dynamiteBLOODBATH Coming Monday?
With Markets in Chaos in the Wake of the BREXIT Vote, Including Historic Moves in Currencies, Stocks, and Gold Prices, Jim Willie Joined Us For Exclusive Coverage, and Issued an URGENT WARNING On Interest Rate Derivatives:
BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!


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Preview of Jim Willie’s Analysis the Morning After BREXIT:

  • Next Big Pillar to Fall Could Be Deutsche Bank! We Could See A Breakdown Event in DB In the NEXT WEEK!
  • Gold and Silver Are Moving into 2nd Gear – I Think We’re Going to Make A Rather Quick Move Towards $1,900!
  • I Think We Will See a 5 FOLD Gain In SilverRAPIDLY!
  • The March Towards Gold Currencies and Gold Trade Notes IS ON!
  • US/UK Debt Downgrades Coming Soon. Gold Is Just Getting Started!
  • If Gold Sticks Above $1300 the Next 24 Hours, We’re Going to Get A Short Squeeze 
  • BREXIT is a VOTE Against the System, Next Vote is GOLD AGAINST THE DOLLAR!
  • Run On COMEX Gold July Delivery: Something’s Different This Time!
  • China Suddenly Begins Accumulating Silver
  • Dollar Devaluation Might Be Simutaneous to the BAIL-IN EVENT
  • No More Money Printing – QE Will Be Pushed Out of the Picture, Next Comes $21 TRILLION PENSION FUND CONFISCATION!
  • This Will Wake Up the American Nitwits

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LIVE and Historical Market Data, Charts, and PM Prices:


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    • This is the worst period, I recall since I’ve been in public service. There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away. I’d love to find something positive to say.

      Alan Greenspan

      Brexit was just the beginning. Wait until the ball really gets rolling.

    • @Bay of Pigs

      As usual your wisdom surpasses most, I just wonder if YOU ALL have any real idea about how bad things all over the World are about to get.

      Thank you for helping bring this to peoples attention BoP, its the peoples hearts that will bring on the destruction. They are so deceived (by their own hearts), they cant even tell good from evil (for the most part).

    • Codeword for jews – why not just say it??

      Anti-Semitism, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Racism, Nazism – all words which were invented by jews.

      The quicker we rid ourselves of these parasites, the quicker we free ourselves from servitude.


  1. $0.49, actually.

    Speaking of Germany, the people there are going to DEMAND the opportunity to vote on leaving the EU.

    While PM’s may have disappointed some on the folks reading this, Britain’s decision may well be the trigger for precipitating a chain of events which will inevitably send Gold over $2,000 and Silver above $50.

    • “Speaking of Germany, the people there are going to DEMAND the opportunity to vote on leaving the EU.”

      Merkel will be lucky if both she and her ruling Christian Democratic Union party are not hurled from the ramparts of power bodily….  eyyyaaaa… splat!  All the while, the German police and military watch it happen with only tiny traces of smiles on their faces.  😉


    • @Ed_B

      Kinda think it will be Germany that will be the horn of the three that does the up rooting , out of the ten horned kingdom, though that is just my own thoughts as I see things moving now. To early to know how that plays out. Germany will be on top for sure when the smoke settles as it is given Dominion Dan 7:6 over the Beast Nations Rev 13 .

      I know Gina thinks my ideas are wrong on this, the idea these things have already happened has too many flaws to even address . The idea she addresses puts prophecies together that are for 2 different times. And would be glad to explain that to her but would require much space.

    • @Zero


      You could be right about that.  Germany is an industrial and financial power-house in Europe.  For the past few years, they have become aware of the fact that they have much more in common with Russia than they do with the rest of Europe.  The US sponsored sanctions against Russia did not go down well with Germany.  They participated in them but I am sure that they had many closed door meetings with the Russians on ways to get around them.

      But Merkel has a BIG problem now and it is centered on the massive inflow of Muslim immigrants… some of which actually are immigrants and not terrorists.  The German people likely feel abused and betrayed by Merkel and her party, so elections going forward are unlikely to be kind to them.

      Countries fund armies at very large expense and many Germans are wondering why the German army did not turn these immigrants and the terrorists among them back at the border.  Being part of the EU is largely responsible for this and that is not going down too well with Herr and Frau Citizen.  We can expect a nationalist leader to arise in Germany any time now.  The stage is set for that. The German people have been patient but their patience is not indefinite.  Other EU nations could well follow suit.  This is what happens when the current crop of politicians ignore the people and just do what they want.  There is more than a little of that here in the US for that matter.


    • @Ed_B

      I miss spoke with my human mind, I believe Germany+ France will be separate from the EU, then the EU (new EU 10 horned kingdom Dan 7:7-8) Britain, Germany+ France, and Russia will all Join together to form the Beast Nations. With the Foul on the leopard in Dan7:6 , Indicates a Franco German alliance , indicating both split off together or separate and join together. I MUST ADMIT, I am MUCH MORE CONCERNED ABOUT WW3 AND THE 2.4 BILLION PEOPLE DYING , Than I have trying to understand Europe. I Just Know EUROPE WILL BE LIKE SCRAMBLED EGGS , Compared to what it was a week ago. I should put some more time into the scriptures and prayer for understanding about it to help others out, but I have just been so concerned about WW3 and All the Death , Europe has been small potatoes in my thinking.  The Lord Told me about my mistake. I will spend some more time on that and try to get a clearer picture of The Europe Situation, Because It could get really nasty.

      The Things You said are still just as True, But I sure MADE A MISTAKE, Glad God Had My Back On That.

      Sorry Every One, I will try to focuse more on this issue.

    • @Ed_B

      I dont know if you caught it,I said it in a few places, But I said it before Brexit Happened, That Europe/EU would go through some changes,(Because I believe the EU is a form of the 10 horned kingdom Dan7:7-8) and I didnt know if it would be Brexit, The War, Refugees, or ?  That caused it. I just know the Bible is true, so I know it will happen, and its around the time it needs to happen, because its time for other things to happen and it looks like its all happening as the Bible said it would.

  2. I’m really diggin’ this “1776” level, could it be an “insiders” message? Last chance to get out or last chance to get in??? All I know is this is a day history will remember as the beginning of something, just not sure what.

    • When there is much to be gained, much must be risked.  Our mission these days is to KEEP what we have and regain what we have lost in terms of liberty.


  3. The soothsayers who have been playing their broken record for 3-5 years. They should be thanking their lucky stars that brexit happened because they have an opportunity to be right for once. I am still shocked they let this happen, and said before that if it did, then it is time for the collapse.

    • “I am still shocked they let this happen, and said before that if it did, then it is time for the collapse.”

      And now we watch as the Euro and Pound duke it out, the Yen is further devalued, the Dollar gets a brief “safe haven” (pfft) carry, all going into the official SDR re-weighting this September/October timeframe. The “evil Western globalists” WANT an increased RMB valuation and a return to a partial “pseudo” gold standard at the supranational level and have been nothing but transparent about it in policy papers (for those who’ve cared to read as opposed to listening to blowhards like Willie).  BREXIT provides the opportunity like nothing before.

      Wasn’t the UK one of the primary European nations to join the AIIB upon its initial announcement? Didn’t the Anglo-American Establishment keep their two European headquarters (the City of London and Basel, Switzerland) insulated from the Eurozone by maintaining their respective national currencies (and in the case of the Swiss, not joining at all)?

    • Yes, still early. When DB breaks support and crashes through $10 bucks then we’ll know the next crisis is here in earnest. Funny people here completely ignore the European banks which are getting slaughtered and only focus on gold in USD. Fact is, gold is having a very good across the currency board. Up 5-13%.
      Deutsche Bank AG (DB)

      14.98 -2.86(-16.03%)

    • Yup… DB, CS, BNPQY,  the carnage is far and wide, i am happy to be short the market , the domino effect is right around the corner.

    • Yep, I bet the CRIMEX just ordered another truckload of toilet paper because the shizzzz is beginning to fly.  Wonder if all those longs will stand for delivery.  Remember the ole’ saying, When It Rains It Pours!

  4. To tell you the truth I didn’t think the powers to be would allow this to happen. I was looking forward to a “remain” vote with the help of vote fraud / miscount.

    Yet the effects on the metals wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. Silver can’t even maintain a $18 price level. If the Brexit wasn’t strong to push and keep silver over $18 what will? Gold has settled down from its original pop to $1360 now down to $1318.

    • @panther


      ” If the Brexit wasn’t strong to push and keep silver over $18 what will?”

      A nuclear explosion in a major 1st world city.  Not recommending this, just saying.  Something like this would institute a mass financial panic like nothing else and both gold and silver really would sky-rocket as fiat currencies, bonds, and markets crash hard.


    • West Virginia got a blast of rain as well and close to 2 dozen lives were lost.  This is not political but it sure deserves a mention and respect for those who were lost. 🙁

    • Burn baby burn
      Burn baby burn
      Burn baby burn
      Burn baby burn

      To my surprise one hundred stories high
      People getting loose y’all
      Getting down on the roof
      Folks are screaming out of control
      It was so entertaining
      When the boogie started to explode
      I heard somebody say

      Burn baby burn – disco Inferno
      Burn baby burn – burn that mother down
      Burn baby burn – disco Inferno
      Burn baby burn – burn that mother down

      Satisfaction came in a chain reaction
      I couldn’t get enough
      So I had to self-destruct
      The heat was on, rising to the top
      Everybody is going strong
      And that is when my spark got hot
      I heard somebody say

      (Burn baby burn) disco Inferno
      (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down
      (Burn baby burn) disco Inferno
      (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down

  5. @Bay of Pigs   Copy that   It was 30 years ago when the DOW dropped 1,000 points from a high of 2,700   Most of the navel gazing dipshiits that populate the boards, board rooms and trading desks were playing stink finger fcuk around with Mary Jane and her sister.   3% drop in the DOW!!!  Sheesh!!

    Now, I would not be surprised to hear that at least $10 trillion in value was lost by those betting that BRexit would fail.  All those bad trades and falling values are in the guts of the central banks, hedge funds, TBTF banks, FOREX desks and the like.

    The blood letting there will come out when we see QE printing to save those who got caught on the very wrong side of the trade that represented freedom from oppression, the whims and dictates of a pack of waffle eatin’ puzzys in Bruzzels.

    Betting against freedom can end really badly for those who think slavery is a good thing, feudalism is the way of the world and people will accept their lot in life as sheep to be sheared by the royals and oligarchs.

    The losers will start to leak out in the news on ZH and other sites that ferret out the dead men walking zombies of the BRexit trade.  There will be plenty of whooping and cheering from those who stayed the course, believe the Brits would make the best choice and didn’t try to time the markets.

    Anyone in the market this weekend will be nervous, waiting to see how Monday turns out.   If there $1 billion of paper shorts that have to be undone (I am not sure if that is the correct term) but if MOZ of paper silver and tons of  paper gold are at the receiving end of a dirty stick, there might be some serious short covering because $1,308, as I recall, was some magic line in the sand.

    Monday is going to be veeeery interesting

    • @AGXIIK


      “Monday is going to be veeeery interesting”

      Indeed it is, Bro… and so will the remainder of 2016!  Buckle up and hang on tight because it is gonna be one heckuva ride.

  6. All the weak handed wimps waiting for the imaginary pullback are getting ready throw away their diapers. And the anti-gold hordes will get paid nothing for propagandizing doubt and paranoia. Their insolvent employers have no money. Not even a tenner.

    • “All the weak handed wimps waiting for the imaginary pullback are getting ready throw away their diapers.”

      They HAVE to throw them away.  They are all FULL!  lol


  7. After a vast amount of research and exhaustive study I’ve come to the conclusion that the wisdom of the British people came to a head as a result of two things

    1.  The EU threatened to fine any country $250,000 if they refused one Muslim refugee

    2.  The EU bureaucrats threatened a social security tax on robots because they’re ‘electronic people’.

    Taxing robots violates the Asimov’s Fourth Law of Robotics

    4.  No human can subject a robot  to taxation without representation.

    It’s really quite unseemly and rude in any case.

    And in the case of a Terminator robot, they’ll serious fcuk you up for that.
    BTW With a $50 pop in the price of AU how much paper gold will be needed to satisfy the requirements of GLD.
    I’d say a small forest of cellulose

    • Agree with those two points. has an interesting chart that the Brexit momentum kicked in when the Obamanation visited to tell the British what to do.  Momentum didn’t stop growing until Cox was killed. And then there was Brexit.

    • 2.  The EU bureaucrats threatened a social security tax on robots because they’re ‘electronic people’.

      Taxing robots violates the Asimov’s Fourth Law of Robotics

      4.  No human can subject a robot  to taxation without representation.


      That is so funny, thanks — Cheers Mate.

    • @ART005


      “ has an interesting chart that the Brexit momentum kicked in when the Obamanation visited to tell the British what to do.”

      So, does this mean that in reprisal, the Queen of England will soon arrive here in the states to tell us all to vote for Hellery?  😉


    • lol C D L, yup pretty bad! Like asking what is a dirt lump? How do I get one off my shoe? How did I get into this field of dirt lumps” Should I ask mud stomper where the dirt came from?

  8. @Letmysilvergo.  Cheers to you to.

    One thing that was up today was the GDXJ’s 3x leveraged proxy ETF called JNUG.  Ramping on the jack up of gold that resulted from yes on BRexit, JNUG hit it out of the park.

    I am pleased as punch that the good folks in Britain voted to leave the EU.

    And for selfish reasons I’m pleased that my holding in JNUG went up and away.  This price increase gives me opportunity to either buy my bucket list car; a fully restored 1965 E Type Jag* or a Japanese sex doll.  Since the EU cannot tax the doll and the E Type is just too sweet, maybe I’ll buy both.

    Aw shiite!

    Wifey just caught me typing this

    Crap!! Now I’m in the  dog house

    Not enough room for the Jag and the dog’s not happy for the company

    *1965 is preferred and nothing against the 1964.  But past that era they dumped the toggle switches because the Nazi bastard drones told Jag to get rid of the toggles.  
    Too unsafe!   Too Dangerous.

    Frig them.

    My dad loved the toggle switches on his AVRO Lancaster and his .65 Jag   Drink a few pints for me

    • @AGXIIK


      Bucket list car!  Yeah, great idea.  Make mine a 1965 Pontiac GTO… 389 cubes, 360 horses (heh heh, yeah, right), 3 deucers ,M-21 4-speed manual tranny, and 4.11 gears.  Hang on Momma ’cause Daddy’s gonna powershift 2nd at 6000 rpm!  Hoo HAH!  😀

  9. The Gold Cartel might be arrogant but they’re not incompetent fools such as Bo Polny the quack chiropractor and Madoff clone. They’re going to benefit the most in the shortest amount of time. And that will be bittersweet. The limpwristed ‎losers waiting for an imaginary pullback will miss out on Christmas this year as well. Georgi added hundreds of millions to his Barrick position. Even crap such as Barrick will fly to the moon.

  10. Gold won some major battles last nite but there are still a few more battles to be won before i officially proclaim victory and crack out the champagne. The monthly longterm trend repelled from the 1360 resistance line. The monthly trend must successfully take out this level AND the 1400 upper resistance on a monthly basis, meaning a monthly bar close above 1400.  These 2 lines will undoubtedly be tough to crack. I expect them to pull out every dirty trick in the book at the 1400 level such as raising margin rates again. Once 1400 is taken out on a monthly basis the mining stocks will most likely be overvalued as much of the coming move will already be baked into the cake as gold needs to catch up, at that time i will be switching from mining stocks into pure leveraged gold/silver ETFs. Of course real metals are better and that goes without saying but i expect a big rise in premiums above 1400 which is why it is always better to buy weakness…. as in now!


    • This chart should also drive home the fact that gold is still in a longterm secular bull trend. Sure it’s in a bear trend on a shorter term timeframe but i refer to the monthly trend for the ultimate gauge of trend direction and this chart shows me that the entire selloff from 2013 was nothing more than i gigantic correction in a larger uptrend…. and for those unaware of significance of this, the larger the correction, the bigger the move when the correction finally ends! Your patient endurance has not been in vain. For arguments sake i am posting a quarterly and yearly bar chart. I ask you, does this look like a bear market!


    • Hey EW3, really enjoy your comments and charts, but I disagree on bailing on miners… once silver begins to take way off to the upside and gold nears $1600 it’ll be Wall St gamblers piling in like crazy, overvaluation in the miners on steroids, JMHO.


    • i thought the same thing he asked in this interview, was this orchestrated deliberately just to pull the plug and blame it on brexit? I still think this might be the case because somebody has been buying up a gazillion mining shares since december which tells me somebody knew this was coming. On the other hand i like to think that the compulsive rigging and corruption can not go on forever as much of the world is on to their game already so i liked hearing that tons of people turned out to count the votes and keep a close watch on these crooks. I think maybe they learned a good lesson after scotland. Of course we will never know what the heck the real story is. In the meantime i ignore most of the news and just let the charts tell me what the heck is really going on… and since december they have been saying loud and clear, BUY GOLD.

    • Good video silverdagger! I agree with everything this guy said. I think this is the beginning of the end of the criminals that have a stanglehold on the planet. Will there be pain…. you bet! A crash is likely and a SHTF scenario is almost guaranteed.  This pain and transition period is absolutely necessary for our survival. Out of the ashes will arise a better world, for our children and for future generations. I have a belief that there is more good people in this world than the evil that is a small majority yet permeates and controls every aspect of our lives. This is not going to be a ride in the park. Wishing everyone here all the best in what is coming our way.


  11. VIX … take a look at the size of that pinbar on the trendline break!  Anyone that didnt take advantage of today to get out of long positions is going to regret it.  Buy volatility.

    • thanks BofP !

      Your very welcome!    I know most folks dont have access to good historical data so just trying to do my part for the cause.  I pay for this so might as well share it.  Ther more silver buyers that buy at support instead of resistance benefits us all.



    • 1400 gold …. Do not, i repeat DO NOT let your greed overwhelm your better judgement and buy as gold approaches the 1400 level. You will regret it. There will be a good pullback. Wait for gold to break 1400 on a monthly basis ie. the month of june, july, august etc MUST close the last day of the month above 1400. At that point either buy right then or wait for it to pullback to 1400 and back up the truck.


  12. DOW/GOLD ratio weekly chart. This chart is the DOW divided by GOLD and shows that the GOLD has outperformed the DOW from 2000 – 2013 . The DOW outperformed gold from 2013 to today and i now have my first weekly sell signal in this index, meaning that GOLD is now outperforming the DOW.

  13. It will be interesting to see what will become of Deutsch’s debt crisis!!!

    Copper is just below my estimate of sustainable existence for now!!

    Deutsch’s assets will continue to be sold until there is nothing left.  When that happens then the collapse will begin!!!!

  14. So here is my take and thoughts on all of this…

    To me it seems like/appears that way more than 120 billion a month is going on in hidden QE. I would probably say it is closer to 1 trillion maybe a trillion and a half.

    Again there is no evidence I can point to on this but there is a sense that whatever they claim to be monetizing the debt try 10 times that amount.

    So here is what I think is coming.

    The FED being out of ammunition will decide to do round X of additional QE. We should expect to see this as the last gasp of the dying system. The stock market could likely increase to maybe 20K or 25-30K.

    This will only benefit the people in the markets and not the common man. The stagflation will still be working like a corrosive vapor in the background eroding the supports of the system. The FED will eventually realize they need the pleebs to have the money then the last phase will surely be handing out buckets of cash.

    This could come in the form of a “stimulus check” or possibly a guaranteed minimum income/wage. Maybe the excuse will be automation is taking the jobs so we need money etc. In any case, we will see this as the last and final sign of the end of the system imho. I have also contended since around 2011 that we will also know to begin worrying when they come for the guns. At that time it never occurred to me that false flags were real but some wakeups personally helped me realize that.

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