The pattern of central bank covering the debt is clear.  The lesson is that central banks can apply paper patches to the failed banks, and buy more time, then repeat the process on the next failed bank event. No limit to their bank patches seems to be in force.   The banker cabal can continue endlessly since their patches are based on paper solutions, fiat paper money spew, and they control the paper output. They are the masters of the House of Paper.
The paper mache solutions can continue in a seemingly endless manner, but not in the Gold market.
The intervention and suppression in the Gold market is finite.   It requires Gold bullion, the physical ingot bars, in order to execute the perpetuated interference and alteration to this financial niche market.
The manipulation is finite, and it is coming to an end.
When the Shanghai shock comes, ALL THE PAPER GOLD STRUCTURES WILL FALL, all the FOREX derivatives will collapse, & all the control rooms will go into panic mode.



The Last Coin in the Silver Shield Banksters Collection:
End of the Line– On a Long Enough Timeline, the Survival Rate Drops to Zero!



By Jim



The Quantitative Easing initiatives have been declared as stimulus and successful in sustaining the US financial system. While having been able to continue the debt floats, the many market props, providing coverage for USGovt debt securities and mortgage backed securities which nobody wants, the initiative is hardly stimulus.

The hyper monetary inflation does what we always learned it did, as in from school for 50 years, dole out its powerful corrosive effect.   The inflation lifts the cost structure, leads to elimination of profit margins, and forces businesses to shut down, thus taking equipment out of service.  The Jackass prefers to call the QE effect as killing capital, forcing retired capital, putting equipment on mothballs, often liquidated.   Neither the USFed nor the Wall Street partners ever refer to the capital destruction effect, because it contradicts their stimulus argument and false message. Theirs is pure propaganda in keeping with the urgent directive to save the banks that are too big to fail.  These are the financial crime centers of America.


Many are the interventions taken. Let us peruse the different types, while finishing with the Gold market. The paper mache solutions can continue in a seemingly endless manner, but not in the Gold market. The intervention and suppression in the Gold market is finite. It requires Gold bullion, the physical ingot bars, in order to execute the perpetuated interference and alteration to this financial niche market. The undermine is finite, and it is coming to an end. As the major conflict between East and West is played out between Russia and the United States, bear in mind an important contrast. The Russians have the vast network of natural gas pipelines, which are being fought over in Ukraine. The pipelines supply energy to the many economies, both industry and households. The United States has a vast network of toxic flow in contaminated money, evident in the USTreasury Bond market, the FOREX currency market, and the banking systems. The pipeline for tainted funds contains channels, windows, tubes, side entries, plumbing, and levers just like a giant chemical plant. The trouble is that the US network of liquidity is toxic and leads to destroyed capital and economic ruin. The US will not win this battle. It will earn isolation even from its allies. The US is to become a pariah nation.



Many have been the bank failures in recent years during the so-called Global Financial Crisis, which the Jackass prefers to call the collapse of Western monetary system and banking system.   Hidden was the biggest and most important to date, done in September 2008.  The bailout was of Goldman Sachs, but made to look like a Lehman failure and AIG nationalization.

Under the USGovt aegis, the venerable GSax was given 100 cents per dollar on derivative payouts, was redeemed in full on mortgage assets, and generally was placed first in line for all window functions. It was the most clever bank bailout in history. The source of the derivative payouts was the usual funny money, where all trails lead to the USFed in its money creation. The good people of the United States talk about the favored 1% Elite, but they really have no idea who the bankers are, what they do, devices they use, controls they exert, or influence they peddle. If only they knew how Goldman and Citibank write Congressional legislation and tap markets for illicit tolls and skims. Their huge penalties and fines for criminal behavior are incorporated into their business models. Crime has a relatively small but growing part in its cost of doing business.


Royal Bank of Scotland was another giant bailout following a failure, or near failure. The UKGovt took a 81% stake in the failed financial institution, not quite buying lock stock and barrel in its many wrecked business segments. The bailout was worth 46 billion British Pounds, completed in 2008 and 2009. It is all gone, all squandered, good (phony) money after bad. The good people of Britain have complained about horrendous treatment by the bank ever since. The RBS bank remains predatory, but protected by the government.


A more recent event highlighted the situation well. The Jackass had in 2012 and 2013 wondered whether a systemic breakdown would occur from a mid-sized bank entering failure, which would force larger associated banks to fail. Then would come a contagion, lost control of certain markets under constant intervention, and release of the Gold market. In the process some London and New York banks would go bust. Hope had been somewhat dashed on this scenario when QE was installed and given additional rounds.

The bond purchase initiatives enabled other financial assets to be covered, like mortgage bonds, like bank derivatives, like even bank bonds, even ample cover for quiet stocks purchases. As 2014 arrived, it seemed clear that bank failures could be repaired and fixed by paper money, specially designed patches, specially designed liquidity facilities, specially designed loans with near 0% interest, even using massive swaps. The various governments (especially the USGovt) could help repair and fix the bank failures with fiscal outlay of more debt. More hidden is the application of narco money to prevent high profile failures like with Bank of America.


The recent event which caught the eye was the failure of Banco Espirito Santo in Portugal. Its failure was met by a controversy over sloppy redemption of derivative insurance, due to the many subsidiaries involved and contract fine print. Apart from the reform to derivatives to make clear on their payout, a larger message was made clear. The Euro Central Bank simply opened its window and covered much of the BES debt, preventing a full scale bankruptcy failure, and removing risk from a potential contagion. The event remains unsettled.

The pattern of central bank covering the debt is clear. The lesson is that central banks can apply paper patches to the failed banks, and buy more time, then repeat the process on the next failed bank event. No limit to their bank patches seems to be in force.   The banker cabal can continue endlessly since their patches are based on paper solutions, fiat paper money spew, and they control the paper output. They are the masters of the House of Paper.





The USTreasury Bond market is a great example of a default in front of our eyes, masked by the installation of a hyper monetary inflation initiative as a lifeline patch, one made institutionally. The Jackass has been firm since 2012 that QE is to be continued permanently, and never halted. It created a fully dependent condition which could never be removed. We saw QE, then QE2, then Operation Twist (swaps of long-term bonds for short-term bills), then QE3, then Taper Talk (basic lies), and now QE to Infinity. The current situation involves far more more lies periodically, and in more settings. The central bank cannot admit the permanence of bond purchases, since it would mean the United States is an endorsed Third World Nation, monetizing its growing debt forever, and with heavy war costs atop the burden. The big hint of stench from debt default behind the walls was the suspension of the USGovt debt limit a year ago. Some wise analysts conclude that a debt limit suspension can only happen if a default has occurred. Others argue that the USCongress can simply rewrite the laws to permit an unlimited credit line. The sale of the JPMorguen headquarters in South Manhattan seems to put more weight on the default premise. The endless wars seem to lend credence to the desperation by the banker cabal. There might be a new war in a couple months, the chief US export besides toxic bonds, military weapons, and diabetes.


The USTreasury Bond market would collapse without the QE bond purchases. They are done in unsterilized manner. Despite all his consummate arrogance, Prince Draghi at least conducts sterlized injections, where he removed funds from the financial system concurrently. The USFed simply injects funds without matching funds in removal, thus unsterilized. The USTBond complex is supported by hyper monetary inflation machinery, in the most corrosive, injurious, and heretical manner in existence, pure dispensation of phony untethered money to cover debt, both new debt and rolled over debt. The lifeline patch has been fully integrated into the system.

The USGovt continues with its $1 trillion annual debt spew from uncontrollable deficits. No oversight takes place on the USFed actions, which are replete with lies on the deficit volume. Simple end of fiscal year subtraction displays another annual $1.1 trillion deficit. The The Jackass suspects that $80 to $90 billion in QE volume is applied by the USFed on a monthly basis, just to USTreasurys and official label mortgage bonds (mostly Fannie Mae type).

My other suspicion is that QE covers perhaps at least another $100 billion per month in derivatives, which are never mentioned. They are deeply problematic, as indicated by the London Whale incident, which also was told with broad lies. His losses were not from Euro Sovereign Bonds, but rather from USTBond volatility, the bane of derivatives. The PIGS bonds all recovered in the quarter in question, to easily expose the JPMorguen lies, except to the highly paid bank analysts who kiss the ring on bent knee.


The USTreasury Bond default might have coincided with the JPM HQ seizure, and perhaps with some measure of Chinese purchase of a stake in the Federal Reserve itself. The Chinese are busily working behind the scenes. They might have given orders to suspend the debt limit, in order to end some unwanted controversy and attention. Lull the masses to sleep, and sack control of the key financial posts.

They have been active in converting their toxic USD debt paper to commercial properties and farmlands, possibly also to mining properties and port facilities. The Jackass suspects the Chinese do not hold $1.3 trillion in USTBonds in their possession. My suspicion is they might not have $1.0 trillion, which still would be a lot. They have been making investments around the world, buying hard assets and dumping their USD debt paper. They have been especially busy in African acquisitions and partnerships.


The USTreasury Bond complex has been attached to the USFed QE bond buying initiative by means of the inflation machinery, as a wide channel has been attached and integrated.

The debts do not matter anymore, as all covered by monetized debt, a horrendous new chapter fully blessed by the bankers in charge of the USGovt finance ministry. The bond market is therefore corrupted in a thorough manner in an institutionalized cancer display.

The reinforcement to the bond market comes from the Interest Rate Swap machinery, a sort of flying buttress to support the 250-story tower which must contend with disturbance from the four winds. The policy piece that few analysts seem to comprehend (or chose to mention even though well aware) is the urgent need for ZIRP Forever, in two critical respects.

The system requires the 0% rate to sustain the bond market. The 0% free money is needed as feeder to the Interest Rate Swaps, which process the phony money flow of funds in a couple steps to produce artificial long-term USTreasury Bond demand. Poof, out of nowhere, huge USTreasury demand when no buyers exist. The key need is for free money to feed the IRSwap machinery, new fat bond demand at no cost.

The second is the Wall Street bond carry trade. They borrow short and invest long. They use the 0% for borrowed funds, invest in long-term USTreasurys to gather in the rate spread. They usually put on leverage by means of bond futures contracts.


The USFed will not raise rates and crush the big banks, since they are syndicate partners. Doing so would cause a reversal of profits, and cause some momentum for bond sales which could take the long-term yields past 3% surely, and even to 4% suddenly. The USFed will not raise rates and disconnect the lifeline to the USTreasurys from the interest rate derivative machinery. The US relies upon financial engineering, and it will die from financial engineering. The US has become addicted to easy money, and has in place a lethal dependence upon derivatives and carry trade. Greenspan was dead wrong, and he knows it.


The pattern of central bank covering the USGovt debt securities (and quasi-USGovt debt like Fannie Mae bonds) is clear. The central bank has created an elaborate machinery to attach to the bond market in derivatives, with allied support coming from Wall Street carry trade.

The machinery and devices are fully integrated. The lesson is that central banks can apply sophisticated paper inputs of the financial engineering variety to the failed USGovt sovereign debt market, and buy more time, and perpetuate the process to cover every new year of debt and every new rollover of debt.

The QE is permanent, thus given the name QE to Infinity, just like the USGovt debt to infinity. The ZIRP is forever, the feeder input. The system will go haywire when foreign nations dump USTreasurys in heavy volume, after the USDollar is used far less in trade payments. The USFed volume of QE usage will go ballistic. They can cover bonds, but they cannot force foreign suppliers to accept USTBond toxic paper in exchange for finished products and raw goods including crude oil.

The banker cabal can continue endlessly since their patches are based on paper solutions, fiat paper money spew, and they control the paper output. But even here, they will hit the wall, and be forced by foreign suppliers to issue a new Scheiss Dollar. It will be devaluated far more than anticipated. Some nations might be intimidated to continue accepting USD in trade, after the murder of French energy CEO Christophe de Margerie. He spoke out against the practice of USD usage in oil sales. Murder does have its benefits for the USGovt.



The suppression of the Gold price has been the norm for 20 years, the constant cancer on the body financial, the enabler of unbridled debt and monetary growth. The gold enforcer has been locked up, bottled up, and tied up. The methods are many to control the Gold price, which cannot be all listed, since to be honest, some are extremely hidden and are managed in secrecy.

The basic methods are to conduct naked shorting of the gold futures contract, selling paper gold, never delivering it, and perpetuating the process with more naked shorts. The sleepy compromised CFTC does not enforce any laws, certainly not againt contract fraud. Since June 2012, the gold futures contracts have been settled in cash, giving their full bloom of the synthetic name. No lawsuits come, since the players would be banned from the COMEX criminal arena.

To be sure, the big banks have a much smaller net short gold position lately. They might have been treated to a whiff of their own slaughter.


The SPDR Gold Trust (aka GLD Fund) is an exchange traded fund. It supplies gold bullion to the COMEX in surreptitious manner, by basically robbing the investors of their base inventory. They produce certificates, short the shares, use all kinds of devices, and walk away with the metal off the ramp.

The GLD Fund has been systematically drained for the last five years, its inventory under 800 tons. Great debate stirs over the actual effective zero level being around 700 tons, since gold in motion from the mining firm output is counted in the fund (Jackass suspicion). Worse, the legitimate investors of GLD, even with sufficient number of shares according to the prospectus, are being denied a conversion to gold bars from the GLD shares. They are refused since not syndicate members, simply stated. The conversion of shares is an exclusive Wall Street bank privilege. The source from the fund might be dry.


Silver Shield 2015


An important indication of deeper corruption is evident in the Gold market. The once esteemed Scotia Mocatta has sold out. They have for the last year been providing their valuable bullion bank inventory of gold bars to the Wall Street hive. They are being drained effectively. The data is visible from the COMEX inventory movements, in a grand shuffle, often with Scotia the source. It is unclear why a respected august Canadian bank would sell their souls to the devil. Some deal was cut, which will not be entertained.

To be sure, Wall Street is running out of deep source channels. They have been using their Langley alliance to steal gold, like in Libya (144 tons) and in Kiev (33 tons) and elsewhere, maybe soon in defenseless Chad. The big untold story is the USGovt thefts of Saudi gold in Swiss banks. The royals are being tossed under the bus, no longer useful, except for photo opps. Despite the extraordinary measures, even with wars and disruptions, Wall Street is running out of deep source channels.


Many are the FOREX derivative devices that keep the Gold price down. The lashing of most every major currencies has been done, but relative to the Gold market. A flow chart of FOREX derivatives tied to gold would indeed make for an interesting picture. It would resemble, with Interest Rate Swap portals and carry trade plumbing, a grand picture of a chemical processing plant. The main centers for control of the Gold price are four. The Basel Switzerland hive with the Bank for Intl Settlements is a major control center, home of the uber-bankers.

The London site for the Goldman Sachs gold desk is another major control center, next door to the scandalous Gold Fix. The New York Fed is another major control center, which also specializes in stealing official gold accounts. The JPMorguen Chief Investment Office is another two-sided major control center, with vast tentacles to all important markets. It has offices in New York and London. A hidden office could be in the Rome hive, which might contain more telephone and teletype messages than actual market orders.


The pattern of banker control to the Gold market has a deep vulnerability. They cannot use unlimited paper gold contracts, since some degree of attachment to gold collateral is required. In other words, the gold suppression requires some gold bullion as basis.

The reported ratio of paper gold claims to the actual gold supply within the banking system is around 100 to one in ratio. It grows worse (higher) every year. The Great Gold Game cannot be continued in perpetuity, since the paper gold requires an inflow source of actual physical metal gold in the form of gold bullion.

The New York hive is running low, if not close to empty. The GLD source is running low, if not close to empty. The London hive is running low, if not close to empty. It has actually been drained of 1000 tons gold per month since March 2012. The other sources are more nebulous and difficult to assess.

The Basel hive might not be running low on gold bars, but they might be close to their limit on willingness to provide gold to the system, which redirects it to China. The Rome hive might also be low on willingness to provide gold to the system. Both Basel and Rome might be in the process of negotiating a role in the next chapter after the Global Paradigm Shift is completed.



Deep disturbance comes from a sudden (possibly overnight) doubling of the Gold price, done in Shanghai. They run an honest shop and they seek to establish a fair Gold price. It will be based on equilibrium between Supply & Demand of the physical gold metal. What a unique concept, totally lost to the Western bank centers and the entire Western financial structures. The stubborn Gold metal cannot be printed, nor converted from iron or lead in alchemy. Despite strong relations with Beelzebub and the nether world, the bankers cannot tap the alchemy laboratory formulas and produce gold.

The Gold market cannot be fixed by paper gold on a repeated basis, surely not in perpuity. When the Shanghai shock comes, all the Paper Gold structures will fall, all the FOREX derivatives will collapse, all the control rooms will go into panic mode. It would be fun to watch, except the vile bankers will cause more wars and release more designer viruses.


The best way to defend against the ongoing deadly storm is to purchase Gold & Silver bars & coins, and to exit the entire paper money system of stocks, bonds, and big bank certificates. Paper wealth will not survive the storm and its climax well. The storm has entered a final climax phase. Great changes are coming. The highly volatile financial markets, almost all of them, signal a storm with nasty resolution. As the Voice stated briefly but powerfully only three weeks ago, “WE ARE IN THE END GAME FINALLY.” The only protection to bank failures, account confiscations, lost life savings, converted pensions, and economic distress will be Gold & Silver ownership in metal form.




“For over five years I have been eagerly assimilating any and all free information (articles, interviews, etc) that Jim Willie puts out there. Just recently I finally took the plunge and became a paid subscriber. I regret not doing this much sooner, as my expectations were blown away with the vast amount of sourced information, analysis tied together, and logical forecasts contained in each report.”

   (JosephM in South Carolina)

“Not only have I seen many of the things you talk about in the public arena come to pass, but I have seen many of the things you say repeated three months later by the other analysts. Congratulations!”

   (MannyM in England)

“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

   (Charles in New Mexico)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]


  1. let’s see… how many unpublished chapters have you got, mr. willie?  and what is more important, when was the last time you had your morning tea with the queen of england?

    PS:  shiny would have been in a real pooper today, but late day ebola scare saved the day…

    shortages everywhere, fishez!

    • Jim Willie has had it right for years,  idiot comments like volkssturm’s not withstanding.

      I’d like to see a list of the biggest financial criminals formed.  Start with dimon, masters, geitner, paulson, blankfein, and the rest of the wall street and dc stooges. Include the crooked judges, greasy politicians, enabling media, and eunuch regulators.

      Let the supporting evidence for their crimes be presented and try them publicly even if in absentia,  in the style of the Nuremberg war crimes.

      Even if their bought and paid for politicians already changed the laws to keep them out of jail, at least their crimes would be laid bared for the world to see.

      If people had any idea the breadth and scope of the institutionalized fraud they would be sickened. The 1% have overplayed their hand.  They are gonna find out all about the right to bear arms. There will be a terrible retribution and they got it coming.


    • @cork Nuremberg won’t cut it. That was a show-trial run by Jewish Zionists for the benefit of Jewish Zionists. With these scum, no trial is needed. Either the guillotine or hanged from lamp posts as a warning to future generations – which also must include the Rothschilds/Rockefellers and their minions/agents.

    • Always so quick off the mark Mr Volkssturm with your comments………almost like it’s your job. With every new comment you make the more I lean to the view that you are an out and out shill. I doubt that you own any gold or silver as you claim to do though maybe this assignment has started to teach you something. Curiously incoherent and ridiculous comment this time like it was near going home time and you had to knock something out for your boss.

    • volkssturm paid $40 an ounce for his silver and $1800 an ounce for his gold.  He likes to use this forum to vent his frustrations with himself so we should all try to be more understanding and sympathetic…don’t you think?

    • If that’s true he has my sympathy but many of us are in a similar situation to one degree or another. If it was $40 and $1800 it aint now and the big gap offers an opportunity to radically drop your buy average thereby reaching a break even price quicker when it goes the other way…………which it will…………eventually. This story of his though would be just as good a pretence on which to construct a shill like story of “don’t do what I did”. “It’s all terrible”. “PMs are all a con”. The scum western politician / banker class with their corrupt dilution and distortion of all markets through granting themselves the right to buy and sell what they don’t actually own and use that as a basis for price discovery is what is really wrong here. Such schemes as that are more likely than not to fall apart when extremes are reached……….such as now. Mr Volkssturm seems to regard everyone here as fools so one has to wonder why, if he is genuine, he doesn’t just sell up his PMs and put the proceeds to work  in the obviously much better housing and / or stock markets which apparently just go up and up forever. I’m quite comfortable in PMs. Much better to be in a market that is reviled and at a bottom with plenty of upside potential. Even if it goes nowhere for a long time, cost averaging in at this price level means you can take out funds as needed with little or no loss in value and you can keep your wealth out of the clutches of the banks but still in a liquid form.

      Mr Vs delight in attacking anything in the PM world is rather strange given that he must have got into it after some thought at least about the larger picture………….or was he just after a quick buck?

    • Doc Willie has the larger basics correct. Where he falls down somewhat is in his ability to understand how the “system” can be kicked down the road for a very extended length of time. This is true almost perpetually with the Comex also.  So while Willie has some of it correct he is also basing some analysis on incorrect assumptions which will lead to incorrect theories. But don’t take my word for it read this….

    • I just wanted to say something on one of the many article’s by this willie fellow.Why do you think that the American people are so blind? It makes me so mad that these things are brought to the people’s attention and SILENCE! The one he mention that for sure is TREASON is how the Lobbyist re writing the bills and big surprise THOSE ARE THE ONE’S THAT BECOME LAW THE MOST! In the end THE BANKS WILL DESTROY US,AND THEN IT WILL BE TO LATE.The one i love the most is how free market’s should rule and nobody should get anything from the Government.Really? OK Really? Your whole corrupt business model is propped up by the Government.I could go on and on and on They are not fooling me.I guess when the food riot’s break out,then the American People will realize to late the TREASON that has been committed………..



    • WOW this article was from October and you guys are republishing it now? I guess most people don’t keep up. Reminds me of a story: Momma tomato was bopping down the street with baby tomato following behind. Baby tomato was falling behind and so momma tomato comes back and squashes baby tomato and says, “Ketchup!”

      People need to recognize that there are some very deep issues going on and these folks that say Jim Willie is basically a broken clock need to “Ketchup!”. This is for real folks. Read Stockman, Roberts, and many many others for a little while and a picture will develop in your mind that things are not what they seem, not what we are told and will change soon and to the bad and not for you!


    • “Let the supporting evidence for their crimes be presented and try them publicly even if in absentia,  in the style of the Nuremberg war crimes.”


      Indeed… and may the same punishment be applied to them once the convictions are in.


    • @Brad >>>Where he falls down somewhat is in his ability to understand how the “system” can be kicked down the road for a very extended length of time.

      My thoughts exactly. I have come up with a very technical formula to explain this phenomena;

      Roach Motel + Groundhog Day = Roach Motel + Groundhog Day = Roach Motel + Groundhog Day = Roach Motel + Groundhog Day = Roach Motel + Groundhog Day = Roach Motel + Groundhog Day …. repeat ad infinitum until it comes back on itself like a mobius strip.

      How far can the can be kicked down the road? How long is the road? Is the road a mobius strip? That is a scary thought.

      My bets are on a nuclear holocaust because Russia finally has enough of the crap and decides that going out with a bang is better than bending over to George Soros.

      Watch the Clock Tower in Mecca people! She’s coming down within a month I believe.

    • I have brought Gold from $200 up to $1850 an ounce and Silver from $4.00 up to $49.00 an ounce.2003 / 2004 I was buying Gold Sovereigns for £50 and Half Sovereigns for £25 ( last 2 I brought cost me £114 each,1980 proofs ).Amongst the items that stand out were,

      6 Canadian Silver Dollars and 2 x half Silver dollars for £9.00.

      1844 Half Sovereign,fairly worn about VG for £20.00.

      15 x .900 Silver 1960,s 5 Franc coins from France for £12.00.

      45 x Silver Hindenburg 2 Reichsmark coins for £40.00.

      I remember buying Gold and at the end paying for a load of stuff and people looking at me and I could see them thinking I should have brought those but they didn,t and I did.I was buying when prices were high,£250 for Sovereigns and $40 Silver,because to me the price in the long term was immaterial ,what matters is that it is real physical metal in your hand total personal insurance.Those people who used to look at me what price will they pay when everything they have trusted and believed in all their lives looses more and more value and ends up worthless.I have been watching financial matters and economies implode since 2008 although the steps of this process go back to the end of WW2 and have speeded up since 1970 and speeded up even more since 2008 and I reckon this coming year 2015 the markets,currencies and economies are going to finally totally fall apart.

      There are 2 Golden / Silver rules to this game,

      If its not in your hand you do not own it.

      When you have to buy it will become unaffordable very fast and will ultimately not be for sale at any price.

      All the best to all on here for 2015.


      Off to work out the final figures on my stack for 2014.

      Keep Stackin,keep the faith we will be the ones with our futures in our own hands.

      The price you paid will not matter it will be meaningless.



    • @death to traitors


      “Why do you think that the American people are so blind?”


      It’s probably more complicated than just this but… my guess is that the American people have been lied to for so long and so thoroughly that the truth now lies outside our ability to comprehend.  It’s not so much blindness as an inability to recognize the truth when we see it.  Then, there is an issue of comfort zone location with anything outside this zone denied.  Unfortunately, it is reality that lies outside this comfort zone.  This is why we get the deer-in-the-headlights looks whenever we try to explain the monstrous conspiracy to defraud the people via the actions of the US Gov and the Fed.

  2. Poor Jim for a few years now about the end. No where near now then ever were. US dollar is rising…gold and silver continue near 3 year lows. Many who believed the conspiracy are now near broke and wishing they had stayed in the DOW and USD. If only…..

    • @Bob

      You have to hand it to the central planners… they have managed to cobble together quite a financial Rube Goldberg-styled mouse-trap to date…  they DO have many fooled and they are truly ‘kicking the can down the road.”  They deserve the financial world equivalent of an Oscar for Best Production of a Fantasy, for you sure have to salute their efforts to date.

    • We might be like the devout mob awaiting the second coming but spare a thought for the poor metal merchants.  Years of jollying the deciples, desperately seeking a new angle to spin.  Please guys, don’t leave the brethren, we promise he’ll be here soon.  A pal of mine, high up in the McKinsey organisation, reckons the smart manipulators supported by dodgy governments can run this sham for ever.  Cash out, maybe, and put what’s left on red or black. At least the pain will end.  Wait,  who’s zat behind that cloud?


      The dollar is the last stop on the paper train. Hell, if I had yen, ruble, or many other currencies, I’d have been converting  to dollars over the last few months, but then I’d do something that many won’t – convert to tangible assets.

      Willie and others did say before the dollar rise started that it would do so for this reason.


    • The USD would be in the trash can right now if;

      1] Gadhaffi had not been taken out, and the Middle East hadn’t been stoked up like a bee hive with Military Intel inspired patsy ‘terrorists’ running all over the place choppin heads off here and there.

      2] Russian capital hadn’t been scared out of Russia and back towards the US because investors see the Cold War is back on.

      3] The fact Russia-EU business dealings have been made to look like a liability, the EU economies have been pushed back even further as decades worth of cross border trade is being retracted and wound back, thus even the Euro is being harmed and people are scuttling their capital across the Atlantic or over to the City of London, simply because Washington issued dictates based on MH17 that it inspired the bankrupt Ukraine to shoot down to use as political and media leverage.

      And just as capital crosses the Atlantic it can cross right back just as quick … like if Germany announced that it was not going to follow any sanctions and would hold a hard line against Anglo-American control of NATO policy and international banking controls, and if Turkey and even France also told the US and UK to shut the #*$% up trying to start the cold/hot war up again with Russia … then watch the USD and the Dow drop like a sack of spuds.

      The only reason the Dollar is rising is because it is seen as a safe haven because Washington has artificially through foreign policy machinations made it’s competitors look like lepers. Pax Romanus style, do as we say and you get to be poor, don’t do as we say and terrorists pop up and you can be poor and also dead.

      How long will the nations of the world put up with this crap? That is the real question that needs to be asked. How long till Merkel is ousted by nationalist Germans who don’t want Europe to be put through the meat grinder again? There is already many powerful people in Germany who are denouncing this current assault on Russia … same Germans who don’t want to bail out Ukraine and who also don’t want it in the EU because they will lose proportional power in the EU Parl because of Ukraine’s high population.

      Germany is the one to watch … if they wanted to bury the USD all it would take is a couple of words out of the mouths of the Chancellor and the rest of Europe would probably follow suit, and NATO would be toast … there cannot be a NATO without Germany, and the only reason the USD is still King is because of the NATO Gladius of Damocles hanging over everyone’s head.

    • @Sovereign Economist


      The can kicking analogy has been around for a while and I understand what it means.  To me, however, it is not a can that is being kicked but something MUCH more dangerous… a grenade… and one day, the pin WILL fall out in mid-kick.  When, not if, it does, those doing the kicking will be in for one helluva surprise.  BOOM!

  3. Soooo… correct me if I’m wrong, but apparently prices are low not because of supply but because of manipulation.


    Is this not the case? If so, why are all these trolls going on giving explanations that assume an honest non-manipulated market?


    Sort of getting annoying… red herrings get old after a while.

    • @Da Yooper

      They’re not mutually exclusive.

      Rickards has described before how the dollar will paradoxically rise before a currency collapse as world capital piles into the last perceived safe haven assets. So you could conceivably have the beginning of a global collapse where, for a relatively short time, the dollar rises before all currencies totally collapse.

      Gold and silver would be the last “man” standing.

    • @Missiondweller said: “Rickards has described before how the dollar will paradoxically rise before a currency collapse as world capital piles into the last perceived safe haven assets.”

      But you forget both the gold backed Rouble and Yuan? Please explain again how the world would see the US Dollar as one of the “last perceived safe haven assets” if the others are gold backed? Personally I see the fall of the Dollar like all other currencies failures throughout history …. no end rise, but a slow decline into a final parabolic drop to the bottom.

      Below is an interesting chart that shows how various currencies (and gold) have fared …

      Looks like gold has done quite nicely, although I would like to see the actual numbers …


      BTW, just for fun here is another  online calculator that gives you what any amount in a starting year (say, the year you got out of high school) you would need in 2013 to have the same purchasing value.          Of course I don’t know what inflation rates were used (probably the erroneous CPI)  but it is enlightening … enjoy!   🙂

    • I agree @Missiondweller.  These most definitely are not mutually exclusive.  As to Rickards… IMO, the guy is a NWO tool.  Worse than that, he is a lawyer.  That is a vile creature that is less savory than even a banker, IMO… and it takes some real doing to fall into that classification.


      IMO, a collapse of the type that many of us envision would proceed in several stages.  We would see different things during each of these stages.  The first would likely be disbelief.  The second would be fear.  The third would be disillusionment.  The fourth would be anger.  The 5th would be violence.  After this has exhausted the people via much mayhem, some semblance of order and a return to doing business on the local level would likely occur.  Doing business or trading is as old as humankind.  I have X and you have Y.  We both need X and Y, so we trade until we both have some of them.  This final stage is when silver and gold will be of great value and also where not having them will be of terrible consequence to the “sheeple”.


    • Remember, the USDx is only a relative strength indicator.  It is a ratio measured against a basket of six currencies.  If any one of the six currencies (the Euro, Yen. Kroner, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, or the Swiss Franc) takes a hit, then the USDx goes up.

    • I think Mauldin is an idiot, or at least a moron…  All due respect to his optimistic heart, I’ve listened to him a few less times over the years.  The problem I have with him is that he’s the perennial optimist with an absolute blind eye to the criminality, corruption, and thieving nature of Wall Street.   In an honest market, his views would be very realistic – his projections quite attainable..  He sees vast breakthroughs in economic advancements for humanity and, as a result, to economies.  However, he fails to realize that to the extent his optimism for the capacity for disruptive technologies to change the world for the better is real and powerful, there is an equal need to suppress these advances by a system that profits most from the system in the economic gridlock that it is right now.  But,  we aren’t living in an honest market and his lousy track over the past 10 years seems to affirm his blindness to the reality of our unfortunate condition.

    • Sovereign Economist, I’ve met Mauldin and did a little business with him years ago when he was just getting started.  Your description is pretty close.  I would be a little kinder and say he is too academic and too slow on the trigger.

    • @Da Yooper

      You lost me at “Jim Rickards.”

      One of the supposedly “best brains on the planet” who participated in driving the world into a LTCM-induced global financial panic.

      And did I mention his CIA/Pentagram connections?

    • It makes me wonder how idiots like Pritchard and Mauldin can have such airplay. I’M a better analyst than they are, and I’m not saying that to play myself up. As if today is anything like the 1930’s. And this Mauldin guy actually believes inflation is 1.7%? Because the Fed says so? Well maybe over the last month as oil tanked, but a month before that gasoline prices were the highest I’ve ever seen them. Oh right, they don’t include energy in inflation calculations… and as if Brent is falling because we are in a deflationary crash … and as if the economy has been expanding since the 2008 bailouts (just correct for real inflation and you’ll see it’s been contracting), and as if the problem is that consumption is too low and all this excessive debt is what’s stifling that… give me a break.

    • @Mark_BC


      If you are referring to Ambrose Evans Pritchard, he’s a committed globalist propagandist writing for a financial newspaper that’s second only to “The Economist” and the “Foreign Affair’s” journal of the CFR in it’s globalist propaganda/disinformation role…  THAT is his job.

      I doubt Mauldin is in that loop of disinfo-dishers, any more than most Wall Street commentators with their own firms and investment products are involved like that…  they are just going along to get along and protecting their little interests.  As long as they don’t get too far out on the rails, they’ll persist just fine…  when they step over the line, usually the first thing they’ll get hit with is that they will never be invited onto CNBC or Bloomberg again…  that’s enough of a behaviour modifier to handle most of them….

    • Hey @Cyberspace Void.  Long time no see.  🙂


      Actually, I can see a rise in the US dollar as the end nears.  After all, just before Zimbabwe imploded, their stock market and dollar hit ALL TIME HIGHS.  Today, they are pretty much a burned-out husk where people are continuously on the verge of starvation and local gangs and war-lords are in charge.  We also see the same thing in nature, where a dying plant does all it can to spread its seeds immediately before it dies.


      Agree on the gold-backed Asian currencies when they start showing up.  No sign of them so far but it is not difficult to see that they are coming.  China and Russia are NOT collecting thousands of TONS of gold because it is pretty.  They have a reason for stacking and it will be to back or partly back their currency and / or their sovereign debt.  Imagine a world that is awash in fiat debt when a new bond is offered that is backed by gold.  The issuing sovereign of such debt will be under obligation to pay the interest in full and on time as well as the principle at the time of maturity OR fork over the equivalent in gold.  Now THAT would ensure that the interest and principle are paid on time and in full.  The rest of the sovereign debt out there would have no such backing or guarantee of future value, so would not be highly desired.  Such a move on the parts of Russia and China would put them at the top of the sovereign debt heap, IMO.


    • @Cyberspace_Void >>>Please explain again how the world would see the US Dollar as one of the “last perceived safe haven assets” if the others are gold backed?

      You’re forgetting that the real collateral of the US is its Military and Arsenal! Decades of deficit spending bought a well equipped and well trained and experienced squad of killers with the capacity to execute some hard core killing! People perceive USD’s as the safe haven currency currently because they know that any country that has success with a Gold Standard alternative to the USD would be next on the Hussein and Gadhaffi bag list, and thus NOT a safe haven. Gadhaffi had Gold too, and while his body was still warm it was whisked away to God knows where (London?) never to be seen again.

      Forget Gold and Silver backing in a world where nuclear arsenals, carrier squadrons, guided missiles, and a proven track record to play dirty – real dirty – is all that is necessary to secure international capital that knows no national loyalty. Videos being ‘leaked’ of tortured prisoners was all deliberate as the shadow government wants the countries of the world to know who the 4th Reich is, and how they will be treated if they target Anglo-American hegemony.

      Is everyone geo-politically blind to the fact that we are on the precipice of WWIII? … or do we all look at the Dow and the USD and say, phew, fundamentals must be good, these gains must mean that Obama and the Fed steered us through the mine field and we came out the other end. Fundamentals are absent, the rise in capital is a direct result of current aggressive foreign policy and NOTHING else. Without FEAR the US economy would be toast already. Seig Heil!

    • Hey SD,

      I like ole Harvey O better than most of the muggers who place their articles here on The Doc. Rickards Willie, all etc, are so full of themselves to get attention on any site. Harvey Organ is plain spoken, ugly as home made soap, but doesn’t dance around the bush  sitting on the side of our beds telling us all how good its going to be. When he is wrong he will admit his errors, which by the way are few. I have followed Harvey for years and hang my star on him as being one of the sharpest knives in the PM drawer.




  4. “Despite strong relations with Beelzebub and the nether world, the bankers cannot tap the alchemy laboratory formulas and produce gold.”


    Well, thank God for small favors.  If the banksters could produce gold on demand, we would be awash in the stuff.  It would be everywhere.  We would be paving the streets with it.  :-/


    • Willie appears to be serious with this Satan stuff so this reference is not merely metaphorical.  This is one of the serious problems I have with this guy–he starts off with some interesting comments then goes right off the rails with these types of references, right into nut territory.  If I had to choose between Willie and Mauldin, I will go with Mauldin every time.  Mauldin is a serious commentator, Willie not so much though I do find him interesting.

    • @Southsider


      You call Mauldin a ‘Serious commentator”  as if to suggest Jim Willie is not a serious commentator…


      Make no mistake.  John Mauldin talks HIS BOOK… and NOTHING BUT HIS BOOK.   Now, you can say, “Well that’s OK because his book is hopefully a reflection of what he believes.”  Yes, presumably he has done his own research and due-diligence on the investment strategy that is reflected in his book.  He’s been around for a long time… his track record once, wasn’t bad…. later years… meh, not so much from what I can tell…  But he talks his book because he wants you to think he’s a good guy to put your money with…  no different that most other commentators….


      Jim Willie, ALSO TALKS his BOOK.   But Willie’s ‘book’ such as it is, isn’t really built on a specific investment theme.  He deals in information and he’s only as good as his sources and his ability to put the pieces together from what they tell him.  I do know he’s got some people in very connected places who seem to have a conscience and want information out in the world….  Pan Willie for being a sensationalist if you wish, but realize that, perhaps tragically,  he’s not the nut job most people would like to think he is…


      I remember when I first had Bob Chapman on my Sovereign Economist show for an hour each week… this went on for a little over three years before he passed away in 2012.  The guy gave me and our listeners one hell of an education…  I’m kind of a secular guy and when he would get into the satanical stuff, I would stop him at first and ask him to validate what he was saying…  he was kind and patient enough with me to point me to sources that not only backed what he asserted, but demonstrated that satanism was more prevalent and more closely at the heart of the motives of the people behind the NWO movement than I could have ever believed…  I finally learned to take him at his word and to learn to trust his sources.  One time I asked him where he got some information that was just too unbelievable to accept without a challenge…. off-air he gave me a list of some of his subscribers placed in some very high places.  They included WORLD LEADERS.  That’s when I realized it’s guys like Chapman, Willie, and maybe those like Dr. Stan, and Alex Jones and others with that audience ability that those in places and positions to KNOW important things and who still have a conscience want to reach out to and let information out.  Chapman, Willie and most of these types will keep the confidence and the source…  They are more than newletter writers.  If they have any reputation at all, they become information network hubs.  If they are idiots, those in the know won’t go anywhere near them.


      So, you might not want to be so quick to dismiss Willie’s off-the-wall stuff.  There are things going on in this world that, to you, me, and any other sane, caring human being couldn’t even BEGIN to seem believable ARE actually happening and, just because we are decent, moral human beings… we can’t even begin to fathom these things could be possible.   But, as I often tell people, “The TRUTH doesn’t give a DAMN what you or I BELIEVE!!!  — It’s JUST WHAT IT IS!”

    • @ Ranger, I don’t see how an SDR is going to fill in the gaps. The problem is that there is too much vacuous debt out there (too many promises that can never ever hope to be honoured). In 2008 it was credit promises that were inflated, and then crashed. This junk was then piled onto the “sovereign” currencies to prevent a systemic collapse, and those promises have now been inflated beyond any hope of solvency by all the QE. There is now no other area of promises left that could shoulder the burden of all the other previous inflated ponzi promises. Ultimately all the promises have to be a derivative of human labour, and the IMF isn’t one. What real-world power does it have? People say that fiat currency has no value, but this isn’t true. It has debt slavery backing it. Everyone’s debt slavery is near the breaking point. There is now no value left to be squeezed from the middle class.

    • @Ranger


      “When the SHTF, the IMF has the cleanest balance sheet in the world, SDR’s will fill the gap on failed world currencies IMO.”


      Perhaps.  But then, the vaunted SDRs are just more damned fiat that is backed by a wish and a prayer, aren’t they?


      IMO, the China-Russia duopoly will grab the world by the scrotum shortly with a gold-backed trade currency of some kind.  Not sure if this will be a form of the Yuan or not… probably not… but there will be a gold backed trade currency of some kind and China-Russia will be in the driver’s seat with it.  They are not stacking thousands of tons of gold because it is pretty.  They are doing this for a reason and, if history is any guide in this, for a VERY good reason.  It is especially telling that the Chinese are suggesting that their people buy gold as well.  Contrast this with the US Gov’s position on gold.  It’s night and day different.  An intelligent person, such as are on here (with only a few exceptions, lol) can see that the road to the future is, indeed, paved with gold and not with paper.


    • I make no apologies for my Christiandom, and keep it out of this blog as much as possible (for my part) but if you no nothing about Satanic evil, presence, or affect, then you have swallowed the wrong pill.
      If I were to partially list my personal experiences, you would not believe me.  My friends (agnostic & athiest) that have known me my entire life, and know my no-frills literal personality don’t know what to think.  Because there are no rational explanations, there are numerous occasions, and I am a Dry-Engineer type. They simply pretend I never told them in the first place.  Satanic entities exist. Angellic entities exist. You, being an athiest simply see no intervention in your life, because you being luke-warm, are divinely ignored with those who are cold in the Lord. 
      You want to become a believer? You want to see divine intervention? Open a relationship with God. (start with the commandments) Pray to him in a quiet place. Ask for wisdom, humble yourself.  Your life will begin changing, divine guidance will present itself, unbelievable things will occur, and then… when you feel your under God’s eye… you will also be on the Radar of Satanic forces, which will attempt to beguile you.  All of these things, of course are under your own decisive direction.  You will save yourself, or condemn yourself with your own mouth and actions.  …. Your doing it now, as I type this; So am I.
      Curious? …. Try it?

  5. @Cyberspace Void

    “… But you forget both the gold backed Rouble and Yuan? Please explain again how the world would see the US Dollar as one of the “last perceived safe haven assets” if the others are gold backed?…”


    The US Dollar will be the final safe-haven currency against the fiat-currency group with which it is currently arrayed in Forex…  None of these are anything more than fiat-paper and backed by nothing.  As the world economy sinks further and further, these currencies will fall by the wayside.  The Dollar will be the final one left standing as the ‘perceived’ flight to quality destination.  The Euro, Yen, Sterling, etc will fall first…


    As for the Rouble and Yuan, at this time, there are two things they lack to swim with the dollar in any safe-haven capacity.  First, they are not, at this time, backed officially by gold.  Second, they are not considered ‘go-to’ currencies world-wide for two basic reasons….1.)  Their convertibility is nil or very limited and, 2.) they are not from countries with the reputation for having a strong Rule of Law behind them.  China is communist and Russia is, at least by perception, somewhat third-world financially…  Finally, the Rouble doesn’t have the sheer volume (market cap)  out there to be a viable trade for such a large exodus…


    These things would change if the announcement of gold backing AND full convertibility came… and it is THIS that would go the farthest in causing the US Dollar to fail…  But, we aren’t there yet….


    Japan is being imploded… the Yen is beginning what looks to be a final dive.  The Euro is imploding from political and financial malfeasance and is appearing to dive…  Sterling?  Heh heh, that’s that smoking ruin over there in the field across the pond!   If you are trading Forex, where the hell DO you go??  All alternatives are fiat basket cases, as Rickards points out in both his books, “Currency Wars” and “Death of Money”  Right now, the NWO (US) financial powers are putting their “ALL” into maintaining the illusion of the US Dollar as a bastion of strength…  so, as we speak, the dollar’s rise is the balancing point to the other forex currency drops…  Hence, that’s where we see the Forex refugee camps.  As for gold, it’s still a political hot potato in the Forex market… Enter it at your own peril.  Because, along with it’s acquisition as an alternative to the dollar, comes the potential backlash of malfeasance from the United States.  As an example of how this happens, the Fukishima disaster happened about 90-120 days after the Japanese refused to play ball with the US financial manipulations and they would NOT purchase $300B of treasuries when the Fed was dealing with a short-term crisis…  fooling with a power that has the power to fool with Mother Nature is not a secret to a long life for a Sovereign trader of currencies that dares go against the criminal US cabal….

    • @Mark_BC


      Yes.  I am concluding that, from what I’ve seen, the US was complicit in the Fukishima “attack.”  More precisely, the globalist banking cabal is at the heart of the perpetration.  There is actually a rather significant body of evidence that seems to support this and it continues to strengthen as the days pass and information continues to surface…

    • SE,

      I’m sorry you didn’t pick up on my sarcasm concerning the “gold backing” of the Rouble and Yuan. These currencies will never be convertible, despite the hint Putin ballyhooed earlier this year on changing a sign in front of the Russian bank to a gold Rouble. As you well know gold tonnage = perceived power and he isn’t going to give any of it away. The PBC isn’t likely to either, but it’s currency is well on the way to become a fiat or digital reserve component as China’s population size and export levels demand it. Given Chinese history on fiat currencies, however, I wouldn’t personally hold any that I didn’t need for immediate trading needs.

      I have for at least the last ten years publically stated (some say preached) that the US should experience a prolonged economic boom just before collapse, but that was based on a repatriation of surplus US Dollars for property, goods and services as the result of being replaced as the sole world ,  reserve currency. To me it will be THE red flag to act …. until then I am enjoying the show while I hone my plan


      In regard to your Fukishima “attack” ….. you sound a lot like Willie, unbalanced.  There physically no way anyone can induce a tsunami as the energy needs would be astronomical (LOL a little “HAARP” pun there).

    • You mean they were behind the bungled attempts to control the aftermath? That may have something behind it but there is no way they had any part in creating the earthquake and tsunami. That sounds like more of the chemtrail conspiracy theories.

    • @Mark_BC, @Cyberspace Void


      Many of these theories are brought to us by people who never studied physics… at all.  Yet, when one does study some physics one soon learns to look at virtually everything in terms of its energy use.  The famed (defamed?) HAARP nonsense is chief among them.  Yes, some energy can be pumped into the atmosphere by such a system but it is several orders of magnitude (yes, I DO know what this means) below that which would be needed for even a tiny hurricane or earth quake.  It *might* make it rain a bit more in the area affected but that would be about it.


      Most people have no idea what kind of power nature throws around on a daily basis via tides, storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  For example… the annual rainfall amount in the smallest US state, Rhode Island, is about 40″.  That rain comes from the evaporation of water, mostly from the ocean.  It would take about 1,000 gigawatt-sized nuclear power plants running 24/7 for a year to generate the energy necessary to do that… and that is one very small state of 1545 sq. miles.  The Earth receives a very tiny fraction of the energy that the sun emits and even that tiny fraction exceeds all of the energy produced by humanity by several multiples.  This figure exceeds 170 PetaWatts (10^15 watts).


    • @Cyberspace


      Actually I thought your rouble-yen comment a bit inconsistent with what you’ve said before…  🙂   That said, it’s a comment I’ve heard a lot in my efforts to explain to people why the doller’s ascension in Forex is NOT a sign of the strength of the currency….  so I took the opportunity to expound on that a little bit.  As you’ve said, yes, the dollar WILL soar before it falls…  the Forex trillions, once blown out of failed currencies, will have no place to go BUT to bloat a USD number… which,  of course, will be quite meaningless even as it appears a moonshot…


      As to your comments about my Fukishima comparo to Willie…. see below…. (once I get it posted)

    • @Mark_BC @Ed_B @Cyberspace   others:
      OK… so, earlier today I made a statement indicating US complicity in the Fukishima disaster. In fact, like Willie indicates they call it an ‘attack’ in the east, I did as well…

      I was purposely vague and non-specific and waited to hear the reactions to it here…

      Well, I’m kinda slow to form a perspective on things at times… but I was told by a very wise guest on my radio show one time that, when you are trying to reconstruct the causes and motives for things that happen in the real world which have any connection to the state of the world, when you are trying to get to the truth about what happened, if you start from the presumption that the motives and methods are the worst possible that you could imagine, and proceed from there, you will save yourself a LOT of investigative work. I’ve found those words to be prophetic over the years….

      And so it is with the Fukishima situation….

      I will provide some links but first, I want to share my own discovery process about Fukishima… when the story first broke, there was lots of video of the tsunami coming into the land… the story went, they had a 9.0 – 9.1 earthquake… well, I was in Northern California in 1989 when the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake hit… two orders of magnitude (100) times LESS SEVERE than the Fukishima quake was alleged to be… and, as I watched these videos, I was struck by ONE THING…. Where was the earthquake damage??? Yeah, we saw the tsunami roll in, but the town seemed pretty normal to me before the water crested the beachhead… surely not a place where a 9.0 had just hit….  People walking around calmly, orderly traffic flows….  Hell, Loma Prieta at 6.9 made a mess around me in northern California…. that japanese coastal town did not experience anything near a 9.0 or it would have been apparent in these videos even before the tsunami flattened the landscape…

      Red flags raised, I followed that story closely…. I began to wonder if the news of the 9.0 was a misdirection cover for something more man-caused….  (worst possibility case….)

      Some time later, Jim Stone appeared and as time went on, his report revisions became more and more compelling… See for yourself here:


      Now, Jim Stone is an interesting character… but he’s proving to be legit… at least so far…  you cannot dismiss his work easily…  but EVEN HE suggests that there was no 9.0 earthquake….  and his explanation makes more sense than anything else one will find ANYWHERE….

      Now, there is ONE PLACE where I take exception to Stone’s explanation of the rationale for the ‘attack’ and that is this: The conventional story goes that Japan had agreed to process Iran’s nuclear material… and that this was the primary rationale and reason for the attack. Personally, I don’t think this was the factor it’s claimed to be, except for some possible mis-direction results. Everyone KNOWS that the Iranian nuclear weapons build up is the WMD of the Iran war buildup and that the more compelling reason Iran is under threat is that they are threatening the US PetroDollar hegemony. The nuclear buildup on Iran’s part is, for the most part, a distractive psyop as was WMD in Iraq leading up to the Iraq war… The reality was that there was a demand made on Japan late in 2010 to purchase $300 Billion in US Treasury debt to help cover an emerging short-term debt imbalance and shortage of debt absorption within the international swap mechanisms… the demand was made on Japan to buy, buy, buy…. Japan refused… the story goes, the demand was made with ominous threats…. the financial forensics to this progression seem pretty clear…. less than 4 months later, Japan experiences a potential ELE (extinction-level-event)
      Take the time to read Stone’s expose…  if you are anything like me, it will make your stomach wretch.  And, just in case you see fit to question his work PROVIDE evidence to refute his work…  I can’t find any….  and, believe me, I’ve looked….

      Worse than the event itself, the world response and the reaction of TPTB indicates to me that this disaster is not something they are worried about… it’s relevant to ask “WHY NOT??”
      Now, as to the potential of mankind to trigger massive earthquakes, control weather and so on… most people cannot fathom what the DOE is capable of…. well, I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Free-energy / resonance paradigm with my engineering and science background to produce alternative energy propulsion systems and have had the real privilege of being advised by a former DOE scientist/engineer who was placed very highly… he won’t even tell me his security clearance… of the information he has shared with me to advance my own work, his information angers me because it proves to me just how far behind the technology curve the public sector is in favor of the elites… but that subject is beyond the scope of this post… anyway, with regard to creating man-caused earthquakes, volcanos and the like, don’t for a minute think man hasn’t figured out how to split more than the atom… here’s a link of a speech by the former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen that acknowledges specifically that he’s been made aware of technologies and efforts… “…whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. …”

      <>  search the terms in brackets on that page and read it for yourself…

      (And, @Ed_B, you should ping me your email address in the private message system here and I will sent you some stuff about HAARP that will dispel the doubts you may have and that I DID have for awhile about what they can actually make happen with HAARP…. once you cut through the fog, the reality is startling….  and the old system, Haarp-1, now virtually obsolete has been replaced by something far more effective for their nefarious purposes that should frighten the crap out of us on our way to becoming ‘ignited activists!”)

    • @Sovereign Economist


      “the story went, they had a 9.0 – 9.1 earthquake… well, I was in Northern California in 1989 when the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake hit… two orders of magnitude (100) times LESS SEVERE than the Fukishima quake was alleged to be… and, as I watched these videos, I was struck by ONE THING…. Where was the earthquake damage??? Yeah, we saw the tsunami roll in, but the town seemed pretty normal to me before the water crested the beachhead… surely not a place where a 9.0 had just hit….�  People walking around calmly, orderly traffic flows….�  Hell, Loma Prieta at 6.9 made a mess around me in northern California…. that japanese coastal town did not experience anything near a 9.0 or it would have been apparent in these videos even before the tsunami flattened the landscape…”


      Three things.  First, it is the depth of an earthquake as well as its raw power that determines the extent of the damage caused on the Earth’s surface.  A powerful but very deep quake can cause little to no surface damage while a smaller but shallow quake can do lots of surface damage.  I’ve been in a 6.7 quake myself and saw the ground rippling like ocean waves.  Every car in a nearby parking lot was bouncing up and down with their alarms blaring.  Sidewalks, chimneys, and foundations were cracked but everything else just swayed and was OK.  I have also been in several smaller quakes which acted differently.  In one there was a loud BANG! sound and then nothing.  In another there was a strong BUZZ! sound and a very strong and fast vibration that lasted for maybe 10-12 seconds.  In yet another, there was no sound at all but dishes in the cupboards rattled and chandeliers swayed for a few seconds.  Same area, but different results from different strength and depth quakes.


      Second, the quake that hit near Japan did not occur IN Japan.  It occurred out in the ocean at considerable depth under the ocean floor, causing the tsunami that did all of the damage on the Japanese coast.  Considering the energy level involved in this large quake, it would take terrific power of some kind to cause such a tsunami.  Earthquakes and nukes have that kind of power but their seismic signatures are radically different and easily distinguished by seismologists.  Had a nuke been used to cause this tsunami, it could not have been kept a secret as there are hundreds of labs around the world that monitor large parts of the Earth specifically for such events.  It would only take ONE of them to spill the beans by publishing their data on the Internet.


      Third, the damage done by a quake of any magnitude is moderated by the nature of the rock strata in the area of the quake and the mechanism by which the quake occurs.  Various types of rock behave differently when a quake hits them, so a 9.0 quake can cause damage that is anywhere from severe to a barely felt wiggle.  Fault slippage causes most quakes and can be large and sudden, gentle and drawn out, or anywhere in between.

    • @Cyberspace Void


      “You are 100% correct on all three points above …. thanks for answering that for me (l’m on my tablet today meaning short answers LOL.)


      Lol, you’re most welcome.  Sometimes, I feel as if we are lone voices out in the wilderness.  As a scientist, I revere the truth and try to pass any that I know on to others.  There are plenty of things in the alt-media that contain a lot of truth but the scientific expertise shown is not always up to the standards that they should be.  I think that it is important that all of the points that are made in the alt-media should be as thoroughly grounded in provable fact as is humanly possible.  It’s way too easy to get carried away with some of this stuff, fly off on tangents, and then be surprised when others do not take the message seriously.


      I’m thinking about getting a tablet one of these days… probably a 10.1″ Samsung.  Any words of wisdom on tablets in general or this type of unit in particular?   PM me if so and you don’t want to clutter up the comments sections hereabouts.  🙂


  6. Here’s a really good interview with Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic that TF Metals Report referred to in an article yesterday.



    Keith Neumeyer discusses the all in costs for First Majestic being around $15. He talks about the ridiculous leverage in the paper silver markets of 1 billion paper ounces of silver traded daily v 800 million ounces mined annually (leverage of app  400:1). Anyone who claims that this is simple hedging are out of their minds. Neumeyer also discusses the idea of possibly forming a silver cartel with other primary silver miners and witholding production for a whole month next year to take it to the paper silver peddlers. Maybe it is just a pipe dream but at least one CEO is thinking straight.

    • Keith Neumeyer is a brave guy.  But, if he persists with his idea… you can bet the day will come when he either gets a phone call or a visit from some folks he’ll know to respect who will tell him that his idea really probably should not grow ‘legs’.


      The crooks control the financing, permitting, and regulations for these companies.  The crooks sit on their boards, and, in general, keep a pretty tight rein on them and their ability to raise capital.   Some will remember that, a few years back, Eric Sprott sent a communication to the silver miner industry, essentially suggesting that they hold a bit of their production back, keeping it simply as a balance sheet asset as an inducement to an improvement in the free-market pricing of silver.   Most will remember that the initial response to Sprott’s initiative was enthusiastic, but soon thereafter, it became very muted and tepid and, before too long, it was rarely spoken of again… the story goes that the regulatory, financial, and political climate in which the miners live is actually pretty fragile and subject to malevolent forces…  they are truly a captured industry of silver peon production slaves… and, if they were to get too uppity, who knows what fate could befall the whole industry….


      The bankers and their enforcers, the US Government do not play “nice” by ANY means!

    • Appreciate the thoughts SE. In your opinion, if what Rickards says is in fact playing out and the dollar is going up in a last gasp fiat rotation, to what level could the dollar go? The dollar has been going up for months now if there is a bigger rotation will gold drop inversely or finally decouple?

    • @Sovereign Economist


      “Keith Neumeyer is a brave guy.  But, if he persists with his idea… you can bet the day will come when he…”


      “Accidentally” tumbles down a mine shaft without using the elevator?


    • volume of trade does not imply leverage.  Also, he is off on volume by about an order of magnitude (like Ed, i also know what that means).


      Of course it is not all hedging.  When you have computers bidding below and offering above the market you get a lot of trade, but so much of this trade carries no position over time (leverage equals zero).


      Is that liquidity good or not??? jury still seems to be out.  Note, if you start the day even and end the day even your trades add up to market neutral.

    • @Ed_B

      re: Keith Neumayer:

      “…“Accidentally” tumbles down a mine shaft without using the elevator?”

      THAT is the second phone call.  The first will be to Keith… if a second is needed, that goes to the wetworks desk!



    • @Sovereign Economist


      “THAT is the second phone call.  The first will be to Keith… if a second is needed, that goes to the wetworks desk!”


      Could be, SE.  I was thinking back some months ago when we had a spate of flying banksters… nobody too big involved but certainly several guys who KNEW too much.  History shows that the banksters play rough whenever anyone threatens their license to steal. Lincoln and Kennedy both found that out.  Jackson was on their list too but he was one tough hombre.  After the 5th unsuccessful attempt on his life, he probably grabbed the nearest bankster and said something like, “If this EVER happens again, I am coming to New York… WITH an army… and by The Eternal, I WILL rout you all out!”.  There was no 6th attempt on his life.  😉


  7. in Manhattan federal court

    By Brendan Pierson
    Oct 14 (Reuters) – Litigation alleging that Deutsche Bank AG , Bank of Nova Scotia and HSBC Plc illegally fixed the price of silver has been centralized in Manhattan federal court.

    Lawsuits filed by investors since July over the alleged price-fixing were consolidated on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, following an order issued last Thursday by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, a special body of federal judges that decides when and where to consolidate related lawsuits.

    The panel ruled that the cases should be handled by U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni in Manhattan, who is already overseeing similar litigation over alleged gold price-fixing.

    Three suits were originally filed in Manhattan, while two were filed in Brooklyn. The plaintiffs in the Brooklyn suits had sought to have the litigation consolidated there.

    The banks had also asked that the litigation be consolidated in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, but the multidistrict litigation panel said Manhattan made more sense because the defendants all had corporate offices there and because the cases involved issues similar to the gold litigation.

    The plaintiffs allege that the banks abused their power as participants in the silver fix, a London-based benchmark pricing method dating back to the Victorian era, in which banks set silver prices once a day by phone. In August, the system was replaced by a new benchmark system administered by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Thomson Reuters.

    HSBC spokesman Neil Brazil declined to comment.

    Representatives of the other banks did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    The case is In re London Silver Fixing Ltd Antitrust Litigation, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 1:14-md-02573. (Reporting by



  8. The plaintiffs allege that the banks abused their power as participants in the silver fix, a London-based benchmark pricing method dating back to the Victorian era, in which banks set silver prices once a day by phone. In August, the system was replaced by a new benchmark system administered by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Thomson Reuters……..

    • An Overview of the United States National Debt

      The Current Outstanding Public Debt of the United States is:


      Last Updated: Friday, October 24th, 2014

      Every man, woman and child in the United States currently owes $58,910 for their share of the U.S. public debt

    • @SilverDagger – Every time I look at the national debt numbers they remind me of just how staggeringly in debt we are as a nation and what the future repercussions may be. Yet, most of the “sheeple” out there believe that the number is insignificant. One of my bosses told me not too long ago that “the debt doesn’t matter since we have the world’s largest economy. We can simply print what all other nations want. If the dollar goes down the crapper nothing else is gonna matter.” I thought about what he said and to a degree it does make some sense. But on the other hand it shows just how arrogant we have become to believe that the rest of the world is that stupid and will remain so in the future. It is mathematically impossible for any person or nation to consistently spend more than what they bring in and remain solvent. So the question becomes; at what point will the national debt become a blinking red light as to just how bad off we really are? Will it need to get to a nice round number like $20 trillion?

    • I almost can’t bear it to hear our provincial politicians here in BC bragging about their balanced budget plans. Austerity is a crime against society. They pull out this rhetoric about not “burdening future generations with debt” BS, as if future generations are going to somehow be burdened with debt. Come on, the debt will be revalued, super easy. Instead they are opening up our non-renewable natural resources for export to China as a way to grow our economy and the revenues will supposedly balance the books and give us this magical “balanced budget”. Well, future generations are now instead going to be burdened when all our resources are gone. And unfortunately, resources can’t be reset like currencies can.

      Every American is saddled with $58,000 in debt? Big deal, the currency will be devalued and then that $58,000 will buy you a doughnut. The real problem for America is losing the reserve currency status and its trade deficit. Then Peak Oil will really come home to bite.

    • “Every man, woman and child in the United States currently owes $58,910 for their share of the U.S. public debt”


      Maybe.  But then, those who remove their wealth from the “system” are unlikely to have to worry about it.  🙂


    • @gogetter1132


      Comments like those from your boss display an incredible ignorance of economics, finance, and world opinion.  He seems unaware of the fact that the days of the US$ being the World Reserve Currency are numbered.  They are numbered specifically because of our arrogance and insistence on printing whatever money we think we need and Devil take the rest of the world.  We have exported a lot of the inflation that would have been happening right here at home via our export of US$.  The world is awash in them and they are bidding up prices in general and food + energy prices in particular.  A day is coming when those unneeded US$ will come flooding home in all their glory and they will bid up OUR prices like we’ve never seen before.  The pent up inflation that we have been exporting for decades will return in a rush to extract some value from that paper before it goes from being worth less to being worthless.  Prices here will skyrocket as the US$’s value plummets… getting 30+ years of inflation piled onto us over the course of a year or so, if not less, will teach many of us new lessons in economics.  This particular lesson was demonstrated in a number of countries and it always ends badly for those with only paper wealth.


      The US “leadership” in the Gov and Fed have taken us on a course that is not sustainable.  What part of that word does your boss not understand?  The world will not continue to fund our burgeoning debt ad infinitum.  At some point, it will become clear to them that: 1) the US is bankrupt; 2) they either aren’t going to get repaid or they will be repaid in dollars that are worth MUCH less than they were previously; and 3) there HAS to be a better way to get paid for their efforts and products.  This is already happening via the BRICS Bank and the potential for a gold-backed trade currency sponsored by the China-Russia duopoly.  Not only do the BRICS nations trade amongst themselves with NO US$ involved in the trade settlement, more than 2 dozen other countries have joined in with this concept and also accept trading partner settlement in their national currencies and / or in gold.


      The US Gov has made a lot of people around the planet angry with their high-handed tactics and they simply are not gonna take this abuse indefinitely.  Changes are happening and the sheeple media (MSM) simply are not covering it because they are too busy covering their bosses (banksters & politicians) butts.  This is why the media is losing listeners, viewers, and readers… BIG-TIME… and why the Alt Media is gathering them up.  More people now get their news via the Internet than via radio, TV, and newspapers combined.  There are several reasons for this but my favorite ones are: 1) truth is a rare commodity on the MSM and it is getting more rare all the time; and 2) if I want to know what happened yesterday, I can read it in the local paper;  if I want to know what happened hours ago, and can get that from radio and TV; and if I want to know what is happening RIGHT NOW, I look on the web.  🙂


      From your comments on this site, I know that you know these things even though your boss does not.  I am making these comments for those who are new to SD and may not be up to speed on these things.  Everyone else can nod sagely and skip to the next comment.  😉


  9. Vladimir Putin has lashed out at the United States for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. He also accused the West of inflaming the situation in Ukraine and said Russia was not interested in building an empire.

    The Russian President delivered a fierce broadside aimed at the United States at a speech for the Valdai Club in Sochi, which is an informal group of scholars. He hit out at Washington for behaving without regard to the rest of the world’s interests

    “The system of international relations needed some changes, but the USA, who believe they were the winners of the Cold War, have not seen the need for this.” He added that the US has been trying to create the world “for their own gains.” The Russian President added that because of this, regional and global security had been weakened.

    Putin also touched on the issue of the growth of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, while also accused the West of, “turning a blind eye,” to the encroachment of international terrorism into Russia and Central Asia. Putin believes the US has played a considerable role in sponsoring the growth of Islamic extremism, using the example of Washington’s funding of the Mujaheddin in the Afghan-Soviet war in the 1980’s, which eventually gave birth to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

    “It never ceases to amaze me how our partners have been guilty of making the same mistakes time and again. They have in the past sponsored Islamic extremists who were battling against the Soviet Union, which took place in Afghanistan. It was because of this the Taliban and Al-Qaeda was created,” the president added.

    Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) is the latest terrorist organization, which is destabilizing the world and Putin was scathing of countries that have been helping to fund the Islamist militants by buying cut price oil they are selling.

    “Terrorists have been selling oil at really low prices and those countries who have been buying it and then selling it on, are financing terrorism, which will eventually come back to bite them,” the Russian President said.

    Relations between Russia and the US have been plummeting for months, however Vladimir Putin accused the US of using the EU to further their own gains against Russia. He hit out at the numerous sanctions that had been imposed on Moscow, saying, “This was a mistake, which has a knock-on effect on everyone.”

    “The USA, which has implemented sanctions against Russia, is cutting down the branches, upon which they are sitting,”

    President Putin added.

    The reduction of nuclear arsenals was another issue, which was high on the agenda for the Russian President and once again, he was not afraid of having a dig at Washington for their reluctance to cut the number of nuclear missiles. He mentioned that unfortunately many countries see the only way to preserve their sovereignty is, “To make a nuclear bomb.”

    The reduction in nuclear arsenals was initially proposed by the Obama administration and Putin admitted it had potential, before talks about decreasing weapons stockpiles collapsed.

    “Russia has been all for the continuation of talks about the reduction of nuclear arsenals,” and according to President Putin, “Moscow is ready for serious talks, but without “double standards.”

    Perhaps Putin’s harshest criticism was reserved for the West’s creation of color revolutions and “controlled chaos,” which he a likened to “letting the genie out of the bottle,” with particular reference to Ukraine.

    “We have been trying to discuss with the Ukraine issue with the EU for a long time, but we were told this was none of other business. They then put two countries against each other, which has led to countless destruction of infrastructure. When I asked why did they do this, they just shrug their shoulders and don’t have an answer,” Putin added.

    The Russian President said that there is no truth whatsoever in claims from the West that Russia is interested in Empire building and that Moscow is looking to destabilize the world order. With relations between Russia and the West at a very low ebb, Putin also hinted Russia will look to develop allies further afield.

    “Russia has made it’s choice – we want to develop our economy and develop democratic values. We work with our counterparts in the Shanghai Cooperation, the BRICS union for example. We want our opinions to be respected likewise. We all need to be cautious to not make hasty and dangerous steps. Some of the players on the global front have forgotten about the need for this,” he said in another barb directed at Washington.


  10. An Overview of the United States National Debt

    The Current Outstanding Public Debt of the United States is:


    Last Updated: Friday, October 24th, 2014

    Every man, woman and child in the United States currently owes $58,910 for their share of the U.S. public debt.

    Ok that’s reason for illegal aliens @ $59 k a person  lol!

    • Well, $58K is peanuts when compared to the (conservative estimate) unfunded liabilities of the Boomers, et. al. at $120 trillion What is the share (debt) for each of 310 million people? Ouch!

    • Yeah, a few years back I did a calculation using gold in Real Value terms to calculate amount of debt per person to send Germany (Weimar Republic) into hyperinflation.  We are way past that amount of debt.  It was roughly $29,900 per person in Real Money corrected for today’s value in gold.   So we near 2x the amount if using gold as the value and that’s not counting any of the unfunded liabilities stuff.

  11. gogetter1132  Your boss is an brain damaged moron.  Or you work for the Fed (Sarc)

    me thinks you might seek another job because when the company your boss runs implodes you’ll be looking for work. Better to be ahead of the job curve when the time comes.

    No disrespect to you.

    Your boss?

    Damn, the rot reached up pretty high in the corporate food chain

  12. Russia Today (RT) = Russian propaganda bought and paid for by Putin’s henchman while opposition leaders are imprisoned or killed and media in Russia closed down or forcefully assimilated into government-controlled corporations.

    Still, you love this guy ….. amazing. You should go live there …..


    • I agree, Russia is a mess and my Russian friends, though they love Russia, recognize that Putin is a scary dictator. Although, admittedly, it would be nice to see American power hedged by Chinese alternatives, as long as both powers remain competitive without starting too much craziness.

    • [^^^…^^^…] I read the post and think to myself, why he’s talking about the US and confusing it with Russia.  Propaganda bought and paid for by the US gubmint.  All serious reporters on the CIA payroll as we just found out from the German reporter who got fed up.  Media being forcefully caused to be gubmint shills.  This is where YOU live now.  Look around you and pay attention.

    • If the currency is not fully convertible to gold then it is not really gold-backed …. and there is no way the Chinese (or Russia for that matter) will allow convertibility of their paper script.

      I personally don’t mind the creation of an alternative to the World Bank or IMF ….. let them lose some of their money too. LOL Unfortunately though, most of the nations that are ponying up a few billion each are likely going to be asking for the loan of the same funds they put in plus more in short order. Good luck with that as I feel like most is headed to Russia to pay for the Chinese gas pipelines.

    • If I’m reading this correctly, the article means that China is going to establish a realistic, much higher price for gold within itself and perhaps its more sane trading partners, and this will raise the price worldwide due to China’s huge impact on the world economy. But that wouldn’t be “shattering” the suppressed gold market as it now stands, it would a liberating or releasing it — right?

      We keep hearing that BRICS are going to bring reality back to the world economy, but it never seems to get here.


  13. speaking of phone calls, warnings and former partners, DSK former partner, formerly alive Thierry Leyne took a flying lesson off the 23rd floor of the tony Yoo Towers in Tel Aviv

    He recently join Dom. Strauss Kahn’s investment banking firm.   DSK was one of the co chairs of the IMF, caught inflagrante with the maid in a NY hotel and requested to resign to save the IMF from any more scandals.

    No report if Leyne was involved with house maids.   He is the 16th banker this year to assume room temperature after suiciding himself.  The maid was unavailable for comment

    • @AGXIIK


      “DSK was one of the co chairs of the IMF, caught inflagrante with the maid in a NY hotel and requested to resign to save the IMF from any more scandals.”


      Yes, I wondered about all that brouhaha in NYC when it happened.  First of all, any man with money can “tip” the bell captain and have a very nice hottie sent up to his room for an evening of fun and games.  He does not need to be forcing himself onto the hotel maids.  They showed pics of this maid.  I don’t think that she could get a date in a sailor’s bar at closing time.  This entire “affair” had hatchet-job written all over it… clumsily.  Whatever one thinks of the IMF or DSK, neither of them tend to be as stupid as they would have to be to become involved in such a sordid affair.  This looked a lot like the method by which DSK could be ousted and Lagarde brought in to replace him.  Interestingly enough, she seems to be up to her neck in legal difficulty herself, so dumping DSK to avoid scandal seems to have been of very temporary benefit to the IMF.  Good on ’em, says I.  😀



    • DSK had been given his ‘marching orders’ for his role in the IMF  by the elites to accelerate the austerity moves being demanded of the severely indebted nations in the EU, primarily in Southern Europe.  He balked repeatedly over months.  Shortly before the ‘maid for a fall’ incident, he gave a speech somewhere important, (Can’t remember where…) saying that the austerity measures, most notably in Greece and Portugal would result in social unrest if not ameliorated.   That was the end of his tenure with the IMF….


      They had the same problem with Christine Lagarde…  and, lo and behold, evidence of her improprieties and previous ‘malfeasance’ popped up…  she got the message of the slap on the hand and went back to being the dutiful executioner for the masters….

  14. Always an interesting way to spend some time with Jim Willie. While Doc Willie certainly has the larger part of the fundamentals correct and also seems to have some interesting inside info from which he draws not outlandish analysis  we do have a problem. The end is probably not near; within say two years barring an earth shattering event. The bankers have shown that they can kick the can down the road ad nauseam. Now for the shocker…so can the paper gold markets. Don’t btake my word for it…

    Still Willie does have some insight worth the price of admission but his timing is way off.

    • 500% over spot, what a deal!

      So when Silver hits $100/oz, this one 2 oz coin will be $1000 over spot.
      Now seriously, skoetch me a profile for the person to spend $1000 for the privilege of owning this round over any other piece of silver?

      It’s a $145 donation to the bullion industry. Or about 9 ounces forfeited while buying 2.
      That’s cigar band collecting more than it is precious metals investing.

      $150 over spot for a 39mm round. Don’t cut the line!

  15. This is an interesting board from  two months ago. How things have accelerated.  The news today is that Petrobras was that it failed to file it’s 3rd Q reports, rumors of bribes and other bad stuff and even bond defaults.  This whas scrolled up on ZH.   Brazil’s state run oil co with these problems due to drop in oil prices.  Brazil is the B in the BRICS   That might be a bad situation if oil continues to drop in price.

    • Oh my … just realized that this board is two months old and not fresh, I thought this was a killer New Years thread 30k+ views … I even started up conversations with 2 month old comments *BLUSH* my bad.

      Anyways, Happy New Year AG and the crew!!! I have a feeling that next New Year is going to be a real crapper and this might be the last happy (semi-happy) one.

    • @AGXIIK


      “Brazil is the B in the BRICS   That might be a bad situation if oil continues to drop in price.”


      Indeed it might.  In fact, a suspicious mind might even connect some dots in all this and come to the conclusion that the sudden and deep drop in oil prices was an organized plot to ruin the BRICS cartel and rejuvenate the US$ and other Western financial assets.

  16. There has been conjecture that gold stolen by Japan from China prior and during WWII is the source of the supply of gold coming onto the market. In 2012, GATA’s Chris Powell discounted that possibility in his post, If U.S. had ‘Yamashita’s Gold’, they’d put it in Cracker Jack boxes.

    While I concur with Powell that if the US had access to such gold in 1968, they would have employed it to prevent the collapse of the London Gold Pool. It is my belief, however, that such gold did exist but, in 1968, “Yamashita’s gold”, i.e. China’s stolen gold, was still a tightly held secret of the US government privy to only the top echelons of the CIA and a few others.

    More importantly, however, in the 1960s China’s stolen gold, i.e. ‘Yamashita’s gold’, had not yet been laundered into the international banking system. The laundering of the illicit horde of gold was not to happen until the 1980s, the decade when, not coincidentally, American Barrick, a junior oil and gas producer, was to become Barrick Gold.

    No less than the esteemed Professor Antal E. Fekete recognized the possibility of gold laundering by Barrick when he questioned Barrick’s inexplicable and self-defeating strategy of unhedged forward selling of gold at prices far below the market.

    In his August 2006 article, To Barrick Or To Be Barricked, That Is The Question, Professor Fekete suggested Barricks strategy could, in fact, be an operation to cover up the laundering of gold. The professor wrote:

    Is Barrick a front to cover up gold laundering?

    ..unless Barrick was a front to cover up gold laundering by governments, in which case unilateral forward selling was not a mistake but a deliberate policy…The suspicion that Barrick is a front to cover up a gigantic gold-laundering operation, presumably on behalf of a government (or governments) that need more time to complete a gold acquisition program in the order of thousands of tons of gold, is hard to escape.

    In my book, Light In A Dark Place, I quote from EP Heidner’s Collateral Damagewhich confirms what Professor Fekete had surmised-but Barrick wasn’t laundering gold to complete a gold acquisition program as believed by Professor Fekete-Barrick was, in fact, laundering China’s stolen gold to bring it into the international banking system.

    US Intelligence operations had been siphoning off the gold [China’s stolen gold] for three decades. However in 1986 Vice President George Bush took over the gold from Marcos and the gold was removed to a series of banks, notably Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS and Banker’s Trust, and held in a depository in Kloten, Switzerland.

    In 1992, George Bush [former Director of the CIA] served on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold. The Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating ‘gold derivatives’ …[and] would become an investment for nearly every gold bullion bank associated with the Marcos gold recovery [China’s stolen gold]. These banks would loan gold to Barrick, which would then sell the borrowed gold as derivatives, with the promise of replacing the borrowed gold with their gold mining operation.

    Barrick, which has no mining operations in Europe, used two refineries in Switzerland: MKS Finance S.A. and Argor-Heraeus S.A. – both on the Italian border near Milan, a few hours away from the gold depository in Zurich…The question that Barrick and other banks needed to avoid answering is: what gold was Barrick refining in Switzerland, as they have no mines in that region?

    Barrick would become a quiet gold-producing partner for a number of major banks, and its activities became subject to an FBI investigation into gold-price-fixing. The records on this investigation were kept in the FBI office on the 23rd floor of the North Tower, which was destroyed by bomb blasts shortly before the Tower collapsed.

    p. 11, Collateral Damage: US Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 , EP Heidner (2008)

  17. The criminal bullion banks have been illegally selling gold stolen from the Global Collateral Accounts (laundered thru Barrick Gold) for the last three decades. In the hours before the events of 9/11/2001 they stole enough additional gold to continue their price suppression crimes for another 100 years.  We need a way to enforce rule of law on these bankrupt criminal bullion banks.  Unfortunately, they appear to have purchased our legal system, so first, we need to take back our country  and then re-instate rule of law.  This requires a Team effort, so get busy.

    This post gets held in “awaiting moderation” status if I include supporting links, so I left them out.


    • LOL @2 OZ. 😀   Second that Happy New Year to one and all.  I’m hoping that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was.  But, I also know that hope is not a plan, so continue stacking and prepping.

  18. We’ll see what happens after the thing implodes. That’s for sure.  Rome is getting stingy with their secret stack of metal.  I’ll bet they have more than 30 thousand tons.  Of Gold that is.  More Silver please.

  19. Let me reiterate again:

    Gold that was entrusted by an entity to another entity to hold, and the same gold sold by 2nd entity to others – IS NOT STOLEN GOLD!!! Gold is owned by the one who holds it, and can defend it from being taken from him – by guile, or violence. The only time gold is stolen is when someone breaks into another persons house/vault and takes the gold!!!


    So all this croaking about stolen gold from someone’s Global Collateral Accounts, Yamashits gold, Fools’ gold, etc. is just that – NOISE. The biggest holders of gold today, in my humble opinion – would be The Vatican and The Indian Temples. Aside from the Central Banks and The Giants.


    And what’s my point to this post? Nothing!!! Just wasting your time here, hahaha.

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