“The Impact Will Be Felt DIRECTLY Upon the Gold Market”:


Submitted by Jim Willie, Golden Jackass

Within the US borders, the population remains largely ignorant of the true significance of the global currency reserve concept. It is of paramount importance, yet almost never discussed in the financial press. The public within the United States simply assumes the country operates with the USDollar as its currency, with near blindness to its global role in trade and banking. The end of an era is coming, as the change will be powerful in its effect. The shock wave could hit this year in some form, in a manner to highlight its importance.



The term is tossed around in common manner, often without an explanation of what it means. A strict meaning is followed by a practical meaning. The USDollar serves as global currency reserve, insofar as the USTreasury Bond is the standard for bank reserve core asset usage. Numerous countries have a core foundation to their national banking system. They maintain core assets and ratios. It is not gold bullion, but rather the USGovt debt. It is the USTBond denominated in USDollars. Of course, such practice is upside down and lunatic. Debt operating as core assets in the global banking system is utterly reckless, insane, and bound to force a systemic breakdown. Such is the heresy and risk from the banker cabal.

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The practical side of global currency reserve system is that trade payments are standardized as being executed in USDollar terms. A crude oil shipment, a grain shipment, a container vessel shipment, they are paid in USD terms, often with short-term USTreasury Bills. Also, international contracts like for consulting services or for installation of IT systems typically are written for payment in USD terms. As a result, the nations set to pay for a shipment or contract maintain huge USTreasury stores in their banking systems, ready to complete the trade payments.



The King Dollar and its court of financial terror is destined to lose its privileged perch. The abuse to maintain the global USDollar financial system is universal and profound. It all engenders tremendous resentment and backlash in the form of resistance, together with concerted movements toward the non-USD platforms. The movements are emerging from the East. When the global reserve currency status is lost, the American public will face severe problems never before encountered. They will be very confused. They will be lied to in a big way. Consider the import price inflation, the supply chain shortages, and the civil disorder. Running the USEconomy and USGovt on an international credit card, without ever paying the bill, has a certain limited duration. When the reserve status ends, the privilege ends, and the shock begins.



The Eastern nations control significant manufacturing facilities toward the global economic output. Such is the case after a full generation of outsourced industry by Western corporations. At first it was the Pacific Rim in the 1980 decade. Then it was India, Brazil, and a host of other burgeoning nations striving for further development. The West controls the financial markets, with all the elaborate paper instruments, and all the sophisticated market rigging machinery. If it controls anything, the East controls the manufacturing sector. Therefore these nations, led by China and the Pacific Rim, within which is the key player Taiwan, are in a position to dictate the terms of trade payment. The standard as of now is the USTreasury Bill. This will ultimately change, and when it does, the USDollar will officially shed its global reserve status. The impact will be enormous. The Eastern nations, perhaps under the aegis of the Eurasian Trade Zone protective shadow, are in a position to demand alternative forms of trade payment. Consider the Chinese RMB currency, the Ruble currency, or soon the Gold Trade Note. With manufacturing prowess comes the power to dictate trade payment. The risk to the USEconomy is cutoff for supply into the many sectors, most visibly the retail sector. All the while, the One Belt One Road set of massive projects will be conducted outside the USDollar sphere.



The initial impact is most likely to occur within the crude oil market. The key region for the Petro-Dollar defacto standard has been for 40 years the Arab Gulf Region. The OPEC oil cartel has been led by the Saudis, who operate as puppets for the Anglo-American helm and the banker cabal. The Saudis are in heated conflict with Qatar, as the Petro-Dollar has fractured in full view. The Saudis are in an ugly war with Yemen, in order to steal energy reserves. If truth be told, the Saudis are bankrupt and broken. Enter into the void the Natural Gas Cartel, led by Russia, Qatar, and Iran. It is in the formative stage here and now. The key event upcoming is for the Chinese to win the right to pay for Saudi oil in Chinese RMB terms. Following this will be Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and other Arab oil monarchies. The event will mark the final nails in the Petro-Dollar coffin, whose standard structure has been undergoing disintegration for three years.



This is inevitable, a domestic only new USDollar. The Jackass has harped on this topic for two years or more. It is not folly, but rather a reality which approaches closer with every passing month. In time, the Eastern nations will not accept USTBills as trade payment. They will reject the USDollar for its fallacious underpinnings and fraudulent activity and the folly of its management. The King Dollar is backed by the USFed and hyper monetary inflation, called euphemistically Quantitative Easing. It means the rules for limiting the quantity of dollars is relaxed, and African style monetary inflation is permitted. This is reckless and heretical, since the USDollar is the global reserve currency. All national banking systems are undermined by the QE process. The King Dollar is also backed by war, sanctions, and threats of war. The nations which work to sell oil outside the USD sphere have been subjected to war invasion (see Iraq), to sanctions (see Iran), and to global war with conflagration (see Russia).


The rejection of the USDollar in trade payments will mark the beginning of a critical new chapter in modern history. The end of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard will usher in the dawn of the NatGas Cartel and the urgency for launching the New Scheiss Dollar. Given the $550 billion national trade deficit, the USGovt will see massive pressure for devaluation of the New Scheiss Dollar, like 30% every six months. The USGovt will most likely, given its past corrupt history, present a fallacious backing for the new currency. They are likely to present a false gold backing like the infamous ludicrous Deep Storage Gold ledger item. They are likely to present an inadequate oil reserve as partial basis. Keep in mind that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is worth around $7 billion. Therefore, the trade deficit requires almost 80 such reserves to cover each year’s trade deficit. The USGovt deficit is in the $1.2 to $1.5 trillion neighborhood. It must also be financed. The painful devaluations will be necessary in order to finance the USGovt debt and trade deficit with a cheaper domestic dollar. Washington will be under huge pressure to attract foreign capital. It does not now, since it relies upon the printing press and leveraged machinery. Welcome to the real world, where fundamentals matter. With the higher import prices, will come product shortages and empty shelves from lack of demand. Then comes the civil disorder. The Jackass anticipates three centers will suffer riots and highly disruptive events: supermarkets for food, gasoline stations for fuel, and ATM machines for cash.



The impact felt across the entire financial structural systems will be enormous when the King Dollar loses its prestige and elite privilege, upon loss of the global currency reserve status. With the King Dollar cut off at the knees, the scramble will be on to find a stable core vehicle to serve as the foundation for the global financial system. Enter gold. With the five-fold increase in the monetary supply in the last several years, the solution will be that Gold will seek its proper water level, five times higher in price. It is inevitable. It is as probable as the tide rising in the Bay of Fundy in Maine, the northeastern-most point in the United States. The tide is tremendous in its differentials, in the area among Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.


With the arrival of the Gold Trade Note, the gold element will enter into the financial system via the trade payment arenas. Expect China to make the introduction, which will kick the King Dollar in the nuts. The kick will be done with a gold-tipped boot, the gold probably re-hypothecated from stolen gold in London and delivered to Shanghai. The Eastern nations will demand proper payment for shipments, which are honorably supplied. The United States has deeply undermined the USDollar for its role in banking, for its role in trade. Big profound changes are coming. The gold price will in all likelihood experience some fritz on the billboard of prices. Expect perhaps a different gold price in every global region, depending upon the corruption and the honesty. The West will strive until its last breath to keep the price down, while the East will strive with its every ounce of energy to produce an honest price. The gold price will make movements to the $2500 level, then $5000 level, then $8000 level, then $12,000 level. It is inevitable, like the dawn after a long stormy night, like the rising tide.



The USDollar failure in the Middle East is a signpost for every country to bail. The series of wars to defend the crippled toxic USD is a signpost for every country to seek a better leading partner. Europe cannot survive without the One Belt One Road cornucopia of $billion contracts and ample projects. All trade goes through China and Russia, who lead the Eurasian Trade Zone formation and provide its SCO security blanket, which will rival NATO. An important factor, causing consternation to the propaganda artisans in the West, is that Russia is a net debt free nation while US is bankrupt and cannot save itself. Germany was bounced from Turkey, which now is splintering off the NATO family of warmongers and heroin distributors. Suddenly Turkey appears more influential than the western Nations, and might soon rent the Russian Military some space at the giant Incirlik Airbase. The Petro-Dollar failure gives Iran, Qatar, and Russia the primary hand. The USGovt sanctions on Russia no longer mean anything. European nations are working to restore relations commercially in defiance. The USGovt sanctions against Iran backfired. It produced the Gold for Oil sale with India.


The Global Currency RESET is not far out. The pricing in financial markets is dictated by derivatives solely for the purpose of keeping the Too Big to Fail Banks solvent. The USFed’s hyper monetary inflation, better known euphemistically as QE, is designed to keep these big broken banks liquid. Without the derivatives of bond purchases, the big banks would all be in failure mode like those in Spain and Italy. But the United States is the exceptional nation. The newly emerging Natgas cartel will primarily deal in CNY, RUB, and EUR currencies, which is why the United States is trying to force expensive NG sales onto Europe. The Washington NeoCons are busy throwing hurdles in the way of Nord Stream 2, as well as Turkish Stream. To use Saddam type of language, the mother of all pipelines will be connecting Iran-Qatar-Iraq-Syria-Turkey to Europe. The King Dollar and its reign of terror is coming to an end. That end is now visible. The excitement will come when Gold enters the payment system picture, and the enduring depression among gold investors will come to a welcomed end.


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   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at  www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]


  1. Stacking the shiny phyzz will or can be used between old US dollar and new US dollar. There will be upheavels all over the US. Must also be stacking food and water and ammo and guns etc… THAT IS WHY I LIVE OUT IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. 

    Stacking and packing

    • “sometimes life’s just a funny funny riddle….thank God! I’m a country boy!”
      I’m more of a seafarer myself. The ocean is also a great refuge from the starving rioting hordes. Catch your fresh water in your sails, drop a line and some traps, isolated landfalls for berries and venson -never done the venison-  ( I remember when we landed in the Marquesas after 18  days  from  SanDiego. Went ashore, asked a lady where we could get some fruit. She looked at me like I was an idiot “the bush!” -mangoes squishing up between your toes )  self reliant sea faring neighbors always ready with assistance or advice. Ocean is also a great prepping option .
      This was one of Willie’s best. All good info. His conclusion of a gold trade note, with blockchain encryption to keep the Banksters from simply printing $ to buy the gold, is plausible and I believe doable.

    • Willie is clueless. The reason the petrodollar was created after the US closed the gold window was to flood the international financial system with dollars and treasuries and this was accomplished decades ago with treasuries being the second most liquid market on the planet following currencies. Canada exports over three time the crude as the Saudis and this is why Congress thru them under the bus.

      The dollar is not going away anytime soon as the world is too entrenched with dollar based assets. Both China and Russia last month purchased billions in treasuries so the idea they are going to dump the dollar is just total nonsense. 50% of all international trade is settled in dollars and 75% of all international transactions are in dollars. Most commodities are quoted and sold in dollars. US banks have lent trillions in dollar denominated loans to foreign entities and this always creates demand for dollars as they are serviced. There is an article on zerohedge stating 40% now of all the FED’s interest payments are going to foreign banks. Why? Banks in the EU have opened branches in the US converting euros to dollars and parking at the FED as the ECB has an insane policy of charging  banks to park capital. Thee ECB has destroyed the euro, the EU, most of its banks and countries and capital is leaving by the billions weekly and moving to the US. Entities have also been converting euros to dollars and parking in both dollars and the Dow with the later hitting a new record Friday. Capital is simply being parked where there are huge pools of liquidity. If you control large amounts of capital you are simply not going to park it in a collapsing currency or in banks with liquidity and financial problems and that is what we have been seeing and this will last thru 2020.

      The only reason that China has set up currency swap agreements with most of their trading partners is that the dollar has been too strong which increases trade settlement cost. They had no choice. This is why no one is going to a gold backed trade note as this too would increase settlement costs.

      His statement that no one wants treasuries is just absurd. Most auctions 3 days a week are oversubscribed. The FED’s plan is to have the banks with excess cash buy their treasuries on the short end and as the long end matures the money will be taken out of circulation. The banks will unload the short end on the secondary market.

      The only changes coming to the dollar is that the G-20 and the IMF are pushing banks to use the block chain technology and create a crypto in each country replacing the existing currencies and go totally cashless. When this happens in each country banks will be able to exchange their deposit base for the new crypto. Banks and other entities who hold dollars in foreign markets will do the same. None of this effects treasuries.

      Willie just think things thru!

    • @jj…  You make a lot of good points… but I think you are missing the biggest point.  The globalist want and will have a global cashless currency… and I do not think the dollar as we know it will survive.   The dollar may be the last man standing… but it will crash too.    The deep state intent is not to save the dollar… the intent is to destroy the dollar.

      Look for a black swam event bigger than 9-11… Only they will know when it is coming.  The dark shadows will naked short the entire global markets… just like they did the US markets before 9-11.   Remember The Economist magazine where the Phoenix arises from the ashes.  The timing is unknown… but an examination of the current Forex market indicates to me that this can’t continue much longer.

    • @Rallyman


      Note that before the Phoenix can rise from the ashes, there have to be ashes from which it can rise.  Given the Economist magazine cover that we’ve all seen with the 2018 medallion around the Phoenix’s neck, that indicates that late 2017 or early 2018 would be about right for the financial conflagration.



    • “Note that before the Phoenix can rise from the ashes, there have to be ashes from which it can rise” 


      O.K. @Ed_B  I had a little of time on my hands, so I burnt the bloody paper stuff.  


      Now we can get on with the new “MONEY’ – Gold backed currency from the East, Russkies, Chinese, maybe Indians.



    • #PowerBall

      While it may seem like a “slow burn” to us financial bottom feeders, I assure you that this will become a “Backdraft” explosion sucking all of the economic air out of the markets.

      When this blows up, there won’t be anything to stop it!

      Be Prepared!


    • Agreed @Citizen

      Added to that, there won’t be anyone giving the sleepyheads out there any “wake up calls”.  Not that it matters, though, because it will be too late to prepare once the financial SHTF.


    • Yawn, same doom porn drum beat for the past 8 years..  Yeah, we all know it’s gonna happen just is the time line 3 years, 5 years, 20 years?  No one can even seem to answer the most basic questions and so far every one of the forecasters of doom have been proven wrong again and again and again and….  LOL

    • Based on the idea that the same thing repeated over and over eventually becomes known as “the truth”?

      Posting this once or twice is one thing but spamming SD with it over and over is ridiculous.


    • “But will the house of cards stay up another 6 weeks, 6 years or 30 years?”

      There is no way to know.  Weeks to months seems a better bet than years but that’s just a guess on my part.  The good news is that those who are prepared do not care WHEN such an event occurs because “when” is pretty much irrelevant when one is already prepared.

  2. During the Passover week, didn’t Jesus open up a can and wield a whip on the folks in the “house of prayer” who had tables set up for financial exchange (“moneychangers”)?

    Interesting precedent, to say the least.   I don’t suppose I’d be feeling to good about being one of those guys if that event is in any way related to our current times.  Might want to get into a new line of work.


    • @K.Honaz


      I don’t think that it is so much the line of work as what is in one’s mind and heart while they are doing this work.  Attempting to harm others is highly frowned upon in the spiritual world.  Actually harming others in some way is VERY frowned upon… and these are people who do not frown easily.  When they do, some serious crap is about to rain down on those who have raised their ire.

      The saying, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” is big over there and has been for a very long time.  Unfortunately, there are still a lot of primitive souls here on Earth who haven’t gotten this simple message.  They keep coming back here, life after life, but they are no closer to graduating to a higher level of understanding than they were when they first came here.  Such is the fate of spiritual dunces.  🙁


  3. Ok

    what this author fails to realize is that in 10-15 years the production of goods will revert back the US based upon tech.  Moores law will show that robitcs industry 3D tech etc that manufacting  will revert back home.  Look at Nike. They have already started to do this with shoes.  Eventually thru 3D tech and robitcs they will produce all the shoes back here and in whatever market they sell in as well. Europe will have its own plant etc.  the main cost of business is transportation.

    Yes the dollar will go the way of the denar as all countries rise and fall thru time.

    • Good point! but with all the unemployed US and Chinese workers that robotics will bring where’s the market for these goods going to come from? More personal debt slavery is my guess.

  4. Have become a little disillusioned with the WEE WEE MAN over the last couple of years.

    Aliens and other wacky fringe subject matter contributed to that.

    HOWEVER  this latest read from Wee Wee Man  most  informative   and is  an excellent  commentary  on the current  status on the world’s Reserve Currency and the  escalating migration away from it by certain eastern global entities.

    The demise of the USD in its current manifestation is a forgone conclusion.The big question is timing and nobody and except the entrenched  scum within the DEEP STATE have the answer to that question.Personally I have no doubts  that they already have everything orchestrated down to the year  month and day.

    looking at the current state of global debt and ensuing  financial life support and official market manipulation  I would say that were very close to the witching hour.Could be this weekend who knows.



    • Nail in the coffin for me with Willie was when he said in 2013: “I think the world financial landscape will be very different next year.  The voice says significant changes by 2015 for sure.”

      So, the question for me is:

      1)  Is he lying?

      2) Is The Voice an idiot?

      3) Did timing change, and he knows it but won’t tell clients?

      4) Is he out of the loop now and just blathering?

      I hesitate to pick one, because all the options to me show he doesn’t know.  So I guess I’m judging him by the fruit he bears and so far it hasn’t been ripe.

      Question for Jim is, why has this taken so long?  Isn’t a desperate dying empire supposed to be revamped or changed over a fairly short period of time, like 3-5 years?  This has gone on for 16 years now and unless some timing of events to come is revealed, I’m canceling my subscription because I feel like the USGov is firmly in control, so why fight it.

    • As is said, “Rome was not built in a day”.  While that is true, what is not said is that it also did not fall in a day.  That took a couple of hundred years for the Western Roman Empire and longer than that for the Eastern Roman Empire.  Only in historical terms will such a thing seem to happen quickly.  To those living through the process it will seem glacially slow.


  5. The President says we have no Gold.  This was back in February. I know.  I just got the memo though. It’s on page one of this link. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphbenko/2017/02/25/president-trump-replace-the-dollar-with-gold-as-the-global-currency-to-make-america-great-again/#fec7d844d543

    If that’s true what happened to all the Gold we stole?  Like Libya Ukraine Taiwan etc.. and is it just me or do all of Willie’s observations seem like a review each time lately?

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