According to Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair,
The real gold show is only starting…


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From Jim Sinclair:

Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair shocked the precious metals community Friday by publicly stating that the US will be Cypruss’d, the current take-down in gold & silver is a last-ditch can kicking attempt by the bullion banking cartel, as that as a result of the coming derivatives collapse banking system bail-in, physical gold is headed to $50,000/oz!
Today, Sinclair updated CIGA’s on the fundamentals behind his $50k gold prediction:

I have a huge number of emails all asking why $50,000 gold. The answer is that the bullion market is in the process of emancipation of the gold price from the fractional paper gold system. The actualization of the real price of gold will be its emancipation from the prison of paper gold. The emancipation will occur because there is no gold whatsoever behind the deluge of paper we have just witnessed.

The central banks have most of their gold under lease. That gold was leased by gold banks and then sold for cash. That cash has been dispersed.

There are no funds to re-buy the gold that the leases call for upon maturity. The central banks cannot lease out any more gold. The entire fractional gold paper scam sits upon gold leases that are exploding right now.

The attempt to hide reality by the can kick of pummeling the gold market with paper is going to fail miserably.

Every time you buy one gold coin you consume more physical. It is the physical market that is going to emancipate gold. Gold then will be free to react to not only the debt due to foreigners, but all debt.

Please take your time to watch the Canadian documentary on gold here on It exposes the fragility of the fractional paper gold system that is now burning down because leases cannot be repaid to central banks.

The real gold show is only starting. For a great deal of what the Free-Golders think, they are right.


Is the end-game of the paper manipulated futures markets being played out in front of our eyes?
The man who predicted gold would achieve $1650/oz in 2011 over a decade prior to the event sure seems to think so.

Imagine the potential for silver if gold were to achieve Sinclair’s $50k/oz target…

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    • Er Uh Kenny, That there Gold he is a talking about is per Troy Ounce 1.07 real ounces not an ordinary household ounce.
      Just saying……

    • LMAO @Ranger!!!
      Yeah, what HE Said! 
      I like a future real GSR of 10:1 or better… so I see $5,000 Silver! 
      Sinclair is a bit low, actually. If every Dollar in cyberspace were to be Gold Backed, it would require 
      a Gold Price of $57,000/Troy Oz. 
      Current Mining Ratios are UNDER 9:1 and recycling micro-amounts of Silver in commercial goods is 
      only feasible when Silver nears $400/Troy (or so I have read) so these figures call for a lower GSR price ratios. 

    • You’re missing the point. Jim isn’t talking about an absolute $50,000 an ounce. It’s an arbitrary figure. He’s talking about loss of confidence in the dollar, collapse, hyperinflation.

      $50,000 gold in the world of a $20 Coke isn’t that great.  Be careful what you wish for.

    • “$50,000 gold in the world of a $20 Coke isn’t that great.  Be careful what you wish for.”
      Agree 100% on being careful what one wishes for… BUT… imagine a world in which a coke is $20 and 97% of the people in it have NO gold or silver.  Holy s**t!  comes to mind.

    • Except if the paper to physical ratio is 100 to 1 – $1400 x 100 = $140,000 then divide by 2 = $70,000 with silver somewhere round $4500 – $7800 16/1 – 9/1.
      There was further admittance a while back form Jeff Christian that it’s actually 400 to 1 paper manipulation, so try $280,000 and $18,000 – $31,200 🙂
      Ok while I’m on a roll 🙂 some have said silver will tread to to toe with gold at some point, (possibly for a short period or maybe silver does become a giffen good).
      Anyone remember the glitch a while back that showed the price of silver and gold of (I think) $17500 gold and $35,000 silver.
      Yes this all sounds ridiculous to some, but when you think how many quadrillions of utter garbage that is out there backed by nothing, it starts to take on a bizarrely real feel.
      Anyway, time to dial it back a bit and enjoy a sunday favourite RIP Adrian.

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend all

    • @Ed_B and @Tawnyard – today my ounce of silver will purchase about 14 “bottles of coke”. At 5000 dollar silver my ounce of silver could purchase more like 250 “bottles of coke”!

    • About that curious case video.  One of the speakers talks about “People say the dollar isn’t backed by anything, but it’s backed by those ounces of gold”
      1.  How does he mean “backed”?  Does he mean these ounces get sold into the market to buy currencies and the of use those currencies to artificially inflate the value of the dollar?
      2.  Does he mean there is some form of convertibility between dollars and gold officially? because there isn’t.
      3.  And lastly, has he ever heard of the “Petro-dollar” whereby the value of the USD is kept inflated because people are forced to buy one of the worlds most precious commodities in USD… under threat of sanction or invasion.
      I’m not going to say the dollar isn’t backed by anything, because it is.  It is backed by a horrendously large global military and financial system of oppression.  But certainly not gold.

    • @canadianstacker

      Logically speaking your scenario may not happen. Here is why. Emancipation of gold/silver leads to understanding by general public that dollar is loosing value due to overprinting, which is true, but those who sell their products on the market would definitely want to have their profits in gold, abandoning paper currency. They may artificially increase the price to get as much gold as possible for their product. The real market would rebalance it, but the question is whether or not the ruling elite will allow it to happen. The markets in the past 103 years were manipulated by the Federal Reserve and its subsidiaries around the world.

    • “$50,000 gold in the world of a $20 Coke isn’t that great.  Be careful what you wish for.”

      in a world of hyperinflation who would be stupid enough to buy a coke for $20? even today the cost of a coke is a crime. let the coca cola company go out of business – this will be one advantage in any societal collapse.

    • I have read the wealth preservation [only] argument for years…and agree only as far as it goes.  Gold and silver should preserve your wealth in an inflationary environment.

      But I have suggested here and elsewhere, I believe gold and silver will provide substantial real return on investment well beyond a nominal adjustment linked to dollar devaluation.  The real-world effect of massive naked shorting of the monetary metals has created synthetic supply which dwarfs the supply of physical metal.

      Ignoring the complexities introduced by Giffen good characteristics of gold and silver, the effect of pervasive flooding of the market with synthetic supply is to shift the supply curve dramatically upward…so that it intersects the downward sloping demand curve at a point much closer to the origin…and begets an equilibrium at a lower (and contrived) price point.

      When physical supply shortages ultimately overwhelm the system and destroy the synthetic supply (due to cash settlement and confidence failure), the entire supply curve will shift suddenly and dramatically downward, causing it to intersect the demand curve much further to the right.  In so doing, a new equilibrium price will be established at much higher levels.

      This is a real gain.  Real money will be made on the “snap-back”.

      The other factor which cannot be ignored is that very, very few westerners as a percentage of the total population have any physical metal at all.  So changes to the supply curve will occur in an environment where “gold fever”…and fear, also shift the demand curve upward.  Both curves will be moving…and moving in directions which drive price higher.

      The upside for the those who purchase at prices established in an environment characterized by grossly inflated synthetic supply and depressed demand is off the charts.

      In summary, I do give some credence to the argument about the dubious state of the world that may accompany these disruptions.  But, I categorically reject the idea that  current gold and silver owners’ returns will be limited to a financial quid pro quo based on dollar decline.

      Could it all blow up?  Of course.

      But if it doesn’t, you have a chance…a good chance, to make real money here.  In a world where so much is falling apart, that is something to be excited about.

      Be excited.  I am.

  1. Sinclair has been wrong for long time now. I got tired of his emails and interviews on King World News saying gold was going to go to the moon any moment now. Sinclair, KWN and many others are pm pumpers. I’m not saying that pm’s are a bad investment. It’s just that nobody knows when things will turn around. It might be a long time before they do. Reality and facts don’t matter when it comes to pm’s. The market makers can do whatever they want, to suppress any reality. Remember that.

    • @silvrbull … you beat me to it! Yes, good ole Jim has been wrong about everything, but yet the Doc is awestruck with him. One memorable wrong call was that once gold reached 1764, it would take off. It got to 1764 2 or 3 times and did no more.
      Also, Jim and many others did not predict that the price would go DOWN and then people would go crazy buying physical, while the paper and physical markets diverged, and that it would be this divergence that would crack the system. Only FOFOA predicted that, but he’s not on the ‘circuit’ so he’s ignored by most.
      Although Jim is ‘connected’, he is a buffoon, I am afraid.

    • @Chief:
      @silvrbull … you beat me to it! Yes, good ole Jim has been wrong about everything, but yet the Doc is awestruck with him. One memorable wrong call was that once gold reached 1764, it would take off. It got to 1764 2 or 3 times and did no more.”
      Umm, did you forget Gold was over 1900? Unless you mean his goals after the peak. 
      These “bad predictions” only indicate the unpredictable nature of the manipulators, anyway.
      And that Sinclair is seemingly not connected to them, but maybe that us what they wish?
      Not criticizing you, just lending some counterpoint.
      I’m not an FOFOA fan, he has no idea about Silver… None.
      But his Gold analysis looks flawless. So in my mind, he is a Gold Shill, possibly.
      The old timers hated Silver, as it was too accessible to the common man. If we
      go back to a Gold Standard, there will be resistance to SILVER. Unless it’s industrial
      applications exceed it’s monetary status.   

    • Technical analysis isn’t very accurate in manipulated markets. Jim knows where this is going. Timing isn’t everything. Position is everything.  The fact that this smash down happened at all is evidence that things are out of control. So the scenario of $XXXXX gold is looking increasingly likely.
      It’s what your gold – and silver – will buy you that counts. Gold won’t ‘go up’ by that amount, the dollar will collapse by that amount. And all the purchasing power will slosh into other currencies, gold, silver, oil, calories and, God help us, maybe even Bitcoin.

    • @undeRGRound … thanks, I welcome the discussion.
      Regarding 1764, what he said was, it would take off from there, and 1900 followed by a fall, is not taking off.
      Who knows who fofoa really is, but he has been right about the way this time has played out, and several other prominent experts have been wrong. I have tried to figure out from reading and thinking what would unfold as the paper scheme broke down, but it has been a huge conundrum to me, because if they let the comex fail, then there is no pricing and that is bad because then Au/ag are alternative currencies, and they don’t want that for the cattle. But, if they let the price in dollars go up, then the whole world jumps in, and they don’t want that either. Fofoa’s predictions are happening before our eyes, and are actually counterintuitive, maybe why he is the only one to predict it.
      I agree, Fofoa could well be a gold shill, but then some of those who are shills, are correct, because as we know they seem to be planted there to tell the truth!! Incredible as it seems. Fofoa seems to have all the time in the world to write huge essays when short ones would be just as informative, maybe to add to the mystique or irritation, depending on your point of view 🙂
      Yeah, he doesn’t mention silver … maybe to put off the common man, because he is a shill, lol. But, silver will be valuable regardless, due to the breakdown of the paper-based suppression, and even more so for all its uses.

    • It seems to me the Gold run-up to 1900 (being a new nominal high) was not as big a deal as Silver approaching $50, which it was reported to surpass in the overnight markets, but was brought under control before the daily fix was recorded. Appears that Silver is what scares them most. 
      When I said he knows nothing about Silver, I meant that he discounts its significance, and rarely mentions it. What he did say was that “we stackers” would be disappointed. So it seemed to me there was a hidden agenda. Gold has great fundamentals, Gold is the focal point, Gold This, Gold That, Yada-Yada-Yada, Blah-Blah-Blah, oh, and Silver Stackers will be disappointed. Tons of sound reasoning why Gold is Great but less than ZERO why Silver will under-perform. Just that it will. Silver is currently well below the historic (and mining!) GSR, at 60:1 so ANY Positive Moves in PM Markets tend to magnify in the Silver Column. GSR reached ~40:1 so I expect the next run-up to do at least that. No Way SILVER is not as good of an investment as Gold!
      FOFOA Totally Ignores Silver’s hand-in-hand history with Gold. He only mentions Silver to dis it. Very Confusing.
      If he has one of his chapters regarding Silver, I’d like to see it!
      LaterZ, Chief!  

  2. lol…. You have to wonder who the real shill is at this point.  From above, “Every time you buy one gold coin you consume more physical”.  I guess you have to throw a ridulous number like $50,000/oz for gold to make some folks out there feel like they are going to miss out if they don’t run out and buy gold now!   Hmmm, could that be to Sinclair’s benefit if you do?  His prediction from last month crashed and burned so I guess it’s time to appeal to people’s greed.  How bout a simple common sense approach without throwing absurd numbers at us?  These type predictions by the “gurus” are implying ignorance on the part of its intended readers.

    • I tend to agree. Jim is beginning to sound like a raving lunatic. I mean, Jesus Murphy!…..can’t he get it right?  Why should we believe him now? If he is so smart why didn’t he warn everyone a big selloff was coming that would destroy peoples portfolios? Obviously he did not see it coming so he therefore has no more insights into metals than you or I. Sorry to all and no offence intended but that guy must be working with the people in charge of suppressing metals. He just keeps saying crazier and crazier stuff to appeal to the lowest common denominator (greed) and leading everyone down the garden path. How much money have people lost investing according to his “wisdom”? I really don’t know why anybody even listens to that guy anymore. He has been almost the worst anlayst on precious metals that I can think of and yet here he is crowned as some kind of royalty to the gold buying community. I say ban him for good….he is a shill for Goldman and the manipulators…just pumping up everyone to bust them down again. We need a normal analyst not a senile old fart who hates the Federal Reserve and wrecks peoples investments by making crazy promises all the time that never come true.
      Rant off.

  3. Profile photo of
    IndenturedServant says:

    I hereby resolve to never read another word written by this ass-clown. Luck was on his side a time or two and lapdogs follow him like he’s God. Hell, my old, broken, analog wristwatch is still right twice a day! He is starting to sound as ridiculous as the govt shutting down Boston for a day while thousands of cops stand around jerking each other off until an unpaid, unarmed citizen with zero dollars worth of technology points out where the bad guy was. Can no one think for themselves anymore?

    • Hear, Hear! Indentured. Truth is I just click past anything with Jim’s name in it anymore (except today). Worse, I generally diregard anyone who quotes him on the assumption they cannot think for themselves or have an agenda in the gold business. Jim is an insider in my opinion. His job is to shepherd the unwary into buying so the big players can scoop your money and take it back down. Only a god damned fool listens to Sinclair seriously.
      Especially as he has been SO WRONG for so long.

    • They will keep printing this BS as long as people continue to read it. Unfortunately there are some that believe this crud and the guru’s saying it.

  4. Thank you I_S for the Quote of The Week:
    “as ridiculous as the govt shutting down Boston for a day while thousands of cops stand around jerking each other off until an unpaid, unarmed citizen with zero dollars worth of technology points out where the bad guy was.
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    While watching this week’s show of force by the various .gov agencies – did anybody else here think about the absurdity and the ‘forty-eight 8″x10″ glossy photos and other cop-implements of destruction’ that Arlo Guthrie wrote about in his song, ‘Alice’s Restaurant?’

  5. So that’s how Jim does it, hmmm, that explains alot :>)

    There is news about gold and silver every day .. care to explain the rationale why May 6 is special, or are you just doing a Jim Sinclair?

  6. The United States has roughly $12 trillion in public debt and another $5 trillion interagency debt (money it owes social security, etc…) If the US backed all of its obligations by all of the United States reported gold holdings (8,133.5 metric tonnes), the price of gold would have to settle at $65,000/troy oz in order to meet its obligations in gold.

    If gold was used to back simply the base money supply ($3 trillion), gold would have to be revalued to roughly $11,000/troy oz.

    Either way, gold is on sale today at only $1,400/troy oz.

  7. Apparently, the stress Mr. Sinclair is under which for the most part is due to the fruit of his own mouth, has finally revealed itself with this kind of irresponsible hype. It is truly sad.
    If THIS is the kind of nonsense his followers are willing to listen to, is it any wonder he must schedule meetings in order to pacify them and calm their legitimate concerns. They should be running for the door, in my opinion. He has crossed the line into a realm that is truly bizarre, and yet, as much as it may be entertaining for some, it is actually very sad. These fellows have placed themselves into a very tight corner with the hype of their own mouths, and the days of them feeding upon those uninformed followers I suspect will come to an end. People are waking up to the fact this kind of hype is not necessary and it is now getting to be a form of desperation seen by these “gods” of the PM world. It appears they have gone to the next level of who can out do the other with their insanity.
    Take a break Mr. Sinclair, honestly, before you end up hurting yourself or doing more damage to those you advise. In the mean time, please take the time to apologize to Martin Armstrong and a host of other analysts that you have torn apart for their views, because you just went right over the top with this one. Get over yourself, and stop this game. PM’s do not need your kind of marketing hype. They are solid without YOUR style of market manipulation. You show yourself little different than the tech stock bubble pumpers who promised investors it would never end or the mortgage brokers who thought the housing bubble would never happen, and encouraged people to borrow more than they could ever pay back.
    I wish you well, please take a break for your own sanity.

  8. O.T., I can’t help but notice that:
    – Bitcoin seems to have completely fallen off the radar as nobody is discussing it anymore.
    – North Korea has completely disappeared out of the news.  Just what are those fvckers up to?

  9. If silver and gold go to a 1 to 1 ratio  GSR will mean Gun Shot Residue.
    Bit coin is split-coin
    North Korea got some Bernanke kimchee dollars and a big dose of STFU.
    The Boston Massacre sucked the air out of every nano second of the news cycle
    Pluto could have crashed into Uranus and weed’ve missed it
    If gold hits $50,000 an ounce that martial law would have plenty of marshalls coming to our doors.
    Stackers of the whirled untie
    The dyslexic

    Listen up
    OJ and PhilAZ are in the house

  10. While you all bark about Sinclair and hype your own opinions, let me just says that this is all a bunch of sh1t,  Gold will do whatever it wants.  It makes no difference one way or the other.  To each his own.

    • Right. People that are criticizing Jim are wasting time thinking about stuff that matters not. The only thing that matters is your individual preparation plans. Jim is not as right or wrong as anyone else has been. If people want to criticize everyone that is wrong then they should start with themselves and work their way up to Jim. Now I have to go and feed my Unicorn.

  11. Quick back of the envelope calculation.

    1) 54 Trillion = total US Wealth (all assets) in terms of dollars.
    2) As paper money, as it always has, goes away, that wealth is repriced into Gold and Silver.
    3) Assume 100 Million ounces of physical Gold exists in the USA.
    4) Assume One Billion ounces of physical Silver exists in the USA.

    So, yes, you would have the equivalent purchasing power of 50K or so per ounce of Gold/Silver = 55 trillion. 
    The greatest wealth transfer in history.

    • “it only means silver to the moon”
      Gawd, I hope not!  EVERY single time someone starts braying about “XYZ to the moon!”, it is guaranteed that XYZ will shoot up a little and then crash hard and burn.  People once said that Internet stocks were going to the moon.  Result:  crash, burn.  Then they said that housing prices were “going to the moon”.  Result:  crash, burn.  Please.  Say ANYTHING but “going to the moon”.  lol

    • JLee2027 if you followed him long enough you would know how fake he is and how he uses his CIGAs ,,, i remember this guy pumping his company’s stock at the top while at the same time dumping shares to the public, but you would only know if you track his filings to sell shares 

    • lol @Shamus001


      “Hillary’s goin to da moon!”

      Crash, burn!  ha ha  If only.

      Toss her out the airlock on the moon base without a suit and watch that version of “Pop! goes the weasel”.  😉


    • Agreed, Mary… and incredibly stupid countries have leased and hypothecated / rehypothecated their gold into utter insignificance.

  12. Sorry didn’t bother to read Jim I am sure it’s still just the same old same old. Did read the entertaining comments though.

    That said my beliefs don’t let me tout OE to infinity, Fiat Dollar Collapse all the while trying to predict a fiat value to Gold and Silver. Dose that make sense to any of you? Who cares what a fiat value is on a measurement of Silver & Gold, the value of the metals didn’t change. How can one measure the value of “MONEY” with a fiat promise to pay lol. Hey I have a thought all the so called stacker’s that want get rich over night holding Phizz just equate your weight into Zimbabwe Currency.

    You see Labor is the Value, That’s were the wealth transfer will take place how much labor will your silver and gold exchange for. The only reason we have a monetary system is to facilitate “One Mans Labor in Exchange for another Mans Labor”. A higher currency price on the metals is only showing you the devaluation of the currency. So the higher the currency price goes the least likely one should exchange the metals in for fiat anyway.

    I might delve deeper into how IMO wealth transfer will take place after a western fiat collapse later.

  13. Cindy
    you pose a first rate question.
    two scenarios compel an answers.
    If we muddle along without a large collapse then each coin will be pretty much equally useful.  Junk bullion will still be 90% and coveted for its true and easily identifiable value.  BTW Junk is becoming increasingly scare. Brother John did a video more than a  year ago, attempting to assess the amount of junk bullion still in circulation.  He estimated that 90% of JB was sold;  turned in, when silver hit $50 an oz in 1980. People had billiions of these coins just floating around representing spending money before the silver price explosion.
     It was a good source of silver and could be refined back to its high percentage concentration, then used for normal silver processes.  From an original minting of about 30 billion coins, BroJo estimated that we might have no more than 10% left.  3,000,000,000 of these coins is not much since most are in the form of dimes, quarters and halves.  Maybe there is $1 billion in cash value left. Much more given the present price of JB over spot however. So there is real value in those coins.
    So, with the muddle along theory of economic stability, silver will be just what it is; desired for its metal content at any number of price levels. You chose that you think those levels will be; buy and stack accordingly.  If silver goes up by 200, 500 or 1,000% in 10 years your results will be measurable and spendable.  It’s not much different than stocks.  You pick what you think are winners and invest accordingly based on yield, relative strengths and your personal time line.  My time line is 5 years minimum and 10 years max since a good chunk of my retirement funding is in PMs.  Actually, it’s 100%, but who’s counting.
    If we look at the collapse scenario, then you need to compartmentalize.  A good plan is to have some nickels and pennies, just the ordinary ones, for change making.  Then  have a certain amount of junk bullion.  Buy as much as you can comfortably stock away.  If you spend it without calculating the 90% silver content, you’ve given away a valuable resource and no one at any store or other place of business will give you more than fact value.   But in the future these coins, post collapse, could be  seen as the coin of the realm with a near 100% certainty that they are legal tender,thus being completely acceptable to anyone.
    Moving to ASE’s there is a slight possibility of suspicion of counterfeit coins but within the knowledgeable crowd, silver has a metallic ring sounds and can be eyeballed for its real nature.    ASEs are only slightly more costly per oz than rounds so having some of those, or all of your 1 oz silver coins in ASEs is fine.  Besides which, if you stack ASEs you may find there is a greater premium for the older ones.
    I sell ASEs for $45 at the show  A few takers are all required to make a few dollars extra on  the transaction. Besides which, I like ASEs. They are elegant coins. I stack Canadian Maples for the same reason plus they are .9999 pure silver so you can use them to make colloidal silver as medicine.  That could come in handy in the future.
    The generic rounds are my main stacking silver along with 100 oz bars.  Generics are the least costly coins and if they are minted by a known source such as Sunshine, AMark, Johnson Matthey or Englehard, that makes them as good as it gets.  Most rounds are going to be well recognized for their silver content; minted ones slightly more so.
    My clientele at the show came in several types. Those who wanted anything silver; those who wanted my stack of 1980s ingots, people who wanted rounds from a recognized mint and those who did not care so long as they got a .999 oz of silver.  I gave some input as to those varieties
    If we have some sort of collapse, people will very quickly come up to speed on silver (and gold) if they want to survive. The learning curve will be short and sweet. Anyone who has silver and can educate and inform others of the various types of silver items from JB to 100 oz bars will have a certain skill that most do not possess. 
    I have yet to figure out what my 100 oz bars will be good for.  I call them Zombie stompers.  But in reality I would sell them for FIAT if silver hits a certain price or use them for large scale transactions for things such as land, vehicles, fuel, housing, protection or just a paper weight.

    • “If we have some sort of collapse, people will very quickly come up to speed on silver (and gold) if they want to survive. The learning curve will be short and sweet.”
      In response to the original question, I don’t think you could have summed it up any more accurately or succinctly.  Everyone should keep those two sentences in mind. To me, both government-issued and privately-minted rounds marked with their content (along with good ol’ 90%, of course) will be welcomed. The point is now, to establish your position as best you can, while you can.

    • ahhh the good old Colloidal Silver…
      AGX, you finally gave me a reason to desire the maples, despite the ugly MUG on the back! 
      (with apologies to our Brit Friends)
      I also have a very kewl electronic healing device, I will send you some plans for its construction.
      I guess I need to start getting these out there, the Ah-Porky-Lips is nearly upon us!  

    • @AGXIIK


      “I have yet to figure out what my 100 oz bars will be good for.”

      Oh, that’s easy.  They can be best used for home defense.  When someone breaks into you home, you grab a bar, scream “ATTACK!” and bust his head open with it.  😉

      You can also make a “deadfall” from a few of these bars sitting on a small trap door type platform above your entry doors on the inside of your home.  This is rigged to a snare trap type trigger.  When the door is opened by a home invader, down come the bars, giving him quite a thwacking.  Just don’t open the door in the morning to get the newspaper when you are bleary-eyed and 1/2 asleep without putting the safety pin in that deactivates the trigger.  😉

      If you have enough of them, you can also line the walls of your “safe room” with them to absorb any nasty WW-III style radiation that may be lurking outdoors.  No need to thank me for all these GREAT ideas!  lol





  14. I don’t know what to think about Sinclair any more. I was one of his earlier detractors, back when it was not fashionable to speak against him, and for my trouble I got shouted at. I have since spoken in favour of him on certain points.
    I just haven’t figured out whether he is a genius, a charlatan or a clown.
    I will say that he seems to have accurately described the mechanics of what seems to be going on now, i.e. the ‘shorts’ are in the process of flipping to the long side. This actually makes sense of the recent price smashes, regardless of whether Jim saw them coming or not. He did say to look out for when the charts look like a fishing line (I guess he meant a fishing rod bent over and pointing towards the water, because a fishing line would be dead straight).
    It would be good to hear a few apologies to those who really did predict the recent price drops: in the case of silver, a few guys picked it to the very dollar, and are on record as to there being further drops to 17 & 15. I can’t remember who made thos predictions, but it may have been Turd Ferguson, and Martin Armstrong.
    I won’t hold my breath for the likes of Sinclair (and I’ll add Andy Hoffman) to apologise to anyone. Would I be the first to say that Ranting Andy has overbaked his incessantly repeated opinions? He is, after all, a legend in his own mind, and the minds of his obsequious fans, of which I used to be one.

    • I think that Sinclair is a fundamentally good man, doing his best to provide guidance on the basis of his experience during very troubling times. However, today, the situation is much different than when he was a trader. There were no computers and algos during the 70s metals bull run. The manipulation today is easy for them to execute and get away with. All that we can say is that if these metals were not manipulated, we would have already been priced out of gold, and possibly silver. The only thing that I know for certain is that one day China will back her currency with gold. I have no idea when that day will be, and if I’ll even be alive when it happens, but that is the day the cartel is doomed, and until then, they will regrettably probably continue to have the run of the house, and I will continue to take advantage of it. We live in Orwellian times when websites are attacked, we are fed an endless stream of garbage in the MSM, plans are afoot to force us to participate in bail ins, we have governance by the banks for the banks, draconian legislation, and society is asleep. All we can do is stay awake, do our own thinking, and do our best to make the right decisions for each of our personal sets of circumstances. There are no saviors or oracles, just ourselves.

    • I think Sicnclair’s heyday has well and truly been and gone. He’s living on former glories and while there maybe nothing malicious about him other than trying to encourage people into his product via sensationalism, he is in my opinion a clown and not worthy of serious consideration.

    • Actually with current copper prices if the 100 cents you speak of were the pre ’82 copper ones then 100 cents would be worth $2 in Cu value.

  15. I predict the price will go up and then down again, but not necessarily in that order. Over the long term it has to go up, but I am only human so there is no way I, or anyone else (except the non-humans), can say what the numbers will be. I could be wrong (I might not be Human) and it could go to at least $3000 by the second Tuesday of next week, which will make sense just after premiums rise by another dollar two ninety eight. If things really get bad and food becomes scarce my backup plan is to eat what my dad said they ate during the last depression, Poke-Rolla-and-Grits, you poke your feet under the table, roll your eyes and grit your teeth. Don’t know about you but I like to eat livermush with my grits. Hope you Yanks can pick up on that. For the British, I am in the Southern US and we call them Yanks too, ain’t that dandy? As soon as my banjo fell off my knee I got an arrow in it. What do we truly have left but a little humor, and I mean a little.

  16. $50,000 Gold, *coughs* yeah right! JS just got smashed (as did we all) by the big boys, all he is trying to do is restore confidence(talk it up, maybe thats not a bad thing) because he is HEAVILY invested, making statements like these(50k Gold) will make some ppl rush to buying Gold but lets just all take a deep breath and get realistic here for a second. JS has lots of knowledge and inside contacts, theres no doubt but he has been wrong so many times i would take this prediction with a grain of salt frankly, and should his prediction come true i have only one word that would describe things, Armageddon…. I do however believe that we are witnessing some historical times and events and theres no doubt these events will have an effect on current physical prices, i can see a time in the near future(I would be surprised if this does’nt occur WITHIN 5 years from now) where 5-15k Gold and 300-900k Silver is not beyond imagination. I for one am buying up right now. My predictions are based on history, i think these numbers are quite possible! I really do, especially WHEN the manipulators are held to account, surely that will happen, we the people wont let that go on indefinately! 50k not so much, sorry Jim…for the record i think Jim Sinclair is a decent man as well and provides alot of information to us lessor informed ppl(me lol), but 50k naaaaaarrr(perhaps Jim had a few drinks before making those statements me thinks lol). I will make one prediction though, when the proverbial does hit the fan i think it will come VERY quickly and go away just as quickly, so i’d keep one eye on your investment at all times, you never know! Be ready…Finally the cynical side of me thinks that Silver will always struggle to climb higher, but i love surprises! Finall finally, lol, I dont think we have hit the bottom yet, strong feeling that we might be smashed down to $12-15/ounce, I base this on no facts or reasoning, its just my gut feeling, their not done yet…

  17. The funny thing about so many experienced people are predicting gold and silver prices, a quick check of gold and silver charts shows between 500-800% increased, depending on when you start charting after the 2001 tech wreck.  But one important note is that few if any could have predicted the price rise of these two metals from $2 and $40 an ounce in 1970 to their peak 10 years later.  By my calculations silver and gold rose about 2000%. 
    If you launch any predictions starting back in  2001 with gold at $250 an ounce and silver at $4, anything close to these increases would be a huge boon to the prices.   Even $80-100 in silver and $5,000 in gold would measure favorably with the economic conditions in the 1970-1980 time period. I’m a bit surprised that these prices have’nt be touched but we know the causes.
    1970s:  Lots of war (cold and hot), lots of FIAT printing, lots of inflation (average 10% per year) and considerable economic damage from high taxes and misallocations of capital into hard asset.  The economic uncertainties espoused by Jimmy Milhouse Malaise Carter had us thinking that we would be eating  rice and beans,   living in hovels, with zero expectations of anything better. Our Era of Limits was upon us according to Droopy Dawg in his middy sweater as  did his best impression of Mr Rogers’ homely brother.

  18. This is a search that I made for the actual completed selling price for generic 999 silver rounds and bars on ebay. The search is always within seconds of the going price. This is what people are paying for it and often there is a shipping charge which even makes the final price higher. In the years past when the paper silver masters drove the price down, it would show up on ebay also with lower prices following. Not this time. Show this to your friends who tell you that the market for silver is over. Enjoy!

    • EXACTLY What I found! 
      Ebay was almost $10 higher on BID ASE’s but most had free shipping. 
      AND this was in tubes of 20 coins. Singles would have been HIGHER
      But most singles were graded coins or reverse proof, etc. 

  19. You will rue the day you doubted this man.  Sinclair may be off on the timing, but he is spot on the direction this is headed and why.  Only people whining are those who came to the party 2-3 years ago.  Gold has gone up six fold since the turn of the century.  Exactly what is your beef.  Your stocks are barely back to even. And your house is still underwater.

    Sinclair says buy physical while you still can. Don’t worry about the price. Accumulate ounces. No margin. No leverage. Sit tight. Pretty simple.

    • Suppressed & manipulated > pre /COMEX >DEFAULT > good entry level prices >buy all you can when you can…….Silver-warriors ,we will win !,we have History on our sides. Silver & Gold is  money and always was and  always will be .Amen

    • We are witnessing manipulation and suppression unregulated in real -time ,Today ,.even after Deutsche admitted to being a party and agreed to testify against others that also involved… Is Ballsy or other Choice  let the Comex Default maybe ?

  20. @UglyDog.   I agree.   Scroll up to top and the sniveling goes on and on. F.U.P, I am in it big and for the extremely long side.   Wrong or Right this country is toast and nobody is going to change that..   25 years plus stacking I don’t give a shit who says what!  it’s irrelevant.

  21. The world already HAS hyper-inflated and is continuing to do so… Worldwide debt at ~250 T, derivatives in the 1 Q ball-park… It’s just that all this fiat/digital money is locked in at the very top and in the banking system. There are ~6B gold ounces above ground (as far as I know) as central bank money, and some 5 – 30 B silver ounces above ground (1 B according to Bix Weird)… These 6 B gold ounces are worth roughly 7.5 T… To back all the debt/fiat money, a price of 33k an ounce would be required. While there is plenty of paper gold, little fizz is available, and once the masses flood into gold (this is happening as we speak) the paper gold scam will break and Ka-BOOM. This will be a very unorderly rise IMHO, with significant gapping to the upside as the paper markets stop trading and settle in cash. It’s coming, but when is anyone’s guess. This summer, this fall,next year or “Polny” 2020… What difference will it make if you hold the fizz??? Whatever happens, the USheeples will not hold any significant amounts of gold and silver when the day of recking comes…  I’ve actually gotten a liking to their cute suppression scheme and hope they smash it one more time so that the 1050/13.5 levels break for good. THAT would be a blessing. A stackattacker

    • “This will be a very unorderly rise IMHO…”

      This is something that paradigm shifts and collapses have in common.  Both tend to be quite messy before they are all done.


    • My grandfather would have been astounded by $100 gold.  That would be about 5x higher than what he was used to in the 1930s.

  22. Thanks for the flashback, always good to see how the archives do such a great job of cataloging the nonsense.

    BTW, anyone seen SeanKelly recently? Wondering if he’s still a millionaire, what with his options and such…..

  23. Jim’s argument is NOT “a loss of confidence”, but rather the price rigging mechanism that will eventually fail, “paper gold” that is not there, unbacked COMEX contracts that have no intrinsic value, created at will and in any number by hitting the keyboard, setting the price for fizz. This will one day stop, out of the blue and the price for fizz will gap up higher and higher as all these paper PM obligations settle in cash and are left behind. Gold will not, CANNOT, orderly rise to it’s rightful value… So – get fizzical while you can. Be right, sit tight, sleep well.

  24. He actually is close. If one takes a multiple fabinocci 4.2 times wave 1 we get close, then I had to assume a wave 4 because it is not here yet (2029?), you will get to 52500 per ounces but that should happen in 2030.

    I agree with others, when he calls this #, the gold declines immediately cus of goldman and others.

  25. Lol @ the price of gold.  Hmmm, let’s see now… gold was once at $35 an oz.  Yes, it was cheaper before that but this is the baseline I am choosing.  The number doesn’t affect my point, so… if gold can go from $35 an oz. to $1270 an oz, that is a multiple of more than 36x.  Whatever happens in this world CAN happen again, so if gold were to once again multiply in price by more than 36x, we would see a gold price of about $46,000 an oz.  Sure, that seems impossible but is it any less possible than a move from $35 to $1270?  No, it is not.  In fact, it is exactly the same move in terms of price ratios.  Still think that $50,000 gold is impossible?  I would agree that it seems unlikely, but then lots of unlikely things seem to be happening these days.

  26. Total nonsense! If gold went that high all commodities would rise also along with everything you need just to survive. Most of the planet would starve. Everything is interconnected and nothing goes up or down without effecting everything else! We would all be literally be living in caves.

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