In the wake of the Swiss National Bank shocking the market this week de-pegging the CHF from the Euro, the Golden Jackass Jim Willie joined us over the weekend for an Exclusive Interview discussing: 

  • Willie explains why the Swiss are dumping the Euro in favor of GOLD, and that multi-hundred billion trading losses will result in MASSIVE DERIVATIVE LOSSES & CONTAGION!
  • Swiss actions have brought a HUGE ACCELERATION of end game eventsWe’re looking at the potential END of the EURO!
  • Swiss have front run the Global Currency Reset & GOLD REVALUATION!
  • $2 TRILLION IN SUB-PRIME OIL BONDS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE!  Contagion will be bigger than sub-prime housing crash!
  • Dollar Death-Spike: Fed has LOST CONTROL of the dollar!
  • Coming European bank failures will result in a STAMPEDE INTO GOLD!
  • 2015 Will be a repeat of Lehman- Several Western banks will go down, This is GAME OVER!
  • When Putin flips his switch, the DOLLAR IS DEAD, and Gold Will DOUBLE!
  • GREXIT will blow up the EU!

One of Jim Willie’s Most Dynamic & STUNNING Interviews EVER is below: 




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The Doc began by asking the Golden Jackass his thoughts on the Swiss Franc de-pegging from the Euro: 

– tipped off on Draghi EuroCB decision to proceed with QE bond monetization

-Currency interventions are coming to a CLIMAX!

– could be as simple as Swiss bank noticing the physical gold flows

– Swiss act as gold coordinator (see Bank For Intl Settlemt) and guide for refiners

– could anticipate German departure from common Euro currency

– could anticipate Greek Exit and huge shock waves

– numerous factors could lead to widespread European bank failures


Willie made a STUNNING prognosis for 2015- Death of the dollar and GOLD REVALUATION: 

– energy trade gradually excluding USD

– key upcoming element is Saudi/OPEC acceptance of non-USD

– US losing control of USD and oil price (Petro-Dollar demise in full view)

– US oil industry at great risk ($2 trillion in shale bond all subprime)

– convergence of Brent & WTexas oil price signal in 2013

– US blocks all reset Currency & Gold market reform

– therefore East will force Gold Standard through trade channels

– Eastern capital development and asset acquisition will be done on USTBond tab

– East led by BRICS are to shun avoid reject the USD

– QE has accelerated all movements to remove the USD from trade and banking


The Doc then asked Will for his take on the upcoming Greek elections- will we see a GREXIT?  


– potential for European bank runs, bail-ins

– ELA is Emergency Liquidity Assistance

– four big Greek banks ask aid

– Syriza Party seeks to abandon austerity and probably the common Euro currency

– debt default likely following EUR 240bn bailout

– EU 195bn debt owed to EU nations = 4% of EU govt budgets

Germany 56.5bn,  France 42.4bn,  Italy 37.3bn,  Spain 24.8bn,  Dutch 11.9bn

– GREXIT     will blow up EU on fiscal side

– Swiss Natl Bank                        on currency side

– USGovt sanctions                     on economic side

– Germany                                    on monetary side

– Ukraine                                      on energy side


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  1. Very well done Sir Wilhem!   Superb timing Doctor!

    Willie is one of the ONLY that id’s the “Neocons and those in current power” as the true Facist Nazis that they are.

    This documentary ties it all together (dont let title fool ya), this outlines out how corporate Facists came about and then succeeded.

    Side note- Willie does not fall into the fools game of giving a “meltdown date”. Excellent.


    • @lebrebis


      N’est-ce pas «une» brebis?


      What do you expect from conspiracists who are brainwashed by Russian propaganda that is notorious for calling anything it dislikes “Nazi”?


      Je suis pro-Israël, et je ne crois pas cette propagande anti-juive cinglée de votre part sur votre blog. Vous êtes une victime quasi-cinglée de la propagande de la Loubianka.


      We’ve been down this road before Brother Verbs – see here -(where I conclusively demonstrated the official and unofficial connections and collusions of “National Socialists” of Germany with the Hebraic “Sionists” of Judea – providing thereby proof positive that the distinction between the two factions is a specious sideshow designed to confuse and redirect attention from the issue at hand)

      …being  the imminent attempts on the part of this combine “TEAM MEAN” to bring down all of civilization via their apocalyptic vision of east-west conflicts…

      much like the sideshow cage match of TEAM BRICS vs the BANKSTERS so beloved of the moment in the controlled opposition outlets whose task is to reassure the otherwise jittery gerbils in their gilded jails of gold bug consensus that all is well in the wider world – and it’s safe therefore to go back to the main event …. standing by at the launch pad waiting for the imminent metals moonshot!

      Since our confreres here assure us that DR WILLIE has ‘nailed it’ again, I won’t need listen to the interview – which is sure to be repackaged and presented here later in the week in cleaned up, comfortable sound-bite form via the new trending fashion on SD – and instead turn my attention to the role of these team-sport spectacle style media reportages –

      wherein the message is no longer as important as the medium… that comforting formula of reducing complex geo-political events into a form that reassures rather than readies the reader for connecting the cerebral cortex in the cause of doing the due diligence every informed investor owes themselves to perform. It’s no longer, in other words, a question of whether the big Kahuna of gold punditry is ‘right’ – back in the day when he was still doing serious analytical work

      “Take Barrick Gold for example. In 2007, they announced the complete cover of their disastrous hedge book. Not quite true as they covered about one third, using dilutive new stock issuance and new long-term corporate debt. In summer 2009, they announced again the complete cover of their disastrous hedge book. The financial press forgot that they supposedly removed all future commitments just two years ago, hardly a surprise lapse of memory. Again not quite true, since they ran out of funds from yet another grand stock issuance that again crippled their stock from vast dilution. The Toronto and Wall Street investment community still loves this total dog of a stock, as collusion and kickbacks must be suspected to prop the stock. A quick look at its Board of Directors offers an important clue toward loyalties.”(quote extracted from above linked kitco piece of 5 years ago  – you will not find that kind of quality in the WILLIEWORLD of the present!)

      … Jimbo was able to form the outlines of an event timeline that would prove out much of the moment as correct… BUT,


      with equal precision of prophecy, the much feared and reviled (by goldbug media mafiyas) MARTIN ARMSTRONG was also weighing in on the Swiss peg, the fate of the Euro, and the Dollar! Except that Marty had the temerity to question the role of the ‘Gold Standard” in fixing a world wide deflationary crisis – whereas the gold gurus who seek number counts above real reportage have learned to make that the undying central theme of their speculative forays! In their role as couch-potatoed consumers of spectacle sport ‘infomercial’ media, the hapless metalhead is expected to root for the stars of  Team BRICS while ignoring and/or dissing  any competing narratives – WHETHER THEY ARE RIGHT OR NOT!  What could be wrong with this picture?

    • Thanks for the video @Au15xAg

      Thank you also to @chivachiva for your details. I always appreciate your thoughts as well as others here. As far as Martin Armstrong goes, I am pretty certain we have one member that would agree 100%, and that is Pat Fields, who if I recall correctly was fully against the gold standard for obvious reasons one of which was more corruption.

      I miss hearing from Pat, I always enjoyed his comments and his knowledge.

      @agxiik  I would have supported your bid for the UKR CB!  LOL I am glad though you decided to stay with us, Soros needs a hobby and one perhaps he can loot while playing LOL


      Someday, I do hope you understand the zionist regime and their intent, and are able to escape a superstitious loyalty that blinds you to how things work. God will not be angry at you for asking questions, in fact you owe it to yourself to dig deep, that is if you are willing to accept cold hard facts that may disagree with your current beliefs. Never seek truth unless you are willing to lay down your own perceptions and certain doctrines. I have gone through that many times personally, and after some time, it is liberating when understanding enters the room. Not always ‘easy’,  but necessary, and if you *think* you already ‘know’, then you only deceive yourself, because there is so much we do not know in the sense of understanding and wisdom, and humility, that should be the end product of truth. Piece by piece, step by step, we all should desire to understand things better, not just agree with another mans version without doing your own due diligence. Just a friendly thought, not a criticism. Religion can blind one to truth, but that truth will set you free if you are willing to let go of the traditions of mere men and lay aside the ego. < That is usually the most difficult part, laying aside ones ego. Remember one main thought if you decide to dig deeper into matters…we have been lied to, and manipulated in ways that boggle the mind…I am not talking about ‘conspiracies’, I am talking about that which can be understood and confirmed, including a lot of history itself.


      Interesting times we are in! Pay attention to the small things in life…they have great value, and tell someone you love them today, it is great therapy and they may need to hear it. 🙂



    • It was quite a long video. I could have misunderstood that Tippit’s body was on Air Force Two?

      If you Google anything about Tibbit, you will not find that event mentioned, If he was in fact altered to resemble President Kennedy

      How was his personal burial handled? Was he altered back to look like himself?

      Personally I was in Dallas that very day when the assassination occurred. When out to dinner that night with a friend all the people I observed in the restaurant acted like nothing  happened of any consequence that day. Reasonably there was a cover up. Data shown later that Traficanti had Kennedy assassinated by an assassin named Carlos because Honey Fitz had guaranteed Traficanti that his boys would not pursue the mob for stuffing the ballot boxes in Chicago in Kennedy’s favor. You know how that turned out and as well with brother Bobby in L A.


    • @TruthLives


      “Interesting times we are in! Pay attention to the small things in life…they have great value, and tell someone you love them today, it is great therapy and they may need to hear it.”


      Indeed they are!  Scary but interesting.  There are those who believe that there are no “small things” in life, that everything matters equally.  Perhaps they are right, for entire universes might be found in a single drop of water or a grain of sand.  Absolutely tell someone you love them every day.  Love is powerful stuff and the more there is of it, the better.  Waste no chance to make it grow.  There really are some magic words in life, as well as a few magic phrases… such as, I love you, please, thankyou, and you’re welcome.  I waste no opportunities to use these at home and it is much appreciated by my family members… especially so by my wife.  Happy wife, happy life. 🙂

    • @TruthLives


      “I would have supported your bid for the UKR CB!  LOL I am glad though you decided to stay with us, Soros needs a hobby and one perhaps he can loot while playing LOL”


      Maybe we need to invent a new board game that the uber-rich elites can play instead of actually looting and pillaging everything in sight?  We could pique their interest with the title alone:  Theftopoly.  😉

    • Started this video Saturday night thinking it would take a few days to get through… finished at 2:00am (always up for new JFK views, and have always believed TPTB were heavily involved).

      Really well done, and I agree completely with the premiss. I could question a few of the ‘dots’ he’s connected (not sure I buy the Tippet story, but JFKs body was certainly operated on and there was definately lots of absolutely bizarre activity on the Love Field tarmac that day) but they’re not that important to the big picture.

      So much to digest but if I had to pick one it would be the Royalty connection, and the pedifile/bizare sex theme, that seems to be designed to keep the ‘chosen ones’ in line (it pops up all the time but I never really got the reasons and must say was never convinced the stories were true… until now).

      Isn’t it amazing how, even with clear pics of him coordinating the cover up on the steps of TSBD, Pappy Bush has not been questioned by the corporate media… not once (even if it was just to help him remember where he was that day… lol)!

      The Jackass was certainly on his game…

    • @Proverbs1616

      You have identified yourself as a traitor or a troll by labeling SD readers as “brainwashed conspiracists who are notorious for calling anything it dislikes Nazi”.

      FYI there was an attempted Nazi takeover during FDR’s presidency. General Smedley Butler blew the whistle on them in his testimony before The McCormack Dickstein Committee.

      I would give you the benefit of the doubt and just call you ignorant or stupid, but we all know that when a person is ignorant or stupid, he has a 50-50 chance of telling the truth. You are hopelessly brainwashed, Proverbs. Read some history, Proverbs.

      Conspiracy is not a theory. It is a proven fact.


    • @Ed_b


      LOL! Theftopoly it is my friend.


      Too funny…but a very true description. thank you for the laugh Ed, much appreciated. It is important to learn to laugh at both ourselves and how insane the system is. Have a good night Ed.



    • No problem, Jim.  If we don’t learn to laugh at this crazy world and ourselves, we will surely cry.  I’d rather laugh if I can.  🙂


  2. wonder how many billions Soros’ stands to share with his other nazi cohort R-child when the euro he did with the english pound back when it went belly up sometime back.noticed a piece at zh today that soros was behind the money that kept ferguson riots going. this guy is a menace that needs to have his plane missing in between flights of all the countries he sucks the blood money from. damn nazi indeed.

  3. Great interview with the Doc  and Doctor Jimmy.Jimmy is my favorite analyst.Sure he has been wrong on some things and does have a few screwball conspiratorial  ideas  activities but for the most part he has been spot on in the realm of international finance.

    It definately feels more than ever  that  we are in the final stages of the 9th inning.Many predicted  a few years ago that it would be derivatives that would ultimately lead  to the collapse of the system.It appears they may have been right.

    I am embarrassed to say my ole favorite whipping boy  Pastor Lindsey Williams was one of those who pointed to derivatives. .It is so sad Mr Fromm is not around to witness the unwind.


  4. @inlikeflynn Yep the old pastor told us that a few years ago, his timeing may be off but he did say, Currency Wars first, Interest Rates moving up next then the Derivatives Collapse then the Dollar Collapse. I’ve always believed in him and I miss his updates. Keep Stacking

  5. Soros made $1,000,000,000 shorting the yen   I think it was the first quarter of last year.

    He gets his intel from the CIA and State department when a currency is about to be shellacked.  He puts his billions in the trades that profit from currency devaluations.

    This intel is given to him in return for the favors he does for Deep State,  like the Color revolutions in various countries, last but not least the Ukraine.  I heard a rumor that he was to be made the head of the UKR Central Bank.

    • Happy 2015 Everyone! just the first of the fireworks no doubt … have NATO trained enough young unemployed Ukrainian fascists yet for a winter invasion perhaps at the end of the year? Or will they learn from Napoleonic and Hitlerian experience and get the season right this time?

      Next Charlie Hebdoesque attack will occur in the Swiss Central Bank building methinks? Those damn crazy Islamists again, always popping up in convenient places.

      @AGXIIK >>>I heard a rumor that he was to be made the head of the UKR Central Bank.

      I believe he already is … or at least he is the manager of the Ukraine Central BankRuptcy … LOL.

      Next IMF loan requires at least 10 Ukrainian suicide squads to invade Crimea each week, and at least 2 GazProm pipes to be blown up a month in order to keep the fiat flowing from Uncle Sam and Auntie Merkel.

      Get the marshmallows ready everyone.

  6. I like Jim Willie and I have largely the same point of view.  But the interviewer should limit his responses to more reasonable lengths.  His voice becomes unpleasant to listen to with minute after minute of slightly screechy tone.  Let an interview be more like a conversation.

    • I agree, Fred.  Whenever I hear someone becoming hysterical in voice or manner, I am pretty sure that they are trying to force-feed a weak argument to us and are trying to strengthen their argument via using a loud volume or a high pitch that indicates urgency.  The truth requires neither of these things and rests solidly on a strong base of facts and logic.  This is why I refuse to listen to Max Keiser or recommend his site to anyone I know.  Histrionics don’t cut it in the real world and those of us who have engaged in them in the past usually outgrow the tendency by the age of 8 or 9.


    • No, it didn’t… at first.  But that was not a big problem for the world’s largest and strongest economy.  The US$ had been equated to gold for a long enough time that many around the world continued to equate it to gold, whether or not it was still gold-backed.


      Although, to be fair, it was not all that long afterwards that the price of oil in dollars skyrocketed.  When the US$ was backed by gold, oil was $2 a barrel… that was about equal to 0.048 oz. of gold per barrel.  When that backing was removed, it was not long until the price went to $20 a barrel and then much higher over the years. Currently, the price of oil is around $48.60 per barrel or 0.038 oz. of gold per barrel… or about 21% cheaper that it was 40 years ago… at least in terms of gold.



    • @Silver_Dollar >>>nothing happened.

      That was before EVERYTHING that could have bets placed on it was betted on and packaged into derivatives squared (TM) contracts that people from all over the planet have bought no knowing what they are exposed to. The Derivatives potentially can take down key sectors of an entire economy which then brings down the rest once it starts to screw with industry and chain of supply. The Nominal Value of these Derivatives contracts sounds scary but because they are balanced bets it’s not so much the values that matter, but the problem comes when too many changes happen too quick and entire mega corps get frozen based on a clogged up daisy chain which then will cause investors to panic and run for the exits on all markets, which would then give Governments the crisis they are looking for in order to enact emergency legislation … and bye-bye retirement funds, and hello government ration cards.

      It won’t take too much hysteria to FUBAR the current system, and personally I believe ‘they’ (TBTF Mafias) want to wreck the current system to make a case for why smaller banks should cede all sovereignty to larger corporations so that they can ‘reduce volatility’ and become more of a visible cartel …. just like 1913 and when the Fed came along ‘to reduce volatility’ my a*s.

    • @WillNotBeASlave


      Spot on, Bro… as usual.  🙂


      The thing about derivatives that really gets me is that the bankers are always talking about their “net exposure”.  They are assuming that they will be paid what they are owed by those who own the other side of the derivatives bets to which they are exposed and that this will then allow them to meet their own derivatives obligations.  This is FAR from guaranteed, however.  We saw what happened to the MF Global company when it started to become unglued.  The movie “Margin Call” was a well done movie that showed what it was like inside a financial company when the SHTF with obligations mounting very quickly that could not be paid.


      Derivatives are especially vulnerable to what is called a “cascade failure”, which is a chain reaction that feeds on itself until catastrophic results occur.  Typically, such things happen slowly at first but then increase very rapidly.  Imagine if you will, the old video of how a nuclear reaction works.  In this, a small room is filled with mousetraps and each mousetrap has a ping pong ball sitting on it.  Then, a single ping pong ball is tossed into the room.  Almost immediately, there are ping pong balls flying everywhere… and it is unstoppable once it is started.  No company, central bank, or government  will be able to stop this once it begins.  This is virtually the definition of a financial SHTF event, IMO.


  7. Jim is absolutely right about not taking any notice of the prices on the Comex. These are completely rigged and fraudulent.

    Anyone buying gold by the ton will tell you they are having to pay upwards of over 50% over spot, and that’s if they can get any!

    That puts golds real price at $1917.00 at present.  I can think of no other market where when demand goes up the price goes down as on the Comex.


    • Ummmm, you know someone personally buying by the ton who has told you this? That story is out there but don’t believe it has ever been substantiated.

      Rob Kirby has been saying this since November. I have no reason to doubt him.

    • Until substantiated, i take no individual claim as fact anymore. Seen enough to have my eyes open when looking at things now and not sure i could’ve said that until the last 6 months or so mainly because this site. I saw headline writers being challenged by our posters who appear, to me at least, more informed than the writers at times. And that’s a big TY to those here who have put in the hard work to educate themselves in very complex financial topics.

      So, Rob may be one of the good guys, but if he’s the only one sayin it….

    • @BetterThanNoSN


      No, I do not know anyone who can buy gold in $40+ million chunks but there are undoubtedly those who can.  I wonder what size gold orders a company like APMEX makes when buying from the US mint?   Of course, the Fed would know all about buying gold in multi-million dollar amounts but they are unlikely to be forthcoming about it unless they can somehow use what they know in a way that disparages buying and holding gold and those who do so.

    • Well, here’s an idea.  Anyone who thinks that the rigged COMEX price is real should try to buy some gold from the Chinese and see if they will accept COMEX prices for it.  Any bets as to how well that will work?  No?  Yes, we already know the answer to that one, don’t we?  The Chinese already know that gold is worth at least 2-3 times the current Western price.  IMO, this is why neither China nor Russia will sell gold at these prices.


  8. Fairly certain I personally do not go along with Armstrong’s ideology of “unpegged” currencies, or a non-gold standard type of system.  In theory it sounds reasonable and certainly history can bear out much proof, but today’s world and complexities does not equate to past history, imo.  We are much further along the timeline technologically and interconnectedly to make such comparisons. But what do I really know, huh?  As for me, I’ll be happy to be part of a gold-backed standard as a monetary system again, and find some kind of valid free-market value to stand upon.  Not sure about the “pegging” business even being assimulated with a new or quasi partially gold-backed standard, though.  Sounds to me Mr. Armstrong is selling his wares quite nicely though. To everyman his own……as each of us has differing concerns and lifelines at this juncture.  Theory is for those that can afford it or use it for their own enrichment and value…..which in no way, shape, or form lends any economic benefits in my lifeline or even lifetime.  Why should I be concerned about tomorrow when there is enough on today’s menu to deal with, huh?  Let’s get to another place that’s better than what is proven to be a rotten financial system back to something that is tangible, tradable, and represents real market value.  From there, maybe we can find our way to a better long-term solution…..if that even exists.

  9. Proverbs1616

    Oui, c’est unE Brebis, mais c’est un jeu de mot lié à mon nom, le français dit “une brebis galeuse”, je n’allais aps prendre le féminin.

    Quant à mes opinions :

    1, elles me regardent, et je connais mon expérience vis à vis de sionistes que j’ai côtoyés.

    2, je n’ai aucun lien particulier avec Poutine et Poutine n’est pas anti-israélien.

    3, nos différences d’opinions ne vous donnent pas le droit de me faire traiter avec les mots qui sont les vôtres.



    Le Gall




    • Hélas mon cher @lebrebis

      désolé: vos opinions sont quasi-cinglées… voir éviter les insultes.

      Mais bon, quand même, on s’entend qu’il ne faut pas être lié à Poutine pour devenir sa victime idéologique.

      La pluspart des victimes de la Louibianka ne réalisent pas d’où vient l’eau qu’ils boivent: la source est bel et bien masquée.

      Ah, bon, vous avez eu des <<expériences>> avec des sionistes. Bon, bien, vous savez, ça ne veut rien dire! Je me rapelle d’avoir dîné chez un monsieur qui travaillait à La Défense, qui se croyait sage en matière israélo-musulmane, mais qui, en se quasi-moquant de moi dû à mon expérience en Israël, me montrait bien qu’il n’y connaissait rien. On peut connaître des faits saillants sans les comprendre.


      As for Veterans Today, this is a front for Putin’s Lubyanka… steer clear of its conspiracist junk, it is a private magazine which doesn’t actually represent veterans.

  10. Please excuse the change in topic, but I had to comment on what I just read.  The US economy is three steps away from “the wood shed” and President Obama is going on national television and with a straight face, is going to tell 300 million people, his plan to offer FREE college tuition for students starting in 2016.  And it will be paid for out of the US Budget!  YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!


    • I cringe whenever the chief Obamunist says that “… and it won’t raise the deficit one dime“.  Anyone with an IQ above about 60 or so will recognize this as a blatant lie and saying it with a straight face does not make it true.  While this excludes much of the Obama base, it is terribly obvious to many others.


      We got that same message from Obama when he brought in the new health care system.  OK, so how’s that workin’ out for most of us?  Not worth a s**t, in fact.  Yes, a few will benefit, so will be happy with it but those whose costs are rising rapidly and whose deductibles are through the roof will not be so happy with it.  That would be most folks.  As for myself, I am exempt from this idiotic program because I have another idiotic program called Medicare that has ensnared me instead.  There, now.  That’s better.  Isn’t it?  :-/


      From the political side of things, it is pretty clear that making 10% of the voters happy while enraging 70% of the voters is not a recipe for long-term political success.  Many of the Dems who were up for re-election tried to run and hide from the effects of their actions over the past few years but like a tar-baby, it stuck to them like glue and drove them from office before the rage of the middle class voters who got royally screwed by this insane program.  That Obama continues to trumpet it as a massive success makes it and him look all the more insane.


  11. @Willnotbeaslave.   I assumed Soros was asked to head the UKR CB since I declined their offer.   The pay was ok but nothing like I made being a pundit factory of one here on the board.  Besides which, the working conditions are deplorable.  There; not here.  How many concubines can a man deal with?   Sheesh.

    But back in reality land, it’s  become more and more obvious that, as idiots playing the ZIRP slouching to NIRP carry trade at a leverage of 100 to 1,  trying to pick up pennies in front of Central Bank juggernaughts, the wholesale trading houses as well as their muppet investors are rueing the day they tried to outthink and out manoever scared sh**less Central Bankers.

    Carry trade and FIAT—100% counterparty risk with ZIRP reward.

    Physical gold and silver.  Zero counter party risk.
     Reward? Sleep well at night knowing one made the right decision.

    Those that have the gold make the rules

    Those who have the FIAT will f*** you up every time

    The pundits with paid audiences, whether 100 or 100,000, are waking up to the fact that nothing is as it seems. Willie does drill down into the minutia with math and a good mind for assessing the consequences of going FULL RETARD into unbacked FIAT and debt. It doesn’t hurt to have  a buck sixty and change IQ but lacking that, kicks in the groin will suffice as message received. There is a surfeit of brainiacs in the world today, all pointing the wrong way. In a world of sharp knives, I’m a Spork.


    As for gold back currencies we have options.  Through Willie,  though when he gets wound up sounds like the bastard step child of Roger Rabbit and the Tasmanian Devil,  does get the message across. We are not all clones of Forrest Gump and sheep; we do get it.   And as for self protection, we form alliances of like mind people.   There are plenty of choices.  Besides which Gump made a fortune being right at the wrong time.  99 people find solace and safety in FIAT  1% find solace and safety in precious metals.  It’s tough being right for the right reasons when 99 out of 100 say ‘ You are wrong and we’ll prove it’   And what of those 99?   How many billions were lost in the SNB flash crash?   Who went broke and is buck asses naked at the side of the road when the EURCHF tide went out?   Who’s feeling a little more secure and maybe a bt smug?  We have:

    1. FIAT backed by the full faith and credit of LADs (Lying assed dogs)

    2. FIAT backed by gold 20%

    3. FIAT backed by silver 20%

    4. Gold backed by gold

    5. Silver backed by silver.

    We know that a global FIATDEBTPONZI system will crater.  It is inevitable and we have 200 plus paper currencies over hundreds of years to provide this certainty.  Numbers 4 and 5 seem like more and more of a good idea during the crash.

    It’s becoming apparent that it’s a  matter of staying solvent longer than the time the world needs to return to sanity.

    Staying alive is another thing.  To that end it helps to be able to help one’s allies and friends.  And there is one more good reason to own precious metals.

    Silver will get you through times of no FIAT better than FIAT will get you through times of no silver.

    Friends will get you through hard times—period.

    I didn’t mean to single you out for my long rant.  It’s just that what you said had some solid meaning to me .  Cheers.

    • @AGXIIK


      Well, if we do get the great reset and return to honest money, yeah, I know, fat chance… but, IF we do, then I am hoping that a husband and wife can live reasonably well on an oz. of silver per day and on an oz. of gold for a month.  Given that, making it through the great reset will be challenging but not impossible.


    • @AGXIIK

      Personally I don’t think they are scared at all because they are nutjobs who think they can do whatever they want now without being stringed up with piano wire old school style. Actually, they always get a man like Hitler in power on the back of a deflationary spiral, because it is much easier to recruit an army of immoral nihilists to oppress and transform a constitutional Republic or Commonwealth into Fascist wonderland for power hungry aristocrats who think of the masses as meat … this world deflation during a monetary inflation is all a complete replay of the planned Great Depression. All the Monetary Inflation is recapitalizing the banks with OPM (or value) and the TBTF’s are sucking in and causing a void in the real economy even though they are flushed with credit internally … after they have broken the will of the people they will selectively provide credit lines to the ‘projects’ that hey require to transform the political structures, and they want to ensure that there are no Smedley Butlers this time.

      We’re getting close to the 1933 moment right now, and I think Obama was just an entree before the main course. The Dems and Reps are all controlled from the same capstone in the US, and seems as if the bad boy required will be a Republican if you ask me … they need someone who will take a hard line on Russia, and it won’t come openly from the Pink Triangle … LOL (but behind doors they all are … like the Bush’s). It’ll be a Bush boy I reccon, unless they have some other Manchurian Candidate no-name on the back burner like a new Obama, born God knows where, married to a secret tranny with adopted children.

  12. and one more thing

    Now we know way VP Joe Biden’s son Hunter was made a top CEO of Bursima, a large Ukrainian nat gas company.  His friends call Hunter “The Unibomber’

    Portugal is looking into the Goldman Sack’s $850,000,000 loan that bailed out Banco Espirito Santo.

    Denmark’s CB just went ZIRP

    China’s stock market had its largest loss in 6 years.

    And this is only Monday

    Happy Martin Luther King’s Day.

    • @Willnotbeaslave.  I fear that much of what you say could come to pass.  The optimistic bleating of the right wing sheep is going to come to a full throated road

      Bush-land Bush-land  Uber alles.  That clan is dynastic and most do not see it.

    • Compared to the past 6 years, the Bush years (pick either one) were “the good old days”.  Further, if enough people lose their minds or the vote is rigged to support Hilly-Billy, we could be in for 4-8 more years of this BS.  Strong as our country is, even it has limits as to the abuse it can withstand.

    • @WillNotBeASlave


      I’m with you on that, Bro.  This is why I like using Start Page as my Internet gateway.  They don’t record my ISP when doing a search or logging in to a web site.  This is not the ultimate in cyber security by any means but every little bit helps.  Using the incognito mode in Chrome also helps a bit.  Some form of data encryption, especially the 256-bit kind, might be worth a look as well.  This is not about secrecy but about privacy… and the US Gov is having a hard time differentiating between these.


      LOL! @UglyDog


      “YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook announced plans to merge into one company.  The new company will be called YouTwitFace :)”


      Now THAT is funny!  And probably not all that far off the mark.  😀




      “Youtwitface.   Perfect and funny as heck”


      Indeed so… UglyDog really got it this time.  That was great.  I really needed a good laugh and that made my day.

    • Lol @SilverDagger


      Seems as if their is no pleasing us ornery stackers.  We complain if silver rises, falls, or stays the same.  Unfortunately, it HAS to do one of these.  I dunno… maybe what we need is a big spike upwards so the weak hands can sell followed by a price collapse to the rest of us can buy more.  Collecting some fiat and waiting for a better buying opportunity might be good at this point, even though sub $20 silver looks pretty good even if the price is now a little higher than it was recently.


  13. Before machines, what percentage of a day’s pay was a simple bread? Now machines can make hundreds of you just pour in ingredients. Same for silver. It’s dug up by monster trucks and refined by huge machines, not pried for the soil with bare hands. PMs are real, but easier to come by. Industrialization has a had start on ore depletion. And silver more so even than gold.

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