end 2Jim Willie Provides An Update on the Financial Collapse. 
Will Trump Be Able to Avert A Financial Crisis, Or Will 2017 Be the END of the Dollar?


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  1. For the past several years we in the precious metals have been hearing the same thing. We won’t know if the dollar will collapse until it collapses. All we  can do is prepare ourselves mentally, physically and have your food and monetary insurance in place.

    • AGREED.  I cant read it anymore.  No more interviews.  Poor Greg Hunter.  He has tried to inform us with all his guests about impending doom.  I remember when he was a green gold newbie not affected by all our pending collapse viewpoints. All this pessimism just wears me out.  Maybe it is better to just live and stop all this prepping for disaster.

      1980,  850 gold and 900 Dow. National debt 900 billion

      2017, 1160 gold and 20,000 Dow.  National debt 20 trillion.

      Gold and silver have only risen over the last 20 something years when the overall commodity complex rises.  Their roll as a monetary medium has not disconnected from commodities. Even in the 1990s I used to watch the CRB index to determine golds moves.  I caught 93-96 gold move which was big for then, given it trended down the rest of that decade. No more Ron Kirby and MaGuire and EGON and King World. Gave up the Kitco boards years ago.  No this is not a sign of capitulation so time to go all in.  sheez

  2. Well, I took the advice of the article to continue reading, but when I clicked on the button there was nothing to read. 

    There is only a video to listen to.


    I have to go and get a bottle of wine to drink & get drunk before I can listen to another 1/2 hour or so of Jim Willie. 


    Maybe Jim could use some of this stuff. _JLG.  


    • It’s possible that a person could be insane and still have occasional bouts of lucidity. This is what I think of every time Willie starts screeching in one of his interviews.  Same for Max Keiser.  Both put out a little good info and LOTS of squealing and yowling.  All that makes it difficult to recommend either of these to others.  If these guys ever discover that the truth is so powerful it doesn’t need to be backed up by hysteria, they may discover what true power really is.


  3. Sorry, Jim Willie has been predicting the doom and gloom for ever. Jim and Bo Polny need to get a life. Their insistence that “They”, have the inside view is laughable. I really like Jim when he starts quoting “The voice” Jim’s secret buddy who knows all the inside skinny. The fact of the matter is, Jim is a shill and seems to have to incrementally talk about more bizarre, sensational BS in order to stay relevant. No doubt we as a country face formidable problems. However the answers are NOT going to come from Jokes like Jim and Bo ” My Little Polny”

    As far as entertainment value? Look up Kook in the dictionary. (See Jim Willie)

    • Agreed – I’ve always thought comes across as a crackpot but at the beginning I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but now after years of the same old story I’m sure my initial sentiments were correct. He’s best given a very wide berth although admittedly he does occasionally have a little tidbit of worthwhile information if you’re willing to endure a whole interview. The doom and gloomers will be right one day – but I’m less convinced than ever it’s going to be anytime soon.

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