sinclairLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers urging PM investors to stay the course, and to prepare to defend themselves against the bullion bank cartel. 
Sinclair states that gold and silver investors can beat the devil by gold and silver non violent resistanceSinclair states that simply not selling, and refusing to capitulate in the face of continued gold and silver manipulation will be enough to beat the devil known as the bullion banking cartel. 
The most experienced gold trader among the PM community urges readers to defend themselves by refusing to trade in the paper futures markets, and by not doing anything- just be right, and sit tight.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

If you wish to be effective in the gold market there is a very simple way. The gold price is not attacked just for some pleasure of seeing the quote down. From simple shorts to complex 2nd and higher derivative positions it requires somebody to do something to profit on lower price. It requires you to panic to accomplish the downside among the paper gold traders.


To frustrate the short do nothing at all. When the gold market rallies you can doubly frustrate the short if again at the beginning of the rally you do nothing.


You need only not to trade the paper gold market to thwart at least your contribution to panic. You need only to hold your fully paid shares in a gold or silver entity if it qualifies as sound to frustrate the short hedge fund.


You can defend yourself effectively by doing absolutely nothing.


Gold will rise to $3500 and above. Make sure you are there when it happens. Simply stop quoting it because that is the temptation to trade it. If you starve the paper exchanges of paper contract trading the game ends there. If the patsies do not show up on the paper exchange to be skinned, the skinning will stop. Join gamblers anonymous if you have to. Ladies and gentleman, prepare to defend yourself by doing nothing.


You frustrate any take down if you cannot be taken down. Stop giving the paper exchange your business and the paper exchange will stop. Here is an absolute way to beat the devil by “Gold and Silver Non Violent Resistance.” Then we practice “Non Cooperation” as you exit the financial system as fast as you can, adopting direct registration or certification where it still remains. Keep your bank cash not in the bank, but rather in fully paid gold coins and sell a few when you need funds. Bite the tax bullet and get out of those retirement plans which really are plans to confiscate or direct your retirement funds into instrument of confiscation and treasury bonds.


My courage comes from the founding of the 13 colonies’ independence. The pamphleteers of today are the bloggers not selling anything to their readers.





    • Mr. Sinclair is not getting desperate.  He is angry and frustrated, as the majority of sane and thinking people should be.  Angry and frustrated that the bankers seem to be getting away with their crimes.  However, rest assured that they are not.  No one really gets away with anything, in a matter of speaking, because in the end everything returns to the right balance (ie, in the ‘those who are first will be last, and those who are last will be first’ sort of way), as Nature intended.
      The ones who are truly desperate are the fiat paper money pushers, desperate to make people believe their system is ‘good’ and it ‘works’.  It really is past the point of no-return for them, in terms of their struggle to keep fiat paper money viable.  It is really already finished, but they want to act as if it were not.  The saddest part is that the system that they created will destroy many people’s lives, but with full knowledge and consent of the same people whose lives will be destroyed.  People are supposed to be smarter than that.  Nature endowed people with the ability to think and to act independently.  Sadly, people always seems to pick the easy way out–to just blindly follow what they’re most used to, to remain within their comfort zone, to never think outside the box.
      “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.”
      — Rollo May

    • ” Nature endowed people with the ability to think and to act independently.  Sadly, people always seems to pick the easy way out–to just blindly follow what they’re most used to, to remain within their comfort zone, to never think outside the box.”
      Nature also endowed us with strength, endurance, and muscles.  What happens to them if we do not use them on a routine basis?  Same thing happens to all that natural brain-power.  People tend to think of the things that they MUST think of and not everything in the world.  Not saying that this is not important because it is.  It’s just that it is not part of most people’s conscious lives and probably won’t be until it is forced upon them by events that are inescapable.  Maybe that’s where we come in… to goad them into thinking about it before that happens.  This is not an easy task, as anyone who has tried to convince their own family and friends well knows.

    • Mr Sinclair receives hundreds of emails every week from investors who are terrified. They are begging him to tell them what to do. He is offering them a service that most industry ‘experts’ charge for. He holds their hand through the tough times and encourages them to stay the course. It is not desperation, he is expressing his frustration at the hundreds of spineless investors who puke up their postions the moment they see a little downside action.  Jesus Christ. How much do these folks have to lean on him?  He can tell them what’s going to happen, he just can’t say exactly when.

      I love the man. He’s a fucking hero.

  1. Jim is the Man.
    He knows what hes talking about.
    His Patience with the Ignorant is Amazing.
    His Track Record should speak for itself.
    That’s All I have to say about That. (Spoken in a Forest Gump Tone.)

  2. Anyone playing in the paper game gets what they deserve when things fall apart. I don’t think we will get any real warning before it happens and you won’t be able to get out of the paper market. Physical stashed in your own hands is the only safe play.

  3. If you bought in at $1850/oz I don’t understand why you are not doubling down at $1660/oz.  I’m not a gold bug myself.  I mean I have some Gold.  A little anyway.  Aren’t we dividing our forces by buying Gold and Silver?  Why not let’s all pile into the metal that has had the best price performance since 1964?  I wonder which one that would be.  

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