SinclairJim Sinclair sent an email alert out to subscribers Monday, advising precious metals holders that the recent take-down in the metals was not a short play, but a desperate attempt to help the dollar and to keep the system alive.

Sinclair states that The not-anticipated result of the take down on paper gold was to wake a sleeping elephant of physical demand from other every corner of the globe. The opinion of the operators is that if the gold banks can keep pressure up on paper gold the huge demand for physical will fizzle. The world outside of North America has recent memories of monetary situations exactly the same as now. They know that paper is in its final stage and gold is in a major ascendancy.
Sinclair is so confident that gold is moving majorly higher that he advises readers: If you have two cars sell one to either initiate or increase your gold and unique gold producer position. If you live in a metropolitan city, sell both!

Sinclair’s full alert is below:


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Gold Eagle 2

From Jim Sinclair:

We have spent more than 12 years working to educate you on the subject of gold. I only ask in return that you consider these three videos carefully. These presentations sum up where we are, why gold was bombed, why technical analysis is in gold a major waste of time and the direction we are without any doubt going.


If you will devote time to watching each video carefully you will see how the recent operation to help the dollar by depreciating price of gold was not a short play but a play to keep a system alive.


Free Gold is an interesting school of thought with which I agree on the emancipation of gold from paper gold as natural development and its implication, but not the entire thesis which runs in various directions in application of their basic and correct thesis.


The not-anticipated result of the take down on paper gold was to wake a sleeping elephant of physical demand from other every corner of the globe. The opinion of the operators is that if the gold banks can keep pressure up on paper gold the huge demand for physical will fizzle. The world outside of North America has recent memories of monetary situations exactly the same as now. They know that paper is in its final stage and gold is in a major ascendancy. Physical demand will remain strong thereby overcoming paper gold and forcing paper gold exchanges to change their methods of delivery, clearly restricting paper to a secondary role and making its use to manipulate gold redundant.


The three videos build an argument that screams that you should not sell your physical gold or gold producers with political sensitivity, cheap cost of production, and near surface gold. Once again, if you have two cars sell one to either initiate or increase your gold and unique gold producer position. If you live in a metropolitan city, sell both.


1. Columbia Economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs speaks candidly on monetary reform and defines the illegality of finance as now practiced.



Click here to watch the video… 



2. David Rosenberg just gave this devastating presentation on the sad state of the economy. This is the key to QE to Infinity even when depositors are hijacked for bank rescues.



Click here to watch the video… 


3. In this video please do not watch the music video at the end. It is not pertinent or entertaining. The story however is your key to understanding exactly what has happened and what is about to happen. This video discusses the natural tendency of gold under present circumstances and why the US Fed pushed the panic button at $1900. It is the heart of the emancipation of gold from paper gold which releases physical gold and those entities with physical gold easily available to naturally rise in to prices we dare not even consider. It is the freeing of gold which is Free Gold.


You will identify the negative gold writers as employees of, or beneficiaries of, Boss Hogg.



Click here to watch the video… 


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    • Now THAT is a SWEET RIDE!  😀
      “Sell your car and buy gold”.  Not what most of us would call great advice.  If he had said, “Sell everything you don’t NEED and buy gold”, that would be one thing.  Many of us NEED a car.  It is not a luxury that we can just do without so we can buy something else.

    • Please do me a favor, buy many 5  gallon gas tanks to have when the SHTF.  By listening to Ed Dames with his Killshot Prediction either by going to Coast to Coast (  April 23, 213 Listen to Dr DOOM, or Ed Dames.  Major Dames  has been part of Remote Viewing which can save your car from unexpected events like mega sun spots on earth, war with Iran, crop failures, disease & famine, but exploding Gold/Silver prices. Please check it out to save your shiny car, ok?           svirtue

  1. In other news looks like we are playing the game like we did before the smash… start the day off with a push down, then drift lower to the close relatively unchanged. I noted in another thread mint sales were updated for may, and to me it shows the silver shenanigans. Almost 1 million ASEs already – no doubt some sales pushed forward from last month. Should set the stage for a 3million unit sale in may, and another record.

  2. I would sell my car but Mario Draghi required it to be pledged and rehypothecated as collateral for the last tranche of the LTRO.  It’s a very
    tired but clean 1957 Citroen D2V.  My other vehicle is a high mileage Infinity QX 56.  Being made by the Japanese, Infinity is partly owned byt he French.  My bi-cultural SUV is very confused about all these goings on and is in therapy with the Car Doc.  It can’t be sold until we have a letter from the shrink that it is safe to drive.  Sorry Jim.  Other than that I’m tapped.

  3. most people are broke ,,, what was that stat again, i dont remeber but something like most americans have $3800 in the bank account, in savings…. brutal and the sell your car LMAO who these days owns their cars please all leases and credit…. This gold bull im affraid will pass most north american folk, too bad, and so be it to busy buying $1000’s purses and true religion jeans and $500 sunglasses lmao ya your all fooln everybody- millionaires all of ya. The rest of the world is waking up and stupidy will not prevail for long well until its their turn to get fat and lazy and dumb like all countries at their peaks – i often reflect back on the British and French empires – lol white wigs, stupid costumes and over weight ( remember being fat meant you had money – well fed ),,,, don’t worry China your time will come soon enough – more dumplings anybody.
    The Sh*t will hit the fan its just nobody knows the exact time, so why not prepare now…..Jim is not wrong just ahead of the herd , moooooooo dumb a**es mooooo

  4. As much as iwould love to entertain Mr.Sinclairs musing on the subject of selling all valuable possessions to purchase PMs, i am not yet persuaded  that this government or any other will relinquish their stranglehold, and consequently the manipulation of said PM markets and facilitate my independent wealth created by said cessation. We are talking some pretty large ramifications if the fiat ponzi scheme also known as paper money is allowed to be replaced in any measure by real tangible gold and silver. Does he really think that TPTB and the TBTFs are going to just lie down?! Take one for the good of humanity and roll the fuck over??!! We have not and can not even imagine the lengths that will be breached to save the status quo fiat,fractional reserve, re-hypothecated digital goose that lays QE ad infinitum. These bags of self aggrandizing fecal matter are just warming up and they will wreak havoc on us all before their system is squeezed and drained of life and us along with it. Yea i stack and  hedge just in case but i also am aware that in this game we dont make  rules and will never come out on top. History is replete with the consequences of catastrophic governmental failures…its no picnic rest assured.While I respect the opinions of those who have studied or have personal experience to impart, I know what happens when the animal is cornered, it kills you or you kill it. peace

    • I doubt the Turdites will embrace that article over there in Turdville. They will be foaming at the mouth accusing Sinclair of being the Devil himself for questioning the great and powerful TA expert Turd Ferguson.  (just having some fun here, not trolling :o)

    • It’s not personal of what people put stock into.  Some like TA and still think it’s a good tool to predict future moves.  IMO, it’s  obvious that it doesn’t work in this current environment.   If it did then where is the proof?  What happened on May 1, 2011 for silver?  Smash down of 6 bucks in 12 minutes in the futures market.  Where were the indicators showing that move?  Another indicator these “experts” keep telling everyone is that the dollar index is a indicator of where the metals are going.  This is simply not true.  There has been many days the dollar has gone up with the metals,  There has been many days the dollar has gone down with the metals.  These “experts” (Greg Mannarino) need to go away with that simplistic way of thinking about the markets.  It’s total amateur hour when these guys say this kind of stuff.  Include Brother John in this conversation as well.  When the metals tank, it’s because of manipulation.  If the metals go up, it’s because the technical analysis was telling that move.  I find if unbelievable and hypocritical of these guys.  I still watch and read their websites but it’s for entertainment value.  Long term, I like their predictions.  Short term, they are horrible at best.  I also bought at 45 dollar silver, so I really have no credibility myself.  Some of my predictions have been bad or worse. Take everything I post with a grain of salt.    Here is my quote of the day-“Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.”

    • “These “experts” (Greg Mannarino) need to go away with that simplistic way of thinking about the markets.  It’s total amateur hour when these guys say this kind of stuff.”
      I agree, Duck.  If simple worked, every fool would be rich.  😉

  5. Firstly if you read Fekete’s interview the other day he made a great point (paraphrasing) “ demand has nothing to do with the Gold (PM) market)”. So you can stop posting those coin sales figures. They are meaningless – tell that to Sprott too…
    So Sinclair says to sell your car? After it drops again what is he going to do next? tell you to sell your house? your clothes?
    This shouldn’t be hard to understand. Paper Gold is worthless and the marketplace is finding that out. It (the paper price) will continue to drop and you won’t be able to buy Gold anywhere. Yes, ‘IT will be extinct‘. Do you have any idea how large the paper market in Gold is compared to the physical?
    This paper Gold cascade hurts one entity the most – miners – of which he is still a fixture – in indirectly promoting Tanzanian. He is desperate because most miners will fail… this year.
    Best of luck. “Gold. Get you some.’

    • I tend to agree with you.  Supply and demand is irrelevant in the paper markets.  The price is a distortion and doesn’t represent the physical world.  That is the new trend of thought by the pundits.  The physical price and the paper price will separate.  I like this theory but I feel like it’s a partial cover for their missed calls on the metals.  Most of all the experts have been calling for the metals to explode in price when QE was installed globally.  The price has been cornered and smashed down many times.  Everyday, another bottom call happens.  Is this the bottom?  Who cares just buy more and hold it for insurance.  Feel lucky and fortunate that you have some stored up.  Sinclair needs to sell some of his dogs.  It seems like he has about a thousand of those suckers.  His dog food bill a month would buy a monster box of eagles.  He should start with that over his cars.

  6. DVD  You bring up  a point that I recall reading.  The article spoke to some serious problems facing this firm 
    I dont recall the exact issues but these financial problems and maybe some regulatory matters in the Tanzanian home country were pressing very hard on this firm, potentially putting it in some sort of serious hurt.  Anyone know about this.  Maybe  Jim’s investment is in jeopardy.

    • Thank you AGX. Now you are seeing the ‘motives’ to why these kind of irresponsible statements are being made by more than just Sinclair. Many of these guys are not just having serious investment issues, they also are feeling the heat that they themselves have brought on by their own statements. It is as simple as that, and when they honestly refuse to re-evaluate their methods and begin to spread blame, it is usually a sign of desperation.
      I am seeing this across the board, but instead of being honest, too many revert to making even more bizarre statements which allows more folks to understand motives. it is sad to watch, because I have seen it unfold slowly over the last year especially, and it is time to see it for what it is. I can only imagine what is coming next when metals get hit again and they will, gold will see 1200 – 1250 very likely, but when one is very deep into this investment, it becomes skewed and they cannot see clearly because they will not admit that maybe they need to examine their methods of forecasting, instead of maintaining the same mantra for years. I would have much more respect for those who would just be honest, make no excuses, and let these markets unfold as they will. Sinclair covers himself well with stating in essence, anyone writing something ‘negative’ about gold, must be trolls or work for “boss hogg” which is simply silly to even say.
      Those who tell the truth often end up in the hall of shame…but that does not remove the fact that so far they have been more accurate than many of these who say what we all want to hear.
      It is very difficult to view any sector one is heavily involved in with an unbiased observation, and this goes for these ‘experts’.
      have a good day AGX 🙂

  7. Rumour has it Jim is starting up a mega used car lot, and needs inventory.
    I called the beginning of the PM bull run.
    I told people to sell their house before the housing bubble burst.
    I told people to get out of the market in 2008.
    I suck on predicting the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly spot silver in this bull run.
    And once more, unless he has inside info at JPM, he’ll be like me in my last statement.

    • Looks like a decent site.  We do know that ABN AMRO has defaulted, or is about to, on ALLOCATED gold accounts.  This is a HUGE red flag to anyone who actually understands what an “allocated account” is supposed to mean but apparently does not to some banksters.
      “”He said right now those same families are walking into the big banks like JPM and demanding delivery of their bars or threatening to take their $100s of millions in investment portfolios to competitors. His wording was “these people are putting a gun to the heads of private banks and demanding their gold.”
      Putting a “gun to their heads” is likely the ONLY message these bums really understand, so people are using the technique on them that they know will work.  It is significant that they know that nothing else will work on these guys.  Money is power and with both of these one can learn things that others do not.  If these very wealthy families are pulling their gold out of what they believe is a dying system, that seems like an excellent recommendation to me.

  8. The third video link is not what Sinclair linked to.  It may be better… Christine Hughes, President and Chief Investment Strategist, discusses details of Japan’s radical monetary policy.

    • Something of this nature will only happen when it actually is a benefit for the banks and the broken system, as well as corrupt goverments, it will be blamed upon ‘hackers’ when in fact it is a clever way to have a ‘holiday’. They do not need Anonymous hackers to pull it off, but it does add to the drama. It is hard not to think about the movie ‘wag the dog’ when we watch how the drama and game of influence is being played out. A lot is going on behind the scenes, at some point it WILL benefit the players to have a break down, that is when it will be a convenient time to play the shut down game whilst blaming some fictitious character and portraying them as the “bad guys”. It is an unfortunate reality as to how the circus runs.

  9. “We’re sorry, the page you requested cannot be found. Try searching for something else.”
    is it user “larrabeeg”? Who the h is this person anyway? Never heard of him. Looks like a guys who vlogs rumors he read on internet forums.

    • His reading out loud is so sloppy and inarticulate I cant even make out what he says. Poor guy. He should go fishing with his grandparents and relax.

    • BTW… trying to ddos 170 websites at the same time sounds like a bad idea. 170 times less efficient at the least. And what is the use when no demands are made? Maybe it’s just some kid in a basement. Oh well, we’ll know by EOD at least.

  10. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea, please step away from the computer.  This guy has said to go all in numerous times over the past 2 years, I call him BS. Price will drop slowly for at least another year before ramping back up.

    • Not sticking up for Sinclairs calls (other than his amazing $1650 call made a decade ago), but your continual bashing of PM bulls is getting stale. Why are you such an expert on predictions now?
      Whats your bottom call?

    • You have the option not to read my comment. 
      The reluctance of readers here to see reality is humorous.  The whole silver community has been overtaken by a few profit driven entities that run hundreds of blogs and newletters to hype people into paying premiums.  Read the Silver Institute report to see the bigger picture.  Investment demand is up a bit but industrial demand is way down, while supply is up a good bit.  Miners mine as needed, so as they respond to the overall dropping demand, price will start to rise again.  Conspiracy theories are not reality and reading them day after day doesnt had truth to those stories. 
      Comment/writing styles are good thing to take note of of blogs.  Jake had a similar style as a few “members” here now and his defensive replies and words are also similar to others.  It makes me wonder how many unique users are actually defending these theories.

  11. Guitar Dan  Now that’s a truck   I bet its worth a ton.  Some of those hot wheels look like they’d fetch 2-3,000 oz of silver. 
    Re Sinclair.  I am not concerned about his predictions of gold prices or even some of his opinions.  But give the man his due.  He reminds me of the Sun Tsu (Art of War) ” If you sit by the river long enough the body of your enemy will float by’  It took me 35 plus years to understand that saying.  Sinclair’s been sitting at the river side for decades.  He knows some stuff.  If he tries to keep his relevance alive  by stirring things up and saying gold will hit $50,000, so be it.  I don’t care about that.  What I do think is worth reading is his intel that is current and comes from decent sources.  With decades of experience and an eye to the present, a person can get a pretty good handle on what might happen.  There are scores of people like him. If we read enough opinions we will probably be able to draw some good conclusions. But no one has a patent on the truth or predictions. 

    • J
      im thanks for the nod.  I reread what I wrote last night about Jim Sinclair.  His long term knowledge does not mean he, or anyone else, is immune to to the fear factor.  We’ve seen many people fall off the trolley tracks when their behind is in a crack.  Politicians are a perfect example since their entire  existence is embedded in their BS message and attempts to maintain their minor league status quo. When caught in a lie, the BS flows like a river of sewage and it’s pretty easy to see past the BS  But politicians are pretty easy to read.  Other sorts of experts—not so easy.  Sometimes they are right for the wrong reason and wrong for the right reason. It’s a bitch to assemble the facts from the disinfo and incorrect assumptions.  That does not mean I don’t read SInclair or KWN despite the fact that I regard that site as the Billionaire’s Precious Metal Amen Corner.
      One thing I’ve discovered, after a few years of running screaming from the left to the right and back again listening to way TOO MANY experts, many of whom were completely wrong, or right for the wrong reasons, is to  listen carefully to those who have been by the river and then check, double check and make my own decisions in the best manner I can while still trying to figure my way through and out of the various matrices that  unfold around us.  This is why I try to get my posts up as accurately as possible—knowing that I fail at that as often as I might be right in my assumptions.  People on this site work hard to keep as many of us as possible on the beam and the right track so I like to say thanks to all those who do. 
      Sometimes it seems that even the trolls give up information that we can use, if for no other reason than their dis-information can be used as a template to verify the accuracy of others who are working to provide the current and accurate assessments.  Cheers all.

  12. Agreed that Sinclair’s intended message is to sell what you do not need/use and convert the proceeds into PM’s.
    Here is a pic of a very Original 1966 Sprint Six Pontiac LeMans that I used to own.

  13. The Sprint Six was one of John DeLorean’s ‘babies.’  It was a 230-cubic inch six-cylinder, overhead cam engine with a four-barrel carburetor mounted on it.  It developed nearly a 1:1 cubic inch-to-horsepower ratio, which was very good for the mid-1960’s.
    This beauty has just 86,000 original miles and the interior was in mint condition.  It’s options included the factory-tinted windows, AM-FM radio, remore mirror and – get this – a mirror on the passenger-side sunvisor!  Here is a shot of the interior.
    I bought this car on a lark back in 1997, seldom drove it, and then parked it inside the barn for nine years.  When I was laid off back in 2010 I got the car running again, cleaned it up, and sold it through Hemmings.  But here is the punchline:  A car collector in Finland bought the car.
    Oh – and I paid $2,400 when I bought it and tripled my money when I sold it.  (Shoulda bought Gold, but oh well…)

  14. @AGX, that is a beautiful area you are in. Was in Vegas back in 1991 on business, and we drove up to the lake. From what I remember, beautiful area. Have you lived their a long time? Enjoy your day. 🙂

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