DepressionLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair, who this week called a bottom in gold, has sent out an email alert to subscribers stating that the MSM’s attempts to control the nation’s understanding of our economic crisis through propaganda and MOPE has now failed, and we are now beginning a LATER & GREATER DEPRESSION as a result of the failed attempt to kick the can further down the road rather than addressing our systemic issues.

Sinclair states that QE must go to infinity here and now or the entire house of cards collapses, and that gold will be the final tool used to rebalance the balance sheets of the worst deficit-debt offenders such as Japan, the Euro-zone, the UK, and the US.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:


This article says, “The US encounters its most sluggish growth levels since the Great Depression.” Huffington as a source is most credible.


Has it occurred to anyone that we might be in a later, greater depression that has been hidden by liquidity and MSM MOPE, but is in fact unfolding?


Remember what I told you on more than one occasion, “If you could have lied in 1930 at the level of government would the Great Depression have occurred?” I answered “Yes, later and GREATER.”


That is exactly where we are. We are in the MOPEd, “Later and Greater Depression” right now. That is why QE must go to infinity or the house of cards falls. That is the substance in this article. It is not counties but rather countries.


This is why gold must balance the balance sheets of the worst deficit-debt offenders. Just like the why of QE, there simply is no other tool.


Census: Record 1 In 3 Counties Now Dying Off, Hit By Aging Population, Weakened Local Economies 

By HOPE YEN 03/14/13 12:16 PM ET EDT


WASHINGTON — A record number of U.S. counties – more than 1 in 3 – are now dying off, hit by an aging population and weakened local economies that are spurring young adults to seek jobs and build families elsewhere.


New 2012 census estimates released Thursday highlight the population shifts as the U.S. encounters its most sluggish growth levels since the Great Depression.


The findings also reflect the increasing economic importance of foreign-born residents as the U.S. ponders an overhaul of a major 1965 federal immigration law. Without new immigrants, many metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and St. Louis would have posted flat or negative population growth in the last year.


“Immigrants are innovators, entrepreneurs, they’re making things happen. They create jobs,” said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, at an immigration conference in his state last week. Saying Michigan should be a top destination for legal immigrants to come and boost Detroit and other struggling areas, Snyder made a special appeal: “Please come here.”


The growing attention on immigrants is coming mostly from areas of the Midwest and Northeast, which are seeing many of their residents leave after years of staying put during the downturn. With a slowly improving U.S. economy, young adults are now back on the move, departing traditional big cities to test the job market mostly in the South and West, which had sustained the biggest hits in the housing bust.


Also seeing big declines now are rural and exurban areas, along with industrial sections of the Rust Belt.


Census data show that 1,135 of the nation’s 3,143 counties are now experiencing “natural decrease,” where deaths exceed births. That’s up from roughly 880 U.S. counties, or 1 in 4, in 2009. Already apparent in Japan and many European nations, natural decrease is now increasingly evident in large swaths of the U.S.







    • I read about this on SGTReport.  Apparently, the Dominicans are trying to welch on a deal they made in 2006.  They signed a contract with Barrick but have now decided that they were not as smart as they thought and want a do-over.  This is BS.  If the deal is not good, don’t make it.  If the deal turns out not to be to your liking but YOU signed off on it, then follow through with your promise.  This is what contracts are all about.  They bind BOTH parties signing it to abide by the conditions set up in the contract.  If they made a bad deal, then that is not Barrick’s fault.

    • I believe this shows how aggressive govts are becoming towards gold.  Next will they nationalize all gold mines in the Dominican Republic because they’re definitely wanting to play hardball. 

    • I think we gotta good shot at it for next week.  I can feel it.  A couple of weeks ago I really thought they would push the price of silver down below 26.  I think they want to do this but they just can’t do it.  I think its hilarious.  Don Harrold will be proved wrong this time.  Screw the troll/wanna be guru.  Sinclair will be proven right.   

    • Part of me is pissed about the manipulation but part of me is happy too. I received my ‘Year of the Dragon’ and ‘Year of the Snake’ coins today.

    • Nothing good has come of this manipulation.  We don’t know how much longer this consolidation will last.  Hopefully we are at the bottom and we will see some real gains in the future.  It is possible that metals needed a nice long break anyway.  Congrats on the art coin purchases.  

    • “Nothing good has come of this manipulation.”
      Au contraire mon frere.  Specifically because of this manipulation, stackers have been able to buy a lot more cheap PMs than we otherwise could have.  If silver was $150 an oz., how many ounces would any of us have?  At a guess, maybe 1/5th of what we actually have at $30 an oz.  Most of us are stack-limited by the amount of fiat we have that can be dedicated to it.  If prices for silver and gold were 5x higher than they are / have been, then we would all have a lot less stacked.  Just sayin’.  🙂

    • @Ed_B
      And in a sick way, we may be part of the powers that be’s plan. By offering the silver at low costs, and providing priority of supply to mints, we are depleting stocks deeper and deeper, with stronger and stronger hands. As the big guns accumulate via their channels (ETF stock) and acquire cheap longs, the safety pin can be removed and the trigged tensioned to the limit, until they allow it to go. 
      ETF stock may need to be drained, and at a higher pace than small investors can drain COMEX stock on top of the industrial demand. Heck, iff I were at the wheel of this ship, I’d be pestering out some industrial applications to subdue demand, and allow my group to acquire more physical, and delay the money I’d be forced to let the anchored skippy ball shoot up from the ocean floor towards the surface.

      If they play this game well, we take some 300mln oz off the market each year, help bring the mines down asap (that takes time but there’s progress), acquire their stocks as well, possibly even tollbooth them, and when the cartel allow the price to take off, they’ll trick us in surrendering our silver when it peaks out at $105 and then quickly starts dropping.
      With a billion ounces in private hands, all acquired around $26-35, quite a bit may become available. TO THEM. At $50-60 average or less. Volume they could never have obtained by actively buying it on the market all in one go.
      Then, with all that volume in the strongest hands (those at the wheel), they can comfortably allow it to shoot into triple figures, maybe even quatruple. They’ll be holding billions of ounces, bought with real money, or due to price rise turned from borrowed to real. Imagine that. 
      When the prices start trending down from say $100, will I sell? Yes, I will. When the market trends down, it soooo much easier to sell to one person and then buy back cheaper. I did that a bit starting a month ago, and it was fun. You need to start doing it in time, and don’t sell too much of your stack, risking to be left ont he shore, the ship sailing into the sunset. 

    • Ed.  I repeat.  Nothing good has come of this manipulation.  China, and other Asian nations including Russia are being allowed to buy up all the gold and silver.  This will not be helpful to any Americans in the future.  Once we lose our reserve currency status for our dollar we are really going to find out how much this manipulation has helped us.  Our own Gov has stupidly leased out our gold as part of the manipulation effort as well.  This whole damn subject of manipulation is a disaster for our nation and our people.  Maybe Ed got to buy a few more oz of silver.  Good for you.

    • @XC Skater
      “And in a sick way, we may be part of the powers that be’s plan. By offering the silver at low costs, and providing priority of supply to mints, we are depleting stocks deeper and deeper, with stronger and stronger hands. As the big guns accumulate via their channels (ETF stock) and acquire cheap longs, the safety pin can be removed and the trigged tensioned to the limit, until they allow it to go. ”
      Yes, perhaps we are.  But all we can do is either buy silver or not buy it.  Those are our choices.  Most of us here choose to buy it.  Hopefully, that WILL help us at some point in the future.  Our other options are to invest in various stocks, bonds, and cash.  None of those sound all that appealing, given the current state of the economy.
      “If they play this game well, we take some 300mln oz off the market each year, help bring the mines down asap (that takes time but there’s progress), acquire their stocks as well, possibly even tollbooth them, and when the cartel allow the price to take off, they’ll trick us in surrendering our silver when it peaks out at $105 and then quickly starts dropping.”
      We are providing customers who buy the mines product.  If we did not buy it, what then?  Would they have to shutter the mines for a time to allow demand to equal or exceed production?  There are any number of things that could “bring down the mines” but a willing group of customers does not seem to be among them.
      As to selling, that will be our choice.  If we, as individuals, choose to sell or not sell that is our business.  Our own financial condition at the time will dictate which way we go with this.  I still prefer to have a choice of when to buy and sell, so am doing that as fits my situation.  This is not the hopeless situation you suggest.  Refusing to own real money, now, there’s a hopeless situation, if ever there was one.
      “You need to start doing it in time, and don’t sell too much of your stack, risking to be left ont he shore, the ship sailing into the sunset.”
      I really don’t need to be selling any of my stack.  In fact, I am adding to it now.  Others are as well.
      “Nothing good has come of this manipulation.”
      I understand your point of view but I don’t share it 100%.  Yes, a lot of bad has come of it and will continue to come of it but what can we do about that?  Not a damned thing, other than choose to own real money instead of paper… which is just what most of us here ARE doing.
      ” Maybe Ed got to buy a few more oz of silver.  Good for you.”
      Please.  ALL of us have had an opportunity to buy PMs or not.  Because of the low prices, which were going to happen whether or not we buy any PMs, why not take advantage of the situation if we can?  What other choice is there?  It’s not like we can just say, “All this manipulation stuff sucks, so SHAZAM!  it is now un-done”.  All I am saying is that there is a nugget in this ton of mud and sand.  If you can’t see it, that’s fine.  We’ll have to agree to disagree,

    • Ed_B
      I have been selling the past month also, but only to buy back MORE from the temporarily held fiat. A bit of arbitrage, and a bit of stack gain. I dare not sell and sit on the cash for too long, and I am limited to the amount I manage to sell at the price I am comfortable selling at. it takes a lot of energy, but at the moment, where I live, it can be done. I pay myself in ounces. And I prefer ounces today over ounces 10 years down the line. I obtain them cheaper, and at 2023’s prices, it may not be too easy to sell any amount off silver at a higher price than it costs you to buy back.

    • We may as a country have leased out or sold all the reserves of gold and silver but we are still one of the tops in another commodity. The US produces a large portion of the worlds food supply. Gold for food works for me.

  1. In gold, individuals, even all gold investors combined, can’t really make an impact on the market. CB’s can bring gold to the market without taking it off theirr balance sheets, and there is so much available above ground, and still coming out of the ground, shortage are just not going to happen unless the big guns get too cocky, or actively decide to short squeeze the heck out of this market.
    Silver is so different. Suppy and Demand in balance somewhat, no-one knows exactly which way it swings at any given time frame, but the increasing investor demand IS a significant factor in all of this. If we’d not be stacking the way we are (let’s say the past 3 years), the stockpiles would start getting in the way of operations at major vaults. Would the price be all that much lower if we’d not been stacking? Maybe a buck or 2. As long as COMEX metal appears somewhat timely when demanded for delivery, there is little difference between a single bar in each vault, or stuffed vaults.

    • “As long as COMEX metal appears somewhat timely when demanded for delivery, there is little difference between a single bar in each vault, or stuffed vaults.”
      Yes, that IS what they are counting on, isn’t it?  Their worst nightmare is the dreaded “failure to deliver” because when that happens, it will expose their shady dealing to the very bright light of public scrutiny.  Not that this is a big secret or anything but as long as they do not fail to deliver, they can pretend that all is well and that the vaults are full.  This is the grease that keeps the silver futures wheels turning.  If they ever fail to deliver, even one time, it is game over!  And they know it.

  2. @Ed_B
    What is being left out of the equation is the collapse of the dollar, in which case it really won’t matter much about The Comex.. The real fuse to the rocket for Gold and Silver is the collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The Fed is fighting a losing battle with the out of thin air money printing and the hyper inflated Stock and Bond markets. The rah, rah TV Business stations are promoting a WOW DOW that is on the way to a heck of a collapse. The entire key to the rise of precious metals is truly based on the demise of the dollar and nothing else.

    • Ranger,
      I used to be of that opinion. However, this has turned into a blatant currency war, this time a race to the bottom. The dollar is not winning this war, I think for a large part DUE to being a reserve currency. We have seen though, through their crimes of war against those opposing it, they are not intending to let go of their reserve status. 
      All other currencies are matching the FED stride for stride in devaluing their currencies alone, downward. Even the Swiss are openly doing it! In a burning forest, will you easily pick out the tree that has the most stripes on its shoulder?
      I no longer think we are to expect an isolated dollar collapse. The powers that be may decide to crash the Euro first, in order to buy up most available assets at dump prices. Europe can be rebuilt so much faster. Who doesn’t want German industrial stock when it’s been discounted due to a huge stock crash? Just a thought.
      Global inflation may ultimately drive PM prices. As everyone’s saving reserves will be melting away in front of their eyes, mostly due to commodities rising. You can’t hold much oil or wheat, so PM will be in demand. Not due to fundamentals or ccult, but by lack of other options. When puchase power across the globe falls, stocks are bound to fall as well, at least temporarily.

    • Ranger… I do not see that so much as an isolated event but as part of a series of steps that will ultimately destroy the world economic system.  Only by causing great pain and upheaval will it then become possible to over-ride nationalism and implement a one world government.  The EU was to be the blueprint by which this would be done, yet it is having so many problems of its own now that the design may not long survive.
      Yes, the US dollar will lose its world reserve status and because of that there will be an effective devaluation of the dollar by about 1/3.  But this is not the only thing that will be happening.  We also have the stock bubble, the bond bubble, the currency bubbles, the derivatives bubble, the credit bubble, and the government bubble.  All of these will play a part in the economic collapse to come.  At this time, it is impossible to say which will be most damaging or which will occur first and maybe that doesn’t even matter.  What does matter is that some serious s**t is on the way and it will be up to each of us to deflect as much of it as we can from ourselves and our families by any means that are available to us.

    • Interesting thought of a dollar downgrade. PM (or any commodity) would hedge against that to occur, for those forced to used dollars on a frequent basis. Americans, and people trading with the US, forced to keep dollars in reserve.
      To me as as a European, waking up to the new that the USd has been downgrade to 1/3rd of yesterday’s value, will not mean ANYTHING to me.
      Well, I (As a consumer) might think quickly and get myself a bunch of new 38/39″ sleeve dress shirts from JC Penney, pants to match, and some casual stuff if they have it on stock. Before they update their prices as they’ll need to, lots of it being sourced abroad, from fabrics produced abroad.
      For me as a PM investor, it wouldn’t make the slightest of difference. My stack’s local purchase power did not change. Usually PM markets do react to a change in the US Dollar Index, but such a big overnight change could go eitherr way, especially with so much funny money in derivatives. One day silver will be €30/oz, and after the USd downgrade, either heading towards €25 or €35, who’ll tell which is hit first? US citizen and companies with cash to burn will freak out, but what’ll they do? China et al holding so much USD in reserves, will they decide to dump all of it on the market to get themselves some US stock or PM? Or even start buying USD to set off their losses, get the USD to rally back up some?
      I hope for silver to apppreciate by 3-5* first, but if a country of my taste were to devalue their currency (or leave the Euro, possibly same thing), real estate there might get really attractive overnight. An Italian/Austrian/Eastern European vineyard is my dream. I need for silver to go 10x and real estate to half to get any amount of land, but with the country devaluing currency by factor 3…hard to pass up the deals that develop then. The amount of land I could by from this humble stack would then (say) triple there. That could be one year or even 10 worth of silver rallying in all other European nations.
      A Californian vineyard? Thanks but no thanks. Way too far, and it won’t be party there with all the armed people and that sick gov. 

  3. Finally!  It took me all week to do it but I did it!  I emptied the coffers of every LCS, pawn shop, etc. of junk silver  in this city!  When you think of it, its quite a feat.  Spent four grand, but it only goes to show how far silver has dried up.  It used to be that people would be dumping junk silver on the coin shops, pawn shops, etc., but its all dried up.  No more sellers….

  4. Small town Midwest wants nothing to do with more illegal immigrants flooding in from down south. They are a drain on local resources that could go to those who are US citizens who may be in need.

  5. Government !?!?!?  A set of elected elite Poli-Tricians guaranteed to screw up everything they touch. 
    We have a Congress with 10% approval rate and 90% return rate.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had representatives with a 90% approval rate and a 10% return rate?
    There are few things that destroy a country and its people than a permanently embedded and incompetent set of elitists, completely removed from the people except for they can coerce from the people by threats and bribes.
    I regard politicians like protologists.
    Get in.
    Get done.
    Get out.
    Lingering and fingering means they like it too much.

  6. A quick note  On the channel there is a note that the IMF is compelling the government of Cyprus to levy a tax on bank deposits of up to 9.9%, payable immediated and  slated to be done this weekend.  Monday is a public holiday so the government is taking advantage of this holiday to take funds from the personal and commercial accounts.  The bailout funds are about $10 billion.  On Friday and today huge lines of people are seen at the ATMS and banks trying to get their funds before the expropriation.  This theft is forced by the IMF in order to set up the Cyriot bailout.
    There’s a better analysis on Zero Hedge as this IMF theft affects the PIIGS and junior bond holders. It’s pretty staggering when you consider that Spain took $80 billion in private pension plans to buy their own bonds. Those bonds could go to zero value if they had to be sacrificed on the alter of the thuggish IMF criminality.

  7. 2 or 3 years ago when I would try and warn people about the collapse they really didn’t want to hear about it. Lately (like in just the last couple of months) that seems to be changing. Some people are starting to take all of this more seriously, especially young people! Word is getting out! We are in trouble.

  8. The people of Europe have a 2,500  year history of being rotobleeped by the royals and elites.  Every person in the Eurozone with the brainpower of a tulip will be on red alert with the Cyprus situation.  As for us, I don’t think one out of 20 Americans will pay attention to this. 100% of the American people need to see this for what it is.  Regretfully most won’t.
     The best litmus test of this Cyprus fiasco will be Obama, reluctant, with his best furrowed brow and resonantly concerned voice (you know the one), forced to address this mess and tell us how our thoughts and prayers should go out to the Cypriot people as their nation explodes in flames. But ‘rest assured, those responsible WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  And then he will tell us how all Americans bank and savings accounts will be protected by the full faith and credit of the US Government. Maybe he’ll even channel Mexican president Echevaria when he said “I will fight like a dog to protect the Mexican Peso’ Then he devalued it by 50%.
     All the while Bernanke will be shoving trillions of additional dollars into the eurotrash banks to keep them afloat during this crisis. More of our money going to bail out the elites and royalty of Europe. Of course, our US money is nothing more than their money left in our hands temporarily.
      But I digress.  I think that this group of 15 international bankers that meet in Zurich every two months,lead by the BIS, are realizing that things are starting to spin out of control. The only way they can  save their flabby old wrinkled  asses is going to the Final Solution. Theft of the people’s money by a blatant looting of their accounts.  The the Cypriot terminal actions reach their peak, the PIIGS banks will implode. People may not be very smart but when it comes to banker/politician promises they are not stupid.

  9. We sure are at another similar Great Depression scenario, at least for the Americans. Just like back in 1929, if the USA does hit another Great Depression, Canada would also be affected by it since Canadians do most of their tradings with Americans. Also this time, it would be worst with the sheeple that misses responsibility, ethics, good judgements, etc.

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