JP MorganWith gold breaking below $1200 , legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers advising PM investors that knowing the system is in collapse, he intends to buy gold withevery asset at my disposal today and tomorrow, and I suggest the stout of heart do the same.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:


2013 Gold Buffalo As Low As $59.99 Over Spot


From Jim Sinclair:

The economic system is failing, and to counter the now publicly perceived failure, central planners are manipulating the symptoms and not the problem.


Gold has never been easy.
Gold is the tell tale of a broken system.
Gold therefore is the barometer of the risk factors of economic conditions.


Therefore central planners must make, via paper gold, every effort to make it say, “All is Ok.” For this reason I intend, knowing the system is in collapse, to buy gold with every resource I have at my disposal today and tomorrow.


I suggest those of stout heart do the same.


To the others who are committed to their limit, hunker down one more time knowing that in no more than the summer a brand new and most powerful bull market in gold will be at hand.




  1. How can anyone listen to a man who has to pay Polny for a subscription to see when a correction ends? It shows you he has no clue as to what is happening.
    How can anyone listen to a man who has said numerous times the correction is over… it was suppose to end on or before march 27th.. remember folks.. 
    It was suppose to end when we went to 1520.. 
    It was suppose to end last year when alf published his articles. 
    It was suppose to end when he was in toronto saying the bottom was in 
    It was suppose to end when we hit 1320 and Bo Polny said the bottom was in. 
    So my question , why listen to him now and assume what he says is true… If it goes down after summer all he is going to say is that it was manipulation.. a weak argument . 

    • Now is not necessarily the time to be listening to anyone.
      I’m using my eyes!
      My eyes see the ocean really receding….being drawn out un-naturally.
      My EYES tell me its time to get off the F’in’ beach! 
      My eyes tell me—-
      T  S  U  N  A  M  I

    • I’m waiting to backup the truck.  I believe we still have a ways to go as we watch the paper price burn. 
      Now lets hope this rapid decline accelerates so it clears out the derivative paper and sets gold free. 

    • “So my question , why listen to him now and assume what he says is true… If it goes down after summer all he is going to say is that it was manipulation.. a weak argument.”
      I think someone even suffering from severe brain damage can see that the markets, particularly the precious metal markets are completely manipulated. This is what happens when one completely rotten and corrupt country run by criminals is allowed to control the world’s markets.

    • its going to 1 dollar.. major head and shoulders pattern on it. dont worry hell cry manipulation like he always does. the company doesnt even produce gold and it went to 7 dollars… should have noticed that to be a top lol 

  2. @ALL:
    I question Sinclair as well, but this is ballsy. 
    If indeed he is liquidating “everything else” for Gold. IF!
    Personally, I would not be surprised to see it go down to $750 like old Harry Dent says it will. 
    Silver would be around $10/oz. My Son is asking “time to buy SILVER yet?” and I said “Not Sure”
    WEIRD TIMES, to be Sure! 

    • I seriously question that a man of his experience would go “all in” with gold.  That should be very good in the long-term but we do not live in the long-term;  we live in the here and now.  Bills come every month regardless of how we feel about fiat currency and they must be paid in full and on time.  If not, we WILL feel the justifiable wrath of our creditors.
      It would not bother me in the least to be buying some gold throughout the next couple of months.  Prices are down and both gold and silver are ON SALE.  Yes, they may decline further and no one knows whether or not they will.  But when a desirable commodity falls in price below its cost of production, what better time is there to buy some?
      Silver is also becoming very attractive here.  After seeing monster boxes selling for nearly $17k, seeing them at just over $11k makes them very attractive too.  Dare I hope for a monster box of Maples or ASEs for under $10k?  DROOL!  🙂

    • Agreed, Mike… and it is possible to lose sight of the line between “bold” and “foolish”.  I have no problem with anyone doing this with their own money, of course.  But it should be their speculative money and not something that they are gonna need any time in the next 3-5 years.  Many have been burned by ignoring advice of this kind when they are forced to sell at or near market lows.  It is much better to not have to ever sell if we don’t want to sell, rather than be forced to sell to meet our obligations.  If that means buying and owning fewer PM ounces, then so be it.  Above all, do not borrow short-term money to make speculative investments of any kind, no matter how great they may appear to us.

    • @Ed_B @mikeyj80
      Here is what he said exactly, ” I intend, knowing the system is in collapse, to buy gold with every resource I have at my disposal today and tomorrow.”  
      Sounds like a 2 day liquidationa and buying spree… No Billionaire is likely to be able to sell everything in 2 days and buy 
      “that much” Gold. Prolly mostly stocks and such. He is expecting the bargain prices to go UP it seems. And it did!  
      Still a BALLSY MOVE

    • @undeRGRound
      “Sounds like a 2 day liquidationa and buying spree…”
      Yes, it does sound that way, although some of us use the term “tomorrow” as a reference to the future, as well as to a single day that comes after this one.
      “No Billionaire is likely to be able to sell everything in 2 days and buy “that much” Gold.
      That would be my take as well.
      “ I intend, knowing the system is in collapse, to buy gold with every resource I have at my disposal today and tomorrow.”
      Well, that sounds like an all-in move to me… unless “every resource at my disposal” does not include some of his wealth.  I dunno.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this all works out.  Hopefully, for the best.  🙂
      “He is expecting the bargain prices to go UP it seems. And it did!”
      Yep.  So far.  We’ll see how well this does in the coming weeks and months.  A single day or even two do not make a rally in gold, though.  As an owner of a little gold, I am sort of torn between having it rise in price or go down so I can buy some more.  You know… the usual stacker conundrum.  lol


  4. Keep buying, even out the loses, this is a great time to buy. I agree with the sentiment if not the person.
    I have gone elbow deep into this one. I won’t go any further, but that’s pretty deep. Admittedly I feel like a Farm Veterinary Surgeon, with my arm in Daisy the cows backside, yes, it does feel rather shitty. But…I think Daisy is going to pull through fine. You just got to do these things, its called being a man and doing the right thing.
    I think yesterday was the first time that I have gone underwater (gold and silver), but to be honest, I am not worried in the slightest. If you can see the big picture stuff, and your in it for the long haul, you might be feeling just like me….it does feel very wrong to be buying at the moment, but, the way I look at it, its like doing the time warp back to 2008…pre crash.

  5. The CRIMINALS will manipulate metals to save their asses until they can’t manipulate metals to save their asses anymore.
    In the meantime, we are being toyed with, like rats and psychologically having our hairs plucked out one at a time.
    The psyop is perhaps the most remarkable aspect of their campaign against us.  And it is an integral part of their manipulation.
    Anyone who thinks this is a bear market presumes a fact not in evidence — the existence of an actual honest ‘market’
    This isn’t an honest market at the moment.  It is more like an armed heist.  Gold confiscation by another method.  Capitulation!
    There will come a point when the dollar implodes, Bonds collapse, and the stock market bubble bursts.
    And when that point comes, if the crooks are still manipulating the metals down, we are all screwed anyway.
    So, Name your POISON!
    The fundamentals WILL take the system DOWN!  The Globalists intend it that way.  And it will be done.
    To make this happen, they will have to move ALL Gold from West to East and, of course, into their own vaults.
    And, they will destroy the miners or Nationalize them in the process to prevent any recovery by the masses.

    The question is whether or not you and I will have any chance whatsoever to make it, come the ‘worst of times.’
    I’m betting that the metals, including brass and lead, will go a long way toward improving those odds!
    Certainly more so that what one can get back for selling their metals today.  Stacking is Prepping!  Don’t stop.
    Your life may depend on resisting the psyop of the day.
    Quit picking on Sinclair and his ilk. The fact that they are making a fool of him should make it abundantly clear who we are dealing with, and that the enemy is playing for keeps and that they know precisely what they are doing and are executing their strategy to near-perfection.

  6. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    Waterfall to 1180 for gold.
    Someone means business.
    This reminds me, many many months ago Mr. Sprott made a comment that grabbed my attention: He said that people could wait until silver hit $16 per oz, but good luck to them getting their hands on silver at that price.
    Thus, methinks he knew it would go to $16 per oz (not yet happened), and that he thought it was worth buying at higher prices instead of waiting for that price.

    • Therein lies the rub.  If the price of silver were to fall to, say, $10 an oz., just how much would be available to buy vs. how much would be kept under lock and key, waiting for a better price to evolve?  As we saw in 2008 when silver dipped below $10 an oz., we couldn’t find any to buy at those prices… but when the price recovered to $15, suddenly there was plenty available.  The paper silver crowd was saying that silver was worth $9 an oz. but the physical crowd, who actually had real metal in their hands, was saying “No, it isn’t!.  It’s worth more than that and unless you give us more for it, you aren’t getting it!”.  I expect to see this drama replayed from time to time.

    • It seems to me, that the MANIP-MANOP’ers are getting smarter. They lower the prices a bit slower, (no waterfalls) and then let it rise back up, and the weak hands, fearing another smash, sell at the “recovered” prices. Then it falls again. Stair-Steps DOWN, always Down, and always stair steps. Gives the sheep-ish traders time to decide. However, a friend of mine said,
      “Keep your Pimp Hand STRONG!”  
      Not sure what that meant, but we need to keep our PM Hand STRONG, keep our finances SOLID, and be ever watchful. 

    • These idiots are fortunate that the rest of the world does not share their belief in creating Armageddon in order to bring peace and justice into the world… by death and violence?  If they did, they would crush all Muslim countries utterly to remove this threat BEFORE it achieves its purpose.

  7. You will be stupid if you listen to this type of bullshit. To me, he is a lousy portfolio manager!!! He is acting as a gambler now instead of a sane investor!!! Trust me… it will take years to push the Gold and Silver price back to peak if no catastrophic major events happening in the near future!
    Ask yourself this, are your speculating or investing??? And what is your time frame for speculating or investing?
    JS made his money the last round, is there a guarantee that he will make again this round within his time frame?
    I feel so pity to those suckers who follow these type of articles…
    BTW, Gold and Silver will always be in supply until there are no one willing to sell and no one willing to dig. When is that time? Look to the charts.
    I had enough of all these BS articles by SD… It is so sick to the stomach. Mind you, I still have my physical Gold and Silver with me. But I did not even add to my stack since April. Why, because the chart is telling me a major downtrend is in the making and this month has made it a confirmed down trend. And it is not only Daily down trend, for heaven sake, it is Monthly down trend.
    And prices just don’t sky rocket from 1200 to 1800 in a day! it does not happen… See how long it takes to bring down the gold price from peak to the current levels. It takes months or years for prices to return to their old levels especially when the trend is a monthly trend.
    Another point to make, all fundamentals and manipulating of prices are all printed in the charts. So why do we need to worry who is manipulating who. If I see the prices of Gold and Silver jumps back to an uptrend, I just start buying. But now is not for anyone to jump into a down trend, it is suicidal especially for those who want to bet all-in and with so little capital at their disposal. 
    Normally, when a downtrend has completed, there will be consolidation phases. This is the time where you accumulate your metals. Not when the knife is falling onto your hands.
    For anyone who is new to Gold and Silver, do not take this comment lighty. Use this comment as a base to your investing research on these metals.
    One more thing, for those who wants to do cost averaging, you must know what is your COST AVERAGING FREQUENCY RATE (my own term but should be understandable).

    • @jav can you explain to my thick headed Neanderthal skull how technical analysis/charting is useful in a manipulated market? I don’t see how TA Is useful unless you’re someone like Andrew Maguire/Andy Hoffman who understands the Cartel’s signals and can ‘pile on’ and ride their coat tails. Assuming the market is manipulated, there can be no absolutes. Price can go up just as quickly as it can go down.

    • my take: hes not looking to make a killing trading in and out during the day, but rather spot the macro trend before spending a lot of $.  he is right, look at the weekly charts and the trend is clear.  If you wait for the reversal you may miss the first couple dollars, but if youve been patient since $28 then who cares about giving up the first few dollars.  
      I’m not so patient, i had $18 as my wishful thinking target so am going to take about half of what i’ve been saving and put it into libertads.  I’ll either miss the bottom on the other half, or end up buying cheaper if prices can continue to slide.
      bearish economy is not bullish to industrial use, and not bullish to silver demand.  if demand for silver wanes (remember coinage is but a small percentage of total demand) the is it possible that those producing silver at the cheapest prices may be able to keep supplying those needs?  I’ve not done enough research to know those fundamentals well enough to claim to k now, but i do know if demand drops then we don’t need to keep the high cost producers in business, let the marginal producers move to the margins for now, they’ll be back when demand and price tell them to.

    • @mikeyj80 The one thing that sticks in my mind that I can’t shake is the fact that the majority (likely ALL this year) of US domestic silver production goes to ONE product, American Silver Eagles. Remember that and take it to the bank.

    • Not bought since April? 
      Well, whatever you bought in April is now overpriced. Say for example you bought 3 Kilos of silver at £1800, well this would mean that your in the hole. If you bought the same amount today for around £1400, then the price difference would be £400. Now depending on where you stand on the prices, continuing to fall, if you did the second purchase, then overall your holding price would go down from £600 per kilo, down to ((1800+1400)/2)/3 = £533…not much difference in the numbers, but if you continued to do this month on month, then the purchases average out.
      My advice, slow and steady…it evens out the peaks and troughs, makes your assets easier to sell on in the future, these low low prices won’t be around for too long.
      But depends on your attitude, if your a gambler, then this is not the answer for you, if your a long term investor, who believes that its going to shit…then I emplore you to buy some, just to even out your loses.

    • @Whisky_six just because there is a mandate for us eagle production does not mean that is true demand for silver, likely result will be higher premiums on eagles above other silver products.  American silver just one piece of the production

  8. Jim said he had 32,000,000.00 of his money in gold at 1520.00. How is that working for you, Jim? His reasons are wrong, but gold does appear to well worth owning at any price…for now.
    …take a look at some of the language in the colloquially known as the Immigration Bill. Please note the “language” they can insert in any of these monster bills…like gold confiscation.(just sayin) Here is a current example of it.
    the Secretary may not adjust the status of aliens who have been granted
    10 registered provisional immigrant status, except
    11 for aliens granted agriculture card status under
    12 section 2201 of this Act or described in section
    13 245D(b) of the Immigration and Nationality
    14 Act, until the Secretary, after consultation with
    15 the Comptroller General of the United States,
    16 submits to the President and Congress a writ-
    17 ten certification that—
    18 (i) the Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy has been submitted
    20 to Congress and is substantially deployed
    21 and substantially operational;
    22 (ii) the Southern Border Fencing
    23 Strategy has been submitted to Congress,
    24 implemented, and is substantially com-
    25 pleted; 12
    EAS13500 S.L.C.
    1 (iii) the Secretary has implemented a
    2 mandatory employment verification system
    3 to be used by all employers to prevent un-
    4 authorized workers from obtaining employ-
    5 ment in the United States; and
    6 (iv) the Secretary is using an elec-
    7 tronic exit system at air and sea ports of
    8 entry that operates by collecting machine-
    9 readable visa or passport information from
    10 air and vessel carriers.
    11 (B) EXCEPTION.—The Secretary shall per-
    12 mit registered provisional immigrants to apply
    13 for an adjustment to lawful permanent resident
    14 status if—
    15 (i)(I) litigation or a force majeure has
    16 prevented one or more of the conditions
    17 described in clauses (i) through (iv) of sub-
    18 paragraph (A) from being implemented; or
    19 (II) the implementation of subpara-
    20 graph (A) has been held unconstitutional
    21 by the Supreme Court of the United States
    22 or the Supreme Court has granted certio-
    23 rari to the litigation on the constitu-
    24 tionality of implementation of subpara-
    25 graph (A); and 13
    EAS13500 S.L.C.
    1 (ii) 10 years have elapsed since the
    2 date of the enactment of this Act.
    4 FOR IMPROVEMENT AT BORDERS.—Notwithstanding any
    5 other provision of law, the Secretary is authorized to waive
    6 all legal requirements that the Secretary determines to be
    7 necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the bar-
    8 riers, roads, or other physical tactical infrastructure need-
    9 ed to fulfill the requirements under this section. Any de-
    10 termination by the Secretary under this section shall be
    11 effective upon publication in the Federal Register.”!!!

  9. Sinclair may have been “Mister Gold” in the seventies, but right now he is “Mister Joke”. How can you take seriously someone who announced that “the bottom” in gold was coming the day of his birthday, just because that day was his birthday? (he said that himself, yes). And right now he is apparently touring the world giving (paid) talks about the financial Armageddon (and not posting them anywhere, by the way, so much for “helping his extended family”, guess you have to pay the fee to listen to the talk, maybe you have to put on a robe and hold a lit candle in a dark conference room, too). Announcing “the bottom” time and time again, being consistently wrong, printing charts and price forecasts made by morons who couldn’t tell an inverted SHS from a bearish flag… You can make an honest and rational defense of PM without making a fool of yourself every day like this guy. 

  10. STOP calling Sinclair “Legendary”. He’s not. He’s a man who just got lucky a long time ago, and like all gamblers and speculators, they end up getting it wrong in the end and lose everything.

    • dont forget he was a seligman at that time.. he had the ins and the outs of the trade being a seligman.. now he turned his back on the family so hes on his own. 

  11. I believe Jim Sinclairs assessment of whats coming is spot on, even though he has trouble with his timing of events. His assessment is correct , his timing is’nt. Which means if were patient good things are coming soonish.

  12. In part, it seems the cartel likes to destroy the reputations of those “gurus” 
    the “stackers look up to” LOL! 
    I look at the forest more than individual trees, myself… Sinclair is just another “tree” IMO
    Maybe a dying tree, at that

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