The legendary Jim Sinclair (who called the current bull market before anyone over a decade ago) has long maintained that the bullion banks would make the lions share of the profits in this massive secular bull market, not the average gold investor. 

Sinclair has sent an alert to metals investors today, advising that the current massive take-down in the metals is the end-game, and the Great Train robbery is in progress in which the Goldmans of the world will go massively long in gold.
Sinclair states that as soon as the bullion banks have grabbed every last available ounce of gold they can lay their hands on, gold will EXPLODE to $3,500.




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From Jim Sinclair:

Dear Jim,

With just about a week of trading left in 2012, Gold in Euro terms could end up negative for the first time in 11 years after making new highs some 3 months ago.

I hear CIGAs living in the Eurozone whining all around me, with friends and family thinking about cashing out their coins “while there is still a profit in them”

I am probably both young (31) and not an expert in markets, but I am fully aware of our current Western world situation.

The following serves no other purpose than to introduce my question as candidly as I can.

You have shown us recently, using technical analysis, that the Euro is currently on an up-trend against the US Dollar, and that you expect the Euro to “outpace the dollar for the significant future”.

On the interview you gave to James Turk at the 2011 GATA conference (right after Gold passed USD 1664!), you said that the USD as a reserve currency was “going to transmit its problems throughout the Western world”, and later that “the trading that will take place between the Euro and the Dollar are purely mirror images reflecting what the flavour of the day is”.

Also, you keep on reminding all CIGAs of the 3rd illustration of the skier, where you have exposed both currencies as “weak US Dollar” and “violent Euro” respectively.

Finally, the past 5 years and 2012 in particular have more than once proved you right in saying “Whatever is required, where ever it is required, be that Euroland or anywhere in the Western Financial world, will be provided”.

Taking all of the above into account, I would conclude that your overall view on Gold in Euro terms is just as bullish as in US Dollar terms.

If 0.72 on the USDX is to become the top for the USD in the future, the Euro would probably trade at 1.40 to the USD (am I too conservative?).

Gold going to and through USD 3500 therefore means Gold going to and through EUR 2500 on the same set of assumptions.

The question now: could we agree the above proposition is valid and is a Golden Truth for all desperate CIGAs living in the Eurozone in 2013 and beyond?

Many thanks for what you do for all of us Jim. Your wisdom and moral qualities are examples for all to follow.

CIGA Pierrafeu
(“Flintstones” in French)

Dear Barney Rubble,

The question now: could we agree the above proposition is valid and is a Golden Truth for all desperate CIGAs living in the Eurozone in 2013 and beyond?

What you have quoted in your emails is the Golden Truth. What is happening now is the Great Train robbery whereby the Goldmans of this world will take a huge long position in gold under the beard of manipulation and control of popular gold guys plus financial TV.

Please tell our Euroland friends to simply hunker down because this is as much of a passing cloud as was every single reaction since $248. Once these blackards take all the CIGA gold they can get, we are off to $3500 and above. This is not something I think. This is something I know.


  1. Since there is no Rule of Law to prevent The Great Train Robbery, when will it stop? Our cheerleading gurus regale us with tales of huge demand for the physical. Some of our gurus, this morning, tell us we couldn’t possibly see this smackdown coming. Seriously?
    -are they unaware of year-end, tax-loss selling?
    -are they unaware that The Cartel prefer thinly-traded markets as perfect timing for raids?
    -how many times have our gurus told us “when everyone is seated on one side of the boat” (as they have been for the past several weeks, all calling for a strong year-end rally)
    -are they unaware of the growing number of ‘stand for deliveries’ in the silver market, courtesy of Harvey Organ?
    -how long has Bill Murphy been predicting a JPM bust for silver manipulation?

    Train robberies are carried out by thieves. There’s a reason we call them “kleptocrats”. If you’re wondering what they’re preparing to steal next, look at Rosen’s chart just posted this morning on KWN and ask yourself how much they’re preparing to steal in a stock market rout. 

    • @heclaboy:  People like James Turk, Bill Murphy and Jim Sinclair have been far more on target with their prognostications and predictions over this entire bull market period than most give credit for, and they haven’t been as off as you characterize them for 2012 in quite the way you characterize.

      The game shifted following the rump of the 2008 crash, when governments all over the world went into over-drive to meddle with metal (July, 2008 and the nationalization of Freddie and Fannie proved to be the turning point).  There have been timeframes of months in duration where it has been exceedingly difficult to nail short-term market calls, but that doesn’t always translate into these analysts being 100% incorrect in the data and facts and theories they address.  In fact, the three I’ve mentioned as examples have addressed the tax loss selling and thinly traded market attacks as risk factors for downside action BEFORE and during the downside moves we’ve seen in the latest manipulation step-up (which I define as a two-stage attack enveloping QE-3 first, and now, QE-4).

      The precious metals market is tight.  Just because prices are falling in the paper market doesn’t mean that the physical market isn’t tight.

      Your message is layered with strawmen and distortions.  For example, Bill Murphy never said JPM would go “bust.”  In fact, when last interviewed by “Alternative Investors Hangout,” Bill corrected the host, noting that he didn’t think JPM would go bust.  AIH hasn’t been responsible with accurate headlines, but whatever…  That happens on a lot of websites.   Bill Murphy has always spoken of JPM in the context of JPM being “the Fed’s bank” and that JPM would always be bailed out.

      Your message is tantamount to bitching and complaining.  Use pundits, analysts, researchers, blog authors and what have you as points to stimulate the debate about the future in your own mind and make up your own decisions.  No one will ever be 100% accurate.  But the level of accuracy with which these folks named herein have demonstrated should be respected for what it has been — “pretty good,” in my view.  Not perfect.  But no one is perfect.  So, stop complaining.  Stop exaggerating.  These people are not cheerleading gurus and they would cringe were you to call them such to their faces.  They’re analysts making the best analytical decisions they can with the data at hand and you have the opportunity to work with their material, incorporate what you wish and disagree with what you wish.  But if you are in need of a cheerleader, well, then that says more about you than it does about markets.  I suspect you don’t need a cheerleader.  Yes?  Well, most here have the capacity to make their own decisions and we don’t need you protecting us.

      Sorry for coming on strong, but I’m just sick and tired of people like you attacking and/or bashing people like Bill Murphy, James Turk and Jim Sinclair.  It’s one thing to have a discussion about where these folks got it wrong in the last two months – and how they got it wrong – versus ranting that even incorporates specific claimed failings that didn’t in fact happen.

    • @ Flying Wombat GREAT POST YOU HAVE A CRUSADER On YOUR SIDE. These Two Jokers or should say Puppets have only been Negative since joining this site One or Two months ago and are Buying Paper and Going Short. Right Boys? We True Stackers Buy The Physical and Especially Buy On Dips and DON’T SELL FOR FIAT.

    • Marchas45, gosh darn it, I have to agree with you once again. You have been hitting the nail on the head almost every time lately, what’s going on?

  2. Great to see Jim Sinclair remains firm and unwavering in his convictions. Now if we can only get him to stop speaking in parables and mysticql cryptospeak we would all be that much more improved  Nevertheless we continue to be appreciative of that portion of his messages that we can understand.

  3. From a Reuter’s article today:

    Gold prices are also on track to drop 6 percent for the quarter to match their worst quarterly performance since the third quarter of 2008 at the height of the global economic crisis, marked by the bankruptcy filing of Lehman Brothers.”

    And what happened after this bloodbath?
    Over the next 2½ years the price doubled.
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    What is that saying?

    Sell when everyone else is buying, and buy when everyone else is selling.   

  4. Maybe I’ve been looking at things all wrong and the sooner the Event happens the better. I’m probably pretty much ready. If it takes to much longer TPTB may get their ducks in a row and this thing will go much worse for all concerned!  TPTB want a fight, hell lets rumble!

    • @Mammoth: Yup, when I called them earlier the hold time was 10 minutes. They told me they were really busy. As I was talking I overheard another caller and the person from gainsville said to the caller that the total would be 15?,000 and some change!!!

    • NEWSFLASH: Every time silver drops 10% or so, the retailers are myteriously low on inventory.  Funny though, as silver prices climb and climb, inventories seem to shore-up nicely.

    • @Truth Over Hype:  Silver in Shanghai is now trading at well over a $1 premium versus COMEX, demonstrating a tight market.  That’s just a fact — one that can’t be debated or twisted like your silly comment about US retailers.   Thus far – and at best – all you have proven since coming on to SilverDoctors has been that your name needs to be flipped:  Hype Over Truth.   What motivates someone to sign-up here just as QE-4 is unleashed, with the pompus handle “truth over hype”? 

    • @Truth-Over-Hype : although we have received massive amounts of orders today, we have plenty of silver available for sale at normal premiums at SDBullion , but somehow I suspect you’re not actually interested in physical gold or silver, are you now?

    • Truth Over Hype , there is your POINT  , retailers and specially your local coin dealers , will NOT have any inventory for sale at low prices , because NOBODY sells to them at low prices , they do have the Silver but , bought it at usually much higher prices and therefore are waiting for the price to go up ,before they will sell , they will NOT sell it to you at their loss . Eventually the spot price will disconnect from the paper and they will start selling what they have but at MUCH higher prices then the paper price .

    • @Marchas45 Strangely enough, my friend, that’s something I can agree with Truth Over Hype on. Inventory does disappear from a lot of bullion dealers sites when the discount gets too attractive, and it mysteriously appears again when prices rebound.

      Well, certainly I’ve seen it here in the UK. I guess bullion dealers are like any other retail trade. Everybody wants a bargain when they see it advertised, but when they show up at the supermarket, it’s all sold out.

      The ‘We Buy Gold’ shops are multiplying rapidly in British towns and cities.  

    • @Tawnyard I never disagreed with him on Inventory Disappearing, in fact some of his other thoughts I agree with, he has a lot to offer, it’s just his Dogmatic and Arrogant approach that gets to me. Lol Read all his posts.

  5. @RocketsRedGlare, that reminds me about the time I was talking to one of the people at NW Territorial Mint when I visited the place.  I asked the saleswoman if she had seen any large cash sales.  Her eyes widened and she told me about a man who walked in there with a suitcase full of cash and walked out with a shoebox full of 1-oz gold coins.

    Oh and that was me you overheard on the phone to Gainsville Coins; that $15,000 worth of PM’s replaces what I lost in the lake last week when my canoe tipped over.  LOL.  

  6. Everyone wants a number so Jim tries to provide one.  I prefer to base potential value on relative annual supply/demand fundamentals of other commodities.. namely oil but any of them could be used as a reference.  So with 29 billion barrels of world oil production annually, 750 million oz silver (with recycled: 950 million oz), 81 million of gold and “normalizing” gold ounces to silver annual world production rates with 15 ag silver ozs per 1 au ozs we have a ratio of 29 billion bbl oil versus 2.1 billion ounces normalized silver production.  That leaves us with ratio of 13.8 barrels of oil to every 1 oz of ‘normalized’ silver … on an annual world production basis.
    Now, not all world economic activity can be focused solely on oil in exchange for all world PM production, so we have to have what I call a “k factor” to ‘normalize’ the percentage of future world economic activity to the value of the oil market by itself so lets put it at 20% for fun and food for thought.  20% is 1/5 of 100% of all economic activity so the ag to oil 13.8 ratio calculated above translates to 5 X 13.8 normalized ag or 69 bbl/oil for every ounce of normalized silver ounces produced annually.  (by the way, I believe oil or gasoline at 30 cents a gallon way back when was way overpriced given consumption rates relative to amount of physical silver and gold floating around ie: 10 billion oz in gov hands or whatever it was).
    Just saying, but no one really knows.

  7. Truth Over Hype is the biggest paper troll this site has seen in a few months. Just look to his forum topics “when will reality kick in” and “So you say you want more phyzz” and you will see this guy is a paper pusher with no message except that us physical stackers are retarded. Of course he never gives any evidence or quotes any statistics or anything of merit to prove his prognostications.

    • I will be smiling the day silver passes the 50$ mark.  My grin growing wider as silver hits 60$ an oz and the Crimex and cartel cry uncle. No mos no mas! All those who own SLV it’s time to settle up. We quit, pay off price is 60$ and that’s all you get. Then we sit and watch as phyzz goes to 100 then 200 and more, ho ho ho laughing all the way!!

    • RocketsRedGlare, when that day gets here Truth Over Hype will be no where to be found. Such people only appear when the market is down because they think they are being proved right. Little do they know. Of course I will be busy being happy than to give such people a moment of thought. I probably should be more considerate of a fellow human being, even idiots deserve some acknowledgement.

    • Free advice from a Psychologist (yours truly): It is already all good, if that is what you want. Your conscience mind has the ability to protect your subconscious from absorbing negative programming. Your subconscious has access to all knowledge and can transform reality into whatever is programmed into it, positive or negative. I recommend an excellent book entitled “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

    • I’ll also add to that, Your Inner Self Can Change all Outside Conditions for the Good, It’s Just A Matter Off Letting Your Inner Self Change For The Good. The I not the ME

  8. I don’t really care on a day to day basis what the movement is.  This is more about perception and psychology of the movements that I tend to trend.  Everyone is happy when the price goes up.  Everyone is pissed off when it get’s smashed down.  In physical form, you haven’t lost or gained anything.  There is never a change.  When you equate your gains or losses in dollar terms is where you can become suicidal holding silver.  The metals are for the next global financial system not the crony capital, feudalistic system we are currently in.  I get more aggravated by the predictions by the experts or the so-called pundits but that’s on me because I like to torture myself(Greg Mannarino).  I like to track their predictions and hold them accountable for myself.  But I also don’t have the slightest idea what will happen to the markets or the metals on a day to day basis.  How could you in this environment?  The markets are ruined and rigged.  We all have different opinions and predictions.  We all can educate ourselves to understand historical events that shaped this planet.  People on these types of sites tend to read a lot of the same material.  What I don’t like is these people who speak in “absolutes.”  If they make a bad call, own it!  That is totally understandable in this environment.  People that put themselves out voluntarily with these calls do it to themselves.  They should get called out.  It’s called credibility.  Some have it and some don’t.  I like Sinclair.  He is a proven commodity in this business.  He is starting to feel a little bit like Bob Chapman’s last few years with some of his calls but I’m OK with it personally.  We can agree or disagree with these “experts” of the markets but it’s the discussion by us viewers is what I value more.

    • I’m with you Duck. Most on here were saying 50.00 by end of the year including me. In fact, most around here were backing up the truck because the USD was gonna crash taking down the entire economy…hoo ray? The fact is, typically, PM’s were expected to rise due to the elections and budget busters such as QE etc. Never happened. The Anglo’s control the chess board. All of the world is watching for them to crash their own satanic worshiping world. 

      When the power goes out, anyone stacking can look around a 10 mile radius as their customer base. When the markets are no more, the PM’s are worthless.

      So go on and pump, make your stack of fiat, and remember, we are all in this to make a profit….anything else is bovine sewage.

      Just for the love of this web site, I will buy from Doc another monster box if we get below 25.00.

  9. @Crissy,  “How about some holiday cheer made from a bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of Stolichnaya?

    Thank you, but I will sip the former while admiring the lights on the Christmas tree and drink straight shots of the latter whenever the mood strikes, preferably while munching on some sliced sausage & pickles in the true Russian manner.
    На Здоровья!

  10. You people either don’t read or refuse to accept truth.

    A) I own silver.
    B) I own gold.
    C) I bought for 11 straight years to build my “stack.”
    D) Once the tinfoil hat crowd jumped on, I jumped off in 2011.
    E) The last buy I made as on June 29, 2012.  I got $26.25.
    F) I own no “paper”.  I trade “paper” on occasion, but do not “own” or suggest others “own” paper.
    G) Every post I’ve made has been to show you “stackers” how to GET MORE “phyzzz.”

    It’s clear you would rather not get more “phyzzz,” though.

    Gotta say this, though, the namecalling you people do is pretty stout.
    You should, though, in my opinion, spend less time on namecalling
    and looking gift-horses in the mouth, and more time on figuring out
    why your “gurus” and story tellers keep getting it wrong.

    I’m negative, that’s true. I’m negative on buying stuff to high
    and stuffing the pockets of snake oil salesmen. 

    • I personally don’t know anyone’s history or past comments but I do agree with you about the snake oil salesmen out there in the alternative media and even the metals markets.  It’s no different then the MSM talking about gun control or elections.  They have a bias slant to their opinions because they have a motive.  There is also a heavy influx of these youtube sensations that proclaim that they are experts or have vast knowledge in the financial markets.  Has anyone really checked there credentials or history?  Is there any kind of background that we can verify what they are saying is true when it comes to their past experience or performance?  Has anyone listened to Christopher Greene or Fabian for Liberty?  How about Charlie McGrath?  My god, their fear mongering makes Alex Jones look conservative.  I agree on some of the stuff they are saying but every freaking day the world is going to end.  What kind of observation is that?  How about the market experts calling for the market to crash every freaking day.  How is this any different then the MSM saying everything is great and unemployment and the housing market is recovered?  Both ends are wrong.  Both are snake oil salesman trying to sell a agenda or have a motive. 
      As for the name calling, who cares.  This is a board of thoughts and opinions.  Personally, I don’t give a shit but it’s probably not constructive.  I don’t have any history about you guys hating on each other.  I have a few people that I have pissed off (not intentionally, 427) but it’s all good because this is voluntary.  I can dish it and I also need to take a few jabs. 

    • A) I own silver
      B) I own gold, copper, and nickel
      C) I bought for 45 straight years
      D) I have yet to see the need to sell even one ounce
      E) The first buy I made was even ‘money’ since I started by pulling silver out of circulation and bought almost 11 ounces today. I even bought some previously at $50 and still feel good about it, it is only fiat.
      F) I own a little paper from getting on board with the PermPort when Harry Browne started it, God rest his soul.
      G) I and most on here already know how to get more silver if they want it… what’s up Doc?
      H) H is for Hell, life is too short to care too much about any one thing, I am more than my silver, I am a pretty good keyboardist and have played in bar bands most of my life. I have a degree in Psychology and Electrical Engineering, can probably out shoot you on the rifle range, and know how to rebuild a VW engine all by my blonde little self. Peace.

      That is as negative as I can get, I have more important things to do, like paint my toenails. Now, where did I put that bottle of silver nail polish?

    • @Truth Over Hype:  I’m certainly willing to reconsider my thoughts about you when I see at least some semblence of humility behind comments like:  “I’m negative, that’s true…” 
      There’s nothing wrong with intense debate and trying to address dogma where and when it exists.  Most here welcome healthy discussion and debate.  You’re getting push back from people, however, because you’ve been a twit from day one.  Click here, for example, in your second post after joining you start of raising the perfectly legitimate point that a move of 1% or less isn’t a waterfall but then you go on to be rude snot, stating:  “Oh, wait. I’m sorry.  I forgot the script……DAMN THOSE BANKSTERS!  They did it again!!!!”
      Dude, drop the snarky attitude and just have conversations with people.
      Over here, you start your own forum thread, and you claim that you just want to show people how to end up having larger stacks of physical by being open to trading paper for profit, to which one can buy more physical. Wonderful.  Guess what?  Many of us do just that.  But that’s not at all what that thread is primarily about!  You spend most of your word count (an objective measure of the content of the thread) belittling people that have been researching the past actions of the cartel.

      If you really wish to have dialog with people while making intellectual arguments, simply make the arguments without belittlement.  Again, I, for one, will certainly be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt — but not if you continue with a snarky tone and basically lace your intellectual argument content with derisive jabs.

    • I will admit, I also come across as a asshole many times on these boards.  Some people like what I say, some don’t.  The written word comes across so differently as the spoken word.  It’s context and content.  I have a problem with context but I also think it’s the person responsibility that reads these messages.  They can perceive or take a comment as negative even if the context of the message wasn’t that way.  That is the big weakness in the written word.  Anyways, these so-called conflicts that people have have some positive affects.  It keeps the dialog going and ideas are past around.  Honestly, I have learned more when I don’t agree with people’s points of views.  It gives me a different perspective. 
      Crissy-That was a great little amount of info about you personally.  Good luck to you.  You have made some smart moves in your life.  I like your attitude and your level headed way.

    • Duckvision, most communication scholars agree that the one that initiates any communication is responsible for it. One example is here. Thanks for your comment, there are many other things that I have disclosed along the way here, as have others. One reason I like this site is the quality of the participants compared to other sites, especially the Yahoo’s on Yahoo. Sometimes it is helpful to know who you are interacting with on an almost daily basis, even though only a few seem to actually know each other personally. I still like to maintain my anonymity, since there are a lot of evil people in the world that like to take advantage when they can for various reasons. Just because someone says something on the Internet doesn’t mean reality is being conveyed. Many like to exaggerate what they say to prove a point or get an one up on the other person.  I would rather convey the truth, mainly because it is the right thing to do, but no one will ever know my full name, where I live, the link to my Facebook page, etc. I also use a separate Linux proxy server so I can not be traced. I know Linux, HPUX, C, Python, etc and can hack with the best of them, been doing it before PC’s, starting with DEC systems using VT-100 terminals. Never got to use a VT-52, I’m not that old. The Internet was so much more pleasant before the non-techs got on them and they became so easy to use that anyone could.

  11. @Truth Over Hype, always be careful about lumping everybody into the same group.  And remember you are on a ‘silverbug’ site, so some of your comments will get ‘push-back.’  I can’t speak for the others here, but timing the market has not worked out well for me, so I buy chunks here and there whenever I am able to.  But I do agree about pushing emotions aside, and the idea of buying in after a 5% drop does make sense.

  12. @Truth_Over_Hype No My Friend You Came On Here Belittling People including the Doc and That’s All You Have Done. So Get Off Your High Horse and Join Us or Leave US. As For Wanting More Phyzzz I’m Heading Out Tomorrow and Getting Me Quite A Few OZ’z
    By The Way You Said In Another Post That You “Where Buying Short but Don’t Follow Me as I May Be Out Before You Come In”. PAPER?


  13. ….need more fiat…need more Fiat! To buy more Pyzzz…and guns…and ammo…

     Dammit, they slam silver just as they raise gun prices right before another $@*^(#*@^) GUN BAN!!!

    OK, end rant…

    I just wish I had more FIAT!!! (for now)  😀

    undeRGRound, over and OUT! 

  14. Looks like the fuze is lit on silver given the action over the last few days   We can watch it burn brightly. 
    I’m off to the Reno gun show tomorrow and see if I can scare up some good lead futures before we have a shortage and scarcity there.  If they run out I can melt down some silver into .223 and 7.62X39 and load my own.  Got vampires?  will travel. 

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