imagesLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent another email alert to subscribers over the weekend, continuing his in-depth series on the monetary crisis in progress, and the fundamental reasons the dollar will hyperinflate and result in $3,500 + gold.

Sinclair stated that the dollar is re-entering a decade long major bear market, and that this is the foundation set in steel that will launch the next major bull phase in the gold price very soon.
While Sinclair has long urged readers to take physical gold positions without margin, with gold mining shares near historic lows compared to gold bullion, Sinclair states that condemning gold shares is total nonsense utilized by PM scoundrels.

Sinclair concludes by stating that Every problem we have from national to private is a balance sheet problem. As QE is the only tool to feign solvency, Gold is the only tool to accomplish solvency.

Sinclair’s full email alert is below:


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From Jim Sinclair:

Think of the value of the gold reserves of the euro with their gold marked to market by the ECB. Think of the percentage then that their gold reserves would be as a percentage of fiat currency held in reserve. Think then of the primary market in gold by default moving into the cash market as the criminal paper gold market is disgraced via delivery failures. In my early life both my wife and I were Comex members. Who else commenting about gold has that real time experience of how you play markets? Who commenting out there would have the slightest idea of how one goes about making a cash market in gold as was made with Sinclair Global Arbitrage.


The dollar and the euro have been at war since the day the euro rose above par to the dollar. Now look at the euro chart in terms of dollars. View the transition of the euro to a bull market and the transition of the modest recovery in the dollar re-entering into a decade long major bear market. This is the foundation set in steel that will launch the next major bull phase in the gold price very soon.


When you look back at this multi-month gold market operation you will know what it was all about. Gold mining is a terrific business, truth be known, now being condemned by all the merchants of bullion in the gold community. Who needs enemies when you have such friends right within the community? Bullion is clearly a risk only to price but condemning gold shares is total nonsense utilized by PM scoundrels to market other gold products.


The next phase of the Gold Market will be driven monetarily. This phase will take gold to the point whereby marking the gold reserves of the deficit nations to the market move towards balance and balance will be struck.


Every problem we have from national to private is a balance sheet problem. As QE is the only tool to feign solvency, Gold is the only tool to accomplish solvency. Convertibility of fiat paper to gold will not re-occur, but currencies will cease their death rattle as national balance sheets are in fact balanced.





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  1. Is this website the Hanging on Jim Sinclairs Every Word blog or what?
    If we wanted to know every word that came out of that guys mouth we could just subscribe. 
    At least he uses his real name, we think.

    • 50 years of experience trading gold.  Who else are you going to listen to, besides your own logic.  Unless they let the banks fail, gold’s going over $10,000 to balance the books of the CB’s. That’s a win-win.

  2. Good Morning, I am sitting here in Hawaii just watching Silver Get taken down in Asia. Now can someone please tell me? Knowing that there is a silver shortage and even that some in the mainstream media are talking about it. Why is silver being hammered again. We are going back to the $30.79 an ounce. Just last week it was what going over towards $34 an ounce. Complete bullshit. 

    • Wish I was sitting back on Kauai–where I do, but don’t belong.
      …can hardly wait to read and hear for the zillionth time that— “The metals are on $ale!” & “Stack Now–cuz this is the LAST time you’re EVER going to see prices like this!!”……
      Now that’s what I call complete Bullshit.
      People need to grasp that this all very likely will drone on and on for YEARS!

    • @NetRanger
      As Jim Sinclair has 50 years experience in dealing with Gold starting at the ripe old age of 22, making him and I the same age. Reference the fact that rowing a boat for 50 years does not a Ship’s Captain make. Now I do respect the Doc and this website. But also there is a lot of landfill garbage paved over with concrete to hold the skirts up of us that have been stacking. The paving above the landfill is to hold our interest from those like Sinclair that give us their opinion. The Landfill underneath is the unknown and those who write speculative articles on this website are well aware of that.
      I really don’t know what truth is, sorta like going to DisneyWorld, standing in a very long line to get on a ride, then wondering after the ride if the wait was really worth it.

  3. I bought 40 last week – gives me the right to bitch. Doesn’t change the fact that the price cheerleading bull crap in the silver community serves to do 2 things:
    1) make all of us look like jokes.
    2) steer would be new stackers away from the community.
    In reality the silver community needs to make themselves look better, and attract new people. Sad to say, but a casual look at the price cheerleading for silver over the last 2 years (the time I’ve been stacking) would quite correctly elicit belly laughter from the average person – and increasingly makes even silver stackers laugh at them.
    Keep in mind, I’m in balls deep.
    I had a conversation with my sister about silver on the weekend and she was going to consider making some purchases. I can’t wait to get shit on by her for giving her the best financial advice of her life. lmao.

  4. @Canadian Dirtlump
    Dude. Tell me something … do you recognize anything beyond the tip of your nose, or is it all pitch black out there?
    I have lots in the low 40s and mid to high 30s … BUT … I also have a HELL OF A LOT from back in the 7 to 10 level where I started out on this trek. Now when I took in a fair amount (a couple hundred ounces) at about 20 and it dropped into the 12 range, I didn’t whine and snivel like a scared little girl … I got MORE … why? Because there’s a FUTURE and I CAN SEE IT.
    Obviously, you can’t.

    • If I wasn’t all in silver you’d have a point. But I am, so you don’t. If I didn’t see a future, I wouldn’t be that way.
      Obviously you are wrong, and you had the requisite information to know you’re wrong, yet you shot off at the face anyway. Where does that leave you?
      Fact is, constant cheerleading of silver’s imminent take off have been wrong for a couple of years now and fundamentally, it looks foolish. Those are facts. Sorry.  I know it will go at some point. But reading the silver hopium, silver in 3 digits should have been in the rear view mirror.
      So, provided you can see past your goddamned nose, you’ll understand that I have a safe full of silver at the bottom of a lake because I know what’s up. It is the people who post about silver going to 500 dollars every week and have been doing so for years who in fact are disconnected from reality.
      It is like calling for the end of the world, you can only be right once.

    • @canadian dirtlump – Just ignore it and keep stacking. The only time I even care to look at spot price is when I have extra toilet paper and wanna time my big buys on big waterfall dips. IF you can see the future and are fully aware of what will take place in the PM vs. Paper war, then honestly why are you even griping?
      IF you don’t have atleast a basic understanding of paper manipulation, margin calls and the very fundamentals of a finite and quickly depleting natural resource then you really don’t get silver ownership. These prices are all BullCrap anyways because honestly what in the hell is the point of pricing an undervalued asset in dying/devaluing paper dollars. Once we start talking about how many ounces will buy you this many cows or this much land then we are truly discussing the reality of what most of the news and opinions are on Silver Doctors.

    • @Orion
      Exactly! Post-Industrial Revolution prices on goods (say, from an 1860’s mail-order catalogue) that had evolved out of market-wide rationalities will be an invaluable database to work from in a couple years; further qualifying for increases in production and factoring in money’s natural increase of intrinsic worth. THAT’S the point and goal of our patient sacrifice and frugality! To re-enforce the rational value of our life’s Labor in media, the inherent qualities of which bear demonstrable, historically established inter-relatedness.

    • @Canadian Dirtlump
      Story here on SD about GATA:
      When central banks are rigging the currency markets, the bond markets, the gold market particularly because the gold market is the determinant of all the other markets, we’re not trading on fundamentals, we’re trading on the anticipation of central bank action!…
      We aren’t looking at markets at all, we’re looking at holograms of markets when we look at the charts that we’re trading on! 


  5. LMAO I’m getting a kick out of all these posts. Why am I buying? It’s not for the profit but the future when TSHTF To hell with the spot price and the Hypesters look around you and see what’s going on and go with your own gut feelings not a Hypesters and if you do YOUR A FOLLOWER and Looking for profit. Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

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