Jim SinclairWith gold and silver continuing their strong short-covering rallies, gold expert Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers this weekend, warning that a major game changer for the US dollar is at hand, and advising CIGA’s to: Close that new gold swap you have, buy your full of bullion position back as bullion gold and double it in the next few weeks.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

What a mess Western inspired and conducted “Arab Spring” has brought on US interests.


China using the Northern Passage for shipping with the USA having no effective ice breakers is a major trade game changer.


Every weakness the West has economically and politically is being utilized to bring the BRICS into a position to float the new BRICs “Euro R4 standard currency.”


Gold is for saving, Mr. Paulson, not the Big Kahuna speculation. Fiat currency is for transactions. Close that new gold swap you have, buy your full of bullion position back as bullion gold and double it in the next few weeks.


It will be the last chance you all have to buy physical gold at anything near these discounted gold prices.




Putin acts in support of Egyptian military

DEBKAfile August 17, 2013, 6:54 PM


Russian President Vladimir Putin called an extraordinary session at the Kremlin Saturday to “discuss the situation in Egypt and take the necessary steps to the put Russian military facilities at the Egyptian military’s disposal,” said an announcement in Moscow, without elaborating. Putin said further that “Russia will arrange for joint military exercises with the Egyptian army.” DEBKAfile: Moscow’s steps directly conflict with Western condemnation of the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. They were taken shortly after President Barack Obama cancelled a joint military exercise with Egypt as a mark of US disapproval.





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  1. Precious Metal Pete has already forecasted a revaluation of gold is going to happen within the near term.  I think Sinclair may be right this time or at least much closer to being correct.  Even Zero Hedge and many others like SGT Reports have commented on the disturbing trend of gold during the recent months.  Something’s up!!
    The only thing which differs if PMP states the paper value of gold crashes first below $750.

    • @Powerball – I have been reading Pete’s blog for over a year (I find it easier to read than FOAOA’s lol) whilst reading the ‘gurus’ as well. It has been difficult trying to work out the ‘bull run’ advocates given what happened Dec 12 – Apr 13 from the people in the know. Pete’s stance makes perfect sense to me in that, he is not talking about the low level market participants but rather, Giants and old wealth (and of course ‘The Man’). We’ll see in time who is correct………I will continue to stack gold & silver (although Pete does not advocate buying silver!).

    • Pete’s note that anyone buying silver will make out o.k. just that gold is supposedly the bigger player.  He believes that silver might get capped because of its strong industrial uses. 

    • as we can see… it’s not the demand side ( of physical silver and gold )
      but rather supply side that ruin the day of Bullion Bank
      as we can see… if no one willing to handed their silver or gold ( simply because it’s price is soo low )
      and the mining just “freeze” their operation
      then who else will fill the gap ( even there aren’t rising in physical demand ) ?
      you see… it’s hard choice for Bullion Bank to “drain” their own vault just to make them “credible”
      will Bullion Bank just sacrifice all they have ?
      or even dragging Central Bank to shorten the “gap” ?
      so it is easier to do the opposite
      just take the long side
      and offer the market “higher” price
      so the “physical” silver and gold… return to BB vault…
      and BB can returned it to CB for closing their “lease” contract 

    • only way to cap a price of a commodity is to force buyers not to pay more than a set price and exporters to only sell for a max price (assuming exports weremeven allowed).  That would be foolhardy because either the cost of finished goods goes up (due to limited supply as raw commodities become harder to source since simple S&D economics no longer rule). Further if exports were allowed and we capped price then all our silver would be GONE.
      Don’t let this talk of a cap get in the way of your thinking.  I personally agree with his conclusion that gold is the better buy, i just think the argument on how he gets there is hogwash. If you try to keep he price of a commodity artificially low you may succeed for a period of time, but ultimately those who have a true demand will find a way to get their hands on it through legal or other channels,

  2. Not to mention _Republic [For] Mars_ , the artist formerly known as Republic of Mars, and his occasional appearances from the “front lines” warning about an impending shift that will rock the world around September.

  3. The hedge fund manager Phil Falcone has agreed to admit wrongdoing and to be banned from the securities industry for at least five years in a settlement that points to a more aggressive stance by the Securities and Exchange Commissionunder its new chairwoman, Mary Jo White.
    The deal, which includes $18 million penalty, comes after the commission had overruled its own enforcement staff last month to reject an earlier settlement.
    Yet? No criminal prosecution. What kind of shit is this?

    • Easy.  The SEC is still a puppet of the cartel… the token resistance to the fraud and criminality is to give the appearance of doing something to forestall the revolution as the People come to be more aware and less tolerant of the lack of Rule of Law.
      Buckle Up kids!  The ride is about to get wild…

  4. Gold smash coming?  I hope I’m wrong. It just seems that every time Sinclair issues an alert and warns that this is the last time you’ll be able to buy at these prices – he’s half right.  The way it turns out is that you’ll eventually see those prices again on the way back up. 

    • Silver Alert: I agree…Sinclair loves to jump into obvious trends to tell us that there is going to be ‘weather’
      tomorrow. James Dines is the same ‘horses ass’ that is hitched to a tiller with only the handles left.

    • Yep – I agree. don’t know why Jim always feels the need to jump in and call the lows. ‘They’ do read his site and I think do just the opposite with the market to make him look like a horses ass. LOL  Maybe if he just said the lows are yet to arrive in the ‘free market’ then presto, things will miraculously go up!!!

  5. Wow Putin didn’t waste any time scooping up Egypt as soon as U.S. chastised them. This guy’s good at what he does. If Obama supports killing civillians he risks utter political suicide here, but Putin answers to few. Seeing our president at least has to ACT moral in public, he capitalizes on the moment to scoop up tactical relations!

  6. Whatever happened to, “We’ll never see gold at $1600 again!”?  This more of the same caliber of prediction?  Forget Mr. Sinclair and just listen to SD’s very own silver guru, Charlie.  He’ll steer you right.  lol

    • Ahhhhaa you win the prize, the first person on this thread to mention fecking aliens, got to get it in there somewhere. Let me guess they are coming for our PM’s. By the way your poster is out of date.

    • LOL Actually Neo [The One] I would have expected a more open approach to realms beyond the illusion from someone so enlightened? 🙂 Hey you’ve seen the movie Cowboys and Aliens right? Might be a bit closer to the truth than you may care to acknowledge [GOLD] Hollywood have a canny ability to hide the truth in the form of entertainment…once again your starring role in the Matrix is a case in point. The Annunaki of Sumerian so called MYTH possibly being the message behind the script. Escaped from Area 51 years ago my friend, I’m currently working under cover in Saudi Arabia LOL
      I need to also chastise Republic of Mars….A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object….that does not mean per se an Alien craft. Could be absolutely anything, unfortunately the abbreviation UFO is now generally interpreted as meaning of ET origin with you Humans. Oh well.
      Ok back to the the subject matter of the main title. I note that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has also recently stated that the Kingdom will make up any aid cuts/shortfall that the USA may decide to impose on Egypt. To my eye it seems Jim Willie is very near the truth…..America is slowly but surely guaranteeing the demise of its own Empire. The BRICS, and Middle East in general seem to be slowly but surely altering their allegiances. Hmmm.

    • @Zilver Zeta
      Point taken but I will only truly be impressed if you confirm you are posting without the use of a computer at all, isn’t it all telekinesis with you greys; you can move electrons with your mind.
      Seriously though there is nothing more off putting listening to some analysis from a talking head when he or she goes off at a complete tangent. I have had it explained to me that they do it so they appear goofy to TPTB so they are left alone. I would have thought if accurate in their analytical prognosis it would make them more likely to be picked up, for their own safety of course.

      I have changed my avatar, unfortunately I visited Fukushima, with horrific results.


    • Thank you for the feed back @Zilver Zeta. Do not believe anything I say because its usually crap. Yet by going to youtube.com/Dahboo seven & checking out his site of Ison pictures, reseach he has collected, unlike Pattie Bastard crap, Dahboo seven goes into detail on Comet ison Hanukka Perihelion, 3 Kings & Rededicating of the Temple. Links are provided.

      Oh yeah, KEEP STACKING

  7. Less talk more action. I have stopped buying silver,  I been buying gold the last couple of weeks. Its so cheap, the poor mans gold IS gold these days. Fill your boots. I think silver will go along with gold for the ride when it does happen, but I have been studying the gold/silver ratio of late, it has gone from 65 to 59 in about two weeks. Someone is making a fortune on this.

    • If the ratio is falling then I would have thought it would be best to let it fall to the lowest difference if you intend to swap metals. The historical long term ratio I believe was 12:1
      Only saying!

    • But neo, gold. Its cheap. Stupidly cheap. Given the option of one super rare metal and one who is 16 times less rare, and the affordability, wouldn’t you buy gold? I admit that palladium is super rare, but palladium is hard to shift.

    • I think you need to do the math on that, it’s all about relative value. The ratio is the key the closer the two metals get to each other the greater the benefit. Mike Maloney thinks they could get very close. I’m sure I heard him say industrial use and investors will soak up the additional supply of Silver over Gold. We will see, that’s some time off in the future.
      At the moment I’m happy to keep buying Ag, but each to their own.

    • Done the maths, now what? The maths tell me jack, The ratio tells me that either silver/gold is over valued, or under valued. In my opinion, after looking at prices for quite some time, I think that both Silver and Gold are under valued. The ratio tells me that when the two values are closer together, the rarer of the two commodities (gold) is the better buy option. So, buy gold. If silver was back in the £13 area, I would be buying silver but gold at £875, now that is cheap. Silver is a great kicker, but you can not substitute gold with silver, ask your dentist 🙂
      Why on earth would you buy silver when its ratio is closer to gold? Makes no sense…I would buy silver if the ratio was back out at 65 to 1 and sell it when the price is higher than when I bought it, with margins, and the ratio closer to gold, then dump silver and swap it for gold.
      Both metals serve a purpose, silver is currency, gold is wealth preservation.

    • @WaitinForSilver
      That is exactly the point I was making. The current ratio is about 60:1, historically it has been a lot lower, so silver is the better buy for now. If later you want to take advantage of the ratio convergence and swap to gold that is your prerogative. I thought my post was pretty clear on that, obviously not.

  8. I’m still uneasy of a rise yet. POTUS has called together his financial gurus!!! Today. 
    And we all know what happened last time. Will we see a stand down?
    We could see a smash from today. Whatever I think we are not going to have a ‘quiet’ time from here. Hold on to your tinfoil hats guys 🙂

  9. WOW, they are stil alive and kicking. Look at the waterfall from the early Asian trading. That’s nothing but a deliberate dump of paper and another shot in someones own foot. It’s picking up prettty fast now, though… I wonder when they are going to realize the game is up? The fact of the matter is that only HIGH gold price can save some of it in the western vaults (in case if there is any left, of course). If everything is alredy gone, then it is paper game till the very end (of western economy, of course).

  10. I think I can count on two fingers how many times Sinclair has been right since I became a PM bug in 09. Hell, even a broke clock is right 2 times a day.  I seem to remember JS calling $1600 the low…then it was $1500.  IMHO, he just needs to STFU, nowutimsain!

  11. Have to admit, I growned yesterday when I saw this atricle, and began to asses my dry powder for my next buy…..figuring that a smack down was coming…..
    London Fix provided the smack down using the Rupee problems and then the Nikkei as cover….
    Indian Rupee Collapses – Worst Day In 20 Years

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/19/2013 14:10 -0400

    Purchasing Power

    Presented with little comment (over our earlier detail) but just to note that around the world there are significant events occurring (even as the US equity market slumbers). So much for the gold coin ban – gold now trades at 4 month highs in Rupee terms.
    Today’s 1.46 Rupee slump is the largest in absolute terms since 1993… (the largest single-day percentage depreciation since 9/22/2011)…

    NIKKEI 225
    Nikkei Indices: NI225 – Aug 20 3:28pm GMT+9

    13396.38-361.75‎ (-2.63%‎)

    Wonder if we could get Jim to say “look out, Golds going way  way down, sell your gold”….just once?

    • Wonder if we could get Jim to say “look out, Golds going way  way down, sell your gold”….just once?
      Loll – was thinking the same thing myself and I’ve only been at it for 18 months. A lot of ‘wood from the trees’ learning for me over the duration. 

    • Personally, I think we’ve got more to go today. I feel a smash is on the horizon.
      Too many currencies struggling to let gold go.
      Got to show fiat is relevant!

  12. Thank you @Jccjktj – I think if gold does get beat down below $1100, that is the point where fireworks are getting let off in the markets. At the moment, all movements are ‘hidden’ from view and are surreptitious. Once this breaks, it will happen fast and Joe Public (UK) will be left wondering what happened – not that many understand what is going on anyway 🙂
    My close circle of friends are completely blind to what is about to hit them smack in the face despite my ramblings. There have been enough warnings…..however, our blunted financial acumen has not seen it.
    Good luck everybody 🙂

    • @Eboy75: I hear you. I know no one who understands, let alone stacks. Here in the UK I think 99% are oblivious to what is happening.
      If you are based in the UK, we should keep in touch 🙂
      I feel a smackdown is coming today. This POTUS meeting makes me weary.

  13. Yep E  welcome.
    Good bunch here.
    Now…if news hits that Eric Sprott sold some PSLV….into all this POTUS…lol
    There seems to be a very cold breeze blowing…
    While all of the USA is turning to pigskin 1st week of September, if suddenly ya start seeing lots of animals running almost wildly…be thinking there is  -fire-  in the forest…..or maybe coming from the G-20…..

  14. Unfortunately, I think JS is wrong at this time. I hope he is not going by anything Bo Polny is telling him. From my perspective and charting, gold appears to be headed first to 1100 then potentially down to 800 – 850 range as much as that would seem impossible considering the actual state of affairs within this slowly dying system, but I have learned to go with my methods even though I am sometimes hesitant, I have learned the hard way over the last 20 years LOL
    I wish JS the best always, but I believe he needs to realize that the current environment is not a repeat of 1980 time period. Sometimes that clouds his outlook and forecasts, but if he is getting his chart details from Mr. Polny, I fear JS is missing the boat again. I suggest buying the dips, because more are coming, whether we like it or not. Volatility when it hits not only in PM’s but in broader markets will make it very difficult some days to even trade, something physical buyers do not need to worry about as long as they actually possess the physical and not a piece of paper.
    Wild swings both sides are coming, it should be something to behold when markets overall become frantic, on both sides. A lot of good comments here, and some good laughs too 🙂
    Have a good day to all

    • @Truth Lives
      if the Bullion Bank still willing to “sacrifice” their physical posession
      which sooner or later will “draining” their own vault
      or even “dragging” their fellow in CB to do the job ?
      like uncle Ben sez “Gold just a barbaric relic” not to worry about it
      and Silver … just mined it from the ground to fill up the gap
      but why Miner “Freeze” their operation ?
      for what ? to satisfy their customer ?
      doing the opposite ?
      by the way… if that happened… china is willing to trade for more of “physical”

    • Hi canadianstacker 🙂

      Thanks for your interest. I had posted some personal background, but it was too long
      so I thought I would modify it shorter. I’m not comfortable with going into too much detail,
      it is too easy to sound as if I was tooting my own horn and I do not do that because I do not
      like self promotion, and no matter how I wrote it, I did not want it to come off as if I am
      “something”, because I am not. I just have been blessed with some ability to catch some things
      that often traditional TA misses. I developed the method I use, along with expanding upon
      another method from a trader I learned back in mid 1990’s and both together have been a great help
      in finding turning points within markets that I have found traditional TA simply misses. Nothing is perfect, the goal is always to have more hits than misses, and so far I have several years worth of records and forecasts that have been quite accurate, although not always timed as good as I would like, which is always the challenge.

      I started off trading commodities in 1993, and then into other markets over time. My methods are always a work in progress as I do my best to fine tune them which can be frustrating, but worth it when I see the results. It has to do with calculating the magnitude of retracements in any given trend and finding balance points within a market based upon those figures. So far even in these twisted markets, it has had a very good track record for which I am thankful for. I know what it feels like to win big and to lose big LOL, and the biggest challenge for me personally is simply to approach a sector with the least amount of bias. If something is worth investing in, it should be able to stand on its own merits with no need for marketing hype and slick promotions. This I have also learned over the years
      and I have learned to stick with what i see on the charts, but sometimes there is not enough data to work with, so I just move on to something else. I have learned not to be afraid of failure, (a constant challenge for sure) and that risk management is 99% of the game to be able to stay in the game. Not always easy, but I find the challenge of markets interesting and it is good to keep learning and in my case, simply to do my best at developing what has proven itself, if indeed I can find enough history and chart data. After 20 years, I still learn something almost daily, and I always try and be careful what I read or listen to, because it sometimes can cloud ones own due diligence. I also look carefully at motive and if there is any conflict of interest in anything I decide to read or listen to which is not much, but I often find the more hype, the more likely there is too much self interest in a particular sector and that can cause blindness in seeing other factors involved. In regards to PM’s, they stand on their own, and long term they will. They need no slick marketing to give them support, they are able to stand on their own merits long term. Holding the physical is most prudent if one can afford it. If not, at least one can convert paper into food and necessities over time and with proper planning at least be better prepared for a lot of strange activity that will be coming our way over the next year.

      Have a good day 🙂



  15. LMAO well I have been offline since last night then come back this afternoon and miss all the action and the fear. lol  Remember a few hiccups on the way up. LMAO  Keep Stacking
    P.S. It’s amazing who comes out of the woodwork when it goes down or up for that matter. Lol

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