house-of-cardsFinancial newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie thinks 2014 will be a pivotal year for the U.S.  Dr. Willie says, We’re going to end this year with no resemblance to the beginning.  We spent a lot of years trying to hold this thing together. . . . Now all the QE and bond purchases are causing some major problems, breaking major economic structures. . . It’s all breaking, it’s all breaking and they are having a tremendous problem holding it together.  Now the whole Eastern World is rebelling against the dollar.
Dr. Willie predicts gold and silver are about to move in a BIG WAY: “They are going to move it to $5,000 to $7,000 an ounce, and silver $200 to $400 per ounce.  Because all the world’s central banks are going to need gold they are going to sell Treasury bonds to buy gold to make for a solution to their banking systems.  What’s the solution?  It’s legitimate reserves, hard asset gold reserves.
In closing Dr. Willie predicts, I think you are going to see by the end of this year that the dollar is mortally wounded and Treasury bond regarded as toxic paper.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of “The Hat Trick Letter” which can be found on

From Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

  1. A Gold Standard will without doubt will be the cure to much of the world`s ill`s. However, woe unto the poor soul who must break the news to the debt rich masses around the globe, that leveraged income will no longer support the type of life they have soo much enjoyed all these years. The suedo rich will finally find out where they really stand. And they are not going to like it. Rebuked by the true rich, rebuked by the poor, rebuked by all, it`s going to be a fugly mess. Lots of sorting out will need be done. Where it ends up is anyones guess. That`s why I stack, that`s why I prep. It could turn into a long protrtacted mess, with uncertinty ruling the day. The implimentation of a gold standard will not go easily, or quietly. Be ready. That`s all I`m really certin of.

    • @Silver Dollar
      Oh, it gets even better than that.  The uber-rich then will offer up the pseudo-rich as scapegoats for the uber-rich’s real excesses… and, more than likely, the sheeple will swallow it hook, line, and sinker…. exacting revenge for paradise lost on the wrong crowd.  :-/

  2. A gold standard is the only way to fix this mess. Stack people all you can it’s not if I can it’s I must stack because If you don’t do it now when you pull your money out of your stocks or 401k you will be competing with everyone else at the same time.  The calm before the storm .

  3. One of his more realistic talks in my view.
    What if we do go on a gold standard, but those enforcing it will also decide to keep on suppressing silver for a bunch of decades, to easy international trade? I don’t hold gold, and IMO gold has too little upward potential even on a gold standard to go deep into it.
    Could the whole silver community have been duped? By itself? By hopium?

  4. Come on, Willie … you actually BELIEVE what you said in this video? If you do I can understand why you call yourself a Jackass.

    Langley (CIA) causing the meltdown at Chernobyl? A US HARP weapon causing the tsunami at Fukushima? Really?

    Have you looked at what must have been some hack writer put in front of you to read? With pronouncements like these I am surprised that anyone listens to you for more than the 5 minutes I managed to endure before I couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off. Total garbage that calls to question anything else you have to say.

    At least I like Greg Hunter who is a top notch interviewer IMO

    • Agreed.  While I like Willie’s talks it is laced with wild conspiracy theories.  He has a really good talk about fundamentals then says way out there like HARP is attacking the Japanese coastline?  C’mon!!  
      It’s my input the Petrodollar is under a threat but when hasn’t that been the case in the past 10 years.  These countries will bark and growl then continue back to do business as usual.   They’ve got it too good by taking all the U.S. jobs while we continue to run up massive debt to buy back all of those products from these same countries.  If we crash they know they will crash. Maybe they’ll get mad and slowly start converting 5% or 10% of their transactions in Yuan or similar currencies but that’s probably it. 
      Just like politics, everyone can raise their hand and say They Won..  The Petrodollar will remain intact but the Eastern Block will have converted 5% of their overall business into local currencies.  Everybody win’s except for the middle class who still believe inflation or CPI is just 2%. 

    • Careful, if you don’t join in the circle jerk around here or they will call you an Obama informant. Thats exactly what happened to zman and he is censored…all he did was contradict people arguments with Trader Dan links and he was deemed a “troll”. Perhaps he put current inflation at 5%. Ridiculous, we are all metals traders (no other reason to be on this site). 
      For a site that prides its self on economic/world transparency and truth made total hypocrites of themselves. Perhaps they felt “geez, he makes sense on some of his arguments and that may discourage PM investors. We have to shut him up”. This site dares to talk about the manipulators of the world while unable to instill the same ethics that it preaches. For shame!
      I will lastly say that I sure some people on this board have high stakes in PM. We should know and talk about the good, bad and ugly of this choice. Being bullish on PM is a choice (and not a religion) and certainly this type of censorship to only promote favorable opinion of gold/silver should not exist. There is an arrogance in terming the world in absolutes (especially in a world where so much is uncertain).

  5. All you have to know is, there is going to be a collapse in the near future so be Prepared. All the other information I take with a grain of salt and sometimes it’s tasteless but I’m opened minded and it does connect the dots sometimes. Lol Keep Stacking Everything.

    • True, its not a question WHEN its going to happen.  Its a matter of KNOWING it WILL happen.  Those who are unaware are going to be caught off guard and they will be “gripping” big time.
      All the other details will certainly come out.

    • That reminds me – I still need to stock up on Salt!
      I wonder how many canisters of Morton’s I can shoehorn into a 5-gallon bucket?

    • @Mammoth
      Hard to say, Woolly.  Watch for sales.  It has been a long time since I stocked up on salt but when I did it was $0.10 per Morton-like cardboard canister.  It was a generic store brand but it was no different than Morton salt.  Heck, it might even have been packaged by Morton in store brand containers.  When it is cheap, load up one of those buckets.

  6. There’s lots of yackers
    There’s lots of stackers.
    Talk’s cheap, so’s silver
    Like the Scotsman says
    Keep stacking
    Yacking’s a fun diversion to the serious nature of prepping

    • The yak (Bos grunniens and Bos mutus) is a long-haired bovid found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia. Most yaks are domesticated, Bos grunniens. There is also a small, vulnerable population of wild yaks, Bos mutus. In the 1990s, a concerted effort was undertaken to help save the wild yak population. Then there’s The Yakking RedPill that just won’t shut the hell up!

    • As you know, Ive followed GATA and Willlie for 15 years now, so I’m pretty clear on their work. Most of what they say about gold, the FED, BIS, IMF, JPM and the Wall St crime syndicate has been proven correct. Everyone laughed at them back then. Not so much now.

    • +1 BoP nicely summed up. Willy’s predictions are spot on and anybody ignoring or laughing at them is a total mo#$n or misinformation agent.
      In these critical times I noticed the boards including SD got saturated with posters trying to misinform and spread fear in PM community.
      Some so called old reputable posters suddenly changed their tune… I wonder, this thought just crossed my mind – how about some posters on SD are ‘sleepers’ who just joined this misinformation campaign.
      The best propaganda; 90% percent of the time you say the right thing, all want to hear, then you introduce only 10% of your agenda. I want call any names but I have my suspicions.
      I understand, a lot of us are under a lot of stress but there is no reason to blame others for our own doing.
      Keep stacking the reckoning time is near.

    • Stacked more toilet paper, kleenex, salt, sugar last week, and 100 rounds of 9mm from WalMart. New brand I am trying BrassMaxxx(Tula) made in Italy.

    • @MaryB
      If it is made in Italy, it is probably OK.  Some of the best 12-ga. ammo I have bought is Fiocchi brand.  It’s made in Italy and in the US and works perfectly well in my Mossy 500 and in my son’s Saiga-12 semi-auto.  Of course, calling a Saiga-12 a semi-auto does not convey the reality of just how fast that thing can shoot.  It is amazing, a genuine “street sweeper”.  The 2.75″ #4 buck rounds are very effective for home defense.  I also have some RIO brand, made in Spain, and some Sellier and Bellot, made in the Czech Republic.  All work well and shoot nicely.  All are #4 buck, 00 buck, or 1 & 1/8-oz slugs.

    • At $13 a box if my C9 likes it I will grab 4 more boxes. Looked decent, military sealed primers that are crimped so reloading will take an extra step.

  7. Here is 1:22 minutes of Gold porn from Georgia.  Enjoy ~ ~ [Need to become utube member] ~ HERE IS TAX FREE GOLD

    So Willie, this is “End The Fed,” momment? Where we change FRN (toxic backed)”Federal Reserve Notes”into
    Treasury Reserve Notes (TRN), Gold Backed USA.

    Lex L ~ This is on utube, under “indyme2” for my gold prospectors. April 7, 2014, Georgia Gold

  8. Where do I get this gold and silver stuff? I went to my local bank to buy some and they had no idea what I was talking about. My bank told me to ignore you guys and keep depositing all my money with them.
    Hell, they even offered me a free toaster.

  9. You don’t want a gold standard because they will use your gold an silver call it all in. certain because they don’t have any. You wont be able to trade your dollar in for gold at the local bank. It would be better to leave it alone an let nature take its final course. An let actually physical gold an silver be true monies.

  10. some people on here would rather criticize than carry out a little research. When J W talks about Harp its spelling is HAARP. This technology can make whole armies surrender in seconds and even destroy the earth.” i think its called amplification in that they make the earth vibrate at a single point and the earth itself helps to intensify the vibration. so in the end the earth will vibrate itself to pieces if enough energy is applied.

  11. High Altitude Auroral Research Project. As a ham radio operator I know how it works, what frequencies the antennas work at and how much it can be steered. It is not some secret super weapon, doesn’t control the weather, sheeple minds, cause earthquakes, or give you crabs…

    • @MaryB
      AT LAST!  Someone who isn’t whacked out on something talking out their butt about HAARP.  HAARP is a lot closer to an experimental RADAR station than anything else.  The power input to the antenna farm should tell anyone who looks at it that this is not enough power to do ANY kind of serious damage to anything… much less control the weather, cause earthquakes, or any of that other gibberish that always gets posted about HAARP.  Oh, if one were to hold a hot dog on a stick in front of these antennas, then yes, it would cook it.  But then, so would any RADAR antenna.  But the range would be relatively short… a half mile or so, maybe.

    • Won’t even cook a hot dog the power from any individual antenna isn’t high enough or at a high enough frequency at 3.6mega watt signal, in the 2.8–10mhz range. Divide that power among the 180 antennas to get the power at each antenna. It is the gain of all the antennas added together that gives it such a high output potential but the beam is very wide, it cannot be focused to a pin point like a dish antenna.

      It is mostly used for ionospheric research and has a spot size 10km+ in dia at 43 miles up. So power density is actually rather low, you would get more rf standing a foot from my vertical when I transmit with 100 watts

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