanctions program… so as to allow allies a means to continue their Iranian oil/gas imports without interruption. This compromise would continue to starve Tehran of hard assets with which to to [putatively]be able to purchase centrifuges n such… at the same time as allowing China and India to pay in their local currencies… by no means an easy convertible. Therefore, attempts to increase direct barter deals were explored… but there wasn’t a great deal of Indian goods that Iran could use… and Indian wheat was deemed of too poor quality to receive.

    But all of this had less to do with “American” sanctions, and more to do with a mysterious Reserve Bank of India decision in late 2010 to disallow the established system of payment for Iranian oil in Indian rupees – via the Asian Clearing Union – a method that served both countries well. If any necessity for payment in gold would have entered the equation, it would have been as a result of the RBI decision … one that can only be explained via pressure from outside sources. The only beneficiaries of which would and could have been ….

    BIG GOLD. The secret source of all the disinfo which gets channeled through our eager scribes n pundits to an audience by now so befuddled and bemused as to be able to swallow any ol lie a’tal! Who gains from that situation?

    A little less than half of the oil India imported from Iran was paid in rupees. Halk Bank had been allowing India to pay the balance in Euros, until that route was closed in February 2013. The putative Indian “gold for oil” deal was announced January 23rd 2012 in the pages of DEBKA FILE – the notorious mossad mouthpiece – which claimed to be the “exclusive” source!

    I see no evidence to credit this claim as anything more than typical disinfo…. passed off as poorly informed speculation with which to keep the subscriber base pumped! Perhaps Gordon Duff has been doing some consultancy work for gold scribes eager to learn how to benefit from the “40%” rule o thumb!

    If this so-called “Gold Trade Payment System” is going to be imitated world wide…

    we can expect to see a flood of what came to be the norm in Ankara in 2012-13…suitcases carried into Halk Bank… or transferred to the General Manager’s home(who made a habit of reporting to his wife the arrival of more ‘visitors’ – “they were all so green! Green!”)… shady third party middlemen like Reza & Co., who purchased the gold for Tehran’s account with kickbacks and bribes all round.///

    Bought off politicos, customs personnel, treasury officials, bankers, and a general breakdown of trade systems into a free-for-all of corrupt cronyism not seen since the days of the Mughal Empire! Welcome to the NEW/OLD/SAME/OL ORDURE! And who gains from that?


    Nuthin new under this ol sun…. from clay tablets to next-gen Ipads… scribblin scribes whose serial distortions dissolve under scrutiny! The “Turkish Model” indeed! BIG GOLD’S GOTCHA comin n goin pa’dner… HANDS UP, N HAND OVER THE LOOT! JW n friends would have us believe that the bankstas are fumblin fools – who have painted themselves into a corner – when in fact they are putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece of deception…

    who’s the monkey on a stick?

  7. Can’t speak for anyone else….but I’d rather be a “monkey on a stick” with some silver in my cup than a blinded deer in the headlights on a freeway full of 18 Wheelers to dodge.  Just sayin’.  Honest money is better than worthless paper…..end of story.  The whys, what ifs, and maybes of it all I cannot control anyway. The only thing I can control is whether or not I am protected to some reasonable degree if and when the TSHTF. Therefore I will continue to stack, but thank you for your enlightenment just the same.

  8. To me this analysis by Jim Willie puts the ‘end’ closer than any prior analysis  but actually accurate. You can’t continue this game of cards much longer when any stiff wind can blow the whole thing over.  To me, the Greek mess is paradigmatic of the whole system’s fragility.  They are borrowing from the Greek pension fund to pay back loans from the EU so that they can get the next payment which itself is not nearly adequate to stem the tide of deterioration of the Greek economy. The Greeks votes in Syriza so that they could get out of this mess and those they voted in are making the mess worse instead!  The problem is this mess of this world economy is so big you have no room to kick the can any further down the road, the bubble is so big, so fragile it literally can not be blown any bigger.   Jim Willie is the best at showing us that this is where we are and I agree it is.

    • “They are borrowing from the Greek pension fund to pay back loans from the EU so that they can get the next payment which itself is not nearly adequate to stem the tide of deterioration of the Greek economy.”


      Indeed.  While this may buy them a little more time, it also guarantees that EVERYONE who is not an elite will be flat broke when the S finally does HTF.  Many more people would be MUCH better off if those in power would simply stop all this buying of time nonsense and just get on with the “great reset” while we still have a bit of our wealth left with which to buy what we need.  But then, it is un-bankster-like to leave ANY scraps on the table when they are pigging out.


  9. @chivachiva  The only problem with what you say is that it is without confirmation.  But then, Jim Willie’s statements are made without confirmation.  He does connect the dots with his own version of credentialling.  These tales are well spun and,  through the skein, one can see some truths.  One question I have is  if  Big Gold is behind this, who is behind BIG GOLD?

    If what you say is true and the powers behind this are pulling the all the strings in the oil for gold swaps MEME that’s been so popular in the last few years,  then much of what was said about this convenient system set up to continue the oil flow was little more than cover for movement of gold and the caravansary’s tales told over a glowing hearth of how things worked in the deep desert.

    SO, how close are you to Euro Raj.  Did the dear boy jump ship, deciding to share those tales with the surfin’ simian?

    On a more serious note; the  cast of characters in the PETRO GOLD system including some big players

    China, India, Iran, Turkey and Japan and smaller countries like Pakistan  were all prominently noted as part of the channels of gold, wheat, oil and like commodities. The total population of these countries is nearly half the world’s population.

    Some say that Japan was punished for violation the orthodoxy with Fukushima, theft of sovereign wealth and death threats to its leaders.  India appeared to fall in line and what goes in China stays in China.   News was that Turkey’s corruption was exposed as punishment, taking down a number of military leaders and politicians,  causing financial damage to Turkey and some of its banks, while Erdogan futher cemented his rule.  What I see is Turkey moving further east in its loyalties, seeing the dangers of western alliances with actions from the west pressuring Turkey to toe the line. Who expects Erdogan’s loyalties?

    What say you?

    • The only problem with what you say is that it is without confirmation///

      if you could detail what part of “what you say” is without confirmation… I could take a stab at providing that.

      If ‘dot connecting’ is the thing that matters here… I could guarantee a masterful job of doing so…

      … but no guarantee that the trail well laid by said dots would not be a false one! I prefer putting the puzzle pieces together. Slow, intricate work… no buddies in high places to help … no folks with acronyms to fill out the resume with. Just a burnin desire to separate the wheat from chaff. No subscription fee – nuthin to cancel!

    • If you got the dots, lay’em out so everyone can see and decide who makes the best connections. I can say that your cryptic scribbles fail to enhance the connectivity so far.

    •  I can say that your cryptic scribbles fail to enhance the connectivity

      Great point dude…

      allows me to opine…

      I can say that your failure to learn cryptography may indeed be the “death of y’all” yet…

      I lead my horses to the stream daily… I don’t waste my time trying the make them drink when they get there! When they ready… they ready.

      It’s your call bro! If you likes your drip-feed… you can keep your drip-feed! No worries here says Tansi Bey!

    • And yet still, no dots or connections, cryptic or otherwise — as the stream is obviously dry. Perhaps it’s just a low spot waiting for the rain. Watch out there Tansi Bey … be ready not to be led astray.

    • Tansi has let it be known that – before our connecting – he used to see your style of cowboy at all the shows. Says they ne’er actually got on a mount… jus jawed about the folks what did, from behind the fence.
      I thinks he said somethin like…

      Big hats, no cattle… but we was both snortin with laughter by that point… jus couldn’t quite make it out!

      Yur welcome to start yur own engines here anytime pad’ner … and git to where yur goin, under yur own steam!

    • “If ‘dot connecting’ is the thing that matters here… I could guarantee a masterful job of doing so…”

      I’m no cowboy and have never made no such claims … I’m just a typical simpleton seeking dots connected to a puzzle that might satisfy my thirst for a bigger picture.

      Some around here on the other hand do make certain claims but have yet to lead anyone to anything resembling dots, puzzles, or streams. Still waiting though … for even a half-ass job of wheat from chaff.

    • Sorry… (Im)patient – I don’t do ‘half-ass’
      figure there’s enough folks like as to yurself what got that territory covered. Snark n gripe alls yu got in yur basket… but come to the dinner table and expect to be fed alls the same!

      keep waitin with the outstretched paw there Chuck…

      I’ve gone to the trouble of creating a personal platform to represent my take – and my findings – and invited all who care to visit and add to the discussion…

      til yu take the time n trouble to do the same… or sumthin other than whine on other’s dime Mr. Whimpy sir…

      TANSI nailed yur game!

    • Sorry … you have misconstrued my request(s) into snark n gripe.

      You came here calling ALL those who attempt to connect dots as deceivers and tricksters selling subscriptions to secret sources of disinfo …

      “Nuthin new under this ol sun…. from clay tablets to next-gen Ipads… scribblin scribes whose serial distortions dissolve under scrutiny! The “Turkish Model” indeed! BIG GOLD’S GOTCHA comin n goin pa’dner… HANDS UP, N HAND OVER THE LOOT! JW n friends would have us believe that the bankstas are fumblin fools – who have painted themselves into a corner – when in fact they are putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece of deception…”

      … and then offer up to piece the puzzle together for those of us who failed cryptography

      “If ‘dot connecting’ is the thing that matters here… I could guarantee a masterful job of doing so…

      … but no guarantee that the trail well laid by said dots would not be a false one! I prefer putting the puzzle pieces together. Slow, intricate work… no buddies in high places to help … no folks with acronyms to fill out the resume with. Just a burnin desire to separate the wheat from chaff. No subscription fee – nuthin to cancel!”

      … and then further claim a personal platform complete with invitations

      “I’ve gone to the trouble of creating a personal platform to represent my take – and my findings – and invited all who care to visit and add to the discussion…”

      … but still a Google search of chivachiva leads only to a restaurant menu for tourists in Panama. I understand well now that you came here only to show off a menu of your fancy talk’in dog and pony show (and a nice look’in pony you have there sir) — but bark all you want, I’m pretty sure now that you won’t be leading me or anyone else to some stream of info or picturesque puzzle with that kind of dog talking crap.

      Have a great ride on your pony today sir!

  10. One more thing.  I like to talk about the saying that the first one out gets the best deal. That might be the case with Greece

    . There is another saying.

    The first out caught gets the worst punishment. It’s like the first gnu crossing the river filled with crocs. He’s eaten. Rest gang rush the river and surge across while the Gnu named Varoufakis gets eaten  The Greeks might be in for a serious case of whoopass if they bail, especially if the Greek people find their pensions looted and destroy the government with riots and civil insurrection.  That would be just the opening the ECB would need to install another Goldman Sachs apparachic like Monti, installed when  lusty Berlusconi was outed for tax evasion and bunga bunga parties. It would also play into the hands of the overlords, a set up that worked perfected to strip the last bit of wealth from the seat of Democracy

    Caught dipping his wick, B found out that even billionaires can get hoisted on their own petard. You can get wealthy dipping wick in Rothschild ink or busted for dipping wick in Rosthchild honey pots.
    If this happens we will find out quickly what sins were committed by Varoufakis and Tsipras. Or they will have an airline accident. I would not want to be flying with them on a Malaysian jet.

  11. No doubt 99% of the population will not see this coming as they have their heads squarely up their arses. The elites did meet in Switzerland to discuss the issue of many things, in particular cyber attacks.  In my mind there will be massive cyber attacks unlike anything we saw in 2013 0r 2014.  The elites who met in Davos, Switzerland stated that the attacks could hit at not only banks or corporations but could strike at infrastructure and even nuclear facilities.  Can you say FUBAR if they attacked a nuclear facility and sent that mofo into meltdown on a level like Chernobyl? These will be the events that get people rallied behind the government against Russia, China, Arab world etc.  We will truly be isolated as Dr. Willie points out and the sheep tards will go right along with whatever, even if they have been wiped out by bail-ins, stock market collapses, hyperinflation, etc.  Just like in the show The Purge, our new “founding fathers” will be there to provide a solution! What a nightmare……

  12. @chivachiva.   My skepticism is not aimed at you.  There is a natural tendency to question the statements that are so contrary to the standard themes and memes read for the last 4 years.  The internet is filled with disinfo, trollish agitprop, skilled shills selling pixie dust and the punditocracy overlords who think their 10 figure wealth makes their utterings gospel.

    From here, seeing 4 years of research that posited that I/we have a righteous take on things, a good bead on what is true and accurate, and we are starting to find what I/we thought was true and accurate is questionable and needs serious questioning.

    Continue your research apace. That is some serious amount of information you are digging out.  I look forward to hearing more.  Your dots connected with my surmises will help construct the new intel paradigm.  The residents of Gulagistan are restive, smelling sulphur.

  13. Listen up, you’ve all been lied to. I agree that the world is in a mess and that everything is completely corrupt. Thing is, this is nothing new. All these “bad things” have been going on since the day dot, and so they will continue going forward. Maybe your gold and silver will be worth 5 times, 50 times or 500 times more in 25 years time, or maybe it will be worth the same as it is today. There is also a chance it will be worth LESS. The point is, manipulation and corruption can go on a lot longer than the time you are even on this planet. One thing I do know is that TPTB need a forced money system in order to retain power, therefore you can expect no change to the quality of your life for your remaining years on this planet, regardless of how many ounces of gold and silver you have.

  14. @lionkid. you are precisely right as the money changers are firmly in control 7 years after the Lehman failure and subsequent bailouts of 2008.  More crazy stuff to come.  Why would there be anything different? The sheep aren’t going to do a damn thing, so the lunacy continues on.

    The Memo confirmed every conspiracy freak’s fantasy: that in the late 1990s, the top US Treasury officials secretly conspired with a small cabal of banker big-shots to rip apart financial regulation across the planet.

    The Treasury official playing the bankers’ secret End Game was Larry Summers.

    The memo is authentic.

    I had to fly to Geneva to get confirmation and wangle a meeting with the Secretary General of the World Trade Organisation, Pascal Lamy. Lamy, the Generalissimo of Globalisation, told me,

    “The WTO was not created as some dark cabal of multinationals secretly cooking plots against the people… We don’t have cigar-smoking, rich, crazy bankers negotiating.”

    Then I showed him the memo.

    It begins with Larry Summers’ flunky, Timothy Geithner, reminding his boss to call the Bank bigshots to order their lobbyist armies to march:

    “As we enter the end-game of the WTO financial services negotiations, I believe it would be a good idea for you to touch base with the CEOs…”

    To avoid Summers having to call his office to get the phone numbers (which, under US law, would have to appear on public logs), Geithner listed the private lines of what were then the five most powerful CEOs on the planet. And here they are:

    Goldman Sachs: John Corzine

    Merrill Lynch: David Kamanski

    Bank of America: David Coulter

    Citibank: John Reed

    Chase Manhattan: Walter Shipley

    The year was 1997. US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin was pushing hard to de-regulate banks. That required, first, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act to dismantle the barrier between commercial banks and investment banks. It was like replacing bank vaults with roulette wheels.

    Second, the banks wanted the right to play a new high-risk game: “derivatives trading”. JP Morgan alone would soon carry $88 trillion of these pseudo-securities on its books as “assets”.

    Deputy Treasury Secretary Summers (soon to replace Rubin as Secretary) body-blocked any attempt to control derivatives.

    But what was the use of turning US banks into derivatives casinos if money would flee to nations with safer banking laws?

    The answer conceived by the Big Bank Five: eliminate controls on banks in every nation on the planet — in one single move. It was as brilliant as it was insanely dangerous.

    How could they pull off this mad caper? The bankers’ and Summers’ game was to use the Financial Services Agreement (or FSA), an abstruse and benign addendum to the international trade agreements policed by the World Trade Organisation.

    The new FSA pulled the lid off the Pandora’s box of worldwide derivatives trade. Among the notorious transactions legalised: Goldman Sachs (where Treasury Secretary Rubin had been co-chairman) worked a secret euro-derivatives swap with Greece which, ultimately, destroyed that nation. Ecuador, its own banking sector de-regulated and demolished, exploded into riots. Argentina had to sell off its oil companies (to the Spanish) and water systems (to Enron) while its teachers hunted for food in garbage cans. Then, Bankers Gone Wild in the Eurozone dove head-first into derivatives pools without knowing how to swim – and the continent is now being sold off in tiny, cheap pieces to Germany.

    Rubin was named director, then Chairman of Citigroup – which went bankrupt while managing to pay Rubin a total of $126 million.

    Then Rubin took on another post: as key campaign benefactor to a young State Senator, Barack Obama. Only days after his election as President, Obama, at Rubin’s insistence, gave Summers the odd post of US “Economics Tsar” and made Geithner his Tsarina (that is, Secretary of Treasury). In 2010, Summers gave up his royalist robes to return to “consulting” for Citibank and other creatures of bank deregulation whose payments have raised Summers’ net worth by $31 million since the “end-game” memo.

    (The Fed Reserve, not only works hand and glove with the bankers, it is owned by them):

    #7 It was not an accident that a permanent income tax was also introduced the same year when the Federal Reserve system was established. The whole idea was to transfer wealth from our pockets to the federal government and from the federal government to the bankers.

    #8 Within 20 years of the creation of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy was plunged into the Great Depression.

    #9 If you can believe it, there have been 10 different economic recessions since 1950. The Federal Reserve created the “dotcom bubble”, the Federal Reserve created the “housing bubble” and now it has created the largest bond bubble in the history of the planet.

    #10 According to an official government report, the Federal Reserve made 16.1 trillion dollars in secret loans to the big banks during the last financial crisis. The following is a list of loan recipients….

    #11 The Federal Reserve also paid those big banks $659.4 million in fees to help “administer” those secret loans.

    #12 The Federal Reserve has created approximately 2.75 trillion dollars out of thin air and injected it into the financial system over the past five years. This has allowed the stock market to soar to unprecedented heights, but it has also caused our financial system to become extremely unstable.

    #13 We were told that the purpose of quantitative easing is to help “stimulate the economy”, but today the Federal Reserve is actually paying the big banks not to lend out 1.8 trillion dollars….


    (Documented Federal Reserve Complicity in purposely created financial crisis):

    The US Congressional report provides evidence of major securities fraud in the embezzlement of as much as $16 trillion by the Federal Reserve and its bankers. Securities fraud and embezzlement are both felony criminal offenses.

    During the financial crisis, at least 18 former and current directors from Federal Reserve Banks worked in banks and corporations that collectively received over $4 trillion in low-interest loans from the Federal Reserve.

    $16 trillion is 10 times more than what the U.S. Congress authorized and Bush ($700 billion) and Obama ( $787 billion) signed off on. The Federal Reserve was only authorized by Congress to disburse $1.487 trillion in federal tax dollars in bailouts and financial aid, not $16 trillion. The Federal Reserve embezzled (to appropriate fraudulently to one’s own use) another $14.5 trillion.

    The Congressional report determined that the Fed secretly hid most of the embezzled money into their own banks. The rest the Fed unilaterally transfered trillions of dollars to foreign banks (Federal Reserve Bank of New York Primary Dealers) and corporations from Canada to the UK, from the UK to EU banks and corporations and as far away as South Korea. Foreign banks and corporations which the Federal Reserve bankers had a personal financial interest or stake in.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Timothy Geithner) embezzled and money laundered US tax dollars to the following US Federal Reserve Banks and foreign “Central” banks. This list is a list of co-conspirators in the Federal Reserve Bank orchestrated US and EU financial Crisis. The money they stole and laundered caused the US and EU financial crisis. Their illegal activity created the Greece debt crisis (Goldman Sachs), the France debt crisis, the Spain debt crisis and the Italy debt crisis.

    The Fed (Timothy Geithner) outsourced virtually all of the operations of their $16 trillion embezzlement scheme to private contractors like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo. For their part the same firms also received trillions of dollars in Fed (Timothy Geithner) loans at near-zero interest rates. Morgan Stanley helped the Federal Reserve banker (Timothy Geithner) launder embezzled $trillions into AIG. Geithner and Henry Paulson used the bail out of AIG to money launder the US tax dollars.

    Did you know that the $trillion the Federal Reserve embezzled (US Congress only authorized $1.487 trillion) could pay off the entire U.S. national debt. The U.S. government need only to seize the assets of the Federal Reserve banks (the big six U.S. banks collectively hold about $9.399 trillion in assets) and get back the $trillions that the Federal Reserve illegally embezzled and money laundered to their foreign banks and corporations.

    The U.S. government can recover $trillions from the Federal Reserve and their banks through asset forfeiture. Crimes committed by the Federal Reserve banks against the United States and its people include; conflict of interest, securities fraud, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, hoarding, profiteering, larceny, racketeering . . .


    The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the United States and the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary fiancé and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a global monetary authority – planetary financial control organization ‘to ensure this never happens again.”

    This purpose has now been accomplished.

    The dollar, the former king of currencies, now goes begging in the pant-suited persona of Hillary Clinton to our creditors at the Chinese Communist Party.

    http://crisisbydesign.net/bonusG/CrisisByDesign-eBook-nonsecure.pdf John Truman Wolfe


    • “#8 Within 20 years of the creation of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy was plunged into the Great Depression.”


      Yes, it was.  But, in keeping with their plan, they also stimulated the heck out of the US economy and stock market during the 1920s with easy credit and loans that allowed people to hyper-extend themselves financially.  This was necessary because these banksters KNEW that they were going to whip the rug out from under the feet of these hyper-extended people well in advance of actually doing it.  These people were business and home owners, ranchers and farmers, fishermen, loggers, miners, and others.  Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets were plundered by the big NYC banks during the Great Depression.  Yes, many small banks collapsed but then they were just more grist for the big bank’s mill, so also were purchased for pennies on the dollar out of bankruptcy.  The Great Depression was the greatest theft in the history of humanity and there are people in banking today who regard the 1930s as banking’s finest hour.  In fact, they long for the return of those days and the hideous amount of other people’s wealth that can be scooped up during such bankster-created financial chaos.


  16. well said @g77enn.

    A side bar

    Over 20% of all central bank bonds are now Negative interest rates  100% of all German bonds of 5 years or less are NIRP

    The US 10 yr treasury goes up.  In the last 45 days it has risen from 1.8% to around 2.25% A few months before it was 1.65%

    As the G20 countries go FULL RETARD NIRP, the Fed raises rates, in effect becoming the lender of last resort to the First world investors and central banks.   The emerging market capital flow reversed a couple of years ago, crashing their economies. Now the first world countries are forced to chose from massive capital losses via NIRP or Fedzilla, the creature that just ate Tokyo. The fund flows to the Eurozone starting in 2009 are being reversed.

    The dollar rises, our interest rates rise, the equities tank and the precious metals are dragged down. All going according to plan IMO


    • @AGXIIK


      “The dollar rises, our interest rates rise, the equities tank and the precious metals are dragged down. All going according to plan IMO”


      No doubt, Bro.  But then, as we all know, it’s hard to keep a good PM down.  Even though they may drop sometimes, in the end they will rise again.  Gold and silver come out of the fires of adversity even brighter and more pure than they were when they went into those fires, while fiat debt paper comes out as… smoke and ashes.


      Just keep in mind that while the CBs of the world are busy talking gold down to miserable prices, they are also buying gold hand over fist.  I’d much rather watch what these cretins do than listen to what they say.  That tells us the real story and also tells us what we should be doing with our own wealth.  But then, you know this already.  🙂


    • What I don’t understand is if the price is lower than it costs to mine it out of the ground, and the banks and sovereign nations are buying/hoarding it in such quantities, why does the supply not dry up?

  17. It seems incredible that the owners of the western economic system would deliberately crash their means of power possession out of stupidity and/or greed. I keep on looking for a hidden agenda that would allow for the west to lose primacy while it’s plutocrats somehow manage to keep their positions as world economic top dogs. Other than speculative musings I can find no secretive way for the western elites to retain their present numero uno status with a fall of western economic dominance. Unless that is the BIS debt/money system has everyone and everything already sewn up behind the scenes including the new BRICS Bank(s). Then the laugh would be on all of us and the NWO would be a de facto fait accompli. Of course this scenario would leave tell tale evidence when the opposite is the truth. So now I pray that these western plutocrats don’t blow the whole place up terminating human kind in a fit immature self importance.  I imagine the rising east will keep the western elites close and include them to some degree so that they do retain some position of power and influence enough to satisfy their western egos. In the meantime the world’s elites are squared off as they try to position themselves for what must surely be coming in the next century or so, a one world economic system. The question is how will this system be ruled and in who’s interests and what will that system look like; present day China or a Finland or Denmark?

  18. I am hoping to add some more  Ag at these low prices ,I am convinced that Ag will be $1000 an once..for me or my children or  my grand children my family will have Ag Silver ,when the fiat dollar crashes ..

  19. @silverdagger  Your comment clicked on a light.  I’ve thought about the legacy aspect of owning and passing on precious metals.  With no kids and just completing our estate and will, we still need to be clear on the means to pass on PMs which comprise a goodly part of estate; the effect of being ‘all in’

    Your note about not being as concerned about the price of silver, $16 today or $1000 in the future, reminds me of what our grand parents and great grandparents needed to do when concerning themselves with their legacy assets like land and a stack of gold and silver.  We think passing on IRAs, stocks and bonds.  Few people 100 years ago had paper assets.  They had land, farms, homes and physical metals. Their heirs also knew what was expected of them. They became the caretakers and trustees of these legacy assets,charged with guarding the assets, not something trivial to be cashed in to buy some trinket

    What comes around goes around. As we see the slippage of this country due to debt and reliance on paper currency, our legacies, the legacies of the thoughtful people,  must be concerned with the ‘how’ of passing on gold and silver, not the why. You know the ‘why’ of it.

    The ‘why’ of it seems clear.  These real money assets are tangibles that are very portable, easily moved outside estates and yet are an integral part of the estate. They are real and as a real thing, their disposition must be done with thought and care.  How one goes about passing on precious metals is personal but from personal experience with my wife’s father, he was the 40 year duration uber stacker who made his wishes clear in his will how his metals were to be distributed.  We were lucky that his estate was under the level where taxes were due.  He did move some prior to his passing and this was done without anydisclosure.  It tells me that can be done but once again it is a personal decision. We consider regard ourselves as the caretakers of this historical set of assets that will be moved on to others, regardless of the value. We only use our own stack for personal needs. His stack is still safe and will remain so.

    I wish you the best in this course.  Your thinking is sound IMO and your means to move wealth via the ‘old school assets’ should also let your kids and grand kids know the value of these assets and how important they are.

    Dylan Ratigan, just as a beginning, a minor one, let’s go one step further:

    Where has the money gone. You say “tens of trillions of dollars” are missing. Where are they now?

    There is another problem, Dylan, “understatement.”

    A couple of weeks ago, Merrill Lynch, the “gutted” subsidiary of the nearly bankrupt Bank of America tried to “launder $79 trillion into the FDIC.

    How in the name of all that is holy, could the bankrupt subsidiary of a bankrupt bank be holding enough money to buy China, actually a couple of times over.

    Doesn’t anyone ask questions? ML claims they are holding more money than exists, more than the Federal Reserve has every printed since its inception in 1913, in “bad securities,” some call them “toxic derivatives.”

    There is no evidence that this “money” or these “derivatives” ever existed, no evidence of where they came from, nobody bought them, no government issued them or regulatory entity ever authorized their issue.

    Here is the beginning of what we are finding out:

    The “bailout” wasn’t $700 billion but $7 trillion or more, money “lent” to the banks which they made huge profits out of.
    We know that congress never authorized this and the actions of the Federal Reserve in doing so were criminal acts requiring arrest, trials, incarceration, things like that.
    We now know this illegal “looting” that went on, made billions which were paid out to certain individuals, now estimated to be $13 billion, no taxes were paid, the money never went into banks, the money never even went into the United States.
    In fact, most of the “bailout” is not included on any list of our “national debt” or any legal transaction of our government at all. It was a private, “under the table” deal cut between individuals, not really banks at all, and a group of individuals best described as what they are, organized crime, who are allowed to do anything, no matter how illegal or damaging to America, because they are above any law.

    The official estimate for “money” stolen, the stuff Ratigan is talking about, is $1,450 trillion dollars, money in excess of all wealth on earth.

    It isn’t just America’s congress but the EU, Russia, China and Japan who are covering this up. What we want to know, as I ask again:

    Where is the money?
    Why was it stolen?
    What is the plan, world domination….

    Ratigan talks about “bought congress.” Here is who bought congress:

    The “Israel lobby” is the single biggest holder of financial leverage on congress with a continual agenda involving support of a) Protecting financial criminals, b) Staying at war continually,” c) Laundering foreign aid to Israel back to the US in the form of bribes to congress, a form of “pump priming.”
    Drug cartels: $100 billion per year, 80% from Afghanistan, some from Mexico, is pared down to about $2 billion in election financing laundered through “corporations” now allowed unlimited and unaudited political contributionshttp://www.parenting-healthy-children.com/News3.html

  21. Lots of questions:

    1. Japan stole hundreds of thousands of gold from China and other Asian countries in WW2.
    US got part of it.
    In 1930’s Dragon families gave their gold to US to protect them from Japan. And got treasure bonds worth trillions of dollars. Those bonds can’t be replaced with anything.
    US might have gold coming from gold rush and other historical sources.
    US might have took advantage of reserve currency and bought gold from other countries.
    So, US or elites controlling US might have around a million ton of gold.

    So when the world goes back to the gold standard gold will become more expensive, but bad guys
    will win.
    Jim Willie says, US has no gold. How do we know.

    US is stealing Canadian gold, Libyan gold, Saudi gold, Ukraine gold, Iraq gold, etc, but
    maybe this is not happening because of desparation. Maybe before going to the gold standard, US is trying to make those countries poor.

    Gold price is dropping. It is well known that this price drop is artificial. But maybe when gold was climbing toward 2011 peak it was also being manipulated, but possibly upwards.

    When gold price goes up, purchasing value of paper money will drop. So most people will
    become poor instantly, while gold holders will become slightly or considerably richer.
    What is good about this?

    There is a 2 quadrillion derivatives, but maybe most of it was invented just for manipulation, money staying in derivative form may never need to circulate. So collapsing fed owned derivatives won’t affect anything.

    Gold price is dropping; are we sure western elites are dropping it? Can’t it be China?
    China might have convinced the west that if gold price remains for a while, they can do some favor to US.

    If silver will become 10 times more valuable soon, why are some companies are trying to sell silver to get dollars which are junk!?

    Gold price will drop and dollar will rise, until the collapse; so isn;t it better just
    to keep dollars and other currencies, and taking advantage of fluctiations, and just before collapse turn them into physical metals.

    Do Aliens really exist on earth? JW, BF, KH seem to believe that this is the case.
    In my opinion this claim hurts credibility of each.

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