it begins collapseThe entire global financial system hurtles toward failure, which has been the quintessential Hat Trick Letter forecast since the year 2007, when numerous failure signals flashed red. The QE bond monetization by the USFed, joined by the other major central banks, has been adopted as permanent, just as forecasted in 2010. The ZIRP zero bound rate has been adopted as permanent also, just as forecasted in 2009. The consensus continues the totally incorrect viewpoint of monetary accommodation being stimulus, when it instead is killing capital and destroying the economy.
The systemic breakdown has become widely recognized.
Systemic failure and widespread sovereign bond default is no longer avoidable, nor is big bank failures. The breakdown failure will begin to occur in earnest, with acceleration, in year 2014.
The Global Currency Reset is a euphemism for the Return of the Gold Standard, which will seethe Gold Price will rise to $3000/oz.

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By Jim Willie,


The year 2013 will go down in history as the year of great transition, tremendous disruption, numerous financial breakdowns, widely adopted hyper monetary inflation, exposure of hidden devices, panorama of popular awakening, and indisputable evidence of a systemic failure. The following titles of significant events, organized by topical theme, are mindboggling and comprehensive so as to attest to the global failures. The breakdown touches almost every part of global life. The American Fascist Business Model has wrecked anything and everything, the fish rotting from the head (leaders) down to the toes (ethics). No effort whatsoever has been made by leading nations and major central banks to construct a bonafide remedy to the widespread insolvency and powerful economic recession. Instead, the priority has clearly been to maintain the power structure and avoid at all costs (literally in the $trillions) any liquidation of the big Western banks. No liquidation has occurred, which would serve as the foremost and initial step toward a solution.


Consequently, the entire global financial system hurtles toward failure, which has been the quintessential Hat Trick Letter forecast since the year 2007, when numerous failure signals flashed red. The QE bond monetization by the USFed, joined by the other major central banks, has been adopted as permanent, just as the Jackass forecasted in 2010. The ZIRP zero bound rate has been adopted as permanent also, just as the Jackass forecasted in 2009. The consensus continues the totally incorrect viewpoint of monetary accommodation being stimulus, when it instead is killing capital and destroying the economy.


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Systemic failure and widespread sovereign bond default is no longer avoidable, nor is big bank failures. The breakdown failure will begin to occur in earnest, with acceleration, in year 2014. Its initial cracks and ruptures are already notable and wide. The hyper monetary inflation will persist until the systemic failure becomes clearly recognized. The road will split when the USDollar splits into a Global USDollar (unchanged, current form) and a domestic Republic USDollar (new form, to be heavily devalued). The death of the COMEX & LBMA gold arenas comes next and soon, when they are converted into Cash & Carry marts with no gold delivery since no gold lies in inventory. The arrival of a Force Majeure may or may not happen.


The BRICS nations are using the G-20 Forum to trot out the Gold Trade Settlement, which will feature bilateral trade settled on net basis in gold bullion, will feature Gold Trade Notes acting as letters of credit, and will feature the BRICS Bank conversion into a Gold Trade Central Bank where USTreasury Bonds (and other worthless AAA-rated sovereign bonds) are converted directly into Gold Bullion. The year 2014 will feature a great Global Paradigm Shift. It is already in progress. It will cause tremendous disruption. It will result in recognition of tremendous lost paper wealth. It will bring the East into more clear geopolitical power. It will catapult the Gold Price multiples higher, as in near $3000 per ounce, a level from which it will go higher later. The Global Currency Reset is the moniker for the Returned Gold Standard in pseudonym, as Gold retakes its rightful place as the King Currency. The global financial crisis will come to an end, but not without colossal damage. The solution is the Gold Standard, always was the Gold Standard, and never could be anything but the Gold Standard. The end of the bank cartel’s privilege to print themselves wealth will come to an end. The end of Gold Price suppression will finally occur. The emancipation of physical Gold from its futures contract paper shackles will finally be witnessed on the world stage.


The following topics have been regularly featured stories with analysis and forecasts, included within the Hat Trick Letter reports for over nine years. As the tenth anniversary approaches in May, the world will finally show itself to be the manifestation of what the Jackass has described, and what The Voice has shared in guidance shining a spotlight on the many pathways. A great debt of gratitude is owed to him, and to a couple other key sources, as well as to my team of closely knit colleagues whose offices are scattered around the world. My main hope is that the clients (current and prospective) remain safe but also secure, their wealth tucked in Gold & Silver while they ignore the propaganda. Some giant quantum leaps in the Gold & Silver prices are coming soon to a neighborhood near you. The Wall Street executives are locked and loaded with huge gold accounts, hidden in off-shore accounts and even in Carlyle Group accounts. The public should also, if only they could turn off the noise boxes built by Goebbels and blared by the American Gestapo. May the new year be safe for the gold community and its new recruits. The potential for growing the community with the long gold train and its many railcars has never been better. The breakdown in obscenely controlled markets is matched by a breakdown in trust for both the governments and their paper Ponzi Schemes that pose as financial systems (bonds, stocks, currencies, derivatives).



  • LIBOR Frauds Extend to FOREX & Gold
  • Cypress Focused on Gazprom, not Banks
  • London Bankers Sign up for Chinese Yuan Swap Facility
  • Frankfurt-based EuroCB Signs up with Yuan Swap Facility
  • QE to Infinity Becoming Understood
  • Massive Bank Settlements on Fraud (crime converted to business cost)
  • Alternative Debt Rating Agencies Spring to Life
  • Deutsche Bank the Object of Serious Fraud Investigation
  • Deutsche Bank Collapse Serves as Bank Contagion Trigger
  • Bail-in Procedures Locked & Loaded



  • London Whale Reveals JPMorgue Reliance upon Interest Rate Swaps
  • Rise of the Machines Seen in Interest Rate Swaps & Algorithm Trading
  • European Banks Swallow Draghi Toxic Bonds Whole
  • Tremendous Hidden QE Volume by USFed
  • Indirect Exchange of USTreasury Bonds in Full Swing (USTBond Dump)
  • China Heralds End of USDollar in Reserves Accumulation
  • China Announces of End to American Sphere led by USDollar
  • Japan Suffers Large Trade Deficits
  • Sovereign Debt Grows with Austerity Poison Pills
  • USGovt Debt Limit Simply Ignored


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  • Russia Sells Crude Oil to China in Yuan Terms
  • Shanghai Prepares to Sell Crude Oil Futures in Yuan
  • China Moves to #1 Crude Oil Importer
  • Saudis Denounce the USGovt Repeatedly
  • USGovt Loses Egypt & Backs Down in Syria
  • USGovt Courts Iran, but Energy Companies Spurned by Iran
  • Shiite Gas Pipelines from Iran Continue to Connect Europe
  • Petro-Dollar Faces Final Demise & Death
  • Rise of Nat Gas Coop to Eclipse OPEC



  • Germany Demands Repatriation of its Gold
  • Dutch ABN AMRO Defaults on Gold Bullion Accounts
  • The Great Run on Gold Bullion Banks
  • Shanghai Gold Premium Reveals Arbitrage
  • Iran Quietly Settles Energy Trade in Gold
  • Turkey Quietly Serves as Gold Trade Intermediary
  • Swiss Refiners Work Overtime to Recast London Gold Bars
  • Rape & Pillage of Exchange Traded Gold Funds
  • Airlift of 1000 tons Continues from London per Month to China
  • London LBMA gold vaults go empty
  • JPMorguen Sells its HQ in Manhattan to China for Half Price
  • JPMorguen Flips & Goes Long Gold
  • Chinese Prefer Gold on Trade Settlement
  • Chinese Yuan Swap Facility as Stepping Stone to Gold-backed Yuan
  • Progress on Gold Trade Settlement, Gold Trade Notes Next
  • Currency Reset Hits the Scene, Gold to Lead the Currency Pack
  • Nations Like Iran & Indonesia Join the BRICS Movement
  • Gold & Silver Mining Firms Begin to Halt Projects
  • China Acquires Numerous Gold Firms in Alternative Supply
  • China on Verge to Reveal over 15,000 Gold Tons in Reserves
  • Russia on Verge to Reveal over 15,000 Gold Tons in Reserves



  • Radiation on California Coast from Fukushima
  • Vatican Purges Secret Slush Bank Accounts
  • Obama Purges USMilitary Generals
  • France Exploits Chad & CARepublic for Gold, Uranium, Coltan
  • Langley Stirs Island Dispute between China & Japan in Desperation
  • Iran Talks = Petro-Dollar Surrender Talks & SALT Talks
  • Europe Loses Ukraine to Eurasian Trade Zone
  • NSA Eavesdropping Backlash Works to Isolate United States




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At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

   (Charles in New Mexico)

“I commend the Jackass for being the most accurate of all newsletter writers. Others called for the big move in Gold right away, but you understand that the enormous fraud in the system needs to play out before free market forces can begin to assert themselves. You seem to have the best sources and insights into the soap opera that is our global financial system. Most importantly, you have advised readers to be patient, stay safe, and avoid mining shares like the plague. Calling the top in the USTreasury Bond (10-yr yield at 1.4% yield) stands out as a recent fine accomplishment. The Jackass understands the markets, understands the fraud, and also has the sources to keep him the most up-to-date on the big geopolitical and financial events and scandals. Few or no other writers have all three of these resources.”

   (Austin in California)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at, which includes a Squirrel Mail public email facility.

    • Me too @Marchas,
      Just ordered 20 pegasus rounds on your recommendation.  Free Shipping and low premium.  Thanks for the tip.  Also ordered 100 dollar face value mercury dimes and 1 50-gram Valcambi combi-bar too.  Sweet….
      An aquaintance wants to sell me some pre-1934 British Sovereigns for 303.25 each.  I think that’s a little pricey.  What are your thoughts.

    • Hi @hromano1030!
      Obviously I’m not Charlie, but the Gold Alone in any B.S. (lol) is worth $282 when Gold is $1200/oz. 
      Call that a $21 premium, which is very good for ~1/4 troy ounce of Gold! Actually, the Sovereign 
      contains .2354 troy ounce of Gold. I figured the $282 on this weight. I’d grab all he had if it were me!
      The lowest price I found (with a cursory Google Search, eBay results) found an Elizabeth Sovereign
      (I know she’s older than dirt, but was not on the pre-’34 coins!) was $300.95 and the older King George 
      commands $308.xx so I’d say that is about right at this time. He’s not getting hurt but you get a good price! 
      I’d try and at least get him down to $300 each, if you buy more than 1… APMEX is buying them at $279 
      so you could pull that card and get him down to $290 maybe? (split the difference) 
      Great Deals, Mr. Romano! 
      PS: I also recommend stacking the other precious metals, Lead & Brass…

    • @hromano1030 $300 would be a fair price on Sovereigns. If I could get them below $300 I would be jumping on them. Right now the standard is around $298.00 ea. I know a couple of dealers and that’s their price and they are usually below everyone else.

    • Thanks to both @Marchas45 and @undeRGRound,
      Sounds like solid advise.  I will counter offer.  I know he has about 160 of them for sale.  I will offer to buy 10 of them at 298.00.
      Anyway, what are your thoughts on the SDBullion 90% Junk Silver at 1.49 over spot?  I am interested, but really don’t want to end up with Roosevelt Dimes and Franklin Halves.  Barber and Mercury Dimes would be ok though.
      @MaryB,  Sweet…, I am waiting for my Gold Combi-Bar to arrive. 

    • @MaryB
      “Budget works I will be adding a couple hundred dollars worth. Small change to you guys but it adds up!”
      Indeed it does, Mary.  Even small but regular additions to ones’ savings WILL add up nicely over time.  This is the essence of saving and stacking.  Good job on that.
      I also am taking advantage of these lower prices to add to my stack.  What else am I gonna do with the fiat I have?  Save it and watch it melt away?  “Invest” it in a 1% CD?  Not likely!

    • I have been on a Barber and Mercury Dimes stacking kick.  I bought some dime tubes and started filling them.  I will probably stop soon and go back to stacking 10 0z bars.  The premium is too high on the junk silver.

    • ‘So, where is the collapse, damnit?’ Have you been into the inner city world in many of americas larger and not so larger cities? There is a societal collapse and decay going on, just as in europe for those who care to see it. If one travels americas hinterlands there is also a choke down on the availability of jobs for younger people to raise a family. Many of these places are stacked with the retired age group that so far have an income. The financial situation is just as dire as the social one only they are able to paper it over and make it look swell, to those that do not care nor want to see it, so far anyway. It will come, but when? Who really knows…..?? 

    • I agree, Tom.  What we are now seeing is the “slow motion train wreck” that many have mentioned in the past… emphasis on “slow”.  It is happening, it’s just not yet moving fast enough to be incredibly obvious to one and all.  Many of those in their 20s and 30s now cannot afford to raise a family on what they can earn.  Lord help those who already have families and are slowly being financially squeezed to death, caught between the vice-jaws of rising consumer prices and falling take-home pay.  Labor participation rate?  As low as it has been at any time during my 64 years.  Take home pay?  Falling for the past 5 years.  Inflation?  Currently in the area of 9-10%, according to John Williams at  John is an excellent economist and has no ax to grind… unlike all of the so-called main-stream economists who work for the big banks, Wall Street, the Fed, and the Gov.  He tells it like he sees it, which coincides with how it is.  The recovery?  What recovery?  ALL recoveries create jobs and lots of them.  This one is not only not creating a lot of new jobs but old ones are being destroyed.  The BLS data on unemployment is bogus.  They stop counting people who run out of unemployment benefits, figuring wrongly that they MUST be employed by then when most of them are not.  I could go on for pages but the gist of our situation is pretty clear.  2014 will, indeed, be one helluva year.  Best of luck to all.  We’re gonna need it!  But those who do not prep will be in terrible straits in the not too distant future… possibly in 2014 but if not, then almost certainly in 2015.

    • “The collapse will not be televised!”
      If you don’t see the global economy collapsing under all the lies, rhetoric and propaganda, then you aren’t looking closely enough. This game is all smoke and mirrors being played against the dumbed down public and they have everyone believing that everything is improving, which is why the markets are not reacting, everyone is trained to believe and react as they are told to……..the truth will sting when it hits.
      China is about to rock the dollar so hold on to your hat. I would love to believe that your analysis will be the reality moving forward since the best outcome is continued “life as we know it” and I pray for that but I see through the propaganda. If I am wrong, I will be the first to admit it. I would be very happy with a more pleasant outcome, that’s for sure!

  1. A Willy quote above – “My main hope is that the clients (current and prospective) remain safe but also secure, their wealth tucked in Gold & Silver while they ignore the propaganda.” On Norcini’s web site someone make the comment they had e-mailed Sinclair saying this was really a hard market to stay with your gold and silver. Sinclair replied, “Hard? By the time they get done mangling the individual pm holders, there will be very few left holding their gold.” So far we seem to still be in the dreary depths of the, ‘mangling’ stage….. 

    • Hard? I honestly do not feel that way. Granted, I haven’t “spent” anywhere near the amount of fiat that others have on PM, but it’s all relative anyway, isn’t it?
      It’s only hard for those who lack the faith (and hence the fortitude) to go the distance. Not blind faith, but faith supported by knowledge and understanding, which then converts to absolute conviction.
      It is those who posses the latter form that will see this thing through and come out whole.

    • Speaking of the so-called “debt ceiling”, I read a great analogy for that on the web one time.  It goes like this:
      You have a sewage leak in your house, so you call in the plumbers and some clean-up people to handle this emergency.  They arrive, look over the damage, and instead of stopping the leak, pumping out the waste, and cleaning or replacing everything that has been crapped up, they decide to simply raise the ceiling in your home so that there is room for more crap.
      This is EXACTLY how the US Fed Gov handles the debt ceiling.  No wonder we are in a world of s***!

    • Lol, @undeRGRound.  Funny in some ways, disastrous in others, but TRUE all the same!  I especially liked the removal of 8 zeros to bring this into focus for most people who do know a thing or two about managing a household budget.  This is a lot better than trying to tell them about billions and trillions.  Most people’s eyes glaze over at such talk because they have no way to relate to such huge numbers.  But most everyone can relate to lousy financial management when it is put into everyday terms.  Good stuff to post.  🙂  

  2. Jim Willie is always great!
    “The Global Currency Reset is a euphemism for the Return of the Gold Standard, which will seethe Gold Price will rise to $3000/oz.”
    Pastor Lindsey Williams said Global Currency Reset will happen on January/February 2014! 
    “We have to remember this is the biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years at least from my perspective. Every person on the globe will be affected. It will cause starvation, riots and possibly even martial law. This is a big big event!”
    My elite friend

  3. New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams
    By Lindsey Williams dot net on Friday, December 20th, 2013

    Several visitors to have contacted me relating to the recent email blast that was sent out to subscribers to the email list. Some visitors never received the email, so I recommend that you check your junk email folders for Monday December 16th, 2013 for the email newsletter. If you still cannot find the newsletter please sign up to Pastor Williams’ email newsletter by entering your email address into the box at the top right of this page. Sometimes Pastor Williams has information that only goes out to those on his email list so its recommended that you sign up if you haven’t already.

    As many people have requested a copy of the newsletter sent out to them, I have decided to copy the section entitled ‘New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams’.
    New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams

    There is some new information Pastor Williams has shared that is important for your dinner table. Here is what he had to say:

    “It appears that the Elite are going to wait until after New Years for the Global Currency Reset. I talked personally with the representative of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) a few days ago. Their plans are still the same. This will be quite an event.”

    I have been reading with interest the 200+ comments that have been shared relating to the “Financial Event Planned by the Elite (IMF)” breaking news article posted on November 21st, 2013.

    While many of the questions are answered in Pastor Williams’ new DVD “Global Currency Reset”, I sent Pastor Williams the link and asked him some of the regularly asked questions for him to respond. I asked him about people looking to invest in fiat and backed currencies such as Chinese Yuan, Iraqi Dinar and even Bitcoin. He has responded “If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on. This should be one of the greatest lessons people learn”. Fiat currencies are worthless and only physical gold and silver is of value as Pastor Williams has said repeatedly “Gold and Silver are the currency of the Elite.” “China is in big trouble.” China is a bubble that is about to burst so the Chinese Yuan isn’t a long term safe haven and why would anyone invest in Iraqi Dinar if they can buy physical precious metals? He was very concerned with Bitcoin saying “The Bitcoin really bothers me. Not only is it not gold or paper, it is a computer entry”. Bitcoin is dependent on electricity and the Internet being freely accessible. It has nothing backing it other than the people who are willing to exchange it for physical goods or paper currency.

    Some people have messaged me asking for how The Global Currency Reset will work, I told them that the DVD “Global Currency Reset” explains in simple terms what is about to take place around the world. However, for those who want a simple answer two sentence answer. This is how it will pan out; Currencies with lots of assets and little debt will rise and currencies with little assets and lots of debt will fall. The outcome will be a relatively level playing field with a 3-5% spread to remove currency speculation since all currencies will be tied to a new reserve currency that will be gold backed. I asked him about the One World currency and he confirmed “The One World currency is scheduled to be gold backed and non-country based.” The One World Currency would be only for bank, multi-national corporations and government use.

    Many people, including myself have questions related to how the Global Currency Reset ties in with the global crash in 2015, so I asked Pastor Williams how this all ties together and he told me “The Global Currency Reset is a precursor (will take place before) the currency collapse. The Reset is just one more method of creating debt for everyone, destroying the dollar base and confiscating everything possible.”

    Chaplain Williams also said “People must buy hard assets only – Not paper of any kind. The Elite are buying gold by the ton while prices are intentionally depressed…”


    Since Pastor Williams has been telling us all to sell paper assets and buy tangible investments such as physical gold and silver I have been asked by many visitors to about gold confiscation and if a precious metals IRA are a good compromise. Whilst Pastor Williams said the Elite had no plans to confiscate physically owned gold and silver, he did say in his recent radio interviews that the IMF were recommending that 30-50% of private, state and federal US retirement accounts such as 401K’s and IRA’s should be nationalised and/or confiscated. I was told by an expert in precious metals retirement accounts at Regal Assets if the government would confiscate precious metals from vaults. I was told “It’s an unknown – it’s never been done before. Our best educated guess would be they would not be able to confiscate a percentage of gold IRA’s because it would be too difficult from a logistical standpoint.” I asked the same question to Pastor Williams. He responded “Your gold dealer friend is right – It is an unknown. The government is so dishonest today, I would not put it past them to try and confiscate anything. People should not have trusted 401K or IRA or retirement funds in the first place. Never trust anyone with your money but yourself. The government is capable of taking anything they can get their hands on – They are so desperate for money.” He went on to say “Every person’s situation is unique and they will need to decide what they are willing to do.” There are some “Tough decisions” to be made by everyone.

    Since the confiscation issue is a grey area with regards to gold and silver, many people are going to have to make a decision whether they are to risk rolling over their 401k’s and IRA’s into physical gold and silver held by a custodian such as Brinks, or risk the 10% penalty for liquidating their retirement accounts and buy physical gold and silver that they can store at home. Those are basically the only choices available, however if people remain in paper assets not only will the Elite confiscate one third to one half of it, the remainder will plummet in value due to the global crash slated for 2015. If you have a retirement account of over $10,000 and want to turn it into physical gold and silver, whether rolling it over into an IRA or holding it at your own home there’s only one place I recommend and that is Regal Assets, they can get everything set up and transferred, guarantee shipment of physical gold and silver to the custodian or your home within 7 business days of being funded. For Pastor Williams’ email list subscribers they will pay the first year dues for retirement accounts which include all the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and delivery of metals, saving over $500. Give them a call on 1-888-748-6766 or if you are ready to setup your IRA or liquidate your retirement account complete the Account Holder Form. If you just want to check out the Regal Assets website to find out more about gold and silver and see some of the many recent testimonials, you can Click Here.

    Please remember that gold and silver have been manipulated by the Elite to keep the price low. They are buying as much of it as the possibly can with the price down. I explain why the price is low and why you need to buy now, in the 100 page e-book I wrote in October 2013 entitled “10 Steps to Avoid the Crash” that is free to download at

    (NB: Please note that recently the gold price fell below $1,200. As I have said before the manipulated price of gold has bounced between $1,200 and $1,400 for quite some time. It cannot go lower because it costs over $1,000 to extract and refine 1 ounce of gold. If gold fell even more, mining companies would pull back production causing the price to rise higher for an extended period and that would harm the new gold-backed reserve currency. China is buying 2,000 tons of gold every year, this must tell you something about the real value of physical precious metals. Do not be swayed by the bullish paper stock market, as Pastor Williams has said on many occasions that paper is worthless and that gold and silver are the currency of the elite. The Elite do not want you buying gold and silver, they will keep the price low to dissuade you from investing in it — the reason is to keep you on the paper treadmill. There are many analysts who are telling their clients to stay with paper, they are not looking to the long term and therefore risking their clients investments. They are not taking into account that in 2015 the Elite are going to collapse all the currencies of the world by crashing economies and the $1 quadrillion derivatives market and that will take down the world and give the Elite the opportunity to introduce the New World Government and One World Currency. PLEASE take Pastor Williams’ advice buy as much gold and silver as you can with the price down, when the dust settles you will benefit greatly!)


    Pastor Williams left me with a bombshell “Certain Elite who are already wealthy are becoming SUPER WEALTHY through the Reset because they know what to do and when to do it. One man told me that he is scheduled to make One Billion Dollars. If the World ever catches on to what is being done – The whole World will be in revolution.”

    • Viewed one of the Lindsey williams  linked videos on youtube, and the guy (commenting on Pastor’s vids) 
      said the Global Reset will happen WHEN OBAMACARE IS FULLY IMPLEMENTED and not before. The schedule 
      (according to this guy) is Jan 2015 (it was 2014) so according to that, we have ONE YEAR. 
      Make It Count, People! 
      As it progresses, it could become harder and harder to stack and add preps. I think that I can double my stack 
      in the next year, as well as top off my other preps and such. Provided that I am WORKING! Stacking slows down 
      when I am unemployed LOL!!! Until I start MINING

    • “Fiat currencies are worthless…”
      An interesting thought but it can be proved to be untrue.  Example:  yesterday, I got a Christmas check from my Mom for $500.  It was written on a piece of paper.  I took that paper to her bank and swapped it for 25 $20 paper bills.  Today, I attended a gun show with my son.  I used a good part of that paper to buy 250 12-ga. slug shells, 500 9 mm shells, 525 .22 shells, and a very nice gun cleaning kit.  All of these things have real value, yet other people were willing, nay, eager, to trade their goods for my paper.  Therefore, paper HAS value.  When the time comes that this is no longer true, THEN I will believe that paper is worthless.  In the meantime, use what works and prepare for times when it won’t.

    • With regard to fiat currencies being worthless, let’s not kid ourselves. As stackers we must remain realistic and accept the fact that at least for now cash is king. I am of the belief that even in the event of major dollar devaluation there will not be a total collapse of the currency. At the end of the day the dollar is backed by domestic GDP and the world’s most powerful military. While China, Russia and a few other countries out there are clearly diversifying out of the dollar they still need the dollar to remain a viable currency.i A total collapse is not in their best interest. I read the other day that there are more US dollars in circulation in Russian than there are Russian rubles. Think about that for a minute. Add to that fact that China has something like $1.3 trillion in US currency reserves and they export cheap goods to this country in exchange for more dollars. Paper currencies are not worthless they are just worth a lot less than they used to be and I suspect that trend will continue. 
      I am primarily buying silver as a hedge against dollar devaluation and as a diversification strategy. It is a very good idea to have some tangible wealth outside of the banking system. 99.9% of people I know have virtually all of their liquid net worth in 401K’s, IRA’s and bank accounts. To me that just sounds like a very bad strategy but hey what do I know? I’m down huge on my PM investments while friends of mine in the stock market are doing great. With that being said I do believe I will make out better when it is all said and done. 

    • “I am primarily buying silver as a hedge against dollar devaluation and as a diversification strategy. It is a very good idea to have some tangible wealth outside of the banking system. 99.9% of people I know have virtually all of their liquid net worth in 401K’s, IRA’s and bank accounts. To me that just sounds like a very bad strategy but hey what do I know? I’m down huge on my PM investments while friends of mine in the stock market are doing great. With that being said I do believe I will make out better when it is all said and done.”
      I agree, @gogetter1132.  Like others here, I also think that having a significant chunk of one’s wealth outside the sticky-fingered banking system is an excellent idea.  What happens elsewhere CAN happen here.  The US is a pretty special place.  If it was not, millions of people would not be trying to come here.  That said, we are not immune to the same problems that others have had, particularly when we behave in similar ways.  The amount of debt that we are carrying now is HUGE… and getting worse instead of better.  I do not expect the US Gov to resolve this problem quickly but I DO expect them to put together a plan that will get us back on track for fiscal stability over a reasonable period of time.  We have been using the national credit card as if the bills would never come due but that is simply not the case.  Bills ALWAYS come due.  Always.  And whether they get paid in blood, treasure, or both does not detract from the fact that they MUST be paid.  This will become VERY clear to one and all once interest rates return to long-term historical averages and the amount of money that then must be used to pay the interest on this huge debt skyrockets.
      As to what you know… I suspect quite a bit!  The fact that you are taking positive steps to insure your wealth is an excellent sign, IMO.  Millions of our countrymen have no idea at all why we are doing this.  Millions of others probably do but do not agree that this is  a good idea.  In either case, those who have real tangible wealth WILL be far better off financially than those who do not if / when serious financial difficulties come our way.
      Yes, the US stock market has done very well since March 2009.  That this is due to the Fed pumping trillions of dollars into the economy via the big NY banks is less relevant than the fact that the stock market, if not the general economy, has surged strongly.  Anyone who has money in the market via a retirement plan at work, an IRA, or a taxable investing account at a discount broker has done well for the past 3+ years.  It is not a sin to make money in any way that is both legal and ethical.  In fact, some would say that it is a sin not to do as well for yourself and your family as you possibly can.  Diversification is one of only 2 techniques that small investors can use to their full advantage.  It is because of diversification that I now invest in both gold and silver.  They are my diversification from stocks of various kinds, mutual funds, ETFs, and cash.  History shows that those who are well diversified do better in the long run than others who are not.  Yes, there are always those who put everything they had into XYZ Corp. and made fortunes but this is not at all common.  It is also possible that we will see a time when events cartwheel significantly outside the historical averages.  Bending the odds of success in our favor whenever and wherever we can is where financial success lies, IMO. 
      My PM investments are down too but that does not trouble me.  My stock investments are up more than the PMs are down, so I continue to stack.  Besides… I view my stack as financial insurance, so am not overly concerned about the short-term price moves they make as measured in US dollars.  Like you, I believe that this will work out very well over the long term.  If it doesn’t do so within my lifetime, then it just might during the lifetimes of my kids and grand kids.
      The lessons of the Cyprus banking collapse and depositor cash theft should not go unlearned.  I believe that such a thing is not only likely here in the US but is inevitable given the fact that the US dollar and economy are being horribly mismanaged.  Because of this, having some financial disaster insurance in the form of hard assets of various kinds seems a very wise idea, indeed.

  4. Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has promised to make the protection of repressed Christians in foreign countries one of his foreign policy priorities if he becomes president again.
    When Putin met with the representatives of Russia’s traditional confessions in Moscow’s main cathedral on Wednesday, the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church told him that Christians are facing repressions all over the world.
    The head of External Church Relations, Metropolitan Illarion, said that every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the world, specifying that he was talking about such countries as Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and India. The cleric asked Putin to make the protection of Christians one of the foreign policy directions in future.
    “This is how it will be, have no doubt,” Putin answered.
    The Russian prime minister also stressed that it was important that representatives of all religions worked together to solve this task.
    Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill said at the meeting that Putin was the most likely winner of the presidential race. “We would like to talk to you as with the prime minister, but first of all as with a candidate for the presidential post in our country who, of course, has more chance than anybody else to turn this candidacy into the real post,” the patriarch said.

    • I believe this is mere SVR propaganda:
      while Czar Putin yaps about protecting Christians as an election platform, he was in charge of the KGB which imprisoned and tortured Christians, and he is trying to corner the non-jihadist elements of the Mid-East (while helping Shiite jihadists).
      Meanwhile, under Putin’s Russia, American Christians can no longer adopt homeless Russian orphans (because things in Russia are so great, men are dying off like flies because of booze and drugs and mafia killings), and in Russia itself, fundamentalist, evangelical Bible-preaching ministries and missionaries have a hard time because the government treats them as “cults” that are harmful to Russian social order, which makes the crooked Orthodox clergy quite pleased.
      So, yes, SVR propaganda. Russia is a hot mess (which is why its women are so willing to prostitute themselves in the West… money and better lifestyle).

  5. I’m off to the gun show.  There’s some really nice body armor made by a local vendor.  Maybe a couple of long distance metal targets
    More ammo?  Maybe   Who knows.  So many goodies, so little time 
    edog  I read your post about Pastor Williams. While I dont follow him closely, his themes do jibe with much of what I hear  on the alt news channels.  He has some interesting things to say about the elites plans for us.

  6. I don’t think anyone will argue that something is coming down the pipe. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. The only question is how bad will it be and when it will happen exactly.  While Lindsey Williams has made prvious calls that have not come to fruition yet, I think that eventually they will. And here lies the problem, people see the predictions that he is making that have not come true and say/think he is FOS. I guess we will see if this whole thing shakes down by March of 2014. We are living in historic times here people!

    • Lindsay Williams tells us that “If the elites have their way”, we will have a currency reset in the next 90 days.  This makes me believe that the reset will not happen in the time frame Lindsay presents.  He will just say that the elites didn’t have their way.  The currency reset will happen at a time when we are not expecting it.  He also said that 204 country’s have gotten together and agreed on this currency reset.  I am pretty sure that the country’s that are getting a raw deal would not agree to this currency reset.  Also, if country’s knew this was going to happen you would see maneuvering going on that would provide clues to this currency reset coming.  I haven’t seen this.  Wouldn’t you think China would be selling more long term Tbonds in light of this so called currency reset?  Also, it would be very difficult for 204 country’s to keep a lid on this.  I agree that a currency reset is coming but I also believe that it will come when we least expect it.  We will not be provided a time frame.

    • IDK Pollokeeper. I mean if everyone knew about the reset and could prepare for it then why even do it in the first place. I think countries with low debt, lots of resources and gold will likely come out on top. I mean if gold is revalued MUCH higher then those with reserves will once again come out on top. Could this possibly be one of the reasons China is buying so much physical? If gold is all of a sudden revalued to $10, 000, 20, 000 or ??? An ounce? In that case who would need the POS Fed treasuries (ie: debt)! I just know something doesnt feel right and things are not making sense right now.

  7. Trust me china isn’t buying all the gold its just getting laundard there then going to the coffers of the new world order bank fund. Sense they even know when the shit hits the fan there dollars could be worthless. And they are going to need something to make believers for the new world order government. And gold could be it.

  8. Edb  And if the government raises the ceiling, you’d find they were rationing hip waders.   We’d all be wading inthe crap
    The gun show went well.  Ammo was in decent supply with some of the harder calibers available at reasonable prices.   22 cal was sold out but 223 factory reloads were available.  The prices for private sale firearms were down even more than the last show.  Yeah—no sales taxes and no Brady.  A friend acquired a first rate SKS at prices not seen for about 3 years and a 44 Mag Ruger heavy barrel for an exceptional price.  Both firearms were very clean, near new. He was able to acquire corresponding ammo at good prices.
    ‘Yes,  I’m black and some people hate me’. sez Mr M4.  
    Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste in some people. 
    Black is where it’s at in our home

  9. Why are people so anti-white??
    At what point would you allow whites such as this the right to protect their ethnic interests, to not be displaced in their country and have their society destroyed– all just so you can look good for the camera. Moral grandstanding and PC prudery aside, you would not dare argue for the converse–you would call it Genocide.
    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it. Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.
    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  10. cecilhenry
       My comment on ‘black’ was a bit of humor, referencing and  reversing some of the criticism against the AR 15 and M4 rifles, most of which have black fittings and ‘furniture’ 
    It’s a play on words.
     These types of battle rifles are universally hated by the left who fashion themselves as people whose racial sensitivities are deemed as superior to us average ‘white trash’. 
    The likes of Diane Feinstein and her ilk see me and my ilk as White Trash, with our appreciation of some good old Americana, high quality fire arms, country cooking, BBQ and the Constitution as some sort of thrown backs to another age. 
    As the  snobbish and racially inclined,  seeing us as common, ordinary and white trash, they are far quicker to demean and ridicule people of color. 
    In that case they can’t attack people of color directly, as they can against the country folks, Ordinary Joes and Janes, middle class and the people who working hard to get by.  They have a special form of racism, the soft bigotry of low expectations and government handouts, keeping people of color “on the plantation and reservation’ to make sure the black and brown people of this country don’t strive to grab a few rungs of the upward ladder. Growing up,my grandmother lived on one, for real.

    These upper class snobs and racists have done as much, or more, damage to racial equality and opportunity than 100 years of Jim Crow and ministrations of the BIA, or so it would seem given their compelling desire to keep their boots on the necks of non-white people.
    As racially charged as this country is today, due to the racial tinged ideas  of our Post Racial President, he’s done more to disenfranchise black people in the last 5 years than any president in my lifetime, including President Johnson. As fast as we are going in reverse as a country, black people have found themselves in a whole extra gear of reverse according to the stats I’ve read.
    I am not sure if we are in agreement or disagreement on this subject, but my fight is as much for my family as it is for every American, color notwithstanding. 
    PS  Racism makes me sick to my stomach and I will fight against anyone who espouses it. 
    That philosophy is deeply rooted in my family who are more like Duck Dynasty than the Royal Kardashians.
    Three cheerrs for Phil, Sy and Willie!  
    I’m getting Duck Dynasty seat covers for my truck this Christmas. Right along side my M4 truck gun.   Yee Haw!
    Actually I carry a Paratrooper D SKS as my truck gun. I even like Commies–or at least their battle rifles. 😉

    • AG, Bingo on Barry and the hypocrisy on race relations. Look at Chicago….murder capital of the US. Not much more needs to be said about his hometown.
      I like to bring up the former country known as Rhodesia as a good example of this kind of thing (utter gov’t failure). Zimbabwe has been an epic disaster for decades after Mugabe took over (and over 60% of whites fled the country). The economy was shattered and crippled by huge inflation, and the resulting hyperinflation. Most of the people in Zimbabwe have fared far worse under Mugabe than they ever did under white rule (it’s a fact, not an opinion, and I’m not defending apartheid or segregation). South Africa hasn’t fared much better either. But if you bring up the failed policies of black leaders, you are branded a racist. I think the US is heading down the same road to economic, social and financial ruin. Preppers are only being proactive and prudent on this, imo. 

  11. @hromano1030 said, “Anyway, what are your thoughts on the SDBullion 90% Junk Silver at 1.49 over spot?  I am interested, but really don’t want to end up with Roosevelt Dimes and Franklin Halves.  Barber and Mercury Dimes would be ok though”
    Just relaying my own experience in case it will help…I bought a bag of 90% Junk Silver from the Doc.  No complaints!  The count was exact and it was all Washington Quarters.  No smoothies or really damaged coins.  And as a bonus I found a Proof 1955 Quarter, a 1951 Quarter in really-nice condition that had a die-crack on the eagle’s wing, and a 1938-S, which is the eighth-rarest Quarter of the series.
    Now it is a grab-bag as far as what denomination they will ship.  APMEX sells bags of Mercury & Barber Dimes but their premiums are significantly higher.  Before buying that bag of Junk from the Doc, I did indeed price-shop and he had the best price I could find at the time.

  12. Collapse? If Americans have ignored Obamacare up till now, just figuring out “like your doctor, keep your doctor” was bullshit, Fukushima’s radioactive clouds hitting US soil, a Pope being forced out, Benghazi cover-ups, NSA’s total disregard for protected privacy, IRS targeting Obama detractors, IRS ignoring non-profit applications based on political leanings, have accepted double digit food prices over the last four years without a whimper, accepted 23% unemployment without a whimper, accepted homosexuals in the military etc., BUT cry holy hell when a reality TV personality is fired for speaking his own mind, off the clock no less, we are already collapsed…. 

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