The legendary Jim Sinclair has just sent the following email alert to subscribers stating that we are currently witnessing the death throes of all fiat currencies, and that gold seems to recognize the fact.
Sinclair states that the sentiment on the Euro is now so overcrowded to the bearish side that it might as well be one-sided, and that the US dollar’s problems will overshadow those of the Euro in the not too distant future- much to the surprise of the ‘professionals’, but not to SD readers.

From Jim Sinclair:

Majority Opinion Is Not Always Correct

One thing I am sure of is that the majority opinion on the destiny of the euro is wrong. The bear position is so crowded it may as well be one sided.

Sure, that type of trading will continue to put pressure on but it all will go splat after the fact. Yes that type of position reflects its mirror image on the dollar and could make the present bullish near term price objective real, but for a moment only.

Gold seems to recognize that we are witnessing the death throes of all fiat currencies inherent in this transition of the euro.

The unexpected is in fact happening. Sovereign insolvency resulting in debt repudiation was thought to be a part of history in Zimbabwe only. It is not.

It is a clear and present danger to the largest debtor nation on the planet, the US dollar. The problems with the dollar will make Greece look like child’s play.

Once the euro circus, which seems traditional, comes to its dead end a change will occur. At or slightly ahead of that time the short of the euro is going to get crushed. The firm dollar is no longer a factor in the gold price as the death of fiat currency overcomes the temporary mirror image of the euro the dollar is.

I feel from the time of the event we will see a much higher euro and weaker dollar that may well prevail for years.

Stay the course. We are totally correct.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. The majority opinion on all gold and silver bug sites are not always right. I don’t see any death throes and life pretty much is normal in Europe from those I know there and people who have visited. Don’t always believe the sky is falling types like Sinclair or Eric King. Decide for yourself.

    Jim Sinclair is a broken record. He will be saying gold is going to the moon when it is trading again at 500.00. The man can be heard every week on KWN stating the same BS. I am not selling my gold or silver, but I am not doing so because of anything this guy says. Sorry to sound like a troll, but you have to temper your judgement with what is really happening. Gold and silver continue to fall like a rock and nothing short of a war in Iran or Bernanke opening the flood gates of The Fed by printing a zillion dollars will change that. A Greek default will not send PM’s to the previous high Kondratieff Waves roll on.

    The mania is over and now you have to decide for yourself how much pain you can endure for a possible gain. There is no guarentee that gold will go back to 1900.00 or silver to 50.00. I have bought gold as low as 800 and as high as 1800. I have bought silver at 14 and 40. If hindsight were 20/20 I would have sold when the charts turned downward and sat in cash for the last year. I don’t know if I am smart or an idiot to hold what I have. FYI the coins I bought at 1800 were mint proofs sets not just gold bars or Krugs and all my silver coins are one ounce ASEs. I took some profit on the ASE anniversary set selling at double to price I paid to the mint. I also sold some Canadian Year of the Wolf for twice what I paid so I have picked my selling points well.
  2. Queenbee lol You really want us to believe that you’re missing all the turmoil that’s going down, JP Morgan’s growing CDS losses and what have you? No, I don’t think types like Sinclair or Eric King believe that the sky is falling… that is just a pie in the sky assumption and typical mainstream BS not backed by any facts.

    Jim Sinclair is positive on gold and with reason, and yes, not even he can predict with absolute certainty that the gold price is going to trade at x level in x days’ time (although he tries some times). The gold market is after all blatantly downward manipulated via paper… the gold cartel can place the fiat price of gold where they want it. Have you missed it? lol

    “I am not selling my gold or silver, but I am not doing so because of anything this guy says. Sorry to sound like a troll, but you have to temper your judgement with what is really happening” – lol They’re not saying that you should sell your gold or silver, how the hell did you come to that conclusion??? You don’t only sound like a troll, but a bloody stupid one I should add. I wonder how much they pay you to come and spew off your BS. This is SD not JP Morgan’s kindergarten. Again, I see you fail to mention the blatant downward manipulation of the PM markets via paper.

    lol You must be pretty stupid as well to think that we actually care about fiat paper gains and/or losses. We count our gains and/or losses only in ounces and so far we’ve only made gains. You are among strong hands here.

    Sorry, but I hate trolls, especially dumb fucking trolls.

  3. SB—I think we actually need three Meters For Queenbee

    Move close to this meter—
    Yep, my detector is working.

    OKAY–NOW Queenbee?
    Get Close To This Meter

    Well–You’re Kind of a Troll,
    So, I think Continued Bull Shit From
    You Will Result In Higher Troll Readings

    Now, Queenbee?—Move Close to This
    Meter to find out if anyone gives a fuck
    about your bullshit comments:

    Well…It shows no one gives a fuck–
    Sorry you’ve been detected on two out
    of three meters–I think you need to return
    to your cave until you can come up with
    comments we can give a fuck about

  4. SB you had quit a day.

    Now Queen Bee;
    This site has no interest in the ideals of the 99%ers. At least I have not seen that hear. Most hear love our country but dislike the dishonest ways that have prevailed over the last 25 -30 years. The dislike of the socialist  commi markest agenda. You know the 99%ers I meen 1%ers yes the 99% is really 1% in this country. The ones that don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground. The ones with the lack of knowledge of the real world and the workings of it. The ones that have been brain washed in the school system the past 25-30 years. The ones that think they know everything. Yes I did go and looked at your site and the above is what I took from the short visit.
    Hear on Doc site it’s way different. All ways of life, age groups, genders with a hard working moral honor with love of country. Willing to lissen and learn and find the facts. Though history, curant affairs and hard documentation of everything.
    We buy PMs mainly silver not because were trying to earn fiat from it but to get away from fiat and the ponzi system. To shield one self and family from the  dishonest system.
    So we stack silver for all pending world and US problems. Like when the 1%ers decide they want to riot in the streets and try to bring this country down into a socialist commi markest state.
    So you might understand now why it seems you rub some on this site wrong. We feel you Queen Bee.
    I for one feel for you…
  5. Queenbee. You are a plonker! I live in europe, and i can tell all SD reader the thing are getting very bad here. I am a personal trainer and swmming instructor. I was doing very well 5 years ago now my earning go down, iam having to do 2 to 3 different jobs to survive. So please do me favour and stop talking BS of whats going on in europe…

  6. Hang in there and keep stacking Dino. What you guys are feeling across the pond is coming here. No offense to liberals, but, one of my very best friends is a liberal as they come. I tried to inform him and his wife several years ago what was coming and they refused to believe. Just last night as we ate dinner together, they began to ask questions. They had just spent three weeks in Italy and saw first hand the things that were going on. Hopefully I’ve opened their eyes. 

    Good luck to you Dino as we will all be thinking of you. Keep us informed.

    P.S. I’m neither right, left or center. I am just plain old me and want to survive and be happy.

  7. Ty 2 OZ… I am very happy that we have people like Jim Sinclair, Silver Doctor, Mike Maloney, Sprott etc, and reader like you in SD. I am learning a great deal from you guys keep up the good work, I believe i am doing the right thing to buy silver and gold. Also i don’t care if the price of silver is 1 dollors an Oz, I’ll buy even more…

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