In this MUST LISTEN interview, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie discusses the coming COMPLETE COLLAPSE of the US economy, & whether the Federal Reserve intends to buy up assets for pennies on the dollar in the aftermath of the collapse.
Willie also discusses’ China’s recent acquisition of JPM’s HQ at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, along with the world’s largest gold vault.
Did China make a move to secure physical gold assets in default by the banksters from a 4,000 ton gold lease?
Willie states that the Chinese have become the majority controlling interest in the Federal Reserve as well as major US cities such as San Francisco and NYC, and that China is currently overseeing the controlled demolition of the US Dollar!
Willie’s full SHOCKING interview claiming the Chinese now hold a controlling interest in the Federal Reserve is below: 

China gold


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    • Relax. Jim Willie is a nut who thinks we (the US) caused the Chernoby meltdown with a internet computer virus. Never mind that we didn’t exactly share ARPANET with our enemies.

      That’s not to say Willie is all BS. He’s a great free thinker who examines all possibilities. Just take them with a grain of salt.

    • JW makes some very astute comments sometimes but he also makes some pretty crazy ones at times.  China is NOT buying the Fed or even investing in it.  Suffice it to say that history is not kind to nations that behave stupidly.  If the US collapses, it will likely be because we insist on electing politicians who do not understand that saying “NO” more often than “YES” is not only a fine idea, it’s mandatory for national survival.  Empires rise and empires fall, for that is the essence of empire.  Structures built upon a faulty premise always collapse and spending more than one produces IS the ultimate in faulty premises.  Nature deals very harshly with animals that do this and it will do the same with people and nations.


      But this doesn’t really concern us peons.  All that should concern us is what are we doing to protect our families from the worst of the collapse when it happens.  Having a pile of “stuff” that we need to survive will be MUCH better than having a pile of little green paper coupons with ink on them.  Got stuff?



    • Government spending has been going down since 1970, the year of Peak Oil, if you adjust using Shadowstats. Mathematically, we have to spend more than we “produce” due to the nature of debt based fiat money. And really, we don’t “produce” anything exept ideas. Everything we supposedly “produce” comes from transforming plant material into other stuff, and the amount of plant material available to use to “produce” has been going down for decades.

  1. “In this MUST LISTEN interview, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie discusses the coming COMPLETE COLLAPSE of the US economy, & whether the Federal Reserve intends to buy up assets for pennies on the dollar in the aftermath of the collapse.”


    Can’t say what the Fed will do but we DO know that the banks that OWN the Fed have done precisely this before.  In fact, they caused the Great Depression via this means and then cleaned up on pennies on the dollar assets afterwards.  Of course, they HAD to get us into WW-II to make all that work out in the end, but what the hey… it’s just another war for profit, so it’s OK.  These banksters have a LOT to answer for and if they do not do it here on Earth, they WILL be doing it in the afterlife.


    • hey @Ed_B I was thinking the same thing when I heard this article… but then I began to consider something else:

      The banks ALREADY own everything. (for the most part) I don’t know many people who don’t owe a mortgage on a home. (at least on a nice home- not a shack) so sure banks could scoop it ALL up if they called in those loans, but like the forclosures here in my town, those homes (and lands) just become dilapidated.  They know today that they are not land managers, and all that forclosed property dropped in real value.  I don’t think there’s much left for them to take.

      Here’s where this gets TRIPPY:

      The future creeps up so slowly, that unless you LIVED and recalled feelings in that past, there are things that can slip past you.  Like the “wealth of this countries people”.  When my father was a teen, he and his 3 siblings grew up on a ranch/farm.  My Grandfather owned 780 acres in northern California.  They are “Poor” they lived a meager lifestyle, certainly weren’t the “popular kids” because of Grandpa’s land. – Today, they would be seen as wealthy!  What does that mean?  Well to me, it means that most people 2-3 generations back owned land, and it was no big thing.  Wealth is measured by your neighbor in relation to your average neighbor.  If everyone owned land, or could easily, then owning land is common.  Today, no one owns jack sh*t.  Everyone drives a nice car, so that is meaningless, but everyone is in hock and has a nice suburban house, so that is pretty much meaningless (as a measuring stick of wealth)

      Move on to me- We were what I consider poor.  Lived a meager lifestyle, but we owned a house.  I recall having a friend who’s mother rented a cabin in a shanty housing part of town… I couldn’t understand how they could be so poor.  As a child I knew we were poor, but we didn’t live in a hole!

      TODAY Many rent, it’s common for kids at school to live in a rental.  And those who’s parents are “homeowners” also likely OWN a mortgage.  What % own their house outright? >1%?  Who ownes acres of farmland?  The (dare I say) RICH Farmers?  – well I say “Richer Than Most”  (Turn on the light switch) Ta Daa!  Yep, now you see it! 3 generations later, we’re nearly ALL poor, and have no real wealth beyond our paychecks! The wealth of 3 generations drained, and all gathered into the coffers of the BANKS.

      -End of Story-

    • Hey @Shamus001.  🙂


      I hear ya, bro.  Yes, the banks DO own much of our world already but their greed seems to be enormous… without end, actually, which is interesting in a finite world.  They plot, they scheme, and they engage in all manner of criminal activity in order to further their dreams of owning absolutely EVERYTHING and not just almost everything.


      Not having a mortgage is uncommon.  Not sure what percentage of the people in the US do not have a mortgage but do own a decent house.  My wife and I do not have a mortgage and neither does my Mom and step-Dad.  Other than that, pretty much everyone I know has a mortgage.  Of course, with the interest rates so low as they have been, housing has rarely ever been this affordable.  Unlike rent, house payments come to an end at some point.  When that happens, it does some really nice things for your cash flow.  🙂


      Yep, homes will decompose if they are not properly maintained.  I would imagine that the more astute bankers out there would be working with property management companies to maintain these homes and rent them out.  The rental market seems to be doing pretty well, unlike the home selling market.  But there are a lot of other forms of property, such as land, that is not too badly affected if it just sits for a few years.  In fact, laying fallow is GOOD for most farm and ranch land as long as there are no erosion problems.


      “The future creeps up so slowly, that unless you LIVED and recalled feelings in that past, there are things that can slip past you.”


      Yes, it does… usually when we are busy with our lives doing other necessary things with family and career.  In my case, the good news is that I have had a lot of time to talk with my parents and grand parents about how life was in the “old days”.  They have a terrific perspective on the Great Depression and WW-II that has always fascinated me.  This kind of knowledge is perishable and disappears with the older generations UNLESS it is shared with the younger generations.  We all need to pass on to the younger folks what we know and have experienced so that they will at least know what we went through whether or not they have to do the same.  I suspect that they will and will likely have some hard times coming… hence, the desire to stack.  🙂


      My wife and I rented for 2+ years when we got out of college back in ’71.  We saved up almost enough for a down payment on our 1st house, with my folks loaning us the additional amount we needed.  We got the house and then paid them back in 6 months, so that worked well.  We are now in the 3rd house that we have had.  It is her dream house with 3800 sq. ft., 5 bedrooms, 2 family rooms, 3 levels, and 3 full baths.  It is a pain in the neck to maintain but I do my best to keep it up and looking nice. It’s on a hill overlooking the Oregon hills above the Columbia River, so has a nice view.  It’s really too much house for 2 people and I am seriously looking into downsizing to something around 2200 sq. ft. in size on maybe 2-5 acres of decent land… and then banking the $100k or so price difference.


      Speaking of rich farmers, we have some of those up in this neck of the woods.  Quite a few of them are grass seed farmers, many of whom are multi-millionaires who own airplanes as well as their very nice farms, homes, and farming equipment.  When my Dad was still alive, my folks used to fly with a group of them known as “The Flying Farmers”.  Nice people and very well off… unlike many farmers and ranchers… a lot of whom are what is called “land rich and cash poor”.


      A good story, Shamus.  Thanks for sharing it.  It is good to get perspective on things from others like this and it is appreciated.  🙂


  2. Ed_B says:

    “These banksters have a LOT to answer for and if they do not do it here on Earth, they WILL be doing it in the afterlife.”


    Just a fyi


    I know a “banker” & i told him this & he said to me  – Yoop I dont give a F&*(


    I dont believe in god or what ever you believe in


    all that matters to me is making  money  nothing else matters


    he also said “you owe me ” meaning the GDP work for him


    just remember that folks when you pay your mortgage or your credit card each month 


    they look at you as a slave to  “THEM'”


    Stop borrowing  & starve the banker

    • I always smile when some bonehead says things like that.  It doesn’t matter a rat’s rosy red patootie whether or not they believe in God.  It’s whether or not He believes in them that really matters.  If something as superficial as money is their entire existence, they will always be wretchedly poor, no matter how many little green coupons with ink on them they manage to collect.  They cannot be taken from this world into the next, so are clearly of little value.  The things that CAN be taken with us when we leave here are what is truly valuable.


      As to borrowing, no I do not borrow.  Long ago, I discovered a great truth in financial matters and it goes like this:  “Those who understand interest, collect it.  Those who do not, pay it“.  With only very limited instances of violating this rule, I have managed to become more wealthy than I ever thought possible.  I also avoid lawyers whenever possible.  Both bankers and lawyers are hazardous to one’s wealth.


      If you really want to see something interesting, talk to a banker who discovers that you don’t need him.  It is amazing at the transformation that occurs as this realization sets in.  It is a complete turnaround from them acting like they are God’s gift to humanity, to someone who is completely obsequious.  Like cats, bankers only understand TWO relationships:  that of master and that of slave and to them we are all one or the other – no exceptions.  When they find out that you don’t need them, they instantly transform from master to slave… and that’s a look that actually looks really good on them.   😉


  3. The US central bank said Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the biggest bank in China and 70.7pc owned by the government of China, will become a bank holding company.

    In addition, China Investment Corporation (CIC), an investment vehicle set up by the Chinese government to invest its massive foreign exchange reserves, and another company that CIC controls called Huijin Investment will be allowed to become bank holdings companies.

    They will become holding companies by taking control of The Bank of East Asia in New York, the first time a Chinese bank has been approved to acquire a US bank.

    ICBC has total assets worth an estimated $2.5 trillion.

    Karen Petrou, a banking analyst with Washington Research Group, said that by becoming bank holding companies, the Chinese firms will be “ring-fenced” from their home country supervisors and will be subject to US law and supervision.

  4. Troubling to consider these ideas when all the US would need to do is reorganize it’s debt and tell China FU. Let them sell their junk to the rest of the world it’s hard to think the US consumers need another Play station? The US has all the ideas and could retake the world in 15 years if they told all bits debtors to get fu×ked.

    • Nice idea, but I would hate to see all of those millions of absolutely, completely addicted teenagers and twenty and thirty and forty-something tech junkies go cold turkey. Talk about a riot…Ferguson would be like an ice-cream social by comparison.

  5. All going to plan…

    As US ascendancy decreases, a need arises for something better ( problem, solution ).

    problem=USD reserve currency ( debt )

    solution=NWO SDR or equivalent (debt )

    In the interum, BRICS etc, fill the void, but how long will it last, for it to is fiat paper debt swaps.

    The race to the bottom intensifies….

    Got phyzz ?

    Or do you have a better plan ?

  6. Dang! I rode through my neighborhood on my horse with a lantern last night calling out, “The Chinese are coming, The Chinese are coming!” My wife bailed me out of jail at 6 this morning!












  7. Jim Willie writes things that are the result of his very active imagination.  He writes for your entertainment only.  Occasionally he is right about something in the financial markets which makes his imaginary made up crap seem occasionally intriqing.  Lately Jim hasn’t been so intriquing or entertaining.  He is becoming old hat.  He needs to dig into his imaginary world and come up with some new material.  Boring Jim.  Get back together with your little think tank groupy’s and come up with something fresh please.  You are stale Jim.

    • @pollokeeper,

      You are right to say Jimbo has lost his edge. Nothing new in this piece we didn’t already hear from him 4-6 months ago. Repeat.

      However, it would be unjust to say he writes just for our entertainment. Living as you do in the Latin world, you will by now have caught on to the way Latinos ’embellish’ their lives with a gusto for what the gringo thinks of as invention, but which for them, is a necessary re-alignment of reality – to meet it’s full potential!

      Jim, living as he does next door to you, for several years now, will have caught some of this fervor for taking up tarnished truths and shining them up into surfaces reflective of a more ‘liberal’ interpretation of reality; you might indeed think of the man as a kind of cross between Jorge Luis Borges(of metafiction fame!), and Graham Greene(Our Man in Havana), with a dash of Ian Fleming* thrown in for seasoning.

      Thus equipped to re-evaluate the Golden Jackass, you will doubtless see that he cannot just ‘come up with’ new material – it’s necessary to wait for the ever-more bizarre ir-reality of the world we live in -of phony Caliphates, Neo-Nazis who report to Tel Aviv, Stock markets that stoke ever higher, and false flag events that fall apart on arrival – to up the ante, so as to allow his measured response. Otherwise, it would look like he was just making stuff up!

      After all, if the great illusionist, Greenspan can put out a book titled The Map and the Territory – which will doubtless be marketed as non-fiction, a little sympathy for Jim’s position is in order, is it not? The truth about Prescott Bush, Operation Paperclip, and Standard Oils ‘trading with the enemy exceeds anything a writer of mere ‘fiction’ could come up with – yet 90% of those informed of such would say Que tontería!

      *it’s more or less certain that Fleming was drawing on his M-I5 days for the content of the Bond ‘novels’ – wherein he drew a picture of a criminal cartel that could challenge governments, rip off billions of $, all the while lusting for gold! You could think of his and Willies’ work as ‘metareality!’

    • @chivachiva – Just sent Willie “50 Years of Bond” Blu Ray via DHL to the Guanacaste, CR , although I suspect he has them all.

      Perhaps he’ll re-gift them to the Aden Sisters for Xmas.

    • @Pollokeeper,


      How about I try to be imaginative, and try to come up with WHAT IFs? After all, when you are doing THINK TANK Gaming Scenarios, you have to try to think about what can your opponents (attempt to) do – in order to prepare and counter their moves, at the same time – do your own moves.


      So, let this Chino Loco shoot my mouth off (LOL).


      It seems that everyone that posts about China’s US$1.3Trillion keep on harping that China wants to keep this going on longer in order to convert/redeem their USTreasuries into hard assets (land, buildings, mines, businesses, gold, oil, etc.) and that China does not want to have the USD drop – in order to keep their UST holdings without incurring devaluation.


      I say this thinking is wrong – typical of western minds – that China wants/needs to keep the value of their $1.3T UST. I say this because I am Chino Loco (Crazy Chinese) and can think in multiple modes. As a Chinese, I want to be profitable – so why would just attempt to retain the value of the worthless UST ? No need to do this PALTRY thing!


      Here is what I (China) can do (after I can no longer source physical gold, because The West is out of it). Assume that the PBOC has 15,000MT and the population has bought 5,000MT in these last 10 years:

      15,000 MT = 482 million oz

      5,000 MT = 161 million oz


      If PBOC offers to buy (Bid) at USD Equivalent $100,000 per oz. The value of its holdings would be:

      15,000 MT = $48.2 Trillion,   5,000 MT = $16.1 Trillion


      If PBOC offers to buy (Bid) at USD Equivalent $1,000,000 per oz. The value of its holdings would be:

      15,000 MT = $482 Trillion,   5,000 MT = $161 Trillion

      What is a matter of $1.3Trillion in losses of having the USTreasuries suffering 100% losses ? In fact, by offering to buy gold at $,000,000 per oz – China would cause many of its gold holding public to become multi-millionaries! Those with 10 oz or more would probably migrate to the USA and start business here – which would provide employment to US residents. Their production output might be sold to China, to meet its needs – like food supplies, hay, alfalfa, prok, beef, etc.


      Freegold anyone?

      Gold (anything) is only worth what the last sale price was.  If some fool offers $1,000,000/oz, as soon as later ounces sell for $2,000/oz that would be the new current value of gold.

      I definitely think China is just simply grinding away turning paper assets into hard assets with or without USA gov. support.  Maybe a bankruptcy settlement with USA, maybe not.  Don’t forget, Chinese own a huge corporate pork business in USA.  I was in a Sam’s Club in China when they were rolling out retail with free samples.  The Chinese loved it and trusted it to be higher quality than chinese pork.  The US VIPs of Smithfield didn’t want to talk with me.  USA is talking of ways to make chinese visas easier.  The Chinese people I know still think USA offers more opportunity than China.  I don’t see any China gov. effort to stop that.  The US embassy in China offering visas and greencards has non stop business.  Interviews are booked solid about 2 weeks out.  The crowd is so big that people must wait outside the building until 30 minutes before their interview because there isn’t room inside and there are at least 2 interview times per hour.

    • @bitcointard   Good video of the Apache.  What do you do when an Apache attack chopper zeros you?

      Open the truck. Pull out the cooler, extract 3 Long Neckers.  wave them at the chopper, point to a flat spot, indicate landing zone is cold (as is beer)  pull out BBQ and get a party going. Quid Pro Quo?   You get right seat and the opportunity to run and gun some hogs

    • @Genius8 Are you a real Chino or just a Chinese man who grew up in the US?  I am assuming that you are a Chinese American, which to me makes you nothing more than an American(no insult intended).  If you are American born and bred than there is no way that you would know much about real, Chino Nationalist intentions when it comes to the dough that China has saved up and needs to deploy.  I live in Central America, and I can see just like everyone else who is investing in all the new commercial real estate projects that are going up in the town I live in here in Panama.  They are all Chinese.  They are driving up the real estate prices.  Fast.  Five years ago there were almost no Chinese real estate projects nor Chinese living in my area.  Real estate prices have gone up for no apparent reason except the new Chinese presence.  The projects being constructed have no apparent reason for being started either.  People in my area have very little money to spend in the new businesses and buildings that are being built.  Many of this space will stay unoccupied because it makes no business sense for anyone to rent expensive retail space in my town.  This matters not if you are a Chinese investor who pays cash for the property.  This Chinese investor can afford to sit on this investment and let the area grow into it.  What’s going on?  Who else but the cash rich Chinese could afford to deploy capital in this way?  They will own half my town in the next few years.  Very little commercial property comes up for sale but when it does it is the Chino’s that got the dough to make the deal.

      And, the Chino’s don’t like to hire the locals either. They are not good for the community in this way.  They drive up the prices and don’t hire the locals.  They don’t trust us.

      This is our future folks.  The Chino’s got the dough.  They know that the US dollar is toast.  And, yes, they are buying what they can when they can and they pay a premium to get it.

      Why do you think they are doing this mr Genius8?

    • @Pollokeeper,


      It seems that you are unhappy with how the Chinese (from Mainland China) have come into your country with their new money, buy up your properties, cause a rise in real estate prices, start business and not hire locals because they do not trust you, etc. It is your right to feel that way, as you are adversely affected by these people and the effects of their actions.


      I will no longer use the Spanish word – Chino, to denote a Chinese person. To answer your questions as to my credentials for posting as a Chinese: I am pure Chinese by blood, with strong traditional values. I was born and raised in The Philippines. I was an independent businessman there for 5 years, until my business turned to ashes due to the CIA killing of Senator Benigno Aquino Sr. in 1983 and their pulling out all foreign currency from The Philippines – which suffered a FOREX Freeze. I underwent a Hyper-Inflation scenario, where the cost of goods increased by 300% in a span of 4 months!


      I have suffered hunger from having No Money to buy food, at certain points in time. I was able to get a B1, B2 (Tourist Businessman) visa and came to the USA in the Mid-1980s, where I have been working as an employee of US owned companies.


      I speak 3 main languages, as my mother tongue – English, Chinese and Filipino. My business clients are Chinese owned companies and Filipino owned companies – whose employees are Filipinos in a high majority. I have more Filipino friends than Chinese friends. I can think in 3 modes separately and combined – Chinese (Circular), Western (Linear), and Islander (Meandering). The Philippines have been ruled by Spain for 400 years, until the US came in and kicked out the Spanish Rulers, and took over. So I understand the Asian and Western mindsets.

      As to your (sarcastic) questions on Why? I will answer WHY the Chinese do not trust you. It is simple – they do not trust each other, why would they trust you?


      Have you ever thought about this? Would you trust these Chinese with your money? NO!

      Why expect them to trust you – when you have not proven yourself trustworthy?


      Note this when it comes to Chinese: Overseas Chinese think and act differently the Mainland Chinese in many aspects of life. Especially when it comes to Money and Business! But what we have in common is – Business Savvy. Overseas Chinese have more experience dealing with another culture (other country’s locals) because we have to live with them and be a part of the whole community – of which a majority (95% or more) are Non-Chinese.


      The mainlanders are a bunch of hungry dogs that have been let loose on the world. They have been repressed and stifled and very hungry. They will have to learn – to rein in the greed! Do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg – feed and care for it – for the long term.

  8. Jimmie “Joe Bob” Willie, he stay at Costa Rica. Was it Costa Rica that had a banking problem yonder a few months back? I think Willie should run for U S President with running mate Charles Manson. Crazy is much better than stooped….Reckon?

  9. @genius8  If what you say happens and gold goes parabolic then that $1.3 trillion would be hyperinflated pocket change. It could be used as face value to buy loans from the hundreds or even thousands of failed banks at pennies on the dollar, given that the Chinese are putting down roots in the US via their specialized banks that are being given some sort of charter that gives them rights not enjoyed by more US banks  Industrial Zone banks or something to that effect.

    • @AGXIIK,


      You got it!!! That’s why I say that the premise of many – that China is trying to salvage as much of its $1.3Trillion – is incorrect. China (in its mind) has already considered that its $1.3T UST holdings is valued at ZERO. Hence (with their accumulated gold) they can just offer a bid price for gold – that is Measurably Much Higher than today (say 1,000x or more) and its intended effect would revalue their gold holdings to the stars (LOL)!


      If they do that, what happens to its nationals? Let’s just say 0.1% of chinese people hold (in jewelry & bullion) the equivalent of 5 troy oz of gold (155 grams) or more. This equates to 1.3 million people.  What would they do with their sudden wealth? Go to America, of course! It is the Land of Opportunity, for them. They will have FREEDOM and the OPPORTUNITY to grow their wealth. Think about it – Chinese with nothing in their pockets have been coming to the USA, and making something of themselves, after hard work (5-20 years). Imagine 1.3 million chinese with $5 million or more coming here. They will be spending money, and starting business – which will hire US residents (of course).


      The Chinese government would be glad to see this mass of newly minted multi-millionaires leave the country, and resettle elsewhere – at the same time, buying up (or starting businesses) all over the Western Nations. Remember these people still think, believe, and feel CHINESE. Their loyalty is to themselves, their family, and their business – not the country where they are. And leave China they will – for the simple reason that they will have much better opportunities abroad.


      Note that the Chinese are a Mercantile Race, and Not a Colonizing Race. Pretty soon, most of the world will no longer be MADE IN CHINA, but it will be OWNED BY CHINESE (LOL). Would this really be a bad thing? Really!


      But this is just an excercise in my imagination. What if …. such a nice dream, isn’t it? Or are we afraid to dream big? The difference between a Billionaire and a Millionaire is – Who dared to dream bigger?


      Who is the biggest Con Man of All Time?  BILL GATES.  And he did not even have to write the program the became MS DOS!!! He had the balls to sell a Non-Existent Vaporware!

    • @AGXIIK,


      Oooops, I went off on a tangent. To be on topic – If what I say comes into reality, China could use its $480Trillion to buy all of the US minerals (including gold) that have been estimated to be worth $150Trillion. Lss than a third of its gold holdings.


      Who knows – might China have more, say 20,000/25,000/30,000 tons? Gasp!


      @Art005 did point out that – if a fool offered to buy $1,000,000/oz gold, he would get gold. But subsequent sellers can only get $2,000/oz. Perhaps I was not clear. If China/PBOC offers to buy $1,000,000/oz gold without limit in terms of volume and time – an open offer – do you think anyone will sell their gold to another for $2,000 ?


      Do you think that China would run out of money (Chinese Yuan – CNY) to buy gold at that price? They have a printing press. They also have banks that can electronically credit your bank account. Looking at today’s world economy, do see the USD as strong forever, or do you see the CNY/RMB as the upcoming (and accepted by everyone) currency?


      Would you sell your gold for $2,000 while China’s offer to buy at $1,000,000 is still up?

    • Genuis8
      I think we are discussing different basis.  Don’t forget how much gold there is in the world above and below ground and foolishly over paying to send a shock through the market would eventually just be lost money when price settles back to a balance between supply and demand without anymore manipulation….  I don’t see the point to  your discussion.

      Gold is not the only asset in the world.  If its price is foolishly high, fiat can be converted to any other real asset with a reasonable value.

      Don’t forget how big $1.3 trillion is.  That is 6.5 million $200K homes.

    • @ART005,


      My post was just a WHAT-IF? Now I will expand on it. You think that  my theory that if – CHINA/PBOC offers to buy gold (Bid) at $1,000,000 is foolish – because eventually the price will eventually settle down without manipulation (by market forces). HOW? Do you think that manipulation will ever go away? NO, NEVER. If CHINA does not counter the current manipulation by the current Powers That Be – it is committing economic suicide.


      So if China bids for gold at $1,000,000/oz – it is not a one time shock. It is a permanent shock and PERMANENT RE-PRICING. They are not foolishly buying gold at $1,000,000/oz. They are smartly re-pricing their gold holdings at that price, knowing The West holds minimal or no significant gold !!! That is the most important point of my post!


      As for thinking $1.3 trillion is a lot of money – IT IS NOT, in terms of today’s purchasing power. There are 7 billion people in the world today. If each one has $1,000 the total is $7 trillion. Do you think $1,000 is a lot of money per person? Would that be enough for your food and rent in a First World Country, for a month?



  10. dammit dammit dammit my

    long post just got doinked off this board. Damn

    Short version.  I am with you on this @genius8.  it will come to fruition with China likely calling the tune in 15-25 years  We could easily be an economic and financial colony to china as opposed to their position over the last 40.  They have already laid down some large economic footprints with asset purchases, economic zones and banking hubs.  Their renmimbi hubs are north south east and west.  We are being ring fenced economically and financially by the Chinese while we try to encircle them.  Good luck with that.

    • @AGXIIK,


      I just suffered the same thing. My long post just got limbo’ed. Aargh.


      I just made up those numbers just for fun, as an exercise in my imagination.  Did not think it would rile some people up. LOL. I have cooled down now. Thanks.

  11. I have a whole different theory.  China at its height was a middle kingdom.  Meaning modern China may want to create an advance and secure China isolated from the chaos of the world.  Old China was doing fine till modern Europe showed up and demanded concessions.  Later Japan joined the fracas when she modernized.  If China was not so technologically backward would Imperial China break her isolation in the 1800’s???  During the 1980’s when PM Deng decided China will abandon the Communist economic model and adopt the US capitalist system China sent two groups of 30 year old officials who were chosen to study the US with an open mind and forget the Maoist notions instilled in them that the US is decadent, backwards and declining.  One group is covered by the US media the group that came to study technology and modern management.  The second group is less known to US public.  This group was assigned the task to study how the US became a the world power within 200 years.   Their conclusion was nonentanglement and build up national tech base/economy.  The US became a great power and later world power by letting the great powers of its day fight amongst themselves till exhausted.  After WW1 and expecially WW2 most of the financial centers and manufacturing centers in the world were destroyed, and the US relatively intact just stepped into the vaccuum.  IMHO China is sort of pursuing the same strategy.  China is busy taking her huge accumulated surplus buying resources, securing trade agreements, supporting key US adversaries at very little cost to herself to keep the US militarily off balance and building up her military.  What if China is building a separate economic system with Russia and other emerging nations plus nations that will work both systems (US and Chinese), buying, producing and selling products/goods/services  and eventually leaving the US/EU/Japanese dominated economic system to themselves as well as the conflicts inherited by US/EU/Japan with the Third World and the badlands of the world.  If China pulls it off she may create a separate economic system, but unlike the past Imperial China,  a gov system that is aware of modern technologies and a military capable of defending her isolation from the world.

  12. no worries @genius8   the facts as they are presented and discomforting to some.  The number you use might seem outlandish—now– but even 10 years ago it would have been incomprehensible to most that we would have $1 quadrillon in derivatives.   The leverage of the Fed at 80 to 1, making it nearly bankrupt, the QE of the last few years here, in Europe, China and Japan that must be on the order of $30 trillion, off budget swaps by the Fed to the Eurozone of $20 trillion, that $1.3 trillion is not so staggering.  The notion at hyperinflation, often defined at 25% a year, is not to be taken lightly. A rate higher than that is conceivable and not unheardof in localized instances

    China faces  known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns which makes it unstable in the short term as it sorts around to find solid footing.  This is a bit like war in that the fog is real but having redoubts, salients, and front lines that are planned and firming gives the Chinese planners a better handle on their objectives and how best to achieve them.

  13. What a great thread this has turned into – plenty of experience to share and worthwhile insights that flow from it. Kind of what I always thought could come about, in the absence of snipe, snarl and gripe!


    I can think in 3 modes separately and combined – Chinese (Circular), Western (Linear), and Islander (Meandering).

    I have long thought that the kind of commentary/analysis that the West receives about China and the East is of almost zero value, due to the fact that those delivering it, even if they have spent some time there, have little or no comprehension of the difference in mindset. You might call it cultural, ethno-genetic, engrained tradition, or whatever – the import thing is that the difference exists, even though no one really talks about, or even acknowledges it. Therefore ALL speculation about ‘whither China’ and ‘what is the Chinese plan’ is tarnished from the outset. This applies in spades to precious metals analysis of the kind we are seeing offered now by a bunch of folks who don’t even live in the Eastern Hemisphere!!!

    This all makes your insight of triple value – as you say, you can live and operate in three worlds! Therefore, I think your input here will be one of the building blocks to creating a valid interpretation of what China is doing, and what Chinese metal accumulation really means. As I have recently said to @AGKllK, we are on our own in answering those questions – since the pundits have all fallen on their swords! Whether perma-China bears or bulls, they are uniformly out of touch with the real China.

    Thanks for your ‘thought experiment,’ and do feel free to carry on!

    p.s. Diasporic Chinese are an interesting study in themselves – when I lived in Jamaica, the Hakka controlled the grocery business. Those Hakka women just knocked me over – prettiest in the world in imo… would you agree or disagree – from a “CHINO LOCO” perspective?


    also, yours is a good example of interesting ideas well presented. WHATEVER the Han end up doing, it will be uniquely Han, and based on a blend of traditional and modern values and technologies that is only in the beginning stages of coming into being. The technocratic and administrative class of the current moment are the first to have been both western educated and subject to the influence of a re-integration of traditional cultural themes which were trashed and verboten during the BOLSHIE era there.



    Guanacaste? I thought JW was still  just outside SJ, conveniently close to the AutoMercado!

    Is that ‘the ‘Beach House’ address – useful for discreet visitors and receipt of salacious materials?

    How very “BOND,” Jaime!

  14. Just in case nobody noticed the Chinese have purchased for themselves 257 enclaves within the US with which they plan not to hire American workers because as noted above they the Chinese don’t trust them.  They plan to hire their own citizens.  In effect they have amassed themselves 257 separate but equal partitions of land from the American people.  Who could have a problem with that?

  15. Americans tend to be a bit zenophobic.  After the grand assimilations of the last 2 centuries it seems a bit like we want to keep this thing to ourselves. Imagine the culture shock when the average American finds themselves immersed in people from the eastern world.  East Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Indonesians are being given economic visas because they are smart and industrious, bringing in new blood.  It won’t be as wrenching as the Native  American’s encounters with the Europeans but we Yanks are going to get  a shock when we find ourselves competing with a new elite and their followers in what used to be our own lands. The Sino diaspora is nearly inevitable. The US lands are relatively empty when compared to many countries.

    Trying to describe China is like the 6 blind men describing the elephant by holding just one part.  This could get very interesting.  Andrew James, Those 257 enclaves you noted will probably fill like the ghost cities in China.  Preplanned and prebuilt, great attractors of people and commerce, the edge cities  will soon fill with industry. The reports out of China is they are starting to look like a real cities and not empty buildings.  If China increases its population 2% a year, that’s 26,000,000 people who will need homes, jobs and places of work.

    • When our new neighbors move in they will visit the local businesses in their area spy on their prices and undercut them with the venues that they open for themselves.  I’ve watched it happen.   Why bother with building a business model when all you have to do is undercut the competition by a few points?

  16. The notion that the Chinese could acquire controlling interest in the FED seems quite preposterous on the surface.  How could they possibly gain more dollars than the FED which has the power to print dollars out to infinity?

  17. All people act in their own self-interest, the Chinese are no different.

    I have observed many developments in several countries which are not integrated within local culture (economic, social and political), they create immense resentment from the Hoi Polloi while the each nation’s ruling class benefits directly with several crumbs for the bread and circus mindshare – Cricket Stadiums.

    Zenophobia is endemic to one and all cultures, but far less so in the American way of life than China’s. 

    Melting pots are scarce within our Global arrangement and having observed the lack of economic & social integration outside the US, I can speak from experience and not conjecture. Enclaves remain the systemic order and they shall for some time to come. Their trajectory is forced homogeneity, due to economic as well as social arrangements.

    Having worked as one of three person team in the Bahamas for the a Chinese on a very large project, I can assure you a great deal of the principles expressed are fantasy with respect to the actual intent and inter-workings.

    All in for peace, understanding and compassion towards one another, everywhere.

    Sadly, this is not our present nature, nor will it be for some time to come.

    The United States is being systematically taken apart brick by brick from every vector, by design.

    China nor the Chinese are our saviors, but merely the logical recipients, in larger part of the rebalancing of a Global Caste System whereby we fall down a bunch and select Nations will rise up.

    Resource arbitrage is quite simple.

    Labor arbitrage a useful mechanism for staging the next “economic miracle.”

    In the end the rules of engagement are quite finite and direct.

    China has a great many issues as well, their folly is not ours per se, yet folly none the less.




  18.  The Fed just told France to hold delivery if its Mistral ships due to be delivered Nov 14, 2014 to Russia, which hurts the French Franc and helps the US dollar, the Fed finances ISIS, directs Ukraine, NATO, UN, put Israeli Stan Fischer CEO Fed to place the world in a Police State and treat all the peeps in the world like Palestinians and East Ukrainians, behind school kid shootings, Sandy Hook ect, behind Ebola, Fed rules the world, tells NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS… what to do, owns all the JPM type banks, owns 95% of world’s central banks and big media, the drug lord, behind every dirty trick, picks POTUS… and the owners of the Fed just sold this power to China? Hum. Shill for Fed? You think? This dose of humor should hold me for a while. 

  19. Sounds to me with all this hoopla talk about Chino/Asian wealth that the average American Joe is already typecast as nothing more than just a downtrodden third-world laborer-to-be for those that will be installing a new type of American lifestyle here in the future.  But it won’t be “American” as we knew it, but Nuevo American, or Chino American, or Third World American…..quasi to all that for those that hold the gold(and silver).

  20. @sovereirgn Economist, @genius8, @chivachiva, @J Mackkenzie

    I woke up at 3 AM and realized I completely forgot the unintended or more likely the intended consequences of China’s ‘investment’ in the US   The recent incident of April 12 at Bunkerville saw the heavy foot of the US goverment and its thugs, operating at the behest of Harry Reid, his son and the BLM, working within the construct of  Chinese interests in the Nevada desert.

    The solar plants and other  works of the Chinese paymasters and their US political henchman shows how progress will run roughshod over American people and their sovereignty.  Another 3,500,000 acres of southern Nevada lands are being voted into  isolation with strict laws prohibiting any use.  Reasoning behind sequestering this very ‘vulnerable’ land is that human feet are so heavy and ponderous that the mere act of walking on desert lands would ruin them forever.  That is nearly 5,500 sq miles, more that twice the lands that Cliven Bnudy and his family have cultivated for their ranch and farm since they settled the land 140 years ago.  The Bundy’s careful husbandry of their lands shows how the act of creation in a desert can make it bloom.  I doubt if the Federalistas can do as well.

    There are 90 countries that have a total land mass of less than 5,500 sq miles   This land grab by the Feds is equal to any one of  90 of this world’s countries smaller countries.  That coutry sized taking by the government is very dangerous and has been going on continuously for decades.  It’s my surmise that what goes on in their lands will not be for the best interest of the American people—or desert tortoises.

    • Was in Tonopah this past Summer and toured the passive collector using molten salts, Nevada is being carved up and not in the interests of Americans.

      Spent a fair amount of time at the old Tiffany Mine to the North – BLM is a tool of the “others” as is Forestry & FIsh & Wildlife.

    • @AGXllK,

      Well, if you’ve ever come across this ALLEGED speech by the former Chinese Minister of Defense before, you will have entertained thoughts of the darker side of the “CHINESE DREAM.” It’s authenticity is subject to challenge, but since this thread turned into a great exercise in the enhancement of reality, it’s worth entertaining the ideas discussed within.

      After all, we DO KNOW that somebody is interested in the development of designer diseases specific to certain genomes or demographic profiles! And certainly, one does not have to go far abroad to find examples of hard core misanthropes with an agenda of poisoning and/or eliminating vast swathes of the population! You could ask the folks of Punta Gorda Florida, Brockville ON, or Winnipeg Manitoba about that – communities that  were subject to fly over drops of biological weaponry delivered by their very own governments as experiments in the use of insect delivery vectors! Who needs foreign enemies when your own MIC can handle the problem?

      But then, we have to ultimately ask who does that MIC really work for, since it’s clearly NOT FOR THOSE WHOSE TAXES FUND IT’S PROGRAMS!!!! Back in the day when ROY ASH’s  LITTON BIONETICS*  was doing NIH contract work at Ft Detrick with lab specimens of extremely deadly nature, it was possible to pretend that it was all for the purpose of ‘defense’ against foreign enemies. Now, it’s pretty clear that it’s the ‘foreign enemies’ who run the show in D.C., with an agenda anything but friendly towards the population it lords over – it’s just not clear which foreign enemies! While guys like Nyquist are certain it’s “the CHICOMS,” others believe that what James “BOND” Willie calls that ‘small territory in the south-eastern Mediterranean‘ is the primary developer of gene-specific warfare(see: front-page report in the London Sunday Times, November 15, 1998 for reports from Nes Tsiona, the main research facility for Israel’s clandestine arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, on success in developing  a genetically modified bacterium or virus targeting distinctive genes carried by some Arabs) – which would certainly complement the cultural warfare waged on America by their donor-allies in Hollywood!

      Whichever way you wanna slice it, and whoever the Harry Reids of the fifth column are actually working for(anyone & everyone who pays them?), some of the richest mining properties in the world are as you know located in your state. You can gobble up whole counties via ye ol ‘trojan turtle’ technique, or you can strangle the owners of those mining properties with depressed prices for their products for so long as to gobble up them too! At the end of the day, it’s the same result… and who knows, maybe the same players – on Wall St and in Shanghai – working together on ending the “American Dream” – fo’ever!

      *At Fort Detrick, Ash’s Litton Bionetics secretly administered Project MKNAOMI through the fort’s U.S. Army Special Operations Department (SOD) ran in concert with the Baron von Bolschwing’s tutored SS CIA’s Technical Services Staff (TSS).[Albarelli, H.P., A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, Trine Day LLC, Waterville, OR (2009) pg. 181]

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