saudi gold“There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market.   When the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases.   A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going.   A massive disruption is coming.”
The rehypothecation of official gold accounts has entered a new phaseThe gold owned by defenders of the Petro-Dollar is being seized, confiscated, pilfered, and stolen for the unspoken purpose of continuing the fiat paper currency regime with the tainted debauched USDollar at the center.
The Saudi gold in London will be totally gone in a few more months. To be sure, it is going mostly to China.
The Saudis are being gutted.

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From Jim WillieGoldenJackass.com

Betrayals occur in high places, even the highest offices of the land. Furthermore, betrayals occur with some of the most important allies for the nation. See the official German gold account thefts, called euphemistically the repatriation demand. See the shredding of the Constitution, by virtue of the Patriot Act which could easily pass for a comprehensive Fascist Manifesto. See the renege on the Chinese gold lease, on the back end of the Most Favored Nation status granted in 1999. See the permitted security agency narcotics centered in Afghanistan, with its vertically integrated business operation, the clearing house function in Iraq, and money laundering among New York banks, whose product fills American streets. See the numerous deals for stolen Defense weapons, in particular those conducted by the favored US ally, accounted for by means of scrap metal costs associated with entire systems, the details promised the day before 911 but never to have arrived. See the planned bank account confiscations and pension fund confiscations, the procedures having been worked into law, or imminently, as the sacred privacy is stripped. See the string of Executive Decrees, which trample on rights in every conceivable manner, including life itself. See the NSA surveillance, which has been revealed not only for ordinary diverse communications but also for stealing trade secrets and monitoring discussions behind walls during trade deals. Now the latest. See the trashing of the Saudis, and the outright theft of their vast gold held on account in London.


The betrayals run deep. The people far and wide should come to grips that nazis (fascists with a stern nationalist streak) as they attack the enemy nations, create new enemies from the neutral nations, and alienate their allies. They control and pilfer gold wealth from their enemies and neutral nations alike, but they defraud their allies in even more gigantic volumes. See the subprime mortgage bonds, the USTreasury Bond bubble, but also the physical gold bullion rehypothecation, and the Gold futures contracts. The United States will win global isolation, which will serve as the exact opposite of what the once great nation had grown accustomed to. The process is well along, in an advanced stage of pathogenesis like a cancer running parallel with toxic bonds and money. Wealth of the world is being looted by the Elite. People must realize that banker nazis predominantly speak the english language, and prefer the tailed suit with $1000 cufflinks to the military uniform and SS lapel pins. Instead of a goose step, they step on the wealth of client states. They demand a salute to the flags they capture in an ostentatious display of power and abuse. They also amazingly produce deceptive movies that win Oscar awards or receive nominations.


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A new, higher level, and far deeper betrayal has caught attention. The betrayal in progress strikes directly at the heart of the Global Paradigm Shift. It is the trashing of the Saudi cutouts, whose kingdom’s boundaries were created by the British in the 1950 decade, and whose king was recognized formally by the West. They have served their purpose, but no more. They will be disposed of, and their wealth rung out like from dirty laundry to produce coins in the pockets when turned upside down before the wash cycle. They dutifully recycled their petro surpluses. They defended the Petro-Dollar defacto standard for 40 years. Their USTreasury Bonds and Wall Street bank stocks might be safely tucked away, but their Gold Accounts are being systematically stolen in London. Their gold is needed too much to preserve the system that lacks gold in urgency. The Saudis are being thrown under the bus, their gold stolen, their image vilified. With the Petro-Dollar in the triage of Intensive Care, the OPEC cartel will soon be overshadowed by the Nat Gas Coop. The Russian Gazprom connection to Iran will replace the Saudi dominance to defend the USDollar in global crude oil sales. The USMilitary is being superseded by the Chinese Military in the important protectorate role throughout the Persian Gulf region. No nation will step forward to defend the Saudis or to prevent their gold wealth from being pilfered. The Anglo-American Elite will justify the thefts by claiming the Saudis gained the riches at the command of the West.


The following came out of a conversation, a string of messages shared with some colleagues and a London source. “There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market. My suspicion is that when the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases. A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going. A massive disruption is coming.” The Arab Spring might have an ulterior motive to create enough disruption and chaos, so that their gold can be stolen from central banks. Notice the oil wealth from Iran is being converted to gold, which angers the Anglo-American duo. The rehypothecation of official gold accounts has entered a new phase. The gold owned by defenders of the Petro-Dollar is being seized, confiscated, pilfered, and stolen for the unspoken purpose of continuing the fiat paper currency regime with the tainted debauched USDollar at the center. The Saudi gold in London will be totally gone in a few more months. To be sure, it is going mostly to China. The Saudis are being gutted. They will likely be on the run soon, their gold bars cut loose. They might be hunted.



The Iran hotbed is expanding, as the plot thickens. The painted image of Iran changes in slow motion, as the damage control over Saudi angst is managed in clumsy style. Switzerland has become a top exporter to Iran suddenly. The old uncomfortable bedfellows Iraq and Iran have teamed together in a plot of an oil revolution in challenge to the previously unchallenged Saudi Arabian dominance. Iran is being described as more constructive, while the Saudis are more often vilified. The billboard message is the demise of the Petro-Dollar. The Saudis are under internal damage control. A grand transition comes where the Saudi-led OPEC fades away, and the Gazprom-led Nat Gas Coop takes control with Iran as a key power broker. This is truly a new chapter unfolding. Not one in a hundred Americans comprehends the changes, but many are awakening to the energy angle of geopolitics, especially with Ukraine in the spotlight. The key piece overlooked by the American public, and much of the West, is the death in progress of the defacto Petro-Dollar standard. The ramifications are tremendous to the global banking systems. The USDollar is fast losing its global reserve status. The USTreasury Bond is the object of diversification, understood finally to be a toxic bond.


The Persian Gulf is undergoing rapid change, in a constant state of flux. Detente with Iran has many sides emerging, the eased tensions unfolding. Switzerland has lifted a ban on precious metal trade with Iranian public entities. It has eased its restrictions on trade in petro-chemical products, on transport of Iranian oil and petroleum products, and on insurance contracts provided to cover energy shipments until August. On the other side, the Oil for Gold swap through intermediaries should keep the Swiss gold refineries working overtime. Turkey might lie in the intermediary position between the Swiss and Iran. Do not be fooled by the so-called Iran Nuclear Talks. They are the Petro-Dollar Surrender Talks, with a nuclear proliferation rider under discussion. The truth is that Iran through its sanction workarounds, has wrecked the Petro-Dollar and provided a working prototype for Gold Trade Settlement. They accomplished the difficult task under the aegis of Chinese & Russian protection. History is being made on the financial annals. The King Dollar has a throne still, but it no longer casts a shadow. The throne will collapse under the weight of fraud, theft, and toxicity.

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The Saudis are on the defensive. They are surrounded by Shiites with enormous natural gas reserves and output. They are being challenged for OPEC leadership, both in a political sense and an energy output sense. The Saudis are fading in oil output, having depleted most deposits like the Ghawar oilfield. For years they have lied about excess reserve capacity. The Saudis are going to be an easy mark to knock off their own version of a peacock throne. It is clear that OPEC will not go away. The Saudi-led oil cartel will fade in importance though, while the Nat Gas Coop eclipses it as a vital cog to the newly forming Petro-Yuan steamship. The process is well along, with Shanghai oil pricing, Chinese weapon deals, and a new Chinese naval presence in the Gulf. The process extends with painted billboards, public statements, and basic wind changes. Iran is being described as more constructive in the Persian Gulf. The Saudis will continue to be vilified, especially with exposure of terrorism projects and assassination roles. Watch as Iran demonstrates more influential friends in China & Russia. Iran has a new moderate energized leader, while the Saudis have a geriatric moribund king once comatose and thought dead.


A sea change must be managed. Expect it to be awkward and not too credible, even a bit humorous and pathetic. The US and Saudis are in conflict, soon to become an open nasty dispute. Later it will go hostile, maybe hot with open violence, or covert violence (the Langley favorite). Besides, the London Boyz are stealing the Saudi gold accounts. The pilferage requires that the Saudi Royals must be vilified and demonized thoroughly. In return, the Saudis will launch a counter-offensive perhaps with Chinese assistance. In truly awkward and hypocritical manner, the United States is trying to change allies, or at least permitting an Iranian detente. In the process, the US will win extreme isolation. A certain Saudi damage control will be necessary, but the winds will not permit it. The Saudi insults are being observed on the diplomatic front. Suddenly, President Obama will spread his unusual two-faced charm on a fence mending trip to Saudi Arabia. Expect to see the words deceitful, uneasy, insincere, challenging, carefully crafted in the public releases. Do  not expect Obama to kiss any Saudi Royal ring this time around. It is not clear what a US President says to a Saudi King when the former is stealing the gold wealth of the latter. Perhaps just “Times change. Deal with it!”



Harken back 40 years. On the Petro-Dollar birth episode back in 1973, the commonly accepted birth story might have had a different twist in order to create a stable replacement to the Gold Standard. The petro standard would be stable, yet offer plenty of fraud opportunity to the West. The breakdown would occur only if foreign suppliers refused to accept USTreasury Bonds, or too many were issued from uncontrollable USGovt debt, like seen now. A sinister alternative is much more credible, the motive explained to curtail the industrial powers of Japan and Germany, whose economies were more dependent upon oil. A price inflation storm could have been cast upon the American and Western economies and societies both, with certain windfall profits to the oil companies, all blamed on the nasty Arabs. Compound the guile and betrayal further. The Americans pushed the Arabs and Iranians to jack up the oil price, so as to finance gigantic steady lucrative US arms sales. The war machine tightened its grip on the USEconomy. It was a USDollar with not only a crude oil basis, but also a military foundation. The military element is much more evident in the last decade.


The common perspective on the birth of the Petro-Dollar is well covered and reported in the annals of recent financial history. The story is told that the Arabs joined forces, united against the US & Israeli front. With greed as motive, they quadrupled the price of crude oil for the world markets. The maneuver was seem as punitive and self-enriching. The Arabs were told to be angry over battlefield defeats, superior military equipment, and steadfast efforts to colonize. The Saudis, so the story goes, saw an opportunity to properly price the crude oil, to end the subsidy of a vast interstate highway construction across the United States, and to take their fair share on extraordinary crude oil sales. The four-fold rise in crude oil, from something like $8 to $33 per barrel (on memory) caused a serious long global recession, notably in the USEconomy. The Saudis cut an important geopolitical deal with the United States, brokered by Henry Kissinger. The petro surpluses were to be recycled in an orderly sterilized manner. It was a significant financial development that installed the USTBond as the primary global banking reserve mainstay. The Petro-Dollar defacto standard has been an obscenity.


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The prestigious Secy State Kissinger bargained with the Saudis to support the USD-based system. The Saudis would earn tremendous petro surplus USDollars, which they would recycle into USTreasury Bonds. The expanding USGovt deficits would be financed by the Saudis, in a convenient sterilized manner to prevent the USDollar from suffering well deserved currency devaluation. The sterilization of the petro surplus would be enforced, received in USD terms and to remain in USD terms, locked in USTreasurys. The other Persian Gulf nations would follow suit and accumulate outsized USTBond accounts, since the Saudis set the course. The model would be copied across the global banking system, the USDollar elevated to global reserve currency. The USTBond would be given pristine ratings as the global reserve asset in the banking foundation across all continents. The United States would rule the roost, and its military would be implicitly funded by global savings. The USEconomy would be bolstered by massive Saudi weapons purchase programs on a regular basis, along with similar programs by its royal emirate neighbors. The USMilitary would become a vital part of the USEconomy, a loosely disguised war machine with a dominant position in the USGovt executive branch. The Gold Standard urgently required a hard asset replacement, one more easily managed. The Oil Standard would be established for the USDollar, a quasi hard asset standard. It came to be called the defacto Petro-Dollar Standard. It has stood for 40 years. The sabotaged Gold Standard would effectively be replaced. However, today the Petro-Dollar is mortally wounded and left for dead.


The commonly told story always has ulterior motives for the US nation during the post-Bretton Woods era. Deceit is the American calling card. Add an even more motivated element to the mix, with more guile, deception, and betrayal. Consider a further plot. The USGovt and US bankers convinced the Saudis to raise the crude oil price so that they could create the Petro-Dollar defacto standard, so that demand for USTreasuryBonds could be amplified, so that greater Arab nation weapons deals could be forged. The oil price shock was not hatched as an Arab plan or concept. The USDollar lacked critical mass for global reserve currency without the higher crude oil price, without much larger surplus USD funds floating, and without more definitive usage of USTBonds in global banking systems across numerous nations. Asian nations and European nations would be forced to store USTBonds and USTBills with which to purchase Saudi OPEC crude oil. The critical mass required a cauterized burn in the financial arenas. They used the Petro-Dollar to replace the abandoned Gold Standard set by the Bretton Woods Conference in 1971. The US was desperate to establish the USDollar as the understood and accepted global reserve currency, something stable, as in King Dollar without challenge. The quasi-Oil Standard would work, especially since defended on the other end by the USMilitary cannons, if not implicit nuclear threat. With the Saudis and OPEC behind the new petro standard, it would work. The key element was sterlization of foreign held surplus, locked in USTBonds, so as to maintain a stable USDollar exchange rate core. A big benefit was enabled. The USGovt would be given full liberty to run up giant deficits, an economy and a war machine put on a credit card. The former understood, the latter joined by basic counterfeit and integrated narcotics.


The Saudis agreed to the deal to recycle surpluses, with the sweetener being a much higher crude oil price. It would make the royal families in the Persian Gulf astonishingly rich billionaires, and stroke their egos. They were only required to re-cycle the Petro-Dollars into USTBonds and accept the USMilitary protection in the Gulf region, with regularly spaced multi-$billion US-sourced weapons contracts. It was a defense industry tax on the US nation in a hidden master stroke. The US leaders knew the higher systemic energy cost could be handled by a mere broad remedy of price inflation permitted within the USEconomy, a necessary recession to cover it up. The Arabs would be blamed for the painful recession and hardship imposed. The USGovt planned to inflate the cost away, which was effectively a hidden double-cross betrayal of the oil-rich Arab nations generally. The Saudi wealth would be undermined and debased. But the Saudis did not mind, since the USD volumes were staggering and their egos stroked. The contrived Cold War between the USA and Soviet Union had a contrived conflict on the financial front as counterpart, with many moving parts and secret handshakes. Bankers and war machine maestros won with constant tensions and perma-war.



Before year 2014, the Jackass had given 99% likelihood of the plain vanilla scenario, where the Saudis pushed the price hike on motives based on self-enrichment and vengeance. By year 2009, the Jackass saw some hidden motives at work to create an Oil Standard for the USDollar, to establish the USTBond as the banking system reserve main brick, after the Gold Standard was discarded. In year 2014, the Jackass gives over 90% likelihood to the sinister Rockefeller-Kissinger scenario for steering upper echelon geopolitics instead, a reverse of my opinion. The Elite owned the major oil companies, whose power would rise with the Petro-Dollar Standard rising to prominence. The desperation to create a stable viable (but not legitimate) USDollar asset-backed standard was very real and very challenging, an extreme challenge to force installation and global acceptance. My gut screams now that the US Elite proposed the higher crude oil price to satisfy the Saudis & Arabs, the higher price being the key element. The Saudis were transfixed on the greater obscene wealth, while the USGovt led by Kissinger were transfixed on broad acceptance of the USTreasury Bond used in global banking systems as the primary unquestioned reserve asset vehicle. The lucrative USMilitary weapons deals were an added bonus, expanding the Empire, firming the war machine. But new BRICS have entered the geopolitical stage, the nations in defiance, seeking a return to the Gold Standard.


The burn of Japan and Germany was a hot poker of sinister hidden motive. Both nations have historically been more energy dependent, required to import almost all their crude oil for economic purpose. Their industrial might was being thrust onto the global economy, from advanced technological design to streamlined industrial processes to efficient inventory control. The pendulum returns. Both nations are in a position to exact revenge by rejecting the USD/USTBond reserve currency, in favor of the new Gold Trade Standard promoted by Russia & China. Both Japan and Germany are in the process of joining the BRICS nations. The chess game has gone against the Americans, who find themselves increasingly isolated, their allies disgusted or betrayed. The Saudis, Iran, Japan, and Germany are gradually aligning with the East and against the King Dollar. Two generations make a great difference. Like true Nazis, the Anglos & Americans are isolated, with global war as their last option.


The USEconomy at the time in the 1970 decade produced between 60% and 65% of the oil needed for domestic usage. In the last decade, the US produces about 35% of the its oil needs. So over time, the US is very slowly converging with Japan and the PacRim competitors, with still half the advantage remaining. It is a very credible additional factor of industrial vengeance. Hence the increased oil price pushed by Saudia Arabia and our friends in Canada. Keep in mind that not only the Arabs took the bait. The Middle East leaders who lusted for wealth and more funds for military toys included the infamous Shah of Iran. He had special privileges, like handed as a gift US$100 bill plates that enabled a generation of counterfeit. Many are the fascist partners over the last several decades to the ruling Anglo-American fascists. The layers of scum run deep on friends of US Elite, as deep as the betrayal of its people. The American people have been systematically converted to asset bubble participants, then to debt vassals after lost home equity, finally to cannon fodder with sleek armored uniforms that all too often result in a prosthesis. Notice the compulsory repeated tours of duty imposed on soldiers, more betrayal. The incredibly weak USEconomy feeds the USMilitary with an endless stream of men and women seeking to lift their economic station in life. They seek a college experience, but instead win a post traumatic stress disorder to take home.

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If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your pension program, you can keep your program. If you like your stock account, you can keep your stock certificates. If you like your gold futures contract, you can have the gold bars delivered. If you like your official allocated gold account, you can keep your gold bars. If you like your life and liberty, you can keep them too. Think betrayal. The national socialists operate their base at the banking syndicate, the pillboxes being the major central banks. They spread debt slavery while they disseminate phony money, with a firm grip maintained on the monetary printing press that bears the Weimar nameplate. Their methods have not changed in 70 years. They steal national wealth, with a focus on accumulated vaults of Gold bullion. Their signatures are in Czechoslavakia, Libya, Germany, and now Saudi Arabia as per gold. They tell the public in their widely promulgated propaganda that Gold has no value, no place as money, no role as bank reserves, and no yield offered. Yet the bankers steal Gold at every opportunity, even from their longstanding allies. When the United States finds itself descended into the De-Industrialized Third World with new masters at the helm, the citizens will wish they owned Gold & Silver, since their entire paper savings will have blown away during the storm.


Better to continue your Gold & Silver private program, or to begin one, and to abandon the paper chase with paper wealth. People should close down their big bank accounts and their Wall Street brokerage accounts before they too are stolen. The storm will reveal the paper flow as true toilet paper spew, stained by betrayal, befouled from toxicity, shredded in the wind. The precious metal will endure the storm. The Elite do not want you to follow their lead in gold investment that includes vast pilferage and confiscation of official Allocated Gold Accounts, like the Saudis. The isolation of the United States is entering a high gear. As the Saudi betrayal becomes well known, their London gold stolen, no nation will continue in alliance with the USGovt. Large corporate contracts are being canceled, like with Boeing. Such relations will be considered suicidal with assured destruction, finally by stolen Gold wealth. The role of cutouts will be fully revealed, like with the Saudi cutouts. The ultimate vengeance by the Saudis might be a full revelation of the true perpetrators of the 911 attacks. The label coup d’etat fits but seems inadequate. The same team of security agents is at work in Ukraine, being exposed. They were busy in Georgia (near Russia) just a few years ago. They plied their trade in BenghaziLibya only 18 months ago. The fingers will be pointed at the vile security agencies who preach and practice genocide, while they professional pilfer gold. The big hint was the dual passport status of so many in the George W Bush Administration. The Jackass believes that the dismantle of the Patriot Act should include a new law that people with a second passport cannot serve in the USGovt, especially in the executive branch that is overrun by security agency spooks. Even the Mayor of Chicago has a dual passport, and fealty to another nation, more betrayal. His job could be to keep the lid on pilfered Chicago bank accounts, related to the Clinton Team when Obama cut his teeth, made his bones, and earned his stripes.


A scheiss storm cometh. Get your Gold & Silver if you can find any at these temporarily absurdly low prices. The Global Currency Reset is coming to a neighborhood near you soon. It is more appropriately called the Return to the Gold Standard, with a huge currency devaluation in store. Flip the perception to read huge quantum jump up in the market value of Gold. Expect the COMEX to shut down perhaps in year 2014. They have not delivered on Gold futures contracts since last May, almost a full year ago. They dishonor legally binding contracts, more betrayal. Even the SPDR Gold Trust shareholders, known as the GLD Exchange Traded Fund, are victims. When individuals appeal for gold bar conversion with the required minimum shares and completed forms, they too are refused. More betrayal.



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At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


“Your Hat Trick Letters reports are like the food I like to eat, nutrient dense, high fibre, many rich single and combined flavours, unadulterated, very colourful,(especially your turn of phrase, unique), tidbits from all over the world. I always look forward to them too, a very satisfying feed/read, with original connections between ingredients and forward culinary thinking leading to new dishes from heretofore un-imagined recipes that are obvious from hindsight and take some time to chew and digest.”

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(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at  www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]

  1. Thank God. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms without the factless, proofless, hyperbole thrown around by Jim’s nameless sources. Great job on another fiction piece Jimmy! Silver Doctor’s, your credibility diminishes every time you re-post this drivel. Shame on you!

    • Willie is such a Woo-Woo!!  His Crystal Ball is cracked!!  He is so yesterday he still drives a Rambler!!  Why just yesterday he told me (via Skype) that all he really wanted was his Maypo!!  Then he said that he needed a shrink so he could retreat into his A-bomb shelter and wait out the NIXON years…(he thinks his typewriter still works….)  He has a PHONE with a wire that goes into the wall.  (It keeps him busy)

    • @Top-Kill
      I understand your gripes with Willie and the hyperbole and unknown sources, but such hyperbole is probably true at the end of the day.
      The Saudis were always going to be stabbed in the back. When they got vocal when they couldn’t get their puppet Sunni Govt in Syria with official US and UK (etc) backing, they started getting a little too vocal for the likes of Washington and London …
      They started talking about getting ‘friendlier’ with the Chinese and selling their Oil direct for Yuan or Gold and ‘Them’s CIA backed Coup loaded threats’. The US would/will simply fund some other group of desert nomads who suddenly pop out of the desert with Israeli or US made RPGs and automatic weapons, and throw off the House of Saud quicker than you or I could say ‘Saddam Huss…..’ or ‘Gadaf…..’
      Saudis already sell over half of their Oil apparently to China (albeit through Petro-Dollar trade so they say), and the only reason the US would have moved to domestic Shale and Fracking as a fossil fuel interim solution is that they expect to be fighting a bigger war for the ME Oil region and know that ME Oil will be cut off for a year or more as they clean out the Desert ‘Royals’ and erect a new West friendly regime or simply an occupation. Heck, they might even try to erect an Arab Union of some sort now that they have Iraq in their grip … lets not forget Yemen that the US is itching to invade conventionally, and Somalia would not be safe in such a situation. Getting their hands on the Saudi Gold in the process would be a nice earner along the way, and this is the kind of environment the world finds itself in today. Saudis will get MFGlobal’ed and if they thought any different then they be smoking too much Hashish and Opium in that part of the world.
      All hell is about to break loose whether we believe Willies hyperbole or not, but when it does I can assure you that Willies hyperbole will look pretty prophetic … he is just stating the facts, but I agree that the constant use of ‘unnamed sources’ wears a little thin after a while.
      Anybody who has Gold in London or Switzerland right now is a Moron regardless of whether they are Saudi Royals or not, everyone is being robbed, and the Western Multi-Nationalist Merchants are using the US-China trade to skim off major profits (un-taxed via tax offset) before they spring their trap on US and European Bank Depositors who’s funds will be stolen to pay for a NEW DEAL scenario that resembles old Soviet central planning more than Capitalism and Free-Market. Let’s face it, ‘Free-Market Capitalism’ was fully buried when the term ‘Too-Big-To-Fail/Jail’ came into use.

  2. Three great business opportunites:
    1.) Go long Wetworks, Inc.
    2.) Invest in Long Hemp Futures
    3.) Go Short Gold Bankers Insurance Trust.
    Saudi wetworks teams being dispatched to London and Geneva…  For gold bankers, expect business to be falling off as they “vault” to their end.

    • SE, also there’s lots of money to be made in the Funeral business these days … undertakers have never had it so good.
      When I was younger and was trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up (you know the old dilemma) I remember a more than cynical family member telling me to be a Funeral Director or second an Undertaker because it is the one job that will always be required, especially in a depression … I thought, ‘cynical old man, what does he know … I’m going to be a CEO one day’ … turns out that cynical old man had a good point. I will go Long on the funeral industry, especially the top of the line funeral companies around New York City, I have a hunch that they will be the only companies to profit as all the others fail.

  3. I have lived in a 3rd country which underwent a currency devaluation in the early 1980s. In a matter of 3-4 months, the cost of all goods increased by 300%. This was currency war, done by the US. It had been my observation for the last 20+ years that – The US betrays its friends & allies, and benefits it enemies. And it is still being shown as true, today.
    As for the House of Saud … all I can say is Karma! They deserve all they are getting (with more to come) from the Anglo-Americans who are going to physically take away all their blood money that are in the form of physical gold.
    I will disagree with Jim Willie’s assertion that all of these “Taken Saudi Gold” are going to China. My own thoughts conclude that the US/UK knows they have “Not Enough Gold” for the coming Global Currency Reset, and are taking most of these “Saudi Gold Bars” into their own possession. Sun Tzu anyone? Layers upon layers of deception.
    When the tide is out and we will see who has gold? My suspicions?
    USA = 10,000 tons (or a little more)
    China = 20,000 tons (or more)

    • U.S. has already been looted down to not much more than zero.  The end goal is to DESTROY the United States.   You may be right that not all the Saudi gold will end up in Chinese hands… much of it may end up in private looter’s hands c/o the globalist cabal.  The US vaults?  Not so much.
      Oh, you’ll get a currency reset alright.  But when the US has to show it’s gold to qualify, it’s GAME OVER….  oh wait, It ALREADY IS Game Over.

    • If i may… when it comes to ANY country, the term “freind” should always be couched with the disclaimer of expediency, especially when it has to do with the financial aggrandizement of said country(s) While i know that realization is rather unpalatable it is nonetheless our present status quo. Immoral as it is, every last country ( and for that matter most individuals ) will sell the souls of its citizens to satisfy the present “masters” of this planet rather than be ruined and cast out of the “club”. They got us pegged as the majority of persons are ignorant and apathetic to all things save their individual comfort level.  

    • @Genuis8
      I agree with you 99%, but my theory as Sov Eco has said is that the US has been looted of its phyzz Gold. The Idea that these globalists have in mind is to use all of the Debt that the US has racked up to utterly trap all US Citizens and Companies that are not under their control into a Trans-Atlantic Super Union that may even include the British Commonwealth of Australia and Canada and the other Crown microstates. The US will still be saddled with its Debts after the RESTRUCTURE (not RESET, this is the incorrect term to use but everyone annoyingly uses it) and the US Gold that was stolen will show up in private hands and in a few of the European Countries (I’m not sure which ones), countries that will not be as hammered by the terms of the restructure due to their seemingly lower sovereign debt-to-assets ratio… the US will be absolutely smashed in this restructure.
      The #1 Target of the Anglo-American Globalists has always been the US CONSTITUTION & REPUBLIC, and Individual Rights which the US has always been a champion of (in a recent former life anyways). It needs to be destroyed in order to bring in a Technocratic Feudalism, and what better way than to use the US as the worlds BIGGEST ever debtor via WRC that these Trans-National Corporations use to siphon off the Cream of international trade and bank in offshore tax havens, and then transfer it all to phyzz Gold that is secretly being sold out of physical US Gold Stocks & Supply for decades now, leaving the US as a Shell saddled in mega debt whilst these globalists put together a Trans-National Superstate and then throw all of the unemployed masses into wars against Russia, China, Iran and any other Country that dares to oppose the Super Union and its Financial Oligarchy.
      Carbon Tax/Trade is a BIG part of this scheme, in fact I would go as far as to say it is the Key Policy of the globalists in order to get a Technocratic Fascist Superstate.
      US Gold is long gone, Ft Knox only has a vault or two of low grade melt to satisfy any auditors, if in fact they ever get the chance to view a single room from year to year.

    Look, this is getting silly.   Those Russians are starting to invade the Ukraine,  Germany needs to send ALL zee gold back to the Fed in NY or wherever, only this way will the world be SAFE again from stories such as these.  These Saudi king chappies know zee gold is SAFE!  Move on will you, stop being so frequin` nosey!  

    • When TSHTF. who is going to be accessing or buying the numismatic value? Silver is silver whether it’s round, square, embossed, fashioned or otherwise adorned. Not to say that some numismatic coins will always be preferred and coveted, but in the down and dirty world where silver will be king, if it’s AG, it’s AG. I have purchased Maples, Eagles and collectable sterling pieces but at this stage of the game, if it’s .999……….I care not whether it’s a leaf, a bird, a moose or a plain unmarked “blank” or bar. In the end it will all be reforged or consumed anyway.

    • @SilverSlicker @BobbyBazooka
      When have you scheduled the SHTF event?
      Until THEN, I am growing my stack (living at sub-zero purchase power) by allowing it to grow numismatic value. Most forget to CASH IT IN. Actually, in my language it’s translated as “silver it”. You spend say 5% more than a Maple on a Peregrine Falcon. After 1 year, it can be sold for say 20% more than the then current model of the same series. Sell 10 Falcons, get 12 new Eagles (or whatever). 20% “interest” in 1 year, is actually a modest performance. And, deduct the initial 5% you invested over the 10.5 Maples you could have had. And really, 10% over the rounds you could have had. Seem like not worth it? Until you repeat. Or sit long enough on some coins that double or better. Like the 2011 Timberwolf, first in Wildlife Series. Easily sells for 2x a Falcon, after 3 years only. At the time is was just 2-3% more than a Maple (high silver price). And 1,000,000 mintage just as the Falcon.

      The gamble you take is the extra premium you invest over the cheapest silver you can buy. In Europe, that’s Maples. In N-America, that’s bars and rounds.
      I am quite confident I can invest €500 (say worth 20x 1oz rounds), and 5 years from now turn it into 40x 1oz rounds. Possible less time and or more silver. Just don’t be temped to pay 3x spot for a new so-called numismatic coin. It’s impossible for it to keep up with the silver price when silver goes high. Who’s going to buy all the 3x spot numis when spot is $100? Don’t get anything more expensive than a Perth Lunar 1oz 300,000. And then only when they’re cheap. Now, the Horses are too expensive already. So get Koala’s, Kookaburra’s, Falcons, Elephants, maybe Panda’s. Mix it up, that makes it easier to sell.

    • Silver is Silver when SHTF … but Minted Coins are always more desirable as they are a better insurance that the product contained in the coin is as pure as is stamped (without having to test each coin etc…). US and Canadian Govt Minted coins are the best IMO (not that I’m a big fan of Govt, but they will be easier to unload based on peoples in-built Statist prejudice).
      A nice minted coin is less likely to be a forgery as it requires costly technology to produce whereas small bullion is easier to counterfeit in some manner.
      Besides, Minted Silver Coins have a great nostalgia about them 😛 to imagine that this was quite recently the worlds primary currency before Central Bankers ran it out of circulation is quite nostalgic, even better when one considers that they will return to be the Silver Bullet to central banking fiat.
      I can dream can’t I … ahhh, the good’ol days before I was even born 😛

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      US and CA account for maybe 5% of the world population? How familiar will the other 95% be with its 60’s and older coins?
      And how willing are they to be expecteed to “trust” the money of the main agressor and creator of this epic crisis that leads them to consider taking ancient demonetized money?
      In this information age, it’s realtively simple to engineer and mass-produce a fully automated money assaying and counting machine. Toss in the contents of my global junk silver album, and it will tally up all values, and sift out coins that should not be deposited as junk, as they are considered numismatic. Like a supermarket cashier giving you back the silver quarter as you might get more out of it elsewhere. You know, practicing human ethics and all.
      The machine could feed off a central database, to be as complete as all coin catalogues on earth combined. Who wouldn’t want to toss their coins into a machine that sifts out the numis if present? The owner of the machine will get away with a lower silver price than the one who is know to take the key dates and act like it’s generic.

      Where there are popular minted coins in large numbers of high value-density, there are counterfeits. Technology is required to assaye it. Usually a magnet (based machine) will suffice.

    • @XC-Skater >>>And how willing are they to be expecteed to “trust” the money of the main agressor and creator of this epic crisis that leads them to consider taking ancient demonetized money?
      You would be surprised how human psychology works… maybe not. Why do the peoples of the Earth all except USD’s as the most stable currency? How many countries after their sovereign fiats have collapsed turned to USD’s for their domestic currency needs? I can hear the guy in Panama operating the water taxi after the SHTF asking me ‘You have Merican Eagle??’ LOL … kind of like the guys in Africa who all know what ‘Coca-Cola’ means.
      I also consider Australian (Perth Mint) and Mexican and some European Coins to be just as good, but considering Canadian and American coins are much easier in the US to acquire at a decent price above spot I tend to favor these coins. Maples are awesome coins.
      At the end of the day Coins can be rub tested with chemicals easily enough, and the added fungibility of them being exact weights and machine produced make them more ideal for trade than Bullion …. but I also have some Bullion as I got a good price a few times and jumped at the chance.
      I’m not saying that the fact a coin has gone through a Western Mint that they are bound to all be 100% legit and pure … but the chances are better than perhaps buying bullion off of EBay, and I know people who were sold junk forgeries etc… not happy chappies.
      >>>Where there are popular minted coins in large numbers of high value-density, there are counterfeits. Technology is required to assaye it. Usually a magnet (based machine) will suffice.
      Agreed, but if you need to make transactions at a market place coins are probably better than bullion is all I’m saying. I have some chemical testing kits, come to think of it, perhaps I should test some of those US Mint coins I have,  LOL, You’re freakin me out now …. maybe some tungsten rounds in the middle perhaps 🙂

    • Combination of dimensions, weight and diamagnetic resistance should be better than a chemical test. Does the test know the difference between plated and solid silver?
      On a market though, flipping it in the air and hearing the zinggg may even be more efficient. If you are going to look at the year of every half dollar anyway…

      If a few people would pay their Panama taxi drivers in fake Eagles, they will learn their lesson soon enough 🙂

    • Best part of the whole thing was the two dogs, both with a WTF look on their faces.  Clearly, they had NEVER seen such a sight before.  Water?  I bet it had a shot of vodka in it to loosen up those aching muscles.   lol

    • Is it just me or does Barry run like a sissy girl? … he is so in the closet IMO!
      That video was so lame that I am embarrassed. Barry is a better actor in his State of the Union addresses, how come he is so lame when purely creating a piece of scripted(?) propaganda?
      Don’t forget to drink your fluoride people … it’s good for your teeth they tell me.

    • @Ranger @Marchas45
       Charlie!! what happened? Silver was supposed to go to $23 Dollars Today! 
      Here’s what happened, fellas! (the monkeys got their hammers out and hit Silver… and Charlie 😀 )

      Marchas45 would have been correct, IMO, because the behavior of the markets looks like there is plenty of upward pressure left!

    • @Ranger:
      You wrote:
      “Charlie!! what happened? Silver was supposed to go to $23 Dollars Today!”

      You were that kid at recess that used to always say…..”nah nah na-nah nah!”   :-b

      I wonder if it had gone to $23, would you have said..”Charlie……great call!”

      Negatory on the affirmatory Mr. Ranger Sir……..

    • RE: 
      “Barry & Joe’s Let’s Move” run-around,
      Those dumb-sh!tZ are supposed to warm up BEFORE they work out or run… 
      Misleading kids and dummy-Crats everywhere! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!  😀 

    • Using a “nuke or two” against the US would be like pulling a .22 on a guy holding an AK with a 40-round mag, locked, loaded, and set on full auto.  You COULD do it but it would not be advisable.

    • @Ed_B  >>>You COULD do it but it would not be advisable.
      Heck, if they thought the US was going to invade them, they know what happened to Saddam and Gadaffi. They are trained to sucide bomb in that part of the world, in fact they have learned a few tricks from the Us; just bomb Washington and blame Iran … false flags can be played both ways.
      When you believe in 1000’s of virgins and rivers running with honey, suicide apparently isn’t as hard to fathom, although I expect the materialistic House of Saud don’t themselves believe the BS they drum into their terrorist patsies.
      Stranger things have happened Ed … all of the ‘love’ the US has been spreading covertly in the world has to blow back to the homeland some day, and backstabbing past partners like the Saudis is one way to test fate.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      You still believe in suicide bombers? 
      Are you familiar with US human rights compliance in black prision camps? Some tidbits have come out on that. Not good.
      Seen US troops pee over Afghan victims? Your heroes.
      Realize that CIA funds Al Quaida training camps?
      I consider the likelihood of a war prosiner in a straightjacket strapped to a bomb is far greater than someone giving their life voluntarily. There is proof of neither option. All you got is an identified body and a bomb that went off. Whom to trust, the agressor or the victim? Depends on which side you are I suppose.

    • @ XC
      The Quran and its orders to wage holy war against the infidels is much older than the CIA. That the US was and is trying to take advantage of the ideology (or whom they sometimes try to sell us as “moderates”) is a different story.
      The last time I heard of someone forcing prisoners to go to war it was the Saudis (not that any western government protested against that:):
      If you think suicide bombers (and their ideology) don`t exist, why don`t you listen to what some of them who failed at their attacks have to say? You know how many suicide bombers are blowing themselves up in Iraq on a weekly basis- all forced to do so by the CIA?
      Also think of Kamikaze fighters, or the German kids at the end of WW2 who were sent against tanks.
      Voluntarily may not be the right word of course..

    • @skeleton
      I am familiar with the ideology, but will not because it exists believe that it’s beneath NWO to blow up prisoners. It’s not about forcing/persuading, it’s about putting a straight jacket, administer sedative and install bomb.
      Mind control eists, and is strong. Wackos exist. But not to this degree, else the whole western world would be mad max land by now. I don’t believe CIA etc are able to dodge all such attacks, if they existed. Getting prisoners without a trace is just that much harder here. Or not part of the plan yet.
      Terrorism is extremely easy, which makes terrorists non-existent or unthinkably lazy.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “…in fact they have learned a few tricks from the Us; just bomb Washington and blame Iran … false flags can be played both ways.”
      They could try that, but… the USA is under constant satellite observation.  There is a zero chance that any missile could come in undetected without its course  and trajectory immediately back-tracked to the point of launch.  Should a nuke explode on US territory, such as on a freighter or in a truck, that blast would be included in the observation film and VERY carefully analyzed.  A spectrogram from the explosion would then be combined with chemical assay of the nuked area and the source of the weapon exactly pinpointed.  I would not want to be them when they are discovered.  Nukes are big, noisy, and dirty.  The chance of the US Gov not knowing who built it are as close to nil as one can imagine.  What they choose to do with that info, however, remains unknown.
      “When you believe in 1000′s of virgins and rivers running with honey, suicide apparently isn’t as hard to fathom, although I expect the materialistic House of Saud don’t themselves believe the BS they drum into their terrorist patsies.”
      Yes, it is amazing that these idiots never think to ask, “If we are to receive such huge rewards, blessings, and glory, why do our leaders not precede us in a death mission of their own?“.
      “Stranger things have happened Ed …”
      Indeed they have… and they keep on happening!  :-O

    • @XC-Skater>>>Mind control exists, and is strong. Wackos exist. But not to this degree,
      I’m not saying that some of these people aren’t blackmails and other assorted setups, but I do believe that the majority of them are in fact legitimate dupes.
      The Brezinski and CIA funding in Afghanistan specifically setup these groups to train children from birth to believe this mumbo-jumbo, and they are indoctrinated and military trained in the middle of nowhere with no outside contact, to believe that everyone who is NOT one of ‘their own’ works for Satan. Children are very impressionable, so all it takes is the CIA and/or their Saudi partners to control the small qty of hierarchy, and you have a veritable cult of suicide bombers and death squad that you can use at your discretion against any target and as a false flag without the dupe ever having known that they actually were working for Satan(CIA).
      If you train a child from birth to fear outsiders and constantly and exclusively feed them a diet of radical religious ideology you would be surprised how effective their self induced mind control can be. Look at Californian Liberals, case point, LOL.
      @skeleton >>>The Quran and its orders to wage holy war against the infidels is much older than the CIA. That the US was and is trying to take advantage of the ideology (or whom they sometimes try to sell us as “moderates”) is a different story.
      Bingo, they take something that is easily manipulated (a religious ideology) and spin it to their advantage. This is no different IMO to the way Bush tried to get the Christian Conservatives to support the Iraq/Afghan war based on their fear that ‘Christendom’ (if you can call the US part of Christendom anymore, I call it MTV’dom) is under attack, thus the solution would be for Christian Conservatives to join the Military and go on a new Crusade to the ME, regardless of Jesus saying ‘Love your enemies’ and ‘turn the other cheek’. The war against partially invisible Islamic Terrorists in caves was unwinnable to start with, so I would say Jesus’ advice was practically better than that from the CFR … LOL. Not that the CFR people were ever concerned about actually putting out any fires in the first place. Even though 911 was a false flag it only killed ~~3000 people, and by reacting to it with foreign wars, way more than 3000 have been killed in addition and the country is further along the road to bankruptcy. Bush was trying to Bait Christian Conservatives just as much as Saudis bait their Islamic Radical Dupes in a paradigm, except Bush’s side of the dialectic backfired IMO and it only partially worked. Christians are MUCH, MUCH harder to turn into Militant Radicals than Muslims, so for this reason the NWO shows more respect to Islam than Christianity … Islam is MUCH more useful for the Ordo-Ab-Chao, true pacifist Christianity is the enemy of this ideology, it is like throwing water on a fire. So now we get Obama and the Libertine hoard to attack Christian and true Conservative ideology in a social-civil-war of ideology … divide and conquer from a different angle, chipping away at the wall.
      @Ed_B I’m not saying it would be an easy operation … suitcase nukes come to mind; not that I have any idea who has suitcase nukes or if they exist, but I would bet that if an Arab Country of some sort WANTED to legitimately attack the US with a nuke (ie, not a US false flag) then a small warhead being smuggled in somehow would be the way it was done… I know, I know, satellite radiation tracking right? I just don’t know how effective that stuff is, look at TSA for instance, all of this funding and have caught NO legit Terrorists before boarding planes, only people they catch are strangely connected to FBI arranged exercises and/or setups.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “I’m not saying it would be an easy operation … suitcase nukes come to mind…”
      Understood.  I am not saying that it would be impossible, just a REALLY bad idea.  Poking a tiger with a stick is possible too but… also not a good idea if one wishes not to be torn limb from limb.  And what a wonderful excuse to unleash the FULL power of America’s military without any regret whatsoever.  There were no tears shed over nuking Japan in 1945 and this would receive even less sympathy after a nuke attack on US soil.  In fact, the American people would DEMAND it.  I’m sure that various generals and admirals have considered the use of nuclear carpet bombing in such a case.
      Hopefully nothing really valuable would be destroyed in the US.  An attack on DC, for example, would be one from which we could recover quite quickly, since nothing of any real value is there.  😉
      As to no terrorists being caught by TSA, I have to agree.  But, like the cop on the beat, maybe their real mission is to be visible and to deter crime rather than solve it.
      A small nuke used to create an EMP would be THE worst possible use of such a small weapon, from our point of view, since it would do a lot of damage to our power infrastructure, comms, transportation, etc. over a wide area.  We all saw how inept FEMA was during the Katrina SHTF, so we can visualize what things would be like with dozens or even hundreds of cities and towns affected by an EMP… the terms “sheer chaos”, “pandemonium”, and “a kicked ant hill”  come to mind.

    • Lately they’ve only gotten to battle stations when USA used it’s influence to get war upon mostly defenceless oil/gas pipe (plan) bearing countries. Russia defended Syria which would otherwise have been genocided like Irak. Now they are defending their ethnic brothers and sisters in Ukraine, where they also have arge naval bases. They people of UKR (East) are welcoming this.
      US/EU have sparked a “revolution” which combats the corrupt president that enriched himself. The pro-EU parties are supporting the revolution, have taken power, abolished anti-corruption laws, and freed from prison their corrupt idol Timochenko. The currupt have defeated the corrupt. Ruined the economy for IMF and friends to fix (suck crazy interest out of, bring to knees). They are tripping themselves up to arrange multi-billion “aid” loans. So convenient this had to happen exactly when people were sipposedly revolting all on their own. Must have been federal bookkeepers that sparked it.
      Now the new govt is handing over the financial future of the country to the western world. The people are starting have a Morsi moment already, especially those East, and asking big bro Russia to help them out. They want to be free, not be EU slaves. Rather RU slaves, that’s their fatherland. And best change to reach freedom with.

    • @XC-Skater
      +1 Like
      Another well rounded synopsis. Western Establishment are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Imagine Obama who handed the TBTF Cartel a blank check acting like this is for the greater good against corrupt government and also ORDERING Putin to allow Ukraine (including Crimea) to fully get in bed with a NATO block.
      Didn’t we witness US military style police spraying industrial level pepper spray in the faces of Occupy student protestors.
      Can we all imagine what the response would be if protestors with bats, molotov’s and guns rallied anywhere near Wash DC? Wasn’t Ukraine’s leader elected Democratically with a remaining period to his elected Term? What a f*cking hypocrite Obama is, and Kerry, and McCain, and Alexander Haig, and David Cameron.
      This is exactly what they want, a war over Crimea that rightfully should go with Russia if the people decide it should, because all the capitalists in the European countries will send their flight Capital right into US Treasuries, and this will give NATO the re-invigoration that it needs to allow US/UK Foreign Policy to dominate EU Military decision making once again, and as someone said above, ‘perhaps it is safer if Germany keep its Gold at the Fed a little longer’.
      Crazy hypocrites run this country! Big time!

  5. Mary B   Methinks you are correct that the House of Saud has some nukes.  A few billion to Pakistan or even North Korea could produce a tidy inventory of blasters—or Russia with their suitcase nukes
    With Ukraine imposing currency controls, I am trying to see how they could be Cyprused.  The IMF and ECB have not put their claws into the Ukraine as far as I know. They are trying, but the Ukranian currency has been hit hard.  The treasury is broke.  Rumor has it that the former president fled and in his term absconded with $70 billion. Maybe not that much but the story is the Swiss put a lock on his offshored accounts.  
    If not Cyprus,  more like Italy, Spain and France  Lockdowns on currencies to prevent total wipe out bank runs.  A bankrupt country is a dangerous one. Who will they reach out too?  The one with the largest bank account? Or the most weapons.
    It’s a real Hobson’s Choice.   Compartmentalizing the country into 2 or 3 regions would work badly since that easily could lead to civil war on who gets what when the borders are put in place.
    On a side note I recalled when Chavez repatriated Venezuela’s 144 tons of gold. Now that the country has bankrupted itself, probably due to actions of the IMF and World Bank, as a list of candidates who are Group 30 trouble makers, Maduro wants to lease it out.  I heard at GS is handling that action.   That gold will disappear to China most likely.

    • @AGXIIK
      Reached out to IMF they already have. They, being the opposition parties now in control of parliament. The ones who on their first day abolished anti-corruption laws under which their buddy Timoshenko was put in the slammer. Curruption is the new IN thing in Ukraine, now that the corrupt president is on the run.

      Reach out? They are sell-outs to the EU/US/globalist western tribe. Promising the citizen free money, and free passports. All the EU wants is control over them pipe lines, and pester the heck out of Russia. Syria ALL OVER AGAIN. To the T. With an original artificial flavour of Egypt Spring.
      They are taking western hand-out, allow interest to spike up, and all wealth to be drained. Oh well, what to take now that their money ain’t no good anymore? Let’s take some naval bases and that little pipe line project you got there. And yes you may work for us. We used to call it slavery. Else, be Spain’d.
      The people of UKR are waking up quickly. Just weeks ago a friend of mine with her ear to the ground thought it was all good, just people standing up to tyranny. Now she sees what they’ve been cheering for unknowingly. And perhaps flipping the finger on the EU as Januchenko wasn’t all that bad? Just, he shouldný have enriched himself. Like Timochenko who is now free. And parliament now wants Januchenko to be trialed in The Hague. Double standards all around.
      Perhaps democrats and republicans who really are the same people and opinions has it advantages 😉

    • Their “choice” is made easier by the fact that Russia is very near and the US is very far.  The EU?  Small military muscle and even less will to use it, so no problem.  Their tactic will be financial coercion.  Who knows?  Perhaps that will work.  I just do not see the Ukrainian people making this decision on their own.  They will get LOTS of “help” with it, asked for or not.

  6. XC Skater.  I heard that the IMF/US offered $1 billion bailout to URK last week. That is a small handout for a country that has a multi billion dollars bank, treasury and foreign currency exchange deficit.  Shortages are cropping up in Ukraine and rates are moving up.  If there is not bail-in in the UKR because there is not rich enough banking enterprise, there could be a bail-in tax in Europe to finance the FIAT disaster in the UKR
    This might be the tipping point where the ECB and IMF decide it’s time to pull the nuclear option called A ONE TIME WEALTH TAX that was running through the news cycle just 2-3 weeks ago.   Wealth taxes, bail-ins and debt cycles are the new normal when a country is in the throes of collapse.  In the case of Cyprus the Russian oligarchs got plenty of warning of the bail-in  and moved to safer banking venues. Tens of billions of Russian funds were moved to banks affiliated to the Cypriot banks.  Those affiliated banks had no bail-ins or withdrawals.  Nice trick if you can pull it off. UKR is right next door, up close and personal. Russian financial interests will not be trampled by the ECB. Putin has already put $50 billion invested into loans, grants and company funding in the last several months. He wants a return on his money, not seeing a bunch of gonnifs and confidence men sneak into the banks and treasuryand remove the funds
    The Russians no doubt remember their funds being in harms way n Cyprus That was only 8 months ago. Russian interests were harmed in Cyprus but they avoided the worst of that 30 billion Euro theft by moving their funds quickly and with advance notice.
    Now the banking and currency crises are closer to home
    I am certain any Russian with interest in URK will fight the attempts of the ECB, IMF and Fed to get involved in the UKR.  
    When Nuland, a Soros state department crony, crowed about investing $5 billion into the hands of the people who destablized UKR, Soros wants a pay day.  It might be billions for him. Where is the meat on the bones that will feed his appetite?  Who will suffer when this ghoul takes his first bite.
    No country is safe when Soros is hungry
     His minions in the state department want to appease their lord and master
    URK’s net worth value is probably in the trillions.  The US/UK/EU wants that wealth while reducing Putin’s ability to put a strangle hold on Europe when Putin wants to flex his petro muscles.  They want both and think that creating a proxy faux civil war will serve their interest.  War could be the over reaching  consequences of this heavy handed and very transparent fight for regime change.

    • @AGXIIK >>>Putin has already put $50 billion invested into loans, grants and company funding in the last several months. He wants a return on his money, not seeing a bunch of gonnifs and confidence men sneak into the banks and treasuryand remove the funds
      Maybe that’s why Januckenko apparently took off with $70 billion as XC Skater said above??
      this can only accelerate the speed at which the puppet Govt puts its hands out to the EU and/or US, but I’m quite sure that the EU/US is quite willing to throw money at Ukraine to get this prime Missile Base Real Estate under NATO control.
      I cannot see this ending well at all. Any Ukrainian that took part in this so called ‘uprising’ is a maniac, look at Syria, it is in ruins, Ukraine will look worse than Syria if this goes the way I believe it will. If the US leads a NATO occupation of Ukraine, and the Russians meet them in the middle, you can bet that the US will simultaneously go into Syria and then you will have a multi-front not-so-cold-war … Turkey is bound to get in on the action against Russia, and it will be like an exact replay of the Crimean War but with the US involved mostly instead of Britain.
      Don’t forget the Muslim Terror Assets that the Saudi-US have setup in the Caucuses. Yesterdays Boston Bomber ilk is tomorrows ally … perhaps this is also a way of keeping the Saudis on board and getting them Syria for their pro-Petro-Dollar Pipeline project (Saudi Arabia->Iraq->Syria->EU) to compete with Russian Oil in the EU market, which would cause massive hardship in Russia if they found it hard to unload oil to Germany etc…  or could not compete with discounted oil from the Saudis used as a price weapon against Russia to destabilize their economy from the inside out.
      There’s no way Putin will take this sh*t lying down, this is outright Bear Baiting and Russian Roulette by the West (pardon the pun :P)

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “… look at Syria, it is in ruins…”
      Yes, and it wasn’t that pretty BEFORE all this crap came down on them.  Same with Lebanon.  That used to be a great place where many Europeans went for their holidays.  LOTS of foreign hard currency came in there and the country benefited greatly.  Since they got all pissy with Hamas and other terrorist groups using it as a base, the country has become a complete s***hole… and that is an insult to s*** everywhere.

    • @Ed_B >>>Same with Lebanon.  That used to be a great place where many Europeans went for their holidays.
      Yeah, if you lived in the EU you wouldn’t exactly want to sign up for one of those discount ‘Mystery Flight’ holidays with discount accommodation …. you’d be like ‘ahhhhh, crap!, Hotel Beirut’ … or … the Kiev Winter Weekender, only 20Euros and free accommodation at the old Presidents Palace, free tickets to the Zoo … LOL. DISCLAIMER: No Travel Insurance offered!

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “Yeah, if you lived in the EU you wouldn’t exactly want to sign up for one of those discount ‘Mystery Flight’ holidays with discount accommodation …. “
      Maybe they could bill it as “the adventure of a life-time!” ?  No mention as to how long that “life-time” might be, though. lol

  7. Marchas45   Just watched that moronic video with KLUMMAC and the poster child for Alzheimer taking a jog.  I dont what cornholio dipshirt came up with this but now I know why Obama chose Biden.
    Rumor has it that KLUMMAC has a ‘thing’ for older white men.
     And yes, he runs like a sissy.  

    • @AGXIIK
      “Rumor has it that KLUMMAC has a ‘thing’ for older white men”
      …or they have a “thing” for him… 
      Maybe BOTH  
      My dad got that email with “O”, “Shotgun Joe”, “RahmBo” Emmanuel, and a couple others all dressed in towels, in a bath house. He thought the pic was real, and I said it looks like something AG would fwd.  LOL

    • @AGXIIK
      “… And yes, he runs like a sissy. “
      Remember this old Lyndon drawl, thing from the Johnson days???
      “Mah Fellow Uhmericuns,
      Tonight, ah come to you with a heavy heart,
      And a LOAD in mah drawers…”

  8. I has been my semi-recent insight that probably Saudi Arabia bought a good decade of “no trouble” by selling the name and ID rights of Osama Bin Laden to them mid-2001. When the US terminated those rights by declaring him dead (a decade after the fact surely), this contract expired, and entered new negotiations. A young an handsome Saudi registered into the white house 6 times before getting injured in the (2nd and real) Boston explosion. Such coincidence. He got an emergency flight home, despite closed air space. Like the Bin Laden family on 9-11-01, very tight with the Bush’s. From Bin Laden to Hitler is just 2 steps. The connection is the Bushes, Sr. dad financed Hitler’s rise to reign. Hitler paid back, with interest. Old skool business style.
    The US are just a trade mark in this game. The ones who pull the strings see the US as a financial and military tool, not a benefactor in itself. Which is why stuff never seems to make sense. Saudi’s are charged with 911, and all of the middle east is genocided, except for KSA itself. KSA even hired USA to finish off Syria, at which they failed. KSA is very upset about this, this was not the deal.
    And the gold story? Unless Jim Willie offers better insight as to who his sources are, and how the gold is being taken, by whom, it sounds a bit like the stuff I could just make up as I go along.

  9. My guess on this one not true. The governments of the world would just say game over before they actually steal gold from such a high ranking rich government. By game over I mean they pull the plug on legal ownership again. An I believe this is coming by years end. As the warehouses of the world are running on fumes. An by doing this all the lies will be hidden? Like where is all the gold in fort knox, Who got rich on all the manipulated toilet paper puts on the gold and silver price flushes. Is there actually really 3 major prices on the pms? 1 between the governments in the excess of $10,000 an ounce, And a paper price of $10,000 an ounce in the governments books with a ridiculous public price of just $1300?. An where is all the disappearing gold stock piles going to? They say china is buying over 4 times yearly production a year an the price was falling. Which means its a government conspiracy written all over it. Was the plan all along was to slowly deplete the gold an silver of the world through low prices an scare the people into believing the dollar an stock markets will collapse? Was there plan to get the American people to cash out there 401ks? And when the comex does run out of physical is that the time the pm game is over. Calling for an end of the comex and  for the gov to annouce  gold an silver illegal again.

    • But who was really the “stooge” here??? 
      IMO, King Saud was all along. He was alienated from the rest of the Arab world, as well as Muslims, when he agreed to the exchange of Paper “Money” instead of Gold & Silver, which is supposed LAW for Islam. BW, the “King is Dead” anyway, even though my good buddy Batman said they have had the body of the King on life support for like 3 years or more… 
      Good Post, I’m wondering what the price of SILVER is on that exchange… $1,000? 

    • Dang, you pose a lot of good questions so I’ll only have a stab at this one;
      >>>Who got rich on all the manipulated toilet paper puts on the gold and silver price flushes?
      …I would bet my house and car on the name Rockefeller being on that list.

    • Richess was a phase they’ve gone through. Now it’s just about power. Or, controlling a larger percentage of global wealth.
      They don’t play the game of ultracars, Oscar winning actresses for hookers or private golf courses in the middle of a beach resort. That’s for the nouveau riche. Trying to get poor before you have offspring.

  10. Good points Dang.   Imagine if China did what Bill Holter on Harvey Organ suggested.  When China wants to shake things up and the Gold is NOT being delivered like they want, the Chinese put out the order   We will buy gold at $4,000   Fill or Kill.  That would have gold flying to the east.

    • This is a great point AG. Chinese also have a good hold on their Media and some international media outlets would not fail to repeat such a statement loudly perhaps on the front page if it came from the Chinese Communist Party in clear bold language … this would destroy confidence in the London Fix quicker than you can say … Tungsten … commodities traders the world over would not fail to get spooked.

    • I suggested such a thing long ago. But merely stating that they’d pay 5% over “spot” would suffice probably, to really get traders motivated to find gold, and send it East. I know Shanghai trades at a premium soetimes, but to formalize it, in order to “speed up normalization of fair value” would be quite something.
      When you and I exchange gold, which would be around 3-5% over spot perhaps…how to price when in China the kilo bars go for 5% over? Or let’s say 10%. Then the we-buy-gold shops will need to adjust their prices for .999 gold.
      China would place was ads in Western newpapers (front page) for tons of gold. And establish their own we-buy-gold shops, with stellar prices. 

  11. Sometimes, it’s useful to zoom-out just a little bit on all this day-by-day excitement in our world and take stock of the bigger picture. I think it’s useful to bear in mind here that it was ALWAYS the plan to betray the Saudis going all the way back to the early ’70’s, when Kissinger, not two years after we closed the gold window first went to visit the camel jocks.  They knew even before Nixon closed the gold window that the globalist push for a One-World Government could never move forward with a dollar tied to the finite resource limitations of Gold. The globalist aspirations would never survive the 70’s.  They needed a new standard and decided that energy, (Oil) was the answer. So, Kissinger was dispatched to go where the oil was and he worked the deal with the Arabs to develop their oil, have them sell it to the world “demon-inated” (heh heh little freudian keyboard slip there… ) in US dollars, thus ushering in the petro-dollar world reserve currency standard not even two years after Nixon closed the gold window. It’s amazing what you can do and how quickly you can do it when you’ve had the plan for 20 years. If only that pesky DeGaulle hadn’t been so insistent on getting his gold back. Supposedly, there was even a plan to assassinate the gold-grubbing SOB but, for whatever reason, that never happened.

    So, once they had cemented the dollar-oil peg they knocked gold from it’s monetization role and really didn’t care where it went, KNOWING FULL WELL that the real gold for the next 40 years or so was the oil..  When the time came, they would simply go back and ‘requisition’ the metal back, hoovering it back up in whatever way was the most appropriate at the time.  There are archival letters and communications between high-ups in the US talking about this ultimate ‘repatriation’ when it came time to collapse the reserve currency system. The blueprint for consolidating the world’s gold reserves was already in place with London chosen for the world’s gold repository, even after the failure of the London Gold Pool in the late ’60’s. Enticing the Saudis (and everyone else) to park their barbarous relic holdings there would come 20 years or so later.

    Of course, we all know the deal was that the Saudis would take their ‘payments’ in US debt… Treasuries, you see…  Kissinger and his ilk knew damned well that the debt would become worthless one day… that it would never be paid back.  But that debt financed the US growth for about 35 years until 2007 when the system started to roll over.

    When I explain the dollar/debt system to people new to the financial realities of our present times,, I tell them that for all the years since the mid ’70’s all that gasoline they’ve bought for their cars in the last 40 years HAS NOT YET BEEN PAID FOR… and that THEY STILL OWE THE oil barons for their gasoline bill for the past 40 years.  That’s part of the ~$300 Trillion or so that the US owes in total liabilities… Usually, they just look at me, dumbstruck. Of course, the Saudi’s were never ‘paid’ for that gasoline, instead, they were just given ‘promissory notes.’

    Now, making this deal with what eventually became OPEC had a few other little added benefits. Namely, control of oil prices. Have a country that wouldn’t play ball with the US foreign policy? Suddenly oil prices became very high, or supplies got tight… got a country with argument over balance of payments? No problem, let the oil lubricate the friction points… the global hegemony toolbox now had one more effective tool.

    So, we’ve ALREADY screwed the Saudis totally.  We’ve conned them out of their oil with what is quickly becoming worthless paper. As for the gold. Well, stealing the gold was in the plans for 40 years… as I pointed out earlier, these guys even talked about it back in the 70’s and worked out a way to coerce the Saudi’s (and many others as well) to store their gold where it was easily accessible to the schemers. They knew there would come a day when they’d just take it back, by whatever means.

    But, if the plan was to betray the Saudis in the end, how was it to happen? We began to finally turn off the environmental lobby money spigots, sending all the tree-huggers home and allowing domestic energy supply to produce, (after letting it develop in the ’80’s and ’90’s) When it came time to stop the music, how would the process play out?? Enter the Arab Spring plan.  The Fed drove up the food prices in the MENA region while CIA agitators roiled the natives. Tunisia, in January, Egypt in February, Libya in March (well Ghaddafi was a SOB who played hell on their calendar, throwing them off for more than a year, even though he only lasted 8 months.)  Yemen, Bahrain in April through June… moving all around the Saudis and eventually taking out Syria too. The idea was to replace the semi-friendly Saudi neighbors with new globalist puppet regimes..  The feint was to to threaten Iran for as long as necessary with war under the guise of nuclear weapons development, but the real plan in this theater was to isolate Saudi Arabia. Why? Well, if the regime dies, think of all that debt they won’t have to pay back or make good on. And, in the end, isolating MENA… there’s a bit more to that story, but that’s for another post. In the meantime,  we were quietly supporting Russia  with Technology and resources to kick Gazprom into even higher gear and keep Putin in good favor with his oligarchic masters.

    But a funny thing happened, on the way to global hegemony, and the US made the penultimate blunder when, in March of 2012, they cut Iran out of the SWIFT international payment system.  This ignited  an already seething anti-dollar sentiment into a raging inferno, based on the realization that the US had complete control over world trade settlement, in particular, as it related to the petro-dollar, and Turkey, India and Iran, along with China on the periphery, were forced to work out a hurried gold-trade settlement alternative pronto, since Iran was a major energy supplier in the region. Added to the BRICS bank initiatives, this initiative put the dollar now under major assault as the global reserve currency and settlement medium.

    The upshot of this is the globalists, whose power is dependent on the continued viability of the US Dollar as the world reserve currency now realize they are living on borrowed time, which now grows increasingly short. This is why we’ve seen the attempt to take out Syria, and to organize a coup to take over the Ukraine. They need to slow the momentum to other energy sources and their corresponding trade arrangements exclusive of and outside the petrodollar is becoming more urgent as the dollar now fights for it’s life around the USDX 80 cliff. An abyss below awaits with dire consequences indeed. How dire? Well, confronting Russia in the Ukraine is a potential nuclear flashpoint if it is allowed to get too far out of hand. The theft of the Saudi gold was planned as a final step in the marginalization of the Saudis, but now, with China’s increasing gold acquisitions, they are fast running out of options. The final gold theft step is being accelerated, even as it will deteriorate the Saudi’s temperament, but it is a real sign of the desperate times now facing the globalist initiatives.

    Begrudge Willie his anonymous sources if you wish, but the plan to plunder Saudi gold has been in the works for 40 years at least. What amazes me is how the Saudis have left themselves vulnerable to the plunder. Nukes notwithstanding, they are not in a great position at the moment.
    I’m sure I’ve probably missed a thing or two in this, but it’s late…

    • @Sovereign-Economist >>>“demon-inated” (heh heh little freudian keyboard slip there… ) in US dollars
      Indeed 🙂
      A good synopsis of the semi-visible ‘plays’ being played, there are always side games being played however.
      George Orwell’s 1984 is a great example and is so accurate about future geopolitics that it frightens me (Book of Revelation comes first however).
      Orwell said there would be 3 Major Power Blocks;
      1- Oceania [US,UK, Commonwealth], Western Europe mostly with Oceania but caught in tug-a-war with Russia also.
      2- Mongols[Russia and step satellites]
      3- Asians[China and satellites]
      …all 3 hate each others guts, and nobody knows whether they are actually directly/indirectly working together to maintain each others position in order to keep the Earth as a whole compliant to Super Block Oligarchical Hegemony. ie, like 3 enemies who’s power only exists BECAUSE the others also have Power that NEEDS to be counterbalanced in order to justify anti-humane Statist overreach … whilst of course all programming their peoples into thinking that this sacrifice of a few liberties here and there are necessary for their Freedom (Double-think).
      Lord Palmerston called this type of analysis the ‘Balance of Power’ ideology of British Empire Foreign Policy. The US/UK Deep State would not want to completely eliminate Russia and China because they need these boogie-men to crush and kill any country in between that establishes too much liberty and growth. As soon as they knock them down a little they help them back up.
      The Great Game!!! the only difference this time is that there are Nukes in the arsenals and Nuclear Power Plants that can be used like massive Dirty Bombs (1000+ in Nth Hemisphere), so whilst this policy may have been effective in Crimea, WWI, WWII, it is today the literal equivalent of ‘playing with fire’ … I say we all lose in this scenario, as well as the ‘elites’, they are crazy for even thinking that they can control 3 Power Blocks that all have this power.

    • Good post, thanks!
      Makes sense.
      But is KSA a nuclear enemy you want to switch allies? They could go to Russia and make up. Offer them a bro deal on their goodies, and some “trade” arrangement to make their dealings that much less cumbersome. When KSA seeks revenge, USA could see some real terrorism which they’d not have to do anything for. No embarassing collapsing buildings more than there are airplane impacts. If real terrorism, not out of wacko beliefs, but pure revenge gets underway, underground transport can be over from one hour to the other. Leave US’s main cities totally cripled. Nu infrastructure, no economy.
      Now that drones are part of the typical city view, how hard it is to smuggle 1 container full of them, plus stinky payload, and let them fly from port to business- and residental centers, and release their skunk? A lot of quadcopters fit a single 40 foot container… Heck, quadcopters could even make it into the subway. And they can release their payload not in 1 place, but string it out endlessly.
      A $1 million operation could make 911 seem like a peaceful car-free Sunday. Imagine if KSA feels they have a few trillions worth of revenge to settle…
      Arabs have been blamed for terrorism all around the globe for decades now. Iran can land US drones at will. How hard do you think it would reall be to undertake a wild play as I offered above? Almost too easy. It’s not my style, but any modern mastermind (the world is so lucky I am an overlord of the light, not dark) can get that done with only a few programmers, engineers, and bribes.

    • There is room for honest debate as to whether or not the Saudis have been “paid”.  Yes, they were given fiat US dollars for their oil and gas, a lot of which was plowed back into UST paper and much of it at 5-7% interest.  Still, dollars ARE spendable, so they were able to use those dollars to build infrastructure, fund their military, and considerably upgrade their life-style… all of which they have done.  They also bought a lot of gold over the years, WITH DOLLARS, even if they then very foolishly stored it in London and perhaps other places as well.  It is not only the US that has purchased Saudi oil with dollars… everyone buying oil from them has done the same.  US and British oil companies developed the oil fields in Saudi Arabia when few others could.  IIRC, the Arabs did not even know they had any oil until the Brits found it for them.  Yes, it IS an imperfect world out there and a lot of it is BS.  But, it’s the only world we have… so far.

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “Well, if you’re holding a Treasury, you ain’t been paid for SOMETHING!”
      If you’re holding a Treasury, you’re holding an interest-bearing debt-instrument of the US Gov.  These are liquid and can be sold at any time or held and the interest collected.  Granted, it sucks as an investment and may indeed one day go completely TU but that day is not here, however, and it still has value.  Value is a bit like beauty… in the eye of the beholder and all that.  You see no value in a US Treasury bond and that is a perfectly legitimate opinion.  I see some value in them, which is also a legitimate opinion, but do not care to own them because they are crummy investments.  Others will see value and want to own them.  It’s all about FREE choice and we’re all making the ones that seem best to us.  🙂

    • @Ed_B
      “…You see no value in a US Treasury bond and that is a perfectly legitimate opinion.  I see some value in them, which is also a legitimate opinion, but do not care to own them because they are crummy investments.”
      Ed, I don’t take issue with whether a Treasury has ‘value’ or not, at least not today.    I only stress the point that, until you redeem it, it’s just a piece of paper.  Eating it is a bit like my proverbial example of eating FRN’s — they taste like crap!  LOL!  Until you convert them, they are worth only the intrinsic value of paper and ink.  Sure, a greater fool may well take one off your hands, but you’re still dependent on finding a greater fool counterparty.  Analogous to the question of whether you’d rather hold physical metals or a GLD certificate… suppose the Saudis decided to get paid for ALL the treasuries they hold and (tried to) redeem them all tomorrow… what would they get for them??? (besides the possibility of a drop-in visit by the US Military ‘proxy’ messengers?) 

    • @Sovereign Economist
      ” I only stress the point that, until you redeem it, it’s just a piece of paper.”
      Indeed it is… and so is just about everything else in the US and world economy today.  Even a pay-check is “just a piece of paper” until it is redeemed for other pieces of paper that stores and businesses accept as legal tender.  My mortgage was “just a piece of paper” too, until I redeemed it via wire transfer of the appropriate number of digital bits to the correct account.  😉
      “Eating it is a bit like my proverbial example of eating FRN’s — they taste like crap!”
      Lol!  Well, I am sure that neither of us has ANY basis upon which to make THAT comparison but I would agree that FRNs probably do not taste very good.  I have not tried one but one does not always need to experience something that is obviously not good to know that it is not good.
      “Until you convert them, they are worth only the intrinsic value of paper and ink.”
      As with anything else, they are worth whatever someone else is willing to give us in exchange for them.  I can take a $50 fiat note to my local gas station and get most of a tank of gas in exchange for it.  Since that fuel has value to me, it is worth the exchange on my side.  It must be worth it on the station’s side too, else they would not do it.
      “Sure, a greater fool may well take one off your hands, but you’re still dependent on finding a greater fool counterparty.”
      Now, just stop a minute and think about that.  IMO, considering how the world works these days, there is an endless supply of ever-greater fools, so this is NO obstacle whatever.  lol
      “…suppose the Saudis decided to get paid for ALL the treasuries they hold and (tried to) redeem them all tomorrow… what would they get for them??? (besides the possibility of a drop-in visit by the US Military ‘proxy’ messengers?) “
      It seems likely to me that the Saudis would very much like to reduce the amount of UST bonds they hold and are aware of the hazards of doing so.  That makes it even more likely that they will cozy up to either a Bear or a Dragon to protect them from the Eagle’s sharp claws and beak.  I can see the Saudis using their UST bonds in conjunction with China so both of them can use these to buy something else that is much more to their benefit.  China would act as the middleman in this deal and receive a commission plus a nice in-road into the ME.  The Saudis would receive currency of some sort that they could use to buy whatever they need or want.  Saudi oil would flow towards China while Chinese military equipment and, um, advisers, yeah, that’s it, go to help the Saudis secure their oil & gas fields, ports, and pipelines.  Any time China can stick a thumb in our eye, they will be very tempted to do so.  There is no doubt in my mind that they will be careful about it but that will not dissuade them in the least. 

    • @Ed_B
      I think we are pretty much on the same page!!!
      Yeah, upon  further reflection on that ‘greater fool’ thingy…  a lawyer friend of mine has a saying that is quite apropos here…
      “Never underestimate people’s ability to be stupid!”

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “I think we are pretty much on the same page!!!”
      Indeed we are, SE, which is why we are having an interesting discussion instead of an argument.  🙂
      “Yeah, upon  further reflection on that ‘greater fool’ thingy…  a lawyer friend of mine has a saying that is quite apropos here…  “Never underestimate people’s ability to be stupid!””
      Indeed… and to that I would add, “The level of stupidity increases as the square of the number of people involved”… which is why legislatures are always complete madhouses.  😉

  12. AGXllK# Be real nice if the Saudis joined in two if this story is true and those two had a bidding war for the price of gold an silver. $500G an $50S moves a day in the metals. Making the shorts die an have massive runs in there banks

  13. It could all be just a ploy the Saudis oil fields are almost as dry as the comex vaults and fort knox combined. It would give an excuse to turn there oil wells off because they are stealing there gold. I heard some where some one had an idea of letting the oceans salt water drain into there oil  formations. This would take trillions of billions gallons of the oceans salt water. Why do this? It would actually lower the oceans water level. 2#Thgere is a huge energy potential there for turbines spinning electricity as the water moves down the wells to the formations. #3 But this take a very long time to fill over 10 years. But at the end all the oil left there be forces to the surface of the water to get at all the remaining oil.

  14. Dang, what a thought Dang. I wish I’d thought of it.
     All the Saudis and Dubai would have to do when the gold stops flowing is put in their own ‘Fill or Kill’ order
    “Any gold in any quantity—$5,000 an ounce”.  They’d use a few trillion of UST holdings or a bit of their sovereign wealth funds to make the buy.   Game, set, match.
      It reminds me of Vinzinni in Princess Bride.  
    ‘Never go against a Saudi when gold is on the line’
    I do wonder if the US would allow us to realize that price domestically. Hmmm—I doubt it
    I’d expat to Mexico for a day or so to make the trade
    There is also the question of which cup contains the poison.
    The one filled with FIAT or the one filled with oil.
    The Saudis are immune from the effects of both, being poisoned by both for 50 years.
    Gold is the antidote IMO

    • @AGXIIK
      Just remember this:  
      “The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon; the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true” and you will know which cup contains the oil & the fiat and which the gold.  😉

  15. EdB
     if Dunkin’ Donuts minted terrorists  the TSA would find them in a NY second
    Besides which, Abu Bin Lipid could take the place of Li’l Abner’s Schmos.
     All parts would be edible, with sides of hummus and falefel

    • @AGXIIK
      “if Dunkin’ Donuts minted terrorists  the TSA would find them in a NY second”
      No doubt!  They’d be all over it.  In fact, allow me to predict that such terrorists would very quickly gain “endangered species list” classification.  lol

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