LV1F6012.CR2Jim Sinclair has sent a rare alert to subscribers this weekend warning of the potential that a major black swan event is currently unfolding in Ukraine. 
Sinclair states that the Ukraine situation will expand on a three play, play book, benefitting Russia economically by protecting their control of the natural gas supply to Euroland.
The potential clearly exists for the Ukrainian crisis to rapidly descend into a major black swan. 

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From Jim Sinclair, JSMineset

The following is a potential Black Swan event.


There are Western and EU assets in the Ukraine that could be quite significant in a quiet but powerful equation for Ukraine natural gas of for who runs the Ukraine with what basic loyalties of these new leaders.


Due to the new developments thought to exist in fracking, there is a Black Swan potential in the Ukrainian situation.


Military experts see no immediate resolution to the Ukrainian situation but rather a three step affair for Russia to wield decision making Russia positive placement in the Ukrainian government while directly influencing the Crimea area. Military opinion is that there will be no direct intervention by the US or NATO therefore the situation will expand on a three play, play book, benefitting Russia economically by protecting their control of the natural gas supply to Euroland.


Nothing happened here spontaneously after the close of the Olympic Games.


Chevron Worldwide
Our Business in Ukraine


Chevron is pleased with the award of a tender which provides the right to conclude a Production Sharing Agreement for the Oleska area with the State of Ukraine. The Oleska area covers approximately 1.6 million acres. We now look forward to working together with the Ukrainian Government, local authorities, and our partner in relation to this opportunity.


Ukraine airline says Crimea airspace closed   Friday, 28 February 2014


KIEV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukraine International Airlines says it has canceled flights to and from the regional capital of Crimea due to the closure of the airspace over the peninsula. The announcement, which did not say who had closed the airspace, came after heavily armed uniformed men took up positions outside a military and a civilian airport in Crimea, a flashpoint in the tense relations between Ukraine and Russia, which has a naval base in Crimea. The airline said it has canceled flights to and from Simferopol airport on Friday evening andSaturday. A woman answering Simferopol airport passenger help line said the airport was not closed but that all flights were canceled “due to the situation in Crimea.” On Thursday, pro-Russiangunmen seized local government buildings in the semi-autonomous region.



Russia Confirms Moving Troops into Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula 
Friday, 28 February 2014


The Russia foreign ministry admitted the country moved their troops into Ukraine’s troubled Crimea peninsula. The autonomous republic within Ukraine identifies as Russian and has been fighting back since parliament ousted Viktor Yanukovych.


The Telegraph reports:


“The Ukrainian side was also passed a note regarding the movement of armoured vehicles of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, which is happening in full accordance with the foundation Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the Black Sea Fleet,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Friday afternoon.


In the same note the Russian foreign ministry said it had declined a Ukrainian request for “bilateral consultations” on events in Crimea because they are “the result of recent internal political processes in Ukraine.”



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  1. There are flocks of these swans flying around.  An exceptional article was posted on John Mauldin’s site.  He was under the weather so an associate wrote an essay that I’ll try to distill as best I can.  
    Math focussed the prediction of events is based on the assumption of Critical States.  In some, like water in that state where it flashes to steam or turns to ice, are examples of a critical state in equilibrium, until the moment it changes to another state.
    That linking point to something else is well defined.
    Others are never known known with precision but are known to exist.  The experiment with sandpiles provides a clue.  If sand is piled up high enough there is a point, never predictable, when the pile tumbles down; sometimes in a small rivulet of sand; sometimes a large slump.  
    There are reasons for this. The grains exist in the minute bits of instability that weave through the sand pile.  If enough link together, that one last tiny grain of sand hitting a stress point causes the avalanche. This is true in weather, stock markets, earthquakes and maybe even the nature of humans stressed; we mortals that comprise the tiny grains of sand; existing in a state of unequilibrium, with chaos lying just under the surface.  
    When the critical state of human affairs is reached, the flash point ignites. If many seemingly noncontiguous but incipient critical states exist in close proximity, such as the countries in this world going through tension, if not extremis, the tiniest one can be that flash point. The event horizon is breached; the critical mass is reached and the whole thing blows up.  The simplest math on this relates to earthquakes. There is a formula that says something to the effect that the time duration  between earthquakes is mathematically related to the severity of the earthquake.  8 on the Richter scale is log 10 to the next lowest number.
    1 digit higher; 10 times the force.
    Are we building to a 12 on that scale?
    No one critical state is exceptional or special that creates the flash point. It could be anything.
    There is no magic element that stays this or that will tip us over.  It could have been the currency crisis in Thailand 15 years ago. Or Long Term Capital Management that was wrenched apart by the bond spreads that were in equilibrium until small stresses tore apart that equilibrium. It might be China’s yuan dropping in value to the USD. 1 BPS there works out to be nearly $5 billion in derivative losses. Those can’t be papered over
    We see unquestionable signs of stressors; some small, some very large, which in and of themselves might just work themselves out. It’s been 6 years since the 2008 Lehman derivatives crash and nothing’s changed.
    Just more spit and bailing wire. Nothing solved. Nothing was worked out.
    More derivatives piled into the market, guarantying the last set of derivatives which were set up insuring what?
    Like fingers in the dyke and duct tape on leaky pipes, these holding actions are now popping out and showing their frailty in currency crises and bank runs with fear driving people to madness.
    The problems of 2007 and 2008 were not solved; just pushed down. The stressors are coming in droves
    These stressors are showing up in the nature of the vital commodities we need. The nature of the commodities are being twisted and convoluted by paper traded malinvestments, altering the potential effects inherent in the things that push critical mass by altering the things themselves.
     The oil questions; who controls the pipelines–haves or have nots? Paper over the problems as long as you can
     The  currency problems– who will be made to suffer and how much? More paper
     The precious metals problems; who has the most, who makes the rules and who gets hurt by absense of precious metals. Create paper gold and silver to hide the problem.
     All these things make for the potential of one fast moving and devastating breach of the event horizon from which not even enlightenment can escape.
     The scale of damage resulting from 10-20 8-on-the-Richter scale epochal earthquakes is something to ponder.
    If derivatives either mitigate or compound the pain of loss in any single investment, depending on which end of that bargain you may be, particularly if that investment is key to the prosperity and even the survival of one country, these weapon of mass destruction could move like a 6 mile wide asteroid hitting Planet Earth.  
    Russia is hurting financially; reacting in predictable manners.
     Ukraine is hurting financially, reacting to outside forces.
    China is hurting financially; from internal foibles and external wrecking balls.
    The US, UK and EU are hurting from wounds self inflicted by hubris and greed
     We all revolve in similar orbits around our basic human natures.
    We are all affected by the same forces that create financial destruction.
     Those forces will snap out of semi-equilibrium into chaos with a fierce energy. It will happen soon. The numerous rubber bands are stretched beyond repair.
    Something will break.
     What, how and when are questions that will be answered very soon.  
    Next week could be a doozie.

    • @AGXIIK
      “Russia is hurting financially.  Ukraine is hurting financially. China is hurting financially.”
      Almost every place is hurting financially at the moment… including the US.  We’ve just papered it over with currency that the Fed pulls out of its @$$.  A very adroit comment in another thread (Pat Fields?) referred to the fact that when fiat is printed, wealth is NOT created… but debt is.  And debt is not wealth, it is anti-wealth… it destroys wealth on contact, much as matter and anti-matter annihilate on contact.  The US is the world champ at doing this and it is introducing HUGE strains into the economies of most countries around the world.  They are aware of this and are not at all happy about it, which is perfectly understandable.  
      What seems not to be understandable is how the Fed is gonna back out of the financial quagmire they have gotten us all into via excessive money-printing aka QE.  The one and only way for this to be resolved is for the Fed and the Gov to remove the excess money from the US financial system.  But to do that, they MUST spend less than they take in in taxes and warehouse that currency some place where it cannot reenter the US or World economies… and the likelihood of that happening is about nil.
      The house-of-cards economy that has been built from terribly allocated free money cannot sustain itself without continuous injections of “liquidity”, aka OPM (Other People’s Money).  This is how one knows when an economic system is viable.  If it is, it supports itself by creating more wealth than it consumes.  If it does not, then it is neither viable nor sustainable.  Inevitably, it will die and the only question remaining is… how much real wealth will be destroyed in the effort to “save” an unworkable system from itself?  Far too much would be my fear.

    • What worries me is who has control of the 100 or so suitcase nukes that were built? Corporations? I think that is where the next black swan lies. Someone will set off a micro nuke and take out a city. Culprit will be unknown and hard to trace because the evidence is now spread over 100 square miles.

    • @DanDaley
      Let me just offer you a different view. Most people don’t get it, but October revolution in Russia in 1917 was an attempt to establish the NWO, which should have take over the entire world via “Permanent Revolution”. Surely Bolsheviks, sent from America, murdered millions of Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians) in the years of Red Terror. See here:
      and here:,7340,L-3342999,00.html
      Well, at some point Stalin managed to get rid of the Bolsheviks (in the Army, in Executive and legislative branches) and this is when the West all of a sudden started screaming about Stalin’s terror. For some reason they were quiet before, when millions died. So why were they so concerned? The process of of establishing the NWO order stopped. It meant to decimate the country. But Stalin started the process of industrialization, which was not according to the plan, neither he was ready to surrender Russia to the NY banksters. You’ll find references about this statement in “The Committee of 300” by John L. Coleman. So the banksters who in the previous move with Wiemar republic gutted Germany, decided to build it up and remove Stalin from power, basically switching the process from Bolsheviks to Nazis, who were tasked with a mission to establish a superior race and rule the World. See this “rule the world” goes through Bolshevism, Nazism, American Empire, etc. But those were executors of the strategy, but who cooked the strategy? The banksters out of London. They still do.

    • @PrometeyBezkrilov
      No doubt bankers are opportunists par excellence, and no doubt they do collude and conspire to effect their own nefarious ends (read: The Creature of Jekyll Island), but they don’t control everything, or nearly as much as they would like people to think they do. My point about Hitler (however much he may have been influenced by bankers), was that when TPTB in a country paint themselves into a corner, they lash out.  One can say that these things are all preplanned, and there is a fair degree of truth in that, but there are always other very significant factors to consider, many of which may not be obvious.

    • @DanDaley
      You are absolutely right, they are not all powerful. The only reason they have such power is because their main asset is a herd of fools.
      But going back to Germany. You have to read on how the German military machine was financed via dead papers and if it has any resemblance to today’s America. Then you’ll understand that I was right about who supported Hitler and what mission he was tasked with.
      They stamp of the NWO is easy to recognize:
      1) Reduction of population
      2) Elimination of family
      3) System of control and suppression
      4) Rights of corporations dominating over individual rights (what is known as New Feudal system)
      5) elimination of private property (for slaves)
      6) you can add here one worldwide religion
      All of this was happening in Bolshevik’s Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the West today.

  2. “On Thursday, pro-Russiangunmen seized local government buildings in the semi-autonomous region.”
    An interesting turn of phrase, isn’t it?  Not Pro-Russian militia, armed citizens, or freedom fighters but “gunmen”, a term typically associated with criminals and other evil doers.  So far, they have not initiated any violence that has been reported by anyone.
    To understand the Russian position in all this more clearly, just imagine how America would react to agents of Russia or China instigating civil war, anti-government rebellion, or any form of mass violence in Mexico.  Yes, Mexico is a sovereign country but it is right on the US border and no business whatever of either Russia or China.  Yet, here we are, futzing around with Ukraine, 4,500 miles from the US but right on the Russian border.  In their place, we would be steamed too and not willing to put up with it.

  3. Joel Skousen’s take on this (to paraphrase): Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has it wrong, the coup was faked by Russia, there’s been no Russian invasion, the opposition leaders are actually people who are loyal to Russia, and reports that neo-Nazis are imbedded in the opposition are actually Russian agents posing as such because actual neo-Nazis don’t exist in today’s day and age.
    Even this “tinfoil hat-wearer” has a hard time drinking Skousen’s Kool-Aid.

  4. Some comments and predictions …

    The UN is a hand wringing and soapbox institution and no resolution will be found there.

    Russia has a significant number of troops stationed in eastern Moldova, located to the SW of the Ukraine to “protect the Russian speaking citizens there” (History repeats itself over and over.) Defending all of Ukraine would be extremely difficult so one has to choose what is most important at this time.

    Russia will therefore occupy only what is important to them militarily … the Crimea and eastern Ukraine where most of their heavy weapons such as tanks are manufactured. The West will not militarily interfere with the Russian occupation unless the Russians and their proxies cross west of 35E longitude or if Ukraine is attacked from Belarus (a Russian puppet state) or the Russian held enclave in Moldova. Such action will be too late other than symbolism.

    The Russians, if they cross the 35E line will most likely stop on the eastern banks of the Dnipra River … a natural defensive line.

    The Russians will reinstate Yanukovich in the Russian held areas as it’s “rightful” president. That is his ONLY usefulness to the Russians at this point and he knows it so he will dutifully do their bidding. Don’t expect any elections there as he will rule under martial law and “national emergency” decrees as dictated from Putin.

    Neither the Ukrainians nor the Russian “Ukrainians” will cede their rights to the other regions and Ukraine will be divided aka Georgia/Moldova.

    Sometime in the future there will be a great migration of Ukrainian nationals out of the Russian held areas, probably by economic means and/or intimidation, to effect ethnic cleansing thus ensuring cultural purity and complete alignment to Russia in the captured lands.

    Eventually, the Russian held areas will “ask” to be annexed to Mother Russia ….

    Keep stacking …. food, ammo, meds, PMs.

  5. Republic from Mars   That video ditty was very funny.  In reply to the D state I call this Inverse Crusaderism
    For 1,400 years we fought an Arab feud
    We called them dirty muslims, and infidels, how Rude
    Then they  immigrated here with a seven children brood
    Now the locals live in a state of DHIMMITUDE
    Imam Bin Al Fook-UK tells the Brits, “Now you’re  really screwed” (infidels)


  6. On this Lord’s Day, I will put a Christian spin on this:
    Whatever your views (I am 100% pro-Ukraine), pray for Ukraine’s new President who is a Baptist lay preacher, and the peace-loving Ukrainians who don’t want to be under Russian rule (would you want to be under Putin? Not me!).
    Pray also for Russia to open its doors to more Christian missionaries (Putin has been dictatorial in his closing of doors to non-Orthodox missionaries), as well as pray for Russian orphans to be once again allowed to be adopted by Americans (Putin also dictatorially shut the door of adoption on Russian orphans).
    And pray for a peaceful resolution where many come to salvation in Christ in both countries!

    • Hitler welcomed the support of many a deluded Christian as well. And years later, we ended up with a Nazi Pope. Christian progress, I suppose.

    • SNAKEBITE – Yes, Germany had many a deluded Christian.  However, a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas documents that many Christian Germans were well aware of the Nazis and their agenda in the 1930s.  Many steps were taken to prevent Hitler’s rise to power by Christians both within the religious and the military structures.  Also, it is fascinating how the two groups intertwined but did not want to harm each other by keeping each in the dark about their respective plans to stop the Nazis.  Perhaps that desire to not collaborate was a failing, but many Christians in the military and the church did actively plot (including executions) against Hitler and his henchmen.  Unfortunately, each of their separate plans were discovered and Christians in both worlds were executed.  Perhaps a lesson for us today?  I pray not, but if so, Christians can be wiser should the unthinkable occur in America today, especially against an infiltration of our government by radical Muslims though subtle inculcation of sharia law into America’s legal system.  It already has occurred in some areas, but I am encouraged by the awakening of more and more average citizens to the threat and their outspoken resistance, including success in stopping and even reversing judicial adoption of sharia law.

    • @ Mark PA:
      Good points, Mark. And isn’t it funny how some of the Nazi opposition in Ukraine (they aren’t all Nazis, mind you) fought alongside Muslim extremists in Chechnya? I’m waiting for these same Muslims to join the cause in Ukraine.

  7. The Coup in Ukraine
    Obama’s Dumbest Plan Yet

    “Washington and Brussels … used a Nazi coup, carried out by insurgents, terrorists and politicians of Euromaidan to serve the geopolitical interests of the West.”
    – Natalia Vitrenko, The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

    The United States helped defeat Nazism in World War 2. Obama helped bring it back.
    As you probably know by now, Obama and Co. have ousted Ukraine’s democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, with the help of ultra-right, paramilitary, neo-Nazi gangs who seized and burned government offices, killed riot police, and spread mayhem and terror across the country. These are America’s new allies in the Great Game, the grand plan to “pivot to Asia” by pushing further eastward, toppling peaceful governments, securing vital pipeline corridors, accessing scarce oil and natural gas reserves and dismantling the Russian Federation consistent with the strategy proposed by geopolitical mastermind, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski’s magnum opus–”The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and it’s Geostrategic Imperatives” has become the Mein Kampf for aspiring western imperialists. It provides the basic blueprint for establishing US military-political-economic hegemony in the century’s most promising and prosperous region, Asia. In an article in Foreign Affairs Brzezinski laid out his ideas about neutralizing Russia by splitting the country into smaller parts, thus, allowing the US to maintain its dominant role in the region without threat of challenge or interference. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

    “Given (Russia’s) size and diversity, a decentralized political system and free-market economics would be most likely to unleash the creative potential of the Russian people and Russia’s vast natural resources. A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would also find it easier to cultivate closer economic relations with its neighbors. Each of the confederated entitles would be able to tap its local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand. In turn, a decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski,“A Geostrategy for Eurasia”)

    Moscow is keenly aware of Washington’s divide and conquer strategy, but has downplayed the issue in order to avoid a confrontation. The US-backed coup in Ukraine means that that option is no longer feasible. Russia will have to respond to a provocation that threatens both its security and vital interests. Early reports suggest that Putin has already mobilized troops to the East and –according to Reuters “put fighter jets along its western borders on combat alert.” Here’s more from Reuters:

    “The United States says any Russian military action would be a grave mistake. But Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Moscow would defend the rights of its compatriots and react without compromise to any violation of those rights.” (Reuters)

    There’s going to be a confrontation, it’s just a matter of whether the fighting will escalate or not.
    In order to topple Yanukovych, the US had to tacitly support fanatical groups of neo-Nazi thugs and anti-Semites. And, even though “Interim Ukrainian President Oleksander Tuchynov has pledged to do everything in his power to protect the country’s Jewish community”; reports on the ground are not so encouraging. Here’s an excerpt from a statement by Natalia Vitrenko, of The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine that suggests the situation is much worse than what is being reported in the news:

    “Across the country… People are being beaten and stoned, while undesirable members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are subject to mass intimidation and local officials see their families and children targeted by death threats if they do not support the installation of this new political power. The new Ukrainian authorities are massively burning the offices of political parties they do not like, and have publicly announced the threat of criminal prosecution and prohibition of political parties and public organizations that do not share the ideology and goals of the new regime.” (“USA and EU Are Erecting a Nazi Regime on Ukrainian Territory”, Natalia Vitrenko)

    Earlier in the week, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that a Ukranian synagogue had been firebombed although the “Molotov cocktails struck the synagogue’s exterior stone walls and caused little damage”.
    Another article in Haaretz referred to recent developments as “the new dilemma for Jews in Ukraine”. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

    “The greatest worry now is not the uptick in anti-Semitic incidents but the major presence of ultra-nationalist movements, especially the prominence of the Svoboda party and Pravy Sektor (right sector) members among the demonstrators. Many of them are calling their political opponents “Zhids” and flying flags with neo-Nazi symbols. There have also been reports, from reliable sources, of these movements distributing freshly translated editions of Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Independence Square.” (“Anti-Semitism, though a real threat, is being used by the Kremlin as a political football”, Haaretz)

    Then there’s this, from Dr. Inna Rogatchi in Arutz Sheva:

    “There is no secret concerning the real political agenda and programs of ultra-nationalist parties in Ukraine – there is nothing close to European values and goals there. One just should open existing documents and hear what the representatives of those parties proclaim daily. They are sharply anti-European, and highly racist. They have nothing to do with the values and practices of the civilized world…
    Ukrainian Jewry is facing a real and serious threat….To empower the openly neo-Nazi movements in Europe by ignoring the threat they pose is an utterly risky business. People should not have to pay a terrible price – again – for the meekness and indifference of their leaders. As Ukraine today has become the tragic show-case for all of Europe with regards to breeding and allowing race-hatred to become a violent and uncontrollable force, it is impertive to handle the situation there in accordance with existing international law and norms of civilization.” (“Tea With Neo-Nazis: The Violent Nationalism in Ukraine“, Arutz Sheva)

    Here’s a little more background on the topic by progressive analyst Stephen Lendmen from a February 25 post titled “New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness”:

    “Washington openly backs fascist Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok…In 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from former President Viktor Yushchenko’s parliamentary faction. He was condemned for urging Ukrainians to fight against a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.”
    In 2005, he denounced “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry.” He outrageously claimed they plan “genocide” against Ukrainians.”…
    Tyahnybok extremism didn’t deter Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. On February 6, she met openly with him and other anti-government leaders.
    In early January, 15,000 ultranationalists held a torchlight march through Kiev. They did so to honor Nazi-era collaborator/mass murderer Stepan Bandera. Some wore uniforms a Wehrmacht Ukrainian division used in WW II. Others chanted “Ukraine above all” and “Bandera, come and bring order.” (Steve Lendman blog)

    Of course, the US media has downplayed the fascistic-neo-Nazi “ethnic purity” element of the Ukrainian coup in order to focus on– what they think — are more “positive themes”, like the knocking down of statues of Lenin or banning Communist party members from participating in Parliament. As far as the media is concerned, these are all signs of progress.
    Ukraine is gradually succumbing to the loving embrace of the New World Order where it will serve as another profit-generating cog in Wall Street’s wheel. That’s the theory, at least. It hasn’t occurred to the boneheads at the New York Times or Washington Post that Ukraine is rapidly descending into Mad Max-type anarchy which could spill over its borders into neighboring countries triggering violent conflagrations, social upheaval, regional instability or–god-help-us– WW3. The MSM sees nothing but silver linings as if everything was going according to plan. All of Eurasia, the Middle East and beyond are being pacified and integrated into one world government overseen by the unitary executive who defers to no one but the corporations and financial institutions who control the levers of power behind imperial shoji-screen. What could go wrong?
    Naturally, Russia is worried about developments in Ukraine, but is unsure how to react. Here’s how Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev summed it up the other day:

    “We do not understand what is going on there. A real threat to our interests (exists) and to the lives and health of our citizens. Strictly speaking, today there is no one there to communicate with … If you think that people in black masks waving Kalashnikovs (represent) a government, then it will be difficult for us to work with such a government.”

    Clearly, Moscow is confused and worried. No one expects the world’s only superpower to behave this irrationally, to hop-scotch across the planet creating one failed state after another, fomenting revolt, breeding hatred, and spreading misery wherever it goes. At present, the Obama team is operating at full-throttle trying to topple regimes in Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, and god-knows where else. At the same time, failed operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have left all three countries in dire straights, ruled by regional warlords and armed militias. Medvedev has every right to be concerned.
    Who wouldn’t be? The US has gone off the rails, stark raving mad. The architecture for global security has collapsed while the basic principals of international law have been jettisoned. The rampaging US juggernaut lurches from one violent confrontation to the next without rhyme or reason, destroying everything in its path, forcing millions to flee their own countries, and pushing the world closer to the abyss. Isn’t that reason enough to be concerned?
    Now Obama has thrown-in with the Nazis. It’s just the icing on the cake.
    Check out this blurb from Max Blumenthal’s latest titled “Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?”:

    “Right Sector is a shadowy syndicate of self-described ‘autonomous nationalists’ identified by their skinhead style of dress, ascetic lifestyle, and fascination with street violence. Armed with riot shields and clubs, the group’s cadres have manned the front lines of the Euromaidan battles this month, filling the air with their signature chant: ‘Ukraine above all!’ In a recent Right Sector propaganda video the group promised to fight ‘against degeneration and totalitarian liberalism, for traditional national morality and family values.’
    With Svoboda linked to a constellation of international neo-fascist parties through the Alliance of European National Movements, Right Sector is promising to lead its army of aimless, disillusioned young men on “a great European Reconquest.” (“Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?—Exposing troubling ties in the U.S. to overt Nazi and fascist protesters in Ukraine“, Max Blumenthal, AlterNet)

    “Family values”? Where have we heard that before?
    It’s clear, that Obama and his brainiac advisors think they have a handle on this thing and can train this den of vipers to click their heels and follow Washington’s directives, but it sounds like a bad bet to me. These are hard-core, died-in-the-wool, Nazi-extremists. They won’t be bought-off, co-opted or intimidated. They have an agenda and they aim to pursue that agenda to their last, dying breath.
    Of all the dumb plans Washington has come up with in the couple years, this is the dumbest.

  8. Duly elected government of Ukraine rejects bankster plan to rape a pillage economy (on the backs of the working class of course), and armed mercenaries immediately dispatched to depose said government…   
    Putin stands up to the criminals, and western media obfuscates…

    • Yes, of course. In every stage performance there are villains and heroes … wearing black and white hats so their roles are easily distinguished even from the far distant pauper’s seating … whom all, after the curtain comes down, have a few drinks at the Pub together.

  9. This is in re: the _REPUBLIC [FOR] MARS_ comment about “DHIMMITUDE” being in the “Obamacare” bill on page 107.  I researched that comment by looking at Page 107 in the bill and can find no mention of DHIMMITUDE.”  And although I am not known to those on this board, folks that do know me, know full well I am in no possible way a supporter of “Obamacare”, President Obama, his Administration’s policies, or the ideology today known as Progressivism.  I do, though, need to know _REPUBLIC [FOR] MARS_’s source material in case I looked at the incorrect location.  Perhaps the mentioned Page 107 is contained in the enrolled section of the bill or within a Federal Register dated between 2010 and now.  Please know that I have researched this somewhat and cannot find DHIMMITUDE” in any government publication associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) and its various amendments.  I ask this in all sincerity and with a focus on getting to objectively supportable info that can be referenced and passed along.  If anyone here knows of an objective source for this claim, please pass it along.  Thank you in advance.

    • _REPUBLIC [FOR] MARS_  Appreciate the quick response.  I guess I’m just thick, or perhaps not fully understanding the info.  The links provided state that the word Dhimmitude does not exist in the healthcare law (or more appropriately the Obamacare monstrosity).  The articles go on to explain that Dhimmitude only recently came into the language as a variant of the word Dhummi, which is the Muslim concept of requiring non-Muslims to basically pay for the “privilege” to exist and conduct business within a fully Muslim-controlled society (Ain’t gonna happen in America if I can do anything to prevent it – even at the sacrifice of my life).  Bottom line – the links provided do not support the statement that the word “dhummitude” is contained on Page 107 of the healthcare law.  Again, I appreciate the quick and kind response.

  10. The Black Swan event. All seem keenly intrested in observing it`s approach. The actual event is of little intrest to me. Perhapes it won`t be a single event, possibly a cummlative effect. I don`t know. Nor do I care at this point. The fact that we, as Americans, realize we are soon to go off the tracks is sufficiant.
    When you enter any public or private building, do you look for an alternative exit?
    While driving, are you looking through the glass on the vehicle ahead to better understand what`s ahead of that driver?
    In a crowd, do you scan those around you to determine any potential trouble maker? ( I hate crowds and avoid them religiously)
    Do many people in your life come to you for guidance, and assistance?
    I imagine all of us can answer yes to all the questions above. Trying to define the particular threat is of little concern to me any more. I`m ready. I think most of you are as well.

    • Silver Dollar – excellent comment.  I thought I was alone in practicing exactly what you describe, including where to sit in a restaurant, doctor’s office, etc. and maintaining situational awareness in grocery stores and other retail establishments.  As recently as yesterday, an incident occurred in a grocery that provided an opportunity to show my wife exactly how she could have had her pocketbook stolen based on the positioning of two people around her and how one distracted her.  Don’t know if the incident was innocent, or our interaction and my focus on the second person prevented an incident, but I understand what you are saying.  Paranoid?  I would rather think it is simple, preventative self-defense.  There are other very simple steps we both take, but the term “situational awareness” pretty much sums it up.  Anyway, again, great comment!

    • SNAKEBITE – regarding your comments about the odd (but not really) group of combatants in Chechnya, yes you are correct.  Trying to figure out who are the “good guys” in the current Ukraine conflict is impossible due in large part to the ebb and flow of the various combatants and their respective ideologies.  My position is that only history will be able to definitely answer that question.  Having said that, even history will be dealing with so, so many shades of gray that a clear “good guy-bad guy” conclusion will be impossible.

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