willieMany analyst writers choose the Black Swan analogy to describe deeply ominous events in progress, with little forward notice. The analogy simply does not fit anymore, as an armada of black swans is more appropriate, spotted on regular and frequent sightings.
The US financial fortress died in September 2008
The Grand Paradigm Shift is in progress. My sources indicate that 5000 metric tons of Gold bullion moved from London to points East between April and July 2012. The flow eastward never stopped. The pace has continued. The Gold bullion continues to be shipped in enormous staggering volume.
The agreements have already been made on the new Gold Trade Settlement system with its newly imposed Gold Trade Standard. They have agreed on a $7000/oz gold price, with a similarly exalted silver price of at least $250/oz.
Decisions have been made final. The implementation is slow but steady.
The game is over. The King Dollar is dead.

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By Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com

Many analyst writers choose the Black Swan analogy to describe deeply ominous events in progress, with little forward notice. The analogy simply does not fit anymore, as an armada of black swans is more appropriate, spotted on regular and frequent sightings. The Jackass preference is to describe a series of major cracks in the financial fortress that defends the USDollar system and its decrepit USTreasury Bond shuttle buggy. The vehicle is overloaded with supply and bereft of investors, upheld by a printing press, explained by pure heresy. Its derivative coil on the undercarriage axel system is broken from the overdone leverage and hidden machinations. The integrity of the USD/USTB brand name was cast off the American coat of arms along with the Lehman Brothers killing to save Goldman Sachs, the adoption of Fannie Mae to conceal the fraud, and the AIG to contain the derivative payouts. The October Hat Trick Letter explains the Wall Street saga behind the scenes on the GSax rescue, managed by the USDept Treasury office. The US financial fortress died in September 2008, when the Jackass made the USGovt debt default forecast. What has happened in the following long five years has been an incredibly prolonged and desperate attempt, its creativity recognized, to extend life support to a corpse beset by necrosis and sclerosis, whose blood has turned toxic, lacking any oxygen (capital). The US nation has lost its way, no longer capable of comprehending capitalism. Its policy initiatives actively destroy precious capital on the banker altar, celebrating the dark side with celebrations of fire. The emaciated body economic is being prepared to be handled by the JPMorgue for processing.


Poorly informed foreign observers have a very difficult time coming to grips with the death of the King Dollar. It is pushed by far worse than a Zombie Mule Team. Its USD/USTB team is a marauding killer of banking systems, destroyer of capital, and wrecking ball of economies. The legitimacy of the global reserve currency is not found in a proper seal or exotic filament or ornate watermarks. It is found in a valid foundation in gold reserve, a sound economy on firm foundation, and a management team upholding integrity. The USDollar and USTreasury Bond has none of the above. It is the abused currency with bond vehicle exploited by a criminal banking organization whose roots are the same as the nazis. Credit goes to their ilk for better concealment of their identity and family bloodline. Their signature is stolen gold, bond fraud, war and genocide, with a penchant for control as a chaser.


Some readers might believe that my public warnings are exaggerated, as a national condition is described with hyperbole. Not so, Cabo!! The American citizens have seen their home equity largely depleted, long regarded as their inflation hedge. Now they have none. The same citizens have seen their pension plans largely depleted, long depended upon for future retirement income. The same citizens have seen their Social Security Trust Fund ransacked, long depended upon for basic future financial support. The same citizens have been treated like criminals for association with Occupy Wall Street, the billyclub wielded by the FBI. The same citizens have been subjected to a long list of Executive Decrees, which gut their civil liberties and bill of rights, long regarded as the bastion of freedoms. The same citizens have been victimized by banker fraud, protected by the Too Big To Fail mantra. The same citizens have been exploited by the military industrial complex in predatory wars and narcotics vertically integrated business, their bodies mere cannon fodder, their coffins filled with heroin, the suicide rate extreme among soldiers due to stress and rape. The same citizens were recently exposed to false flag events in Syria, where the chemical weapon perpetrator is a US ally with home on the Persian Gulf. The same citizens are now exposed to chemtrail toxic atmospheric lacing and Pacific radiation, thus the air and water gradually unfit for habitation and nourishment. So conclude the exaggerations are perhaps on target. Beware the Warsaw Factor mixed with the Stockholm Syndrome, which will not be explained. Do the research. The safety valves are gold & silver ownership and a ticket off the USS Titanic. The golden lifeboats are in short supply. Actually they have been in short supply for two years, their shortage more acute with each passing month.


The USD/USTB brand is dead. The big questions that remain are 1) how the brand will be declared dead, 2) what new currencies will appear with proper asset backing, 3) what form the Gold Standard will return, and 4) whether its criminal helm will face prosecution for fraud, counterfeit, sweetheart loans, and money laundering. The answers are slowing being revealed. But before making conclusions on these key overarching questions, consider the cracks in the financial fortress. Each alone is devastating, but together they describe a wrecked castle that is fast crumbling, the fallout victims to be legions. The world has not only begun to notice, but rather made plans to defend from the fallout. The National Socialist bankers will not go quietly into the night. They will steal everything in their path with full impunity. They will continue to wreck the planetary integrity. They will continue to construct their underground cities. They will continue to wage wars both for supply line preservation and for obstruction of progress toward alternative pathways. The blowback has been impressive and far reaching. The prestige of the US nation is gone. The reputation of the King Dollar is gone. The beacon of capitalism is gone. What remains is the details of the collapse, the fallout from the impact, the extent of the resulting craters. As the USD/USTB brand fades away, the Third World awaits the once great nation. The price inflation, supply shortages, and civil disorder will echo the financial criminality, the vacated wealth, and the aggressive war stance, as severe hardship and massive disruption is guaranteed.



Many are the big ugly wild cards. Note the Afghan heroin industry and distribution across the NATO bases, the clearinghouse functions managed by JPMorguen via the Iraqi Export Bank in Baghdad. Note the pilfered US Gold reserves from Fort Knox by the Clinton-Rubin Admin, both revered men. Note the staged events on 910+1, complete with hidden coup d’etat. Note the Snowden files to reveal criminal deeds at the US Helm, the man labeled a traitor. The defensive tactics have turned more desperate and often border on the edge of amusing. In 2002, certain officers who attempted to reveal the sequence of events and the culpable parties from the big event the previous year were smeared with child pornography accusations. Memories fade. Few recall the Anthrax threat to the Congressional ventilation systems just before the Patriot Act passage, the threat as courtesy by the FBI. In general, the opponents to the fascist core axis are declared terrorists. The accusers are nazis deeply engaged in financial terror, war crimes, bond fraud on $trillion scale, central bank gold thefts, bond counterfeit, theft of large funds, murder to defend the fortress, with a cake that bears treason as icing.


The last three US Presidents have refused to submit to the USCongress their medical records, as required by law. The details of their narcotics addiction would not sit well with the American public or even naive Congressional members. Authority might not be followed. The world is watching. The world has identified the problem. The world has fingered the USDollar as the toxic paper, the USTBond as the acid element in their banking systems, and the US Bankers as the criminals in the room. The nations of the world have made grand strides in rallying behind China & Russia. The former has made a direct challenge to the US in global financial leadership. The latter has been making direct challenge to the US in global military leadership. The swing vote lies with the Saudis, who always hide behind daddy’s cape, whatever nation will provide them cover for their multi-$billion thefts of national resources with pacification via bond recycling.


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The Saudis find themselves alienated from their US protector. They find themselves at friction-filled odds with Russia. They will find some measure of safe haven behind the Chinese cape. The Saudis are busily making their pivot to China. Note the large petro-chemical project begun last year near the Red Sea. The entire Arab Spring movement is a direct assault upon the Arab world, whose nations one after the other are run by autocrats better described as benevolent dictators. The USGovt strategy to spread democracy is intended to disrupt the royals sitting upon peacock thrones, as much as to dislodge valuable resources. In North Africa the objective was to derail the planned European development with new industries, equipped with roll-off port facilities, run by cheaper skilled Arab labor. In the rest of the Arab MidEast, the objective has been to let loose a band of Keystone Cops that unseat the House of Saud itself in a most bizarre sequence of events. The overthrow of Mosni in Egypt required a huge financial assist by the Saudis, hardly a team effort with the Obama Admin clown show. The retreat from Syria has angered the Saudi Royal family in unspeakable terms. They have responded by threatening the shutdown of US Embassies in Saudi Arabia. Hidden in the many conflicts are the Pipeline Politics, which the USGovt cannot afford to reveal. Doing so would make crystal clear its ulterior motives, its weakened position, and the rise of the Natural Gas Coop led by the Russian Gazprom giant. Revealing the fading power of OPEC as the Saudi weapon to enforce the King Dollar scepter would accelerate the Dollar Alternative movement led by the Eastern Alliance. The Syrian War was all about blocking the completion of the Shiite Gas Pipeline from Iran. The US could not stop the Iran-Pakistani Gas Pipeline. The weakness of the USDollar will be made evident by the strangle of natural gas pipelines, mostly run by Gazprom. The US lost the Pipeline Wars to Russia long ago.


The Western population is slowly coming to grips with the rise of the Shiite majority in Iraq. Yes, the United States lost the Iraqi War. Yes, the United States will soon have lost the Afghan War, except for the heroin booty. Valued at over $800 billion in narco profit annually, it has been the big prize on the battlefield supported by soldier blood & guts. At an estimated $6 trillion all-in war cost, thank the Bush II Admin for another folly that equals one third of the national debt. The great turning point for the Global Dollar Politics lies in the massive changes underway with the Petro-Dollar. The Saudis urgently seek a new protector for the Persian Gulf. It will be China to wear the cape. The Saudis will soon announce acceptance for oil payments in Euro terms, in Yen terms, in British Pound terms, and most important in Chinese Yuan terms. The effect will be felt like a gigantic crash impact of a 7-story building hitting the ground, marking the Death of the Petro-Dollar. It has served as the foundation for the USDollar for 40 years, since the Arab 1973 Embargo. The resolution involved a grand pact, engineered by Kissinger. It called for recycling Arab Oil Surplus into USTreasury Bonds, used to fill the many national banking systems across the world. The unraveling of the Petro-Dollar standard will bring about colossal reformation of the many national banking systems. They will ditch the USTBonds in favor of a mix of Chinese Yuan and Gold bullion. Later the same Yuan will become partially gold-backed. Game over for the King Dollar!



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The global resistance movement is accelerating with tremendous speed. Back in 2009, the Jackass stated that the first nations to depart the USDollar system would emerge as the leaders of the Next Chapter for the New Paradigm. The warning was that nations would find themselves in an urgent situation whereby maintaining the current USD/USTB system would bring about a death of their currency, bonds, banks, and economies. Conforming and adhering to the King Dollar allegiance would be a death sentence. In the last few months, since the retreat from the Taper Talk by the USFed, since the full outward adoption of QE to Infinity and ZIRP Forever, the world has come to conclude that the Reign of the King Dollar is over. They are noticing the collapse of the current system, due to continued hyper monetary inflation and full dependence on phony money, complete with amplified dispensation to the banker elite.


Alternatives to the USDollar are well along in design, approaching implementation for commerce, wherein the Gold Trade Standard will be installed. The impact waves will be powerful, sweeping aside the fiat paper currencies and their flimsy sovereign bond reinforcement, an implied foundation of debt. Never can a monetary system rest upon a debt foundation without a near complete destruction of capitalist systems. The hyper monetary inflation that has emerged as consensus central bank policy has resulted in global capital destruction, due to rising cost structure, a direct consequence of chronic monetary inflation of the exported variety. Monetary inflation kills capital. Exported monetary inflation kills foreign capital. The Jackass has challenged the clueless cast of economist hacks to rebuttal, but not a word has come. The QE to Infinity policy, with its rancid wreckage from ruinous bond monetization, is the epitome of capital destruction. The Keynesian School has presided over a ravaged field. The Von Mises School of sound money, of asset backed monetary systems, or Gold reinforced trade systems, will take over from the mad professors, the criminal bankers, and the narco dripped militarist hands.



It seemed like a comedy, a bad joke. The Obama Admin appeared to intentionally force a shutdown of the USGovt, even if temporary. An element of farce and lunacy prevailed. Black Swans were spotted swimming around the White House moat. The shutdown actually cost more than it saved, due to startup re-initializations of queer systems. From a perspective 3000 miles (5000 kms) south, the entire sequence of events appeared orchestrated by a hidden hand, to satisfy an ulterior motive, even to conduct a strange test. As the world watched in dismay and horror, the USGovt did shut down many offices and ports and parks. The incompetence of the political bodies was laid bare for all to see, the usual battle of entitlements versus taxes on the main. It was the socialists versus the communists actually, which never results in compromise. See history with Hitler versus Stalin. Sorry, forgot that Americans do not read history, study history, or learn from history. Evidence is the revered Weimar Printing Press usage, the adulation from financial market dependence, the taxation to oblivion, the repeat of the British folly and Soviet folly in Aghanistan.
The USGovt shutdown offered an unusual glimpse, much like a trial balloon, to test the reaction across the world. It was like the captain of the USS WhiteHorrHouse taking initial measures to scuttle the ship, just to see if anyone would jump in reaction, or retreat in horror, or notice at all. The Jackass gut tells me that the Chinese ordered the temporary shutdown in order to fine tune with delicate calibration many specific systems, which required a legal default on the books, although temporary. They wanted to conduct a test, to determine the reaction within the most complex financial contraption ever devised by man, the USTreasury Bond market. Its tentacles include the USTBond futures, the TNX options, the Interest Rate Swap contracts, the derivatives from the REMICs, the USAgency Bonds, the FOREX swaps, the Social Security Trust Fund, all coming under the Exchange Stabilization Fund umbrella. Nobody can adequately predict the effects within such a complex obscene twisted system built by mad professors and criminal minds, replete with back doors for presidential thefts. So the Chinese ordered a test. My joke recently has been that China lacks rainwater, no longer a secret. They have dried rivers that used to supply Beijing its water. Their arid land does not receive adequate rainfall. So China plans to convert its USTBonds and USAgency Bonds into water, by calling on their amplified liquidity characteristics.



A trial run for default could very possibly have been staged. The critical point of fracture and breakdown lies in the REPO Market. It is little known, little followed, and little understood. It serves as the vast overnight liquidity supply engine. Bear in mind that insolvency plus illiquidity equals bankruptcy. Translate to mean that the many important insolvent systems (big banks, government debt finance), if subjected to a sudden bout of liquidity halt, would be quickly thrust into a situation where failure and bankruptcy could result. The critical REPO Market suffered seizures in September, as the USTreasury Bond found itself not acceptable as collateral, from a legal standpoint, due to the temporary shutdown. The USTBond was all of a sudden a defaulted bond, not worthy of collateral for the overnight loans. So much for pristine paper. The trials in violent events have resulted in actual events, done by the guardians as my suspicion. The October Hat Trick Letter offered details on the complex situation, a trickle down sequence of wrecked systems.


The objective might be to arrange for a vast centrifuge operated by the US Federal Reserve, to dispense USDollars in cash redemption for USTBills, orchestrated by Chinese hands, mainly for their benefit. Operation Twist enabled the Chinese to swap out of long-term USTBonds in favor of short-term USTBills. Now they want out of them too. Witness the upcoming USD/ USTB/ REPO sequential default centrifuge. The USFed is not in a position to prevent it. The USDept Treasury is not in a position to stop it. The REPO Market forces it. The Chinese might be orchestrating it, pulling levers, ordering actions, making phone calls, throwing their weight around. Their greater plan could be to cause the USGovt debt default and to force a regime change. Better described, they wish for a dismantle of the current form of the USGovt and its mis-Representative bodies. My best source has informed me that the Chinese Govt has already put in place a plan to write down $1 trillion in USGovt debt securities. Big changes are coming. The REPO Market might serve as the trigger device. The Chinese will then force a double in the Gold Price, which would bring them $1 trillion in like-sized profit. Think Reset. Their gold hoard is an order of magnitude greater than reported officially.



A few months ago, a strange story hit the press on JPMorguen taking steps to exit from the commodities business. It was given minor weight. Back in May 2012, the venerable broken JPMorguen CIO control room revealed astounding derivative losses. Obviously they lied on the details, and deflected the blame. It was not from FOREX trades linked to Southern European sovereign bonds, which all improved over the previous three months (by the way). The outsized losses, probably ten times larger than admitted, were linked to the fast rise in the 10-year USTreasurys. The interest rate derivatives were in the process of breaking down badly. The London Whale loss was the signal. The mainstream press enjoys distorting the news, but the Jackass prefers to report it and to interpret it.


The Saga of the JPM Funeral is ongoing and unstoppable. The casket is prepared. The old man is dead on the floor. The quick move from 1.65% on the TNX in May to 2.95% in September was sufficient to wreck the entire Interest Rate Swap derivative structure, kit & kaboodle. No minced words here, IRSwap structure dead and destroyed, barely limping along. The added piece of evidence to support the claim was the September event whereby the USFed led a round robin of flash trading to overbid the USTBond with the collusion of Wall Street banks. They might not have been eager to comply, but they were forced to do so. If the Interest Rate Swap machinery still functioned, there would have been no need to resort to such obvious tactics in the open, in full view. The IRSwap machinery that serves as the flying buttress to the USTreasury Bond Tower of Babel is broken. Big movements up or down in the TNX, the 10-year bond yield, are capable of wrecking the delicate extremely high leveraged derivative apparatus. It is managed by the Exchange Stabilization Fund under the USDept Treasury aegis, with JPMorguen CIO operational management. The exacerbation has come from the Big US Banks reversing their bond carry trade, which has badly depleted their capital. The capital is urgently needed to defend the USTreasury Bond Tower, and to supply the Interest Rate Swap derivative machinery. The capital is gone. They lack liquidity and are insolvent. Death awaits.


The final evidence of a wrecked House of Morguen is the massive property sale for a meager $725 million. David Rockefeller would roll over in his grave, except that he still breathes among the Satanic warm bodies, soon destined for the worms and nether world. His JPMorguen iconic former headquarters at One Chase Manhattan Plaza was sold for a measly $725 million, which deserves repeating. The tower itself is worth twice that figure, in a healthy market that fetches true value. One must wonder if the sweet deal is in return for a truckload of toxic USTreasury Bonds wrapped in a package deal. The same JPM HQ location is the property complex that houses their commercial gold vault. It is the largest vault in the world. One Chase Manhattan Plaza combines three main components: a 60-story tower, a 2.5 acre plaza, and a 6-story base, of which five floors are beneath grade (underground). Excavations, said to be the most extensive in New York City history, reached a depth of 90 feet during its construction long ago. The construction is ornate and elaborate, featuring white Italian marble travertine, and fortified to withstand both a nuclear attack and a massive flood. The L-shaped plaza levels the sloping site and conceals six floors of operations, which includes an auditorium and the bank vault. The motives for sale to a Chinese property conglomerate remain shrouded in mystery.


China just acquired the building that houses the world’s largest gold vault. Contrast with the frenetic Chinese gold imports in the last several months from Hong Kong, totaling 2000 metric tons in the past two years. Conclude possibly that China has decided it will no longer settle for domestically held gold and has begun to expand its global vault facilities, kind of like golden colonies or outposts, better yet arsenals and armories. The acquisition is an important step in the Grand Paradigm Shift of power moving from West to East. To put it in military terms, the Chinese just established a beach head in South Manhattan. It is more than a beach head. They took control of the USFed Operational HQ. Game over!! The USFed just surrendered!! The last people to know will be Americans. Word will filter through Wall Street. Watch the Wall Street investment banks soon announce the news of Chinese Govt debt being sold on US soil, just like in London. The whores of Manhattan can pivot and salute the Eastern master. The Chinese have captured the flag, by acquiring under duress the trophy tower. May John Pierpoint Morgan roll over in his two-timing grave also, an efficient agent for the Bank of England in the recapture of the US Colony a century ago.



Ever since the late 2008 events of financial firm collapse, the Big Banks lashed themselves together. Not just the New York banks, but the London banks and even the Western European banks like big German, Dutch, and French banks. If any one big Western bank fails, they will all suffer a failure event. There is security in numbers, which lashing does accomplish. The term comes from old ships at sea, which prevented sailors from being thrust overboard during stormy seas. They would tie themselves together with other sailors around the waist, then tie the ropes to the ship masts. In today’s financial stormy seas, the big banks are being rocked by insolvency, and rocked by impaired sovereign bonds, and rocked by interest rate derivative losses, and rocked by reversed carry trade losses, and rocked by legal challenges with court settlements, and rocked by departure of wise client funds, and rocked by damaged prestige. Their insolvency owes to profound losses in their portfolios of bonds and loans. Their illiquidity owes to sudden massive derivative losses. They are also being forced to comply with harsh Basel III Rules on maintaining sufficient capital. Again, insolvency plus illiquidity equals bankruptcy and failure. Finally the Big US Banks are insolvent and suddenly illiquid. Thus the JPMorguen prize property sale, to raise cash, and to wipe away bad paper.


The Big US Banks have begun to announce capital controls. It started with JPMorguen on client accounts, limiting their withdrawals and limiting wire transfer activity. The practice has recently spread to other big banks, following in the JPM lead. Shadow banking has come to the fore to show its ugly head. Clearly, such a capital control policy would not be necessary if the big banks had sufficient capital and sufficient liquidity. They have neither.



All the signals point to the same conclusion. The system is breaking down. The towers are falling. The paper mache structures have withered. The derivative machinery has been jammed. The confidence in the paper based system has vaporized. Nobody can foretell when the new system will arrive, but its description can be offered in rough terms. It will be from a Global Currency Reset, with a vast redemption of USTreasurys, a lost USDollar global currency reserve, and discredited sovereign bond backbone for all major currencies. It will feature a Gold Trade Standard, with trade settled on a net basis with gold bullion, supported by gold intermediary bankers. It will rely upon Gold Trade Notes that serve as Letters of Credit. It will see a massive Gold Trade Central Bank, whose embryonic form is noted in the BRICS Bank. Expect the bank to function as a processing plant at a later date, to convert USTBonds into Gold bullion. The same bank will process UKGilts, EuroBonds, and JapGovtBonds into Gold Bullion. The de-centralized system will be trade based, not bank based. Trade rules will dictate banking rules, to displace the Anglo banker hegemony. The New York and London offices, even the Swiss offices, will attempt to continue their sabotage. But they can only win delays. See the tactics exerted upon the G-20 Meetings. The BRICS initiatives and formal progress are led by Russia & China. They cannot be stopped, mainly because they attempt survival by establishing the next chapter’s architecture.


The Grand Paradigm Shift is in progress. My sources indicate that the 5000 metric tons of Gold bullion moved from London to points East between April and July 2012. The flow eastward never stopped. The pace has continued. The Gold bullion continues to be shipped in enormous staggering volume. The Gold Community has only a rudimentary comprehension of what is happening in the clandestine shipment of gold. The pillars of the community seem either unaware or unwilling to report anything but the supersized Chinese purchases through the Hong Kong window, the Indian demand, and the Turkish demand. My belief is they lack insider contacts on the phenomenon movement of gold by the White Dragon Family and their Triad escorts. The agreements have already been made on the new Gold Trade Settlement system with its newly imposed Gold Trade Standard. They have agreed on a $7000/oz gold price, with a similarly exalted silver price of at least $250/oz. Decisions have been made final. The implementation is slow but steady. The game is over. The King Dollar is dead. All that remains is the funeral, the war in its wake, and the retaliation from the Satanic fortress and its legion of diabolical subjects.


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From subscribers and readers:

At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

(Charles in New Mexico)

“I commend the Jackass for being the most accurate of all newsletter writers. Others called for the big move in Gold right away, but you understand that the enormous fraud in the system needs to play out before free market forces can begin to assert themselves. You seem to have the best sources and insights into the soap opera that is our global financial system. Most importantly, you have advised readers to be patient, stay safe, and avoid mining shares like the plague. Calling the top in the USTreasury Bond (10-yr yield at 1.4% yield) stands out as a recent fine accomplishment. The Jackass understands the markets, understands the fraud, and also has the sources to keep him the most up-to-date on the big geopolitical and financial events and scandals. Few or no other writers have all three of these resources.”

(Austin in California)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at  www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]

    • so, JS has a jewish banking family that was once a peer to the Rothchilds.  BFD.
      this youthful idealism that we will have a PM hero arise from nowhere, with no inside connections who will give us the truth is nonsense.  also, projected in this video is a jealous antagonism: silver v gold. those who would support gold, it is intimated, are the old guard that must be overthrown. now is the time they proclaim, to battle back at gold with our mighty silver sword.  these dreamers would prefer silver priced higher than gold.  ain’t gonna happen.  china and the rest of the world are buying and hoarding gold for the price reset, but they are also buying silver.  not so much for the reset, but for the massive industrial uses silver has that gold does not, so what’s the problem?  dr willie is predicting gold to go up about 5 or 6 times its present value, while silver goes up 10 fold, and still the silver guys grumble. 

    • Duane may have over-stepped with this one. Why all the competition? Jeez, they both (or should I say all) have something of value to offer in the coming times.
      Other than educating some of us on Sinclair’s background (which I really do hope he has put behind him), the video was petty and pointless.

    • Posted my scathing rebuttal to this “hatchet job” on his site, but something tells me he’s not nearly man enough to post it and expose his ignorance to he fawning sheep… nothing offensive, just a few facts about who JS is… and who SS is not…lol
      The Jackass is always a great read but he seems to have confused the Shutdown (which happened) with the Fiscal Cliff (which did not) in this one… still enjoyed it though!

    • to truther let me be as charitable as I can and say that if you want to mindlessly bloviate, do it in a stand alone comment. I merely found it interesting that after noticing ( as a then uneducated noob stacker ) Sinclair’s OBVIOUS ACRIMONY towards silver years later we perhaps see where it is rooted in.
      Call me traditional, but if I was a child of privilege with a notable father I’d probably have his last name. I am the child of a not famous father and I have his name. The fact that his direct lineage was mentioned as the rothschilds of america in my view is hardly something to gloss over. Not good or bad, but as Sinclair even echoes in his grandiose articles – certainly noteworthy.
      Finally noting your italicizing and making a point to mention jewish banking – if that is some sort of emotionally arrested passive aggressive way of calling someone an anti semite, then:

    • United States is NOT dead, but the Federal Reserve with its fractional reserve system is dying. Think out side the box & Gold and Silver will rise much higher than what is posted, but please understand, this is the death of central banks, not of a country. 197 countries are moving forward with the elimination of debt. More later

  1. The US Dollar is dead? Is that all you gleaned from the info your “sources” gave you, Jim? How about the sell out of freedom and justice for all to atheist communists? Try this Jim, if any of what you wrote is true, you and your family tree will be executed by the socialist marxist satanic left wingnuts, so there goes your portfolio and stack of PM’s. America is brain dead!…(not dead yet) according to your cowardly sources. and without a fight by you Jim and the PM porn peddlers that promulgate your bovine sewage. Oh well

    • Hey Thomas– You say the communists are atheists. In your next sentence you imply that socialists are satanic, meaning that they have something going on with satan. So the communists don’t believe in god but the socialists do, they’ve just decided to side with the devil. Could you be any more confused? To me, lovers of freedom,libertarians don’t believe in dictators, whether they reside in the sky or here on earth. The problem with statists is not their religion, it is that they’ve rejected individualism and freedom.

    • @hookshot
      The irony in your rebuttal is that you state Communists rejected individualism and freedom, which is incorrect, because Communism is CRONY and in fact a small group of ‘planners’ get all the easy chairs whilst everyone else builds useless roads to nowhere on their whim. Fascism and Communism are not actually that different when you peak deep into the public face paradigm that their propaganda creates.
       Statism is simply a system of overlordship that disintegrates with relation to time based on human nature (Greed). The Weath gap in the US is so obscene that you could say that the US has actually been Crony Communist for quite some time without ever having to officially announce it. The beginning of Communism and true Statism in the US was 1913 when the Fed Reserve and the IRS were created, the gap in between is just a technicality and based on each individuals own level of denial and ignorance.
      Thus your rebuke of Thomas’ obvious religious based suppositions is just as flawed.

    • Oh, Contrare’ – Speaking as a Pro-Constitutionalist, and American, and proponant of Freedom; I would like to point out the MAJOR DIFFERENCES! (Albeit a free society still has it’s corruption and flaws- that being said:)
      1. Communism – My future is planned out for me, im given a job, given pittance pay for it, and shut up about it, as im doing my part for society, and should be satisfied in that alone.
      B. Those ruling the Communist society live like kings because they are well connected, you as a peasant will NEVER ascend!
      C. Speak against the powers and DIE.  Not tomorrow, next week, no brake job, no hiding it- the MEN IN RED come to your house and pull you out- trying to ensure EVERYONE SEES IT. (to strike fear!)
      2. Democracy- A State of Representatives of the People, for the People. (REMOVE LOBBYING OR LIMIT ALL LOBBY TO ANNUAL MINIMUM WAGE EARNINGS)
      B A man in this society with WILL and FORTITUDE can CHANGE HIS STARS! How many actors, businessmen, entrepreneur’s, doctors, inventors etc. Start as nothing, come UP FROM NOTHING and live a greater life?!  Thats America baby! And I’m an example of it! I came from nothing, even had a rough teenage run, but became an Engineer through sacrifice and desire for something better in life!  In a Communist society I would have been born NOTHING and died NOTHING.

    • The Chinese were never really evangelized. They were not really exposed to the Judaic-Christianic paradigm. So really, they are more anti-god, with a small “g” for absolute control over their people and economic resources. They adopted Marxism without the Christian point of view as a desperate act to unify their nation, take control of the people and resources to repel further invasions from other nations. That is their brand of Communism. Recently, they not only have been “evangalized”, they have been given a seat at the table and a slice of the pie. European Marxist Communism is more anti-God…with malice. China now is part and parcel with European Marxism. Europe was Catholic as was Russia at one time. With me so far?

      Some background. Through the Judaic-Christianic paradigm the Diabolis was revealed. The Euro-American elites chose to follow the Evil One and crush the Church, first from frontal assaults, then schisms, finally from within the ranks. If you do not think the elite are behind the last 500 years of history, take a good look. The elite also use the known, mainly forgotten, powers of the Middle Plateau. You won’t find “middle plateau” in a Google search. See the Laws of Moses or the 613 Mitzvot for references against divination, trances, contact with the dead, and incantations to name a few. Throw in contact with extra-terrestial Demons of Satan, we get the former mixed with the technology from the latter. It is written that Lucifer, Satan, the Devil is also the Prince of flight whose domain is the first and second heaven. If you can not digest aliens or their true beginnings, too bad. The only plausible explanation for “ET’s” is they are manufactured life support systems possessed by demon spirits. The Arch-Angels are that smart…and Satan is a fallen Arch-Angel who had lots of time, knowledge, and a universe to try to mimic The Creator, enough to fool us in accepting “intelligent life” is out there with no real explanation other than they do exist. Such is man’s heart hardened against the Christian narrative. Satan hates humans. The fallen angels desire to be God. Humans, space, materials, the known laws of science are being used to destroy humanity and the Holy Trinity. Tough to digest all this? Get a grip. This is what really is going on. Some men have taken sides which we can describe as the current assholes trying to destroy America, Christianity, and rule the planet. Not that easy. We are all fodder to the Evil One.

      Our scholastics conveniently shut out known scientific discoveries as well as expounding an anti-God curriculum, such as Darwinism, to destroy our minds and hearts with false science and anti-God teachings. American atheists are anti-God and pro-Satan, as compared to the paganism of past cultures, whether they agree or not. They are supporting the elite and Satan. Satanism is a known and well documented religion, a “theorum” defining God’s existence. Islam, a false derivative of the Judaic-Christianic revelations, is a violent affront to any religion as well as an affront to the elite’s plans for total world domination. Muslims are being liberalized and crushed as we speak. Saudi Arabia is the last gasp in Islam’s defense. They already lost to Marxism, just a matter of time.

      The problem with modern American Libertarianism is their disconnect to our Bill of Rights and Magna Carta. The foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot was inspired by Pope Innocent III’s insistence of his dictatorial rights to him over King John, and King John’s insistance of his dictatorial rights over the barons. I am Catholic, however, I can see the flaws of man in the governing of the Institution of the Church. The Pope “annulled” the Magna Carta to preserve his false perception of the Church’s role. In other words, in every known institution governed by men or women there is corruption. It is the Magna Carta that places our God given inalienable rights over despots and tyranny, having been put on paper, forming the basis of Common Law within Natural Law. The Laws of Nature, according to St Thomas, is the rational creature’s participation in the Eternal Law. Libertarianism without God is a derivative of Marxism which was and is anti-God. Love is the answer. Love is the basis of the entire New Testament. These days, the Vatican has been over run by insiders masquerading as clergy. Historical events without checks and balances are routinely manipulated by the moneyed interests…has been, is, and will always be the case. They just have not figured out, or maybe they have, whom they actually worship and work for.

      Please do not misinterpret my allegiance. The Church’s foundation, the Church’s salvific mission, and the assurance the Gates of Hell will not prevail still holds. Just trying to understand the politics of world affairs as you are…with a world view often not spoken of. Ok, so I do have the balls to say it.

    • @Shamus001
      I take your points and I agree with you right up until you said;
      >>>B A man in this society with WILL and FORTITUDE can CHANGE HIS STARS! How many actors, businessmen, entrepreneur’s, doctors, inventors etc. Start as nothing, come UP FROM NOTHING and live a greater life?!  Thats America baby! And I’m an example of it! I came from nothing, even had a rough teenage run, but became an Engineer through sacrifice and desire for something better in life!  In a Communist society I would have been born NOTHING and died NOTHING.
      You are obviously not a Gen-X or Gen-Y that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth (ie, Daddies start up capital), because that wonderful world of opportunity has and is more and more being turned into that Communist nightmare for many Americans.
      I agree that there are obviously vast differences in the immediate effect of the political purge and shock therapy that initiates every Communist Revolution … the US is perhaps the slowest Communist Revolution ever, it has been the incremental method for 100 years now, so at least it says something for the strength of the Constitutional system that was begun in 1776, but at the end of the day the Commie bastard Social-Capitalist TBTF will have their Communism, and all those points you made about Communist tyranny WILL come to be in the USA… but Gay Marriage will be legal as a sweetener to prove that it was ‘progressive’ and thus a more ‘positive’ tyranny for the cafe latte sipping city crowds of useless drones.
      The Bolshevik Revolution, Mao, and Hitler all seem to have been supported by Wall Street Capital (see work of Antony Sutton), so at the end of the day I see Communism, Socialism and Fascism as an outgrowth of a form of Capitalism where the word Crony is the identifying and most important component that links them all, and Crony is a form of extreme individualism where the corrupt individual profits off of the rape and pillage of the many who are communalised slaves and fodder. When Timothy Geithner was Treasury Sec for instance he was the superior of the IRS but had payed no tax, and when he was pulled up on it he simply had to pay up and didn’t lose his position through hypocrisy or go to jail as anyone else would have, so the Law in the US is applied by people who have personally decided and also been verified by their peers to be above the Law. The Law is for little people only and the Barristocracy can protect the Perfected-Ones who walk above the clouds that shroud Middle Earth where the hobbits live.
      Plank 5 (of 10) of the Communist Manifesto;
      5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
      If you consider that the TBTF banks are in fact joint owners of the Fed and that this in fact makes them a single entity sharing a Monopoly over credit (Cartel) and that these Fed Owners control the large industrial companies and thus campaign donations of both the major parties and thus every elected official in enough of a majority to control a vast majority of talking heads in Washington and many of the States right up to the CEO of America Corp (aka, President of the USA) then I would say that the US system is only a finger click away from that snap Communist Revolution that every so called democracy fears, but as long as that Central Bank System still reigns supreme, the slavery that feeds the cronies is still just as effective, and if you simply consider the Families that own the large banks to be THE STATE (ie, The Cronies, the US polit bureau), then plank 5 of the Communist Manifesto is signed and sealed a long time ago, and now that the TBTF bailouts have been given the American Testicles have been removed, and the Republic has been castrated … the Second Amendment however is the only force that can recon that final switch to official Communism though, but the CEO of America Corp, the Kenyan Foreign National is working on that one for his owners.

  2. “King dollar is dead”   Really?, the dollar index trades over 80 today, the 10 year bond at 2.60%, if anything the dollar is starting to look like a best of the worst.   Watch out if the highly priced Euro starts to tank, now at 1.35, this paper could make the dollar look good down the road.

    • Paper currencies trade on a relative basis, and markets trade off of that relative basis.   So yes, the dollar could very well be the “best of the worst” for major currencies, that does make a difference down the road.
      You know what’s not funny, everyone in the PM sector misleading people that the US dollar is going to crash, not gonna happen.  Like all major currencies, it will be devalued down the road.
      Saying the dollar is dead is just nonsense, what’s the alternative?   The Euro?  I don’t think so.

    • What’s the alternative, zman asks? It matters not what the alternative is in the short term, in so far as fiat currencies are concerned. It’s essentially a race to the bottom.
      Jim Willie spells out quite succinctly what the alternative is in the long term. That’s all that should matter.

  3. King dollar is not dead yet.  It is on life support and can be kept there for a lot longer.  We got years to wait until silver hits 250 dollars/oz.  Mr Willie is a very good writer and he is trying to drum up subscribers with his prose.  A year from now, Mr Willie will be saying that the dollar is dead, blah blah blah.  Meanwhile, gold and silver stay range bound.  This is a waiting game that could go on for years. 

    • Good post.  It’s been my concern for some time that this crash just isn’t going to happen but instead a slow drawn out devaluing of the currency.  Remember the dollar and stock market was supposed:
      a. 2009 it was going to crash HARD.  Silver to $100 or $200 anytime.
      b. 2010 it was the death bed and would happen before year end.  Silver to $500.
      c. 2011 silver was guaranteed to blast off.  Dollar crash any month.  COMEX default imminent. 
      d. 2012 silver was guaranteed to easily take out $60 or $100 by year end.  Crash any quarter and just waiting to pull the plug.  COMEX default by October.
      e. 2013 silver was being suppressed but would break out by March or April going to new record highs and would eventually trade 1:1 parity with gold.  Instead it got drummed down to multi-year lows where it remains today.  Gold COMEX or JPM default easily within reach.
      I am just waiting on pins-and-needles waiting for the 2014 forecast.

    • well said PK. Clearly, the dollar still has value today, so what is JW talking about????? And, why does Dr Anonymous not make a comment on the obvious errors of this article???? Yes, it is ‘stunning’ how this programmer with a name chosen to remind us of male genitalia has such success getting reproduced on so many programming websites such as this one.
      What will happen is not primarily a dollar collapse, but a cataclysm of proportions beyond our imagination, PART of which will be a SECONDARY dollar collapse. There is symbolism all around us indicating what will happen, it is also in the book of Revelation. For those (like me) who don’t believe in god and need an expert to reveal all this symbolism, I recommend ‘The Groxt1’ on youtube … this guy is incredible and knows his bible, and is able to see these symbols in hieroglyphs, the bible, movies, adverts, logos and everything. Of course, this is all one big scam to fool us into thinking that it is God and the Devil doing it, along with other characters out of the bible, and spirits going into Obama, etc, … but it isn’t, it’s just one race of people who have set this up for a long time, and who pull the strings of this great deception and all their other deceptions, one of which is fiat money. And, the ‘stunning’ Jim Willie is having a good time being part of it.

    • Fiat currencies come and go, Charlie, as we all know.  It is quite possible that the USD will see multiple devaluations in the coming years.  This seems a lot more likely to be than any grand crash.  Whether by a 1-time crash or several devaluations, though, the end result will be the same. Invest in or hold fiat paper at your own risk.  If the only financial problem out there was inflation, that alone would still be sufficient reason to buy and hold PMs.  Add in all this other potential stuff and it is just icing on the cake.

  4. “Bear in mind that insolvency plus illiquidity equals bankruptcy. Translate to mean that the many important insolvent systems (big banks, government debt finance), if subjected to a sudden bout of liquidity halt, would be quickly thrust into a situation where failure and bankruptcy could result.”
    It is my thesis that when the system is broken, liquidity is irrelevant.  There is no amount of liquidity that can be added to a broken system that will “fix” it.  It cannot be fixed by adding liquidity to it, any more than a flat tire can be fixed by adding more air to it.  The CAUSE of the flat tire has to be fixed first and THEN air can be added to it.  In the case of the financial system, it is the derivatives that must be fixed before additional liquidity can have more than a very temporary effect on the financial system.  They are the holes in the bottom of the boat that must be repaired BEFORE bailing can have the desired effect.
    “The Chinese will then force a double in the Gold Price, which would bring them $1 trillion in like-sized profit. Think Reset. Their gold hoard is an order of magnitude greater than reported officially.”
    Of course it is!  Gold is a strategic material, the Chinese know that, and they would no more tell the world how much gold they have than they would tell us how much uranium they have.

    • @Ed_B  As long as China can acquire gold it is not to their advantage to do anything right now.  When the time comes when there is a real shortage in gold, not just a petty premium that Western dealers charge the Chinese for phyzz, thats when the problem comes around.  At that time it would be in the Chinese best interest to force the price of gold higher and to dump the Tbonds they own.  I don’t think anyone knows how much available gold is left for the Chinese to buy in the world.  If the Chinese get to the point where they could not source gold to buy, they could even force the US to sell the gold that is in Ft Knox to them.  They could just threaten to dump bonds if the gold is not sold to them.  Of course, that assumes that there is any there to sell to them.  As soon as China feels that they have enough gold be back up the yuan it is game over.  This is something that could take a few more years to pull off.  Until then, they are happy to sit back and allow the US suppress the price of gold all they want.

    • There is no such thing as “Karma”  Yey…Jim Willie is Full of shit….a million Vietnamese Dong can be bought a Million for a song….the gold backed former Iraq Dinar (plus silver backed /Dirham) in paper form can be placed in the thousands to our Yanqui Dollar, But there is a move a’foot to revalue them, give them their “Basel”….So now for one of my Famous “musical interludes” titled: Lest We Forget…And Now!! America the Special!! America the Leader of the free World!! America the KEEPER of the 1944 Bretton Woods Treaty to rebuild the War Torn Earth!!

    • “As long as China can acquire gold it is not to their advantage to do anything right now.  When the time comes when there is a real shortage in gold, not just a petty premium that Western dealers charge the Chinese for phyzz, thats when the problem comes around.”
      Agreed.  Even 18th century pirates knew to plunder the ship and THEN sink it, not the other way around.
      “If the Chinese get to the point where they could not source gold to buy, they could even force the US to sell the gold that is in Ft Knox to them.  They could just threaten to dump bonds if the gold is not sold to them.”
      Right… if, as you say, there is any of that left to sell.  Of course, it would be quite Commie-like to threaten to dump their bonds, win concessions, get all the gold they possibly can, and THEN dump the bonds anyway.  There must be a Chinese word that combines “sayonara” with “eat this, Yankee dogs!”… or something to that effect.  🙁
      “Until then, they are happy to sit back and allow the US suppress the price of gold all they want.”
      Yep.  Stackers everywhere are happy to buy at artificially low prices.

  5. Jim Willie states…”The agreements have already been made on the new Gold Trade Settlement system with its newly imposed Gold Trade Standard. They have agreed on a $7000/oz gold price, with a similarly exalted silver price of at least $250/oz. Decisions have been made final.”
    I would LOVE to see PROOF of this. Does anyone know where Mr Willie is getting this info or have a way to point us to the info? I, like all of you, would also LOVE to know WHEN!!

    • Hey sam520– I agree with you. Why would they agree to a $7000 gold price when the current spot price is $1316 and they are still accumulating gold? I don’t doubt that there is talk of a gold trade settlement system, but to say that they have agreed on a price of $7000 is ridiculous. It’s this kind of talk which makes me wonder if he really has any “inside contacts” at all.  I’ve noticed lately that other precious metal prognosticators are also talking about their “insider contacts”. Let’s face it, when we hear “insider contacts” we all pay attention.  How do we know his “insider” information is not a product of his imagination and desire to sell more newsletters?

    • “It will feature a Gold Trade Standard, with trade settled on a net basis with gold bullion, supported by gold intermediary bankers. It will rely upon Gold Trade Notes that serve as Letters of Credit. It will see a massive Gold Trade Central Bank, whose embryonic form is noted in the BRICS Bank.”
      This is exactly what I’m waiting for, to happen.
      Why $7000 ? and $250 ?
      Have you heard the phrase, “Buy low, sell high”
      When the game ends, and the Chinese have all the gold and silver they can
      possibly get their hands on.  They will go from world buyer to world seller (Probably
      limited selling).  It will take more and more worthless dollars to buy that ounce. 
      Also more and more worthless euros, yen and the rest that don’t have some PM
      backing to their fiat.
      So yeah, it all makes sense, and we SilverTards will become very wealthy from it all.

  6. Jim Willie is echoing what other analysts are saying. Sprott, Kaye, Leeb, Celente and a host of others. Naysayers need to do their homework. And whatever you think about Gerald Celente in the negative, you my friend are dead wrong.

  7. why all the hostility with dr willie?  I thought this was a pro PM site. 
    the system is indeed in its death throes.  did you not hear the brilliant interview a few days ago with Jim Sinclair?  he too says it is a done deal, that a price has been agreed to.  we are moving to a PM based system of exchange.  cheer up, stackers.  the fools that would like an exact date or expect their government to confirm any of this act like they’ve never seen an inside financial move that ends up screwing the average citizen.

    • Maybe they are experiencing cognitive dissonance with the information.  I read about it at some other website awhile back.   At the very least it is very sobering that the PRC now owns the Chase Manhattan building.  Kill the messenger…that kind of stuff.  

    • “just because one is pro PMs doesnt mean one must choose to be devoid of critical thought.”
      EXACTLY!  We are pro-PMs because we ARE rational, so critical thinking is the basis for our position.  
      There is a HUGE amount of info on the Internet these days.  Some of it is even true.  We are best served by being able to separate that which is true from that which is not.

    • sure, read between the lines, by all means use critical thought.  my point is that when someone like dr willie comes along and connects the dots in the manner he does we should be grateful.  who else even mentioned the Chase bldg going to the PRC?  it makes perfect sense though.  who else needs the biggest vault in the world except the guys with the most gold?  they might be using front companies, but the net result is still the same. 

    • “Pretty rich from someone who thinks climate change is a hoax.”
      Climate change is not a hoax.  Earth’s climate has changed MANY times in the past, sometimes drastically.  This can be proved scientifically and is not anyone’s opinion.  What IS opinion is that people are causing it.  There are no people on Mars, yet it too has had climate changes similar to but less drastic than Earth because its atmosphere is so thin.  Solar output is not constant.  It varies, sometimes considerably.  When it does, it either gets warmer or cooler on Earth.  There are cycles of this that have been measured.  Some of these are relatively short, such as those of 11-22 years.  Others are longer, sometimes much longer.  All can and do change the Earth’s climate.

  8. When the World has a “currency backed by Gold” there will be NO fluctuation in “price.” This is not about the Chinese it is about stability. The fact that the Saw Buck is goin’ down has nothing to do with any other nation. It has to do with the fact that A) The Saw Buck was originally backed by Gold 1.5g http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_United_States_dollar and then at Rooseveldt’s time up to $35 to the paper buck. Flash forward to a time that it is now and you can see the % of diff. Our beloved Silver oz. was once traded for a paper dollar. Then it went from one to 5 bucks which was a 500% difference. But to $22 + that would be either a 2200% rise or hey 2200% decline. Glass full? The underlying elephant in the room is the the Ame-Rican (banana republic) WORKER still sheds SWEAT at an even rate which has not diminished throughout the series of years and is CONSTANT. Now bring in workers from other countries with less moral/self value and measure the SWEAT and you would get a)the same smell b)the same quantity c) lower take home paper/plastic pay-off. So where is the fault? Bingo!! Respect for Self!!
    P.S. There is a huge back rooms deal going on right now and it includes intervention from “above” whereby the “powers that were” are being kindly asked to step to the rear. Take that intel as highly suspect but Remember one simple paradigm. There are…”Powers from Above.” And Gold is easy for them to acquire or so They say. All our fidjiting around is probably for naught.

  9. To: [email protected]
    From: So-called signatory on Federal Reserve System
    Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 16:54:23 -0400

     The FED, and Co, were suppose to receive a document from us at the beginning of last week, they will only get it tomorrow because one of their people again tried to change documents in another room when they were being legalized.
    I am sharing this with you because the people that claim to you, to be a signatory are not, they were only trustee’s. If they had the legal ability to do anything it would be on the Interbank screen’s.  I have mentioned to you on a few occasions that I have been on the Interbank screen’s for my compliance too, including three weeks ago and will again this week. This to verify that they did not try to change the documents on us again. Anyone with DTCC/Euroclear access can authenticate the compliance file by entering [code] This ONLY discloses the compliance file. As a professional you know you can only act with fact’s, not hearsay and conjecture. Enter any other name and put the AP after it and NOTHING happen’s????? 
    I am mentioning this to you so you are not lead down the wrong path, and I know you have the firepower to access the compliance file to help you clarify things for yourself. If you do this I will share with you the authorization I mentioned the other day, which will introduce you to more compliance, nothing more. We will not open asset screen’s for anyone until they follow proper protocol’s agreed to by the U.N. board of governors, FED board of governors, ECB board of governors, IMFboard of governors, WB board of governors, BIS and most of all the [Vatican]
    I may be here for another week since I have had to deliver certain documents. I reached out to you because we need people like you that stand their ground when it comes to law, yet true law. The world is about to go through a great change, a once in an eon event and we will have a short period in which to act in Honor, not dishonor.
    There is no need to respond to me, I just ask you to do your compliance. Because you are worth it!

    Very Best Regards
    So-called signatory on Federal Reserve System
    Hi Karen,
    This from a very researched FB colleague:
    So who controls the financial system? The Jesuits, Vatican through the Canon Law created Admiralty Law and later Uniform Commercial Code of 1933. 

    The highest Papal Orders control the financial system with Venetian merchant expertise. The Order of Malta, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and Opus Dei all have massive control over the wealth and monopoly illusion of the world. Some speak of the power of the Catholic Legatus organization when dealing with finance. 

    Take a look at the origins of this organization and you will notice it is linked with both Opus Dei and the Order of Malta. The founder of Legatus is an Order of Malta member called Tom Monaghan. The City of London is the power over the financial world aided by New York City, Frankfurt and soon Dubai. Eventually the financial system will be ruled from Dubai.

    The Jesuits utilized the Rothschild’s in an alliance simply to even up the odds to aid these Aragon Templars destroying the Holy See for suppressing their Order. The Aragon Templars had always desired to destroy the Holy See at this point in time as we see gradually today. 

    The fact that these most wicked soldiers were suppressed in 1773 didn’t go down too well at all. The Jesuits had a large amount of wealth from their South American Reductions left which needed guarding and protecting and this was the role of the Rothschild slaves under the Pallavicini family who have a base in Lazio, Italy the old home of the counter-Reformation war rooms at Villa Farnese the origins of The Pentagon today. You’ll note that the Rothschild are the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury. 

    The Rothschild’s only have the Bank of England because the Jesuit Order allowed this to happen. Britain was under the Jesuit thumb since the late 18th Century. The Cecil family became subordinate to the Jesuits no later than this and some would say the Cecil loyalties were lacking in the beginning of the 17th Century. This showed as King James I was bought into power over the son of Elizabeth Ist which came from the union of the Queen and Edward De Vere. 

    The Cecil family had the son of that union destroyed and killed, they fitted him up with charges of trying to remove the Monarchy when in fact he was trying to remove the Cecil family. The supposed Puritan-Christian Cecil family soon enough had the Geneva Bible 1560/99 destroyed and replaced with the King James Authorized 1611 Bible. That was the first phase of the destruction of Christianity and veiling of exposure of the Catholic Church. 

    All those wonderful footnotes and more removed from the public realm entirely. When the Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope in 1773 they used their covert power over England to have the Rothschild family guardian over the Jesuit South American reductions wealth. The Jesuits could not store this wealth in any Catholic banking house otherwise it would be stolen since the Order was to be destroyed. 

    This is one of the reasons the Jesuits have a stronghold in the United States as the suppression of the Order helped them hoodwink the Reformation Nations even further as you can imagine. Rothschild’s are part of the problem but not thee problem they are Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden of the Jesuit controlled Papacy.

    This control of the Bank of England through The Worshipful Company of Mercers is what controls the global economy. The U.S. economy is fully controlled by the Mercers and Bank of England and has been since 1868 onwards some might say since 1861 when America was turned into a corporation by Lincoln to try to pay off the Mercers for the Virginia Company of London debts for the original Settling of the region. 

    The Jesuits using both Privy Councilors Roundell Palmer and Edward Stanley had Lincoln’s death warrant signed and executed through the payment of Catholic, John Wilkes Booth through the Bank of Montreal based in Jesuit controlled Quebec. Wilkes was paid £60 for the assassination and he is an ancestor of Catholic, Cherie Blair the current wife of Knight of Malta, Tony Blair the Catholic crusading war criminal closely tied to the controllers of the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst the Nazi continuum and major drug trafficking operator for the House of Bourbon and The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries. 

    The City of London control the U.S. Economy through TheCityUK run by Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. TheCityUK controls the Exchange Stabilization Fund commanding the Federal Reserve of New York, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund the latter of which deals with the Nations bankrupted as of 1933. TheCityUK controls the U.S. Treasury which commands all three of those organizations through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. No different to how TheCityUK commands the economies of the Middle East through the Middle East Association fronted by Charles Hollis. 

    A powerful family connected to the City of London control of the United States is the Spring family who took over in the region from the Payseur family who were the French Royal family continuum after the French Revolution. That line is now divided between three other families less significant in the merchant realm to the Spring’s. Welcome to New World Order! 

    • Hi Karen, your cover story is not believable, and it is obvious you are a troll, and that ‘Karen Hudes’ is not your real name. ‘World Bank Whistleblower’??? 😀 

    • Honestly sounds like an episode from lord of the rings, the eye has told me to tell you all gold and silver dwarfs that we have till mid 2014 to accumulate as the prices won’t rise till then. Good luck with the precious my friends, and Karen enough with this bs I don’t give a sh!t if these morons run around in Jesuit robes spanking each others asses with olive branches. Get your sh!t together and fix this if you and others can and stop sounding like a nut job cause you sound like them. On a serious note – remember prices shall fall possible more, mid 2014 the train starts rolling, if this post has spelling or gramour errors thank my Chinese phone 

  10. Ed_B – “Even 18th century pirates knew to plunder the ship and THEN sink it, not the other way around.” I like that one……LOL
    And MaryB – ‘Obama has sold us out to the Chinese and the rest of the bankers pure and simple.” You can throw in congressBushClintonBushCarterKissingeradinfinitumetc. too, but they didn’t sell out to the chinese, they IS the chinese! How does that go? hungwonhi?

    • @BigTom
      Thanks.  I’m sure that if the ships that the pirates captured were salvageable, they did just that.  A fellow can always use another ship. Not good for the former crew and passengers, though… splash!

    • Agreed, UglyDog.  Great events have a way of playing out over time.  Seems as if the greater the event, the longer it remains on stage before the final curtain.

  11. My opinion on dollars. 
    They fold, spend and people still use them.  Until dollars don’t  operate as such and we resort to plan B, whatever that might be,  then please continuing using the specie of our enemies,  jailers, banksters and thugs. 
    On a side note, the Sons of bitches at the TSA stole my pistol shaped Kimber pepper spray going thru San Jose Airport.   I guess that shooting at LAW must have made them edgy. They need to be on edge.  The people are getting sick of the Airport Nazis.
    As for the Kimber, I will replace it with something that can be better  concealed. 
    As for the TSA, they need to be replaced.  Totally and completely.
    Who needs these f******.   That shooter was doing a civic service IMO 
    My wife and I are getting really tired of being patted, groped, prodded,ordered, irradiated, harrassed and fondled to keep us safe.
    SAFETY IS WAY OVER RATED.   We can handle our safety just fine, Ms. Gummint.  Keep your hands to yourself.

    • Ag – hey you made it. TSA how you explained it is why I have not flown overseas now for 6 years. Take my trips now on the harley and make them ‘extended’ at home here, but even that has a ‘caveat’ attached to it now. Cheers to the sun/fun/&sand in hawaii…..

    • @AGXIIK
      “They fold, spend and people still use them.  Until dollars don’t  operate as such and we resort to plan B, whatever that might be…”
      Indeed.  FRNs are a convenience because every business in the USA accepts them.  They are for spending, not saving.  Anyone wants to save some money, make it the gold and silver kind.  You put that in your safe for 20 years and when you open the safe it is ALL there… and not just the amount but the buying power as well.  Try that with fiat and 3/4 or more of it will be gone when you open the safe.  Oh, the FRNs are all there, surely, they just don’t buy nearly as much stuff.  Gold and silver do… always have, always will.  Those looking for a bit of permanence in this crazy world will find it with gold and silver… at least what there is of permanence hereabouts.
      “On a side note, the Sons of bitches at the TSA stole my pistol shaped Kimber pepper spray going thru San Jose Airport.”
      And this is a surprise because…?  These are the same dickheads who once stole my pocket fingernail clipper because it had a “blade” on it about an inch long for cleaning under the nails.  I thought to myself at the time that if some sorry SOB threatened me with such a “blade”, I would be terribly conflicted between laughing maniacally and stomping his guts out.  Hell, I just might do both.  lol  Lol  LOL  LOL!  Uh, sorry.  Got carried away there for a moment.  😉
      “The people are getting sick of the Airport Nazis.”
      Agreed.  Everyone reading this should do what my wife and I did.  We quit flying.  Thousands and thousands of our dollars will now not be going into airline coffers and all because of the jackbooted jackasses who infest airports these days.  If this situation ever changes, which I doubt, but IF it does, we will reconsider our position.  There are a number of places we would like to go but we do not NEED to go there.  The price is just too high and it has nothing to do with the dollar cost.
      Like insurance, most of us do not give this a second thought… UNTIL WE NEED IT.  Thing is, it is possible to provide safety without being asses about it.  The airlines are just too f***ing lazy to do it.  So be it.
      “TSA how you explained it is why I have not flown overseas now for 6 years.”
      TSA gropes local travelers in the US too, Tom.  All part of the “service”.  🙁

      Notice the difference? Pay closer attention and listen to the article, and you’ll understand it’s meaning better.

  12. Jim Willie can’t contain himself and is gloating from ear to ear, and although he speaks truthfully he may unwittingly be on the side of the beast. (He’s finally admitting 910+1 was done by our own…M.Keiser asked him in an interview once about it and JW adamantly denied that 910+1 could be anything but what Bush said!!!).
    I’ll keep saying it til I’m dead….The people who control the U.S. power levers created the massive economic crisis, the military adventures and invasions (including the full blown surveillance system that is now in place), and did it all with the complicity of the Corpo-State Media. The situation is a little similar to what happened to Germany, which was used by the European and N.American elites to reshuffle the entire Geo-Political affairs creating a new existential conundrum for the masses.
    The Daily Bell’s Anthony Wiley says it quite well when he calls it all “Directed History”. When Willie speaks about the BRIC nations, he’s really talking about this Directed History. There are a couple (maybe more) interviews I’ve seen of Evelyn de Rothschild speaking about the future being China. We all know he is part of just one of the “Families” Willie is talking about in this article.
    So, nobody is ever going to convince me that China somehow outsmarted the West and has a more “moral” disposition, when it was all handed to them on a silver Platter by major Western Banking Cartel players. And nobody can convince me that “China is more moral and doesn’t harm anyone”. China’s General Mao killed 70 million of his own people. It’s an over ramped Testosterone nation. So now we get to all deal with millions of Lee Hongs invading.
    You have to ask yourself why anybody in the West, including Western Power elites (which includes 2 or 3 groups vying for ultimate power), would go about destroying their own countries and people (greed, power, and REVENGE..is what I would say). Well, it’s not that hard to figure out who is behind it and how they have their brainwashed, and sometimes blackmailed, administrators and puppets helping them. Unfortunately, this group is not only going to destroy the entire West, they are also going to destroy themselves in the process. The Chinese are going to have their own ideas in what to do with, say, the United States and it’s people. Maybe China will send about 1/3 of its population to North America to rid itself of “Excess” populations (and likely the more uneducated of the masses).
    Ultimately, it shows how Central Planning, Central Governing, Central Banking, make it easier to subdue entire masses of populations. It’s weird how so few can control so many, but with a centralized system of doing things, we can see how they are able to do it when they gain power and control over major institutions.

    • I absolutely agree, cindy.  none of this was accidental.  we could go back even further in history when Kissinger was applauded for supposedly opening relations to China.  plans were being made way back then.  the destruction of our industrial base and subsequent reliance on China and others for goods we used to make at home was another.  these people have no allegiance to anyone or anything other than this directed history.  still, though, we as individuals must try to survive within these bounds, and PMs are a great way to get through this next phase of where we are headed.

    • Hi Cindy, The Daily Bell is not to be believed. They present a kind of truth, but it is not the truth … there is always an angle. ‘Anthony Wile’ is not his real name. The world ‘wile’ means ‘cunning’, and that is what the DB is. There was a commenter on the DB about a year ago called Charles Frith who made several comments that all the DB staff were jews (which opened my eyes) … following this, they shut down comments for 6 months, because these comments started alot of speculation on the site which they couldn’t extinguish in any other way.

  13. copy that Big Tom  When gold goes to $50,000 an ounce and silver $1,000 an ounce,  me buy Harley Gulfstream
    Cindy your comment sparked a thought, dangerous as that might seem
    Imagine if China saw the US, dissipated, obese, dumbed down and ready for a  demographic conquest of sorts
    When a techonologically superior culture meets a technologically inferior culture, the latter culture suffers badly.  If we are hollowed out from within due to our own self created problems, shoved down the road to perdition by forces we scarcely recognize or see, the invasion by Chinese could be accomplished  without firing many shots.  The Chinese are buying about 10% of the Sou Cal,  and Florida homes for cash, buying vast tracts of commercial and residential property, within which they plan and probably will build their version of a Chinese city.  They are a bit behind the Muslims who are hollowing out cities like Flint and Dearborn but the Chinese probably already own the homes and businesses. 
    The North American continent was taken over from the local population and inhabited by people England, Ireland,Portugal, Spain, France and .  Who’s to say the Chinese can’t, won’t and don’t see an opportunity here.  National borders are a farce and as ephemeral as fog. 

    • @AGXIIK I disagree my friend:  Recall WWII the Japanese Americans being rounded up and put in camps to keep an eye on them as dissidents?
      For all we know the FEMA camps might be for rounding up Chinese or Muslims? I still have difficulty imagining Chinese on boats coming ashore to run on the ground.  We have a pretty solid border defense network set up.  Even a broke U.S. will posses a strong defense network from the prior U.S.S.A. to keep infiltrators offshore.  However if we had NO ALLIES: We’d be overrun just like Germany in Europe.  This would serve two purposes:
      1. Thin out the over crowded Chinese population by sending them to breach American soil
      2. Thin out American population in the same way
      3. Communist allies like Russia 2nd wave finishes us off.
      4. Europe Serflike/Socialist Cowards hide and cut deals with their new masters offering no assistance
      5. U.K.?  Tough to say? Not a whole lot of them to help, Might be busy fending off the Euro Socialist sellouts? GasProm already has Europe in its collective pockets. They’re held ransome through energy.
      I see invasion as a possibility. Whats your thoughts?

      P.S. Not trying to offend Europeans, but I have little faith in Europe collective government which as Socialist has more in common with Communist than Capitalist/Democratic governments. (not to mention they have a 100 year track record of bending over when the going gets tough)

    • @AGXIIK
      your comment about technology is interesting.  Just today at auction the auctioneer mentioned he had legit tickets to a cardinals/sox world series game in St. Louis (he did not say but from result of the story I am sure he bought in the secondary market).  He shows up to the game, goes to get scanned in only to find out his bar code had already been used.
      I feel bad for the guy and all, but guess what, the technologically superior either saw the game or made a killing selling the same ticket over and over again.  I don’t applaud that behavior and don’t aspire to that behavior and I truly hope that the guilty party gets a good rake over the coals… however technology won (at least short term).  
      I don’t know the conclusion to draw from this, other than ‘beware’ for the same reasons you mention.

    • “copy that Big Tom  When gold goes to $50,000 an ounce and silver $1,000 an ounce,  me buy Harley Gulfstream”
      LOL!  When gold and silver rocket up like that, me buy Gulfstream V”.  Now, THAT’s an RV.    😀
      OK, not really, but… it sure would be cool!  😉
      “National borders are a farce and as ephemeral as fog.”
      Only in the US where pinheads elect other pinheads to rule.  Just try to make an illegal border crossing into China or into Mexico from Guatemala sometime.  Those Federales do not screw around.  They have a license to shoot trespassers and they are not shy about using it.

    • More fun than I had at auction this AM.  Rolls of Mercury’s going for $150, common worn franklins for $15 a pop… not to mention the auctioneer dragging his feet, first hour he only went through about 20 lots.  I gave up and came home!

      There were some nice $5 and $10 gold coins I was hoping to pick up for close to the same premium as a Maple or Buffalo, but there were people wanting them more than that (they were nice coins, some very nice), I just wasn’t willing to put much numismatic value on them.

      I did sit next to a polite gentlemen and picked up a little on grading coins by listening to him talk to his buddy so wasn’t a complete bust!

    • @mikeyj80 Yea I know what you mean on auction coins. I was at an auction last Saturday and The only thing I bought was two Gold Bracelets as the silver and gold coins went for high premiums. It was unbelievable how high the prices went and they where just a little bit better than junk. Keep Stacking

  14. That guy who sells coins on TV is on tonight. I find it very entertaining. Between him and e-bay, I`m not sure who the bigger rip off is.
    He must sell that stuff, or they wouldn`t keep having him on. I guess if you can sell hair thickening spray on Tv, why not over priced coins?
    It is fun to watch. But I`m easily entertained. I even watch NASCAR.

  15. Shamus  I was thinking a soft invasion through immigration, with wealthy, upper class well educated  Chinese coming first. That is happeneing. Many of my business clients comes from the ME and Asian. They are smart, hungry and aggressive.
     An  (E)  economic visa can be had with a $500,000 investment,  Vancouver is 25% Chinese (though there may be a goodly number of taiwanese)   Once the foothold is gained, and frankly, I think our country will accomodate the Chinese who bring businesses, jobs and drive if we allow them and they bring some prosperity to this country. It may depend on how badly our government damages the middle class and contonues gutting the poor if to whether we welcome them or shun them. I am not so sold on being mostly causasian to say that others should be shunned from this country. My Irish and Scotist ancestors must have had a rough go when they immigrated a couple of hundred years ago. America is still a very underpopulated country with huge tracts of land that can be populated.
      The Vietnamese who came over after the Vietnam war, the Cambodians,  Syrian and Iraqi Christians, East Indians and others from what we used to deride as third world are a wave that benefits this melting pot of a country. How the Chinese will view us as they come aboard will be, I think, unique as they are quite different from countries where English and Western education has not been a mainsay of that country. 
    Much of the middle east and India had experienced a strong western influence since our presence has been felt for a century or more.  The Chinese may consider us the ugly Americans. We could find ourselves strangers in our own land, kind of like the way that, if we allow certain influences to hold sway in this country, we may find ourselves landless in the country our forefathers built.
    It’s happened hundreds of times world wide in the last 2 millenium.
    America could be subject the the nearly inevitable demographics of large countries seeking new territorities of opportuntity.  That will take probably decades to evolve.  We will see.

  16. Here is a strange thought . I DO NOT KNOW near enough to comment on those things mentioned above except as a sense or tiny light of intuition.
      What if the entire 2-3,000 year history of western civilization is something along the line of the Matrix, with a small group of families, their religious beliefs, wealth and determination for world wide domination has extended to the present and from that distant past, with torch bearers and spear carriers leading the way.
    In the last 200 years China has been hornswoggled a couple of times by Western powers including the silver theft and opium wars as well as the rape of China by the Japanese, the subsequent civil war and theft of Chinese gold,  possibly using  counterfeit treasury notes to secure that ‘theft’. Their encounters with Western wealth, power and culture has been like gears shifting badly.  They did not mesh well.  Much damage ensued.
    What if the deindustrialization of America, the debt/FIAT ponzi scheme and dumbing down of the last 3 generations adjusts the abilities of the one  nation that still has gun rights and a certain nature and character that stands in the way of the oligarchs?
    What if this diminution of America is one vast  seductive honey trap set up and designed to lure and trap the Chinese once and for all.  We don’t dont hear much from Kissinger but that Nazi SOB still draws breath. I don’t believe his work is done.
    We seduce the Chinese with GMO foods, Mickey D’s, FIAT, debt, bubbles and the all American way, something which has not worked so well for us over the last 40 years.  We buy their worthless products and ship them potentially worthless FIAT, unlike the silver that was moved back to Great Britain using opium to dope up the Chinese and thus  reverse that silver outflow from the Middle Kingdom
    These powers that be we discuss here on this site play the really really long game, centuries and millenium in length. 
    Imagine the prize of China with its vast wealth of people and resources;  falling  headlong right into the laps of the people who are trying with some success to move us to third world status.  This is chess on a world wide 4 dimensional basis, the fourth dimension is time with the clock ticking in years. Maybe 5-10 moves per century. 
    The Chinese would be trapped in a La Brea tar pit of NWO excesses. Their vast gold and silver wealth, using a  Yuan gold backed currency that the Chinese covet at this time is snorkeled back to the UK, US and other former gold holding countries.  This time the opium is food, natural resources and land. The US could just be little more than a valuable but expendable chess piece in this game
    It reminds me of Emperor Palpatine saying  to his  Sith Acolyte, “the plans are all falling into place just as I predicted’
    Just sayin’ 
    But when vastly wealthy families play the long game, we are little more that the tiniest pawns trying to make some sense of our most current events and yet moved around like molecules pushed by Brownian motion
    Ooops,  long post.  I’m done for the day

    • Stimulating concept…. @AGXIIK I’ll bite. 😉  In your scenario the Constitution is retained, and the gold is raked in through lure of land (taxable) food, luxury etc. (all taxable) – In this scenario, the Chinese are my neighbors…. I’m cool with that!  I’m not racist in the least! Hell! when I was 17 and lived in Stockton, CA. (then murder capitol of the world) for 2 years, there was only 1 white family within 2 blocks, and they were scum, I had nothing to do with them!  My friends were black (American! we had Nintendo in common) and Cambodian, and Vietnamese. (they were kind)  I think all kinds of people can get together for mutual advantage.
      My Scenario primarily focused on the Communist Govt. of China seeking to crush Democracy once and for all, utilizing their new bastardized form of Communism which seems to be working well for them so far.  It’s Communism, with the iron fist, with some market action, and some ownership.  Kind of like Socialism, but with a Communism right to kill at will.  Being a biblical man, I perceive that in order for the Mark of the Beast to be forced on people, as well as the terrible future events, a Communist FIST must enforce these things. (or Nazi)  This means:
      1. The U.S. becomes a complete NAZI state, burning the constitution.
      2. Communist crush the West.
      In order for #1 to work, one must first surrender the markets.  After they fall and all hell breaks loose, then the Nazi party of the U.S. hell bent on controlling the populous and trashing the Constitution can freely make their move without blame. Crushing a Constitutionalist rebellion will require outside assistance. This means Communist will assist the Fascist in a coup. After battleground America is complete, this fertile ground will be ripe for the taking! Divided amongst affiliates assisting the Fascist and giving orders to survivors on the new realm of government.  Of course anyone with a will to fight has fought (and died at this point) so the new government is directing a horde of cowardly sheep who are happy to bow and scrape for the mere prize of “breathing” another day. (in their new HELL LIKE paradigm)
      or 3.  The Bible is proven wrong, and the people crush the takeover, funded by opposing governments, in which case the country is sh*t, and we start over.
      Neither 3 are my particular favorites. Wouldn’t it be nice if all this crap fell on someone else lifetime?  I’ll just keep on working and pray the world happily pecks along! (wouldn’t that be nice?)

      If the world came to war (WW3) I would make sure to declare center stage that all of the psychopath families (rothchilds, morgans, every banking elite that can be found) be hunted down, and hung for their crimes against humanity. Most of these wars have been fueled by finance, business advantage and profit. Pick off the entire generation of sick bastards that are killing productive and peaceful masses off, and you bring peace everlasting to planet Earth. War for profit has to be the most uncivilized, and inhumane action to plague this planet. 1% drive the action and propaganda and 99.9% end up dying in a war they wish never happened. Were just people. We want to work, eat, laugh, and spend time with our children.

    • @Shamus001
      >>>Communism, with the iron fist, with some market action, and some ownership.  Kind of like Socialism, but with a Communism right to kill at will.
      It’s simply Fascism then. Friedrich Flick and Krupp had exemptions from the beginning when it came to the inheritance taxes, and of course the real funding behind NAZI Germany funded them via Switzerland from London and New York City, so TPTB never have to control The System being manipulated from within the system itself, they simply make sure the system of divide and conquer they are setting up is so Crony that it is a slave to a Capital System that TPTB have the monopoly over without alternative.
      This will come as quite a shock to many PM bugs here but;
      The system of choice for TPTB (who answer to NO ethnicity or Nationality, although most are White Aryans, LOL), and that they are going to use to ensure that every Crony component of the NWO under the soon to be empowered UN is under their control is a GOLD STANDARD.
      1] Everyone else holds Paper that a small few are given the monopoly to control and to print
      2] Paper is slowly switched for hoards of Gold by TPTB and secretly stored away in MASSIVE AMOUNTS .. it goes off the radar.
      3] Paper assets are collapsed on purpose and through inevitability as no paper system can avoid becoming a ponzi scheme even if the creative intention was actually altruistic.
      4] Emergency measures simultaneous throughout the world create a One World Socialism, this will include licenses for child birth and a eugenics program most likely tied in with Carbon Guilt (People rich enough [the Cronies] to pay their Carbon Indulgences can indulge though, the other 99% live in a world that declares them a Sin and a burden on Mother Earth since their birth)
      5] They all agree that Paper Bills and Bonds do not ensure payment of National trade/labor deficits and revert to a Gold Standard.
      6] 0.001% secretly are sitting on a massive Gold Corner that they will never admit to but will slowly release into the new system buying any remaining assets that they didn’t own through their proxy front Corporations and Trusts prior to the collapse.
      The road to Total World Domination is the Gold Standard, and IN GOD THEY TRUST!!! (Gold Oil Drugs), and if it goes the other way and there is a new World ‘Paper’ Currency with a debt restructuring then THEY STILL WIN!!! The ultimate Hedge for assured world domination.
      Not that I am against Gold and Silver as I believe that it is the only honest system of trade, second only to direct Barter which is the best, but just because God created Gold as the perfect honest Money does not prevent the Evil Human Greed Demons from cornering it by collaboration and team work whilst they divide everyone else to prevent any organized opposition.
      As I have said many times though, the weakness in this seemingly diabolically unstoppable plan is that the small clique in charge of the theft is able to prevent greed or coup from within their own ranks. There is no honor amongst thieves, and don’t be surprised of some Chinese and Russian cleptocrats haven’t bided their time, played along with their Western cleptocrats, and right after the Westerners have pulled the pins on their own civilizations have made a move for the entire pile of chips in breach of the original Compact (The New World Order as G.H.W.Bush envisioned/announced was after all explained by a Rockefeller as an inevitability through Consent OR Conquest. Looks to me lately as if their business partners have chosen the latter, and that the Western Elites were bluffing and that the bluff is being called). The Chinese don’t care if their T-Bonds are not paid. They only bought them to flood the USA with cheap goods that has destroyed the US domestic economy, and in the mean time they have been able to supply stable employment for Chinese workers, this is all they care about. After there is no manufacturing and useful labor skills left in the US the seemingly stupid stockpiling of un-payable US Treasuries at the Chinese Treasury will be revealed as the best investment the Chinese ever made; they brought their capitalist competitor to its knees simply by providing it cheap shit it didn’t really need to import … diabolical and perhaps the fatal flaw of ‘Capitalism’, that people consider Foreign Free Trade as a good form of Capitalism when it only enriches multi-national parasites that don’t answer to any National Constituency! Domestic Free Trade = Good, Foreign Free Trade = Dangerous, LOL
      It ends in War and annihilation I am sorry to say, but Human Nature knows no other way since the very inception… ‘Cain slew Abel’, only the truly simple analogies are worth their weight in Gold and can be counted on as True!

  17. @ WillNotBeASlave – So many scenarios, so little time.  The Chinese/American relationship reminds me of a friend I had decades ago who was something of an alcoholic, and who very frequently would hit me up for a 6-pack or a 12-pack of beer.  One payday, he asked me again, so I decided to give him everything he wanted and bought him about 12 cases of beer, just to see what would happen.  Within a couple of months (not directly as a result of my purchases for him, necessarily) he ended up with the DTs (delirium tremens) and was seeing monsters and horrific visions. 
    So, I was like China and he was like the poor alcoholic USA feeding its bad habit. Of course, I did not make him my slave, and did feel badly for having done it (one of the missteps of youth), but it was instructive, much like your 2nd-to-last paragraph; feeding the junkie/alcoholic USA.  
    I see China rather simply as having a demographic problem: too many people and not enough food or space.  If I were the Chinese, I would not creep into the US, buying this or that to bring about an eventual fait accompli (we’re here and we ain’t leavin’), but rather let the Americans largely kill themselves off through civil war/pandemonium, and then come in to “help” the situation. One needs to consider the results and plausible deniability of the deadly EMP attack, our great blind-side vulnerability (read: One Second After for a primer on the possibilities).  Within a year, half or more of the US population would be dead from many different causes, and ripe for takeover.  So what would China want?  Breadbasket USA and lots of depopulated land.  
    To this point most Americans live for panem et circenses (BTW, who won the LSU game?), and are like the poor deluded alcoholic, ripe for a fall.  Just my silly take on things.

  18. Well, now that the AM has arrived and I’ve read some really good posts about the state of the world and the potential for a new world state(3), here is something  that lays out a couple of ideas before same thoughts flee leave the space between my ears.
    These are not opinions as much as they are basic observations. 
    Shamus and Willnotbeaslave, you both do well in filling in some gaps to my thinking and thus I had some ideas to toss out. 
    People need to eat, pray, work and have hope for the future.
      Religions are and have always been part of the fabric of humanity.  For tens of thousands of years before the written word was scribed on  clay,  evidence showed a belief in something larger and beyond   ourselves.  Even the Neandethals had these beliefs.
     That is not going away despite the best efforts of the secularists, intellectualists, luciferians and camp followers to stamp it out. I bet some of these people think they’ll be able to see God through the Hubble telescope.
    Meh! Guess again NASA
    NASA Needn’t Apply, Secularist Agents.
    And for good reason, not the least of which is the belief in God is paramount to our understanding of how the world and universe works and it doesn’t take telescopes. Even with as  little as we can see though human eyes, there is much more to this universe.
    Our beliefs are often more important that food or shelter from a storm.
     It helps explain the unexplainable, helps harmony to our lives, makes the tragedies more bearable and gives hope to all who seek 
    God. No matter by what  means he is revealed, whether through  thought, prayer, minister, hymn,  bible or church. (I don’t mean to leave out anyone’s faith but I am oriented to the Christian faith so that is my template for any discussions here)he will show himself to those who want to see and hear. 
     On another note–those on this site who can quote scripture by heart know more that I will ever know, so I will defer to them on all things of a religious nature. This post is just trying to connect some dots.
     The belief must be real, not lukeware; must be something that has, at least in  a small amount, show a tangible presence to allow a person to see God, if only faintly.  We seek some small amount of proof to bolster our faith.  That is all it takes for most people.
    There are those whose intellect does not permit this belief. They say No to God but must still find faith in something else. Their belief MUST be bolstered by gross obscene evidence. The state is nothing if not Gross and Obscene. That fit’s their mentality.
    It’s human nature to believe. Despite what these people say, they seek to believe in something, anything once they have shoved religion from their lives. The state in all its manifestations is their god.
    Regretfully it’s this belief in the ‘STATE’ and its rewards of power and money that draws a tiny percentage of the people into trying to enforce their beliefs on us.
    “We believe in the state, therefore you must bow to our god”  
    I joke that I am a heathen but the fact is that I find these secularists repulsive and worthy of nothing less than a short trip to the morgue.  I am not at all forgiving in that respect. Forcing the state on me won’t work. That means war. I’ll soldier up for that any day of the week.
    Moving from this theme to the more or less here-and-now,  the battles we are now fighting is not for anything other than our souls. The quest for Feudalism’s boot on our throats is age old. The statists want to rule us. This system didn’t die 400 years ago. It’s been fermenting and brewing up the means to take us down that path to perdition once again. It’s slimy trail is easy to see and it’s been growing in America for a century. It’s roots are deep and will take some serious scourging to remove it.
    It makes me think of that little fig tree that got the hairy eyeball 2,000 years ago. A strong dose of wrath can work a miracle or two.
    Speaking of faith.
    Here are 1.3 billion Chinese, lead by a cruel authoritarian crony capitalist communist regime who’s basic directive is to keep this restive population under control by draconian measures via the police and military or seduced by false well being via FIAT, wealth and pseudo prosperity, while lining their pockets during the 10 year span of their rule. (Think bubbles and debt for the people and $10 billion per top party member once their term is up.
    This could all be taken away in a moment if the bubbles pop. The leaders know this. Gold and silver are well known to the people as preservations of wealth.  I think the reason the Chinese people thirst for gold and silver is that they know this is real money.  5,000 years of civilization makes a people think that way.  Governments and dynasties come and go but precious metals are forever.
    The Chinese are good at math. The statisticians see something which few recognize today.  China is in the first stages of a birth dearth.  It’s estimated that within 25 years China will have a labor shortage amounting to 150,000,000 people (50% more than the umeployed in America)  The utterly horrific tale of the ‘one child policy’, satanistic in its nature, forcing Chinese couples to kill their children, particularly girl children, has carved a hole in the soul of the Chinese people.  The consequences are manifold but has forced these peoples to see their government for what it is.  A false prosperity that has come at great cost.  Murder of unborns on a calamitous scale, despoilation of the environment, curtailment of religious freedoms, to note a few. 
    But the birth dearth is unavoidable.   The Chinese statisticians see Japan falling in on itself with a population aging by the minute, the economy damaged via every bad policy known to Keynesians, exports collapsing and the great death—Fukushima.  It makes Minimata look small by comparison
    If the Chinese see this looming demographic problem as an existential threat to their well being, becoming old before they become rich, the rest of the world looks like pretty choice pickings.  The Japanese population is about 120,000,000 on a small island.  Land space is not the issue.  The health and aging of the Chinese population is the issue.  Environmental problems can be resolved and damage corrected.  But you can’t reproduce into prosperity in one generation. 
    America fits nicely into this theme.  As it was in the the past, America is the beacon on liberty, hope and religious freedom.  It’s just a hunch but I think the Chinese are ready for a strong push to Christianity and not just because of the government’s war waged against the Falun Gong. The Evangelicals amongst us could be a great help in welcome new people to the faith.

    • @AGXIIK
      >>>And for good reason, not the least of which is the belief in God is paramount to our understanding of how the world and universe works and it doesn’t take telescopes.
      Dude, if that day ever comes (God proven by scientific instrumentation), the  Secular Scientists will round up all the honest scientists and burn them as heretics. Too much ink has been spilled by Neitzcheite humanity hating pedants with official ‘qualifications’ for any who partake of that particular theology (Theo = 0) to ever lay down human pride on the humble altar. Many an honest scientist would have to be martyred to break the last 100 years of nihilist mass soul suicide.
      I agree that Chinese people living next door would not be that bad, but I hate to say it but they tend to vote for socialist policies. Stockholm syndrome can be hard to break, you can bet the DemonCrips would pick up many of the votes, not that the ReBloodLicans are any better anymore for quite some time now … damn it, I have to break my ‘Democratic’ Statist induced Bi-Polar Party Politics Disorder. An EMP from the Sun is all we can hope and pray for. If the MSM went down for even a week and people came out to talk with their neighbors the Statists would be finished, and Wall Street would be neutered. It’s a sad day when you have to hope for an EMP, but this is what it has come to.

  19. For hundreds of years people immigrated to the New World, particularly  to America, and it’s  beacons of religious freedom on top of the hill. 
    IMO the first wave of Chinese immigrants to this country will be those who seek religious freedom along with a health dose of economic freedom.  The gears of assimilation may grate and grind.  There are 310,000,000 people who where here first, but assimilation is one of our strongest suites. 
     We have clean skies,  good roads, a massive infrastructure  and  largely decent neighborhoods. 
    Maybe a new  Chinese ethos will be a force for good, just as the numerous cultures  preceeding the Chinese  added to  and helped build  that colorful textile of this country, weaving into the warp and woof of our national fabric. Beleiving in the basic decency of people, I imagine that this immigration will beneficial.  Each group adds to the overall well being of the country.  We have a long way to go to be fully accomodating to the new groups of immigrants but I am very hopeful for the future in this case. 
     I can’t think of a group that has taken away from this country’s people and their inate  greatness.  Even the most unlikely of cultures, those people from the Middle East, have taken to this country and its opportunities.  I am concerned about Islam and its orthodoxy and am a loss as to how it’s theocratic demands will work well here.  Time will tell on the score.
    The bad guys will always be with us and frankly I don’t know a way to rid ourselves of this scourge.  It’s been a constant fight for milleniums.  The constancy of Feudalism in its various forms, from the Roman empire to present times, will be a fight for our future, multignerational.   It is a fight we must take to the enemy.  We are 100,000 against 1.  The odds are good and we have some serious soldiers on our side. What we do today will have great impact on our future and this fight can be waged,even on this site.
     Excuse the weak logic. There are a lot of dots this Sunday AM and this is the first time I’ve given thought to these subjects.

    • There are roughly 3,000 Chinese now working just east of Seattle at Microsoft. The malls are heavily populated with Chinese shoppers and I’ve attended functions at many Chinese churches in the Puget Sound region. Personally, I welcome the diversity, and I don’t foresee a Mad Max future simply because the Chinese elite value an expansion here.

  20. Great posts above!  On the EMP note… I have been pondering this topic for the last 2 weeks on and off (in my quiet moments) – I really don’t think that the people would really survive.  REALISTICALLY, in 3 months time, without government intervention (because they still have power below ground in their fortresses) A Fascist Govt could wait out 3 months then move in afterwards to scrape up the remaining people. (who would probably welcome them with open arms!)  POOF! New Order!  Not only that, but then their are plenty of room for Chinese etc to repopulate U.S.A.
    AGXIIK- Very inspiring post above from a man who self identifies as a person not well versed in scriptures, it proves we all have an underline identification with GOODNESS.  Sadly 100,000 to 1 or not, the 1 have the bunkers, drones etc.  If they somehow triggered an apocalyptic outcome to restart a Feudalistic govt. I would hope that before I and my family perished, that some group would root those fat bastards out of their hole/bunker and pass judgement on them for crimes against humanity. I myself hold my Bible true. I believe a new paradigm will last for about 30-40 years. (could already be here with the global fiat system) and there will be great suffering for an order of 6 months to 3 years, then Christ will return and crush the enemies followed by 1,000 years of peace…. taking this one step at a time, I hope my silver and preps helps get me through the time of trouble.
    @WillNotBeASLAVE I enjoyed your post above, and although I agree about the elite owning MOST ALL the gold, and they will control the money, I believe this is the “Lesser of 2 Evils” because Gold has a CAP on it. I don’t believe this is their De-Facto plan. I believe FIAT was! The masters of money surrendered their gold for the perfect ponzi– FIAT GLOBAL CASH. A perfect setup for a one world order, all the CIA’s a government can sponser, and all the NSA’s a government can push on its people. All this is funded with “Funny-Money” and its ENDLESS! Think about it, ENDLESS FIAT, vs Limited Gold? Which paradigm would you want to run the world on? I think something went wrong with the Derivatives, I think not everyone was working from the same memo, and unintended consequences of large numbers got away from them. Sure they’ll own all the money in a Gold backed system, but then again, they own all the FIAT they can print up now! Wont take long, maybe a generation or two for the “people” to get that gold back into the hands of the working class through production. I’m FOR a balanced system backed by Gold (even though I don’t really own any)

    • @Shamus001
      I’m not saying that Gold isn’t the lesser of 2 evils, but in the minds of elitists they NEVER plan for one outcome. They cook up a scheme that only has 2 possible outcomes, and then they hedge their bets so that they will be the master of either outcome, thus a perfectly engineered future which is unbreakable by any smaller forces. The people who run the Western Empire would never plan on just one outcome. What I am talking about here is SO MUCH GOLD under their control that they can simply cause inflations and deflations, busts and then total consolidations PERMANENTLY in the new system, thus it wouldn’t be an honest system anymore even though it would use Gold, and anyone adhering to a Gold Standard would pretty much be aiding them in their literal ownership of the world … it would be like validating their ill gotten spoils … the only spoil that matters … The Whole World!
      But of course what would be the alternative? My answer is that there definitely isn’t one, because on a Temporal level these people are the Lords Of This World (as per Bible prophecy). I know that the World was given to Christ, so they would be sitting on someone elses throne, and it is quite clear that the Man Of Sin gets to sit on that throne for ‘an hour’ before he loses his kingdom, but the almighty uses this Anti-Christ to tempt everyone who is not God fearing to offer themselves as the Anti-Christs property (Mark of the Beast! Carbon has 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons and 6 Electrons [666] and all human and animal and plant life is made from Carbon, so 666 is ‘The Number Of Man’, just as it says in Revelation. Carbon Tax? Carbon Trade? Too many people on Earth? Financial Crises engineered so that the new monetary system will require not only our credits to be electronic but our Carbon emissions tracked and recorded as per consumption?)
      Food for thought, but I know that the elite will have all the credit in the world to pay for their Carbon Indulgences, whilst the other 99% of people will have to live in abject poverty to keep their 666 under the prescribed limits/caps that the Hominid Chattel property will be subjected to … and anyone who takes that Mark! God help you …. or not, as the case may be!

    What is the procedure for arriving at the Fixing price?
    The Gold fixing. Five LBMA members (Barclays Capital, Bank of Nova Scotia-Scotia Mocatta, Deutsche Bank AG London, HSBC and Societe Generale) conduct the Gold Fixing by telephone twice each London business day at 10:30 am and 3:00pm. Orders are placed by clients in dealing rooms of members of the Fixing who net all orders before communicating that net interest to their representative at the Fixing. The gold price is then adjusted up and down until demand and supply is matched at which point the price is declared “Fixed” and all business is conducted on the basis of that Fixing Price. Transparency at the Fixing is served by the fact that counterparties may be kept advised of price changes, together with the level of interest, while the Fixing is in progress and may cancel, increase or decrease their interest dependent on this information. For more information on the Gold fixings please refer to the website of the London Gold Fixing Company at http://www.goldfixing.com/
    The Silver fixing. Three LBMA members (Bank of Nova Scotia-Scotia Mocatta, Deutsche Bank and HSBC) conduct the Silver Fixing meeting by telephone at 12 noon each London business working day. The process then follows a similar pattern to gold, arriving at a Fixing Price when buying and selling orders are matched. For more information on the Silver fixings please refer to the website of the London Silver Fixing Company at http://www.silverfixing.com/

  22. I hadn’t thought about bunkers except those little problems like the  Maginot Line, Hitler’s last hours and the Japanese futilely dug into Iwo Jima. 
      Resolve 1, Bunker 0. 
    Drones make me laugh. 
    Close in, they’re skeet. 
    Far away; a 13 year old with decent RF controlled would hack the little Stasi birds into the ground–or turn them back on to their masters.
    EMP scares me. 
    All the preps in our home would not mean much without the remotest vestige of Redi-Kilowatt  to keep the lights on.  I’ve done the solar thing on a home based industrial scale.  That is not an option at AG’s home. 
    A couple of my BOB have much better resources but unlike the patriots in Rawles  book, Patriots, we  might not fare well. I do collect newspapers for my Sr.   He just bought a gizmo that presses newspaper and other non-colored paper into burnable bricks.
     Maybe 1 year- 2 at best,  with deer and horses taken from the hills surrounding Virginia Highlands. My silver and gold hoard was primary set up to be our PM bank for the BOB, buying what FIAT cannot purchase in the crunch. What does give me a hope is that the Feudalists minions know what awaits them if they go to war with us.  It’s not like the Roman empire where a mercenary had no choice other to fight and die, or be killed by their overlords. 
    Today,  the most uncommon knowledge of even 200 years ago is common knowledge today. William Wallace was right. A sniff of freedom is all it takes. It’s like musk or an unguent that attaches itself to our neurons; never forgotten.
     Our veterans are getting REALLY REALLY PISSED AT THE SITUATION TODAY.  They see direct frontal assaults and  attacks against them by these statists.  I watched the gross spectactle of the WWII veterans facing barriers to their memorial.  Come on Obama, you can do better than that.  This pimpstick girly man thinks he has some stones.  My father and the fathers of millions today gave their all to beat down the walls of Feudalism.  A chickens*** bit of fencing is going to stop these brave hearts?  Does Iwo Jima, The Battle of the Budge and Normady come to mind, Mr President?. 
    What a moron. Those who know nothing of history are condemned to repeat the errors of their secularist forefathers.   All he does is create a greater and greater sense of outrage in those who’s narrow bit economic ‘freedom’ is not dependent on the dispensations of HRH Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama’s largess.
     I keep in daily and hourly touch with these good men and women of the warrior class. WWII, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf War vets are top on my buddy list, along with the Silver Doctor Irregulars.  They’ve laid down their weapons of war but they are still soldiers Most refuse to see this country wasted after their sacrifices.
     They will not accept the situation as it stands today, with outrage after outrage heaped on them by KLUMMAC and his miniscule army of Perfumed Princes, czarists and lickspittles trying to protect their tiniest  corner of a FIAT feeding frenzy.  I bet not one in 1,000 knows silver and gold. Their destiny is base metals, incoming at 2,400 FPS.
    Just read Willie’s post. I’m trying to find the Higgs Boson of awareness with an IQ linear accelerator the size of a hamster wheel. 1 million monkeys/1 million typewriters won’t help
    Credit market destruction, liquidity locks and FIAT shutdowns mean tradeables like food, water, shelter, ammo and PMs will be the new currency.
    Capital controls, gold flight and insolvency are tough nuts. They’ve destroyed every empire. The Chinese buy 1CMP from hubristic bankers. It’s a 90 foot deep hole in the ground. Impervious to nukes, floods and EMPs? Not likely. Reminds me of a grave, like the deep watery ones in the Yucatan peninsula used by the Incas for virgin sacrifices to placate their gods. Lots of gold went into those holes too.
    BASEL III imposed on our TBTF banks by the 15 overlords meeting in total secrecy 6 times a year puts the cork in the solvency and iquidity trap set by same. BIS is in full throated roar as our crony bancapitalists have run off the rails in greed, lust and debt, destroying decades of plans, yielding a Federal Reserve Bank insolvency and bankruptcy that is just 150 BPS from total collapse. Predictable IMO. Basic math does not lie.
    The Chinese? Where do they figure in this? America is still a big country, 3,000,000 square miles—lots of holes in the ground.

    2,000,000 troops wearing the red star, carrying battle rifles, meet 20,000,000 Wolverines with their battle rifles. Not good odds if it comes to that. They are easy to spot and easy to kill. Round eyes won’t take prisoners this time. 150,000 Nesei proved the mettle of the camps and their directorates. FDR ordered it. Who knows that Obama will do. But it will be messy if it comes to that. I hope it doesn’t
    PPS My grandmother looked Asiatic, child of the Iroquois nation. Grandfather was Irish and Spanish. Season liberally with more Irish and we have a family that could hide amongst the anglos if we stayed out of the sunlight, but go native at the drop of some whiskey.
    Strange family, all things considered.

    • @AGXIIK
      >>>Just read Willie’s post. I’m trying to find the Higgs Boson of awareness with an IQ linear accelerator the size of a hamster wheel. 1 million monkeys/1 million typewriters won’t help
      Man, you come up with some blinders ;P that had me in fits. All I know is that I am one more monkey with a typewriter and there’s a few more on this forum, so now we just need to find 999,978 more and we MIGHT be closer to a tipping point … we could overload a Server or two at least … perhaps we could all Monkey Attack the ObamaCare website at the same time LOL

  23. Ohhhh  Now I get it RGR
     I thought this was a Craigslist ad. 
    All-American lad seeks  relationship with  well armed hottie.  Send picture of weaps.
    Big Tom  Just so you know, a Harley Gulfstream is a really custom job.  Kick start engines,  Apehangers in left seat. SOA drives the crate. P-Daddy’s girls serving longneckers and shots.  Weaps?  Think C-130 Spooky.  Got Puff?

    Idaho Thanks for the Billie Holiday Brings back good memories. Billie, Nat, Acker Bilk, Ray Charles and Eartha Kitt. Great tunes growing up.

  24. willnotbeaslave. 
    I love it when you talk dirty. 
    Yeah, baby,  A million Anonymous monkeys on a million keyboards hacking this collectivist KayPro POS website would completely destroy it.  I won’t even click on [email protected].   It gives me the willies.  But there is one thing for certain. R ight now, a group  is processing means to crush that site. I was thinking million monkeys trying to write Shakespeare’s sonnets.  A few dedicated hackers will accomplish a miracle and strip this Democide Weapon of Human Destruction before it causes too much damage.  I am going FULL RETARD GALT on this government attempt to kill me by buying my medical services via cash gold silver and trading. 
    It just occurred to me that from 1950 to 1990 or so the US did some real good in the world, showing what we were made of, giving people in lower income/less developed countries a way to move up the economic ladder.  As they did, the oligarchs must have seen this as a threat. Billions more people consuming THEIR resources while move out of Feudalism.  That was not part of the plan. All people grew their wealth.
      Since 1990 or so (I made up the date) carbon taxes and UN mandated requirements to meet the idiotic Kyoto protocols, have helped reduce progress in the lesser developed countries, if for not other reason than these people must be kept in Feudalistic states.  Wealth moving into the hands of poorer people cannot be allowed to happen. The infection of the US Dollar reserve currency is being used as a WMD. 
     The zero sum game in the minds of these satanist ghouls is that for them to be wealthier the people must be poorer. Screw Pareto Optimality; they want theirs, period  They folks have been working overtime, putting a mess of hurt on the US for years,  shifting vast amounts of wealth into their coffers, with the banks and government aiding this transfer. 
    Just a speculation on my part, but US cannot be allowed to continue their assistance to the less dev countries  so we start acting like jackasses, pissing off 2/3 of the world’s population by our bad behavior. No one wants to play in a bully’s sand box.
      The most essential reasons for this are not easy to grasp for most people. I’m taking vague stabs at this, trying to get a handle on why we are acting so badly.  They see us thrashing around, damaging many countries with our FIAT, debt and weapons.  This will not stand forever, maybe not even for a few more years.  A country with 5% of the world’s population, whipped into frenzies by .005% of the population, leaderless except by man children with bad intentions,  cannot stand for long. 

    Rule of Bullies. 
    The bully can whip 1, 2, 3 and sometimes even four people, but 5 people will tear the bully apart.  One lioness for each dangerous appendage.  The fifth lioness/person rips out the throat. 

    Ron White Fight Club Rules of Engagement. 
    “If you don’t know how many people they plan to bring to the fight, know this;  they will bring enough.” 
    Corrolary to that rule—“know when to leave the bar”. 
     Before alcohol deludes you into thinking you are good looking and can run your moves like Jackie Chan, leave the bar”. You’re stupid, ugly and couldn’t not fight your way out of a paper bag.    But I digress.
    Unwritten rules of the Marines Corps.
     1.  ‘Don’t make Enemies for free’  
    2.  “When an enemy is made, you must be the last man standing” 
    3. ” Make sure the enemy does not know they are an enemy before you open up that can of whoop-ass.  The element of surprise is thus maintained.”  
    These are from a old bold Marine who survived 2 tours in the Vietnam bush. He is a silver prepper too boot.
    One last thought.  With a 10 day grid down, the internet, Iphones and almost every other form of communication will be dead. Addictions to these ‘things’ will force serious cold turkey-ing from these pernicious electronic neuron vampires.
      V to V* will be the only form other than Morse Code, Ham radios and Semaphore.   
    *V to V  Voice
    We will need to reconnect by face to face communication and we may actually wean ourselves off electronic communications for a short while.  Person to person connections can move mountains and create miracles.  

    • @AGXIIK
      I totally agree with your summation.
      US = Old Lion
      BRICS/SCO+Iran+Sth America = Hyena Pack that hasn’t had a meal in quite some time and has bad memories about that Lion in its youth who USED to be the King of the Jungle.
      It reminds me of that speech G.H.W.Bush made about the NWO on 9/11 1991 when he said that it would NOT be the ‘law of the Jungle’… guess that makes Daddy Bush as much of an idiot as Jr. The Chinese remember the Opium Wars for sure and they are a proud people that have been playing a rope-a-dope. This fights going to go the distance, 666 rounds, but if the nukes come out to play it’ll be a quick M.A.D.

  25. Doc Zeus on Obamacare site
    On this site I will not click
    Sebelious whore, she makes me sick
    A joke is played on US people
    Prep us for the role of Sheeple
    Entry to this temple Dooms
    those who want health catacombs
    Lost you’ll be if once you chose
    Sez  da gummint, “we’re here for you’ze”

    Sun Tsu said
    If you know your enemies and know yourself, a hundred battles will not imperil you
    If you do not know yourself nor your enemies, you will be imperiled

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