Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent an alert to email subscribers tonight regarding the recent volatility and blatant manipulation in gold.
Sinclair stated that manipulation is no different (worse)today than it was at gold $248, it is simply more visible due to increased volatility. 
Sinclair also states that if the manipulators were winning, gold would not have risen from $248 to $1920, and that those unable to stomach gold’s violent manipulative take-downs will hand over their precious metals directly to the cartel, stating that the manipulators will be on the long side as soon as you all finish throwing in the towel like last week.

Full alert below:


From Jim Sinclair:

If you believe that fiat paper will survive this you are so wrong. Gold is the only asset that will survive the constant manufacturing of paper money and the dynamic expansion of debt.


Pension funds, if they had to mark their assets to market, would be as broke as the Student Loan Program is. If student loans get forgiven it is a direct payment, in a sense, to each loan holder for their loyalty.


How can ANYONE even think about such a thing as the country approaches the popular new MSM boogey man, the Fiscal Cliff?


So many of you are being fooled by the gold and silver manipulators. Gold is no different today than it was at $248. We were being hit then on every move up. It was 10 steps forward and 9 steps back. The only thing is that gold then had little volatility, and today it is getting wild.


If manipulation was to forbid higher prices, how come it got from $248 to here with as much or more manipulation then, than now? The swings are just that more visible due to increased volatility.


Please wake up! Just like in 1978- 1980 the manipulators will be on the long side as soon as you all finish throwing in the towel like last week.


One CIGA sold $3,000,000 of gold Thursday. He had purchase this gold at somewhere around $300 to buy investment diamonds. If he is not a gemoligist he is going to be skinned.

    • Right on, Brother!  Those who stack are long and strong.  We are not going to panic and throw a towel anywhere.  We very well might snap them on the @$$ with it, however.  🙂

  1. Go ‘long’ on WHAT? Laundry Tickets! Then they’ll settle their ‘strike’ in more laundry tickets merely from a different ‘cleaner’.

    My ‘private mines’ will remain closed until metals trade for metals and this stupid paper-shuffling claim-game self-destructs.   

  2. It isn’t just more volitility, it is also more investers and more reporting about the manipulation. It’s the “IN YOUR FACE” boldness of the manipulaters. They don’t even try to hide it as the did just a couple of years ago! They know, we know, that everyone knows and they don’t give a damn. They have their people in charge of the government and oversight agencies and they have given themselves a licence to steal.

    • True! Just like the “in your face” type of government, we have, they used to deny the claims of the watchdogs but now they are just saying….”Ya, so what, we are going to assassinate Americans in this country, what are you going to do about it?”….or how about….”Yes, the radiation levels from Fukushima are off the scale, we will just turn off the scales and what are you going to do about it?”…..or……”Yes we are arming all federal agencies with the 1.5 billion rounds of ammo we bought this year so what are you going to do about it?”….or….”Yes we are spraying chemicals overhead for geo engineering, so what are you going to do about it?”.
      It’s pretty obvious that the globalists, (including metal manipulators), have pulled out all the stops and are going to ram it all down our throats until we stand up and do something……ANYTHING about it! The American people are so docile and indoctrinated that the globalists know we will take just about anything they throw at us. The awakening is upon us and growing and they can’t let that develop so the idea is to take us all down asap, by whatever means necessary. I will live to see the change back to a country “by the people and for the people”, I believe that in my heart. A good start would be a non-fiat currency, the end to the military industrial complex and the end of the federal reserve.

    • @RocketsRedGlare

      If you fellows are citizens of a federated American State. I invite you (and any other American readers) to join a FaceBook page I just started called ‘American Dream’. You seem like the sort who’ll be very excited in the ultimate goal sought, of re-forming the original jurisdiction bodies of governance under the State Constitutions. This entails complete re-entry on the individual, community, county and State levels.

    • It isn’t just Americans that have become utterly docile I don’t think. It’s the human race. Think about it. No matter the nation the continent or the race. Tyranny has taken over and I mean world wide people are asleep and being destroyed. For every person who sees the the NWO or call it what you will, there are 98 who don’t see it and don’t care. The other 1% are the minority doing it. Chis Duane said something once that seems to have stuck with me. He said, I wondered which was worse ignorance or apathy? I decided I didn’t know and don’t care. This is the state of the human race. Untill  a whole lot of people decide they want to wake up, the rest of us are at the mercy of these criminals. But, they don’t know what mercy is. They are monsters, numb to suffering. Blind to the destruction they spread everywhere. They bring death and the masses love them for it. They are like a cult of Caligulas’.

    • @rockets….
      The rest of the world certainly has a head start on us rocket, look at the throngs who get out into the streets over seas. Americans, although usually the last to move, are the ones who will have the most affect once they begin. Some very interesting times ahead to be sure.

    • ”Yes we are arming all federal agencies with the 1.5 billion rounds of ammo we bought this year so what are you going to do about it?”

      As was said in one of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns… “When a man with a pistol meets a man with a rifle, the man with a pistol is a dead man”.  Nobody in their right mind is going to take on an AR or AK with their .40 cal pistol… at least, not twice.  😉

    • The manipulators don’t care if we know about their manipulations because they know that we won’t be taking a lot of actions to stop them such as creating a new revolution. Even if we do, they’ll know that the corrupted cops are here to protect them.

  3. I’ve Had Enough, I’m Throwing In The Towel. You Should Do The Same. Yea Right, I’ll Keep Stacking. Do You Think Sinclair Is getting A Little Ruffled? Sure Sounds Like It. Wonder How Much Paper He’s Holding. Lol
    Stack The Physical.

  4.  London and New York world of manipulators can’t control the price when they don’t have the physical metal.  They have had control and still currently but not in the near future.  Willie has pointed out that the metal is heading East with the control of the financial world.  With the BRICS producing a alternative to SWIFT and global trade, they gain the power not the Western world.  Americans are brainwashed and they will not wake up.  The Eastern world is taught completely different and has a different view of monetary policy.  It’s not if but when the power shifts.  Timing is the hardest part to predict.  This credit, debt, fiat system is dying but it can last way longer then people are predicting.  We have been on full tilt on this cycle since 1971 in America.  The petro dollar and military industrial complex will die with the power shift from West to East.  This is a monumental global financial earthquake that will happen when the US isn’t in control.  The world will look completely different.  The US will get hit the hardest when this happens.  I think we all understand the ramifications when this happens but nobody can predict when and how bad it could be for the US.  Everyday it seems that the economical world is cracking and the numbers don’t match.  We can see the storm coming but we can’t see how big it is.  We are closer everyday to reaching this power shift.  We can buy guns, food, and metal but will it even matter?  We can only prepare.  I personally get caught up in this doom and gloom scenarios and try to think what might happen.   I just can’t logically think of any good will come out of it for Americans.  I think of all the people who have died trying to protect this system and how wrong they have been.  I think about how Americans have benefited from this system and how millions had to suffer and die.  I think about how we forced people around the world to hold our dollars so they will be in debt to our system.  I also think that 99% of Americans don’t even understand what we have done geopolitically around the world.  I guess the good is when these people around the world will be set free from the dollar that was strangling them for decades.  Hopefully they can be set free from fear and they can control their own resources in their country without interference.  I don’t have a lot of faith of the BRICS running the world in a peaceful manner.  They have had history of having many problems themselves.  I hope they have a better sense of how to control the world without holding people down.  Let’s get back to true supply and demand curves when profits mean productivity.  Hard works is rewarded.  Bailouts are non-existent.  I welcome that change and it could get here soon enough.  I believe we are at the dying days of this current system but I fear what could be coming. 

    • What is coming is a prolonged period of economic instability and financial collapse.  No, we cannot know how bad it will get or how long it will last.  This is a bit like being alone in a rapidly darkening forest and knowing that a large predator is near by but not what it is or how close it is.  All we know is that a very bad situation is coming and that there is no time to waste fooling around.

      For one thing, this means the end of the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency (WRC).  Many Americans do not even know what WRC status means to their country or to them personally.  On the national side, it means that the days of unlimited credit and borrowing are over.  Foreigners simply will refuse to loan us any more money, so government largess will not be funded to the extent that it has been.  On a personal level, this means that EVERYTHING we buy will rise in price, probably by 30-40%.  When this happens, prices will leap upwards virtually over-night.  The $30k car that you looked at yesterday now costs $40k.  A nice dinner out that cost $75 now costs $100.  This will happen throughout the US economy and people will feel and BE poorer than they thought they were.  While the reality of this will be bad, the psychological aspects of it will be devastating for many.

      Got silver or gold? 

    • The problem is we only think a storm is coming.  We have no way of knowing.  There are many indicators and history is replete with cycles such as this one.  So we “know” something is going to happen.  I would relish it happen sooner than later.  The suspense will kill me before “it” finally happens.

    • Nicely explained! A lot of events happened since 1971 and there is still probably another 50 years or less for the USA to stay alive. Because I don’t know how the USA can still keep up with these financial problems for 50 years.

  5. I recall from American history that an extremely small minority (not being redundant) of colonists actually fought for freedom.  As we know, they prevailed.  The hardships they endured in pursuit of their beliefs far, far exceed our present travails.  The relatively small group of stackers scattered throughout this great nation may well be the seeds of the new American financial system. 

    • My reading of US history shows that the colonists were split fairly evenly among three distinct groups:  about 1/3 was for maintaining the monarchy; about 1/3 was for establishing a new nation; and the final 1/3 didn’t care either way and just wanted to be left alone to do their business and raise their families.  So, yes, a minority favored establishing a new country that was separate from Britain but it was not a tiny minority.

    • The small groups of stackers are the new patriots that may start the Second American Revolution. The Second American Revolution will happen when people starts to reject the elites’ corrupt paper currencies and starts buying physical silver.

  6. IdahoEagle999

    Thanks for the link.  I have read almost everything I can on the Yamashita’s gold story.  It’s simply amazing and this story needs to be told more by many different people.  If you haven’t read a report by EP Heidner then you should.

  7. @SilverSlicker: I Think the reason for that is all those people who get out in the Streets around the world are Organized labor scocialists who don’t want their come-up-ins they want to rob there neighbors, friends & family for every last penny before they get their pink slip or pay cut.! Or they are in the welfare rolls. In the U.S. if you do something they don’t like, our “Rent A Mobs” are just as quick to hit the bricks when an “Other Than A Democrat” is in office. They don’t do that when a democommie is in the White House. Not usually. The rent a mob socialists don’t want to demonstate against “their guy”!! Thats the only real difference! Also, when “Other Than Democrats” do demonstrate in the streets the media ignores them and pretends that it never happened!

  8. IE999 I’ve read through about 50% of your post.  It connects some really big dots and throws mud on just about every president in the 20th and easy 21st century.  The ease of reading belies that ugly truths of empire building and destruction.  Some subspecies of humanity are really rotten to the core.  The interesting parts of this are the recurrent themes that have set or altered the course of human history for 4,000 years.   The most recent abomination, 9-11, is the culmination of evil forces trying to cover their tracks while retaining their wealth and power.   Has anyone ever heard anything a thing about the families of those people on the airliners which supposedly hit WT I and II and the Pentogon.  That is a large black hole in this event.  Notice that you nearly never see video clips of the aircraft flying into these buildings.  Maybe the 1-5% of the people who know some of reality of these events, whose voices are never heard, are troublesome enough. The ther 95% plus who are trying to forget the incidents might wake up if shown these surreal shots again and again.  Dec 7 Pealr Harbor scenes have been shown hundreds of times and that false flag is bigger then 9-11.  The shots of the WT7 falling are so patently fabricated that anyone who knows even the slightest about building demolition can see this was a manufactured just. No building falls like WT I and II.  Im-possble.  The tallest building in the world that was subject to controlled demolition was barely 40% of the heighth of WT 7.  And it was very difficult to pull off.
    The total shutdown of the stock market after 9-11 caused a 20% drop inthe markets. Ooops.  Good cover there President Bush. Maybe we’ll see some truth to these devilish actions.  We, the people, are pretty small in comparison to what has taken place at the hands of these evil people    Oh well, all we can do is keep taking the fight to them  They are mortal and bleed just the rest of us.  Truth will blind them as we win the battle.

    • 9-11 is just an excuse for the government to attack Iraq. One guy during an interview on YouTube said that pillars inside the World Trade Center blew up a few seconds before the plane crashes. The pillars blew up like dynamites!

  9. When the 47% on food stamps suddenly have no bennies you will see people start to become aware of just how bad things are going to get. It is going to turn violent in the big cities as people strip them for anything edible. People will kill for scraps.

    • “It is going to turn violent in the big cities as people strip them for anything edible.”

      Yes, it will be really bad and as soon as the canned food runs out, long pork will be back on the menu again. 

  10. With my one year experiences with the precious metals’ markets, gold and silver’s smack-downs are not that bad compare to their previous smack-downs which was about a year ago. One year ago with one smack-down, the price of silver dropped by 5$ or even more but now with one smack-down, the price of silver drops only 1$ or lower than that. 

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