FarageFor those who are unable to read the writing on the wall (on the heels of Poland nationalizing retirement accounts), Jim Sinclair has prepared a MUST READ GOTS (Get Out of the System!) checklist.
Are you fully out of the system and ready for a bail-in collapse of the Western banking system?

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From Jim Sinclair:

1. Your equities are held in certificate form.
2. You have no Federal income tax favored retirement funds.
3. You have no CDs and investments in bonds.
4. You have modest money deposited among selected BRICs countries.
5. You store your own precious metals.
6. You have no mortgage obligations.
7. You keep cash on hand for 6 months expenses.
8. You have no consumer debt at all.
9. You have a small hobby farm for protein and veggies outside of where you are living with no mortgage debt, set up green.
10. You have a gas, diesel or electric car with high fuel mileage for the farm.
11. You have a generator with large fuel capacity for the farm.

Note the reference to all retirement accounts. Those accounts are going to be targeted and your hard earned assets will be replaced with a special issue of sovereign paper that will have no real value whatsoever. Whilst the penalty and taxes may seem onerous they will seem insignificant after the nationalization occurs.
Quite simply there is no time left and I advise that you must act now to secure what you have.


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      So I looked this up, and I’m now putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
      _Republic [FOR] Mars_ , I claimed a while back, had the possibility of being involved in the occult because of the occult’s prominent fascination with Mars (historically and today). In light of his mocking the Holy Bible, I thought this was a distinct possibility, especially in light of his weird obsession with comet ISON (a neat astronomical phenomenon I’d enjoy observing, but not something I’d obsess over as changing things on Earth).
      This book denigrates “OLD RELIGION” … that’s New Testament Christianity, as being an elite tool of enslavement, and favours an oddball NEW AGEY PARADIGM SHIFT and a GOLDEN AGE… something that sounds very similar to the DANGEROUS and UBER-OCCULTIC HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN. It talks of golden ALCHEMY … something very prevalent in occult circles such as RosicrucianismDemons pretending to be spirit guides often talk about doing away with the  “Old Religion” of enslavement (Biblical Christianity) which inhibits “planetary spiritual evolution” in favour of a coming “NEW AGE” spiritual progression or evolution. I KNOW ALL THIS BECAUSE MY MOTHER WAS SAVED OUT OF DEEP OCCULTIC INVOLVEMENT IN THE NEW AGE AND THE REST OF MY FAMILY NEVER GOT OUT OF IT… I GREW UP BEING TAUGHT ABOUT NEW AGE OCCULTISM FROM A FORMER WITCH -TURNED -BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN.
      Well, I will now more confidently claim that _R[F]M_ is pushing a NEW AGE occult agenda.
      Other books by these authors:
      Don’t buy into it: Jesus is Lord, Israel is God’s nation, and God will preserve Israel against global hatred (Israel is the PRIME ENEMY of NEW AGE OCCULTISTS, for despite modern Judaism’s corruption and Kabbala nonsense,  it represents the Bible, the “old religion” and its “old god“… and if you eliminate the root of Judeo-Christian Bible belief, you finally get rid of the big impediment to global spiritual progress).

    • Thank you @Proverbs1616
      I am trying to be transparent without looking for God (AS We Know It). 
      What I’m trying to do is show history of Central Banks (Privately Owned Money Changers) from the Vatican, Federal Reserve and all the way to the local bank.  Where does Silver play in all this?  Why has paper money (fiat) going to come to an end? Money backed currency is coming.  Tribunals are coming & hope you are on the right side of the law. Protected by  The Statue of Limitations.  Immediate Gratification built on something

      Since it is a free book, at least check out the Table of Contents?
      Contempt prior to investigation~ Herbert Spensor

  1. I’ve said it so many times.. retirement funds are an easy honeypot for the bankster vultures and thats what they’re going to eat next. It’s clear as pie. The politicians (read: whores) are going to allow it because it’s easy and it pushes the real derivatives deleveraging for a few months.

    • Gardening is great.  We just had a nice pasta dinner tonight with one of the dozen or so acorn squash that our small garden produced this year.  Half of them have been harvested and the other half are coming on… hopefully before the frost gets them.  Baked squash with brown sugar and a little butter…  mmmmmm, really good.  🙂

  2. Good Ole Vlad
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the notion that there was a 50/50 split of opinion on the issue, alluding that leaders of the majority of the world’s largest economies clearly stated their opposition to military intervention in Syria.

    • “negro” …
      that’s not very nice. That’s racist.
      In any case, President Obama is half-black, he’s also half-white.
      So you don’t like his bad leadership, and so you refer to him by the skin colour you’re prejudiced against.
      If you liked him, would would call him a white man?
      I believe that part of God’s impending judgment on America won’t just be for it’s global leadership in porn industry/consumption, violence, debauchery, and corruption, atheism, satanism/occult, but also for its very vitriolic and deep racism.
      God doesn’t look at skin colour, He looks on the heart.
      Israel? A cesspool? A cesspool of what? Of European coffee? Of hi-tech ingenuity? Of military genius? Of advanced medical wonders where Arab Muslims are treated like Jews in hospital?
      Everyone that dumps on Israel is always people who have never set foot there. This is like Arabs who think every white girl is a loose girl ready to sleep with them because the only white girls they’ve seen are the ones on tv when Hollywood-produced junk airs … They’ve never set foot in the West so they imagine all white girls are like the immoral Hollywood starlets they see on TV.
      So you’ve seen and read anti-Jewish propaganda… why don’t you go visit the place?

    • Proverbs Are you a God fearing Jew? Because all you say on this forum is fear the lord blah blah Jesus is the only saviour blah blah, Israel is great blah blah… Why don’t you go and preach on a biblical or religious forum? What do your posts have to do with stacking and preparing for economic hard times? Absolutely Nothing! You can pray to Jesus as much as you like but when the USD collapse or bonds melt down he aint going to save you!! And No Jesus is not coming back, I’m sorry but you have been deceived by the church and some old fables used for centuries to keep the ignorant in line and obedient 

    • While I do not care much for most of what Proverbs posts here, I defend his right to post what he wants.  I believe that he has that right, just as we have the right to skip his messages if we so choose.  The Doc provides a superb web site for all of us and he encourages us all to, “Speak Your Mind”.  Proverbs is doing that.  So are many of us.  Not everyone will like everything we post but so what?  I can’t see getting too excited about what others post.  Most are good, many are informative, and I enjoy reading and replying to them.  Some are not so enjoyable and are skipped over.  In no case should we attempt to shut others up because we disagree with them or their posts.  Let the Doc take care of regulating the posts on here.  He will do what is necessary.

  3. Just had dinner and a few brewskis while watching Georgia upset South Carolina at a local Irish pub.Was talking to a financial consultant sitting next to me at the bar.and we discussed the state of our economy, investments, etc. He is running full tilt advising his clients to invest in bonds and dividend paying equities. When I told him half of my investments were in physical metals, he gave me a look and said our economy is on the mend. This dude told me where he lives in the area and he must be fairly wealthy plus he is 77years old. My point is, he is no idiot. I hope you guys who have been predicting a collapse and advising the safe haven in pm’s aren’t the one’s who are out in left field.Our area is booming again. Regards.

    • No, he is probably not an idiot.  But he very well may be mired in the past and unable to accept the reality of the crushing sovereign and personal debt level in the US and around the world, the steady drop in US employment participation / average take home pay, the rising taxes, the annual trillion dollar deficits, the collapsing middle class, the bankruptcy of cities, counties, and perhaps states that is only just beginning, the increasing numbers of people on public assistance programs, and the increasingly difficult time that companies have starting up and operating in the US.  Add to that, he has a vested interest in selling paper investments.  That and advising clients is how he makes money.  Something tells me that he is not a “fee only” financial planner and that he probably also sells insurance, retirement plans, and annuities.  Money managers absolutely despise physical metals because they cannot make any money on them.  Money that is taken out of paper rarely ever returns to paper, so is lost as a financial resource forever.  It’s pretty much a sure thing that people like him never go to their clients and say, “Well, gold is up 500% and silver is up 600% over the past 10 years but I was too dumb to advise you to buy any so you did not participate in those gains.  But, you DID get to participate in the 2001 and 2008 bear markets where my clients all suffered 40% losses of their invested wealth”.
      But forget all that for a moment.  Buying PMs is also about having a store of value for our wealth.  Paper money suffers terribly from inflation.  This is why a gallon of gas that once cost a quarter now costs $4.  Paper money loses its value, so more of it is needed to buy X amount of goods.  While the price of gold and silver rises and falls in paper dollar terms, their actual value is fairly steady.  As proof, I offer the following scenario:  What would you rather inherit… $5,000 in paper bank notes from 1900 or 250 gold double eagles?  The bank notes are no longer spendable and may or may not be accepted by the US Treasury.  If they are not accepted, they have no value at all.  If they are accepted, they will be worth $5,000 is new US currency.  But what about the gold?  Well, at $1400 an oz., it will be worth  $350,000.  This is a demonstration of the continuing purchasing power of gold (and silver too) vs. the shrinking purchasing power of paper money.  Yes, this takes place over time but even during shorter periods of time, we have all watched as inflation has sapped our buying power.  Gold and silver simply do not play the inflation game, so have considerable value for that reason alone.  Should the US dollar collapse, then they will be even more valuable.  But… to each their own.  Buy or do not buy PMs.  It matters not to me.  I have chosen the best course for myself but would not dream of pushing that onto someone else who doesn’t want it.

      Our area is booming again.””

      That’s good and I am happy that your area is doing well. May it continue to do so in the future. But, if it does not, do you have a “Plan B” or any sort of financial insurance that protects the wealth that you have? If not, you might consider a small allocation to physical gold and / or silver.

  4. Proverbs  Did you think you could toss out that leading line with the beat down in Fla?   Not on this channel and not with me.
    Come on now, you know better than to do that   LOL
    First off, note something important here.  It was a Marine who took on the fight.  These men are the first line in a battle.  They are trained to understand that there is a line in the sand.  If that line is crossed, there will be war. 
    In this case, the Marine came to the defense of a young man being savagely beaten  This Marine undoubtedly served with black men and in those situations there is no black and white.  There is someone being beaten and that had to be stopped.  Bullies need to be stopped.  That is the line in the sand. The Marine did what he was trained to do.  From what I read, though he was badly beaten himself, the young man was aided by him.  That is what a Marine does.  That is what a man does.  That is a line in the sand.
    You probably recall some of my posts about what a person must do when someone’s life is being threatened. 
    The first rule of a fight is that if you fight fair your tactics stink. The Marine probably didn’t give his intervention due thought that he was outnumbered. He tried to engage the attackers in conversation. Not the best tactic.  Immediate, massive and uncompromising violence of action was needed. That’s the way I’ve trained and I’ve never been in the military. Once that line in the sand is crossed all hell breaks loose.  Absolutely violent and vicious response is warranted and that includes any weaaon at hand; knifes, clubs, rocks, park benches, guns, teeth, feet, walkers and wheelchairs (This is Florida) and anything that can neutralize the threat should be called into action.
    Your question is more along the line of whether any person should come to the aid of a black man.  That is immaterial.
     That is where having a fire arm on your person is a MUST.  Anything less than that and your tactics start in the negative column.   A fire arm is the great equalizer  What it had been a gimpy 60 something man?  Or a 50 year old woman? Rescuers come in all sizes, shapes and colors.   Guns take the fight to another level and that is where this fight could have ended instantly.  Hundreds of thousands of fights and actions against people are stopped with a gun.
    One strong rule for a civilian using a fire arm is that if  the gun owner’s life or the life of anyone else is in danger, the use of a firearm is allowed.  A person must develop their own line in the sand but if a person’s life is in grave peril, that line has been crossed.   It’s not that a civilian should act like a cop. That is an entirely different matter.  A civilian must observe these rules and understand their liability.  The most important part of is getting trained by professionals and know how to use a fire arm plus the local rules that apply to the use of fire arms.  that’s another part of the story. 
    So your question is easy to answer. 
    If a person’s life is in danger or imminent threat grave injury or death, like this situation, then a person who has made that line in the sand decision MUST go to the aid of the person in peril.  I would. And I am always armed. I expect that you would as well.

    PS  I am not a coward or a particularly brave person, just an Average Joe who knows his duty and will do it if called on.
    White on black does rouse my ire more than most situations but that is my perspective. It’s now a hate crime

    • “This Marine undoubtedly served with black men and in those situations there is no black and white.”
      No doubt, AG.  Marines do not come in white, black, brown, red, or yellow.  They only come in green.  When they go to war, their lives are in the hands of their officers, non-coms, and buddies.  They MUST have confidence in each of these if they are to accomplish their missions and return home alive.  All Marines know this.  Like you, I did not serve either but I did grow up in a military family, and many of the men in my family were privileged to serve in all branches of the US military from WW-I through the 1990s. 
      Like you, I also would come to the aid of anyone who was being attacked and beaten by a mob.  Also like you, the situation would escalate to deadly violence very quickly if the mob didn’t back off.  None of the personal characteristics of the victim matter one whit to me.  Doing or not doing something because of a person’s skin color is as dumb as doing or not doing it because of their eye color.  They don’t get to choose either one, so it simply doesn’t matter to me.
      The crap about “hate crimes” really does bother me, though.  If you beat, knife, or shoot someone, I suggest that there is already plenty of hate at work and no extra need be added via noting any physical differences between the parties involved.  Those two morons who beat that old vet to death in Spokane a month or so ago come to mind.  
      No one is calling this s**t a “hate crime”, although they would be screaming it from the rooftops if two skinheads had beaten and killed and old black / brown / red / or yellow skinned person.  One can always detect PC BS via simply reversing the situation and observing the changes in how people react to that vs. this.  Either way, the unfortunate victim is just as dead.
      As a side note, the White House is not involving itself in the Spokane killing incident.  Apparently, the Delbert Belton incident is not the equal of the Travon Martin incident.

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