Fed whistle blowerYesterday we reported that Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” has informed him that the recent rash of banker “suicides” are part of a hit list that includes dozens of bankers including a supposed high level Citi executive.
Today, none other than Jim Willie himself has provided SD readers with an exclusive report on the banker deaths, which has now increased to 5 in the past week with American Title CEO Richard Tulley found dead of “self-inflicted nail gun wounds“.
The Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigations, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.
Willie, who recently sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview revealing the “Smoking Gun” proving gold rehypothecation by US officialsemphasizes that we are NOT seeing bad bankers removed, we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details.

Willie’s full alert on Wall Street banker suicides is below:

The Last Coin in the Silver Shield Banksters Collection:
End of the LineOn a Long Enough Timeline, the Survival Rate Drops to Zero!



Submitted by  Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com

The banker hits are being done by the bad guys to keep men from singing after they flipped during prosecution investigation.

All have been working with police teams and continental cops like Interpol.
The STL Fed guy discovered some Bush giant multi-$B fraud and was ready to report it.
The STL Fed economist was hit by the Bush gang, before he sang against them.
The London bankers had begun to sing to Interpol on Mafia Vatican connections on massive FOREX fraud thefts.
It is unclear which is bigger:  Vatican links to narco money, or links to FOREX fraud theft, or their control room for Nazis.








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(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


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  1. I don’t consider myself anti Catholic, but I tend agree with the jackass. The Vatican is up to it’s eyeballs in banker fraud. I still maintain that much of the silver being added to the market to help in maintaining the price cap is being supplied by them from deep Swiss vaults. How it is advantageous to them I don’t know.  Their involvement with the banks makes no since without more info. Short term collusion for profit? Blackmail? Or have they really been part of it all though the centuries, . Who knows.

    • Well the new pope is the first Jesuit pope, or so I’ve been told. There have always been really tight bonds between Vatican and the Jesuits, and now they’ve merged. Religion is not their cause, it’s their tool, their marketing, their facade. And most employees think it’s all about the serving, and perhaps some are in it for the free kiddies on the side. And does the pope himself get to be informed of all matters? Does Obama have full access to “his” black projects?

    • The Vatican links, and the Italian Mafia activity can be seen through the Clearstream Affair. It is a spyglass event to stare into the Void that is Europe before realizing that it is global.
      A good way of identifying the financial power blocks warring within the EU is to look at the Clearing and Securities Depository Infrastructure. (DTCC <-> EuroClear <-> Clearstream) this is the legitimate clearing AND money laundering infrastructure posing as clean business … they ALL facilitate laundered funds plain and simple, and since the 70’s this has become Legion. Securities Laundering is the ULTIMATE way to launder money, so Investment side banking is where the dodgy deals are, not in Commercial/Retail Banking which is just straight currency transfer and where the Laundry ends up … BUT, Forex trading is the result of these international trades when liquidation of these Securities occurs … the whole damn funny-money economy we live in is connected via this under-infrastructure.
      In the US, a monopoly exists with the DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, via their subsidiary CEDE & CO) who are the ‘legal’ owner of almost virtually ALL publically traded Securities in the US, and their Derivatives Products  Subsidiary operates out of The City Of London and owns & clears all Derivatives Products in the US and UK and some of Europe; this is a FedOwners and London Banks dual axis posing as an integrated system that aids business efficiency (while it obscures its creative and innovative methods of hiding transactions using its multiple-jurisdiction money/securities washing capabilities … not to mention Bullion fraud, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish)
      In Europe however there is a full on war going on since the 90’s between Clearstream (merger of CEDEL Int. and Deutshe Boerse) and EuroClear (setup by J.P.Morgan, and ‘apparently’ now owned by Members …ie, bull sh*t talk for ‘still controlled by J.P.Morgan Cartel Capital through cross-Director appointments with captured front banks, a.k.a Western Banking Cartel, awaiting a future merger with DTCC after it beats Clearstream into non existence).
      This is IMPORTANT as…
      1] Clearstream represents a Swiss-Luxembourg-Germany-Vatican-Italian Mafia BLOCK and
      2] Euroclear represents a London-France-Belgium-Netherlands BLOCK. & with the DTCC it connects to the USA.
      Does this sound familiar? Does this sound a little 1940’s? Allies vs. NAZI’s/Mussolini? you would be correct if you thought it did.
      There is also linkages between Russian oligarchs and the Clearstream Block, and Clearstream have even in the past declined to Clear in collaboration with Euroclear, which generated EU court cases and friction within the EU. Banko Ambrosiano Vatican Scandal… P2 Masonic Lodge… dead Italian leader/s… Operation Gladio… Vatican Bankers hanging off of Blackfriars Bridge, you name it, it is all connected to the International Money Washing Cartels.
      On the surface all of this seems irrelevant, because these are merely Clearing Houses and Depositories right? wrong! All of their Members (Investment Banks) represent clear geo-economic-political blocks, and within this conflict you can see the distinct divide between the Western forces led by US-UK-France, and the main economic rival GERMANY who is resisting financial pressure to open itself up completely to London-US-French control. Germany will not allow Switzerland and Luxembourg TAX HAVENS and Money Laundering Network to be fully Regulated until US & UK&Dutch-Crown Dependencies TAX HAVENS and Money Laundering Network is able to be Regulated. Its a FULL OUT WAR, and it connects right up to the dynamics of International FOREX trading and by default also Petro-Dollar dynamics as the biggest competitor to the USD has always been the EURO (remember Saddam? he would have created a Petro-Euro system and the Saudi Petro-Dollar alliance would have been screwed)
      This is what all of the CITY OF LONDON (David Cameron and or alternative puppet) discussions (arguments) with Germany over CITY OF LONDON ‘special privileges’ being maintained if UK goes fully into EU is all about (They’re on the verge of saying ‘F*ck the EU’ … oh, they already did!).
      The Swiss-Luxembourg block will not join up unless the City Of London (and by default its New York Banking full-blood-sisters are effected) jump in too … but they of course both would rather not settle these disputes at all because of their love of the Hot Dirty Money sloshing around in the World Tax Haven Washingmachines … how else would politicians on both sides of the Atlantic maintain their secret bank accounts if their Havens disappeared?… who would pay for Christine Legarde’s tanning bills? Who would pay for these f*ckers wives to get 1000EURO salon appointments? and South of France junkets? Swiss ‘business’ trips to the ski slopes?
      This is ALL connected to the FOREX scandal, it goes to the heart of international trade, and what we are technically seeing here is the final Fallout from the Nixon Shock 1970’s coming to a head, and the inevitable agreement within the EU to agree-to-disagree PERMANENTLY, and the whole shooting match to unravel in front of all the other international observers, who are all themselves fully corrupt of course. China and Russia get to sit back and point out the hypocrisy and the delusion of the Western so called ‘Democratic’ System (I ain’t Communist but anyone who thinks Crony Capitalism with fully bought out political parties is Democracy and any better than a Banana Republic is kidding themselves)
      Perhaps these bankers being ‘suicided’ is the cleanup operation/attempt … there’s no way they can get rid of enough people-who-know to stop the truth getting out though. The more they Suicide, the more the public will get to see the Truth at last of what the Anglo-American Empire and the German-Swiss-Vatican Empire are … no different to the Communists and Cronyists the world over… OFF the 33rd Floor they fly, Icarus flew to close to the old Lucifer.
      THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! …and all this sh*t will end in Chaos … utter chaos, and the average African will not see the difference because he/she has experienced it since birth, but WE the Western Peoples will get a bit of that action … Geez, I’m really looking forward to Mad Max Fascism, how wonderful! Ayn Rand would approve, utopian-dystopia at last!

    • Anybody who is interested in the above issues about Clearing House Technology and how it is used by the Cartels to hide their underground economy (that not even the Fed can control) will be interested in this article from 2002 by Lucy Komisar about the Clearstream Affair.
      @Ed_B @AGXIIK  I know you two will be interested in this article, please give it a read. It is well worth the read, and even though it is from 2002, all the recent stuff is in French unfortunately, Western media didn’t even cover it or Google has censored links etc… any authors who covered it were dragged through the various Euro Court systems for slander, but the main guy was acquitted in 2011 by a French Court through a Freedom of the Press ruling.
      What is really interesting about CEDEL BANK, founded in 1971 (Which became ClearStream after DeutsheBorse bought it), is that it seems to have been founded by 92 Banks specifically to Service the new EURODOLLAR Market and transfers of USD outside of the purview of US Regulators. This is important because 1971 was of course the year of the Nixon Shock, and when the Floating Currency Market was birthed/started to be fully birthed … the severing of the International Standard of Gold Bullion Settlement.
      This is important;
      The Two major countries that had an interest in dealing in EuroDollars (ie, USD in Cash Accounts or US Bonds OUTSIDE of US borders were SOVIET RUSSIA and CHINA). From the link above;
      Cedel and its main competitor, Brussels-based Euroclear, were started to manage transfers of “eurodollars,” U.S. currency kept in banks outside the United States. According to Barbara Garson’s book Money Makes the World Go Around, eurodollars were invented in the ’50s by the Chinese and the Soviets so they would not have to put their assets in banks where the U.S. government could seize them. But others saw value in eurodollars, and they began to be traded for other currencies. Some banks attracted eurodollars with higher interest than was being paid in America, and U.S. corporations and individuals began using the accounts to avoid laws on domestic banks. The euromoney market was born. (By the ’90s, the Federal Reserve estimated that about two-thirds of U.S. currency was held abroad as eurodollars.)
      also from the link…
      Ernest Backes … was hired in 1971 by Clearstream’s predecessor Cedel (short for “central delivery” office), set up the year before by a consortium of 66 international banks. Backes helped design and install Cedel’s computerized accounting system in the ’70s.
      That part is interesting … “Cedel (short for “central delivery” office)”  … and 66 international banks
      Remember CEDE & CO that I keep talking about which through its majority Federal Reserve Owned Operator DTCC now has a MONOPOLY on all USD Denominated Securities dealt WITHIN US BORDERS and is by Legal definition the ‘Legal’ Owner of ALL US Publicly Traded Securities? I would advise anyone interested in proof of this to read THIS; Law Journal proof from http://www.law.yale.edu it explains that CEDE & CO (the DTCC, the proxy of the Fed) is the ‘Legal Owner’ of the Securities in the US and that the ‘Beneficial’ owners (ie, the person who payed for them) even has to register via DTCC to enact any Voting Rights for Shares!!! ie, the US Securities Markets have been TAKEN OVER BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE by stealth, and you have to technically request their permission to exercise any Beneficial Rights that come with that so called ‘ownership’.
      Well, back to Europe … this CEDEL Bank was setup for the EuroDollar market (ie, USD’s OUTSIDE US BORDERS) in 1970/71… it then through partnership with Deutsche Börse turned into ClearStream, and was exposed via the ClearStream Affairs as being involved is super dodgy money laundering through Luxembourg and Switzerland and even for Banco Ambrosiana (Vatican Bank).

      So in summary, US Securities INSIDE THE US dealt with via CEDE & CO since the 70’s
      ………………..and US Securities OUTSIDE THE US dealt with via CEDEL BANK starting in 1970/71.
      …right when we came off of the Gold Standard and the US Dollar was aggressively pushed into the outside world as a floating currency.
      But wait, it gets even darker than that … I quote from the Wiki Clearstream entry;
      A “black box” of Cedel
      Ernest Backes also explained that a company named Cedel International, located in Geneva, had been inscribed in the Swiss register of commerce but not included in the books of the mother company, Cedel International in Luxembourg. “This non-consolidated ‘branch,’ whose president is Robert Douglass of New York, former private secretary of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and vice chairman of the Chase Manhattan Corporation (now J.P. Morgan Chase), apparently had not raised too many questions for Swiss federal magistrates.” Backes qualified this “black box” as “institutionalized tax evasion at highest level in world finance,”, noting that tax evasion was even “more or less expressed in the objectives of the company as filed in the Swiss register of commerce.” The “branch” has since “been resold to another Luxembourg holding company, with the people in the backyard remaining mostly the same.”
      …did you catch that? Nelson Rockefeller … Luxembourg & Switzerland … setting up a EuroDollar (USD OUTSIDE OF US) Network of Bank Clearing in Securities and straight Cash (Digital and Material)… only using Secrecy Jurisdictions like Switzerland and Luxembourg.
      Does this dovetail in with the information about Nelson Rockefeller getting rid of his personal ex-secretary (threw herself through a window to her death) because she had information about him also stealing or attempting to get his hands on the Gold from Fort Knox at under the market price, and to smuggle it into Europe? … Switzerland perhaps?
      I tell you, a story can be gained from studying the structure of the Clearing House Platforms and Depository Trust infrastructure that has and is being setup under everyone’s noses. People need to do some more research on this infrastructure and its 3 Sisters (DTCC <-> EuroClear <-> ClearStream) … this is BIGGER and more important than the scam of National Central Fractional Reserve Cartel Banking. This is the system that Connects the Central Bank Owner/Members and is the PipeWork between them that makes them GLOBAL.
      @AGXIIK Can you bring this to the attention of The Doc? I know you guys speak, but I’m sure most people ignore my posts as they are too long etc… I really believe that this info is super important to expose so that more people in the Alt.Media and PM Community start talking about it. It goes right to the core of Central Banking and the Abortion that is Digital Fiat… digital plantation economics.

  2. Scroll down to industries on this C.I.A Fact book page on the Vatican https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/vt.html   and you will see Worldwide Banking and Financial Activities.
    We were told that this new pope was cleaning house of the corruption in these things. Maybe true, maybe not  but it is interesting to see this entry about their involvement in International Banking. I thought the “Church” would be only known for religious education and charity.
    Insiders say that the murdered pope John Paul 1 who was only in office for about a month was going to clean up the banking business but “He died” in his sleep and was never able to carry out his reforms.

    • @mayeeden
      What most people forget (me included) when they write about the ‘Vatican’ (as a single entity) is that it is very akin to a parliamentary system with its own internal Power Blocks of Cardinals and Bishops, all from oligarchical families that represent different business allegiances across the globe depending on where their See’s are.
      Technically there is no Vatican (singular) but Vaticans … there might be one elected Pope, but there is always a raft of Black Popes (ie, the ones who didn’t get elected) who represent different power blocks within the Vatican … and as you correctly pointed out, sometimes a Pope gets assassinated here and there, no different to US Presidents I guess.
      All the different power blocks in the Vatican, and within Nations, and Finance Cartels are all fighting at the moment, and we are witnessing a Tower of Babel scenario where the only outcome is a full out World War … it will start with more Civil strife first however this time as Nukes keep the Empires from clashing … but when the internal purges have been completed then the National Block vs. National Block violence will start …. Sh*t, I forgot about the Islamic Civil War/s, Shia vs. Sunni vs Bathism/Nationalism … we’re all screwed if you ask me.

    • Yeah Snakebite, I’m a long time HatTrick subscriber and Jim’s public reports, though informative, only scratch the surface of the depth he covers in his monthly newsletter.  Well worth the subscription fee IMO.

  3. This sounds correct to me as well.  One of the recent ones was an IT guy.  He was probably privy to some very damning information.  So if the bad guys are bumping witnesses off, who are the good guys?  Clearly there is an effort to cover up many crimes.  Remember building 7?  Argentina just a had a nice little archive fire too.  Don’t worry, God has very good records and they are not flammable 🙂

    • Yes I noticed the IT guy fell off the 39th floor or whatever.  Could it be he has backups of emails?  If I had something I would expose it all publicly before the NSA could send a cleaner crew.  Then being suicided would only add credibility to what was released.

    • ” Don’t worry, God has very good records and they are not flammable “
      How could they be?  They include files on Satan.  😉

  4. Not only was the guy an IT guy, he was responsible for running their software that contains the algorithms to analyze and generate forcasts, for the bank to use, in their planning and actions. To me, this means, he had knowledge of the algorithms, frequency of run, and most importantly, to all the BASE DATA that was used for the number crunching.
    The base data is where all the evidence and audit trail lies. If this data is stored someplace, it will be invaulable for forensic analysis of movements of money/time/events.

    • One would think that in his position, he would have had ALL of this info on a USB memory stick, in an undisclosed location, and ready for release should ANYTHING happen to him, “natural” or not.

  5. I don’t think any of this is related to “prosecutions”. Just yesterday, one of the largest criminals in financial history to work with the CFTC. No one is being prosecuted, except low lifers who know nothing. 

  6. Now this really sounds like James Bond. And with Jim Willie saying this, it’s a lot more believable.
    But how do they push a guy out of his office window in broad daylight during office hours, how is that done? Do men in trenchcoats and hats just exit the elevator, go up to his desk and push him out?
    It takes some serious professionals to fake a suicide by hanging, too. Can’t just hang the guy, there are a lot of mistakes to be made giving away the killing.

    • They would need to stage it right, but also, if you were a medical examiner and 2 guys with suits showed you a picture of your kids and said “this guy hanged himself” then you would tend to toe the line.
      Another angle is some sort of mental manipulation which drove these guys loco. Beyond this recall that a financial journalist disappeared without a trace while going out for a jog without his ID, cell phone or medication he needs daily.

    • I don’t know, this goes a bit too far for me, blackmailing the medical examiner.
      And mental manipulation in that many cases must be an incredible effort and risky too. I would love to know how that window-jumping happened.
      PS: My prediction: The next tragic suicide will be a bankster running over himself about a dozen times with a lawnmower.

    • Bling-Bling… Not as crazy as you might think.  The Clintons allegedly paid off the coroner when they were governing to rule “suicides” (I watched the details in the vince foster case film) He was eventually arrested, or he resigned and I believe was found guilty or admitted to forging suicide documents.
      They altered the laws in Arkansas to reflect any suicide (or death ruled as such) was NOT to receive an autopsy.  Therefor having the coroner on the payroll cleanly could sweep murders under the carpet nicely.

    • “But how do they push a guy out of his office window in broad daylight during office hours, how is that done? Do men in trenchcoats and hats just exit the elevator, go up to his desk and push him out?”
      No, they make up a fake story about someone in their organization who is stealing money or info for the Russian mob and lure the guy to the roof for a “private” conversation about it.  Once there, a minute or two of quiet conversation ensues to calm the fellow before he is casually pitched off the roof edge.
      One tip for by-standers… suicides rarely scream when falling to their death.  They are not afraid and welcome the end of their problems.

    • @Get the Bling Bling
      “Sounds realistic, are you playing on rooftops a lot? “
      Nope but I do have a fair understanding of how human nature and gravity work.  That and the effects on a body that is 3/4 water when it comes to an instant stop while carrying several thousand ft-lbs worth of kinetic energy that is instantly released on impact.  SPLAT!
      “Where did they say he screamed, do you have a link for that?”
      No link, just an observation in general.  Suicides are more frightened of life than of death.  Most see death as a welcome release from their intractable problems in life.  It could well be that or it could just as easily bring them into a worse place than they can now imagine… Hell?  Almost all religions of the world agree that suicide is not a good thing, although some have subverted their religion into appearing to support it when a so-called higher purpose can be achieved by it.  When we have agreement of that breadth across many human cultures, there’s usually a very good reason for it.  We might not know precisely what it is but that does not mean it’s not there.

  7. This attempt to cover up after themselves will only create more stresses in their system.  It is doomed to fail.  Not only will those in charge end up charged with financial crimes but with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.  The beauty of those charges is that they are unlikely to have any statute of limitation laws attached to them, unlike financial crimes.

    • @Ed_B
      I agree. The only obstacle the 1% have in their battle for the ownership of the other 99% as chattels is that the 0.25% of the 1% have to take out the other .75% of the 1% first … and within that .75% there are further multiples ready to go at it if the .25% first lose.
      I have no idea how on Earth members of the 1% sociopathic ‘elite’ thought they could ever get along with each other if they are all willing to rape/steal/murder/enslave/paedophile the other 99% … I mean, most of these 1% characters cannot even hold a marriage together, let alone a super complex multi-level cartel.
      Only God can create super complex harmony (look at DNA) … these guys and gals couldn’t even boil an egg or open a milk carton … look at Prince Charles for Gods sake, and tell me this isn’t evidence for de-evolution?

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “The only obstacle the 1% have in their battle for the ownership of the other 99% as chattels is that the 0.25% of the 1% have to take out the other .75% of the 1% first … and within that .75% there are further multiples ready to go at it if the .25% first lose.”
      This could be their greatest weakness.  They do not play well with others, particularly not when things are going badly.  Perhaps their natural tendency towards “cannibalism” of a sort will be their undoing?
      “Only God can create super complex harmony (look at DNA) …”
      Indeed.  I have looked at DNA, many times, and am always in wonder at its complexity, balance, and symmetry.  I have the same feeling when looking up at a star-filled night sky in wonder at the 400 billion stars in our galaxy, which is merely one of billions of other galaxies in the universe.  Those of us who do this are well aware of the insignificance of one small yellow star and its 9 planets, one of which is a water-world teeming with life.  Yes, God is both artist and engineer.  Even something as simple as a snow-flake can be wonderfully complex yet perfectly ordered.
      “…these guys and gals couldn’t even boil an egg or open a milk carton … look at Prince Charles for Gods sake, and tell me this isn’t evidence for de-evolution?”
      That would be my assessment but I am sure that they would simply say that, “We have evolved beyond worrying about such mundane matters in life“, or something like that.  The good news is that as they become more dependent on others yet remain unable to relate to them, the weaker the bond becomes between them and those on whom they depend.  If, at some point in the future, it comes down to an “every man for himself” scenario where these elites are, they will be well up s**t creek without a boat, much less a paddle.  In most cases, their life expectancy likely could be measured in minutes to perhaps a few hours.

  8. There are probably tens of thousands of executives who would qualify as “bankers” or work in some related financial services industry. So, 5 or 6 died does not make it a vast secret world wide conspiracy with hit men.

  9. A couple of quick thoughts.   The surface of the cesspool has all the appearance of fresh water depending on the angle of the light.  It looks clear and fresh.  But now the smell and the turds are poking through, belying the nature of the water.
    The Sochi Olympics cost $51,000,000,000.   The entire investment into the games is more than the last several summer and winter games combined. It’s estimated that $30,000,000,000 of those funds were siphoned off through corruption.   Nice Job if you can get it.  Someone just made the Forbes 400 list from this scam.  The opening ceremonies looking like a low rent military and gulag slave homage to Mini Me in North Korea    I guess you could call the Sochi Olympics a Potemkin Pillage With a little bit of corruption another billionaire gets his wings.
    A dot or two connected after reading willnotbeaslave comments on the Vatican, City of London and the CEDE Company
    After the Davos conference a statistic was tossed out that just now struck me as extremely important when we look at the overall global financial, social, economic and debt situation.
    The wealthiest 85 people on this planet have more wealth than the lowest 3,500,000,000 people on this planet.  I dont know if this includes the kiddies but if it’s just the adults, then you are talking maybe a total of 5,000,000,000 people with their kids added in.  In other words, between 50% and 70% of the world’s poopulation is basically owned in human vassalage by 85 people.  Some call this Feudalism.  I agree.
    I surmise that at no time in human history has so much wealth been concentrated in the hands of so few people.
    You could fit these 85 people on two commuter buses.  It would take 100,000,000 buses to carry the other people.
    In the past centuries and millenium, most people were poor, as they are today.
    But never before has the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION  has been trapped and enslaved in a world wide FIAT/DEBT paradigm. 
    Back in the day the people might have been poor but they often owned land and animals, traded with real money—gold, silver and copper. They paid taxes to the overlord but still has some assets to call their own.
      Today 3,500,000,000 people live in poverty with the boots of a mere 85 people on their necks
    Why does this sound weird to me?   
    85 people control over 3,500,000,000 living senient humans, any one of which could shrug off the boot of at least one of the feudalistic tyrants that holds him down
    Mano y Mano.
    I am sure that 2 of the serfs could take down one of these uber-rich thugs.
    How about 85,000 of these people killing the 85.  1,000 to 1 sounds like good odds to me.  Even hand to hand, these tyrants could be removed from the earth with extreme prejudice Who’s going to protect them when 1,000 people come a-calling. Most of the guards would put down their swords and join in the revolution.
    Thus I stack AG, AU, H2O, FE and PB. 
    Bring on the war!

    • Well,
      I have to agree that corruption in Russia is unlike anything in America (I keep harping on this), and that 51 billion is massive, but I have to disagree on the opening ceremonies:
      I found it refreshing to see a dignified yet modern opening ceremony that had class and which left off much of the tacky junk many modern ceremonies have tortured us with (London was awful). Impressive yet simple and straightforward.
      I have to give the Russians 2 thumbs up for the opening ceremony.
      Maybe the only bad thing was the 4 Olympic rings blunder, but I thought that was funny.

    • @AGXIIK
      I have an idea.  How about these bastards be forced to run a gauntlet naked down 5th Ave. in NYC while everyone who wants to can line up to give them a smack with a fly-swatter.  Each whack is small but stings.  Imagine what 1,000,000 of those would do.  Does the term “flayed alive” mean anything?  😉

    • @AGXIIK
      I say we give these 85 people their own planet seeing they are so rich. They can be the first colonizers of Mars … let’s give them the whole planet … heck, lets send the next 3000 on the list over as well. They like real estate, let’s give them some.All I know is that the REALLY WEALTHY people who beat those 85 aren’t even on that list, they hide behind Shell Companies and Nominees. If QEII isn’t on the list then the list is bogus.
      I agree about the opening ceremony. At least it wasn’t a massive occult ceremony like the 4 ceremonies in London for the Summer and paralympic games. London was a massive neo-pagan ritual of epic proportions, my jaw was literally on the ground throughout. It was like Katy Perry, Gaga and Madonna all in one … a real 5star Coven.
      However spending $51 billion in a country that is only just getting back on its feet like Russia is, is a little OTT.

    • Wealth statistics don’t mean anything. I can make 1 million dollars a year, not own a home, not save anything, spend it all and I would have zero wealth. I would be one of those 3,500,000,000 people you are talking about who supposedly have the boots of these 85 people on their necks. Actually, I would technically be in worse shape than those 3,500,000,000 people since at least their collective wealth equalled the 85. My wealth would be zero and an infinite amount of people like myself could never equal the 85. When I was in my 20s I rented, I spent all my money which meant I had zero wealth. I didn’t feel the boots of some billionaire on my neck. There are lots of people who live without saving. It doesn’t mean they are impoverished.

    • @hookshot
      The 3,500,000,000 people you are talking about start at the Zero Wealth level and work up … so you are down near the bottom, but because you live in a country that actually has jobs (and of course social security bums) you at least have TURN OVER with which to pay your rent. DO YOU PAY TAX? If you earn and don’t pay tax, you get the BOOT on your neck, and if you haven’t payed any tax and escaped the boot, then good for you, but maybe some day soon you will experience the physical boot… in fact now that the Govt is finding it harder to sell Treasury Bonds you will probably look like a nice target as will we all, as the taxes will invariably now be increased to pay the banks the unpayable pound-of-flesh they require to keep their balance books over the arbitrary accounting levels that apparently indicate ‘solvency’ (they’re all insolvent in reality, just some more than others).
      The 85 people on the list will pay much closer to 0% Tax whilst everybody else pays a much higher percentage. The 85 people have all of their real wealth sequestered ‘off-shore’ with special accounts tied into the City Of London etc… (most notably BARCLAY’S Bank). The 85 people all own Trans-National Companies that off-shore their profits paying no tax and dumping cheap goods in the USA made in sweat camps overseas, and then they launder the profits back into the US as needs be … these companies use all the Roads and Ports infrastructures etc without paying their fare share and then of course the Govt (Local-State-Federal) taps the Individual US worker for the shortfall… this is the invisible (to some) boot on the neck, and the other one is Inflation caused by the Fed and Banking sector through Fractional Reserve.
      If you don’t feel like you have a Boot on your neck yet, perhaps its because you have been privileged to live in a country that has overall through its Trans National Companies been putting its big boot on other countries first … these other countries are throwing this USD Boot off as I type, and soon you will get to know your true owner (or at least the people who believe they have a God given right to have somebody/anyone else as a neck rest for their boots)… there will be NO Pension.Retirement plans for anyone in the future, just a promise of one which will not materialize as the nation as a whole (not including the 85 people as they are above the Nation) will be wrung out like a sponge to bail-out/in the Banking vampire squid.
      Get ready for the boot … or as my South African friend used to say jokingly to me ‘lick the boot…’

  10. to underground re the “autopsy photo of this poor bankster”:
    You lifted this photo from the Diduseethat web site.  It is NOT the autopsy photo
    of the poor bankster.  Would like to see the actual photo.  It might be worse.
    In any form, misinformation is best not made public.  Especially on a site
    we look to for honest opinion and real information.

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