gold euroEurope is the grand prize.  And it’s always been the grand prize. Well, due to NATO and World War II considerations, the United States is pretty much captured, colonized, integrated Europe.
That’s about to change.
I think Europe is going to turn its attention eastward.

They have a parade of gold-backed currencies coming.  It’s not just going to be the Russian Ruble or the Chinese Yuan.  It will involve the Gulf Dinar, with the Saudis. I think it will involve the Nordic Euro.
The Germans, with their friends the Dutch, the Austrians and the Finns, Finland…
They’re all ready. They’re just waiting for the moment. They’ve got a Nordic Euro, and they’ve got plans for gold backing. 

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    Having changed the rules once (1933) already. We (USA) later proceeded on the same road again. By 1971, we were making dollars at a rate that virtually assured another change in the gold backing game. Indeed, it was becoming obvious that gold could not control the will of a large nation.
    Gold backing a currency is an illusion of stability. The Germans know that, after witnessing the gold devaluations in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Many countries simply LEFT the gold standard to finance the war.
    Germany would not be this stupid… 

    • Extremely stupid response, Frank Knopers. Gold is stability, it’s the fractional-reserve banking with fiat currencies that creates price inflation and other instabilities like boom-bust cycles and bubbles in all sorts of markets, like we can see again today. “Gold devaluations” are a myth. Gold does not devalue, it’s the fiat currency that does. The printing of dollars that made the Bretton Woods system unsustainable, was exactly the problem. Keeping up the gold standard would have prevented this. And “gold could not control the will of a large nation” is like saying: “laws do not prevent people from violent behaviour, so let’s abandon laws”. Giving in to fraud is a form of appeasement. It’s clear you do not understand a single thing about gold and a gold standard.

    • Gold itself is stable, but a gold standard is not. Trying to link a fixed amount of gold to an expanding currency supply will always end in tears. I said gold devaluations, but of course I mean devaluations of currency against gold under a gold standard. If you say a gold standard is sustainable, i say 1934 and 1971. First devalue and then abandon it…
      Because people want to lend money and governments want to spend more than they have. Besides the question whether this is good or bad, it is the way the world works. After reading Austrian economics, some questions remain unanswered. If the gold standard should restrict governments from spending more than they have, why didn’t it work out that well in practice?? Two world wars happened in Europa, while many governments were still on the gold standard in early 20th century.
      It is the illusion of gold backing that is the fraud. Expose this fraud by owning gold as an asset, NOT as money. Read my column on this: 

    • It is all about FRL and counterfeiting. Gold was, and always has been, money and a restraint against central banks creating money out of thin air and lending it out. Your argument fails to address this central issue, and then you cop out and say “that’s the way the world works”. Strawman much?

      Edit: I read your article. It is filled with so many historical errors and misconceptions about gold, I don’t know where to even begin with you. You are way off base.

    • Frank, you are on the wrong message board because your making too much sense. We prefer the tall tales of Uncle Willie…
      @Bay of Pigs “Gold was, and always has been, money and a restraint against central banks creating money out of thin air and lending it out”
      This is a joke right? “Dear Gold, you haven’t restrained shit in this world of carry trades, over the counter derivatives & QE. The Creditopia we live in laughs at your ass while the message board @ SD weeps”
      When was the last anyone used their PM to exchange anything? We can extend derivatives beyond 700 trillion on this planet. Who would waste their PM in any transaction in this environment? Gold has not been money in quite a while…If gold was sleeping during a 20 year money supply expansion of 80s-00s, rise along with a basket of commodities for 12 years (or what WE though was a bull run due to credit expansion) while remaining during our current, what does this tell us? GOLD and MONEY SUPPLY have NO CONNECTION in our current day. In fact the money supply/gold ratio has remain disconnected for a 100 years if not more.  You can call it day trading manip for the last 2 yrs but really QE hasn’t connected to gold…ever. Too much credit is given the Fed, comex, london…that is exactly what we are seeing today folks. 
      Inflation is entirely distorted in this environment. Any gold related system, inflation/deflation is much simpler to define (while being much less forgiving) but gold’s role today does very little. We are told inflation is “rampant so stock up on toilet paper” while wage deflation and global labor strip US consumers to the bone. No one is giving me free dollars yet…
      Will there be a day of reckoning? I think so but I believe there is plenty of room more ridiculousness before ‘sound money’ has its day. One thing I have to agree with the sentiment of this board (which I credit Pat for this though) is that gold-backed anything doesn’t work. The monetary discipline would need to go to its core. However, an extreme transition in world power by a world economic system turned upside down by PM sounds like a lot of WAR and destruction. Not to mention the general public has too little PM in their hands to date thus corruption may remain the same by the same powers that be. You may be better using your gold brick as a weapon at that point or start a colony on the moon with a fresh start unless Moon Fed starts using moon rocks for currency…ahh damn it!

    • Reason the gold standard was failing before is because they fixed the price instead of letting it float with inflation and the free market

    • @Kintama : Brace yourself because we are all just pawns in a high stakes game of chess.  Precious Metal Pete has already laid out what is to come as the paper market burns.  Enjoy the ride but be careful in your statements.  The FIAT currencies have ran their course but don’t expect gold to slowly emerge.  It will happen rapidly and the only monetary event that can save countries from hyperinflation or outright default.   

  2. ‘Store your gold & silver in offshore allocated accounts’ – wtf????
    Didn’t he say allocated accounts in London have been raided?
    Make your mind up Jim!
    Don’t hold it, don’t own it (or, good luck trying to get it back).

    • @Eboy75
      Yes, store your gold in offshore accounts if you aren’t going to store it in your own possession…
      Yes, allocated accounts have been raided, not just in London, but in many places. 
      Implied in Willie’s recommendation is the number 1 rule of Gold Storage (or Silver)

    • Maybe Jim was trying to be polite to his host re his comments about gold storage.  Sprott has a large physical gold and a large physical silver physical investment fund both outside of the banking system.  And if I had to pick anyone to hold my phyzz it would be Eric Sprott.

    • @UglyDog
      “And if I had to pick anyone to hold my phyzz it would be Eric Sprott.”
      Absolutely agree on this.  I am not a big fan of letting ANYONE hold my money but if I had to pick someone for this duty, it would definitely be Sprott.  I am not so sanguine about his partner, Rick Rule, however.  Not sure why.  He has kind of a foxy / sleazy look about him that does not engender trust on my part.  Instinct?  Maybe.  Could just be me, though.

    • If I had that sort of wealth, I guess Sprott would be a good choice.
      However what would you say is ‘outside of the system’. Straight from the PSLV prospectus:

      The Mint has advised the Trust that due to its physical storage capacity constraints in Canada, having regard to the quantity of physical silver that the Trust anticipates purchasing, the Mint may be required to store and hold a portion of the Trust’s physical silver bullion on a fully allocated basis at vault facilities located in Canada leased by the Mint from a sub-custodian for this purpose. The sub-custodian the Mint proposes to use, if necessary, will be The Brink’s Company, acting through its Canadian subsidiary, Brink’s Canada Limited, to which we will refer as Brinks. The sub-custodian will be an authorized depository for the LBMA and have vault facilities that are accepted as warehouses for the LBMA. 
      Brinks – is that still ‘in the system’? 
      An acceptable warehouse for the LBMA – Is that ‘still in the system’?
      I’m not sure, but for me it’s all counterparty risk, even Sprott.

      @Ed_B – interesting I have that feeling about Rick Rule, I don’t know why, he’s probably a totally sound bloke. But for some reason, he seems a bit slimy!!!


    • @Jccjktj
      Yeah, JC, I don’t know what this is but just looking at the guy or watching him speak in You Tube videos just makes the hair on the back of my financial neck stand up.  Very few people affect me in this way… and they are usually people like Tim Geithner, Jon Corzine, Jack Lew, and Bernie Madoff.  One look at them and I want to grip my wallet tightly… and RUN!

  3. Hi….I’m Jim Willie. Blah, blah, blah …..
    I am starting to think Willie is delusional besides coming off as obnoxious. IMO he has identified that catering to conspiracy theorists as a profitable market that he can sell subscriptions to his “news”letter.  Of course he has to come up with new claims weekly (just like the National Enquirer: Aliens Stole My Brain!) to satisfy his followers.  He never identifies his sources (do they come to him in dreams and forget to say?) and offers no follow through proof. With such rambling it is easy to recycle or sweep all these claims under the rug as a new subscriber bait appears so there is no accountability. I guess the take away lesson is: Make jackass claims in a loud voice and some people will eat it up for it’s entertainment value (just like the National Enquirer).

    • @Cyberspace Void
      Well said my friend. It would appear Mr. Willie over the last, say 3 – 4 years has apparently made some changes in his delivery methods, but it is getting strange. I recall the first few times years ago he was fairly balanced and certainly an interesting read, but something has indeed changed, at least in my opinion. I have seen this becoming more common in the statements of some newsletter writers, some do appear to be losing their way in some respects, far too much drama and hype and getting into areas that would appear they are trying to appeal to a new crowd perhaps, but some of the statements are far out.
      I personally respect the view of our own PatFields who makes it very clear what Mr. Willie is saying is NOT the answer, and of course, paper rots…coin does not. Simple enough and spot on in my opinion.
      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    • Personally, I think Jim Willie actually has a pretty good handle on the worldwide financial gyrations.  When you understand the underlying geopolitics that run the world event schedule, what he says makes a lot of sense.  For all the criticisms of his sensationalism, I think he’s got the progression of the dollar’s demise down pretty well.  and while we can all debate the finer points in his presentation, I can’t name anyone else commentating today that has as well-rounded a view of the pieces of this puzzle we are all watching unfold.  You have to admit that the Globalist cabal has made asses out of anyone brave or stupid enough to try to predict the course of world events in this arena…
      Like anything one hears in this realm, discernment is always warranted.  But personally, I am quite convinced that his input into my information stream is very beneficial…
      As to the accusation that he doesn’t identify his sources, I am more concerned about the information itself than the name of someone who provided the information.  When I used to interview Bob Chapman every week, he was often careful to guard his sources for the same reason Willie should.  People like these commentators become information conduits who make these connections because they can be trusted to protect their sources and they know their anonymity can be preserved. 

      And, I too, have a great deal of respect for our own Pat Fields. But Willie is reporting on what’s happening and not necessarily suggesting that the solutions coming down the pike are the best or the proper solutions to the world’s financial problems, (Far from it!) The simple truth is that, as long as we keep putting politicians in charge of our nations and their financial situations, the banknote phenomenon will persist because the banknote is the prostitute politician’s tool of the trade… But I, for one, am quite content to see the dollar implode and thus, wipe out the NWO One-World-Government power base for starters. Then once we’ve escorted all the bankers to their destinations at the end of the ropes, then we can set about figuring out how put a system together that serves the species and the planet instead of exploiting them.

      Interesting note: Just looked up and saw that THIS is my 666th post on SD!!!

    • @Truthlives said: “I personally respect the view of our own PatFields who makes it very clear what Mr. Willie is saying is NOT the answer, and of course, paper rots…coin does not. Simple enough and spot on in my opinion.”

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “As to the accusation that he doesn’t identify his sources, I am more concerned about the information itself than the name of someone who provided the information.”
      Considering that those who pee in the bankster’s soup tend to get dead quite suddenly, what source in their right mind would want to be identified by name in public?  Their life expectancy could easily drop from 3-4 decades of additional life to only a few days or weeks.  Given that, the ONLY way to get info from those who know is to do it on the QT.  I am not saying that I agree with Willie on everything he says but that in this case, caution is highly advised.
      “SE…only another 834 posts and the Doc will send you a t-shirt.”
      Really?  7802 posts here and no sign of a shirt or anything else.  Hmmm… but… if a shirt was offered, make it black and a size XXL.  😉

    • All of the so called “gurus” who sell a newsletter are out to make money, the American way you know… but that also makes them suspect

    • @UglyDog
      “The Doc has a little reward program.”
      Thanks for the pointer, UD.  Looks good to me.  I am not into advertising that I have silver or gold as I walk around, so will forego the hats and shirts that have SILVERDOCTORS plastered on them… but the ASEs look VERY tempting!  🙂

    • Good link. The exact same topic (Germany Preparing Gold-Backed Nordic Euro!) as this article.
      If true, it should remind us that such an endeavor is not a quick or sure process.

  4. Truthlives  Cyberspace Void.  I tend to agree with Willie is as much as he is a data aggregator, taking from many sources and applying his analysis to form conclusions. He has a doctorate in statistics and worked in the financial industry so his opinions square with his mental agility and experience.  In my opinion, facing whatever facts are present and staring intently into the void (excuse the use of the word) looking as squarely as anyone can into the Matrix, might cause a person to become a bit unhinged.  I see Willie as a cousin to the boy who cried wolf.  There are plenty of wolves in the brush.
    Willie is embedded in the paper paradigm and does take FIAT in the form of credit cards for payment of services rendered. I’d love to pay him in silver sometime, just for fun but Costa Rica might extract an import tax.
    It appears that Doctor Willie can only view his patient and the disabilities as an on-going event, trying to apply a cure with about the same success as a witch doctor shaking chicken bones and mutter curses against the gods. It’s so frustrating to see the trainwreck and not be able to stop it.
    It might be beyond most people’s abilities to avert their eyes from the Matrix.  It as ugly as the Gorgon, turns a man to stone like the Medusa and is as compelling as the carnival tent filled with abnormalities decanted in alcohol.   
    I know how that feels sometimes.  Even the reflected data is toxic and hazardous to our health.  No wonder the oligarchs and elites are bat guano crazy.  
    PS I enjoy reading Willie. He digs past the trifles and hits runs and sometimes homers. He repeats the message from prior essays because they bear repeating. But the owners of the Matrix will make you seem crazy. If you get close to them they bob and weave like Sugar Ray Leonard. They are tough to score against but we, the people, are scoring hits.
    Like Pat Fields, who despairs at repeating his message but repeats nonetheless, Willie is likewise patient with his readers, knowing that the basic themes remain intact yet evolving as this ugly paradigm unfolds. That’s a sign of a good teacher. Each month he adds more analysis and it appears his sources must be protected as their deep intel disclosures tie together Willie’s notations. Maybe he should be called the Town Crier.
    It’s 11 O’clock and all is not well.

    • Excellent and succinct post!
      I am not normally a Willie knocker (!) however some of the stuff he has come out with lately is way off the scale. I agree he is stuck in the paper paradigm (even advocating Sprott’s VERY loss making Trust – now that concerns me).

    • Thank you AGX for your thoughts and experiences. I have much respect for your posts and I agree 100%…the oligarchs and those who *think* they are elite are crazy, perhaps they redefine what crazy means. It is becoming absurd in many ways, and what strikes me is how bold their actions have been the last few years, out right lawlessness that appears to be given a yawn by those in on the take.
      Their house of cards will fall upon their own heads, I do not wish harm to anyone, but I do desire justice whenever that time comes, but it is apparent this current system has been pushed beyond recognition into something bizarre. The corruption is truly remarkable, from politics to finance, which is difficult to separate, reveal already that they are failing, yet they have been quite ‘clever’ with their lies and this game has certainly continued much longer than anyone would have believed.
      Thanks again AGX and others for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

    • AGXIIK “There are plenty of wolves to notice.” …. no argument there, but why create more that might not exist? One cannot fight ghosts!
      Solid proof is worth 1000 fold compared with conjecture based on hearsay. Any proof, even if circumstantial, is better and at least bears investigation. Insinuation is worth nothing … Who says that the sources used don’t have their own nefarious agendas? Willie could earn my respect if he actually did some investigation rather than acting as a awkward parrot

    • @Eboy75
      “…I am not normally a Willie knocker (!) however some of the stuff he has come out with lately is way off the scale.”
      What the Globalists are trying to pull off is “Way OFF THE SCALE!’
      Yanno, it’s interesting… if we could take today’s situation and ’email’ it back 10 or 20 years into the past to Ripley,  he’d email us back with a Non-Delivery Report saying simply, “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!”
      It’s like Willie’s comment about getting Alan Greenspan in a room back 15 years ago and then and asking him if what is happening today could have – Would have — EVER even been contemplated back in those days…  he would simply say, publicly at least, OF COURSE NOT!  But paradigms are going to be turned upside down when there is an agenda to destroy the Sovereignty of all nations in favor of a globalist-inspired One-World-government system.  As a ‘disruptive technology’ it’s going to be very hard to wrap one’s mental arms around.
      Willie gives you the frozen concentrate of the bitter hemlock in one sitting.  It’s a LOT to stomach…

    • @Truthlives
      “…the oligarchs and those who *think* they are elite are crazy, perhaps they redefine what crazy means. It is becoming absurd in many ways, and what strikes me is how bold their actions have been the last few years, out right lawlessness…”
      Remember, these people are DESPERATE!!!  Their original plans were hopelessly aggressive, yet fatally flawed.  And now, the realization is setting in that they have bitten off more than they can chew and, in so doing, have committed crimes unparalled in history.  As a result, they have NO CHOICE but to push their failed agenda to the end as it is their ONLY chance to survive.  Because when they fail and the agenda stalls and is finally turned back, the future for them is public trials and quick falls to the end of the rope.
      It is this final desperation that makes them so dangerous and leaves our world in such a precarious postion right now.  Seeing death as their only eventuality, might they not scorch the earth as a final act of perverse ‘absolution?’

    • @Sovereign Economist
      Remember, these people are DESPERATE!!!

      How do you figure? The ‘elite’ (as you call them) own 1000’s of tonnes of gold… and always have – as well as hard assets like fine art and land. They are fully hedged for a currency collapse. Their wealth is generational. How do you suppose they got that way? It’s Joe Public who are screwed when this paradigm shift transpires. Then the masses will be sold another fiat currency – just like every hyperinflation in our history. Probably not a good idea to bet against ‘the elite’ – hopefully you are emulating them by owning gold.

  5. Germany would like to think it is in charge of the Euro, but I sincerely doubt it can change the status in isolation.
    Jim Willy makes loads of predictions, bank holidays three years ago, Germany returning to the Mark etc etc but
    he is a long way from having a high success rate on predictions.
    Gold Euro chances? Close to zero IMO. Germany has a looooong wait to get the gold back that the USA is supposed to be storing for them, so how will they back this Euro, paper promises again?

    • I don’t know about a gold euro but it is pretty clear that without Germany’s backing, the euro would already have failed and failed miserably.  France, Italy, and Spain sure as hell are not going to prevent it from failing.  Denmark and Norway don’t have the economic power to do it and probably not the desire to do it.
      Germany should DEMAND the US dollar equivalent to their missing gold, suing the US in the World Court if necessary, and then go into the world markets and BUY IT!  Price changes caused by their buying be damned.  Yes, that would also take some time to accomplish but it would certainly whack the gold leasers upside the head… SMACK! If they were to turn East and ally themselves with the BRICS countries, such a move would be greatly appreciated by those folks.

    • @ Ed_B
      You said: “Germany should DEMAND the US dollar equivalent to their missing gold, suing the US in the World Court if necessary, and then go into the world markets and BUY IT!”

      This sure would solve a lot of problems with logistics, but where are they going to find that much gold in Europe to replace it?

    • @Cyberspace Void
      Great question.  I dunno.  Buy a producing mine?  At least they would have some cash and could use it to buy some things that they need.  Gold would be good.  Buying that much all at once probably won’t work, as you suggest, but maybe they could stretch their buying out over several months?  The gold that they are owed is probably worth around $65-70B.  That’s a lot, no doubt.  The Chinese and Indians don’t seem to have too much trouble buying 200+ tons of gold at a time.  The supply could be getting pretty thin at the rates they are buying, though.  What the Germans should NOT be doing, IMO, is sitting on their hands, waiting for gold to show up that isn’t coming.

  6. thanks Jim.  Viewing everything going on today reminds me one of the funniest scenes in a movie I’ve ever seen
    In Pet Detective II, Carrey is detectivating in a Robo-rhino on the veldt.  
    Power fails and temp rises.  Carrey’s only exit is aft.
     Nearby tourists watch as Carrey, buck naked, exits the Rhino’s rear like a birthing process, with noise and sweat profuse.  Tourists gape as rhino baby/carrey drops the 5 feet to the ground.  
    Exiting the Matrix is about as disconcerting.
    Viewers are completely appalled.  
    We, the Carreys of this Matrix, find the birthing process unsettling.
     That 5 foot drop is a real bitch but the umbilical cord is snapped.

    • Quite the picture you paint there AGX LOL…I actually remember parts of that scene…now that you mentioned it, i will never look at it the same way again! Good comparison indeed, but still gross LOL
      Thanks for the giggle

    • @AGXIIK
      “…We, the Carreys of this Matrix, find the birthing process unsettling.
       That 5 foot drop is a real bitch but the umbilical cord is snapped.”
      Yeah, it really IS kinda like that here, isn’t it?  <grin>  And, no sooner do you think the worst is over than the rest of the ‘afterbirth’ follows and ‘splats’ all over ya!

  7. I agree with cyberspace in that sources unrevealed can be used for nefarious purposes while purporting to have honest intentions. There used to be a saying that stated a anonymous witness isn’t admissible. I believe it’s law practice still today. Now on the other hand, as deep down the rabbit hole as we are, people wish to tell secrets but do not wish to run for their lives in doing so like Snowden. So we’re in a very precarious position!
    Without a doubt, the banks are stealing, counterfitting, manipulating everything, and their even murdering innocents in far countries to get their fingers in the pie. Officials are in on it, corporations are doing it, and only because SOME of it has come to light doesanyone believe the messenger of such gross atrocities! Why? Because you have to be a sick, deranged maniac to partake in such immoral actions, most people don’t think like this, but the uber-rich clearly do, and that’s how they became uber rich…. By screwing over the little guy….or killing them for profit.
    To shed light on the abhorrent actions of a criminal, we have to listen begrudgingly to their distasteful crimes (as disgusted as it makes us, as shocking and sad as it makes us) so that the crimes are fully present, in the open for all to see and be sickened by, then as a moral enraged citizenry, we charge them guilty, and rid the earth from their criminal distortion. This way, law, order and fairness may rule again, growth, prosperity and hope…. Hope that each man may endeavor for a better life by the sweat of his brow, and the love of his family. In this, I believe all men share as a desire of life, regardless of your flag.  

  8. I for one don’t see a traditionally gold backed currency ever coming to bear but I could be wrong. Certainly something like god trade settlement between countries.
    Willie was more hyperbolic than even usual in this report but generally the sentiment isn’t wrong. We’re all fukked, no question. We are markedly less fukked though than the average joes LOL.

  9. It is obvious that things must change with the USD, Fed Reserve and our confused government.  An orderly move to the gold standard makes sense.  However, the”childish glee” that this country or that country is going to “knock out the USD” and take over as the reserve currency may cause a world wide depression/hyperinflation with strong potential for World wars.
    IF the USA market is removed, who/where will all these countries sell their product? Will one country or several countries have the structure to deal with world commerce?  These various countries may get what they are pushing for and find that they have no customers or the customers they have cannot pay.
    Careful what you wish for, you may just get your wish.

    • “IF the USA market is removed, who/where will all these countries sell their product?”
      My guess would be that they would sell to those who actually have MONEY rather than ever more debt.  The main argument these days seems to be over “what is money?”.  A definitive answer IS coming and it is unlikely to be the horribly mismanaged US$.
      “Will one country or several countries have the structure to deal with world commerce?”
      The BRICS countries are building that structure as we speak.
      “These various countries may get what they are pushing for and find that they have no customers or the customers they have cannot pay.”
      It is specifically because they are getting paid now in a rapidly inflating currency, the US$, that they are divesting the US$ and UST bonds from their other assets and seeking a more stable currency in which to be paid.  Much of this is being converted into real assets all over the world, such as mines, farms, ranches, businesses, vacant land, and other things, as well as to purchase a huge gold hoard.  I believe that the BRICS will create a new trade currency, that it will be backed at least partly by a basket of commodities, including gold, and that the US$ will not be party to either this process or its end result.
      “Careful what you wish for, you may just get your wish.”
      Indeed.  We very well might get what we wish for but the eating of that pudding is likely to leave an awful taste in all of our mouths.  On the other hand, a lot of us are not wishing for that but recognize that we just might get it anyway.  If we do, what will be the best way to handle it?  Prepping in various ways seems to be about all we can do.

  10. Jeez Louise … am I the only one seeing that a real three dimensional piece of physical gold … defined by … a thoroughly imaginary ‘measure’ called ‘Euro’ is a recipe for theft and chicanery? That ‘definition’ transforms the actual gold into a mere ephemeral word itself.

    • @PatFileds
      Your comment kinda testifies to the success of the banker’s deception, doesn’t it?  Gives us a bit of an insight into what it will take to get the world back on an honest-money standard after it blows up this time… <sigh>

    • I am actually skeptical enough to not dismiss the Fukishima event as purely an accident.  A nuclear blast on earthquake fault line in the Ring of Fire is an easy technological process. Sabotage of the Fukishima plant itself is no more absurd than nano-thermite in the WTCC towers. Jim Stone has some rather interesting indications that it was no accident and there are others who have advanced that possibility, but what really sets off my BS alert meters is the reaction of the world ‘officialdom’ in the response to it.  If you remember back to the incident in Chernobyl in 1986, the world was ALL OVER that story and, even though it happened behind the ‘so-called’ iron curtain, engineers from around the world weighed in with offers of assistance in the aftermath.  By contrast, the controlled Western Media blacked out coverage of Fukishima,  The US took it’s monitoring station network down and we’ve lived in a virtual news blackout regarding what, at least, has to possibility of being a global ELE (Extinction-Level-Event) — When I take my handheld- geiger counter to the grocery store and test Alaskan Salmon, the background radiation counts double.  They aren’t at alarm levels now, but they have been increasing over the past 6 months… so I conclude that SOMETHING in, or near, that fresh fish case, is causing those higher readings…  that NEWS BLACKOUT doesn’t exist for no reason.

    • The whistle blower Leuren Moret, who is an internationally recognized Geoscientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation I believe is telling the truth about the Fukushima “disaster” which is many thousand times greater than that of Chernobyl and S.E you are spot on with this  being a (Extinction-Level-Event) orchestrated by the monarchy’s/elite ,  you may also want to research the work of Dr Judy Wood a professor of mechanical engineering concerning the WTCC towers as both these red flag events used exotic weapons  based on the work of Nikola Tesla which  scientists have bean perfecting for almost a hundred years with the aid of  an unlimited budget.
      Our Apostle Paul told us to test all, and keep what is good , this is not restricted to doctrine but to all things.   

    • OK, I am going to ask both of you how someone created the tsunami that swamped the power plant, and for what reason? It doesn’t make sense on soooooooo many levels using simple inspection.

      Your “expert”, Leuren Moret, is hardly world renown except in conspiracy circles. She recently claimed (on or before March 15th) that Malaysia Air flight 370 was shot down by a US Navy HAARP energy weapon as a demonstration for Putin. Unfortunately for her, that was before new details about the plane’s fate was uncovered. This is just the latest of her many, many zany claims especially the one where she says we shot down our own space shuttle, Columbia, in 2003 (in same video). So much for her credibility …. more like a loony or a personal attention seeker, and one possible “source” for Willie’s bizarre rantings.

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “A nuclear blast on earthquake fault line in the Ring of Fire is an easy technological process.”
      Yes, it is.  The difficulty, however, lies in hiding the fact.  A nuke detonation makes a VERY characteristic series of vibrations that no graduate seismologist or most mining engineers and geologists could possibly mistake.  It is MUCH different from those of landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, rockfalls, and even very large chemical explosions.  There simply is no mistaking it for what it really is.  Add to that the fact that there are hundreds of seismologists recording every tiny vibration in the Earth’s crust 24/7.  Some of these are friendly to the US, many are not, some do not care one way or the other.  Had a nuke gone off, causing the tsunami that wrecked a good part of the Fukushima province, it would have been a world class headline in some form.  Yes, TPTB could muzzle the main scream media but not the Internet alternative media.  Word would have gotten out.  Of that, I have no doubt.  TPTB are powerful but they are not ALL-powerful.  If they were, we would not be having this discussion because we would be muzzled too.

  11. just in case you guys here don’t know, here is Jimm Willie’s source : THE VOICE is V: The Guerrilla Economist , and vice versa, if you have ever listened to V: The Guerrilla Economist, he has a source as well and he calls him ” W ” . wild guess who might that be ???? . somtimes when V: The Guerrilla Economist talks , you think that he is reading from the same paper as Jimm and I mean word for word . Anyways , they both make sense most of the time , but the “source” thing , it is like when the kids are playing, but obviously very popular in the US , to have a source.

    • “W” is Agent Wayne.  He has been on the Hagmann and Hagmann report a few times along with Sean David Morton’s “Strange Universe.
      (scroll down 3 paragraphs and it says “W” in his introduction to the interview-scroll to the bottom to listen to the interview.)
      (Agent Wayne/”W” interview on Sean Morton Strange Universe-notice they are the same guy)
      He is not Jim Willie and sounds nothing like him.  You are correct that “V” and Jim Willie have the same outlook on upcoming events though.

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