By Jim

-Deep dependence upon bond monetization without sterilization has become the norm
-The hidden motive for QE3 is to bury multi-$trillion mortgage bond fraud
The USDollar global reserve privilege will be victim to the never-ending global financial crisis
The COMEX and LBMA are scrambling to find Gold & Silver supply for inventory
-The Gold price is forming the right side handle in consolidation
The target remains 1990, to be realized by the QE gears

Some competent analysts claim the United States and Western nations are stuck in the eye of the hurricane. Maybe so, but the internal stresses are so great that they will move beyond the eye into a zone of clearly apparent destruction soon. Some aware analysts believe the bond monetization plans will lift the financial markets. Maybe so, but the ensuing and continuing damage to the economies is profound from rising cost structures. Some awakening analysts no longer look to the USFed as a source of solutions. They see the central bank as increasingly desperate, pushing the same levers that accomplished nothing in the past. In fact, the failing central bank franchise system is visible in the open for all to see, with the embarrassment noticeable when the good chairman speaks as high priest of hollow dogma. New money backed by nothing swims around, financing the USGovt deficits, redeeming toxic bonds, adding nothing to the capital base. In the background is a pernicious effect, having come full circle. The Chinese industrial expansion since year 2000 came largely at the expense of the Western economies. They forfeited thousands of factories in the mindless pursuit of lower costs, while overlooking the abandoned wealth engines that produced legitimate income. In the last couple years, the Western economies have served as weakened customers for the Chinese production. The effect finally has slammed China, which complains of weaker US and European demand. Any trip through Spain will demonstrate that smaller Spanish factories and mills are shut down, with Chinese imports in replacement, as local shops stock mainly Chinese products.


The global financial system is empty of ideas, has no solutions, and is rotting on the vine. The solution is a new trade payment system centered upon Gold, no longer on the toxic USDollar. The solution is a banking system that turns its back on USTreasury Bonds, the delinquent foreclosed step-child of the US Federal Reserve. The list of extreme symptoms and hidden menaces is as long as a roll of fiat toilet paper. It reads like a bad novel, like an endless nightmare, like an obituary. The distortions are far past extreme. The United States is locked in a trade war with China, the financial battles played out in the financial ministries and the press, the actual hot war played out in Southern Africa among smugglers. All Chinese investment within the United States has been secretly banned. The dependence upon Plunge Protection Team props and High Frequency Flash trading to keep stocks up is extreme. The phenomenon is reported regularly, but is no longer news since it is engrained as a constant feature.


The charred financial and economic landscape has transformed so radically since 2008, that aberrant distorted disconfigured bizarre and twisted are considered as normal. The nation has become a surreal depiction economically, financially, politically, and ethically in the last decade, since September 2001. The former USFed Chairman Greenspan was wise to walk away and retire with laurels from knighthood. His work was done. The Bernanke Fed will be known as the Weimar engineers and Mafia bagholders. Even Greenspan could not image the extreme measures required by the central bank, with assorted liquidity facilities (none worked), TARP Fund enabling (pure bait & switch deceptive fraud), hidden bond monetization (drained fuel), bloated toxic balance sheet (never to find value), massive narco money laundering (fully dependent for survival), rafts of mortgage lawsuits (motive for QE3), rising food & energy costs (painful consequence), and much more (not reported in the subservient financial press).


Review some of the extreme features that serve as prevalent signposts scattered across the American landscape, none of which existed in the 1990 decade. The US is stuck in an end road heading over the cliff. Many like the Jackass argue that given the profound widespread insolvency, the nation is descending after having gone over the cliff. It is not approaching a fiscal cliff. It has fallen over it, ever since the Budget Super Committee formulated by the USCongress disbanded in utter failure on the public stage with zero progress on anything. The USGovt spending is so out of control, the political process so broken, that the fascist collectivist nation could not make a New Politburo council work. The broken financial apparatus should be more recognizable. Spending is rabid out of control. The bond monetization is the only defense to prevent a USGovt debt default. The ZIRP birds chip at 0% frequency, due to interest rate derivatives working around the clock under great strain, with no buyers and $trillion deficits as far as the eye can see. The national perspectives are usually late in coming. Eventually the broken national machinery will be understood and perceived. The pundits and experts did not notice the subprime mortgage crisis until 12 to 18 months after it struck. They spent the following year denying its crisis and wreckage. The pundits and experts did not notice the housing market bust until 12 to 18 months beyond peak. They spent the following year denying its crisis and wreckage. Perception inside the United States is not a strong suit. Accurate perceptions are almost considered unpatriotic.



The ultra-low near 0% interest rate environment is a massive wet blanket on the USEconomy. The Zero Interest Rate Policy has an undercurrent to makes for higher costs, lower profit, business segment shutdown, job cuts, and lower income. It remains the biggest blind spot among US economists, whom the Jackass has very little if any respect for, deservedly. The absent foreign bond demand provides a constant motive to conduct the next QE program. The dependence upon monetization to finance the USGovt deficits is slowly entering the mindset of financial analysts and investment managers. The QE3 should be called Global QE or more accurately QE to Infinity, since all the major central banks have joined, whether out of enthusiasm or pressure. They wish to avoid a currency war, so a coordinated currency debasement is the active plan. That approach leaves them all vulnerable to simultaneous rising commodity costs, only kept down by a deteriorating economic base.


Such is the bitter fruit of failed central bank franchise systems. Witness the unlimited USFed and EuroCB and Japanese bond purchases, to prevent a collapse. The Interest Rate Swap device is heavily used to hold down USTBond yields, amidst unending $1.4 trillion annual deficits, low bond demand, and lost global prestige. The hidden motive for the next QE3 round is to cover bury and remove the mortgage fraud that acts as a gigantic logjam on the financial structure and foreign flows. The criticism grows on the theme of questionable quality of new money, the toxic paper to replace toxic paper. The frustration grows on the theme of better quality and higher subordinated debt to replace toxic debt. Solutions are nowhere.



The USEconomy has been stuck in a powerful recession of at least minus 3% since 2008, with only extreme statistical gimmickry and outright accounting fraud to pull up the reported growth. The only sector with rising profits is the banking sector, due to USFed bond purchases, due to the easy USTreasury carry trade, due to the accounting fraud on mortgage portfolios (still no mark to market), due to the lack of derivative contract accounting altogether, due to the convenient debt value adjustment scam. The short home sales are not adequately counted in housing market price data, enabling the charlatans to claim a recovery just in time for the presidential election. Shiller seems like a dope with his blind eye to the excluded short sales in the index that bears his name, and to the racked up home inventory from foreclosures. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners do not pay anything on monthly mortgage, the new scoff-law crowd. They are increasingly challenging the big US banks to produce title, a story the press does not cover any longer since so volatile and visceral.


The Federal Housing Admin (step-father to Fannie Mae) has quietly ramped up subprime home loans, but all under the USGovt auspices. The 3% or 5% down payments are no problem for loans. Step right up. The car market is propped by the next subprime push, with banks practically ordered to extend easy loans to buyers. Some loans are for seven to eight years, and go negative equity in the first few months. The crude oil price remains over $90 per barrel despite a powerful entrenched recession, due to USDollar hedging. Tangible investment stubbornly remains a fixture in global portfolio management, as distrust for the USDollar continues. The deadly decline in California state sales tax receipts, down 40% from July 2011 to July 2012, in my view serves as the most deadly of highly visible signposts. The land of rotten fruits and bitter nuts is being racked by gasoline shortages.



Nowhere is the damage to the US systems more visible than the labor market. It is hard to hide  millions of jobless workers. It is hard to hide the shuttered factories whose business went to China and the Pacific Rim. The jobs data is an exercise in deception and fiction. The deception is with the unemployment rate, which runs steadily at 16% to 17% even on the official U6 statistic, but runs steadily at 22% to 23% in the Shadow Govt Statistics that reflects the world in which we live. The deception is with the jobless claims data, since 99 weeks is the limit, and millions of workers have passed the limit, unable to collect more insurance, no longer counted in the official reports. They are like abandoned Missing in Action soldiers left behind to rot in Vietnam, denied to exist, suffering still.


The fiction lies with the Birth Death Model, transformed into the main new employer in fantasy land, lifting the Jobs Report. Several hundred thousand new fictitious jobs appear almost monthly, surely to be corrected in March when nobody is looking. Most of what the President claims as job growth is derived from the BDModel, complete with Cheshire Cat as the guard in a Wonderland. The National Federation of Independent Businesses routinely contradicts the official USGovt propaganda about a robust small business sector. The Birth Death Model is designed to factor in the missing small businesses from the sampling process. It has become a fudge factor to the extreme. Around 50% of new college graduates cannot find work, deeply frustrated and disillusioned. Over 3 million young people are fast losing faith in the system, adults living with parents. They will serve as the demonstrators on the street, if the nation ever wakes up. The nation of Spain had 2500 demonstrations in 2011 that took place in Madrid alone. The United States is fast asleep, flouridated, awash with propaganda, deceived in almost every area of life.



Notice how the narco and oil wars are off limits for discussion and debate. Soldiers are recruited from the poor parts of the archipelago of troubled cities and towns, with hope of income and job opportunity, maybe college later, but with rising likelihood of a missing arm or leg where the benefits kick in. The war has an ugly statistic that the monger merchants cannot escape. More soldier suicides (active and retired) occur than battlefield deaths. The soldier corps is being depleted, as soldiers are ordered into endless returns of tours, victims of the fine print on induction contracts. The United States as a nation slowly abandons both the Constitution and Capitalism. The legal authorities have begun to brand advocates of the former as terrorists, and advocates of the latter as uncaring. The last chapter of any failed democracy is surely fascism. The dependence by US big banks upon narco money laundering for survival is becoming well documented, but still a secret inside the US. In the European corners and the United Nations, the dependence is well known. The Too Big To Fail mantra that supports and upholds the big broken banks is losing its luster and appeal. The tough questions being argued pertain to how to break up the big US banks, what parts to save, how to redeem their toxic balance sheets, where to merge their viable parts. Chris Whalen made some outstanding points recently, claiming that no Wall Street firm is earning money on their bond inventory. Their carry trade profits are down by over 50%. The big US banks in Whalen’s opinion will break up from internal stresses, like basic lack of income and high operating costs that include bloated incomes.


The nation has suffered massively from the merger of preferred big business and the state, the lace of fascism. The big corporations, led by the banks, are given license to commit financial fraud and open thefts. The list from MFGlobal, Peregrine Financial, hundreds of mortgage bond fraud cases, and thousands of mortgage contract fraud cases, litter the landscape for all to see. They are joined by new LIBOR lawsuits that will keep the courts busy for years, until laws are passed to forbid such lawsuits, decreed in the national security interest. Not so easily seen are the deep trenches of bond counterfeit, like with JPMorgan in collusion with Cantor Fitzgerald, whose handiwork was conveniently buried late in September 2001 in South Manhattan.


The negative correlation between Exit Polls and precinct level president votes in 2004 and 2008 highlighted the vote rigging as stark statistical evidence. Any competent statistical analyst can see the anomalies, if attention is focused and eyes are open. Statistical analyses were easy for spotting the vote fraud, since the correlation for over 30 years had been over 90%. No longer is the correlation high in the swing states, where vote fraud is the new normal. This is a key trait of a Third World Nation, of which the United States leads in sophistication. Chavez in Venezuela has nothing on the White House victors. Watch Florida, Ohio, and now Virginia as the important swing states. These three states might not be enough, as the horrendous economy usually accounts for a sudden 5% swing against the incumbent.



The USDollar being abandoned slowly in global trade. In the process the important currency is losing its prestige. After more isolation, its global reserve status will be lost in an expedience to bring about a solution to the pernicious relentless unforgiving global monetary war which is falsely called the global financial crisis. This is a war to defend both the USDollar and its merchants who rely upon fraud and war, an important ally being the Saudis, whose House has turned seriously unstable. What irony if the House of Saud were to fall victim to the Arab Spring sequence that was spawned by Quantitative Easing by the USFed and fast rising food prices. The Petro-Dollar defacto standard sits in the Saudi shrinking shadow. The USDollar will be surrounded, then isolated, then sink with the rest of the fiat paper currencies. The great Gold accumulation movement is fast underway, picking up speed. The New York and London bankers are in fast retreat, delivering their precious gold bars to Eastern entities, as they are being systematically drained of their gold assets. The New York and London bankers are seeking desperate measures to move Silver behind the curtains, in order to meet demands and avert a nasty default. They will not be able to avert a Gold or Silver default unless they conduct another MFGlobal account theft. Too many are watching for such a theft.


In the process, the derivative machinery is straining, wheezing, and giving off burned oil smoke. The JPMorgan CIO strains have not gone away. Only the more vigorous accounting fraud has kept the strains, losses, and rot out of view. The priorities are clear. JPMorgan refuses to deliver Silver, choosing instead to steal accounts that seek delivery. Bear in mind that labor strikes and government confiscations are in high gear among gold mining firms in South America and South Africa. The trend bodes well for the physical Gold price, but bodes poorly for the mining stock share prices. The Jackass forecast stands firm, that the physical Gold price will suffer a significant divergence from the corrupted paper Gold price dominated by the futures contracts, where naked shorting is the permitted normal practice. In time the COMEX will not sell Gold or Silver futures contracts, since no precious metal in inventory. Anyone who expects the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to enforce the law, obstruct the naked shorting, reduce the outsized uneconomic commercial short positions, and prosecute private account thefts, well, is a moron at worst and a fool at best.


The Gold price has been doing important technical work for the last month. On the surface the price movement looks boring if not weak, with lost momentum. That is typical of the brief phase when consolidation takes place, while building the right side handle. The downside risk is to 1720 (daily basis) or 1750 (weekly basis), really no big deal. The recently announced and detailed QE3 initiative is incredibly bullish for Gold, providing the bull market the most wonderful fuel that is supercharged by the permanent 0% rate. The paper mache merchants who defend the indefensible broken USDollar are redoubling their naked shorting. It will not be enough. They must outlaw alternatives to the USDollar and force USTBond ownership. They cannot do so but they might try. Hence the Gold price will rise.


The extreme Gold price breakout will be fast powered by the realization of the QE3 arrival, its unsterilized nature, and its much greater volume than previewed. The keys are both lack of sterilization and outsized volume. The USFed is fast running out of dry powder in USTBills, which means the bond monetization will be done with fresh money and not proceeds from sale. This is hyper monetary inflation of the worst order, akin to Weimar times. The volume of bond purchases within the QE3 framework will be between three and five times larger than announced. No rational bond buyers remain. Even the official bond dealers are facing extinction. See Cantor Fitzgerald, one of the biggest bond scum peddlers on the planet, a key accomplice for JPMorgan in the removal of both Enron fraud and USTreasury Bond fraud back in the dark days of autumn 2001. Their repository building fell in structural sympathy.



From subscribers and readers:

At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


“It has been my hope that the financial collapse would occur at a slower time frame, like a year from now. I have followed your articles on various sites for a while, and have to say that you are very perceptive and accurate as well as analytical. You have been more accurate, detailed and thorough than others, and your Big Picture analysis is usually spot on. I have noticed that it often becomes public news 3 to 6 months later. It is not easy connecting all the dots and understanding the implications one event has on everything else, then interweaving all the threads to grasp that big picture. I don’t usually spend the money for a subscription,

but I feel your information is vital to know.”

(KathyN from Arizona)

“You have warned over and over since Fall of 2009 that Europe would come apart and it sure looks like exactly that is happening. You have warned continually about the COMEX and now the entire CME seems to be unraveling. You must receive a lot of criticism regarding your analysis, trashing the man, without debate. Your work is appreciated. I do not care how politically incorrect or how impolite your style is. What is happening to our economy and financial system is neither politically correct or polite.”

(DanC in Washington)

“The best money I spend. Your service is the biggest bang for the buck.”

(DaveJ in Michigan)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]



  1. Well! Personally, I blame J Edgar Hoover. His panty twisting cross dressing homosexual tendencies blasted a hole right through the whole purpose of law enforcment. He mad a farce of the FBI. His example has carried through the branches of Justice down to the local sheriff and his minions. Translation? Absolutely no objective enforcement of our laws; a check on the system that could have leveled the playing field from victorious World War heavy breathers like Bush I, Kissinger, and Johnson. All perverted in their methods. Never happened.

    The other factor is the pervasive run around the mission of our free press. Absolutely no objective coverage on events that matter. Revisionism that makes a mockery of even the Shakespeare influenced authors of the forged codices from England! What an accomplishment! This benign approach to basic civility become entrenched when much to our surprise, FDR was a cripple. From that charade, we have a press today that props up an illegal immigrant as POTUS. Forget level headed reporting on financial matters. Responsibility and accountability quickly became fantasies to the masses. Bought and sold like the whores of Babylon, we all suffer from this cancer of immorality.

    To the bottom we all go leaving behind a legacy of such corruption that even Al Capone could only blush to the depths of depravity we find ourselves in.


    • Now I have the image in my mind of J Edgar Hoover in a dress. Appreciate it. They say John Wayne cross dressed when he was at home and Charles Bronson was so poor he wore his sisters old dresses to school. Look it up.

    • @Crissy Ah that sucks for you lol! I don’t have that image in mind because I don’t know who J Edgar Hoover is so I don’t know how he looks like. Anyway, have fun with your imagination! 😛

  2. KEEP  your eye on the DOUNUT and NOT the HOLE, so IF you want to speculate, be smart, visit.  If your preserving wealth buy gold.
    if  you’r willing to take a reasonable risk, at multiplying your purchasing power, BUY PHYSICAL SILVER
 — Blog –Message Board Viewable by All — Private Message Board (Members View)

    • “reasonable risk”? 

      The only risk I see inherent in Silver Investment is that manipulation may not cease as easily/completely/soon as we hope!
      I visited your site and it seems overly technical, did not see anything relating to manipulative forces (admittedly a quick scan)
      I can digest the technical quite easily, but in light of massive short selling, charts lose much of their meaning. I’d like to see you 
      say something meaningful here on the SD/bbs instead of “spamming”? links in every reply.  THEN I might think your website is
      worth a visit, but time is precious! I only spend time at the most productive…

      No offense, but I may be speaking for other than just myself here. 

  3. Love Jim Willie!  Yet pointing out the Problems is what all our brilliant commentators do but what is the….Solution? Of course wealth preservation gold/silver but in the long run there are huge problems we will all face with loss of currency. I need to hear some Solutions. Run for the hills? Naw. Carry signs in the street? Naw. Buy wheelbarrow futures. Hmmm. Buying a Judge to get him/her to make a rational decision? Yeah!  We should pool our money and buy a judge. Maybe pay off some cops to be good detectives and enforce some statuates. come on folks we gotta think outside the box here.

    I would like at least ONE insider to fill me in on the move towards a gold backed currency. You hear about it but nobody give specifics. I guess we will all have to go back to Maize.  Would you accept the Reminbe if it was gold backed? The Ruble?

  4. Айдахо Cеребро, не оскорбляйте рубль. Он покупает больше долларов, чем это было вчера.

    Translation:  Idaho Silver, do not insult the Ruble.  It buys more dollars today than it did yesterday.

  5. “If you’re willing to take a reasonable risk, at multiplying your purchasing power, BUY PHYSICAL SILVER”
    –  –  –  –  –
    While it is tempting to use one of those ‘1% fee, 0% interest for 12 months’ credit-card checks to buy a truckload if Silver, this is more risk than I would care to take on.
    This compares to that algebra problem where the person is on a bridge and needs to either run from the train, or run towards it.  The difference is that you know the speed of the train, whereas with Silver you do not know when it will go parabolic.

    However – picking up physical incrementally, as the money for doing so becomes available, makes sense.

  6. @Mammoth: No insult! I am pointing out that the Ruble may be a better currency than the USD.  But I believe no Fiat will be any good if it is not changed to gold backed. BRICS + is going to do that I surmise but no commentators are researching it and giving me a report. Also there is a saying here: “Will it Play in Peoria” meaning will Mainstreet accept it. We have a Patriotic Fervor over our almighty buck and heck the Peso is starting to look good!

  7. WOW. lots of STRAIGHT TALK from the “Golden JackAss” 

    I really liked this part:
     The negative correlation between Exit Polls and precinct level president votes in 2004 and 2008 highlighted the vote rigging as stark statistical evidence. Any competent statistical analyst can see the anomalies, if attention is focused and eyes are open. Statistical analyses were easy for spotting the vote fraud, since the correlation for over 30 years had been over 90%. No longer is the correlation high in the swing states, where vote fraud is the new normal. This is a key trait of a Third World Nation, of which the United States leads in sophistication. Chavez in Venezuela has nothing on the White House victors. Watch Florida, Ohio, and now Virginia as the important swing states. These three states might not be enough, as the horrendous economy usually accounts for a sudden 5% swing against the incumbent.

    That would account for a repubic and a demonocrat victory, meaning they are the SAME. 
    “establishment candidates” picking up where the last left off. Bank$ter$ running our electoral system.
    Think About It!  

  8. I luv Jim Willie !   (p.s. did i find a typo ?  tell me if i’m mistaken.   this sentence:  The ZIRP birds chip at 0% frequency.  do you think he meant to type, The ZIRP birds chirp at 0% frequency.)    So, you see, i really do read every word he writes !   

  9. Seems I remember some silver stackers talking about when QE3 comes out, silver will go past $40/oz. Others said silver will reach $60/oz by the 1st of Jan. Yet, today, 10/17/2012 silver struggles to maintain $33/oz AND THAT IS after QE-to infinity is now in operation. Just goes to show you that there is a lot more fight in this doomed dog (the cartel) than some thought. 

    • A lot of us could do the math on QE3. Evidently, the bullion banks can add to 1810.00 on gold.

       “This would have been a literal failure by these commercials (commercial signal failure).  The gold market got to within $10 of their stops.  Why do you think the bullion banks threw everything they had at the gold market at the $1,800 level?  We were within a hair of a major price explosion, and disorder in the gold market.”

      Should we really be above 1800 on gold? YES

    • The velocity has not been set in motion yet, but it soon will be and inflation has a delayed reaction time when the velocity picks up. But this is so elementary you should already know.

    • I noted this back in August before QE3 and hopefully it now makes sense what I was stating.  QE3 was implemented at a sweet spot where the economy could see a few short term effects such as a rising stock market just in time for the election period.  It was designed as a feel good period where stocks were up and things start looking up in the economy. 
      The Fed is temporarily capable of exporting or delaying the inflation.  The real inflation for QE3 will probably start showing itself end of year or early 2013.  That’s when I expect everything from oats to silver to start going up in price as a wave of inflation hits home.  So at this time the inflation of QE3 is not seen which creates a lull in precious metals before the storm arrives.
      Definitely it holds through election day then all bets are off is my 2 cents worth.

    • PowerBall is right! The dollars created by QE3 will take some time to reach the middle and the poor classes. By the time it reaches these classes, the dollar is going to a lot of values and we will suffer the most. It’s like a pyramid! The dollars are going to be circulated like the pyramid below which is from the top to the bottom. Those who are closer to the dollar printing machine are the ones that benefit the most from the dollar.

    • I don’t want to take the chance of not getting my Phyzzz back. 
      Plus, like most areas of the US, I do not think most of us have a
      good place to sell that pays near SPOT. Screw FEEBay, too.

      Just my opinion, but it’s probably widely held.

      If I was brokering large amounts, I would play it like that, but
      keep my personal stack INTACT at all times. I’d think one could
      use around 50 to 100 Thousand and be a major regional player.
      Probably even start with less, maybe 10K, and get up there fast.    

    • The only believer that matters is myself. To average an increase of a silver dollar a day each year is quite easy to accomplish. Plus, you eventually will be playing with the house’s money. Which is even better. Still, not one time have I heard any of you say sell on the spike. Would that indicate you do not know when you should sell? If you should sell, Why you should sell? How you would sell? 

    • undeRGRound,
      You never sell on ebay, only buy. You’re correct the fees are awful. No way you can come out ahead, But, when you buy get the silver at your price or forget it. If you win the bid, the seller has to worry about feebay. Also, I have sold several times in the past few years and I have gotten over spot for the bullion I have sold every time except once.

    • Crissy,
      Do you happen to know how many middle men are between you and the silver mine? And every one of them gets their cut until it gets to you and you pay full retail. There is a better way, but it takes a believer to find it. 

    • I agree, Snowy. I’ve bought a few things, but never above MY price.
      Overall, FEEBay Sucks a$$ 
      I outed a certain store for advertising avoirdupois ounces, and those morons did NOTHING!
      Even though it was highly deceptive and probably illegal. Bunch of thieves over there, and
      an honest seller is at a disadvantage when that kind of stuff goes on, with approval!  

    • “Do you happen to know how many middle men are between you and the silver mine? And every one of them gets their cut until it gets to you and you pay full retail. There is a better way, but it takes a believer to find it.”

      There is a better way to mine silver? A lot of prospectors and their mules walked many miles believing and not finding any. Buy your own silver mine and dig your own. I know, I missed your point, but you are patronizing me. I have been in this game longer than most and read the same crapola you do, so there is little you can come up with that will school me. Might as well give up on that one. Besides, I bet you are getting the silver you are selling from the end, not the middle. But if you are one of the major refineries that get their ore from the mines, are a wholesaler that buys from the refinery or own your own mint and buy from wholesalers then I stand corrected. Anyone can buy from the mints, so that constitutes the end. Anyone on the Internet can make up, and say whatever they want and there is no way to know the true nature of what is being told. In fact, most of what you read on the Internet, that is from people who hide behind a fake name, is BS. They are just making it up. You might be some 12 year old kid, sitting in your parents basement, forgetting to put your football helmet on, as far as anyone knows. Seems like you are trying to convince people it is OK to sell their silver, so you might be from the cartel.

    • @Crissy Actually, what would a 12 years old be doing at Silver Doctors? Kids are too busy with their gadgets by the way. So no, snowrider can’t be a kid behind his computer. 😛

  10. I wonder if the ivy league universities still use the widget production example in their economic classes, or is industrial production the old way of producing income. Economics should be renamed “con-artistry”.

    • Your reality is your own and is right for you. My reality is my own and it doesn’t have to agree with yours. Religious fanatics knocking on my door trying to convince me to believe in their God when I prefer to believe in my own version. They have a right to believe what they want but no right to try to convince me  to share their beliefs just to reinforce their decision. Whatever leads one to their individual happiness is what is right for them and no one else. Robert Ringer wrote a book in 1977 titled “Looking Out For #1” and does an excellent job explaining this. 

    • undeRGRound,
      One thing I know is when I can help others succeed, it has always come back to me. Privately I will keep you posted to what I know and have learned. I got a tip back in July of 2010 that I needed to buy more silver. I was told silver would run to $30/oz before Jan. 1st. I bought several thousand oz. at a little more than $19/oz. At that time, it was the highest I had ever paid for silver. Of course today I am quite fond of those oz. On the other hand, I refuse to speak to those with a moronic mind set.  

  11. I wonder how many QEs will it take to take down the US dollar. When will QE3 happen? Bernanke announced that QE3 will happen. Right now, the cartel is suppressing gold and silver’s prices before the elections so they will go higher after it. We just have to wait and see…

  12. QE3 is open ended, so that might do it. Operation Twist is scheduled to end Dec 2012, but could be extended maybe?
    I think they might slow down when TWIST ends, kind of a wait and see deal. This is political, trying to kick the economy
    up a notch to get El Presidente re-elected. Then, no matter who gets in, all bets are off.
    AFAIK, QE3 started right away.  

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