paradigm shiftGold and USTBonds aint a market. Their so-called official trading arenas are empty rooms with USGovt and USFed devices filling the empty space, creating a phony price. The false Gold price has no real supply. The false Bond price has no real demand. The claimed price is not where Supply meets Demand to clear the table on the market.  Neither Gold more the USTBonds are a real market.
A Paradigm Shift is underway. The United States and its fascist allies are not in control. They will not find a path to retain or regain control. They have no solutions. The most powerful element of the shift has been the movement of gold wealth from Western locations to Eastern locations.

The world reacts by searching for a USDollar alternative, since the removal of the Gold Standard has crippled the world and permitted widespread fraud. The new standard will usher in the new Gold Trade Standard.
The US account holders will be treated with stock shares in conversion for the dead banks, whose value will converge quickly to zeroExpect soon the result to be a climax with bank runs.The bank runs will coincide with bullion bank runs, the fast removal of gold held in inventory vaults at the bullion banks.


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By Jim Willie,

The Fascist Business Model came into vogue in 2001. The merger of state with the largest of corporations, primarily the big banks, the big defense contractors, the big news media networks, and the big pharmaceuticals, has created a choke-hold around the neck of the nation, without 5% recognizing the function of the model during the strangulation in progress. The merger with the deeply corrupted corporations in power became standard fixtures following the 911 attacks, an elaborate self-destruction of the fundamental structure of the nation and its priorities by the syndicate. Think a massive elaborate bank heist of gold bars, bearer bonds, and diamonds, but such discussion belongs in other venues. Let it be said that the events of September 2001 were the syndicate coming out party and the Patriot Act their Nazi Manifesto, with painfully little recognition of events by the sheeple masses or the subservient press talking heads. The national socialists are back in force after a 70-year hiatus, with far more toys and devices. Their telltale signals are bank welfare and a flag wrapped in a cross with unending press coverage of terrorism. During the last twelve years, financial treachery and banking criminality have run rampant in a true global spectacle, their stock & trade. However, treachery with permitted bank and bond fraud, rigged financial markets, naked short ambushes, flash crashes, and lawsuits that convert criminal procedures into standard low business costs all have resulted in profound consequences.


The entire world has reacted, with some significant momentum having been generated in the last year. Back in 2009, repeated in 2010, the Jackass had stated that the nations who are first to move toward a non-USDollar system will thrust themselves into a global leadership position while at the same time permit a recovery from the cancerous fiat currency system led by the USDollar as reserve currency flagship. A basic tenet, the security forces are given more power when security is undermined, even if violent events are perpetrated by the security agencies themselves in great spectacles. The Western nations really truly sincerely need a wake-up call on reality, and it is coming as a paradigm shift with shock waves. But consequences have a way of developing out of natural systems in reaction. Some scientific types call it Newton’s Law. Others call it the order of natural systems. The Jackass preference is to call it a defensive maneuver motivated by the survival instinct, whereby the cancer or pathology is isolated, trapped, then suffocated and extinguished, left to die on the vine or shed like bad skin.



The collection of treacherous practices, most of which emanate from the myriad USGovt offices, have invited stern reaction by the global players. These diverse treacherous practices, often implemented by the Wall Street banks and their ring leader the US Federal Reserve, have invited stern reaction by the global players. The broad cover for treacherous practices, provided protective cover by the USGovt regulatory agencies, have invited stern reaction by foreign nations in a powerful response. The disintegration of the financial foundation built of USDollar steel beams and USTreasury Bond cement blocks has been crumbling and collapsing for the last four years, ever since the Lehman Brothers failure and the integration of Fannie Mae & AIG under the USGovt roof, where their $trillion frauds are kept deeply hidden in the shadows and basement. While the Manhattan Made Men continue to attempt to hold things together, they struggle mightily, lacking sufficient fingers and toes to plug the vast leaky dikes. In response to predation and treachery, the rest of the world has not only been undergoing reaction, they have also been developing the reaction into organized structures. The main victim has been trust and security, for money, bonds, and bank accounts. All property not nailed down is at deep risk. The current wave of treachery and fraud follows the last wave, where most Americans saw their home equity vanish, many foreclosed and jettisoned from the homestead. The public should harbor no trust, while clinging to suspicion toward the leadership crew that undermined security with its own hands.


The list of acts steeped in treachery is long. The reactions are impressive. When viewed as the mosaic for actions coming to pass, the global response is indeed formidable. The micro events are important in their own right, as each hilltop must be retaken and restored. The macro events are what will en masse change the world, as a Paradigm Shift is underway. The United States and its fascist allies are not in control. They will not find a path to retain or regain control. They have no solutions. The most powerful element of the shift has been the movement of gold wealth from Western locations (New York, London, Switzerland) to Eastern locations (China, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong). Most residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe are in shock, constantly distracted by the sweeping disruptive events led by a) unstoppable government deficits, b) the powerful crumble of sovereign bonds, c) the ruinous insolvency of the banking systems, d) the relentless reign of tax terror, and e) the tragic decline of the underlying economies. The West is sinking in a sea of fecal soup, stirred with the toxic paper spew, infected by the rot of acidic corrosion, weighed down by absent legitimate solutions, exploited by criminal activity in high offices. The treachery has brought on powerful consequences. The Western lords are being deposed. They can appeal for squire posts to the East, or else they can wreck the globe. The biggest question is whether new trade devices will win out over the chosen Western fascist predilection toward wider war, release of more virulent viruses, more obvious slavery pens, and louder propaganda.



Break the Gold Standard of Bretton Woods Accord: The action has wrecked the entire global financial system, the destruction a slow burn. The banking leaders are caught in a monetary vise where monetary policy is stuck with ZIRP (0% forever) and QE to Infinity (endless bond monetization purchases). A constant wrecking ball has been applied to the capital structures. Deep damage has come to the financial markets from lost trust, vanished integrity, and no semblance of proper value. The world reacts by searching for a USDollar alternative, since the removal of the Gold Standard has crippled the world and permitted widespread fraud. The new standard will usher in the new Gold Trade Standard. Many are its forces. Many are its motives. Many are its devices. A picture says 1000 words. Observe the Concentric Rings of Death, the great implosion of the USDollar and fiat currency. The rebirth of the Gold Standard will be based in trade settlement, not the banking and currency systems. A grand sidestep is being undertaken under heavy risk. The West controls the banks and FOREX mart. The East has been controlling trade, the emerging economies who finally stand up to demand a voice, even a hand in architecture. They are learning new ways, building new roads, forging new paths.




Quantitative Easing which is bond monetization: The action has unleashed hyper monetary inflation, known better as hyper monetary inflation by another less euphemistic name. The action constitutes a systematic undermine of assets held in reserve by angry foreign governments in the macro sense. The action debases the USDollar currency, in effect all currencies since they defend by competitive devaluations. Central banks around the world must debase their currencies, or else face economic hardship from lost export trade. The reserves held by governments, including sovereign wealth funds managed by government ministries, all lose value from the inflation effect by the USFed actions in debasement. The consequence is immediate. Eastern nations make decisions to diversify out of the USTBonds, the main US$-based vehicle. They have stepped up their accumulation of Gold bullion in reserves and wealth funds. They seek to discharge the USTBonds, and return them to sender. The owners of PIIGS sovereign debt can simply issue a sell order. But foreign nations must send USTBond back to their criminal underwriters and destructive central bank overlords. They must deploy more elaborate plans, like the Russians & Chinese building the Eurasian Trade Zone, who finance its infrastructure with USTBonds, sending the toxic bonds to London for digestion, then burial.


QE bond monetization which is pure inflation: The action is hyper monetary inflation, which works efficiently to cause rising prices in the broad micro sense. The design is to raise asset prices in a beneficial way by naive desperate hack architects. The reality is that the capital structures face severe threats. The deeply felt effects have been engrained in rising cost structure, shrinking profit margins, widespread job cuts, and powerful recession pressures within local economies. The stupidity is compounded by austerity measures, which would have had a positive effect 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Now they are a death spiral assurance. The consequence is simple survival. The world reacts by searching for and developing a USDollar alternative, a new standard upon which to build viable strong enduring systems with the requisite price stability. The Eastern nations work toward a new trade settlement system which will no longer see USTBonds paper chit exchanged for real goods, either bulk commodity and finished products.


Western central banks talk in empty terms about an Exit Strategy: The action is constant 0% in place (ZIRP forever) and endless bond monetization in redemption (QE to Infinity). No lessons have been learned by the Japanese monetary corner suffered for 22 years. In summer 2009, the Jackass called the Bernanke Fed a liar, after the pervasive deceptive talk of an exit strategy. They have none, proved each year. The consequence is that Eastern nations band together for a bonafide real Exit Strategy, as the vast array of nations, many led by the emerging economies giants, will depart the USDollar since the American toxic merchants and fraud kings cannot. The banking and FOREX standard out of the West has been the USDollar, steeped in longstanding hegemony. The trade settlement standard out of the East will be Gold, steeped in rebellion. The two fronts will clash for a monetary nuclear war.


Iran sanctions within the banking system: The story is such poppycock of Iran developing nuclear weapons. They have no weaponized plutonium. They have no missile delivery systems. What they did that was so objectionable was to sell energy products (crude oil & natural gas) outside the USDollar system. Such actions are considered usage of financial devices of mass destruction. The Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq committed the same banker sin. The sanctions are coupled by pressures against the UAE trade artery toward Iran, and pressures against the Turkish gold market working as intermediary to keep the Iranian supply chain filled. The usage of bank SWIFT code bans and lost credentials for Western banks that cooperate with Iran have backfired in a grand way. The resulting reaction in consequence is astonishing. The Iran sanctions have done more to galvanize the entire Eastern nations into workaround devices and elaborate platforms which are coalescing into promising emerging global systems. The Eastern reaction has brought about a global initiative to develop a workable USDollar alternative, but centered in trade. The Gold Trade settlement is the center piece. Its device platforms include the BRICS Development Fund. Its proving ground is the Eurasian Trade Zone.


LIBOR price fixing revealed, bank derivative fraud made public: The action has permitted the world to observe how the foundation of the entire Western banking system is a deep fraud. Worse, the world is able to observe how no prosecution, no justice, and no remedy will be pursued for banker crimes. The LIBOR and derivative frauds are the next to final exposure to happen. The effect is a stench, a vast distrust across the entire banking system and bank derivative product pricing. The big bank profits are all an illusion based on lies and price rigging. The reaction in consequence is a pervasive perception of a corrupt system in need of replacement, and a willingness to work toward legal avenues. The reaction will be distrust of all asset prices and profound confusion. The reaction will be a vast writedown of wealth in bank failures and financial firm failures.


Allocated Gold Account theft and malicious usage: In order to make bilateral trade account settlement easier, the New York and London banking centers encouraged settlement to be done on a net basis. They went further, to encourage holding Gold bullion in trust at the New York Fed and at the Bank of England, held on account as special untouchable elite accounts serving as treasury emissary substitutes. They were touched. They were stolen. They were replaced with Gold Certificates of dubious value, without permission. The reaction in consequence has begun as a strong wind, but now a powerful storm. The reaction has been defiance in stated demands for repatriation of Gold Accounts, a return to home locations. Germany is the leader in the movement, a respected nation with deep wealth, sturdy prestige, and a no-nonsense attitude. The extension of the consequence is that a gaggle of private Allocated Gold Accounts are under scrutiny. They were also touched, stolen, replaced with worthless paper certificates. The gathering storm is building force and power. It is the final bank fraud to reveal how over 40,000 metric tons of gold have been stolen, in need of replacement in the open market. The true Gold price will reflect the acute supply shortage. A $7000/oz Gold price might not bring the Demand versus Supply imbalance into proper equilibrium. The price might have to be higher, to offset the gargantuan growth of money supply. The missing gold from supposedly guarded sacred accounts exceeds the central bank holdings in reserve on a global basis.


Phony USGovt citation of gold reserves in form of Deep Storage Gold: The USGovt takes the public for fools in a global sweeping sense. After leasing and selling all 8500 metric tons from Fort Knox, the Clinton Admin began to put phony entries on the official statements. The arrival of Deep Storage Gold should evoke laughter, even deep guffaws. They are nothing but mountain ore deposits, with a hope of becoming gold bullion some day. If truth be known, the grand misfortunes experienced at Barrick Gold, with shutdown of their Pascua Lama mine on the Argentine Andes, will interrupt the process of bringing the deep storage gold to the COMEX. Also, whatever portion of the Kennecott Utah mine output was due to see the COMEX vaults, it will not arrive anytime soon either. The landslide will curtail delivery for at least a year. The reaction in consequence by Eastern nations is to build gold reserves. They realize the United States, the Canadians, and the British are liars on almost all matters of gold accounting in reserves. The USDollar, the Canadian Dollar, and the British Pound have no collateral. Neither does the Euro currency. The Eastern nations will accumulate much faster than they claim. The Chinese and Russians have an order of magnitude more Gold bullion held in reserves than they admit. They feel no urge to share the truthful proper count.


Big US bank gold & silver naked short positions: The practice of naked shorting (sales with no intention of ever delivering the metal bars on the loading ramps) is plain illegal and corrupt beyond description. Imagine selling Mercedes Benz cars to push the price down, never to deliver the cars. The incredible sham takes place every day in the COMEX market, supported by the LBMA in London. The so-called paper gold price has no bearing or connection anymore to the physical Gold price. The consequence has been a profound shortage of gold bullion, gold bars, gold coins, and gold talents, even gold jewelry. The Eastern nations have responded by building gold reserves in much greater volume, sensing massive shortage of precisely what would stabilize the monetary system, namely Gold. The global market for various gold products has responded by imposing a premium on the official gold price, since it has become a forced cocktail of meaningless rubbish with a slimy foam head. The other more heart felt consequence is the return removal of Eligible gold in COMEX within the JPMorguen vaults. They have fallen by a reported 65% in just two days of vacated metal. The JPMorguen crew have handled a reported 99% of all gold delivery requests in the last three months time. A bank run is occurring, not in the commercial banks, but in the JPMorgen vaults where Chased out are the gold bars.


Wide distribution of tungsten fake gold bars in the 1990 decade: The action was largely directed at Hong Kong, the port for China. The volume according to my sources is beyond a thousand fake gold bars sent to Hong Kong banks during the Clinton-Rubin era. The reaction is an unspeakable anger and resentment. The remedy pursued in order to keep the lid on the scandal appears to be a secretive drain of US gold sent East by refiners (not central bank). Doing so enables it to be classified as Industrial Gold Supplies in the official trade data. The big red thumb in the data is the arrival of an outlier of exports to Hong Kong that did not exist last year. The more profound consequence is the intense scrutiny over Allocated Gold Accounts and their demanded repatriation. The bars are being assayed, verified, even recast. The distrust of the vile New York and London bankers has reached high pitch on the global stage.


Slug US coins in usage since 1965, making official coins mere plated tokens: The action has revealed the shell game deployed by government officials in their management of money. In ancient times, money was metal held in hand. The sophisticated criminal bankers have been unable to conceal the duplicity in money beyond coins as bonded securities became the standard. In past Roman times, the practice was called sovereignty, whereby the leaders would skim small amounts of gold from coins for personal accounts and family wealth tucked away. The American trend setters have gone far beyond what ancient Romans did. They have removed over 90% of the precious metal in circulated coins. They went the rest of the way to 100% by making paper the recognized legal tender, with zero gold backing to the USDollar. By breaking the Gold Standard in 1971, the USDollar has no gold in support. The coins are a mere side show. The consequence is an exercise in Gresham Law. Good forms of money are removed from circulation, removed from the risk that others might recognize their higher value than the worthless slugs circulating among hands. The coin market has seen fit to call the pre-1965 silver coins a strange name, Junk Silver. Their value is multiples greater than face value, a great embarrassment and signal flare of corruption.


Raids against the GLD & SLV exchange traded funds: The entire design of these sham deceptive ETFunds is brilliant. The Wall Street and London City designers deserve credit for building a Trojan Horse that has been ridden for almost ten years by absolute morons and lazy dolts, the greatest dupes ever to walk within the gold community gates. The dupes include meatheads like Adam Hamilton and other supposed wise men. The consequence in this case is not a retaliatory deed, but rather a drainage of the inventory at a rapid rate. Officially known as the SPDR Gold Trust, the GLD gold inventory is enjoying a half-life of destruction. Spare the engineering details. Note that on or about April 22nd,  a whopping 18.3 tons were removed. An acceleration is plainly evident over the last few months. The first 50 tons took 75 days to depart the vaults. The next 100 tons took 48 days to be loaded off and depart. The next 100 tons took a mere 13 days to vanish. The most recent 100 tons took under 7 days, as the acceleration continues apace. At the current rate of departure, the SPDR Gold Trust will be vacant in around two months time. The refill replenishment will be required by the Swiss castles and Roman catacombs, but not the Tower of London (since nearly bone dry). Forget the embarrassing negative premium inherent to the ETFund over the last three years. Zero inventory is far more an embarrassment. The big questions are whether the indescribably stupid investors will notice, and whether lawsuits will hit the scene to bite hard.


Bail-in solution for bank failure, Cyprus style: The action is devious and destructive, whereby banks will talk of recapitalizing within elaborate restructure events. However, when the dust clears, the evidence is plain that the change to be seen will be dead banks in dissolution with private bank accounts vacated. In other words, razed leveled banks with no functioning operating offices, and bank accounts showing zero balances. The consequence is ugly and powerful, lost client trust in the banking institutions. Faith is a key ingredient to stable systems. The US account holders will be treated with stock shares in conversion for the dead banks, whose value will converge quickly to zero. Same effect, lost accounts. Expect soon the result to be a climax with bank runs. The bank runs will coincide with bullion bank runs, the fast removal of gold held in inventory vaults at the bullion banks, including JPMorguen and the GLD exchange traded fund.


Phony big US bank accounting with FASB blessing: In April 2009 a seminal event occurred, whereby the big financial institutions were given permission legally to declare any value they wish for their assets held on balance sheets. What an incredible travesty, like giving children the authority to grade their own school exams. Or like giving Al Capone the authority to approve his own tax returns. Naturally, almost all the big US banks pass the Street Tests, those shams to put a second layer of phony legitimacy on balance sheet wreckage. The consequence is multi-sided. The big US banks have grown dependent upon the USTBond carry trade for rebuilding their balance sheets. They borrow for free and invest in 10-year or 30-year USTreasurys. They tend to have no profitable business segments, not from commercial lending, not from investment bank functions like bond and stock issuance, not from credit cards. The banks have in the process lost their commercial credit function within the USEconomy. They have become casinos for carry trade, derivatives, even money laundering.
Most Favored Nation status granted to China, with a Golden twist:  The pact was secret but its ugly features finally became known. The Wall Street bankers shepherded a curious pact in 1999, whereby China would lease to the syndicate bankers a sizeable portion of the Mao Tse-Tung era gold. China would benefit from a wave of foreign direct investment starting in 2002, to build a critical mass of factories, enough to industrialize the nation. With trade profits, they would recycle the surpluses into USTreasury Bonds, just like the Saudis agreed to do, beginning in the 1970 decade. The Wall Street bankers were thus able to continue their gold leasing game. They had gutted Fort Knox and its ample tonnage. They continued with the Chinese gold, leasing it to support the price suppression. The Wall Street Boyz did not honor the pact, did not return the Chinese gold in 2007, thus the trade war heated up fiercely. The consequence has been a multi-lateral trade war, culminating in a deadly conflict that has the Beijing leaders motivated to kill the USDollar as global reserve currency on numerous grounds. It is not worthy, the object of monetary inflation decided upon unilaterally by the USFed central bank. It is the common denominator of wrecked banking systems. It is the credit card for consumption, even foreign aggressive wars. It compensates for what the United States lacks in industry. The ultimate consequence will be the United States losing its privileged global reserve currency USDollar, suffering imported price inflation, contending with supply shortages, and entering chaos. The Third World will be the death sentence, complete with a vast police state and utter brutality.


Reliance upon asset bubbles in USEconomy, dependence upon housing bubble: The decision to dispatch the bulk of US industry to China from 2001 to 2004 was a critical turning point in the USEconomy. It convinced the Jackass immediately of political and corporate sabotage of the nation. To forfeit industry and the legitimate income was to put the nation at systemic risk. Any dependence upon the housing and mortgage gigantic asset bubbles for the USEconomy consumption spending was a perilous step to lock in. At the time, the Jackass expectation was for the twin bubbles to bust around 2006 or 2007, sending the nation into an uncontrollable tailspin. The actual years were 2007 with the subprime mortgage bust and 2008 for the Lehman bust. The Wall Street mavens attempted to sell the clean industry plan of financial engineering within an advanced system and sophisticated economy. They failed, as did the phony offset risk structures. The consequence is the nation approaching systemic failure amidst unstoppable central bank hyper monetary inflation, with the Weimar nameplate on the overheated printing press. The consequence is the collapse of Europe in tandem, and a revolt among Eastern nations which seek a USDollar alternative for both trade settlement and banking reserves management.


The TARP Fund following the Lehman/ Fannie Mae/ AIG bust: A major turning point for the public to wise up to Wall Street criminality was the $700 billion TARP Fund designed for the big US bank system rescue. The USCongress and the public were told that $700 billion was urgently needed to keep the lending channels flush with cash, so as to avoid a systemic seizure in the entire credit system. The arrogant megalomaniac vile bankers instead funded preferred stock for the big US banks, and made sure executive bonuses were funded as well. The largest US banks quickly became giant hollow reeds without hope of remedy. The bankers in firm control of the USGovt realized that directing funds to the credit lending pipelines would not have avoided insolvency and ruin. So they filled their pockets. The consequence was the lost trust by the public of big US banks, which slowly they realize are crime syndicates immune from law. The Too Big To Fail banks are widely regarded as now Too Big To Jail, a big shift in perceptions. The popular movements began, alongside the scattered lawsuits.


Abuse of Petro-Dollar arrangement with accomplice OPEC Saudi leader: Claiming that the USTBond was our debt but your problem, stated to foreigners, was arrogant and callous. It invited a response. The many energy importing nations have been forced to pay for crude oil with USDollars for over four decades. They resent the stricture, since it means they must arrange for USTBonds to serve as the reserve foundation within their banking systems. Numerous fronts have been engaged with non-USDollar alternatives in response. However, Russia has a unique strategy as consequence, sure to weaken the OPEC cartel and possibly to force its crumbled path. The Russian energy giant Gazprom is working avidly to create a NatGas Cartel. Several large natural gas producers are already onboard, like Iran and Qatar. Their devices are pipelines and liquefied natural gas terminals. The zinger in the NatGas new coalition is Qatar, already a key OPEC crude oil player. The coffin nail in the new coalition could be Israel, whose Tamar floating natgas rig in the Mediterranean has promised to send surplus output through the Gazprom system to European customers. Add Cyprus to the Med mix, and Gazprom has captured Europe with its new cartel.


Criminal banking activity, with collusion and protected by USGovt ministries and agencies: Since the 1990 decade, the criminality has become deeply rooted. The gutting of Fort Knox by the Clinton-Rubin Admin was the main seminal event. It climaxed in the 911 false flag event that still confuses half the nation of sleepy dopey types. The 2000 decade featured the mortgage finance bubbles, laced with massive fraud. Its primary clearing house was Fannie Mae, which proved useful for several other fraud rings run by the USGovt, thus requiring its formal adoption and certainly not liquidation with prying eyes. Fannie Mae is the multi-$trillion fraud store that is linked to most every scummy seamy slimy game run by the USGovt. The consequence of the permitted and impervious banking sector criminality can be seen from the inside and from the outside. The domestic front saw the rise of Occupy Wall Street, which federal police and local police conspired to label as terrorist. The movement has been disbanded easily. The more powerful threat might be the secession movement combined with states pursuing gold for usage as legal tender, even applied for debt satisfaction. Those are critical points cited in the Constitution when defining MONEY. The US States have begun to exercise their independence via the Tenth Amendment with secession movements. The foreign response is more toward isolation of the United States, both for its governing bodies and its currency, which means the USTreasury Bond flagship will lose its reserve status. Numerous reports hit my desk of foreign corporations and even government ministries not returning phone calls in a grand global shun of US offices. They object to the arrogance and practiced hegemony on financial matters in a queer global kingdom manifestation. The USGovt acts like a global emperor, and foreign nations resent it. The recent FACTA test is worth watching for reaction. Generally the East ignores it, while the West dislikes it. Switzerland will not deal with US citizens in banks any longer, a cheaper alternative. The isolation has parallels in seeking non-USDollar alternatives.


The confusion of money, ordained debt backed money used as legal tender: The floating currency system used by the United States and the West has a pernicious undercurrent, whereby by default the Western currencies are deemed essentially as denominated debt coupons, designated for usage as money for managing transactions and settling debts public and private. The West thereby has confused money with legal tender for several decades. The Western money is not money, but rather denominated debt. The foundation of the monetary system is sovereign debt, in deed, in reality. Not 1% of the American public comprehends this subtle but highly important point. The super abundance of debt has reached crisis levels, and has been in writedown phase for over four years, since the Lehman Brother signal flare event. The phony debt based money has persisted. For decades the wealth accumulation process has been laced with the cancer of phony money. As the debt correction occurs in accelerated speed, the sovereign debt of the West undergoes deep losses. In the process, the nasty consequence is that entire national wealth vanishes as part of a debt writedown. It can be seen in the planned failures of systemically important financial institutions (SIFI), as the Bail-In features wipe out private accounts. The private accounts for savings, stock accounts, futures accounts, even pensions, are merely badly defined debt markers within the vast cockeyed skewed misaligned perverted system. Much of the US private wealth will vanish in the debt writedown and financial firm failures, one decade after phony home equity wealth vanished in a similar manner.


Ambush of the gold market in mid-April, reported as a massive selloff: The gold market selloff was as shocking an event as it was pathetic. It was as destructive an event as it was hilarious to observe. The bankers committed suicide on the global stage. Rather than permit a London and New York gold market default, they committed a grand illegal act by selling $20 billion in gold through paper certificates in two days. The grand sale was executed without benefit of any metal changing hands, without promise of any metal changing hands, with full protection by the USGovt for its criminal actions. The ambush attack did not net more than a handful of gold bars from margin calls, themselves mere paper entries. The consequence is vast and has brought huge changes to the entire monetary stage. A tremendous increase has been seen in gold demand, from Turkey to India to Mexico to the United States to Japan to China to Thailand to Singapore. The corrupt bankers avoided a default, but they assured a more unavoidable future default by lighting a fire of global gold demand, on the physical side with bars, coins, and jewelry. Gold contract defaults will spring up everywhere, lately even for the Chairman of the CME Group on his own contracts held. They exposed the paper gold sham based upon gold futures contracts. The most powerful consequence is that the banker syndicate has revealed the absent link between price discovery and gold delivery. They have therefore ruined the essence of the COMEX & LBMA gold market, rendering it a perverse playground for criminals. It has no gold in inventory sufficient to handle the delivery demands. The COMEX will soon be totally ignored, its price considered a meaningless sideshow that only lacks criminal prosecution.



Miscellaneous other deep dark deceptions have occurred, far too numerous to delineate in complete fashion. A general effect must be cited, since so pervasive and insidious. Gold and USTBonds aint a market. Their so-called official trading arenas are empty rooms with USGovt and USFed devices filling the empty space, creating a phony price. The false Gold price has no real supply. The false Bond price has no real demand. The claimed price is not where Supply meets Demand to clear the table on the market. Therefore the claimed price is not the real price. Neither Gold more the USTBonds are a real market. Witness pure heresy.



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(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at  [email protected]


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  3. Jim always talks about the money side of the collapse but, he never ties it in with the big picture! The response of TPTB. JIM— they’re building a war machine to use on their own civilian populations! They intend to enslave you, and if you resist, they intend kill you! GET IT!  Money will be a chip in your hand. If you don’t use it, they will jail you. If you resist, they will kill you! Before they give up their positions of wealth and power, they will kill as many as they can.

    • I thought that Jim Willie lived in either Panama or Costa Rica.  If so, then he is beyond the convenient reach and attention of the US Gov. They will have PLENTY of other fish to fry when the SHTF.

    • Almost anything is possible if enough time, money and resources are applied to its solution.  The trick here is to be inconvenient and thereby skipped over, where someone who was handy would not be.  🙂

    • Sumeria,Babylon,Egypt, Greece, Maya, Aztec, Rome, England…Im certain ive missed a few but none bigger than the next. Take a guess and tell me that it wont,cant happen. mans reward is not of this earth or the next but the final stop in the existance of a soul. We stack and hedge, save invest toil and in our end the game continues with or without or involvement in the slightest. Enjoy the sun and rain and wind and calm while it lasts. Laugh ,love eat and drink for the end comes and always too soon. peace 

    • And many will go to their graves fighting back, and we will win because we outnumber them by a huge factor. Drone strikes? So you get 10-15 people at once, last estimate was close to 140 million armed US citizens.

  4. “Gold price has no Supply.”  Hey Doc!! why not take down the phony cartel charts and put up our own prices?  I say Silver is worth $200 an Ounce.  Still ain’t taking the USD in trade though. Got any Rubles?

  5. @IdahoEagle999, actually I do have some rubles – I have a couple of now-worthless 5,000-ruble and 10,000-Ruble notes from my visit to the former Soviet Union back in the mid-1990’s, when their currency collapsed and they underwent hyperinflation.
    I keep these as a reminder of what can happen with the US dollar and why it is prudent to stack.

    • “Yamada is calling for caution and a drop to 1200 or 1000 is still in the cards.”
      What?  The idiots in charge of the bullion banks aren’t seeing their vaults empty fast enough for them?  A price like that should certainly do the deed then.

    • Right.  Bare, dry, empty land covered with sand.  “But, it has such great POTENTIAL”, they whine.  Idiots.  lol

    • Maybe the miners should “mine” the shafts and have an “accident” if they are threatened with a Gov take-over.  >:-]

  6. “The Western lords are being deposed. They can appeal for squire posts to the East, or else they can wreck the globe.”
    Since all these nitwits want is to be in charge for a while, a squire’s job might be enough for them.  They can become “useful idiots” for a time and then disposed when no longer needed.
    “The biggest question is whether new trade devices will win out over the chosen Western fascist predilection toward wider war, release of more virulent viruses, more obvious slavery pens, and louder propaganda.”
    Speaking of viruses… now that gene splicing and DNA recombination are doing so well these days, it should be completely possible to create a virus that specifically attacks particular ethnic groups.  Is this something that we will see in the not too distant future?  I sure hope not.  Living organisms have a nasty habit of growing beyond their creator’s control… typically via mutation.  Having the cure for an earlier version does not mean that the same cure will work for the new and improved models.  Once loose, it could be incredibly difficult to stop.
    “Central banks around the world must debase their currencies, or else face economic hardship from lost export trade.”
    Thus ends the fallacy that international trade on a HUGE scale is good for us.  Perhaps such trade is more like vitamin supplements, where a little bit is plenty?
    “The coin market has seen fit to call the pre-1965 silver coins a strange name, Junk Silver. Their value is multiples greater than face value, a great embarrassment and signal flare of corruption.”
    This has always annoyed me.  Junk is what is now circulating as coined money.  Not that it IS money, of course, but that is what it is called.  Anyway, if 90% silver coins are “junk”, what does that make the clad coins we now have?  Metallic feces?
    “The US account holders will be treated with stock shares in conversion for the dead banks, whose value will converge quickly to zero. Same effect, lost accounts.”
    You can bet that everyone who receives this drek will be dumping it for ANYTHING they can get out of it.  There will be a rush to the exits in this useless crap that is so fast it will make an explosion look like a flower opening.  This, of course, will mean that a few of the well connected will be able to sell out while everyone else watches this stuff go to a price of zero.  Shares offered for $1… 10 trillion… bidders for said shares… NONE.
    “Switzerland will not deal with US citizens in banks any longer, a cheaper alternative. The isolation has parallels in seeking non-USDollar alternatives.”
    Many people with money were stunned when the Swiss rolled over and took it up the @** from the US Fed Gov.  Switzerland has been an independent banker for a great many wealthy people around the world for centuries, especially those who did not trust their governments not to get grabby.  I don’t know what the Swiss got for this level of betrayal but it must have been pretty spectacular.  A solid gold reputation really ought to command a very high price, indeed.
    But, fear not.  One can still put money into a Cook Islands Trust, where it will be safe from prying US eyes and sticky fingers.  The US has tried to pry into the financial affairs of some Americans who have such trusts and they have been completely rebuffed.  They also tried a law suit to gain access to private financial data but that was thrown out of court.  See the following for details:


  7. When I read these things I’m constantly recalling that China was the FIRST society to INVENT paper ‘money’ … AND … that they, the Russians, influenced by the Germans, all fixated on the goofy tenet of “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly“, whom ‘collectively’ pressured America (the LAST to abandon the silver standard AND the last to let the gold standard slip away) into this globalization of credit-‘money’.
    Again, I won’t even allude to excuses for the criminality that’s come of all this monetary, economic and financial delusion that’s gripped our world, but neither will I let pass observation of its origins either; because dismissal of those factors lead round back to this miserable condition yet again.
    These folks rail against ‘Capitalism’ completely circumventing any recognition of what it actually IS. It’s a SOCIETAL ORDER based on the tenets of Private Property and Individual Determinism which LEADS to an economy of Free Market. Doesn’t sound like any society on Earth today. does it? No, because they’ve all devolved back to Mercantilism (what Fascism USED to be called). The concept of Capitalism had evolved from Mercantilism during ‘The Enlightenment Period’, because genius among the ‘commonality’ was being ignored by the Nobles and general society was left impoverished as a result. Worse, the practice of Mercantilism began to produce completely idiotic results like Tulip Manias and spectacular land investment fiascos like the Mississippi Company (yeah, just like it is AGAIN).
    Here’s the ‘rub’ that irks the world’s elites about Capitalism … it’s strict and faithful adoption by a society renders government officials as purely administrative clerks and bankers as purely ficuciary bailiffs because Capitalist Social Order in combination with carefully deliniated Constitutional governance, puts The People in direct control over their ENTIRE DESTINY.

    • Excellent sum-up with the last paragraph – rule of law is anathema to those looking to subtely control what would be, ostensibly, a capitalist society. That is, one set of laws for everyone.
      Actually, though, up until the fall of the tsarist government in 1917, notes, coins and credit were still being issued from the state treasury in Russia.  Russia was one of the very last nations to adopt a Central Bank – and, as anyone who has looked at history knows, actual ethnic Russians among the leaders and certainly, the financiers of the U.S.S.R. were emphatically “underrepresented.”  Earlier in the 19th century, Alexander II came out most strongly against the establishment of a central bank in the Russian empire, one of the things which eventually got him assassinated.  Russia went from a silver standard to a gold standard only in 1897, largely due to the work of Count Sergei Witte. This was after its (the single gold standard’s) adoption by most industrialized nations, and well after the U.S. de facto demonitized silver in 1873.

    • “Earlier in the 19th century, Alexander II came out most strongly against the establishment of a central bank in the Russian empire, one of the things which eventually got him assassinated.”
      That seems to be a repeating theme throughout much of modern history.  Mess with the banksters and die.  🙁

    • @silverrrrr
      Well, whether or not these points I raise are put to scrutiny in formal academia isn’t all that imortant. That they’re disseminated in general discourse and contemplated in ordinary circles is a different matter, which is all I care about. If folks simply keep in mind that ‘professional’ economists very often intentionally construct their work with the unstated object of impressing and influencing politicians for their personal ‘carreer advancement’, then the componentry, suppositions and conclusions of their pedantry are better filtered for veracity. It’s all about that ‘expertosis’ thing I try to remind folks of. My rule of thumb is that the bigger the ego, the bigger the warning flag.
      Even in the ‘private sector’, I’ve noticed that if any popular commentator (thinking specifically of Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson) pick up on the fundamental construction of the banknote scheme and it’s ultimate self-destruction, they’ll only focus on it for a brief while, then barely ever mention it afterward. It’s as though at some point someone cautions them away from the subject … ‘or else’. In a couple instances, during interviews, I’d noticed these commentators (it had also happened with Jim Rickards) instinctively began referencing ‘the structure’, then noticably caught themselves and verbally fumbled around the direction they’d been clearly headed along. For me, since I’m constantly ‘testing’ it’s ramifications and searching for others who ‘get it’, when I see or hear these abruptly truncated lines of argument, they stand out like blinding beacons, serving more to confirm my understandings.
      Anyway, I’m really pleased you seem to find logic and worth in the way I’ve deduced how the banknote scheme’s underlying nature really affects our world and why, as a result, we ought to re-dedicate ourselves toward Honest Money again.

    • Ed_D
      You know.
      Probably also that the main and more powerful opposers of the FED inception died on the Titanic. At least they died in style. But now have to wonder, was it really an iceberg? Survivors spoke of bombs going off as the ship sank.
      False Flag assassinations, the centennial edition.

  8. Silver Doctors has become a must read for me….much more to offer than just precious metals news and opinion.  The End Game prognostications are food for thought for any prudent man.  My wife scoffs, hates Fox News….typical sheep (I’ll be the shephard).
    The Golden Jackass says that the Clinton administration gutted Fort Knox.  That would explain how they were able to show a surplus. LOL
     Not a big fan of silver rounds, but did take advantage of Doc’s Buffalo special on May 01.  Picked up 37 Mercury dimes today to add to my stack of junk silver at $1,84 ea at a local shop.  Other dealers in Dallas, OK, and CO are asking much higher prices.  Lucky my guy gets supply occasionally.
    Keep stackin’

  9. US China Russia all have their differences.   They still have enough in common to loan some troops and mercenaries to good old Uncle Sam if his citizens get their panties bunched up about the Treasury making foreign dollars whole while diluting the value of the dollar supply here.  

    • @andrew james
      Funny, isn’t it? … how ‘enemies’ find common cause when Peoples worldwide discover that government generally is a cess-pool of criminals bent on their plunder.

    • @PatFields just another possible future contingency to think about.  The US tried to set up a trade zone in Asia excluding China and yet the US tries to foist Chinese foreign trade zones on their citizens here.  That is what you call inimitable gall on the part of those banker bastards.  The Chinese apparently don’t have a problem with FTZ’s.  It will be a miracle if this situation doesn’t go hot.  

    • @andrew james
      Yeah, that’s the ‘Qld Order’ of commerce commandeered away from free individuals and ‘managed’ by governments, called Mercantilism (what I call presently Neo-Mercantilist). It always has been capricious and mercurial, depending on the sensibilities of the elitists and their cronies ‘at court’. A real pity and shame it’s been re-instituted here in America of ALL places. It’s so freakin’ ironic.

  10. Well, shit. Jackass and The Doc’s intro describe…what? The End Game or steps in achieving the End Game? Hank Kissinger endorsed Mrs Bill Clinton for President in 2016 recently. The die is set. There is a very strong hatred for Christianity. Lately, Orthodox Jews in Israel are being chastened. Orthodox Islam is being plowed by the sword. Christianity is being liberalized from the inside through agents masquerading as Christians. Islam is being liberalized by attrition. Religion is the last vestige, despite strong opinions for or against based on their planted false revisionism and false flag ops, of freedom there is. Governments have been smashed, entire generations wiped out through false flag wars, starvation, and murder. The wars of attrition in America, China, and Russia, and Europe have served their purpose by eradicating generations of males. They have destroyed the family, further, by adopting easy divorce, embracing homosexuality, taking away avenues of wealth creation. The single wage earner family is no more. Our children are raised by television values and video game/social network morality. And we sit here whimpering about our “stack” valuations, openly calling for complete societal collapse…to increase the worth of our miniscule stashes of Noble Metals? The End Game is Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Zedongism, worldwide. The last bastion’s preventing this takeover have been breached. The Enemy is over-running our flanks. Take out those belief systems, and you take out much more than institutions. You take out Truth. The answer? One mind, One Spirit, One Cause from citizens in the US and Canada: Conservatism, Freedom, Capitalism, Bi-metalism, Rule of Law, The Canadian, US Bill of Rights, The US, Canadian Constitution, and The Living God. Voting is a must. Getting your face at local level party organization meetings, holding office holders to the office’s purpose, and keeping the oath’s they swore to hold paramount. We have several two year election cycles, a few four year election cycles to unite in the same spirit as our ancestors, the ones that were murdered by false flag wars, bogus bible wars, phony prophets for profit, and open in our face satanic worship.  Never happen, so there it is? We, the people here, over 30, are just the imbecilic, led astray, opinionated assholes they want us to be. We deserve what they have planned if we think that they control our destiny’s. Could it happen? Can they pull off a fascist, communist takeover of the planet? Not unless the minds on this website can come to these terms, then acting as a microcosm, exchanging who, what, and where’s? You want an honest valuation of silver and gold? Then try exercising our freedom’s and right’s, not capitulating. We are Freedom’s last stand. We very well can be history’s last educated generation. Let us stop posting drivel for SD Bullion fake dollars and start reading, posting, discussing laws being debated, passed or not being enforced. An idiot could have called the smash of commodities and the rise of equities…the US Government and Agencies are printing dollar bills to the tune of trillions. There was a moment where we all thought it would not work short term, but we were wrong. That mentality must be passed over. New questions and paths are before us now. Crying over your losses or the shit sandwich they made, clinging to the dollar collapse, is wasted energy. We can turn the tables on them if we collectively choose to…you want cold water? There is some.

    • #Thomas
      In the matter of ‘making a real difference’ on the socio-political front … there’s nothing offered for consideration more compelling and realistic in portent for an IMMEDIATE and PALPABLE improvement than organizing Citizen Grand Juries to conduct original jurisdiction investigation and subsequent petit Trial By Jury of ultra vires usurpations by government agents.
      America (in particular, but envisioned for adoption everywhere) was INSTITUTED for its Peoples to Rule over their governments. THAT’S what Novus Ordo Seclorum MEANS.
      This link below outlines how Community Grand Juries should be organized … PLEASE read it. The core suggestion raised is crucial to restoration of our Liberties. I suggest each grouping of 5,000 adults should form one among themselves and then link them all by Counties and State to DIRECTLY ‘Nullify’ ANYTHING government ‘adopts’ that’s un-Lawful, un-Constitutional or repugnant to our Inherent Liberties. In fact, I encourage that these systems ought to form among ALL Peoples, in EVERY country accross our World!


    • I agree. And there are plenty of newly minted attorney’s at law, out of work, looking to make a name. Thank you for atleast not giving in and capitulating. Many here and in Canada do not help themselves when the stop learning and rationalize the situation. Now is the time to get her done.
      Here is a list for your state constitution
      The only person to help a hick is another hick-Willie Stark

    • When I was in high school, there were a few affirmations floating around that stuck with me: “Impress Yourself”, “Go To The Top, Don’t Stop”. Well, reading some of my posts, I do impress myself sometimes. There is a war against the Truth’s of organized religion. There are three types of religion, in my view. Religion revealed by our Creator, religion invented by preternatural creatures, and religion invented by supernatural creatures. All are under attack in some fashion or another, striking a tone for dominance. I side with what was revealed, preserved, and handed down, together verbally or in written form since, conveniently in the Seven Covenants :1. Adam (the Adamic Covenant) symbolized by the Ground of the Earth 2. Noah (the Noahic Covenant) symbolized by the Rainbow 3. Abraham (the Abrahamic Covenant) symbolized by the Stars 4. Moses (the Mosaic Covenant) symbolized by the Two Tablets of the Law 5. David (the Davidic Covenant) symbolized by Jerusalem 6. Messiah Yeshua (the New Covenant) symbolized by the Passover Cup and Bread 7. Peace (the Covenant of Peace) anticipated by the Messianic Kingdom  Another topic, but relevant in the Big Picture around us. The war on terrorism can easily be the war on religions.
      Pat and I have touted the Rule of Law (enforcement), Politics (making law), and Civil Juries (codified law).  When one is out of balance, all are out of balance. Jim Willie opened his article with pointing out the imbalances and giving examples of the imbalances. I want to unzip some of what he says, here.
      First, remember Hurricane Sandy and my unsupported claims of an opportunity to remove the gold from the NY FED Basement? Well, “The New York Fed is tight-lipped about how it secures the planet’s largest concentration of gold. It said that it would not comment on the status of the vault after the storm.”
      Last, there are laws on the books that brought us to this situation. Unbelievably, no one is talking about rescinding, repealing, or changing these laws that gave us 2008 and beyond, financially speaking. They are:
      1) Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999
      2) Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
      3)  USA PATRIOT Act of 2001
      4) Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002
      5) Homeland Security Act (HSA) of 2002
      These laws passed by the establishment in rapid fire order is the nexus of their command and control today. I desire everyone here to download them and read them in their entirety.

  11. If you have not bought  physical gold and silver  yet , you should do so now. The “system” is currently still trying to maintain the impression of “normality”. Because of the depressed gold and silver prices it is also important to diversify your portfolio. Just to rely on physical gold and silver is not enough. You need to buy gold and silver junior mining and exploration companies right now. They are still dirt cheap. I still remember the time when I could buy silver for just a couple of Dollars per ounce. It was like getting it almost for free. This is the same situation now in the mining sector. Once gold and silver prices go up the share prices of these companies will go up 10 to 100 times of where they are now. Just remember the internet boom in the 90s. Same story! More infos on

    • @Tawnyard
      ‘Confession of a Penny-Stock Broker’ … Mere price-list cites of reverse-split stock floats (before and after) are NOT ‘gains’ of anything more than fractional vs. whole numerical expressions. Absent data on shares outstanding, ‘price’ between two time periods (which could literally be pico-seconds) is totally irrelavent.

    • The stock market – is a bubble. When it burst, we will see drop of all stock stock, including stocks of gold and silver miners too.
      At this time, I’ll sit on the physical gold and silver.

      I am sorry, but I do not believe more in any form of paper.

    • @PatFields My point was that @Wizard is recommending, who – on their website – catagorically state that shares in Lion Mining went from 7c to $380. According to the Kitco link I posted, this 540,000% gain was a myth. What actually happened is that the decimal point was removed somewhere in the mid-1970s. The final share price of Lion Mining was $3.80, a 5,400% move. Share dilutions, etc, aren’t taken into account in this reckoning.

      That myth about the 540,000% move in the mining stocks is so commonly believed that Eric King quoted it at Eric Sprott back in January, and the poor canuck just nodded and agreed with him.

      I have nothing against mining stocks. I’d rather have cash in a stock than an ETF.

  12. “The Fascist Business Model came into vogue in 2001.”
    NO IT DIDN’T … it really started with ‘T.R.’ Ruse-a-veldt’ and his brazen ‘Trust-Buster, Progressive’ defiance of the Constitution to begin the process, in the dawn of the 1900s! THAT opened the door for ARCH-Traitor Woody Wilson’s poisonous injection of paper ‘money’ and ‘income tax’ into our economy, followed by the closet-commie F.D. Ruse-a-veldt who did more to devolve our society back to Mercantilism (aka: Fascism) than ANYONE previous or hence!

    • My input is they are going after the drug cartels and black markets since they mostly prefer the U.S. $100 bills.  Its almost guaranteed they’re figuring out a way to track these bills by magnetic strips, special magnetic inks, etc.
      I don’t believe the new $100 bill has anything to do with a devaluation but making it harder for the drug dealers to game the system. 

    • @PowerBall Yeah, I don’t understand how that devaluation thing would work (in relation to the new 100-bills). Suddenly there would be 100 dollar bills in circulation with different values? What will happen to all the other denominations?
      To be honest I don’t even understand how a fiat currency can be deterministically devalued in a floating foreign exchange market where there is nothing fixed to devalue it against. Sure, the US could _try_ by printing dollars and exchanging it for other currencies, but it would require cooperation from other major currencies since those central banks could retaliate by doing the same which they appear to have been doing “lately”. Perhaps some kind of deal involving SDR…
      I’d be interested to know.

    • @Widget.  The only thing which seems obvious is they could put a short time limit to turn in existing currency otherwise it becomes worthless.  So if they issued a new $100 bill and gave everyone 30 days to turn in their existing currency it would be tough to do for a crime syndicate which is laundering money without raising a red flag. 
      Anyway I don’t see this as any type of devaluation.  Just better security measures to keep ahead of the counterfitters plus make it harder for drug lords to carry around $1,000,000 in hard currency. 

    • Hi! @Chief this is an Official Government Holiday and all employees must take the long weekend holiday. I’m sure they will be back as soon as the paper spot drops again if it ever does. Lol

    • @Marchas45. i actually posted a few days ago it feels to me that equities are going to be fit for a setback here, likely means the usual ‘safety’ investments come back into favor, probably gold strongest.
      i am confused a bit though as premiums on bpfirst silver and now gold are really taking it on the chin, not exactly’bullish’ but how many people are on the sidelines waiting for the first turn higher?

  13. the heat’s turn on high
    the market’s a’bubble
    the wary have left
    it’s nothing but trouble
    the wheat’s harvested
    there nothing but stubble
    your money’s all in
    it’ll never double
    the best that you’ll get
    is a box full of rubble

  14. There was a scene from series MASH.  The local currency, I’m thinking the Korean war time scrip, was convertible to the USD   Periodically the currency had to be be redeemed at the base for dollars so that counterfeiting could be stopped.
    One of the characters knew about this coversion about 24 hours  ahead of time and went to the locals, buying up as much Won with dollars as he could, telling them that their time value had expired.   I think it was Major Burns, a major cheese weasel.  He then had to hurry back to base to covert his Won   He enocuntered various obstacles to get back to base and by one way or the other, hindered by Hawkeye and crew
    he missed the gate closure and got stuck with his now-worthless scrip.
    If the USD $100 is being held in the hundreds of billions or trillions offshore;  in war zones, oil countries, narcos and ‘just folks’ the rush to redeem that Plantation Scrip for the new dollars will accomplish  several goals.
    1.  It would flush out the fruits of ‘illegal activities’ even if they were approved by the US before the currency call in
    2. It could do damage to the cartels, whatever they might be.  But HSBC and UBS would have to be warned in advance so they shut off their laundering
    3.  It would certainly harm ‘just folks’ with some sort of inflation goblin in that new golden hued Franklin.  Any time the government changes the specie, it’s always a sign of failued regimes and currency debasement
    4. It would round up the herd by discovering who’s using FIAT for disreputable (spell that-worthy purposes)and curtail their abilities to transaction business  There goes the gun shows.  Crap!
    Think about the 90% silver coins giong to junky base metal in 1964.  That was one of the first confiscations of real money, aside from the FDR gold theft and 60% currency debasement that resulted in  some nasty inflation in 1935 through serious FIAT printing. 
    Then the Nixon gold Death Star in 1970.
    Minor hits took place in Carter’s regime, with the Susan B Anthony dollar coin.  A nastier skank you’ll never see short of Medusa. 
    Then Clinton’s double handed dealings were ‘papered over’ by the roll out of the Sacajawea coin. Lookie, lookie, nice shiny coin.  Don’t look behind the Oval office door. Nasty is happening there.
     Whoo Boy, that just what I’d think of when I want to print up some worthless dollar coin. Sacajawea?  It’s a sack all right.  Sack of —–
      It’s  fitting for Clinton however,  since he was the one  stated that he’d have asked the 600 year old female Peruvian mummy found near Macchu Picchu for a date if the chance presented itself.   I imagine that went well over with Hillary in the West Wing.  Bill’d experienced some dry spots there too. 
    As for the new $100 bill.  Why not? 
    Dollar coins are penny ante. 
    If you’re going to steal, steal big. 
    A trillion or two in $100 Franklins ‘repatriated’;  as in  ‘ it’s your patriot duty to redeem those nasty old cocaine stained franklins for new shiny pieces of paper, my Sheeples’
    That should go a long way in to get us to some sort of digital electronic money with the new scrip.  Between those Franklins, some sort of variant to the  Canadian plastic loonie bills and RFID coinage, it’ll be pretty difficult to covert phyzz to FIAT IMO.  We will have to be pretty sneaky to do this.
    My new take on anything rolled out by the government.
    If the gummint wants it, fears it,  thinks it’s best for us, or says it’s bad for us I plan to go the opposite direction as fast as my fat 61 year  old  ass can carry me.  Got speed?  Use it
    Hell, I’d start smoking again if I could.  Drinking is now part of the regime however.  Ranger said it’s good for me.

    • Quality green coffee supplements do burn fat. As for those lungs…get some encapsulated cayenne pepper. Take two with food. The “ahems” will contain gently released gunk from the lungs. Two a week works for me. The cayenne pepper will clear out the lungs, gently, and heal them. I told this to a 62 yo 82nd retired carpenter, sand blaster, and he said, “it really works!”. Booze? Better get off that stuff (dry since 1998)…try green tea…I use this green tea from Amazon, Impra Jasmine Green Tea…good stuff

  15. “Gort, klaatu barada nikto’ has been replaced with ‘Printing presses, full steam ahead’. 
    Gort is played by Bernanke and there’s no one left  to shut down destruction of earth.  Keanu Reeves was a faint resemblance to Rennie’s character IMO 
    The Fed is the new enemy and  Gresham’s Law runs riot with the new $100 bill.  A FIAT WMD.

  16. Just what was needed for the times.  A robot molesting a busty woman    And what’s with the ape hand grasping the globe.   Enough in that poster to keep the tinfoil hat crew busy for hours. 
    The poster today would be Blythe molesting the internet.  The same hand would be grasping the globe but it’s fingernails would be sparkly.

  17. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    And who are Willie’s sources on Iran?
    His PressTV buddy Max Keiser? Are his sources former IRGC insiders who are exiled in the U.S.A.? Are his sources in any way, shape or form opposed to the Islamic Twelver theocracy? Any of those sources still in the Iranian government?
    How many of those sources were well off under the (admittedly ego-filled) Shah and fled for their lives when Jimmie Carter helped the Mullahs gain power?
    Or are Willie’s sources on Iran pro-Russia (which has billions at stake in Iranian nuclear infrastructure, not to mention other projects), Pro-China (that beacon of freedom and Fascism-fighting heroism) and anti-Israel (God’s chosen people)?
    Stick to finance and quit listening to your friends… the smartest thing greedy people can do us throw Israel under the bus and make friends with the petro-rich Russians and Muslims and their respective clients (Euro-sissies and China).

  18. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:
    I state my point: These “Fascism-Fighting Heros of Freedom” Russians are lining up to re-gain their position as Egypt’s main arms supplier as they were in pre-1973 Soviet days when Israel whooped Egypt’s behinds and Ariel Sharon’s tanks had made it to Cairo’s outskirts and the Americans arm-twisted the heroic and victorious Jews into ceasing their advance on Damascus and Cairo. Russia wants its place back as Egypt’s main arms supplier, yes, the new Islamic Brotherhood-run Egypt (wait, Russia is fighting Fascism according to Willie, so why would they want to arm Iran’s and he Shiite Hezbollah’s Sunni enemies in Egypt? lol)… a place they lost when America courted a defeated Egypt post-1973 (btw, for you bitter “USS Liberty” Israel-bashers, the USS Liberty was Lady Egypt’s Courtier, trying to win that dark-eyes buxom vixen Egypt into switching allegiances away from the USSR to the U.S.A. by backstabbing Israel and feeding its intercepted intelligence from the USS Liberty to the equally loyal Brits on Cyprus, who then beamed the info to Egypt’s High Command in Cairo… ooops, got caught… let’s hush hush this incident and make it look like the big-nosed Zionists are the real backstabbers, not the wonderful and loyal and valiant U.S. Navy and its British friends on Cyprus! ha!).
    Anyway, this is all a farce… it’s a big money game… it always has been… the Russians and Chinese Eurobabies are just upset because the U.S.A. has outsmarted and outmaneuvered them in the race to win crooked clients in the Middle East… there’s no “Fascism-Fighting” hero’s here… the Russians and Chinese are MORE corrupt and brutal than the U.S.A. … that says a lot lol. Anyway, I’m hungry.
    Btw… a note on inflation… Donuts have not gone up too much in price at the donut shop, but the Boston Creams, which used to be snug one against another in a tray of 10, are now loose and not touching one another. Hidden inflation.

  19. That is a superb, carefully crafted article that had to be long! It is exhaustive, studious, entertaining in vocabulary, and it is important to grasp. The Corporatists and Communitarians [UN Agenda 21 version of Communism] appear strong as they roam their neighborhood as bullies, preying on us weaker folks. But on the outskirts, bigger ones are gathering who are going to whip their butts because the punk thug bullies are dreaming of crossing into new neighborhoods. Silver WOULD go to $11 / ozt if it were not for the interventions and trouncing, and in fact, the destruction of the Bilderbergers that is coming.

  20. I’m skeptical of the notion that all countries are in competition to devalue their currencies.  It looks like collusion between the interested parties to me.  I’m skeptical of the notion that a country’s exports will decline simply because the country that they are selling to is debasing their currency.  I would just charge more for my products in light of the fact that another country is inflating their money supply.   

  21. Thomas  I almost forgot to thank you for the green tea and cayenne pepper remedies.  I’ll look that up
    I quit smoking 30 years ago and was joking about taking up the habit,  but drinking?  I belong to the Drink of the Month Club.  A Tanq and tonic or Glenlivet now and then.  Drinking and smoking were left in my 20’s  I occasionally drink  red wine for medicinal purposes   People say its good for you.

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