big oneLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent another email alert to subscribers today, warning that the current reaction in gold is the big one, and the last play by the bullion banks to denude gold and silver investors of their positions.    Sinclair states that fundamentally, we are approaching the period where gold and silver will achieve their greatest gains of the entire bull market in the shortest period of time, and that The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come.

Sinclair states that the big move is imminent in gold!:  We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and physical. From this point gold is going to and through $3500.

Sinclair’s full alert below:


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From Jim Sinclair:

Please do not fall for this classic manipulation. Please do not make the gold banks happy by giving away your physical. Please do not throw away gold shares because the hedge fund have worked black PR so well that they even have convinced some well known community physical gold merchants of their bear position of shares.


How many times have you seen this not to recognize what it is? Well, this is the big one and last play to denude you of your position. Remember, for every seller there is a buyer. Has not every reaction in gold since $248 attempted to do just that? This big one is no different.


Fundamentally we are approaching the period in gold when it will move up the most points in the shortest period of time. The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come. Fear is the most powerful emotion in markets and it is being used perfectly to enrich the grand names of finance at your expense.


Remember how you felt during the first reaction above $1000? This is nothing different. The take downs are planned for times when the market is least liquid either inter day or inter market. This is not liquidation, it is price movement only. I used to do this for a living. I don’t think, but rather I know.


Clearly the gold banks will try to get gold into a capitulation point. Hear me: We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and physical. From this point gold is going to and through $3500. That is why what happened today is happening in the first place.


If you are unable to buy at this time there is one thing you can do. There is one way to get into the fight and out of the stands. That act is do nothing, and do not capitulate. Let them play the price game, but give them nothing whatsoever of yours.


You can exhaust the downside manipulation by not letting it work in the classical terms. You can get into the scrap and not just be on sidelines by calling their bluff no matter how much temporary pain needs to be confronted. We are more powerful than even you know. We have what they want, and we can simply say, NO!


Call your gold companies and ask how their affairs are coming along. Now you must know. Do not pussy foot with them. You want answers


Communicate with me and I will do my best to help you through this: [email protected]


Please do not be duped by the giant bastards playing you. Every day that passes is one day closer to the day manipulators change sides to long, just like they did in the 1970s.


All this will be old history on my upcoming 72nd birthday. I think you know the date, but no way am I going to inform the gold banks and Fed that read us religiously.


Please let them play their numbers game but do not give them one ounce of your gold or one share of your gold companies for whom all things are progressing well. Soon you will know that you beat them at their own game for the first time. You can be proactive by simply having courage of your and my convictions, therefore not giving them any of your product. There will be great satisfaction when you face down the bully who is basically full of it. This is our last battle before victory. I will be there and I want you to be also. Let them play their price game but do not give them product. Stand tall and stare the bully down. He will flee as this is the last thing he expects.


Have my courage by knowing that we are absolutely correct in markets made by devils that are bullies whose occupation is theft. Gold is the ultimate battle between good and evil. This period of the market is the deciding period of the Mahabharata. This is war and you are in the middle of it. Stand firm and stay the course. Now that the gold banks have us surrounded they cannot get away.


Consider this “Broken Arrow” and please ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourself by not giving in to the purposes of the devils we oppose.


We will win, I promise you.



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  1. “THIS IS WAR AND YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT”. Thank you JS for this message. We all have to realize that the scum are at war with us and want to force us to sell our physical at bargain basement prices.

  2. I’m just leary of miners personally. I don’t trust any asset tied to paper at ALL. Besides what happens if SHTF and they nationalize all mines?

    Maybe I’m wrong but I’m gonna keep stackin the Ag, Au and Preps.

    • Come on, guys and gals… you’re giving paper a bad name here.  Paper is incredibly useful stuff.  Just check out any out-house worth its salt and you WILL find a roll of it right there on the wall!  😉

  3. Although the price jump in Gold to $3,500 may be imminent, meanwhile the Doc is about to post that pic of the waterfall once again, to reflect today’s action in Silver.
    Controlled flight into terrain!  Pull up.  Pull up.  Pull up!!!

  4. How many times in the last three years have we heard this? I’m with Boompi, there’s a LOT more printing the fed can do to support low prices. When the final “leg” occurs, it will occur without Mr. Sinclair calling it; it will happen when most of the big smackdowns happen – in the middle of the night (US time); and it will happen amidst panic by the COMEX and LBMA–the stories may even reach the lame-stream media.
    The banks will be powerless to stop it, the CFTC will begin to experience multiple resignations (as the rats leave the ship), and we should see high (maybe hyper-) inflation kick in. Not a very inspiring scenario.
    One thing I know for certain, the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.
    I have my own indicator: when the lines into the local coin shop stretch around the corner, THAT will be the top of the market.

    • “…the stories may even reach the lame-stream media.”
      Yeah, that’ll be the day.  The lame stream media won’t report on that until it is absolutely too late for their “news” to do anyone a damned bit of good.  Remember, folks, these are the SAME people who are always telling us to buy XYZ Corp. shares AFTER they have gone up 50% or more.  Well, gee… thanks.  Just in time to catch the next leg down!  X-p

    • As long as the majority of the American Sheeple think that the dollar will pay their bills in this country as the Fed hides the fact that all is okay, regardless of inflation, so “just move along folks, nothing wrong here” and the dollar finally collapses, and strict price controls are placed on for instance bread like Hitler did in Germany, by our dictator to assure that all will work out, then Gold and Silver will prevail. The hands that play the shell game will be very tired.

    • Correction, Doc Mentions Silver, not Jim Sinclair. Doc just added the word Silver on his take which I think was wrong off him doing that.
      Doc: fundamentally, we are approaching the period where gold and silver will achieve their greatest gains of the entire bull market in the shortest period of time,
      Jim: Fundamentally we are approaching the period in gold when it will move up the most points in the shortest period of time.

  5. My mining shares are getting absolutely obliterated today. Down 5% at the moment and falling. I don’t understand the price action but I accept it as part of the game. In the meantime I’ll look to pickup a bit more physical silver on this dip. 

    • Mining shares are a bit like a derivative on the prices of the metals themselves.  In many cases in the past, a small rise in the price of the metal is multiplied in the price of the mining company shares (by percentage) because their profits can see quite a surge on even small gains in the metals prices.  If the higher metals prices flow directly to the bottom line, it can have a strong effect on raising the stock price.
      Lots of people in the business of gold and silver, especially analysts, have been saying that mining shares are so cheap now that we should all be acquiring some shares for the inevitable jump in share prices.  That seems like good theory but mining shares just get cheaper and cheaper, with only small occasional upward moves.  I don’t know when or even if mining shares will ever repeat what they have done in the past and I am not a mining company guru, so I also will stick with the phyzz on both colors.

  6. Something very unusual is going on today.  Platinum and Palladium prices are going up quite a bit, while Gold and Silver prices have gone down.  My thinking is that the bankers are trying to divert attention and investment money away from the historically monetary metals Gold and Silver, by promoting Platinum and Palladium instead.  It is important to remember that Platinum and Palladium have no long-term historical legacy as money, so they hardly have the same influence against fiat paper money as compared to Gold and Silver.  In other words, Platinum and Palladium are not direct threats and competition to fiat paper money like Silver and Gold are.
    It is logical to assume that the bankers will to everything they can to divert attention away from a sound money system as represented by Gold and Silver.  It must be remembered that Gold and Silver are the only commodities recognized as legal money in the US Constitution.  The propaganda has always been do discredit Silver and Gold.
    The definition of ‘making money’ needs to be transformed:  Making ‘money’ is not acquiring more fiat paper money, but rather the continued and persistent accumulation of greater and greater amounts of real physical money as represented by oz or grams of pure Gold and Silver.

  7. Plebian SA’s big miner, Alplats, is shutting down 5 mines as either too costly or unproductive. That’s a lot of Pt and Pall taken off the market. When this became news Pt jumped about $150. This fear of shortages was real from what I can see.

  8. Nice daily peptalk from big Jim. Preaching to the choir.
    Announcing a bottom or upcoming proceedings would really help. I’ve called most the past year myself, and bought right on them, but this correction is getting long. Hope is drifting a bit. Hope no-one goes and bring their silver in.

    • Mr Sinclair is pro silver.  Don’t sell your silver.  Mr Sinclair feels that silver is a great trading vehicle.  He feels gold is a buy and hold.  Later, when silver’s ratio tightens up then sell and convert to gold.  We are far from that time.

  9. Well I’m sorry Mr. Sinclair but I’m glad you think Gold is going to POP but I think Silver will also. So I bought two rolls of the Skinny Queen this evening which makes me feel great inside that I’m doing something good for the Cause. Keep Stacking Folks.

    • Which is perfectly reasonable, Charlie.  Gold and silver ARE joined at the hip, so they very often rise or fall together.  Silver is a smaller market and tends to be more volatile than gold, usually by about 2:1 on a percentage basis.  Yes, there are exceptions from time to time but then that’s true of just about everything else as well.

  10. for those who have followed Sinclair closely over the last decade, Sinclair has long stated that he expects silver to make its big move alongside gold’s, and perhaps even outperform to the upside, but Sinclair expects gold to platuea and trade in a range within 20% of its peak.  He expects silver to light your hair on fire to the upside in a blow-off top, then make a substantial correction.


    • I know this. Infact he mentioned silver today in his Part 2… I’m simply pointing out that paraphrasing him and adding in the word “silver” when he never actually wrote it is an inaccuracy. 
      Yes… it’s a little thing… but these are the little things that make the mundanes think we’re all moronic zealots. We’ve got to do our best to stay accurate or the nonsense will outweigh the truth and people will start going into PMs for the wrong reasons, get burned, and never come back. 

  11. My guess is that this isn’t the only “big one” coming:
    Reza Kahlili, an Iranian former CIA agent within the Ayatollah’s regime who now lives a secret life in the U.S.A., has broken this story which is even too hot for Debkafile:
    And according to his Iranian sources, an Iranian mole within Mossad warned Tehran recently that the Israelis and the West are about to begin a massive sabotage campaign.
    Take that Tehran. So, yes, good for them, they believe in Austrian Economics (Hitler was Austrian, wasn’t he?), which I agree with too, and sure, they pay smart hosts like Max Keiser to woo the gold community on the pro-Russia pro-Iran side (I just talked with a Russian friend of mine this week, and he was describing the horrendous corruption in Russia today at all levels… by the way, the Duma quickly passed a motion to prevent Yanks from adopting Russian kids, but they’ve been delaying a bill to crack down hard on pedophiles…. because the Duma is made up of…..), but at the end of the day, Russia and Iran are EVIL, and the Iranians are going to get what they deserved for threatening Israel and for developing CBRN weaponry to eliminate Jews with great help with their Russian friends.
    Sorry Keiser and Willie, absolutely love your financial analyses, but you’ve chosen the wrong side in siding with Russia and Iran. Israeli elections are over, Israelis are the masters of deception and distraction when it comes to their enemies. If Keiser and Willie were smart, they’d quote from Iranian good guys like Reza Kahlili who DO NOT support the Ayatollah maniacs, but who oppose their maniacal plans 🙂
    Big events are coming indeed, and it not just only the skyrocketing of AU/AG (which is neat, I admit)
    🙂 Always side with Israel over Russia and Iran 🙂

  12. There are many “trip hazards” on the way to higher PM’s prices – paper market manipulation, out of control money printing and ensuing inflation and supply and demand. Some of these affect the price of PM’s globally and some will affect the prices locally (especially the US as the dollar is the world reserve for the time being).
    With what has been going on in world central bank PM markets with BRIICS countries buying and Western countries using reserves (and I’ve got a doubt about vaulted bullion weights and ownership and I’ll get to this) like poker chips in a game where all players are running a bluff, the poker faces are beginning to crack.
    I read Jim’s piece in context of this and the supply and demand issues, which are now becoming evident, which leads me to my query on weights and ownership, does anyone now for sure whether the recorded holdings of a central bank include the Gold deposits of other nations or not ? Is the 8,000 odd tons which the Fed is purported to hold now minus the Venuzualan tonnage and soon to be minus the German tonnage and all other tonnage of other countries around the world with reserves in the US? Or are those amounts “segregated” (yeah right) and the 8,000 odd tons actual US property ? I fore see a time not too far ahead where “posession is 9/10ths of the law” will be touted. The amount of Gold available for purchase must be dwindling, the market itself is small compared to the GDP and Gold reserves of many nations that if supply was good then why not just go to market and buy like Russia and China are doing ? Germany takes 600 ton over 7 years and China just bought it this year ? WTF ??
    Every Western nation is trying to sell bonds and buy Gold if they could, most Gold producing countries keeping production and BRIICS countries buying more than yearly production, someone is selling and when that selling stops things are gonna get real interesting, real quick.
    The US and France cultivating the “Arab Spring” and then cleaning out bullion as they go across the Middle East now into Africa.
    Sources are drying up.
    So what I expect Jim is pointing to is the lack of supply and increasing demand and not one of the other possible reasons for PM’s to step higher. Many pundists are pointing to the increasing pressure to get Gold (money wars) that yes this is heating up and he’s just letting those of us who stack know that now is the time to use the dry powder and those of us who “play” the trading game – It is time to hold.
    If any of you do hold stocks in miners then get them Direct Rgistered with your broker, if they won’t do it settle up and find one who will. Direct Registery will give you ownership so you can take your shares if you like to any broker to sell when the time comes. A normal share account is really just a money account, “your” shares are actually registered to the broker and “your” account just has the monetary value with a note attached as to which asset it corresponds to, if the broker goes belly up so does your fiat and no use crying about the shares, they didn’t even belong to you. I wouldn’t be playing that game by choice. Anyway . . . .
    Load up boys and girls and hold on : )

    • No one can answer your questions about the US gold holdings because they have not been audited for half a century and the Fed has never been audited… and BOTH of them SHOULD BE… regularly.

  13. P1616  I heard the same thing this AM about the sabotage.  240 technicians trapped underground.  Achy Mini Jad said this would not slow them down.  Maybe. maybe not  The muslim in the WH would love to have his Iranian Islamists with the nukes. Partly for the same reason he won’t do anything about DPRK’s Mini Me III until this whack job lobs a 20KT nuke into downtown main street USA. 

    • “Partly for the same reason he won’t do anything about DPRK’s Mini Me III until this whack job lobs a 20KT nuke into downtown main street USA.”
      Well, IMO, unless that downtown street is in DC, it will all be “just a really terrible misunderstanding that I’m sure we can work out with enough tribute, er, bribes, er, aid, yes, that’s it, aid!”.

  14. I don”t trust Jim Sinclair anymore.
    He’s the boy who cries wolf more and more often.
    Mid last year he said the US dollar would crash to 72 SOON.
    He has been suffering from mild dementia from about the time he sold
    (or put on the market) his nice ranch.

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