rocketIn an interview with USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter, Jim Willie says, “There are staggering bullish market indications for gold. The primary cylinder is negative real interest rates for the past 10 years.” Dr. Willie says other bullish factors include “phony accounting at insolvent global banks” being propped up by massive money printing.

Dr. Willie contends, “In January alone, the European banks were the beneficiaries of $1.2 trillion from dollar swap facilities as directed by the U.S. Fed. That’s what’s keeping these bonds floating and the banks alive. They’re zombies.” Dr. Willie says, “Europe is on the verge of collapse.” When it does, Dr. Willie says a new “Gold Trade Finance System” is already in place to take over for the dollar. Dr. Willie’s sources say, “The trade finance system has already agreed on a gold price of $7,000 to $8,000. Silver would be $150 to $200 per ounce.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie.


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    • @Woolly:  Do I denote a bit of sarcasim in your tone…LMAO…Let me say right now, that what Jim is saying is more HOW it will happen, rather than when (not if).  You’ll just wake up one fine morning, birds chirping, water splashing in the brook, and  you will sit down at your computer and the screen will say $200 with an up arrow!  Are you ready, Woolly?

  1. Willie also noted that the $1.2 trillion (Plus another $100 billion two weeks ago) won’t last more than a few weeks or so when the bank runs start in Europe   The Euro banks are very long on crappy loans and very short of liquidity, solvency AND, most importantly, deposits.  They could be sucked dry in no time thus causing these Euro mega banks to fail.  The NZ issue, real or not, is just going to futher the story of bank theft by the IMF criminals. 

  2. Pretty much Jim Willie is saying the same things he always says.  Nothing new or even useable information based on current events.  I could find an interview from a month ago from Mr Willie that has the same information.  This interview is just a sales pitch to encourage new subscribers.

    • Thank you for the correction – I am better at identifying old cars than I am at I.D.’ing rockets.
      (Although the 1964 GTO Convertible I once owned sure felt like a rocket when you stomped the accelerator!)

  3. Yea right!!! $8,000 and $200.00. What Time, Day and Year, is this all going to happen?
    Have you ever noticed when negative things are happening around the world the Gurus come out in force?
    Just let Silver go over $35.50 and I’ll be happy and I’ll Believe, I’ll Believe, I’ll Believe, want me to say it again? I’ll Believe. LMAO Keep Stacking.

  4. Yeah, I really like Mr. Willie, but a 40 to 1 ratio? 
    I don’t see how he can view silver as the most manipulated asset, and then conclude that this metal(which comes out of the ground at 9 to 1) will stop rising at 40 to 1.
    Eric Sprott has said that a single digit gold to silver ratio is possible, meaning 9 to 1.
    $8k gold is close to the ballpark I’m in too….but $200 silver?
    Even James Turk says $8k gold means at least $400 silver.
    Otherwise, I enjoy reading his insightful commentary.

    • @Cleburne61: I scratch my head when these “in the know” types do that. Tell folks that this is the most undervalued asset in the history of the human race and it could go up by 50%! The shorts have beat them down so often that they don’t even trust their own minds anymore! But they won’t back off of their past predictions either, so they say silver will get to a 100$ an ounce with in 10 years or less! MARK MY WORD.

  5. When it does, Dr. Willie says a new “Gold Trade Finance System” is already in place to take over for the dollar. Dr. Willie’s sources say, “The trade finance system has already agreed on a gold price of $7,000 to $8,000. Silver would be $150 to $200 per ounce.”
    When this happens?! I will be able to head to Brazil and find me one sexy and educated mama..

  6. Gold to trade at 2000$, 5000$, 8000$, 10 000$ per ounce… it’s always the same thing and it’s also with silver! The financial “experts” keep saying the predictions that are false in the end and they keep pointing the same obvious thing.

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